Replacement for sesame oil

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ONION SUBSTITUTE 2 ways + 3 recipes

1 439 views | 30 Jun. 2020

Onion substitute. Do you

Onion substitute. Do you want to know how to substitute onion in your cooking? This video is part 2 of the Garlic and Onion Substitute series. In this episode, we will look at two more onion replacements, and I'm sharing 3 delicious recipes to show the way I replace onion in my dishes. We will see how to substitute onion with fennel and how to use bok choy as an onion replacement.

? » 3 must-have sattvic spice mixes » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ic2g6kkTGpA&feature=youtu.be

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» Fennel onion substitute - 0:00

» sautéd Fennel - 1:11

» Bok Choy onion substitute - 3:31

» One-Pot Cauliflower Crumble recipe - 4:24

» Ginger Bok Choy recipe - 8:43


» One-Pot Cauliflower Crumble » https://positivepranic.com/sattvic-one-pot-cauliflower-crumble/

» Universal Sattvic Spice Mix » https://positivepranic.com/universal-sattvic-spice-mix/

» Basic Savoury Sattvic Spice Mix » https://positivepranic.com/positive-pranic-food-seasoning-sattvic-spice-mix/

» Ginger Bok Choy » https://positivepranic.com/ginger-bok-choy/


» https://positivepranic.com/garlic-and-onion-substitute/

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» tripod: https://geni.us/6MKXRHG (Amazon)

» lighting: https://geni.us/t5PcU1 (Amazon)


» GARLIC & ONION SUBSTITUTE - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFDEhOAS5YLzGHuaIOPW-2XFXo6ggObeV


» Negative & Positive Pranic food list » https://positivepranic.com/energy-diet-positive-pranic-food-list/

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Be Alive?,

❤ Love, Julia


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Christon Huffmaster

Due to me and my husband developing GERD last year trying to find substitutes for onions and garlic since it’s the base of most recipes I know ?, you’re a life saver!

Trevor Jones

You just made me so hungry!!

Trent Kennelly

That’s awesome I had no idea!! Will 100% try these

Carrie LaShell - Such Savvy Style

wow I am going to try!

Daryl Ballard

Looks great and I'm sure helps with the breath after the meal. Thanks for the great suggestions.

Sandra Salud Tv

Thank you!??

Aprender Idiomas Sozinho

Very interesting... you're really creative in the kitchen!

Donna QC

Looks so delicious!! Thansk for providing alternatives!

Yes To Tech

I've always wondered what to substitute onions with! Such a great video as I'm trying to cook more recently!

Live Grow Green

Really great video! These are really interesting substitutes - definitely have to try them

Elizabeth Sampson

I love onions and garlic! I put them in almost all my dinner dishes. I love these substitutes as well. Fennel and bok choy are both really great!

Yulia Tarbath

LIke your recipes a lot. Looks so good.

justin martin

Thank you Julia ? I had no idea these were so similar to onion. Love all your recipes ♥️?

Social Confidence Mastery

I'm curious to try these out!

Kendra Perry

Garlic and onions are definitely my go tos!!!!

Jayme Janelle

Mmmm, I love fennel, great idea to use as an onion replacement! You've made me hungry ?

Rachel Smets

I need this cause I don't eat garlic and onion and it's always a problem when I'm invited somewhere. I WILL use this!

Mahesh Goyal & Associates

Past 12 years I am cooking dishes without onion and garlic.. however never come across these brilliant substitute of them.. ?

Vasundhara Gopalan

Great video series! Would like to know what to use when the recipe calls for onion grinded to paste like most of Indian curry uses onion grinded to paste. Please clarify

Aeri Leullia

I love the ideas. In your opinion what onion and garlic substitute would you recommend best for east asian cuisine type ?

positive pranic

How much garlic and onion you consume in a day?


New things I still have to try! Thanks for this!

Replacement for sesame oil

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Alternatives to Peanut Butter, what are they and how to make your own

3 358 views | 28 Oct. 2015

Do you love peanut butter?

Do you love peanut butter? ASU Nutritionist Claudia Thompson-Felty shows us nut and seed butter alternatives to peanut butter, their calorie and other nutritional contents and why you would want to make a substitution. Also learn how to make your owner peanut or other nut butter at home

gavin davies

Sack the camera man ?

Brock Lee

The camera guy killed this for me


the camera man is on DRUGS.


Hi Claudia!! I was so surprised to see your pretty face on this vid!! ( she's my sister ) great job!!!

Replacement for sesame oil

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How to Make Tahini at Home | Healthy Alternative Recipes to Nutella, Cheese, Salad Dressing & Dip

563 088 views | 4 Jul. 2020

After we published our

After we published our hummus video and we realized that #tahini does not common all over the world as we believed. That’s why, this week I wanted to share the recipe to show how we make tahini at home and what other miracles can we make with it. So in this video not only #tahinirecipe but also healthy tahini and cocoa spread, salad dressing, hibeş and green tahini dip recipes are waiting to you. Enjoy the video ?

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Tahini Recipe

150 gr (5,3 oz, 1 cup) raw sesame seeds

3 tablespoons hazelnut oil

• Warm 150 gr raw sesame seeds in a large steel pan. Just warming every sesame seed will be enough for making tahini. Don’t roast them until all of it turns to brown. Using a steel pan is important as it has no coating, not releasing harmful gases at high temperatures. You can use a cast iron pan as well for browning.

• Add the sesame seeds in food processor while they are still hot.

• Pulse for about a minute and add 3 tablespoons of hazelnut oil. You can use grape seed oil or sunflower oil as well but prefer a seed oil then olive oil for this recipe.

• After working food processor for another 3 minutes your tahini will be ready to enjoy. First the texture is going to be sand-like. Don’t give up on that stage and continue. After enough patience your tahini is going to be creamy and dreamy.

Tahini & Molasses

1 tablespoon tahini

1 tablespoon molasses

• Mix 1 tablespoon of tahini and grape molasses in a bowl.

Tahini and Cocoa Spread

1 tablespoon tahini

2 tablespoons honey

1 heaping teaspoon cacao

• Mix 1 tablespoon tahini, 2 tablespoons honey and 1 heaping teaspoon cacao. Your healthy cacao is ready. You can adjust the amounts to your taste.

Hibeş Recipe

1 cup of tahini

2 lemons’ juice

½ cup of water

2 cloves of garlic

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon paprika

• Squeeze 2 lemons and mix it with 1 cup of tahini. Add 1 teaspoon cumin and 1 teaspoon paprika.

• Puree 2 cloves of garlic and add to mixture. Hibeş is a great sauce for kebap or you can eat as a dip or mezze.

• For toppins you can sprinkle some paprika, cumin and fresh parsley leaves.

Tahini Salad Dressing

2 tablespoons tahini

1 lemon juice

5 tablespoons olive oil

2 tablespoons yogurt



• Mix 2 tablespoons tahini, 1 lemon juice, 5 tablespoons olive oil, 2 tablespoons yogurt in a jar or glass.

• Add salt and pepper to your taste, your tahini dressing is ready to enjoy.

Green Tahini Recipe

1 batch of coriander

100 ml water( 3,4 fl oz, 2/5 cup)

2 cloves of garlic

70 gr tahini (4-5 tablespoons)

½- 1 teaspoon salt

½ lemon juice

• Add 1 batch of coriander, 100 ml of water and 2 cloves of garlic into food processor.

• Pulse until it becomes a puree, add 70 gr tahini, add salt to your taste and squeeze half lemon juice.

• Pulse again until mixture is blended well. Your green tahini will be great with köfte, or as a dip for chips. The other upside of this recipe is tahini is a great substitute for cheese if you are not eating diary or if you are a vegan.

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paula johnson

I enjoy your video very much. Thanks for the great recipes. I love tahini and now I know how to make it. I already have sesame seeds and grapeseed oil. Bless you from U.S.A

meltem emre

?? thank you.

Cris De bravo

Thank you. I was looking for a good recepy and your explanation was great.

Jo Fipps

Please tell me what a batch is. You said a batch of coriander for the Green Tahini recipe. Thanks! I love you and your channel.?❤️

Ana Paula Tutui

Craving for this green tahini!!! ?

Black Hawk

An important ingredient when preparing tahini is the sesame oil and no other to avoid any kind of undesirable taste. Eyi Guňler !

Nusrath Ayesha

Hey you're so lively, enjoyed watching it...

Susan Levitt

I just love you!


Congratulations Refika and big "THANK YOU" for all the information and the recipes given !
I am big lover of whole grain Tahini and now thanks to you I have more info and ideas for its versatility!
Thank you also for historical/traditional references!!!
?♥️?Happy day!!

Giora Oscar

Tahini nice with Falafel ?

The Lost Sheep

Thank you for sharing your recipes with us!

Jody Bellinato

Wow..thanks..tahini comes in too big a jars, for just one person.so simple will make it..love the recipes.. look forward to more!!???

Sabira Tejani


Andrea S

This video popped into my feed, thank you YouTube! I never tried to have tahini at home because I had no idea what to do with it but I always enjoyed it when I would eat out and it was used in various dishes. Just got a jar and will try these, especially the cacao one and the cilantro. New subscriber, need to update myself with rest of your videos. ??

Susy Siemens

Just found your channel yesterday and have found so many recipes that I have been wanting to make for a long time. Ever since I was in Israel I habe been in love with hummus, but tahini is hard to find here and expensive, my homemade needed help? and now I have found it.

Shirley Schuurman

How long will it keep in the fridge, still good to use?

Wagdy Makar

Perfect ?

Simone Smit

Thanks for sharing this. Here in Canada it can be difficult to find tahini. And it isn't always the best.
I discovered it while looking for an alternative to peanutbutter. My niece had a child who was very allergic to peanuts. So tahini is a great substitute. It makes good cookies too.
And I love that dark molasses. When I was 4 I started adding molasses to the cows grain. I would always take a bit for myself.?

Lamiya Jamali

U have a very friendly n interactive way of presenting your video.I have visited Turkey twice n loved their food,warmth of the people n the country.I will try n make the tahini.

Verena Varela

Thank you!!! ✨?From Chile!! ??

Liza N Nahar

Can I use sesame oil for the tahini to enhance the flavour & scent?

Alison Serrano

"Some blender ahhhhhh sucks" .. lololol love it. So funny. The blender is not on etsy.. ?

Paredes Nancy

Wow! Thank you for All these recipes with Tahini ! I love Tahini !


Really great mam.. love your video..

Vasanthi Satararasinghe


Akatibu Carta

I dit it, it was perfect !

Eduardo Meirelles

Thanks,love it

Marina Pacheco

Love your recipes. You are way too funny ????

Mamata Dasgupta


Ирина Дудник

You are so great! Love your receipts and videos, hummus from you is the best. Will try to make tahini by myself now, you really encouraged me and coriander tahini is something great ?. Thanks a lot for your work.
Please if you know more healthy receipts with yougurt, specially Turkish, share with us ❤️ big heart from Ukraine, Odessa, just opposite side from Istanbul

sarah w

How long does the tahini stay fresh? :) I would love to make a huge batch of it and keep it in the fridge if I can!

Howlin Day

Happy to find your channel. How long will this tahini last? Should we refrigerate ? New subscriber here. Great channel.

Cat Jab

My new favourite channel! Always wanted to visit Turkey, but the closest I got was Greece which was amazing but I love all the food in this region so much!

Hadia M

love your video sister


This worked amazingly. Thank you, love from Hungary <3


Why does the camera lady always say “No” after she ask you a question? Sometimes your answer is Yes.

Norm Knapp

First time viewer and just WOW! Just one question for you please... what is the shelf (frig) life of the Tahini?

Subscribed and liked cause you're just awesome!!!

Serena Ramzy Belly Dance

Love your channel! You are a joy to watch! Thank you !

anitha mohan


shobha hariharan

Explain what are the different preparation of Tahini and what products to be used


The Green Tahini...Sooo GOOD! Just made some ?Thank You So Much! ❤

Lori Mangold

I Love Vulgar too, your country has Soooo many good dishes

Exploring Maths with Sadik Sir

Great ? video

Anargyros Ioannis Lagoutaris

I have just started following your videos since yesterday and I have been really enjoying them
I just want to say thank you?


Lovee turkish food
The only question i have is what can be used instead of sugar in turkish desserts??

Mila Nash

I just love listening with your accent not to mentioned your interesting tahini recipe making. Thank you.

mary dass

You all and your food is so refreshing for me looks healthy thank you i always heard about tahini and wondered what is that

Rhonda Townsend

Thank you! Tahini is so expensive in the store, so I’m glad you shared your recipe

Cecilia Gomez


Carolina Piedrahita

Great and awesome video!!! thanks a lot!!!!!

Yani Juned

Thanks alot ??

Evana Sahakian

In Iraq we eat tahini with dates molasses for breakfast you should try it. It’s amazing

Pokiza Ken

I found your channel like 15 minutes ago. YOU??ARE??AMAZING??????

Lori Mangold

Yes that hummus was delicious, tehini is sesame seeds isn't it

Susan Ford

Looks so delicious.

mary dass

Was looking at comments thats why middle eastern people TO ME dont get sick is what you ear

Beenie Boo

We have tahini with date molasses... As a sweet dip. Great recipes.

Albeli Duch-Camacho

Thanks a million for sharing your tasty national cuisine....

Pippi Long Stocking

Just found this video I’m so excited to try these recipes. Thank you for sharing them and for sharing your heritage. May God bless you.

Joseph Cottrell

Hi Refika! I love your videos. I have made 6 recipes of yours and my friends and family have loved every single one. I haven’t ever had Turkish food (beside maybe kebabs), but your channel has illuminated the beautiful flavors of Turkish cooking. I love how you use tomato paste in everything; I also appreciate your focus on healthier cooking and not using as much plastic in the kitchen. Thank you for sharing your expertise, your videos are making a lot of people in the middle of Ohio very happy!!


Thank you so much dear. Lots of love. I really like watching Ur videos

Chairun Nisya

I made this recipe and its soooo gooodddd. I mean I've tried other recipes but this one is on point! the amount of oil and sesame seeds are just perfect!!

Christa Ricker


Zakaria Harameyn

Mashaalla i leaning from you many things thank you very much ♥️??


Too much advertising between

murad ismailov

Miraculous! Rafike can you please show how to make Olive paste/spread ?

Creativity in blood

Can I use almond oil instead of olive oil

carmelita sabugo

Thank you!!! I love it!

Craig Elliott

OMG I think you, your recipe's and your camera and tasting person are all amazing and sooooo funny!!!!! Please don't stop sharing these incredible recipe's and your beautiful culture and history!!!!!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!! Fondly!!

shobha hariharan

Excellently explained


So nice Masha Allah

Cynthia Callaghan

I just made hummus for the first time and I really want to learn how to make Tahini and yours looks amazing. What kind of grinder are you using the only ones I have seen are for coffee and they do say will grind seeds and spices but yours is much bigger and looks like it works great. I just subscribed to your channel thank you

Amelia Linggawati

Thank you for your video and I am successful making tahini and hummus following your recipes. It is so delicious. I love it.. thank you so much.

Rupali Sahai

I was scared to try this but youmakeit so easy

Belen Fernandez

I came back to watch this video after a year, and I want to thank you again :*

Swati Pagar

Loved it... Thanks?

Jammin With MexiJam

Wow! This is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am definitely going to make this.

I just came across your channel and I love it, your voice is beautiful too.

I am a new subscriber and fan!

Gayane Gabrielyan

Thank you very much?

Be Human

even I had the same questions like Bahar does great compatability between Refika and Bahar Love u both from India ??
Munawwar Malik..

bhavna misra

OMG!! How beautifully you covered A to Z of tahini.... It sure can't be better than this.. Not a fraction of a second wasted. Simply an AWESOME video?

Jerry Curl

Wow, I just discovered a channel with new flavors and amazing recipes!!!!!!!!!!!

Veronica Raquel

Love your voice and accent. Thanks for such healthy recipe

Hanadi Charafeddine

My favourite molasses and tahini
I'm Lebanese and we also eat this

Irene Hersk

Amazing - luv your teaching ?

Kris Tianingsih

Hope you can give indonesian subtitle.

Kim Jones

I've used it to make vegan ice cream (maple pecan) very delicious!!!

methal alrawi

We use the Tahini in Iraq with dates molasses instead of grabs molasses. It is so delicious, and sometimes we just pour the Tahini over the dates(a special kind) and eat it

Lidia Dixon-Gladstone

make halva or polish chalwa


I love Refika ?

Tina Kuczaj

Loved your houmous

eduardo espiritu

sun flower oil is not healthy

Jadeite Haywood

Can tahini be made with black sesame seeds as well?


Can we store it in refrigerator? If so for how long?

Tanveer's Views


Silvia Viola

I've learnt to rinse the sesame seeds before warming them up. Is this something you do, too?

Jyotsna Desai

?very nice ?


I just love Turkish cuisine, Turkish humor and Turkish accent. Musik gibi )) I can listen to you for hours! Thank you for the wonderful recipes and inspiration!


I love this soon to try this thanks a lot my dear

Marek Drimal

First one who ever put tahini into humus should be awarded by some chef/marketing/sales award ? ??