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UVA protection - importance, measurements and how much you need | Ask Doctor Anne

1 236 views | 10 Jul. 2020

I talk a lot about

I talk a lot about broadspectrum sunscreen and the importance of UVA protection in my videos, and judging by your questions this is a topic that still needs some clarification. Like: What does PPD and PA ++++ mean? And how much UVA protection is a good amount?

Let’s talk about all that in today’s episode of Doctor Anne!

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As doctor passionate about skin care that delivers results I want to help you quickly and efficiently pick a skin care regime that works by explaining the science behind skin and by sharing quick, no bullshit skin care reviews.


I am a doctor, so I do have a good understanding of scientific studies, skin and ingredients. I am however not a trained dermatologist and these videos do not replace a consultation or are a substitute for medical advice.

Some links used above may be affiliate links and some products mentioned are PR-Samples/ gifted items.

This is not a sponsored video.

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Deborah John

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Milagros B. Beuses F.

What do you think about neutrogena dry touch 45 for oily and sensitive skin?

jill francis

Curious as to what your take in on Ultrasun. It has been my go to for several years?

Alisa Sukhotskaya

Using only Asian SPF 50 PA++++

Evelyn Melian-Glick

I’m so glad I came across your video. Super informative! I’m impressed with how knowledgeable you are. Thank you for sharing this with us. I struggle With hyperpigmentation, please share what products work the best and are actually effective. Thanks!

Maya Kleeblatt

Fab content! many thanks champ!!

Olina Young

(Edit included at beginning: I read zinc oxide needs to be 15-20% for complete protection so I'll double check % but the sunscreen in question does say SPF 50 which doesn't sound right). As always love your no nonsense science based videos (plus you’re lovely ?!). I’ve watched all your sunscreen/UV videos and I may have missed this piece (sorry if I did). I recently switched sunscreens but had been loving a physical one (Australian gold botanical face broad spectrum spf 50). They said it is PPD 19.2, PA ++++ when asked (this isn't on packaging). But Zinc is 4% I saw, so was wondering about it’s UVA protection. Is 4% zinc oxide qualify as PPD 19.2 and/or PA ++++?

ElenaBell 84

I'm currently using the bionike antishine fluid 50+ and it's the only sunscreen my skin can tolerate. Is it a good product?

Carlos Ma

Hi Dr.Anne, can I just say how much your videos?! I love the fact that how knowledgable you are. More importantly, how you deliver all those information. Please continue to produce more videos as we need more creators like you!!
I do have a question and I hope you can answer. I understand UVA go through windows. If we are just at home quarantine, do we still need to wear sunscreen? Thanks in advance.

Peter Kloosterman

In vitro is mainly done on pmma plates. I think it's good that people realize that the Boots Star is the UVA/UVB absorption ratio, and not the UVAPF/SPF like some people seem to assume. That the 2 boots stars were abolished since they didn't meet the 0.3 eu ratio, while 2 stars means 0.4-0.6 shows these ratios are not interchangeable.

Carlos Zepeda

omg, i recently stared seeing your videos and I’m really impressed w al the information you provide, I mean it’s so concise, easy to understand and very helpful! You help me to understand so many things about skincare, I wish some day i will be like you ❤️ hugs


Also, I appreciate the short form content. I feel like every YouTube video is 12-20 minutes long with people trying to exploit the YouTube algorithm and even at ×2 speed that is too long


You read my mind because I was just thinking about SPF today! I wear a moisturizer with SPF during the day and I’ll add an extra facial SPF on top if I’m going to be out in the sun for majority of my day. I also like to wear foundations with spf during the day. I’m going to start paying more attention to the coverage from now on!

Francisco lodix12

Very good and detailed video. I like the inclusion of images and graphics to make it more visual and easy to understand.


Hi Dr. Ann. I was checkin your new video today but it is unavailable... it says it's private.


Ah, I never knew what the UVA in the circle meant. I only use sunscreen with SPF 50+ and PA++++ because I probably apply between 1/2 and 2/3 of the recommended amount for the advertised protection. I kind of assume that the second application will cover the rest. Absolutely no white cast and no shine is important to me as well because most of the year it is cloudy and dark and I would look insane. I was driving to the library once using a new sunscreen and when I got there I looked in the mirror and my face was covered in flaky bits and I have to rub them off with my jumper sleeve. That was the Bioderma Aquafluid. Bioderma Photoderm AR also pills if you use more than a thin layer but I actually like that one quite a bit - not worth €19 though. I should start taking a little pot into department stores and filling it with enough sunscreen for a day from testers.

Laura Williams

As a US customer, it is SO frustrating to find out that our SPF ratings don't carry the significance of the European and Asian systems. It's also frustrating that our government regulations do not allow manufacturers to use the best filters available, but hopefully one day they will. It is difficult to track down the European and Asian sunscreens themselves or to purchase their products in the US (like La Roche Posay) without risking getting counterfeit or altered ingredients. I've had to re-evaluate my sunscreens for both daily and extended use, but haven't found the exact US products to purchase.

Uva sunscreen

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Why American Sunscreens Suck

32 161 views | 26 Oct. 2018

Not all sunscreens are

Not all sunscreens are created equal, and American sunscreens may not be protecting you as much as other sunscreens you could find in other countries. We spoke with dermatologist Dr. Seemal Desai for more information.


#Sunscreen #SkinCancer

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Why American Sunscreens Suck

Following is a transcript of the video:

Narrator: In 2017, researchers tested 20 best-selling US sunscreens. The good news is that 19 of them met FDA standards. The bad news? Nine of them didn't meet European standards. Turns out, different countries have different rules for what makes a safe sunscreen and US sunscreens may not be protecting Americans as well as it could. When we lay in the sun, our skin absorbs two types of UV light. UVA and UVB rays. UVB light is higher energy and can cause sunburns while UVA penetrates deeper under the skin and can damage skin cells along the bottom layer of your epidermis.

Desai: We know that UVB rays are the rays that cause sunburns. But UVA rays are the rays that can actually cause skin cancer so you actually wanna cover the spectrum on both of those. I think a lot of people get into a misconception that I didn't get sunburned so I'm not at prone to getting skin cancer which really isn't true.

Narrator: The biggest concern with US sunscreen is how much protection you're getting from cancer-causing UVA rays. For decades, FDA regulations required that sunscreens protect against UVB, but not necessarily against UVA. Meanwhile, rates for melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer, kept climbing in the US. Then, in 2012, the FDA updated its regulations on labeling and testing so that manufacturers must now let customers know if its sunscreen protects against both UVB and UVA. That's what the broad spectrum label on your sunscreen means, for example. And while this is a good first step, there's still no regulation on how much protection you're getting from UVA. So, there's no way to tell.

Desai: Here in the United States, I think we need to be cognizant of the fact that when a sunscreen says it's broad spectrum, UVA- and UVB-protecting, that does mean you're going to get protection against those rays. However, what it does not mean is that it's going to block out all of the rays.

Narrator: And that's where US sunscreens fall short.

Desai: And I will say that I do think we are behind other countries globally, particularly some of our European counterparts, in getting new sunscreen ingredients approved. Overall, there has not been much change in US sunscreen composition and what our sunscreens are made up of in the past several years.

Narrator: The FDA has approved 16 active ingredients that protect against UV radiation. But only some protect against both UVB and UVA rays. For comparison, Europe requires that all of its more than 20 active ingredients protect against both.

Desai: Right now, the American Academy of Dermatology and other organizations are really advocating with the FDA that they need to really speed up the approval process for new sunscreen ingredients. Because it's with these ingredients that we can probably get even better coverage and better protection and maybe even get something that's easier to apply, that's easier on the skin, that doesn't have any harmful side effects for patients.

Narrator: You can purchase sunscreens from other countries online. But if you plan on sticking with American sunscreens, look for the broad spectrum label and don't buy anything below SPF 30.

Desai: The higher the SPF, definitely the better. But we definitely don't want anyone going below a 30. And think about if you're someone who has a history of a melanoma, if you use an SPF 30, you're blocking out let's say 98% of the harmful rays. However, what about the remaining 2%? That 2% may be something that could be potential of putting you at a risk down the road.


Just buy european sunscreen.


Does this explain why some Americans still end up really bronzed and eventually wrinkly after sitting in the sun despite slapping on suncream?

ღSwnsasyღ _

I live in Florida and don't go out until night time.. I'm safe!! ?

Naudia Kitty Dragon

Talks about America

"shows Brazilian footage"

J Mulc

I'm glad I live in the EU

jay pee

lol Gordon Ramsey? The chicken is undercooked


why are ya making this video in october ?????

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Mr.Bean,Is that you?!?

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Inspector Nazmul

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Glad im dark.


That’s lobbying at its best....US... were not changing a thing. But I’ll pay big bucks to have them keep the same outdated laws in place. Smh

The KingArthurReaza Show

The video is badly researched. The culprits are the ingredients, which are likely to be carcinogenic. Zinc oxide is the only ingredient you need in sunscreen and good luck finding one in the US.

Stick of Butter



just dont go outside like i do hahaha

cries alone

Lilith Aquarius



And that’s why I buy Dior or Shiseido’s sunscreen xD


Here in Croatia (EU) all stores contain only brands with all Sunscreen protection and people are more likely to buy mineral Sunscreen thsts reflects Uvb and Uva than chemicals Sunscreen that absorb it.


Well... It depends how long you are taking a sun bath. In this case most North americans tourist looks awful.



James Martindale

Did anyone else think the guy in the thumbnail was Gordon Ramsay?

Krish Mistry

Is that Gordon Ramsay in the thumbnail?

Murder Bong


Donna Marsh

You guys should really cite your sources!!
I think this is the one they were referencing if anyone is interested.


Vash The Stampede

I'm confused how you can tan while trying to be safe with sunscreen..

Michael Wilde

More reason for UK to stay in the EU and not get a US trade deal. Ffs


Since I am dark I turn even darker in the sun rather than getting a sunburn

Carryminati 4 lyfff

I don’t need sunscreen because I live in India so I get it since I was born ?

Geometry Dash Arcticat

I'm not the only one to think that was Gordon Ramsay, right?

Belladiena 91

Thank God, I have melanin

Raul Raz

Gordon wtf


I heard that spf is for the protection time, not the amount of sun rays it can block.

Alida Boettcher

Aftercare is very important. To heal any redness, nappy rash cream works better than any product for sunburn. Anti-inflamatory medicine can be taken for severe sunburn. I have seen foreigners visiting Africa are now days far more carefull. A lukewarm bath also helps for sunburn.

A little Wolf



Good thing i stay at home all day. Cause of youtube


So they have to buy more


2:02 man u look like mr.bean

muhammad rahmansyah

Could you please explain why people say "a" when they're yelling at?

Dazzling Sky

I absorb UWU light


Another reason to stay in the dark confines of my room


94th comment

Fiona Animates

I’m so Irish, that whenever I step outside, I get an instant sunburn!

Lilith Aquarius

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only one Mr X Only one Mr y

I Don't use sunscreen......


Good thing I never leave my house, take that normies

MLG avocado gaming

I'm in England not america

Ryan Noah

Americans need to raise there standards tbh


Cus that sunscreen doesnt consist of lamb sauce


I’m not white so I ain’t gotta worry.

epic kanye

Americans are scary

SweetSugar HoneyCandy

0:37 I never had a sunburn my whole life

Puts on winter clothes in summer

Toni Mason

Ima move to Canada


I got to say something. We humans need some sun. You can't go around trying to say the sun is evil. Without the sun all living things die. A sunscreen cannot be 110%


40+ year FL resident!⬆️⬆️⬆️
Solarcaine will help almost any sunburn. For your face, spray it in your hands & apply like a mask. Have someone apply it the same way on your back. Feels soooooooo good. And you won't hurt the next day..


Try Biore or Beet the Sun sunscreens (not available in the US) ?


Some American sunscreens cause cancer.

Meredith Adams

life hack: don't go outside

oluwafemi lawal

All sun screen suck


So your telling me England ??????? has a higher standard of uv protection.We barely get any sun. Ffs


What is this propaganda!

Uzumaki Naruto

Why i see mr bean in this video ?

Allan Saenz

Cut the bullshit which is the good one. -.-


This is why you should just buy Australian sunscreen...

Heri Styono

Canadians don't worry about this.

James Jones

Real sun screen is darker skin

Vivian Tran

Asian sunscreens! PA is for UVA and SPF is for UVB. The higher the pluses the higher the PA protection. i.e. PA+++

Daniel Lin

They want you to consume private healthcare. Europe, universal healthcare!!


Why can't US companies just make products that actually work without cutting corners FFS!? This is the reason why we have regulations




If we use the European sunscreen, does it also protect Americans against obesity too?! Lol.

Thegamingthief nedd

We have crampy sunscreen is because we dont need it murica for ever we beat up the sun


This video is bs. Anything higher than 50 is selling gimmick.


I think you never spend time under hot sunny day playing outdoor games .you became too sensitive ?

just crafty

Once I got such bad sun burn that my aunt thought I had shoe polish on my face

Ethaniel Clyne

Why are humans designed to be so useless? We can't defend ourselves against most animals, we have to stretch before exercise or get cramps or pull a muscle, we need sunscreen to go outside, we can digest most foods but only a few are good for us. We are just so rubbish. If we weren't so smart we'd be extinct ?


Why is there a #SkinCancer tag above the title. It looks so stupid

Sami Motaghedi

I'm going to order European sunscreen then. What's the deal with our FDA anyway, they've been doing crap like this since I can remember?


Just get some shipped over from Australia and you’ll be set


Uhh, I find this false, I use American sunscreen and I’ve only gotten sunburn twice for the same reason. I forgot to put sunscreen on my shoulders