Organic rose hips

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Rose Hips -- How to identify, harvest, and eat

112 280 views | 2 Dec. 2013

A guide to rose hips -- a

A guide to rose hips -- a wild edible! Learn how to identify, harvest, and use these nutritious morsels.

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Flannel Acres

Thanks, Thomas, I will do some reading on that.  We have an abundance of oak trees around here, so acorns are easy to find.

My Friend Likes Horse

Lovely video

Keri Venuti

Omg that mug

Leah Allen

Excellent video:) My roses don't make hips that are red like that, but I deadhead my roses to keep them coming back. Perhaps that's why they do not fully form the red balls. My grand mom made rose hip jelly and tea, so thanks from Florida for sharing!


Can you use rose hips from domestic roses? I have a 10 year old mature knockout rose that produces TONS of rose hips every year. I would love to utilize them!

Pupin Siang

Now I know rose hips ❤️????

High Desert Hollow

Thanks for the info, I have been meaning to look into this.

Cathy xox

Is this from any rose? Whats up with people talking about acorns? Do you know any thing about acorn flour? What kind of acorns?

Farmhouse Teas

Great video! Super helpful in sharing with some of our students about what rose hips look like and how to harvest them.


Can you use long stem roses like one's that i planted myself ? Thank You Great Video.


Shalom! Thank you, I always wanted to know how to make Rose Hip Tea. Blessings

Khalid Rather

What's the use of this? They have nutrition

Deanna Walsh

Thanks for the video! Rose hips are an amazing fruit and it is not necessary to remove the seeds before you make tea. In fact, it is best to leave the seeds intact for a better nutrition and flavor. You can even make tea out of whole rosehips without even crushing them. Sometimes you can use the rose hips over again, just until they stop giving flavor. I love rosehips, and every time I’m getting sick I always try to make sure I find some for a quicker recovery. Thanks again.


Wonderful, informative video!

Begon Genesis

Rose Hips make an excellent seasoning for marinade for meats. red meat chicken and fish especially. It's like a milder more fragrant form of lemon or orange juice

Nate one

"Actually kinda good".....

Boxelder Initiative

My grandmother has the entire set of those Garfield cups.
They've been decorations on a shelf in a Garfield themed bathroom since I was a kid.

Velumalaiganesan arumugam

Okay dear
Thank you


I have been using Rose Hip Seed oil on my skin and it is helping rosacea, skin texture, etc. I do keep it in the fridge. I buy organic for $15 so it is very affordable.

Barbara Lange

why are you throwing away seeds?


I'm confused, why are these so tiny? Mine are like the size of a quarter but round! Are those not the right ones?

Cathy xox


Labourer Plop

i have a rosehip tree however the rosehips are rock hard and how long should i wait for them to ripen

Dim F

Are you sure all rose species are safe for consumption? That one is Rosa canina and is for sure edible. However always be careful when you pick wild plants for consumption.


I have always enjoyed eating the seeds, myself.

Nisha Halai

Thanks for the tips on what to do with rose hips. One thing though... can we please stop putting honey into hot water as a tea please. The medicinal qualities of honey turn toxic and it is toxic for the human body if put into hot water. Warm water is best to maintain honeys attributes for health. Thank you.

Flannel Acres

@barry ostrom Yes, I believe you can use hips from any kind of rose as long as it hasn't been treated with chemicals.  Chemical tea = yuck.  :-)

Bert Ainsworth

orangaly is that the same as purpelly

Artes Liberalis

Thanks for the info :)

maria arevalo

which ones are the ones you can eat????

Cathy xox

What states are they found in?


Can you use long stem roses like one's that i planted myself ? Thank You Great Video.

Begon Genesis

rose hips are not a seed pod btw they are a fruit. the seed pods are inside the fruit

Michael Watts

why do you need to scoop the seeds out first? Wouldn't it be easier to just eat them whole?

Nero Krell

Time to make some Mead

J Bontha

I love you <3

Brent Eamer

Greetings from Prince Edward Island, Canada, as we say out here "My four acres are lousy with them", it is December, but I will pick anyway

Thomas Jefferson

I got 13 pounds of acorn flour. This is to make bakery items, for me that is. Acorn bread, Acorn pancakes and waffles, acorn cake as well as biscuits.

Bhavik Kanunga

sir rose hips se itching powder kese banate he

Alex M

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwLr-xL-QqU how to produce rosehip oil

Dennis M

wild roses have a much greater smell than domesticated roses.

Coco Man

Can I get some seeds please?

Thomas Jefferson

You should make  a video about acorns.

Ricki Lynn Wolfe

Wow this is the first I've heard of rose hips.Ialways wondered what I could do with them .I have a few rose bushes and some have the bigger hips like you have in your right hand .The flower buds are yellow roses and red roses. I do not put pestisides on my plants.I do put milk on all my roses and they look so healthy.I have taken the hips and tryed to dry them to plant more flowers , Thank you so much for the information I'll be making is tea in October. God bless ??

Charity Howell

We have the same coffee cups !

Organic rose hips

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All About Organic Rosehip Oil | Benefits + How To

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Joan Jorgio

How much this


I love this oil! I put it on every night! It's been fading some of my acne scars!!