How to use neem oil for hair growth

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Hair growth update : Neem Oil really works

20 717 views | 13 Jul. 2018

Neem oil for hair growth .

Neem oil for hair growth . My honest review. This is not a sponsored post

Here is my link to fro gro oil. I launched my pie line LarayNaturals ... You will need to use 2-3 times per week.. massage scalp nightly to stimulate scalp.


sindy belizaire

I started neem oil yesterday also I'm using the biotin 10000 all well... I just moved up to the biotin 10000, my hair is long it shed a lot so I hope this will help. And I will post my updates as well.


@FaithBossMom Great video , glad that I watched it . My question is : Can I mix my favorite shampoo (1/2 liter bottle) and ad 30ml pure Neem Oil in . And is it ok to use that mix for whole body wash or just to wash my hair ? Thank you in advance .

Mayra Lessing

I have the exact same oil if I may ask, what is your exact recipe so I can try it at home myself how often do u use it ? thank you so much for sharing. Wonderful video

Deborah Trigs

I use the exact oil and didn’t get good results! You should tell how much to use because this stuff pulled my edges out! Never had a problem with my edges before! Please be careful using this stuff!

Deborah Trigs

I mixed it with coconut oil and I used two tablespoons of the neem and two tablespoons of coconut but I watched so many different videos on neem so can you please share the measurements of how much to mix so no one else can experience what I’m experiencing! I think I just stick to castor for now! This is my second time trying this neem and not getting good results! All l can say is good luck and use caution because this stuff can really do damage to your hair if not measured properly and used properly! Be careful and I said that with love and concern! Thanks for responding so quickly! Stay blessed!

Gudda Riley

whats the name of the Walgreens product love?

Dayleeyah Kalonji

for those who can't tolerate the smell, try infusing neem leaves in your favorite oil or use karanja oil which is very similar to neem without the strong smell.

Jay Martin

How long you let it set in your hair before washing it out

Lucy Bel

Can you tell us how to mix and use this neem oil?????

Norma Austin

I just got my neem oil. Glad I watched your video. I'm going to mix mine with Avocado oil and Castor oil. This Neem Oil is so strong in smell. You are a great inspiration person. Thanks so much.

Bonita Parker

S ells like coffee


Touch and heal, Jesus. Speak a mighty Word! ??


Does been oil make regrow hair loss

Avreil Miller

Going to try it

7th level

for men hair loss too>??

Beautiful Beloved

Thank you for making this video?


That necklace is baaaaadddd SISTER!!! Love ? it!!!

Doris Meshack

Yes, you are a great inspiration and I immediately felt a connection with you even before you admitted you have bouts with your fibro. I bought Neem oil some time ago but I obly used it once because the smell was so bad it made me nauseous. I will try the castor oil mix as you did. My grandmother used a neem oil on my cousins hair down in Hope, Arkansas back in the 60's and my cousins hair grew thick and long over the summer. I never knew it smelled so bad though. Thank you so much!??

Persiyana Petrova

Something that helps with smell is to put peppermint oil the next day in your hair. I noticed my hair still smelled cause i wore it for 2 hrs and the smell lingered. I put peppermint oil one time and then the next time i put orange just to try something

Princess of Keys

I'm going to buy me some neem oil and mix it with some coconut oil!


I bought some Neem oil the other day!!!! I gotta try it now for sure!!!!!

Stacyann James

Ppl use natural plants nothinin bottl3 tht u gottabuy


Did you measure it before? And how do I put it on? Got some loose curls and I’m wanting to grow it out cause I’m a clown in mornings

How to use neem oil for hair growth

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OMG Shocking!! This is What Happens When You Apply This To Your Hair For A Week

13 617 828 views | 28 Dec. 2017

Home Remedies for hair is

Home Remedies for hair is natural way to learn how to grow your hair. Now get long hair and learn how to get long hair . This is a hair growth home remedy which is to grow hair fast. It works for hair loss and balding . This remedy will make you learn how o grow hair men and how to grow hair women. We have prepared Neem oil with which you can get long hair faster. This is a hair tutorial to long hair . Get long hair fast. Get longer hair Faster with this amazing hair remedy.

credits : @gohar.shahnazaryan Instagram

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I Prepare This Oil At Home To Grow Long Hair- Shocking Results


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b.f m

Where do i find neem leaves?

Granthalee Gosavi

It actually worked for my hairs guys. I kept using it constantly for more than 5 months now and not only my hairs have grown but they are even thick now.

ira Khan

Neem ko coconut oil me Na use kr ke...Sarso Oil me use kr skte hai....?????

Shawna Gilbert

Oh my goodness now where exactly to find that leaf?
Because that was amazing as hell! ????

Surjeet Singh

Can I add more ingredients such as amla curry leaves etc...

ali009 abbasi

Wao ?

shruthi Jooluri

Can we apply this oil daily

aaliya saifi

coconut oil ki jagah mustard oil mix kr skte h?

Lal nui

So simple I want to try it

Farheen Jahan

Nice remedy

annie george

നമ്മുടെ സ്വന്തം ആരിവേപ്പ്‌... അയിനാണ് ?.. മലയാളീകൾ ലൈക് തരൂ ??...

mohmmed samer

هل من حد يترجم؟ ?

Abdul Jabbar

Wow such an amazing remedy and such benifical effects of neem leaves we know by watching this video

shruthi Jooluri

Does it reduce split ends

Harshad Jaybhaye

Can i use it for growth of beard

Shirley Thomas

Neem leave is are curry leave...
Where can i get thé neem leave.
My hair tick and it fall a lot..
I want try this ....

Palvi Mehra

Hlw frnd ??

Amazing Gowns

Is it a must to use virgin coconut oil?

Mollie Basson

Where can I get that neem leave for my hair to grow

Yvonne Samuels



Hey any one tell me plzzzzzzzzzz can we use coconut oil instead if virgin coconut oil????? ??????????????????????????️?????????️?️??

Swastika biswas bts

Indian home remedys are????

Muhammad fahad

We can use any leave

My Simple Remedies

If you don't Have neem Leaves watch this home remedy for long hair it has the same effect. https://youtu.be/BrgeTU7itv4

Rinpuii Ralte

Good post..I'll try it now??

Niyaz Khan

Can we use it for overnight than next morning we wash our hear so that's fine or not please tale me

Dovash Sudhu

How long I have to use it for

Paramjit Kochar

God bless I’m from India

Lexi L

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Only Christ saves Not works, Faith...

Pg Campbell

HI is there any Nim tree in uk?

Simi Verma

Great dear

Yashvi Shah

Neem is best for hair, skin,health also my mom brother make home made oil so I really liked it and this also

Lakhwinder Sehjal

Wow..? it's amazing.... Thank you so much? really l need this oil for my mother?and your hear is so beautiful?

Valerie Joyner

I've got to try this. My hair is fine very dry damaged.

lizbeth centeno

What is neem leaves in Spanish do u no

Tharushi Chandima

Can we add castrol oil and vitamin E for this remedy plz as soon as

Sana Assadullah

Why do I always watch this type of videos when it’s weekend and every shop is closed!! And I can’t buy neem ??

Beauty Zintle

Where do l get neem leaves

Divya m.

Daily use kerna hai kya ?

Muhammad fahad

I waanna try this

Barathe Fernando

For how long can we store this?

Vimi Poorun

I will try it. Thank u very much Vimi from Mauritius.

Celine Fuhrmann

i had hair upto my hip but i cut it and now i have little shorter hair than shoulder lenght and i hope it grows
I applied the oil 2 times like yesterday and today and its softer but i cant see my hair grown yet

Yamini Vishwakarma

❤️ from India ??

Tharushi Chandima

Best remedy ,I have best results thanks for you...?

Shawna Gilbert


Amazing Gowns

Is it a must to use virgin coconut oil?

Egawa C

I can only find powdered neem leaves in my area. Can I do the same thing? Just add water to make the paste?

Kayandra Samantha

How do you got long hair and what did you use to make long hair grow I want to know because I'm a big fan of growing hair

Mehar Ali

Nice very very good???????and I like it I trust you and and I try it???????thanks

srilakshmi mahalakshmi

Pls tamil la solluga

Debasree Chakraborty

Very halpful video

Nada Magdy

Can I make it with neem powder because fresh neem in my country is very rare ?

Paramjit Kochar

I’ll try today mam

Ternalyn N . Narruhn


Laxman Korra

Hlo really

8101 Akshada Patki

I liked your remedy I will try it

Hardy Lisette

?????????? for your stepdad. I am going to look for neem leaves tomorrow because it's midnight our right now. Thank you for shearing your stepdad's remedy with us. Blessed and happy new year

isabel s

Hi is it ok to apply Naeem oil it’s diffcult to find fresh leaves thanks ?❤️

Janira Rivas

Where can I find neem oil

Pam 28

Can you use neem powder instead of neem oil?

Islamic Singer

Thank you so much sister

Hanet Foster

Neem oil has to waah out after a hour or it can stay in the hair for days?


Looking very benefical

Sapna Sapna

I will try it thanks for tips

Seema Khan

Wow that's a great recipe thanks

Anjali Thakur

Is it only for growth or for shine, smooth hair???

ju sche

Can i use dry leaves as well?

shaheer sha

i will try it

Basavaraj c sangalad Sangalad

Can use daily

Eraj Fatima

I try soon

Sharon Hall

Thank you so much

Fatima Mughal

Can i use another oil to replace olive oil

Margie McGraw

I can't wait to try this.

Ahmad Aqeel


Eraj Fatima

V v beautiful hairs mashalah

A. Smith

Can you use neem powder for this??

Nick Biondo

I need this!!

Ejhd Mdnd

Please show more tips of hair growth

Kamlawattie Bephia

Thank soooo muchhhh for such a good remedy I will be happy if you can give remedy for white hair in your head to get black

Marie Rochelle

Thank you for this remedy, hope all will go well.

Harshita Goswami

We can use neem +olive oil ingredients.? Instead of coconut virgin oil? Pls tell me mam

Alina Mirza

Plz reply fast

Elizabeth Fonseca

Good evening! Thank you for the above video. Can neem oil be used on skin as well?

Sunita Kumari Sahu

Can I use sesame oil instead of coconut oil

Kanages Kayaboo

It really works for my daughter's hair her hair is so beautiful now thanks to your father and u from malaysia

Мадина Бурканова

Шампунь. Шаш

Tasheka Evans

I used cooking coconut oil for this hair grower... Did I used the right thing?? I made it last night ?

Savage Gaming

Can we add vitamin e to the oil??? Plz reply

Spice Up Your Life

Very true. I use neem juice both on my hair and face and the results are really amazing. My hair has really grown. My face looks good, soft after I wash out neem. You might think I put foundation. I stopped using shampoo on my hair. No soap. Neem is my conditioner and I use neem juice to wash my hair. Sometimes I use plain water. Trust me I have seen a big change on my hair really growing, getting also thick. My boyfriend call me nymph???because I use neem on my body and drink too❤❤ i love NEEM??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Alina Mirza

Kya hm choti larkion KY b apply kr skty hn?

Ahmad Awan

Can we use an other oil

Paramjit Kochar


Muskan Rabha

Can I use everyday???.!! ??.

Faith Nwanneka

Please can I use it as a living conditioner

Study Channel

Can i use thrice a week


Did someone use and found it useful ?

Sara Nausheen

Instead of coconut oil can we use castor oil
Plz reply fast

Habbiba Makandar

Does it really work if s than after how many days does hair starts growing

How to use neem oil for hair growth

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Trying to Grow my Edges | Neem Oil 60-Day Hair Growth Challenge

19 882 views | 8 Dec. 2018

Hey guys, I'm just trying

Hey guys, I'm just trying this out and here's the upload as promised. You're welcome to join me in the 60-day Neem Oil Challenge. Check out the latest update at the end of this video! Looking forward to sharing my final results in Feb 2019. Stay tuned!

#NeemOil #HairGrowth #Ad

Please see the link for additional details about 100% Neem Oil:



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MaKy M.D.

I bought mine on Amazon. its organic and light brown. its concentrated so u need to take the amount u need and put it on hot water so it turns like oil consists

Jalil Chandler

the smell is strong

Gloria A.

I was looking for videos for Neem oil and natural hair. Ran into yours. I wanted to try to get my edges back, so I wanted to try Neem. Well guess what? I mixed it with Moringa powder (worse smell) and Methi seeds (Fenugreek) and then this rocket scientist put in JBCO. I tried to lessen the smells with Rosemary and tea tree. Whoa, the smell! But, it's working. I've been using this concoction for 3 weeks now at once or twice a week. Bare with it if you can, or if you stopped, go back to it.

Nicole Peters

neem is actually a insect repellent as well so the neem oil stinks but the benefits are outstanding...i use it on my face and leaves it so smooth

Andrea Jones

I bought the same exact been oil on Amazon and I hate the smell soooo bad I have not used it yet omg the smell is horrible

Jenice Pye

Need oil does smell bad, but it works for hair growth.

Valerie Sanders

Neem oil works you just have to be consistent. I use it as a treatment the night before I wash my hair. I mix it with JBC put a plastic bag over my hair sleep & shampoo the next morning!

Adonya Wong

Please be mindful with that brand because it tends to go bad VERY quickly. <3

Paula Abdul

I am trying it with you as well. I have ordered me some neem oil as well. I hope I have great results. Thanks for making your video.

April Batley

Not almond tree, tea tree

Jonette Jones

I got the same and I was thinking an oil also so we both got a shock . It smells like rotten onions I think lol

Cheri Hibbs

Works great on my skin so now I’m going to try my hair. I’ve got the same stuff— it’s a good product


How did it work out? Did you see improvement?

Cynthia Monge

Hi I ordered my neem oil it came in today and mine is a pouring oil with a pump spout. Yes the smell is really pungent?

Sumaiyah Clark

To me it smells like a mix of sour onions and garlic, but it works. Lol. I add it to my conditioner. When I wash it out and style you can't smell it anymore.

Shaniyah D1981

I use it on wash days. I'll have it on for an hour and wash it out. Then apply your normal oils. Still works.

Dayleeyah Kalonji

Karanja Seed Oil, similar benefits, less pungent. Neem oil is awesome though, very powerful, it's used as birth control because it kills sperm.

April Batley

Same problem thank u for the video

On my way to SUCCESS

It works. I promise ! I use neem cake on my plants ( and I have A LOT !) It stinks but it is definitely worth the smell & patience !
I am wondering what software or app do you use to edit your videos ? And where do you find your music for your videos ?
Thank you for your realness !


Love your glasses! What brand are they? Do tell?

Kezzie Young

If you press the thumbs button twice u will inlike it


Her reaction is mine when I first started working with neem oil. LMAO

Denise Anastasia

Thanks girl I needed this my poor edges

All in one

Today i ordered neem and bhringraj oil..hope both works for me

Baby Blue

Really? You talked for 13 minutes about nonsense. Clickbait

G Washington

Hello BELOVED @Natural Raw Essence, I really like your laid back, carefree (uninformal) syle. ?❤ I realize this video was posted a year ago. However, I AM binge-watching videos with QUEENS using "Neem?Oil"; and those suffering/suffered hair loss/thinning due to potential hormonal implications. With that said, I noticed you've gained tremendous growth and length retention, BUT we NEVER received update reports regarding the 60-day "Neem?Challenge". February 2019 was the end of your 60-Day Challenge... I didn't notice any PRAISE Reports or updates regarding the subject. PLEASE give us a follow-up, even IF it's an impromptu status ❗THANKS ❤