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Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair Loss?

83 976 views | 7 May. 2020


Welcome to episode 45.

This is the follow up to the last episode where we discuss topical shampoo treatments. In this episode, we discuss Ketoconazole Shampoo. We look at how it works and the data behind the efficacy.

Mateus Pereira

Doctor, could make a video about the real proven effectiveness of massages for hair growth? I think it is an interesting field, but full of charlatanism


so you say it doesn't work in the beginning of the video but then cite studies that suggest it does work. i think ill go with the study over your subjective experience with patients.


I’m on my second month of finasteride still don’t see much of a difference. Since my main problem is at the hairline I’m considering hair restoration surgery but I’m honestly scared that it will look unnatural

Emamul Hasan Emon

Hello Sir, Is Caffeine Shampoo works against hair loss?


Hi sa in hindia.bro


Ive been using this after 3 weeks def less hair fall for me, a dry scalp for longer so the baby hairs stay up longer for volume.

Angela Jane Lomax

Hairloss because of stress? A new job and change of water from good. To hard water? Any suggestions. Thankyou for your hard work xxx ??❤




Sir,whenever I am using any haircolor ,skin itching ,reddish skin like burn and until I use cortison 1% ,it is not reduced. So do you think Ketoconazole shampoo will help me or advice.

Premal Mistry

Would like to have your opinion on E. Alba herb.


so i started using nizoral(ketoconazole) because ive been getting itchy scalp is that also the reason why my hair is falling??? i mean i got thick hair and havent got a haircut for a year.

Fahmi Abuhweij

I wish you guys lived in the U.S?

Jacob S

Hello, i love these videos. What if you leave the Keto Shampoo for like 20-30 min on your scalp, like some sort of gel?


Talk about exosomes please


Internal medicine : Propidren + Collagen Peptides + Natrol's Biotin ..
External : Rogaine 2x a day // Derma roller 3x a week // Jamaican black castor oil + jojoba oil + peppermint oil 3x a week after Derma roller

lance_alot 579

This guy must be getting paid by pharma companies, nothing works but finastrride apparently.
I think people need to be open minded and don’t believe everything you hear.
Explore all options, finasteride and drugs should be your absolute last resort, not your initial go to.

benchabane hocine

Thank u doctor!
Could u please tell me how to make diff between MPB and other type of hair loss?

Saad Hashmani

What about clobetasol propionate shampoo 0.05%

Dibyadarshan Swain

How long can we take finax medication because on the Internet some of the websites say it has some severe side effects what do you think about out and can you please share your email id because I have some personal question about this.......? and please do check out this link below of vice.com https://www.vice.com/en_uk/article/43bm3m/i-need-to-quit-hair-loss-drugs-before-they-kill-me

John Nevin

You’re the most negative person
On earth

Eben Burger

Ketoconazole is an Antifungal. Stay away from this powerful medicine. Will be absorbed by your skin and enter your bloodstream.....will affect your kidneys and liver....

Juanita Gomez

Whats good for split end instead of cutting hair half an inch or 3 inches

Odbhut Udashin

Doc, does faping cause hair loss?

Claudia Bolona

some recommend to put contraceptives in the shampoo... what do you think? since estrogen protects the hair follicle?

Cranky Rebate

Working a absolute treat for me


Can you please do a video on the effectiveness (if any) of vitamins, saw palmetto , biotin etc .. Thanks !

Zia Nawrozi

Where are yours located?

Resch Avis

If you want black and beautiful hair, please contact us.
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Alpha M

Which shampoo is good for supporting minoxidile treatment ?


Do microneedling really need for curing hairloss.

Paul Cox

It may help as a first line defense, but it probably won't stop it on its own .. just something to add to your arsenal a few days a week

David Fox

Hi, great videos, lots of info. Can you please make a video in regards to proviron (Mesterolone) and it's interaction with finasteride? I am wondering if proviron cancels out the effects of finasteride? TY

Ali the Dazzling

Can you so a video on hydrolyzed collagen? Biotin?

Scott Lewis

Hi there.

Is there any link between dandruff and hair loss? Thanks,

Pooja Khatana

Can we use coconut hairoil at bed time and wash hair's with this shampoo in morning?

Evolution Work

Sir, what time is good to take finstride 1 mg.


Episode on Mature Hairline VS early stages of Alopecia please

Kaushik Gandhi

thankyou for saving me 10 bucks lol

Tenzing Cholak

Hi..can I continue using finasteride and stop minoxidil after 6 months? Or will I see hairloss if I stopped minoxidil?


Hey doc, what do u think of flurudil and alfatrodial?

1 Cb

Video about alfatradiol pls

Abhishek Yadav AS

Awesome product
Iam using it last four months
For dandruff
Results is awesome

malhar jajoo

Its just really sad that theres no good consensus on any medication (except for finasteride and minoxidil maybe) for hair loss

Jyoti Jadli

It made my hair super dry

Mars Sartori

Thanks for the video! Do you have any suggestions on frequency of hair washing, especially for thinning/fine and oily hair for women? I see lots of mixed commentary online. Thank you!

chris tine

Do you have video(s) talking about TE and Chronic TE in women, or just FPHL? Doctor says low iron levels might be the cause, but not clear whether just raising iron levels is enough or should other treatments be started.


how to identify male pattern baldness?

Ghost 1111

TLDR: It works but very slightly and is not suitable for rapid/strong hairloss.

John Dupont

Saw palmetto next video? :) Any evidence on that one?


Hi! I have been doing finasterid 1.25 5 times a week +2 avodart, Laser cap, minoxidil 4 ml once a day, dermaroller. I'm thinking of adding nizoral again. I have used it before and my hair became thicker at the crown, but thinned near hairline, so I'm in a dilemma.

Abishek cena

I have used minoxidil for one month it started shedding a lot i know about initial shedding phase i was afraid so i don't want to continue..can that shedded hair due to minoxidil will regrow without using minoxidil further or that lost hair was lost?

Ethan Ramm

For me Nizarol helped with itchiness and dry scalp. Helped me stop scratching at it if that makes sense lol


My hair loss medication ends here .....love you sir for the information❤️❤️❤️

leocadio jose laconico

But is it safe to use Ketoconazole shampoo to your hair, even though your are taking Finasteride orally and minoxidil topically?


It worked for me personally, I leave it for 20 minutes once a day in combination with minoxidil and got my hearline back from norwood two to one with the exception of the temples, but they weren't that recessed anyways (somewhere inbetween 1-2) so Im basically good for now.

Davis Mendoza

Can someone please tell me in summary what the video says? I would like to know if Ketoconazol shamppo is useful for hair loss, which says the doctor, I am Peruvian, sorry for my English

Manal B

This made my hair shed more unfortunately

Aditya skaria Gamuz

You mention intolerance to finasteride on every video, how common is intolerance? And post finasteride syndrome how common is that?

Mohsin Rafiq

What's you recommended in dandruff problem

Shivam Malhotra

I've been suffering from dandruff that sticks to my scalp not the flaky one for about 4-5 years now. I'm planning to start with Finasteride very soon. Should I use this shampoo?

Mateus Pereira

Doctor, I am currently in my 2nd month taking finasteride and minoxidil, and I am getting good results. However, I unfortunately stumbled upon an article about scalp tension and hair loss, and I've been scared (hence tense) ever since. Do you know, based on your clinical experience, to what extent this tension can be harmful to the treatment? Thank you very much!!

kiran m

Hello hair guru, can you please guide us about Procapil shampoos or serum for hair growth. And shall we use this with minoxidil....thanks

k R 1 M 1 N X L

Please talk about RU58841!!

At Is

I'm 20 and finasteride isn't working for me. Do you suggest switching to dutasteride to help me maintain the hair I have for a few decades?

Martin M.

In Germany we have 2% Ketoconazole Shampoo. It's obviously more potent than the 1% version.



Hi Dr. My dermatologist recommend I use this (2%) for Telogen Effluvium but I also think my genetics are starting to kick in. I have always had naturally thin hair but it is very long and since this shampoo bottle is tiny I have been washing my hair with a keratin shampoo I had to get rid of some of the oil before I apply the Ketoconazole. Should I only use the Ketoconazole or can I keep washing it first with other shampoo?

I know its kind of a silly question but just wanted to make sure.
Love your videos btw

Neithala Soundar

Can I use ketakonazole shampoo instead of normal shampoos even though my dandruff is gone now???

Carlos H

Question. is there a certain way to know if I’m getting gyno? I feel like I’m getting it bc I get a weird feeling around my nips (not often) is this me going crazy or should I stop taking finasteride? :/

Kendra Morgan Official

I do knkw that there can be some itching, flaking and sometimes folliculitis that accompanies with FPHL, so I wonder if prescribing it for the treatment of that aspect would be beneficial, but for it to be a treatment for FPHL, yes I agree it does not treat that.

marco sfeir

my doctor prescribed T Gel original formula! any thoughts on that please

Ruby Meade

Have you seen this? More Hair Naturally is changing the way people battle thinning hair.


Sayantan Sur

Is a shampoo with Piroctone Olamine better than a Ketoconazole shampoo for anti inflammatory purposes?

John Pickering

Hey when you’re back as a duo can you please do a video on the correlation between creatine monohydrate and hair loss. This video will always appeal to the gym viewers so number of views would be high

karen smith fam

I as a female actually used to use this shampoo (Nizoral) about 20 years ago on my hair, but probably more so to have a clean effect on my hair than for hair loss since I wasn't peri-menopausal at the time. But as I am older, wondering if I should go back to trying this again and curious to see if it works? Wondering also after using Minoxidil on my husband, maintaining with this shampoo. I realize as a doctor you have to push the pharma and office procedure agendas, but it just seems like you are against all things natural. It would be nice if you could confirm success stories without medication use.

Sanampreet Singh

If u have hair fall then u must watch this video. Must Watch https://youtu.be/0EXF_MVaQgA


Please someone answer me : i have started losing hair 1 year ago i am 21 right now after 6 months of losing hair i noticed my hair is little bit thinner but it's really really a little bit change that no one had notice it but i started using Minoxidil after 4 months then i combined with finasteride so it's 2 months since i started using finasteride i felt like it has stabilized very well , for example my hair right now is the same as 6 months ago , so my question is can i stop using Minoxidil and only use finasteride since my hair hasn't thinned alot ?

José José

Is regenpure dr good if you are taking finesteride but just as like back up. I don’t know what shampoo to use. Also I don’t have flakey scalp but used to have sehboric dermatitis


So the thing with Minoxidil is a lot of hair falls out first when you start using it and then after it gets better but whenever I stop using it and start again my hair falls out before it gets any better. if for whatever reason I stop using it I'm worried my hair can't handle another cycle of that.


This doctor is AMAZING!!!! He has helped me so much and saved me thousands of dollars!!! I cannot thank you enough.

Max Kesik

I use nizarol 1x a week and leave it in for 10-12mins.


I had a little success with Nizoral. Some hairs grew back. I do it now once every week or so and Rogaine once a day.

Dr Siddiqui

Very helpful video. Thank you.


This is a tough one. I think inflammation is part of the mpb process so it can’t hurt to throw it in there imo. Problem is nizoral is pretty harsh

للقرآن تخشع القلوب

How are you doctor?i hope you're doing well
I just wanted to ask you a question about minoxidil 5%.
The question is: can i stop using minoxidil after getting the final result of regaining the hair, or i must keep using it forever?

Sara Khan

I have every time eatching in my scalp and my hair is thin so i can use

Consume And Adapt

What about the nizoral cream though? The shampoo is used only for 5 mins while the cream can be left to absorb in the scalp, wouldn't that reduce DHT to a greater degree than the shampoo would?

Imran Hans

Slightly off topic but what would you say with regards to the dosage of finasteride if I take creatine as I understand creatine has some implication on DHT production.

I've not yet started on finasteride but wanted to ask if I should perhaps take 5mg a week instead of 3mg.
(I'm 24. Temples receding and crown is okay atm)

Also, on an earlier video you mentions a DHT threshold below which minituarisation doesnt occur. Is the effect on minituarisation linear until this threshold is reached or is it a binary effect with regards to the threshold?


Andrew Hayes

What's your thoughts on taoist soap?. I've been using for awhile now. Really helps with the itching on the scalp. I've seen people to say to use this soap and regain together.

Mostafa Abbas

Hi i know it may seem a silly question but can I go bald without noticing any hair shedding?

Chris Seymour

Could you guys talk about hair loss when it comes to SARMs and anabolic steroids. Out of curiosity. Could finasteride conflict with the two?

The Follicle Fight

This doctor has really helped on my journey. Along with his Partner, great guys. Thanks for all the insight.

A Panda

Thanks again doctor!


How about ketoconazole cream or ointment so you can actually leave it in the scalp?

Celiac Revelation

Does Finesteride work for women?

GK Filmgraphy

Can I use it? My skin on my scowl coming off like my hair is full of white skin, is there a way you can have a look or get in touch

makwan pro

Excellent Video clip! Excuse me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about - Canrooklyn Breathtaking Convenience (Sure I saw it on Google)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for getting rid of your eczema minus the normal expense. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my work colleague after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

tee ale

Is Cystiphane shampoo worth it ?

Machi Kuijper

Which treatment would you recommend for Seborrheic dermatitis?


Hey Doc. Im a 19yo Boy and had an itchy and oily scalp, often came with dandruff. There were some red spots on my scalp too, exactly there on my vertex, where my hairs shedded. Those spots disappeared after one month and i showed my derm those pics and she said: nothing but worry but you can try Ketoconazole Shampoo. One week after starting it, my hairloss went from an average daily loss of 100hairs to 20/25. I track them while taking shower by approximation. But it has reduced the amount of lost hairs significantly. I still see the pattern of MPB, but its slowed down extremely.

Do you have a statement for this situation? I started it like one month ago. Could this help me in the future to regrow hair? Im on NW2+vertex


What about topical finasteride - how do you compound it?

Scalp acne shampoo over the counter

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Dermatologist Dr Dray on

Dermatologist Dr Dray on how to CLEAR SCALP PSORIASIS. The best products for psoriasis in the scalp and how to treat scalp psoriasis naturally. #skincare #psoriasis #dermatologist #drdray

?Salicylic acid shampoo

DHS salicylic acid shampoo https://amzn.to/3co6WUH

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Solimo https://amzn.to/2MpFpqC

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Selsun blue https://amzn.to/39hV0BR

?Mineral oil


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0:16 What is psoriasis?

1:00 Expectations

1:52 Shampoo frequently

2:32 Salicylic acid

3:40 Coal tar

4:47 Anti-dandruff shampoo

5:38 Mineral oil

7:23 Don't pick

8:15 Gentle hairstyling

10:05 Lifestyle

17:08 Outro

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Algernon Algernon

Thank you, Doc. Just ordered Dermarest and Swan mineral oil. Your video is always on time.

Lcat RN

I am so happy that Dray has hit over 1M subs. I have definitely talked about her content to everyone I know. Mom, friends, everyone. I have tried my best to share and tell beauty bloggers about her! Way to go! Looks like you have some copycats coming after you. Mimicry is the best form of flattery.

Nika Sotošek

What if you dye your hair and you have scalp psoriasis... is that okay?

Allure’s Mommy

My scalp needs a healing

Mohit Owhal

Nice and useful info doc Andrea. Nicely explained. Can we have more videos on inflammation. I m currently going through with homeopathy treatment since 3 to 4 months still waiting to get result. Facing scalp psoriasis since 2012. Its gets crazy in winter. I pinch or pick or rub or scratch some time. Use dry scrubber for hair while shower. I will use coconut oil from now.

zubera syeda

Thank you so much for educating us. I needed this video for my scalp psoriasis. And it's like you read my mind. Can you recommend some shampoos that's good for ppl with psoriasis when there is no flare up? Thank you.

Jennifer wray

I would love it if you could talk about Ichthyosis. I see a dermatologist but most that I have seen seem to know very little about the condition and what products to recommend. Especially ichthyosis on your scalp! That is the most challenging for us I feel.


The links to mental health and addiction etc to psoriasis blew my mind as well as the obesity. My scalp usually doesn’t bother me unless I go a while without washing which does happen but I notice the splotches even on my clean scalp. I really need to try washing more frequently

Maddie Malacopa

thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful advice! I am so grateful for you making these videos.


Very good! I good people watched till the end.... some good stuff there!


Sharing this - wow so informative.
My close childhood gal pal lived with this since her early yrs and still does today.
She has a derm but I’m sure she’ll pick up on some new info in this vid.
You rock doc ??

Emily A

Your skin looks amazing in this video ?

John Rose

Hi Dr. Dray! Is it possible to use a zinc pyrithione 2% wash and then apply elidel cream..when dealing with seb derm on the face...or is that “overkill”? Thanks!


Thank you so much for your content my skin has improved so much! <3

Gemma Heap

This is a really useful video thank you. I have been using coal tar (Alphosyl) shampoo for 20 years which keeps the scales back and reduces some itch.

I will look into salicylic acid shampoo for the scalp. I used a have a prescribed scalp solution but it seems to have stopped working.

I also find glucosamine, vitamin D, cod liver and omega oil supplements helpful to stop my knees swelling. I think that it is psoriatic arthritis.

Melina District

I never knew that scalp psoriasis was an inflammatory disease! That explains why I have it! I've for so many years have had issues with inflammation in my body, so I frequently take aleve! My suggestion with that is def exercise more and reduce your sugar intake!


Not sure if I have psoriasis or if it's dandruff but it appears across my hair line only and I wash it when it builds up with dermarest.

Terrence J.

Can you talk about acne keloidalis nuchae? Have visited multiple derms for treatment with no luck.


I usually focus on the content but not today. Don't know what you have changed but you look great in this video. Your skin is flawless, healthy looking hair, perfect shoulders...

Danyella Brown

Please do a video on tazorac ??

Pinks 4stars


Vivian Haag

Thank you so much. I have psoriasis flair ups and I love learning more ways to control


I have bad scalp psoriasis and dreadlocks so it's really hard to manage


Thank you for this video. I’ve used many different shampoos though years, some mentioned in your video and they all helped a bit. Lately I’ve been using Sebcur medicated shampoo and it’s been helping more then others( at least for now). Maybe it’s because it has both salicylic acid(4%) and tar (10%)!
Have a nice week ahead dr. Dray!

Kelly Stevens-Comstock

I have been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis for over 20 years and have had a lot to psoriasis. I’ve tried all the things you talked about and they work pretty well.

Jenny W

Dr Dray, can I apply Salicylic Acid 2% or stronger concentration directly onto the scalp area?

Nicole Marie

I have psoriasis behind my ears, on my ears, and even inside my ears. It is very mild on my scalp. The ears are really challenging though. I use all the drugstore (tgel and head and shoulders on my ears as well). Maybe a video regarding the other areas of the body and what you recommend for these less common areas?

Graciella Suhargo

I've been struggling with this issue for a while. The fact that you make this video is means a lot for me. Thank you very much ☺?

Debra Wheeler

Your suggestions are great and give me hope to get my issues under control.

Project Me

Fantastic and very timely for me. My scalp psoriasis has flared with work stress in past few weeks. Shampoo frequently is vital for me but I use a ketaconazole shampoo. My biggest product recommendation though is exorex. This stuff has helped sooo much for my psoriasis.

Nika Sotošek

Thank you so much! ?


Dr Dray can you recommend a cream for dry itchy skin?

Kiks Sarikhani

Would you recommend australian body care tea tree oli scap treatment for psoriasis ? Or any tea tree treatments?

Roberto Gil

Thank you Dr Dray!! Your tips have always helped me a lot! Can't wait to watch this one as I suffer from this condition!

Liz Keith

very informative video, thanks. a video on psoriatic arthritis would be kinda cool, too.

Abbi Hall

I really appreciate you. You made me realize that having psoriasis isn't gross. It's just my body being my body. You're amazing. You're amazing.


How did you know I was scratching my head??

Melina District

I have moderate scalp psoriasis and it's so frustrating! It's really effected the appearance of my hair! I find that the only way I get it under control is washing frequently!



I have a painful cyst on my scalp from psoriasis. I see a Dermatologist next month. I hope she will remove it.


I’ve tried all these products and it didn’t work at all. Not until I switched to using sulfate free/ natural shampoos and putting aloe Vera hair masks.


I just love this woman! Dr. Dray is understanding, caring and empathic. The end of the video made me very emotional.

Emily Leader

THANK YOU! I trust your advice for its 0 BS approach to skin care and I have psoriasis


Is there a difference between scalp psoriasis and scalp eczema?


Thank you for this helpful information! Could you make a video talking about plaque psoriasis. My best friend suffers with this and it's all over his body. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. Is there a salicylic acid body wash or cream that you can recommend? Thank you for all you do! It's much appreciated ?

Amidst The Great

Awesome advice!! Thank you so much!!

Mysterious Rose

Is salicylic acid wash safe to use in arm pits and private areas?

Prestige Richesse

Dr. Dray
I just want to Congratulate you on 1 million Subscribers!!!!! ??? I have being following you since the earlier day. I am so happy that you are on this platform because I've learned SO much from your content. You are truly amazing in your work !!!!

Maritz P

For me none of them work for me. I used other shampoo. I had a lice white line on my hair but is not lice eggs.

Jenni Crow

Thank you for these tips. Been struggling with psoriasis since I was 13. What do you think about at home light therapy (blue or red)? Any devices you can recommend?


Coal Tar is listed as a known carcinogen to the state of California... use at your own risk.

Heather Judson

So helpful! Thank you!

Mary Wammack

Possible silly question: can you get eczema on the scalp? if so, would you treat it differently then mentioned in the video? also, are you recommending we use all those shampoos at the same time (like rotating them daily or something)? thanks for the informative videos.

Theresa Spears

What types of conditioners should be used with the shampoos that are suggested here?

Google User

I don't know. The other Dr Dre says smoking, drinking and doing drugs is cool

Renee Mullings-Lewis

Thank you for including examples what this issue would like on for those with dark skin. ♥️

Mariana P

thank you! i would love to see more psoriasis videos especially hands and feet

Noof H

I had a severe case once now it's very mild. I've got curly very dry hair so shampooing daily wasn't an option however co-washing was and I've found that with co-washing my scalp was calmer and not as itchy. I do use tar shampoos but maximum twice a month and the rest of the month I just co-washing and sometimes use regular shampoos that are not as drying as tar shampoos. So I would recommend anyone with psoriasis who has dry hair to try regular co-washing. My psoriasis is now barely visible that the last hair dresser I went to thought it was just regular dandruff


Will you recommend this treatment for a 7 year old?

Emily Leader

I’ve started using “free and clear shampoo” it’s dye free and frange rance free so it helps my psoriasis on my skin as well too

Diane Stuart

Interesting talk. Good advice re: shampoo re: scalp psoriasis. I think I have eczema on my right hairline. Tried some eucrisa which helped a bit. You are the best Dr. Dray.

Kim F

"A day with Dr. Dray!" I wouldn't have it any other way!

Shirley Sherlock

What's the difference between scalp psoriasis. Scalp eczema and seborrheic dermatitis?

Khloud H

is there any relationship between psoriasis and hair loss or alopicia? thanks


Luckily my scalp psoriasis has mostly cleared up but unfortunately I get mild psoriasis on my face ?

Debbie T

Thank you! Such great advice ❤️


I had psoriasis on a small part of my scalp and picked it. Now it covers my whole scalp. ?

Kayla Roberts

I really enjoyed the intro on this video- changing it up a bit, is always refreshing :)

Silvia Fernández

I really appreciate your advise Dr. Dray. Thank you very much. ❤❤❤


Could you do reviews on the Counterbeauty product line?

Sharon Yearsley

Yep. I have depression and anxiety. Plus autism.

Denise Younger

What about hair colouring? If u snore get checked for sleep apnea!Great video ?

Alexandra Long

Thanks for this helpful video. Just a quick note though that coal tar is a Group 1 human carcinogen, so I would steer clear of shampoos with that ingredient. I realize they are routinely recommended for scalp psoriasis because they are effective, but it is actually a mixture of multiple different carcinogens. It is exactly as nasty as it sounds.


Isn't psoriasis caused by gut issues such as leaky gut? I'm going on keto soon to heal my gut for more than a year perhaps.


This video went deep. I feel like you were talking to me personally and I appreciate it all. I have psoriasis and I’m overweight and depressed. I had just started thinking about going for a walk and now I’m more motivated. Thank you.

Debbie Helm

My mom has this. Can she use this coconut oil ?

Lee Golder

I have very mild psoriasis. I have been using The Body Shop ginger scalp treatment for 3 years and it has helped immensely. I saw my Dr for eczema who told me to eliminate gluten, sugar and dairy but this has also helped my psoriasis. I know different things help different people.

Simon Jenkins

Some very helpful tips here, top of my head feels sore (tender) gives me a feeling of feeling stressed so bought a scalp massager and I think as you said made matters worse. Can you recommend anything to take the soreness away? It's directly on top of my head and I have no idea whether it's stress or the condition

Zainab khider

Thank you soo much for listening ♥️♥️

Teia C

Most of these medicated and coal tar shampoos contain SLS - which is said to be such a horrible and damaging ingredient in shampoos. How do we navigate this conflict?

Hutoxi Dubash

So informative & helpful. Thank you??

Jackie K

This is just the video that I've needed! Thank you soo much Dr Dray! Loving your videos! ???

Aria Add

Can some of these salicylic acid shampoos and coal tar shampoos also be used for scalp acne?

K Mcy

Hi could you possibly do a video for pre teens? How to start a skincare routine ..my 10 yr old already getting pimples on her nose..i want to set her up for healthy skin. Thank you

Nicole ranallo

Manuka honey.... by comvita it amazing at helping my condition. Mix with a little hot water and put on. Wrap hair and let sit overnight. ?

Dana Manole

Coal tar is awesome. I currently use the shampoo Alphosyl 2 in 1. Cleared the scales without rebound and leaves the hair soft and easy to comb.The smell is ok as they put a herbal fragrance.

Lee Askew

Dr.Dray, I get benign keratosis around my hairline and I have one on my scalp. My derm did freeze them and they flaked off but they tend to come back. Is there any other treatments for this?


I was prescribed a ketoconazole shampoo by my dermatologist but it's a painful process to get a refill these days so I will buy the salicylic acid one you recommended thank you

Monsi Time

Can you use the mineral oil as a oil cleaner? The one mentioned in this video

Dance Monkey

Dr,do you have the same problem too?

CJ Chapman

Thank you so much for this video Dr. Dray! I have psoriasis and axial psoriatic arthritis (and am on a biologic) along with a few other chronic conditions and have been having a really rough time lately, feeling like this disease has taken so much from me. Although I already do most of the things you mentioned, i teared up a bit when you acknowledged that psoriasis can feel defeating and emphasized that there ARE things we can do.

I would love to see more psoriasis videos, perhaps about the different prescription treatments and procedures and the different types of psoriasis (I've had guttate, plaque and inverse). What OTC products are good for psoriasis or at least won't make it worse, and what ingredients in skincare products should be avoided would be great! Again, thank you for being you and for sharing your life and knowledge with us.

Carolyne Ryan

Have you ever heard of an anti dandruff shampoo that actually causes or worsens dandruff? Head and shoulders is the only anti dandruff shampoo that does NOT work for me. I figure it is too highly perfumed that the active ingredient does not work and the perfume is even more irritating. It has the opposite effect on me. Daily Control 2 in 1 works well without smelling as severe as Selsun blue and the original T gel.


What's your take on Urea for psoriasis?

melissa bridge

I have PsA w/the rash. I am limited to medication I can take for it because I am allergic to Aspirin. In finding Dr. Dray, my skin has improved 100%. I used to have patches of psoriasis on my legs. I now use the dandruff shampoo 2-3 times a week in the areas with psoriasis when I have a flair up. It is amazing how much faster it clears up now when I have a flair up. I still have my topical prescriptions and use lot of CeraVe and Eucerin creams. But bathing the right way has made a HUGE IMPACT. Thanks Dr. Dray!

Off load

oh myyy been waiting for this ??

Elvira Molinar

Thank you, Dr Dray! I love that you care so much! ❤️U!

Miss Krys

Omg I have been waiting for the day dr dray makes a vid on scalp psoriasis. Thank u so much ???

square kara

I love that you're addressing this as a systemic condition, not just treating symptoms! Thank you for a great presentation!

Elina Baranova

Hi Dr.Dray! Really love your chanel and the skincare tips you provide! Is there any chance you can create a video about introducing skincare to pre teens? Would love some tips on what is safe for them to use, particularly on the topic of changing skin (pores starting to enlarge, acne starting to show up).

Araceli Alvarez

Dr. Dray, please make a video on oily eyelids! Why they happen and maybe what type of products might just help with that issue? I used to have very oily/acne prone skin during puberty but now because of your channel it has calmed down to a normal skin type but I still always have oily eyelids especially in the summer, ugh! I've tried researching it but all that pops up is to use cosmetic products such as primers and oil absorbing sheets. Anyways, thanks for the vids!

Emily Leader

That coal tar ... as soon as you said it I smelled that awful smell ??