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Spiritual Warfare: Why are they so mean towards me?

3 055 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Servant of the Lord on a

Servant of the Lord on a mission (Isa. 42)

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Lady Blue

My nephew ?❗️ 2 faced! Nothing I can do since he certainly doesn’t have the ears to hear.

Victoria Aurora

Exactly!! Makes sense, there are people at work certain people that want me gone. They speak negativity to our boss about me.

Heather Olmsted

Why your videos getting Negative?

Bornagain CasualtyofWar

It's sad to say, but The Holy Spirit revealed to me a while ago who isn't for me. And it's mainly friends and family. He's utilized me a few times to deter situations in stores where people are being verbally abusive to others, and the spirit in them recognizes The Holy Spirit in me, and their pride gets challenged. I remember last year at Wal Mart, an occurrence happened, and i stood up for the self checkout lady. The dude who i stood up too, as he was leaving, kicked the sensor, and as he was walking out, pushed a cart that wasn't even in his way, aggressively. I've even had people look at me with pure evil in their eyes, like they wanted to kill me. I'm bold. I won't back down an inch. Because i know Who has my back.

Chosen 777

OMG!!! Yessssss!!! Thank You for this confirmation

A.E Hudg

OMG!! Everyone I've ever been friends with, even my family is like this toward me.

Lorrie Kelly

Wow ? That's why their
Acting so evil and they
Wanna keep things against you.

Meg Jones

Thanks for this info... Bless you and your loved ones ?


I've had to face so much harrassment and bullying in my life it's crazy... from people I don't know and who don't know me and from so called family and friends that turn against you out of the blue. I remember when I was in high school, this girl confided in me about her struggles in the chapel in my school and I just offered her comforting words about the love of God and she was so happy, hugged me and said she felt better, and then we went up to class. She sat right in front of me and the whole class was working silently on an assignment and as I working, I'm sitting there thinking I'm so happy I was able to be offer words of comfort to this person and out of the blue she turned around and started calling me, my mother and grandmother horrible names and I was just stunned. Things like this has happened to me so much. Now I see evil spirits are at work. Back then, I didn't understand.


Answers a lot of why my children’s dad has been flipping out on me smh

Erika Crémepuff

This was very enlightening. Thank you sister. These jealous spirits have been picking for a long time and it gives me insight into why. Much love to you. ❤

ALittleFurther AlmostThere

Soooooo much confirmation:)

Moni McCarty

Amen praise God!????❤

Jaime B.

This came right on time literally

God’s Narrow Path Ministry

Yes I love this . I needed this ??

ty beauty

Thank you so much for this. I have been asking God about this and then your video pop up. I have so much understanding now. God bless!!

Rebecca Hart

Lord is this. Word for me .I thank you

Riaan Van Wyk

May you have a nice day.

Rozetta Moultrie

Wow! I'm understanding what's going on.

Ismoke Hiphop

I know about this all too well, my family is possessed by demons by a generation curse from my African ancestors ...my whole childhood they bullied me my sister was the main one as she had a colour complex & always put me down so jealous as I grew into a teen & young adult their hate towards me grew more , sabotaging my opportunities doing witchcraft under my nose my anut was doing witchcraft to all her siblings children she is pure evil Holy spirit told me today she is going to die soon because she is still hurting ppl & haven’t repent she thinks she’s more powerful then God now Lord is showing his wrath on her she caught COVID ended up in hospital they released her to bed bound. They real shock was my mom the spirit in my mum caused a fire in my house which resulted in permanently losing some of my skin colour & she sat there with no remorse the spirit inside her is wicked I pray to God for deliverance for them, God lead me to call my mom 2weeks ago to tell her give her life to Jesus I was obedient, but I am still maintaining no contact from all family members God advised me this season they cannot be in my life & I don’t know if they ever will again tbh even if they get set free from those demons I still don’t trust them to much evil they have done to me. All you can do pray for them & forgive move on with your life. No one comes before God I’ll keep walking with my father ???✝️

Mark George

Amen in JESUS name ???

Yana Le Rouge

Suffer with him , reign with him! That's a word sis! Thank you for your obedience in delivering this word. God Bless you!?


This is such an important teaching because I’ve been dealing with this for a while now and it affects my relationships with other people because they’re like she’s awful and I’m like y’all are so in the world and I’m feeling like you’re making my light burn out

Marie Price

You are on point. GOD BLESSINGS TO YOU

Francisco y Emma Garcia

You spoke to my soul with this one, thank you and God bless you

Bill Worden

I wasn't really understanding what you meant at first but towards the end I started getting it. I've always wondered why people likee friends and family have distanced themselves out of nowhere when I started reading the Bible and trying to get close to God. The demons attached to them were upset around me?

Christina McCallister

God is so good. Confirmation all day. Thank you Lord for your divine beautiful way in Jesus Mighty dunamos name HALLALUJAH glory to God Almighty HALLALUJAH amen amen

Raschell stoy

CONFORMATION. This makes sense to me AMEN

Muhammad Saeed

Thank you?

TheLords Portion

Wow...My God!!

Selena Ann Razo Bell

Now I see why when am invited or asked to come around it seems just about everywhere I go they begin to act out

Deborah Quinn

Good word. It was hard for me for a long time because when that is happening you always think that you did something wrong. It wasn't until recently I realized I was being persecuted for righteousness sake. If everybody hates you and you don't know why. Get happy you r walking up rightly. Jesus said we will be hated by all men for his names sake. Many people in church don't know Him intimately. So Christians can attack and you think you are bad, No brother you are led by Holy Spirit. Light and darkness cannot fellowship 2 Cor 2:9. We have to fight like never before to know who is for us. I read the end of the book though and we win!


This is the first time I'm hearing stuff Iike this is happening to other people as well. I don't wish it upon anyone but glad I'm not alone.

Fashion UpWard


Kingdom Kid


Ruvane Friebus

Demonrats most likely they are parasites

Clover Lover

I have realised that, every time I come around my sister or she comes around me , I just get mad for no apparent reason or cuss her out for doing something. And every time I go in my room or stop I question myself on why I just did that. A feeling of guilt comes over me and I apologize to her. And I love her so much. I don't mean to hurt her feelings and most of the time when I do get mad and be mean I don't even realize that I'm doing it . I've been praying trying to get this hateful spirit out of me I'm trying everything I can to be the best role model for my sister . I just desperately need advice on how to stop it. Please.

Marcus Deal

Jesus said to know this; that they hated me first. The world loves it's own. God bless you in the mighty name of Yeshua!


I go to the grocery store minding my business and women come up to me saying mean things out of nowhere happened 2 occasion loool God is at work woow.

Pilar Harris

Thank you, for beening obedient to the lord , thats what im going through right now with my family , and so call friends. Peace and love to all God bless.


Gonna leave this comment for tomorrow sister you have my head spinning "SISTER ARE YOU BESIDE ME"???

Tope Noel

This is almost too deep but I get it. Amen Amen Amen


i seen this and i clicked instantly.

Gemini 81

That's so true I be going threw this with certain family members

Astrid Wonderfull


Mila 11.14

You're amazing, thank you so much for doing this and keep spreading the word! Bless ❤

*Faith* LadyProverbs 31

This is confirmation makes since for what I am going through..wow..

Mack Murciélago



thank you, thank you Heavenly Father... much appreciation x


I am the Light, God loves me

Katura Holt

Good word


Like a month ago i hired a guy. And i saw in him within a few days. He legit was possessed by diffent spirits. I recognise before be carefhll when people use lots of drugs or drinks alot. Maybe they dont get possed during the day but when they drink they say things like the dont remember being insulting or violent. Alcohols mekes them wide open to possession. Or weed or cocain any drugs. Even prescription pills.
Is farmakia sin in the bible.

Velvet Redd

I had this happen. I would pray for them and the LORD told me to stop praying for them. He told me that this person made a decision long ago. The decision he made was to serve the devil. He is a satanist. Even though it hurts to know that HES WILLING TO DIE FOR THE DEVIL.. GOD is a protective of HIS CHILDREN.

Dre Williams


Jessica Webb

This is me round my whole family and the closer i get to the lord the worse it gets and the saddest part is these people are christians the lord has taught me that to that if u put holyspirit and the demonic in the same room it does this

love Peace TKWGO 4

God has showed me family members planted witchcraft in my family home around it and on me and my siblings when we where growing up?Den God showed me a lot of bad luck and hard times was witchcraft n voo doo against us...Now I kno and can see people's every move in the spirit i just keep my distance....But I just have a hard time forgiving at times... It's like it be messing with me ...But im giving it too God thank you ❤???

Dorothy Green

I've experienced real Real Hate for a long time now. It changed me for the better, I don't want them people around me anymore. I've been serverly abruised for a long time now.
Only God loves me and that is enough for me. Bless everyone ?


Head STILL spinning...

Micah Mussell


Lee Ramdas

Its ok, i dont go by feelings, but by the spirit. So they are gonna get over themselves, because im the one. Revelations 12

Liliana Santos

This is very interesting for some strange reason I cant stand the way my own mother is, I try my best to ignore the way she is but sooner or later she does something to irritate me.

The King’s Offspring

Wow. This reminds me of my mother. All I do is be kind to her, pray for her and share the gospel with her, and she hates me. My sibling has done everything under the sun to her (while struggling with addiction) and my mom treats her like she’s an angel. It’s so puzzling and heartbreaking. But God is healing me from the abuse and abandonment that I’ve suffered at her hands. I’m going to continue to follow and serve the Living God!

Ma K


Frenchie Roscoe

Speak Holy Spirit in JESUS NAME AMEN ?

Toya Heath

Yeah my co workers are to much

Katharina Gschwantner

thank u! it was exactly like you told us....so many Times it happened to me like this...super duper mean! Oh Lord! I hope its getting better.thx for your explanations!!!!


wow. You are good.

Brent Mathie

The Earth Is The Lords And In The Fullness There Of

Trumpeting BOOM of the (silent) Drum ringing like a Bell

Holy Voice that Calls sacred Sound of the Most Highs breathed Voice

the physically felt Presence of Gods breathed BOOMING voice

The sacred silent sound that descends booming from above heard with spirits ear that is larger than the sky above and
Physically felt externally

The breathed voice of God
booming descending from above

Felt On the top of and above the head booming down through the body

“O” be lifted Up

“Ancient of Gate “


Curses an Blessings from The Most High are the rules of the board.

I You have a Crown
??⭕️ that is a Glorious Gate.

My father give it to YOU and promises everyone with Faith in the Holy Christ Lord Jesus .

“The Everlasting Crown of Life”.

Psalm 24

David asks for the Ancient of Gate to be lifted up
So that the King of Glory can come in.

The Lord mighty in battle

The Lord Almighty...

“O” Be lifted up Ancient of Gate.
Be lifted up !!!


So the King of Glory can come in ...

I believe ☝️?%

Jesus wanted the water baptism from John
to fore fill Prophecy

I also see a comparison between Jesus washing the feet ? of his closest.

Then saying if you love me, you will wash ? ?

The feet of each other as I have done for you

This is what I ask of you if you follow me.

Another similarly comparative story where man prepares a type of holy ark sanctioned by God, to carry life a cross water ?
“the deluge “

Noah and all aboard given All of the Lords blessings

Through the washing and drying of the ark
By God

Noah prepared the ark for 120 yrs

through the baptism

“man” and animals escaped a demonic angelic manipulated environment

And was given a new beginning along with all the accompanying blessings...

John a man,
who prepared for Jesus by water baptism.

Also there is the baptism by cloud and ark

that carried the Jews a cross the desert for 40 yrs a supernatural ? a covering, with all of the blessings.

Man prepare through water ? and walking with God towards his Will

The Holy Spirit

he the King of Glory

Come and breath his Holy Spirit into you..

“O” Be Lifted Up “O” Be LiftedUp

“Ancient of Gate”

Be lifted up

So that the King of Glory can come in

Who is the King of Glory

The Lord Mighty In Battle


Ambassadors of Christ are truly Kings
of the Lord Almighty

serving Jesus Christ the One ☝️
who sit on the Throne of David,

right hand ? of God ... Holy Kings of The LORD ALMIGHTY .

King’s of Christ Jesus, with Lord Jesus Covering and Authority

God bless






????✝️☁️ ☁️

☁️?⛅️ ?✝️???


5:00 omg u soo right. Some people is influence and even if they like me the spirit starts stirring up thoughts like... she think shes better than me. She thin she perfect, she wanna use me, i cant figure her out, maybe she a criminal, shes so fake.... and then they hate me.

Zion Girl

This is true because I experienced this negativity when I just got saved. The strange thing is when believers are mean to other believers. Smh!

Raven Hinson

I’m going through that with my husband!! I have nobody to talk to because no one understands because he has everybody fooled.. Lord help me

Adrienñe Samaria Evans

Love you sister keep continuing to make your videos and spreading the word❤️these people are narcissists and energy vampires and don’t recognize the light in them so they try to take ours


you are speaking my life... wow


Wow, wow, wow. I knew it wasn’t the person but a spirit on the person that got aggressive once I am around. Now I understand why. And you mentioned the type of relationship in your video as well.

Lord you know who that person is and you see all things. I ask that you free that person of that spirit, which is not of you and bring that person back into your Most Holy of Kingdom.

Or so meaning

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Thank you Sir for the very good lession.

halit ozdemir

is my english getting better or worse how so? how come my english is getting better? my english is getting worse how come?

Deepak Sahu

I just loved your video.


you teach useful things that just don't appear on books , it's just good

English with Batayneh

Can u make a video about the word muffle

Victor Gabriel

How come you were fired?

Cecilia Ortega

thank you very much!!


How come it came about.

Victor Gabriel



He was way ahead in the race all time and choked before the finish line, how so?

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Hey dear teacher I am new to your youtube channel just stumbled upon it I find your videos very interesting I've got a request only if possible could you make a lesson about idiosyncrasy would be very great thanks again beforehand


How come were you late? Hadn't you left before me?

Madeleine V

Many thanks for good lesson! ❤️?

Or so meaning

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Cecilia Pradono

great lesson thx


I try to avoid conversations with people who are so and so. It's not a matter of such and such time, but always.

imy ben

Thank you so much , you Always give a great explanation

Deepak Sahu

Guys subscribe the channel.

مالينا شقرق

I like it thanks

Deepak Sahu

Love so much!


Tkanks a lot, sir Alex.

I've got a little question, too.
It's about the placement of the article.
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English with Batayneh

Sir alex can u mske a video about the difference between bud and bet plz

Victor Gabriel


Deepak Sahu

It's very funny to learn English

Jhon Erick

Good class and tips, thanks!

Victor Gabriel

This is the 4100th video in my playlist of favorite videos ?


My boss is a real so and so. I wish him happened to be at a such and such time in a so and so place. That's that.