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Effective, Affordable Skincare For All - Stratia Skin (Full Episode)

170 views | 8 Dec. 2020

The skincare industry is

The skincare industry is not only confusing, but it's expensive. Products are formulated by putting marketing first. Chemists only choose ingredients based on what will cause the product to sell the best. When testing to see if they work, the chemists conduct experiments to see if the skincare products have a long shelf life. Then, when it comes to pricing, some brands have a 16,000% markup on the raw ingredients. This gives insane margins on products that have great marketing, but at the end of the day, don't actually work.

However, Alli Reed decided to take a different approach when founding Stratia Skin. Through her background in chemistry, she formulated the Stratia products by putting science first. After countless hours of research, and mixing, she was able to craft a skincare product that actually worked. Then, her skincare side-hustle quickly exploded into a rapidly growing company. Stratia is an obsessively researched skincare brand that uses only the most effective and essential ingredients. It's skincare that works.

In this episode of our podcast, we spoke with Alli Reed, founder of Stratia Skin. She pulled back the shroud to reveal the secrets of the skincare industry, how her chemistry background has been vital in creating her company, and what her entrepreneurial journey has been like. It's an episode you won't want to miss!

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00:00 Hook

00:43 Intro

1:52 What is Stratia?

2:32 What made you want to approach your marketing differently?

5:12 What were the first Stratia products?

6:15 How much have the Stratia products evolved since their launch?

7:28 Did you initially undersell your product?

8:00 Why does Stratia only sell on their website?

10:12 When did you realize Stratia could become more than just side hustle?

11:33 Shoutout to USPS!

12:45 Who was your first hire and what was the key to making them stay?

15:02 Do you have any hiring tips?

16:33 What blew you away about the science of skincare?

20:16 What have you learned about parabens?

25:08 How do you approach parabens in terms of marketing?

27:07 What is Stratia focusing on today?

30:04 What is your trajectory for growth?

33:51 How did you value your company for investors?

39:37 Growth hacking on YouTube

41:33 Stratia's social media


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Stratia liquid gold reddit

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Krave VS Stratia | Which Barrier Treatment Should You Get?

22 391 views | 6 Aug. 2019

The two barrier treatments

The two barrier treatments I always recommend are Stratia Liquid Gold and Krave Great Barrier Relief. And you always ask me, which one is better?

That's too difficult a question to answer! But we can break them down, side by side and compare them to see which one is the best for you! So let's talk about the ingredients, price, size, accessibility and of course, which one is better for healing a damaged moisture barrier!

Check out my Stratia VS Krave Blog http://bit.ly/2ykrbwX

Check out more videos about moisture barrier care http://bit.ly/2HDLn2R

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Krave Great Barrier Relief

Krave Beauty http://bit.ly/2XAIBjv

Beauty Box Korea http://bit.ly/2LcQmuD

Stratia Liquid Gold

Stratia Skin http://bit.ly/2MamaRG


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Stella Matutina

Which one is good for oily, acne prone skin? My skin hates too much "moisture" and it gets greasy slick. It's really hard to find a product that is a good balance of moisturizing but not too moisturizing to breakout.

June Wood

Hi Kelly I use epionce barrier relief with a pai cleanser, my skin barrier has been damaged for around 2months now but these products are definitely helping I’m looking to purchase Stradia after your review, would you say it’s ok to use the Stradia with the epionce or try it on its own.


Great job on this review

Rosa Lopez

Kelly, you are sooo informative! ??

Dupe Ajayi

Late to the party. I have both. I wish my face liked liquid gold but it won't cooperate ? I use it on my body after scrubs and it's a dream in that regard!

Kelly Ann Aynes

Thanks for this video Kelly! I was curious about Great Barrier Relief but am loyal to Stratia Liquid Gold. This golden product keeps my skin in amazing shape. I also use rewind since I am 53. This helps me so much !


Liquid gold + Hada labo milky lotion mixed together is a dream and a perfect moisturizing for me.

Samantha Lim

Omg this is what I need?

ayan a

This video is a 10/10!! Thank u ?

Naomi Lalala

Wch lipstick r u wearing?? Nd cud u plz do a video on ur fav moisturizers/ products 4 winter??

paula arevalo

Stratia has parabens ??‍♀️

Hollie Roscoe

I have a question! I just order both of these and I’m currently using cerave pm, followed by just a bit of Clinique moisturizing lotion (cheeks only-that’s where my skin is damaged) and tamanu oil. I do want to eventually stop using the cerave because I don’t like the ingredient change they just did. How can I work one of these products into my routine? And what’s a good moisturizer for a damaged barrier but also rosacea skin?

Joana Remine

Can you please review Primera from Amorepacific new at Sephora

Jennifer Lee

Hi Kelly I just received the Jin Jung Sun face and eye cream, im using that right now for my barrier relief and i really love it, just wish it contained cholesterol, doesn't appear on their ingredients list at all.

curly banana

Sending u ❤️?????? from Malaysia ?


I came here thinking that I will let this video decide for me which one I should get, either Stratia or repurchase GBR, and left deciding that I want to just get both. I highly agree that I found myself finding that I just go to GBR whenever I find any signs of irritation (not necessarily fully damaged barrier) and it does a miraculous job of immediate healing within the day, but Stratia's ingredients are amazing and great to have in hand for when needed. Thanks for the video!

Jay Jay

Thanks for all the great videos, didn’t know what to do after I damaged my moister barrier from retinol. Large pores with connecting lines, constant burning/itchy forehead. I’ve been using liquid gold on its own for about 2 weeks and see a slight difference. Do you recommend applying something on top of LG like Vaseline? Thanks again for your help!

made thought

Not sure if you did a vid on this but can you do a review on the 3 ingredients ; ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. Some derma geeks might be interested in it!

Inang Jamili Nasron

I am 42 and have dry, sensitive skin on top of aging skin. I damaged my barrier so severely by over exfoliating. I credit Stravia in saving my skin.After about a month of twice daily applications my skin is stronger. Oh and I use retinol every day...no problem whatsoever. Hope it helps someone.
Kinda interested in getting Krave's Great Barrier Relief. I love Liah Yoo...

Shayna Friedman

I need to repair my barrier, but I have very pale skin so I’m worried about the yellow tinting from liquid gold. Would these products still repair my barrier properly if I were to use GBR during the day and liquid gold at night?

Dee Bee

CrI wir

C Mulvenna

Love this!


I started Invisalign, on the 2nd tray now. Happy so far. You might consider it for you as well

Rash Ga

Kelly!! ❤️❤️❤️Love your detailed and thorough reviews on all products. I have been trying a lot of products that you recommend and they have been working really well for me. Thank you ? Would you recommend adding stratia fortify to liquid gold for night time use for dry, dehydrated but acne prone skin? I want to try stratia liquid gold as krave GBR did not work for my skin unfortunately.


What am I doing wrong? I've been using stratia for 3 weeks and i still have the oily and flakiness of a broken skin barrier :(


at my location I can't get my hand on any of those two XD

Mai K.

It’s very extremely hot and humid where I live, will a I be able to get away with the oiliness using the great barrier relief day and night? Would love to hear from anyone who has tried ??


Addicted to Krave Great Barrier Relief smell - I think it’s the Tamanu oil... it’s woody aroma. Crave the Krave.


For me Stratia smells like Seabuckthorn and the Rose Hip together. If you've ever used The Ordinary Rose Seed Hip Oil, it kinda smells like that.

M Woods

What about some other barrier products ? Soon Jung barrier cream? First Aid Beauty barrier cream? Cerave Cream? Thanks

Alissa Chin

This is just what I needed! Ive been thinking of getting either of these and Im torn

Suzie Amrani

hi kelly..review on Missha Revolution please! thanks


Stratia LG is amazing for skin barrier and therefore acne prevention

Cam B

Are you going to do a would you rather episode with the different mugwort essences?!

Nina Valdi

How long did/does it take for you to repair your skin barrier using Stratia Gold?

abi v

Hi! So I have been using the Krave beauty cleanser, i’ve tried the great barrier relief however it did not sit well with me
Do you think Stratia liquid gold would be good a better choice with the cleanser?
At the moment I have really sensitive dry skin, with symptoms of having dehydrated skin. Please help!
Thank you ?? (:

Ginger Badjie

Great content, thanks Kelly. I have RP Stratia many times and am yet to try Krave as i love Stratia so much and also use a pure Tamanu oil, which i adore the scent of lol. 2 Q for you Kelly- Is it true that any ingredient listed after phenyoxanethanol/parabens/preservatives is in such small quantities they are not functional? Thinking of Cerave! In Europe the inci list is always in the % but i believe the US is not the same? For my fellow English and European sisters, check out a brand called Ceramol 3-1-1 sold on Amazon and several European pharmacies. It has that golden ratio! xox

Jansen Lee

I’m intrigued that you use retinol. What one do you use? Have you done a video on it?


What about CeraVe PM vs Stratia Liquid Gold?

Janet Kafadar

Lilabeauty.com.au sell Krave products and ship to Australia ??that's where I bought mine from.

Proma Banerjee

Question - what are you thoughts on this cream? Have you tried it?

cael h

Did you put a moisturizer over these products?

Judy Coppersmith

Kelly, I watched every minute of this video. As always, you educate us in making informed decisions. I appreciate you!

Magdalena Frettlohr

My moisture barrier is damaged presently.
I was using, Neutrogena hylauronic Acid( which does wonders for my skin) Vitamin C, cerave cream, sunscreen during the day. At Night I used the above items, minus Vitamin C, alternated days with Curology (.009 Tretinoin, 2% Niacinamide, 2% Tanexamic ) and lactic Acid on different days and was fine with this for several months.
I recently increased my Curology percentages, and with just one use, my moisture barrier was damaged. I stopped Curology, Vitamin C, lactic Acid for one week and was fine. I added Krave moisture barrier relief and Cosrx rice mask to my skincare during the week that I took a break and my skin did heal.
I resumed Curology again, no other acids, and again my skin is dehydrated.
I am starting menopause, have dry skin and sun spots, so stopping Curology is not an option. Do you think that “Stratia Liquid Gold” will help and allow to continue using Curology?

Poison Ivy

I have both and they work well together for my damaged moisture barrier! ??


Hi! I watch I all videos as you post and love them!
What about collagen products And how does collagen benefit the skin?

Carrie Mroczkowski

These both sound amazing. I’m currently using the Omega + Complex Serum by Paula’s Choice and really do like it. I would, however, like to give one of these a go when my PC runs out.
Random question...Do you have any favorite bb creams, etc, sold on YesStyle? I usually opt for a light skin like/radiant formula. Matte formulas don’t suit me well.
Thanks, love??


Kelly....I could listen to you ALL day. My moisture barrier is healing fairly quickly because of your and one other EXPERT in the struggle. I probably will in fact...fabulous information and no screetchy voice while I'm working...so nice, thank you again Kelly dear!

Sophia B

can you still use something like the dermological daily microfoliant (a few times a week) to help with texture issues/peeling under makeup while trying to restore your moisture barrier?

M Woods

Stratia increased their price.. 27.00

Rick Fitzgerald

Once again. Another great and informative video. My question. Not sure if u covered it. What step in skin care routine would u use stratia?? Thx for all u do!!!

Noha Salah

Which one of them is better for acne prone skin dear?

M Woods

Most underrated face care video on YouTube!!

Charlene Dostal

I’m re ordering liquid gold


Have you tried Paula's choice omega + serum?

Camelia P

Tried both and loved both as well! Great video btw, I’m a new subscriber. My skin is dry and prone to dehydration as well, do you have recommendations on good, thick, occlusive moisturizers? Thank you ?

Stacy Mazloompour

Do you have to stop all exfoliating treatments forever? Or just until the barrier is fully repaired?

Romina Ceballos

I really would like to buy one of these products but I do suffer with cyst and acne but I have dehydrated skin. which would you recommend is safe to use?


Have you read this post from reddit concerning Ceramides in skin care?


It's interesting and it mentions Stratia Liquid Gold

Farina Javed

Hey Kelly love this video ❤️ i have stratia liquid gold and enjoying it,and looking forward to fortify ❤️ waana ask your barrier is completely healed up ? Please suggest good Hydrating Cleanser please ,i am in need of a good cleanser ,not a foaming one


B3 at 4% works against acne and pigmentation as well

frustated hooman

Thank you, dear, for this review! I've been contemplating for quite a long time which should I buy. Thank you for helping me decide and delve deep into these products! Sending love from the Philippines~ ❤️❤️❤️

celia smith

I just got both lol

C Mulvenna

You’re the Moisture Barrier Queen! ?You are clearly one smart, knowledgable lady. I had a look at your blog, it’s a treasure chest of Asian skincare knowledge too. And brands should be knocking down your door try to get the Kelly Driscoll critique and analysis of their products’ moisture-barrier properties. Iunik, Strata, Rovectin, Iope, Keep Cool, Benton, Jin Jung Sung, Nature Republic, E-Nature, Paula’s Choice (for the Omega+ product)... ok, just all the brands :) I’d say your channel, of all the Asian skincare/beauty channels, is the most informed, and the most trustworthy. Keep growing from strength to strength! ✨


This is like the most well-rounded, informative, useful review/comparison I've ever witnessed for any product.. lol Thank you so much.

Warisha Farooq

Can we use both one in evening and one in morning??

made thought

Great video after seeing your product recommendations I finally understood why my skin was just not getting the moisture and hydration it needed!duh my moisture barrier needs repairing. I used to be much heavier and I sweated a lot .... so I think in time I just depleted my skins natural moisture barrier just par for the course! Anyways your videos really really help people thanks so much !


Such a well-researched and thorough comparison. You're a wonderful speaker. Thanks for all the info, it really helped :)


This was the best comparison, thank you so much!!

Charlene Dostal

Do you use Fortify with LG?

Warisha Farooq

Can we both use at same time??? or first use stratia and after some mnths use krave???

Stratia liquid gold reddit

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E21. Skincare for Humans

7 views | 12 Aug. 2020

In the last of the

In the last of the pre-Tara's-move prerecorded episodes, your Birds sit down to talk about the basics of skincare. With very different skin types we talk the essentials, the routine, and of course, the non-negotiables.

For a list of mentioned products, influencers, cute photos of our dogs, etc make sure to check out the blog post for this episode: https://beautybirdspodcast.com/ep21/

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