Under eye plumper

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New Makeup SPEED REVIEWS// Best & Worst... Drugstore & High End!

12 300 views | 21 Oct. 2020

Reviewing all of the

Reviewing all of the makeup that I have been testing out recently! What stands out?!

~ S U B S C R I B E ~

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Testing New Makeup: https://youtu.be/-s5l4eF59lo

5 Looks with Empowered: https://youtu.be/4D-d71GGGKM



The Ordinary Argireline: https://go.magik.ly/ml/10ib9/

Flower Beauty Get Real Foundation: https://go.magik.ly/ml/11hrv/

Flower Beauty Supernova Skin Whip: https://go.magik.ly/ml/11hrv/

Essence High Beauty Beauty Fix Powder: https://go.magik.ly/ml/111re/

Nabla Viper Lip Plumper: https://www.nablacosmetics.com/en/lip-gloss/1481-viper-lip-plumper.html

Essence High Beauty Under Eye Brightening Concealer: https://go.magik.ly/ml/11hs5/

Ofra Empowered Palette: https://go.magik.ly/ml/112st/

(affiliate code KELLYG)

Ofra Bossy Eyes (shades CFO & Do Not Disturb): https://go.magik.ly/ml/11hs1/

(affiliate code KELLYG)

Essence High Beauty Lip Balm: https://go.magik.ly/ml/111r9/

The Lip Bar Concealer: https://thelipbar.com/collections/con...

Essence High Beauty Mascara: https://go.magik.ly/ml/111rf/



Low-Buy Guide: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTo_pVkRHQ77w0Pr0wtx763N3DUGy2fx1

Makeup Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTo_pVkRHQ74m6z6_IpB69eYfyzhoSgas

How To Go Cruelty Free: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTo_pVkRHQ75HCWVVJR7DZpknKIOhxwed



Eyes: Nabla Cutie Palette in Platinum https://go.magik.ly/ml/11hsk/

Lips: Kokie Warm Nude + Becca Dune

Earrings: Amazon

Necklace & Bracelet: Kendra Scott



- Sigma Beauty: Code “KELLYG” for 10% (affiliate)

Shop Here: http://bit.ly/2JoYJ24

- Kokie Cosmetics: Code “KELLY25” for 25% off (affiliate)

Shop here: https://www.kokiecosmetics.com/

- Ofra Cosmetics: Code: “KELLYG” for 20% off (affiliate)

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Instagram: @_KellyGooch

Tik Tok: @_KellyGooch



What is your skin type? Normal to dry

What camera do you use? https://go.magik.ly/ml/i2m3/

What editing software do you use? Wondershare Filmora

How old are you? 26


FTC: Affiliate links are used (typically start with magic.ly). If you purchase through the links, I may receive a small commission. This video is not sponsored. All opinions are my own and always will be!



esti g.

Kelly hi!!
You are soooo beautiful!
I'm new to your channel and i am in love❤️❤️❤️
You are so sweet and i love your calming voice and your awesome tutorials. Thanks for another great video?

Jessica White

What!?! I didn't even know flower beauty released that serum foundation. I will be trying this soon!


LOVE Your eyeshadow!!!

Jessica Bergunder

For the last two videos your cheeks have looked so glowwyyyy and i thought I bet it’s the Charlotte Tilbury pinkgasm blush, went and checked and yup. You sold me on it, I need it ??

Also, I’m more of a luxury bronzer girl because it’s my favorite makeup item but I finally bought the milani silky matte because of you and IM IN LOVE, the tone is so unique and suits my skin tone a lot better. Loveeee it


Hair tutorial? Your hair looks so pretty!

Becky Bertish

I'm waiting for my platinum cutie palette. Been wanting to try Nabla for a while. Love all the fall vibes I'm getting from you lol.

1fancy nancy

I bought the flower serum foundation yesterday and it reminded me a lot of the Dior backstage foundation.

Caitlin Vitulli

I love your hair this color. It looks so natural on you.❤️

THEE Luanne Santos

I’ve been using that Ordinary serum for almost two years. I love it! But you’re right, if you stop use it wrinkles come back. I want to try the Nabla lip plumper after hearing you talk about it. I need to know how much it tingles ? I think the Ofra palettes are beautiful, I have them on my Black Friday sale list. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them at a great price. ??

Yoandra Maceda

I can't use concealer, every time I try it my makeup looks horrible. I am a more light weight makeup type, I even like tinted moisturizer better. I love the natural look, my foundations last me so long because I used 1-2 drops. I love the eye look, that mini palette from Nabla is beautiful!!! ?????

Sandra Charles

This eyeshadow look is so beautiful on your eye shape! ??

Jasmine G

I love these types of reviews. Very helpful. I will avoid that essence collection

Tianna Ouellette

These videos are so helpful!

Ashley Kelly

As soon as you said Botox in a bottle, I immediately added the ordinary serum to my cart ? thanks for the great reviews!

Abby Duke

That eye look is STUNNING! ?

Rani Salsabila

Loving how the background decorations matches your sweater and hair color ?

Tatiana Cunningham

So exciting that you were part of the Flower Beauty campaign! Congrats

Klaudia Ilieva

Loved the video, love your eyeshadow, love your hair.❤️

Janvier Balser

pretty necklace

Ashley Lamora

I love these videos they are so helpful. Congrats on 66k!


kelly, what is ur shade in the flower beauty foundation? thanks!

Shell Teresa

Love this types of videos. Find them very helpful.

Carolina Torres

"perfected" look with a serum. Couldnt help but to snort lol I would never get that look with a serum foundation. Only people with close to perfect skin can?

Belle Riose

I bought the argireline serum after watching the video where you recommended the buffet serum because that one was out of stock and researching the ingredients I assumed that the smoothing effect of the buffet serum was primarily due to the argireline. So far I'm liking it and I have also noticed the smoothing effect but I would like your opinion on how they compare and what are the differences you noticed the most between them :)

Desiree H

That ofra palette really catches my eye, buttttt I don't need it ?

Tish Ann

Gorgeous look!!

Vu Oanh

Personally cool tones look weird on my skin, so I feel like I live vicariously off you since you pull them off so well haha. Really pretty eyeshadow!

Micaela Catenaccio

Wow I miss the Kelly with the golden/brown hair but this one looks SO good on you too! ?? also your makeup looks fabulous-stunning ??

رشيد سبتي rachid sebti

اللهم اسقنا الغيث ولا تجعلنا من القانطين..

Karen Oliver

Love you and your videos Kelly!!! ❤️

Morgan Turner

Yess omg that nabla lip plumper had me in pain ?

Pia / Imaginary Cosmetics

This cool-toned look is so beautiful. I love Nabla's packaging, that lip plumper looks amazing.

Amirah Hilaly

I love these videos! I would love to see you try out any of these products: the huge Charlotte Tilbury bronzer (I forget what it’s called), the Rare beauty foundation, the Rare beauty concealer, the Nabla highlighter in Amnesia, and the Dominique Cosmetics Latte palette. These have all been some of my go-tos recently ?

Ieva Locmele

The Ordinary Argireline serum has done the same wonders for me, I also use it on my neck lines and they look airbrushed.


Love your whole look today and that sweater and color is beautiful on you!

Samantha March

I need to try that Essence powder!

Christine Schmidt

When my lips are chapped I've found the best thing that heals them is the Marc Jacobs cream lip glosses! Crazy but true!


This eyelook is gawgeous!!!
Everything here is!

Christa Hodges

Good morning Kelly! Excited to hear what your top products are?? Thank you for this video. HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!?

Ethereal Beauty

Kaja beauty has a moose primer just like that a rosey goldy moose primer and I hate it it gives beautiful reflect but is not hydrating at all so it looks patchy and weird

Danielle M.

Coincidentally, I just order that product from The Ordinary! Very excited to try it now!

Bear Creek Woodworking

Very Beautiful Look Today Kelly! You seem to glow today!

Lifeisajurni 55

I would love to see a video of you doing makeup without foundation or concealer! But still something very dramatic and not subtle. That's how I prefer to do my makeup and I would love to see your take!

Janee Lytch

Great video , ??

Ethereal Beauty

Have you tried the new ordinary serum foundation it's only like 6 bucks and it's beautiful dewy thin

Rebecca M

Where’s your shirt from ??

Sara Fernandes

I love your eye look so much! ❤️

LeToya McClay

Omg you look so stunning, Kelly! Thanks for all of the reviews, I love this style of video and your honesty.

Susan Spann

You are honestly a very beautiful woman ♥️

Glitter Berserker

That flower foundation sounds perfect, but they never have my shade.

Alexandra Bright

Your hair looks great & I love the eyeshadow.

Rachael Sullivan

You are GLOWING ?

Sera R.

Just bought the ordinary based on your recommendation! Can’t wait to try!

Susan Graves



When would u use the argireline solution? I use hyaluronic acid and niacinamide after i wash my face at night. What do u recommend? ?❤️?

Faith Dan-Dukor

Kelly looks extra gorgeous today ?? loving the hair


Though I don't need it, I do like lip plumping lipstick and glosses. :D


I'm glad to hear about the Flower primer - I don't wear foundation, and I love something like this for the cooler months!

Sydney Fishman

I might try the mascara because I like those characteristics! To each their own ?

Belle Clementine

Wow, silver looks incredible on you! ??


Your hair ???


btw the link in your description for the flower beauty foundation goes to the primer instead

Veronique Fruits

My boyfriend and I started using the Argireline solution this september and we are both impressed! I started using it specifically for a line in between my brows and smile lines, and my bf for lines around his eyes, and all of them are smoother now.
Btw, we apply it just as you described hahaha ?

Tracey Flater

I feel like make up shouldn't hurt. Just my two cents.

Kelly Oliveira

I'm someone that likes mixing 2 mascaras. So I'll do a volumizing one and a separating or lengthining one. You should try mixing that Essence one with a volumizing one to see if you enjoy it that way and it doesn't go to waste! It's funny because Nicole Guerreiro used to mix Loreal voluminous and Rimmel I can't remember the name but it's the black bottle with the green cap and I actually still have those 2 on hand to this day because I love it! That was probably like 10 years ago and I had never thought about using 2 different formulas to get exactly what I want before she showed herself doing that! Man I love YouTube!

Sweta Telkar

You must make more hair videos, girl, with hair almost as gorgeous as yours it’s crime not to share the secrets ?




Love your hair color ???

Kelly Oliveira

Thank youuuuuuuu! I don't wear foundation but I do enjoy wearing primer just to help smoothe out my skin or make it glowy! I'm super intrigued with the Flower beauty primer! I love so many FB products! Their bronzer essence looks so good on "bare skin" meaning no foundation but I obviously have skincare or sometimes primer under it. Jessica Braun just tested it and Julia Adams has tested it for a while and they both think it's super blotchy. I'm assuming it's because they're wearing it over foundation so it's moving it around but maybe it's best on bare skin or over a skin tint. Jessica had on 2 layers of the WnW foundation so that's kind of a lot and it def did make it look very blotchy! Julia only enjoys it added into her foundation to give a glow. The change Drugstore Maven here on YT uses it over foundation and loves it though so idk! I'm like it's so different for me because I don't ever wear foundation or any type of base coverage products! I absolutely love creams and liquids because I don't wear base products!

Bea Bi

loved the look! the flower beauty primer is interesting. really helpful video :)

Being Biogirl

omg, i can’t get over how AMAZINGLY AWESOME your hair looks!!! i love nabla products and i actually like the lip plumper because my lips are small. i’ll take the pain that comes along with it. lol. i definitely need that platinum palette that you’re wearing. i’ve been using the buffet serum from the ordinary for a couple months now and i realllly love it. that serum sounds perfect for what i’m specifically looking for. i’m loving the flower beauty, especially that serum skin tint foundation and primer. i don’t like full coverage foundation. i’m more of the tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation kinda gal. they also have a few cream blushes that i also want, so i’m gonna have to give that line a try. that ofra palette is so stunning, and i also watched lauren’s 5 looks video. the liquid shadows are a little tricky and the best way is the exact way that you described. i’m in love with the new eyeshadow palettes in the holiday collection. the lip products in the kits look lovely. i’m gonna give that essence green powder a shot. i’m coming for you, princess kelly, if it looks green on me. lol. ?

Under eye plumper

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Erase Under Eye Wrinkles with My Cheek Plumper Face Yoga Exercise

2 614 views | 29 Jan. 2020


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Erase Under Eye Wrinkles with My Cheek Plumper Face Yoga Exercise

#faceyoga #facialyoga #glowhealthywithchelsea

minju blanco

Is there an alternative to buccal fat reduction? I want to find a natural way but I've been drawn to doing plastic surgery to remove them.

Sabrina D

Won't this exercise stretch the skin too much, and make the piltrum longer?


Can u post a video on sunken eye, please

Nafia Zhafira

i don’t really understand what ur doing and how ur doing it? like are you squinting but it doesn’t look like ur squinting... can you explain please?


Hi, all your exercises work amazing. Thank u so much

Hafsa Nauman Khan

How old are you plz its related to ours


Can you do another video about sagging upper eyelids


Please make a video what you eat in a day:)

Mona Gh

This is very difficult to me


Hi, actually I wanted a v face and a cut in my side cheek.for this can I do the cheek plumping exercise

Ella B

I kind a get tired/pain in my jaw after 20 sec..is it normal in the beggining or?

Adeela Batool

I don't understand how you move that specific muscle in exercise 1. Do you squint? But then it is not squinting?