Oily pores

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Oily Nasty Pores and Skin Under the Microscope - Cysts, Zits, Acne

3 462 411 views | 31 Aug. 2014

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Hi fans, please let me know what you think of this video in the comments. I am being honest here, for every ten likes my little beagle gets a dog biscuit! She needs your clicks. haha

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Tanys Bluett

He just wanted his song out there

Eren Aja

jeleeek.. kirain jerawat dipencet.. gk taunya..preet

Gene Mullen

What’s with the music?

Angie Pangie

I like the music

Linni Binni

Your poor dog is going to die of constipation

Annie Mouse

Awww, I thought you were gonna pull the hairs and keratin plugs!!? They looked so nice and perfect for pulling! I was just sitting here waiting and like "wait. Nope, he's not gonna do it. Nooooooooooo!"

melbii c:

You owe the dog 510 treats

honest truthseeker

give your dog treats. i liked this with several accounts

Moo N Oink Gaming

ruined the song w your percussive clap. ?


I want that

The red Rose




Batuhan Makara


Vania Cabral

Gostei só da música.... Linda

Maribel Garcia Gomez

Mierda de música y mierda para el video.

Colora Mcclinton


Maaike Greve

Also me: i need to puke

maik. z.

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Maria julia Cardoso Baracho Santos

Qual a música de fundo?

Jaime Coreas

that dog gets 300 treats

Tamika Corbett

reminda me of a watermelon with the black seeds

sue moore

really bad music.....I'm out

Terry Mizzi

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هنو هنو


A Google User

Doggy best get treat! I want to find out how people are magnifying to such high degrees. Some high-tech phones or a high-tech device with a wand connected to a computer?

Cláudia Assunção Bernardo Cossa

To think that I lick men's jaw lol


Why is this age restricted?

Priscila S

Isso é pelo

Tara Pozder

I came here from Cristine

Tommaso Galli


Jose Torres

Boiii ever heard of pimple remover or some like that or shower no ofense

raymund tan


Robyn Alice

Against the wind ??

Loves40 Dogs


Elliana Maggio


Rachel Chen

Is your dog ok?


You are very ugly from up close but i liked the vid anyway because your dog is so pretty.

Lola Starks

tired of looking At.t Tee same

Yasmine Ware

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Artūras Ambrulaitis

nice chin there buddy, good bone structure

sue moore

Put the guitar away and pop your zits.

Praveen Gujjar


Hamdan Malik

wtf lol

Kaijusaurus Rex

I'm gonna Wash my Eyeballs with Soap now...


Liked it for the dog

Sàm Johnson

that's not the way to treat a dog

Damien Bermudez

Is that black stuff hair


Am I the only one who thought that was a watermelon in the thumbnail..

wannabe to wasabe

Thanks for the music. As a baby boomer that was able to witness the 60's and 70's I must say I miss folk music. It was not only great to listen to, but contained statements that ended a war we never should have been in and brought down a corrupt president. We tried to change the world, but unfortunately came up short in so many ways. And the beat goes on . . . . . .


I thought the hairs were black heads and I was so disgusted


...you could find a better use for that microscope! :)



Isania Freitas


//emma van haele//

Once I popped a zit and it bled for 10 min... I thought I was gonna die from blood loss. 0.0


There's a very useful invention you should try...just mix it with hot water and apply to your face twice daily---it's called 'soap' !

Disciple wit' a rifle

That dog is gonna love you

Giu B

So that's what Gulliver saw when he was in Brobdingnag.


No music, Please.


trypophobia is killing me man

Julia Cotton


Veronica De Anda Arambula

que asco


dont know why i like stuff like this
and the music makes things feel calmer lol

Pragyan's crafts

yakk i feel like throwing out


Music is horrible!! ??


Wouahhhh....impressive...all the same !!! ;-)

kajun warrior

I liked it for the dog

Melissa Gandy

Bet that dog is fat now. I love the song.



Michael Fong

Welll bud you dog is gonna be fat at this rate

Kathie Mata


Bella Skoog

I thought it was an armpit at first hahaha

Jazzy's Craft Channel

The stubs are creepy

Edward Herbert


vicky stevenson

A waste of time....???

Gustavo Ramos


tseard v

I hope u dont give ur dog too big treats cuz i dont want him to die :P

Emuke Irene

Wat r thoes black tings on the spores

Cathy Cook

Great song, cute pup, good chin lol

Susie Bernard

Song good but no zits what on yo face at end

Utkarsh Tripathi

Which song is this

evarahma sultana

bangke cuma gini doang -_-


Gross....I hope you wiped the table clean after the dog just licked all over it . And this is why pets belong OUTSIDE.

Scarlet 404

Dogs gonna be the size of Pluto

lou Curtis

Bullshit, you mean you don't Feed your little Beagle unless you get a like. It's not your little Beagles fault that you don't do a good job!!

Kaminari Denki [Aka Glace ❄️]

Oh boy how did I get here...

sami smsm


Crystal Martin

Why am I eating while watching??? That's not good!!!

Rosangela Rosa

I liked the music. Does anyone Know the name of the song?

Lillian Riley

Start popping what ever u gonna pop


Your dog is gonna get 400 treats lol

Gaelle Kenne

. o


Cute dog lmao

Tam Southam

What a Dildo " Really " that's 2 minutes of my life I will never get back !

Sakshi Potdar


Raymond Bernal

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mohamad alsaid



I just liked this for the puppy

Heather Ward

All i can think is that someone n
butchered this song.

Curious Curiouser

Stop teasing the poor dog and just GIVE him his treat! Nice chin by the way.


いや 抜かんのかーーい!