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How To Play By Ear

157 176 views | 14 Jun. 2017

If you've ever wondered

If you've ever wondered how to get away from sheet music, and play by ear, this is the spot for you! Get away from that written music. It's holding you back! There's a whole world of melodies and harmonies for you discover, and they are already IN YOUR HEAD! Learn how to transfer them to your fingers.

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Aimee Nolte

Henry Tebbs

she sounds like jenine from friends

Katy Sirotkina

Aimee, thank you so much for what you do. I now try to watch one of your videos per day and it's been incredible.

Kendall Rogers

So, since I subscribed to your channel recently, I've been going back and watching a number of your earlier offerings. While I don't teach regularly, I do lead workshops at a couple of music events in my neck of the woods. After this video and the "Bruh, do you even melody" video... um... two words: kindred. spirit. :-) There is SO MUCH THIS in the folk musics that I play (and the associated folk dances, too.) I may have to turn my next workshop into a session of "here, just listen to Aimee Nolte explain this so much more eloquently than I can..."

Everything Superstar

So if someone wants to play by ear, what might a 30 minute practice session consist of? Okay, I got practicing scales and inversions down. What am I missing?

Patrick Saxon

Most music teachers would forbid playing by ear, but I had found it much easier than trying to learn how to read music. I had fooled my music teachers as I was able to have my music teacher play the song first for me and then I played it by ear than reading the music.

Dileep Naik

Playing by ear is most important. My grand son Rohan Singhal was taught to play only by ear he is today known around the world. I believe by ear plays slows you to improvise and play freely.

William Bunter

Aimee - so sweet to think of you as a little girl showing your mum you had picked out the melody of Silent Night. Just goes to show how great oaks from little acorns grow! And God bless your mum for getting you lessons!

Leslie Ackerman

I was a teacher and I am at awe of your natural qualifications to communicate.

Rikin Mehta

You are a wonderful human being

Ty Bowen

My instrument is the mandolin. It is a soprano instrument and I am barely a tenor. How do I do this on my instrument in a different octave if my ear doesn't hear intervals very well?


You sound like a voice actor from Actually Happened

Futaim Al Ali

wow Aimee this is really helpful.. never thought I would find a well explained video like yours!! really appreciate your efforts.. many and big thanks, bless you.

most important lesson I learned from this video that;


Electric HarmonyAc7

You're an inspiration

Thejus Dylan Thomas

0:50 The same thing happened to me!


How long does it take to be able to play a whole song first try after just hearing it? Although I don't play piano i can figure out a song note by not but it does take a long time

Victor Hugo

I gotta say, this also works for tin wisthle!, many many thanks, got happy birthday lol

Tatiana Postman

You’re a wonderful and inspiring teacher, Aimee. Thank you for your videos ?

Rock And Roll

Tryna learn guitar by ear

Dawn McGhee

I just taught myself silent night

Dorian Gray

I wasn't very surprised when I heard that Ozzy Osborne never learned to read music, but when I found out that Paul McCartney and Elvis didn't either and that Elvis played by ear I surely was.

clyde harler

That old 60s song, Sukiyaki (the first strain of it anyway) can be played fully on the black keys.

Christina Furlow

It’s so funny, me and my dad were watching a movies somewhere in time. I always loved the theme song and last while I was practicing my C major scales I played the melody by ear. I can’t believe it.

Alex Blaze

I have always been able to do this, but I struggle with building chords by ear. Could you do a video on that?

Jas Jansen van Vuuren

if my piano teacher was this pretty i would never learn a thing :P

Music is Everywhere

I remember teaching a young woman how to play Twinkle Twinkle (by ear) on the piano. After about 5-10 minutes she could play it, using the same technique you have just presented. Once she played it, she began crying (through her smiles) and said "I always thought I was just stupid"

I had her sing, in the key of C then find the melody.

Thanks for patiently showing the process Aimee

Tracy Smith

First video I saw of you and I can’t believe I didn’t discover you earlier. I actually am learning something!! Thanks ? ❤️!!!

Allan Jeong

Hi Aimee. I just turned 55 in December and I came up with this 55-word poem to describe how I play any song on piano by ear without memorizing and identifying which popular chord progression to use. You just identify the root notes on the spot based on whatever melodic note you’re playing on the down beats :-)


To play song by ear
play last note on C
to make learning easy
by avoiding black keys.

To add chords to song
play root BELOW melody
on the main down beats
at intervals 1, 5, 3.

Now play each chord
by playing the root
then roll 5, 8, 10
and add notes to suit.

Eca t

You've just taken me back in time, Thank you.

James Moyer

You are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L and talented. Sweet.

Art Dancel

I play by ear but later in life learned to read chords. I can barely read notes but it didn't stop me from playing. I love your videos. Thanks.

Bianca Alexe



At 3:11 when you found the right note, and you sorta hear that ‘click” and it just sounds perfectly right, what is that called? It’s not associated with having an ear for music is it? I remember when my mom would vacuum when I was little I would hum the right tone till I got that ‘click’ with the vacuum and sounded like it went right with the vacuum humming.

Jonathan Fletcher

Marvellous <3


I love your teaching style, so encouraging and helpful. I will like to add another helpful tip that someone once gave me as well, if you are completely lost, put your finger on your throat and sing the melody. If the little thing (lol) in your throat moves up, go up on the keys and if it moves down, go down. This tip was super helpful to me in the beginning, of course you will outgrow this tip, but it's very helpful in the beginning.

VSR bv

jennifer aniston teaches piano!!

DINESH Gahtori

Thanks a lot, for the lesson maam !!!!


I cannot believe I just did this! I stopped before the demonstration just to see if I could and it took a few tries but I did it! For me,it was better when I whistled the tune


How do people play by ear so fast


I played a local rock number with a gamelan (Indonesian traditional diatonic instrument) when I was very young and as a musician, my uncle wondered how I did that. And he failed to find out how. And then I laughed because he was a pro and I did not even have a teacher. But then years later I got some.


Is good to learn how to do both reading and ear. music books tend to NOT give you the correct notes for a song for many reasons, sometimes the composer just doesnt wan't you to have em. Thats when you go around asking for music sheets and they never appear. BUT if you play by ear not only you can play it but also make your own version of the song and sometimes it sounds better. Then people ask you for sheets and you dont have any cause its in your head. lol

Sienna Bash

First of all, thank you. Your channel is a blessing, and you are a breath of fresh air! I have a quick question: when I find the melody with my right hand what do I do with the left... that's the struggle. Improvising gets boring when you don't know what to do with your left hand. The melody is playing but how do you correlate the left hand in?

Bharathi Chenduluru

That was a great tutorial.


I cannot find instuner in google play.

Mufin Makes Music

I was thinking of making a video like this, but I guess I dont have to.

Very well done!

Pankaj Chaudhari

Which app is that you mentioned, is it available in india

rob mcguffie

I like your skateboard ring

Skip Stomp

Sent here by Jamie Cullum's show on 91.1 Jazz FM!

Stasiu Schlaffke

You actually made me believe I could apply to musical school in future, for jazz class :))


Ur awesome!!!!!!!

Colin Gardiner

G'day Aimee. Thanks a ton for this lesson. I play guitar and can sing but have gotta improve my ears as I try to play Jazz. And get rid of toooooo much musical notation and paper. The app you mentioned is awesome.

Cezar de Mercês

Aimee, You are realy lovely, but... try to play more and talk less.


So how to figure out the left hand part ? In many band songs I often can not heard the bass sound. How to improve on this? Thank you.

Mike W Ellwood

Knowing solfege / sol-fa can help.

e.g. "Twinkle Twinkle" is: do-do-so-so-la-la-so fa-fa-mi-mi-re-re-do

Also, the notes of a major chord are: do-mi-so-do. It helps to practice that (forwards and backwards). You can get used to it, first by singing do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do' out loud. (where d' is the next higher octave of the starting do).
Then sing it just in your head.
Then just sing the do, mi, so and do' out loud and the others just in your head, until you can just sing them out loud without needing the intervening notes. These are of course the root, third, fifth and octave of the scale.

Charlie Charlie

wish you were my music teacher unfortunately I'm in London

Ruud van Gaal

This is one of the things where you can treat your brain as a machine. You need to internalize recognition of the note intervals, and somehow link them up with your fingers moving along the keyboard. This is where your voice helps, to build brain connections from audio (ear) to hand patterns. The analytical way of using the left side of your brain doesn’t help here, you need to train the right side, which is more a pattern recognition unit. Training just means doing it over and over, just like riding a bicycle. Build and maintain those neural connections. Music theory is just the basics of knowing what to train, to actually make nice sounding music. Training is the gist though.

Teddy Tadd

Aimee covers this lesson very well in simple detail! even dummies like me had no problem learning along with this video! give us more Aimee!

Jj Dd Long



i like your videos,i play keyboard and i cannot play by ear i just can play with music in front of me,that infuriates me cause some times i like a song and song it's not available and i know how to compose but i can't get the notes to the music sheet just by listening the song on the radio or from a Utube video ,are you skilled composing a song from a YouTube video to music sheet ? i like this song ; @t can you put the notes on a sheet music for me ,i have a Utube channel , maybe we could be in tough, i already subscribed to you channel, thanks ; My channel;@Silv55/videos


Interesting and true but want an easier way? Some of us don't always have access to a piano and those of us that have access to a guitar don't always want to get it out and start picking notes out on the fretboard. Invest 30 bucks in a harmonica and LEARN / PRACTICE single note blow & draw. Loads of YouTube tuts out there. After a few weeks, playing by ear comes so naturally you will wonder how come you struggled in the first place. The thing is so handy, intervals just come to life. Job done!


Hi Aimee, love your video but i have one quick question. What if the key of a song does not start in the beginning of a song, how would you figured that out?

Miki Mouse75

Good evening from Greece (it is 21:20 here now ). You got yourself a new fun.


I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it, but it went really well! Used an old nursery rhyme my mother used to sing me to sleep with. Had to send her a text and tell her I love her after those memories came back...
I look forward to trying it out with more songs!


I subscribed

mihai antonio Mirica

yo are beautiful, brilliantly amazng

Corrado Lentinello

Ciao Aimee very nice job.
Un bacio.

Jerry Boyer

Needless ta say, AWESOME! Back in the 60's I decided that I needed to learn to play by ear because I was incredibly slow at sight reading. No youtube then, so had to try to do it alone. If you're curious to see my progress and level... visit my channel... over 100 personal videos of my second childhood...smile.

ingrid bigrid

new subscriber and learning to play guitar ..but hey what`s an instrument amongst friends! ;)

Space Wad

Your passion just inspires me.


The opposite of my life , put a paper in front of me , I will put my guitar down.

glen coco

knowing some music theory also helps with the guessing part


You are born with that talent other wise you play by memory.

Renqiu Chen

This method sounds great but it also assumes that I have the ability to sing smh

Raphael Cardoso

"your ear is your voice"
damn I play the sax..

The Pop Bubble

Question: Can one learn sight reading AND playing by ear simultaneously?

Young Youtuber

you found it when you were a lil kid cuz you had developed a perfect pitch after torturing the piano for a lil way...so basically to gain a sense of pitch similiar to yours in order to exploit that awareness of pitches and intervals in recognizing melodies n' stuff we need something similiar to your perfect pitch which is a relative pitch..yea maybe your way is the way to go since we're starting with simple nursery melodies that are supposed to have simple structure so your way is getting us there hopefully..whatever

Steve Meldrum

I love this woman!

Nowhere Man

I don’t know how to read sheet music,
and I have to say, playing by ear is very important for me

Patrick Saxon

I had always said that if you have trouble learning how to read music, the alternative is to learn how to play by ear. I also recommend if you are using a digital keyboard or digital piano, learn to use to use the transposer and utilize the Nashville number system is very helpful. Using the transposer maybe called cheating, but it makes it easier and fast to learn the song. You are not avoiding the sharps and flats, just minimizing the sharps and flats. Then you can learn how to play the song in the actual key later. In Nashville, musicians play by ear. What I hate about the Lowrey Magic program, the student struggle how to learn how to play the song. What the Lowrey instructor should do is play the song first and then the studend can hear how it is to be played, than relying on timing.



Teddy Tadd

do more Aimee on most pop songs , not boring. the best sellers of the 50s, 60s, 60s , 70s, , 80s, up to date era. good job aimee, well explained thru each step for beginners. Not everyone can tell it right. You did it right!

Atharv Naidu

they say the brain is the most powerful organ

Barbara Sowak

I respectfully disagree that everyone can play by ear. I've done so since age 6 and I never ever have sung the melody, it just appears in my head then I just play. The process comes naturally. If I am not sure of some measures, I improvise, then record myself. Then, I may listen to whatever piece it is I am working on, THEN i tweak the playing by ear and incorporate the missing section as best I can. Sometimes I add my own bits. But nothing is planned, I just automatically play. I think that some who take piano lessons, if they are tone deaf or otherwise don't have a certain capability, ,will have a very tough time trying to play by ear though some may do the simple tunes such as twinkle twinkle. I am not trying to negate this for anyone, but I don't think playing by ear is possible for everyone. I know people who got to about a grade 7 RCM piano level and could never play by ear, though they may have been able to memorize somewhat. In my humble opinion, its a bit of a gift. One thing I also do is, if I play a piece by ear, I automatically gravitate to a certain key that sounds right to ME. BUT THEN, if I find the piece her on youtube and think "AHA...WRONG key...." I then may revamp it in the key it was actually performed in. I also have fun going up octaves, or using two different keys in what are the same measures of music, of a piece. But great that you are so encouraging. Music comes from teh heart. xo

sandini gunaratne

Okay this is boring I don't wont to her your life????

J Music

To be honest I never knew how to play by ear but as you said twinkle twinkle little star... I thought let's just pause the video and I will try to play it by ear and I did it, I still can't believe that I played the same notes


Thanks and Blessings!!!

Reine H

Songs for children are so easy. Georg "Jojje" Wadenius wrote a song for a Swedish children's programs. First part is played in 7/8 and 8/8 second part is played in 11/8.
But I know what you mean, they are usually easier

Aprende a tocar piano de oído, fácil y rápido


Pri Pri

I could play by the ear from when I was 13 or 14 but I could not figure the chords out that easily or find it at all. I have started taking piano lessons 6 months back and I just sight read and play bcoz my teacher doesn't concentrate on ear training. How would I good be at chords?

Nigel Legall

Too bad playing single notes on a piano is not motivating, I learn by ear playing a chromatic harmonica which is a whole lot better as anyone listening only expect one note at a time not an accompanying left hand and chords.


I'll probably get flamed for pointing this out, but her mannerisms and body language makes it seem like she'd be a very passionate and adventurous lover. Combined with her skill and intellect that makes one formidably attractive woman. Her husband is a lucky man.

Chirantha Hettiarachchi KaLpAonLNpiAno

Wow..So beautiful..
Greetings from Sri Lanka....


Hi Aimee, Thanks so much for sharing and helping those of us needing help. I am in the South Eastern part of Los Angeles county and would love to find a teacher to help me with chord structure. If you (or someone you know would be willing to teach a old dog new tricks) I would greatly appreciate it. Oh, I will pay too. Now is probably not a good time with the virus thing going on but maybe in another couple of months or whenever things get better. I can pick out melodies all day long but really struggle with the chords. In any case, thanks for your great videos. This is where I will be spending my time in the next couple of weeks/months.


hey, I just noticed that you look like Jennifer Aniston!

Ray Navarrette

Thanks for posting this, I’ve used this exact method on my Chromatic Harmonica for almost 45 years now. I love learning songs this.

Kristal Campbell

I've been sick so I've been missing my voice lessons but I've been itching to make music somehow (but I can't play to save myself) so I've been intimated but I tried this and it was really fun and not at all as hard as I thought. Is it possible to do this with chords? Like if you can hear the chords to a song in your head?

Rame Mm

I have moderate hearing loss in the right ear.

Does this affect the playing of hearing?

James Bermingham

Thanks for the shout out for the InsTuner app. Just downloaded it. Great music tool. ???

Awosanya Oluwaseyi Opeyemi

Nice one

steven leek

Hi Aimee, two things.. you don’t play chords with the melodies you’re working out, JUST the melodies? And what about learning intervals? Do you think that just searching for the right note on the piano is a better way to learn? Many thanks


I wish I was encouraged to learn by ear when I was growing up and taking lessons. I started when I was 5, but only ever had classical piano teachers. I was given the impression that learning by ear was like a "lesser" or even "unsophisticated" way to learn music compared to reading. Of course as an adult now I realize how silly that is, but exploring jazz and learning how people improvise and compose has left me feeling handicapped as a musician. I still have a long way to go I feel but your videos help a lot.

Take it by ear

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most redundant statement ever "if you are in the same boat you're not alone" Yeah no shit sherlock

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Now we know where Micheal Jackson was born from

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She chose her pet over her baby! Tough times indeed... ???

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Actually, MDMA was responsible for the bizarre events in Strasbourg in 1518. Medieval Dance Mania Affliction, what an awful way to die!

What Do u mean?

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Oh yes, The online doctor always got the goods.

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My guy has been watching wandavision recently

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Don't like the thumbnail?

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Why did it have to show spiders?!? (I kinda have a phobia of spiders)


UK -- Pineapple and a tree treee tree or such LOL

Leighton Davies

But if everyone danced themselves to death wouldn't we be extinct? ( Am I dead, in hell maybe?)


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Lewis Williams

Great Video!

Well I assume it was a great video as I had Bad Romance ringing through my ears for most of it

Mason Mayer

When I was 10 and 11, I had this weird thing that happened to me in the day where I would randomly feel sick like I was gonna barf, and I would have diarrhea, and I would feel so much pain just randomly. It just randomly happened to me at any time, and sometimes it lasted for 5 minutes and sometimes it lasted for 45 minutes. Those were the worst 2 years of my life and sometimes the pain was so bad in me that I just felt like I was going to die. And then it randomly went away when I was 12 and I heven’t had it ever since.

Kev B

So that's why my nose always starts itching once the Barber puts the cape on me. Stoopid sub-conscious. I guess Astronauts have it worse though!


I wouldn’t just rule out Ergot, considering back in the day we had communal store houses and essentially a town or small city would draw upon the same place for resources. So get a nice batch of contamination and it would easily infect a large portion of people.


Did no one try to tackle the dancers? Knock them out? Restrain them?
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Necro Brux

Almost like a dubstep bee sting
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They were Iron Maiden fans?

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just stamp on it, love it lol.

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That thumbnail is dope

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Or mass hysteria

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They should test the ear worm-yness of Bad Lip Reading's Seagulls, because that song just sticks so fast!

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thanks for the spiders

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Very intresting; here in the local news site atricle they wrote that the reason for the dancing you mention was a fungus which was consumed by all those dancers... so I understand you choce that other; non accepted view for the reason for the accurance...


The someone probably offended an old witch in the woods and got the town cursed.

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Is it bad that I instantly thought of that scene from Shrek forever after

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I'm guessing the og thumbnail and title wasn't good for the algorithm


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Just proof that we must always be weary of the “Warp”.


It's an interesting parallel with the earworm - albeit somewhat more extreme. I get ear worms all the time & believe it or not the best way to get them out of your head is to actually listen to the song which is causing it.

Cassie Harris

Don't rule out witches I saw Hocus Pocus the movie.

ap p

I love Friday's terrible Mia Khalifa is an ear work

Joanna Neilson

Sounds like Pontypool? Interesting video!

Daisy Eller

Dont worry guys hes just talking about party rock anthem ?


YouTube is fucking pathetic

martha monson


David Sun

now im addicted to one of these songs.............


The mind is a terrible thing


STOP! with the demons with 8 legs pictures!


I'd be very curious to know... Where the magnetic poles were between circa 500 and 1600 AD. As of 1900 they were in Canada and the and Antarctica, but they aren't anymore. They're moving faster now, accelerated towards roughly the Asia Pacific region for the moment, leaving weak areas in the magnetosphere over south America.


Sounds like someone with Huntington's Chorea trying to cross the road

JChris Carter

Man Mad climate change is a Hoax....A boogie man if you will developed by the Stalinist Left to take our freedoms and prosperity away. We do not need scientist working one it. It is a feeding frenzy on research dollars...I would have thought a thoughtful individual such as yourself would have known that.

Brodie Matthews_

The SCP Foundation has entered the chat

I game

They definitely took acid

Sawyer Ayers

You mention climate change in 50% of your videos. It's not real.

Take it by ear

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