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What Nobody Will Tell You About The Inkey List | The Founders, Formulas & Faces Of The Brand

56 227 views | 28 Dec. 2020

What Nobody Will Tell You

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My personal favorite Inkey products:

Salicylic Acid Acne + Pore Cleanser


Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA) Gentle Exfoliating Toner


Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Toner


Alpha Arbutin Brightening Serum


Peptide Moisturizer


Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum


Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) Blemish + Blackhead Serum


Retinol Eye Cream:


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Skincare Recommendations & Favorites From Amazon:


? Although I have over 1000 videos on skincare and acne I realized sometimes it's still hard for people to remember which acne products I recommend, vs those that I think are a waste of money! I decided to create this helpful skincare list of breakout and other skin products that are acne-safe, that I personally recommend and put them all in one place! I hope you find this helpful- enjoy! Check out Skincare + Clearing Acne on Amazon! https://rebrand.ly/AmazonSkincare

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? You are beYoutiful inside and out; I love you!

Greg Rote

There’s way to many products to put on your face. I don’t even know where to start ??‍♂️

Isabelle Gapper

Do they have a vitamin C serum ?

Nathaniel Baker

Lmao and then the last half is her just promoting products with a commission link in the bio and asking ‘how is this so cheap?’ without actually telling us ?? wtf is happening in this video

Meagan Lingenhoel

I'd like to see your thoughts on Cleen Beauty at Walmart..... Some of their products seem to have good ingredients, not sure about the formulations!

José Vigil

Are we ignoring the best quote ever?
"And locked down happened. And a global pandemic happened. And now we are eating pancakes for dinner, spaguetti for breakfast and have no concept of time, weekends or week days."


Love to know what you think about bare minerals! Please & thank youuu ?

Hannah Polanic

This is amazing! Thank you for the education!!! <3

Christian Hernandez

Can do a video of clean and clear.


umm why did you just skip over the fact that they use so much microplastic and have much less sustainable/recyclable packing than the ordinary? the microplastics in their products are what make their products "less sticky" and "smoother" than the ordinary's, but obviously at a much bigger environmental cost. that puts TO over inkey every day of the week for me.

ashley viator

Can you please do a video about What Nobody Will Tell You About First Aid Beauty?

me ander

Cassandra, please consider looking into the brand Truth Treatments. I would really appreciate it.

Nikki Arbiter-Murphy

Also can you tell us if their plastic is recyclable plastic?


Thank you for your review of The Inkey List. I started using their products during quarantine thanks to the influenzer buzz. They make skincare easy & I was finally able to figure out what I need to keep my skin healthy.

Lynn Lynn

I bought the Anti grey product in the summer, unfortunately it has slowed my greying, I’m still on the fence if I should try anout 3 months worth. Have you reviewed their hair product line?


I admire the brand and look forward to purchasing some items from them, one of which was the peptide moisture which in Dr. Dray’s (the dermatologist on YouTube) opinion isn’t actually worth it. Idk if the brand is overhyped but I’d like to see a proper review of their products specially their peptide moisture, which goes more into detail of the ingredients and the benefits and not just the application and feel. I’m only looking for a second opinion and want to learn more but ingredients is something where I can’t match up to all of your knowledge. If you could please review it beyond the application, weighing the good and bad ingredients, it would be very helpful. Hope it isn’t too much to ask for. Or I can be pointed out towards an article too, would be appreciated. Thank you

Anna Benson

Formula No. 10!! I've seen this everywhere in my drugstores, and they're super inexpensive. I've tried a couple of things, but I've never heard anyone talk about them


Cassandra! You always make my day. <3

Marianne Ware-Martin

You've sold me on this brand! I've been wanting to try their Kaolin Clay Mask and Retinol Eye Cream, just haven't gotten around to ordering them, as I'm still in the process of building my routine. I love The Ordinary, especially since it's made here in ??! But when you said The Inkey List Glycolic Acid doesn't sting, I was so intrigued that I paused the video to look up the % and it's actually a bit higher than The Ordinary's! There are at least 5 products I want to try now, but only 2 of them are in stock.... and I gotta finish up the products I have ?

Ivo Blanc

Impossible to find this products in Sephora Italia & Sephora Greece...sadly I am between both and cannot find them.. I wish they would restock this 2 countries...

Nikki Arbiter-Murphy

This was difficult to get through because I love The Ordinary for what they gave to those of us who think beauty products are overpriced. But I I plan to look into it more. In the meantime, I’m curious about what you think of Sana products from Japan.


Looking forward to your review on the Inkey List moisturizers which contain coconut oil

Effie Katsani

bravo ! great video Cassandra .. very useful content .. Have a great new year .. best regards from Athens Greece !

Constanza Oportus Reyes

I'm totally obsessed with the inkey list! I recommend it to everyone I see. I actually prefer their products to the ordinary's, I think in terms of consistency and how my skin feels because I'm really picky. Yesterday they had the big inkey quiz of the year and I was able to answer all the questions thanks to everything I have learned on this channel <3 I didn't win any prize, but it was fun anyway

Rolando Gastelum

Hi Cass, I would like to see if you would review the Cos de BaHa and Eva's Naturals brands. All the main influencers focus on the most popular brands but I've seen a couple of smaller reviews on these two. I'm using Eva's Naturals Vitamin C and like it a lot and, it smells citricy which I enjoy. Love your reviews.

Lidia Frum

You forgot to mention the fact that in the next decade we will finally have more empirical studies and back up for the plastic industry and how MICROPLASTICS migrates in the content of any product. I am an environmental scientist and at the moment there s one study published in the UK and this is going to change the packing industry. Fingers crossed for The Inkey List.

Jalloul Adel

Inkeylisy is Great but their packages is so cheap, it causes a bad experience using the product, even that the prices are low but a 1$ plus to have a glass bottle at least would have made things better

Coral-ann Birnie

Hi Cassandra. Great video and thank you for the information as always.
Just one thing, could you maybe edit your videos to have a little less ‘zoom in and out’. I love when you do this for effect and understand it’s part of your style but this video seemed jumpy and excessive and it was distracting. I want to listen to you but I found it hard to concentrate because the screen kept jumping around. Lots of love ? ?

Truly Beauty

love this✨✨✨

Elise Cagan

I am so glad I found you. Although our age brackets are on opposite ends of the spectrum, I am in your thrall and continue to turn and learn, like, whenever possible. As an old-school kinda dame, I would love your take on everything Mario Badescu. And thanks.

Laura H

Inkey List have more luxurious formulations whereas TO have simpler ingredient lists (which tho not necessarily better might be what ones skin needs sometimes). My best routine comprised of a mix of the 2. I highly recommend their alpha arbutin.

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Jade Nicolopoulos

Please do a “deep dive” into PH formula PLLLLLEEASE. With love from South Africa

freya watson

I love the inkey list but I wish they would let us know the percentage of things like hylaronic acid/niacinamide/retinol/acids in some of their products- I know they do with some products but we need more transparency with percentages! cerave I’m also looking at you

אביבית מוגרבי

Hi LOVE to watch you every time ☺️ What do you think about their collagen product? Did you ever talked about collagen treatment? And what’s working and worthy....?

Helena Guerra

What about Timeless products? I don’t think I have seen you ever mention these? Do you have an opinion? Thank you!


I think Nadine Baggott played a role in the early success of The Inkey List. I bought into their products as soon as I heard about them from Nadine in 2018. I've never had a problem with their products.

Skin_ Health__

Loveddd this!!!thanks for making this video!


Hi Cassandra! Good vibes to everyone too ?. I have recently transitioned from The Ordinary products to Hylamide and The Inkey List. It was actually an unconscious decision, and I just realized that I had done it. But I feel like The Inkey List products absorb better than The Ordinary. But The Ordinary was definitely my first love, for sure!

Carrie Mroczkowski

I really like the Inkey List, and think it’s pretty cool how they got their name. I always wondered, lol. Their hyaluronic acid is way better than The Ordinary’s. I also love their Snow Mushroom gel, PHA toner, polyglutamic acid serum, and lactic acid. In the future I would like to try more of their products.
Thanks for the info, chickadee??

Domingo Santiago

Hate the plastic packaging ? I rather them offer or charge a dollar more and put in glass, aluminum or compostable packaging something other than plastic and able to recycle ♻️ and be less destructive to the planet I also hate the use of Soy in a lot of there products , soy is destructive to the rainforest and planet as well and a lot of people are sensitive to it there are far better ingredients to incorporate , soy free , fragrance free , plastic free , organic ingredients, non gmo ingredients cruelty , vegan is the future of skincare and consumerism who will be the first brand to perfect it we shall see

Nathaniel Baker

I’m halfway thru this video and haven’t gotten anything out of it lol

Crystal Gale

I personally prefer the Inkey List over The Ordinary. Based on the items I have tried, IL products don't irritate my skin as much as TO does. I have atopic dermatitis so acne treatments are usually harsh for my skin that's why I am happy with IL. Plus, i love the fact that they placed the instructions on the bottle for the time when you should apply the product ?

Irina Kogan

I really like their customer service. It's very fast and friendly.

Victoria Damico

Whats the difference between the skinfix barrier moisturizer and the inkey list peptide moisturizer?

Melissa Naudus

I love inkey list its the only thing that saved my skin. But yes products are hard to get because they are always sold out from influences making videos about the brand.

Diana Ferreira

Review Lush skincare please.

Deserie Hernandez

You are most definitely an expert! I’m not normally one to comment but you are an absolute angel. I have spent my entire Saturday educating myself through your channel. I have learned so much and I now feel completely knowledgeable about what I am placing on my skin. I as of today have thrown out so many products that are incompatible with my skin. I will now be incorporating your turn and learn tip into all of my future buys. I have considered looking into K beauty as well. Thank you ???❤️☺️

Rosa Lopez

Cassandra, is this a sponsored video?

Xristina Lop

Hi Cassandra i am from EU and please please Search for effaclar la roche posay is the only that i can find easy in Greece

Catherine McArdle

i love this brand so much but man i wish they made bigger bottles!! i ran out of their hyaluronic acid in about a month?


Even before Covid, Inkey list was constantly sold out ? Still want the oat cleansing balm


They use sodium hydroxide alot ,breaks me out?

LArt infinite

The salicylic acid cleanser broke me out... but the bakuchiol moisturizer suited my skin .. idk why the salicylic acid cleanser broke me out i have acne prone skin and its exactly for that type of skin. Yet! It gave me more acne.. i thought it was purging but.. after 2 whole months the acne wouldnt calm down so i stopped using it.. i use cetaphil now, and my acne is gone, only scars left.

Darya Uvarova

Please, tell the Truth about Shiseido! Will appreciate that a lot! thank you! <3

Zach Kemper

wait cerave aint cruelty free???

Tiffany Maurer

Cerave Canada does not test on animals.

Blair Bardot

Can you please make a video on BARBARA STURM skincare line. Specially her Enzyme Cleanser (powder form)


Wanted to try but.. did French people ordered it please ? I wanted to know if I would have taxes due to Brexit

patrick jackson

There are a lot of brands that start out very small and local or even family and consumers don’t know that haha. These products are great and simple which is awesome but more smaller companies should get the recognition for these same values.


this company is for poor peoples....its no serius company..you cant compare with big brand names...poor peoples waiting on line for order because its out of stock...wtf.... cheap and poor... beauty is luxury ladys...you have to pay!!!

daniela gomes

Love the inkey list personally I prefer their products over the ordinary, can you go on for "The Naturium" please ? about ingredients and products

Nathaniel Baker

Okay we don’t need an update on their relationship status

Miranda Mizen

Glass isn’t always as eco friendly. The process to make it and not everywhere can recycle it. Also coloured glass and plastic is hard to recycle. I like the inkey list packaging it does the job, keeps the product effective and they’re not expensive

Mirto Raptopoulou

Hey Kassandra could you do an Ahava review; I' ve had acne for ten years and I've clerad it for the past two years. My skin has realley changed from oily to normal/ dry. I' m currently trying the brand and I would like your thoughts about this brand, it is broadly promoted in Europe.

Jeff Diggs

I hear that u "Skincare Addict" ??

Josh Henderson

Girl bless u for helping us I thank u so much for all ur help

Hanna Tranblom

The inkey list salicylic acid cleanser literally saved my skin <3

Natasha Huth

Would love to see you review Glow recipe, looks like a really cute and fun skincare line


New subscriber from Germany due to your eloquence!

Anita Miko

Thanks! Can you review the Geek & Gorgeous line next?

Geneva Macbean

And what about the sunscreen would someone recommend it or an other good sunscreen,

Julia Green

Love you so much?

Evvie Hammerstrom

Lumene is an affordable Finnish skincare line sold at target that I would love if you reviewed

Naima Chouaf

What do u think about the inkey list multi-biotic

Dulanya SK

@Cassandra Bankson Could you do a review on QV for us Aussie viewers watching pls? ?

José Vigil

The entitled people that feels entitled of a relationship that isn't theirs, and gets scared of an innocent joke shipping haha.
Spoiler alert: there can be chemistry even in just friends relationships... so chill, and enjoy the video. It's meant to be enjoyed.
Hugs, happy festivities, peace and love :)

Irin B

I literally just bought 3 inkey products at Sephora today ... so happy this got Cass Pass ❤️

Cupie Doll

I’ve always wanted to try this brand. I’m so glad you approved it. I think once my ordinary stuff is close to reorder, I’ll place my order with inkey list instead. I really want to try their retinol.

Cassandra Moran

The only thing that is a bummer is that they are sold out a lot ?

Nathaniel Baker

And then she brings up scalp health without having tried any of the products but is giving us an ‘inside scoop’? Huh?

Chelsey Drake

Thank you so much for this!!!

I'd love to hear about the brand fresh.?

Jade Buenaflor

Weleda products maybe?

Katherine Eder

I would love to hear about Tula Skincare. It's cruelty free and at Ulta.

shay Universal

What are your thoughts on pore tight peeling mousse

Abigail Jolene

Very educational❤️ thank youuu

Tinker Bell

I love your videos! I have been trying to follow your advice on ingredients however I found in sephora yesterday I quickly became confused. Would you consider a video on top 5 ingredients to include in skincare, and bottom 5 to avoid at all costs? I am not sure if these are cross-cutting across all steps in skin care, including makeup, but I think this would be really helpful for someone like me!

caroline custodio

Their retinol is a must have

Silvia Bruznican

Hey Cass, would you dig in to the British brand Medik8. It is also cruelty free and vegan but very pricey. They claim some patents on unique molecules. It would be an interesting research for you, I think.

Ellie-mae Jarvis

2:51 my mum is cousins with Colette one of the creators of the inkey list and when they sent us the testers we realised that their brand is amazing and helps your face and to show the time of day to use it helps so much as the ordinary doesn’t do that.

Lesli Jones

I also don’t really like the ordinary, their serums break me out so badly and I don’t have acne prone skin. Most of my skincare is inkey and I had amazing success with tretinoin and inkey together

Derrick Torres


R. B.

I live in Romania and here this products are sold out to and unfortunately they are more expensive.The Ordinary products are cheaper and afordable,but i will try them,because you made me so curious!?

Wing it with Minxy

My mum bought me a big bundle of the inkey list for Christmas and I'm loving it. I still love the ordinary so I mix and match. I'm really loving the inkey list oat cleansing balm that gets through my make up no problem including lash glue but still leaves my skin soft


I gave my dad some products from The Ordinary a few months ago. He got his sharpie out and wrote when and how often to use them!! haha I was dying when you said that someone else's dad has done that before!


Ok, that's it. I NEED a day time and night time routine with this product ASAP. For my oily and thanks to the face masks my face is like a 13 year old brake out flare ups every day. Help

Megan Schutzler

im literally freaking OUT that you mentioned me!!! I'm Megan from the Inkey List campaign :)

Priyanika Bakshi

Can you please do a break down of what to use and when in detail and for what for the Only List? (Like u have for The Ordinary)

Stephen Samuel

Oh god....

Tim Charlebois

Would love to see you dive into Kiehl's, Youth to the People, Then I Met You, or Krave!

Rod Lloyd

i really like the feel of the products, customer service is good, but the packaging is unforgivable. there is double or triple the plastic to product, and full products feel empty and cheap. you waste a lot of the 30ml or 50ml products as the tubes have big holes and impossible to dose compared to a dropper or proper tube. it really just feels like a hotel mini version - yes, that annoying. seriously, will not buy again except for oat cleanser that is in a proper tube.

Inkey list

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The Inkey List Brand Overview | Skincare Under $15

265 516 views | 19 Apr. 2019

The Inkey List drops in

The Inkey List drops in the US today! Check them out here: http://bit.ly/2KMoM7j Online only, in-stores April 26th

Subscribe Here : http://bit.ly/1OWWTmY


Other places to find Gothamista:


Instagram ▸ gothamista

Twitter ▸ the_gothamista

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• Products Mentioned •

SERUMS (Non-Active)

Q10 https://shop-links.co/1712741036874856116

Collagen https://shop-links.co/1712741037266647031

Hepta-Peptide https://shop-links.co/1712741038079842283

Hyaluronic Acid https://shop-links.co/1712741039243811820

Polyglutamic Acid https://shop-links.co/1712741040099713805


Beta Hydroxy Acid https://shop-links.co/1712741040944378005

Lactic Acid https://shop-links.co/1712741041058527481 (not vegan)

Glycolic Acid Toner https://shop-links.co/1712741042327285884

Alpha Hydroxy Acid https://shop-links.co/1712741042141064574

Salicylic Acid Cleanser https://shop-links.co/1712741043360798238

Vitamin C https://shop-links.co/1712741044003419434

Retinol https://shop-links.co/1712741044966701821


Turmeric https://shop-links.co/1712741045478028887

Hemp https://shop-links.co/1712741045957776119

Multi-Biotic https://shop-links.co/1712741046917167590

(Not vegan)


Kaolin https://shop-links.co/1712741048142373902


Rosehip https://shop-links.co/1712741047877988822

Squalane https://shop-links.co/1712741049543593865


Caffeine https://shop-links.co/1712741048769425475

If you live outside of the US, you can find The Inkey List here :

Cult Beauty : http://bit.ly/2VkNfVG

Feel Unique : http://bit.ly/2KT7XaZ

ASOS : http://bit.ly/2KPX1uI


My skin type : Dehydrated, sensitive. You may have a very different experience with the products I review if you have a different skin type or preference.

This video is sponsored by The Inkey List. All my reviews and opinions are based on my own experience with the products which may not be the same for everyone. This contains affiliate links which will help support this channel! If you choose to use them, thank you for your support!


Thank you for this review

Sandy Vang

I can watch you talk about skincare all day. Your videos are so informative.

Rehnuma M

I'd love to try the kaolin mask and rosehip oil ??

Maryam Sadat

Can a 18 years old, who has combination/oily and acne prone skin, use Q10 serum?

rizka aisya sakina

Can i use peptide serum before this inkey list retinol cream?

Angela Petta

You are the great skin health guru??. Thank you again. Cheers ? ?

Nehal Elhadad

Thank you very much for your rich information. I really appreciate it ❤️

MsE Mc

Great break down of information.. as usual!! Thanks!!! XoXo ?


Very informative video.
I have acne prone skin and I have been trying to change my skin care products. Could you please advise me the products from inkey and how to use them.

PS..I have combination acne prone skin with a bit of sun spots.



Nusrat Choudhury

I've yet to try the inkey list but I definitely want to try the serums

Danna Hodorski

I would love to try:
- CQ10
- glycolic acid
- kaolin clay mask
- Squalane oil
- rose hips oil


Pink 2

Can I use the BHA all over my face?


Searching for an alternative to The Ordinary since they're always sold out. This is helpful. Thank you :)

Christi Smith

I would love to try the Vitamin C and the Rosehip oil from this line! Would love to win the giveaway!


Lacitid acid 10:23
Eye cream 16:55
Tumeric 18:05


i would love to try the glycolic acid toner

Agustina Gonzalez

Can I use the aha serum under the retinol at night or do they cancel each other out?

Sara Goldfarb

This stuff has totally changed my skincare game !

Boma chinda

What about the vitamin b c and e moisturizer

Jan Kelley

Just found you! Very impressed with your review. Thank you.

Cynthia Pangburn

I thought the ordinary was just as affordable? I'm honestly just wondering. I just ordered a little bit from both brands.

Marie-Christine Jeannotte

Looking for reviews of people with acne prone skin who tried retinol and collagen booster....

Bai Queenie Lauban

Is it okay to use their sa cleanser on daily basis (at pm)? i have normal to oily skintype. i hope someone will reply

Bev S

How does the hyaluronic acid serum compare to the hada labo one?

Real Talk New York With Janique

I want to try their peptide moisturizer

Chino Carlos

Hi Renee, thanks for the comprehensive review. I have a question though... you mentioned that actives they have does not cancel each other out. Im curious if this holds true to their retinol and vit c.? I have been using retinol for quite a while but always pair it with Vit C derivatives (SAP, Ethylated AA) because im afraid the pH issue will negate the 2 products. I would like to step up my Vit C to their LAA, but will this work with their Retinol? Thanks in advance! ???


Just because it is packaged in a plastic container, I go for The Ordinary. Really, no need for more plastic especially on the simple formulas.

Debra Washington

They should be under $15 for these travel size. I think I'm going to like these because they all seem so creamy. Omg you definitely know the anatomy of skincare...Hate I missed the deadline for giveaway by one day...thanks for info

Jen X

Hey Renee! Inkey List finally is dropping at Sephora in Canada! Yay! ?? I’ve been patiently waiting to test this brand & with your elevated recommendations it surely will help!


Dry skin people can use this or not ?

Rehnuma M

Were the 3 winners announced? I was so hoping to win ??


That breakdown was splendid, I knew nothing about this brand other than seeing it absolutely everywhere and this video really helped me!

Cheyenne Champion

Does anyone have time stamps for the different products?

Victoria Byers

So should I be putting on my glycolic acid toner BEFORE my hydrating essence/toner?

Paayel Agarwaal

Do you have a comparison video to The Ordinary.
It is so confusing which to buy considering both have similar products with similar price range.

Namita Anand

If you could share skincare using inkey acids

miu miu

Thank you for all your footwork?What non vegan products??? Lactic acid? And???

Jillane Shiree

Have you chosen the lucky winners yet? Maybe I missed the results? ? Love your channel, Gothamista!

Patricia Lyke

Can you use Q10 in addition to retinol and vitamin c? If so, how would I work that in?

Amanda Motta

Full of silicones... The Ordinary all the way


Hi Renee, I’m hoping you could help me. I’m sixty years old and just beginning with proper skincare. I do have some sunspots, some wrinkles around eyes and mouth and wanting to start a good regimen. I have dry sensitive skin and hoping you can help. I’d like to try Vitamin C as well. Any suggestions I enjoy your channel so much. Thanks

Ring Ring Wiryo

Thanks for sharing your reviews. It gives me idea how to use and later their products better :)


Vitamin c cream has ascorbic acid not L ascorbic acid.

Thomas Jessup

Lo l ok l

Cassondra Smith

Can you tell me the correct order to use what I have? ??
- glycolic acid toner (PM)
- beta hydroxy acid exfoliant (PM)
- niacinamide serum (both)
- collagen booster serum (both)
- vitamin C serum (AM)
- caffeine serum (both)

Thanks !!! ?

Alma Toledo

Rene, you look super gorgeous. I had not seen you in a while, your face architecture is even more beautiful.

ana torres

Which squalene oil brand would you recommend?

Faryal Marwan

Wow i am so glad to find such a skincare queen. I love yr videos but the thing is i want to get a benefit.
I am 34 years old biggener and my issues are dull and uneven skin tone can u plz give me a list from where should i start?
Honestly i m still confused plz guide me i would be really grateful.
Thanks loads of love from.Canada.

Angie Kowey

I am so excited about this brand! Some products don't contain what the ordinary does that gives me an allergic reaction! I will buy the BHA and the AHA and I hope it will do wonders!!!

Zaida Rodriguez

Shout out to those of us struggling with acne prone skin, hyperpigmentation and signs of aging! Really want to try the BHA and the turmeric moisturizer! Affordable and effective skincare for the win!

Stacy Marie

Can you please review Eva Naturals Skin Care and do a video on their products

Princess Nk

Thanks for this video I love it

Julie Geller

Love the lactic and the hyaluronic acid. It’s refreshing to see good products at an affordable price point.

Charlie Effy

The VitaminC cream turned to brown on my face after several minitues, I know it does get oxidized, but is it normal in such short time?

Dhanashri Ingle

Does anyone remember which one she said would make a good primer?

Dhammaporn Asawaprecha

Thank u Renee. I’m looking into inkey list reviews and yours is most comprehensive. Decided to buy AHA serum over lactic acid.


Sadly after announcing me winner and me mailing the asked email, no one cared till date to respond back, feels like it's just paid review as I brought Q10 and totally dislike the struggling packaging to pour product.

Sun Spear

I Love, Love your videos, I was on the fence regarding using The Ordinary products or the Inkey List products. I am gravitating towards The Ordinary, but not ruling out some of the Inkey List. My question to you is, in your opinion, are these products also good for African American skin.

D.M.U U.

Thank you, so much for your highly informative content in your video. I am using a wide range of products that you introduced in your channel. I am wondering, if you could make a video about different night mask and compare them. I wish you a great day and only the best for you and your skin :)




What about using both Buffet and Hepta-Peptide? Too much? And, I am lost without HA or a humectant (live in the hot, dry desert and have dry old skin; another suggestion would be such a gift. The Multi-Biotic?
Thank you, as always, for your elegant informative videos.
PS- I would LOVE to see a review of OSEA (high price point-worth it?)

Ayisha Farhana

I know I watched this video countless times but I want to try more of inkey list products so have to watch ur videos again ?

Cris K

video too long

Jade Buenaflor

Great review as always. Could you also do a dedicated video on your fave Paula's choice products that you have used...thanks and all the best for your wonderful channel

Kerry Hughes

I can’t wait to try so many but particularly the hylauronic acid And the salicylic acid

Gae Arcuri

Nobody talks about the size? Valuable price? The size are sooo small compared to better quality products, so I am not sure that’s a great deal

Michelle Stratford

If you live in Canada they're now at Shoppers Drug Mart??? Thanks for a great video!


still quite pricey where i'm from :( but really made a price difference from other products on sephora

AniHee Lee

Can someone explain what she meant on 13:50, I dont get the part where she mentions "other ways to do that"


Interested in the caffeine eye cream and the other eye cream with metal ball applicator. Not sure which to try.

Singh Vlogs

hey i found you was talking you on tiktok my id is dietqueen


You always have great lip stick shades!!! Could you share your lipstick colors???!!!

María Gabriela Cano Portocarrero

Renee, what are you´re favorite products from this brand?

Memory Maker

I am not sure I follow your comment on the vitamin C...I think you say "if your doing any acids, then just don't"...(4.54 in to your video)...can you explain in more detail your comments (I just bought this product)...thanks

Darian Pinto

these all look so good! would love to win the giveaway because the malaysia's sephora doesn't carry half of the inkey list products!

Elly Deane

Love The Inkey List and love The Ordinary too. Use them both, it's a good synergy.


I'm so happy that Inkey has come to the US. I may head out to Sephora today. I'm excited to try the Lactic Acid and the Turmeric moisturizer.

Elly Deane

Their eye brightening cream is pretty good.

Noor Dhahiyyah Shafia Binti Md Radzi

Eventho the products are affordable, don't u guys think that the packaging is a little bit too small?

Guneet Kaur

hey! can anyone help me understand the difference between actives and non-actives? thanks so so much :))

gluten free cookies taste like nothing

22:33 i bought the rose hip and it was white did i bought the copy one?

Dorothy Zheng

where’s the niacinamide, oat cleansing balm, snow mushroom moisturizer, pha toner, peptide moisturizer, etc? did they not come out yet?


I use the vitamin B moisturizer on the eczema on my arms and it literally got rid of half of it in 4 days ANDDDDDD it’s only $4.99 and free shipping Sephora ?

Mallary 101

Her hand must be silky soft ?


Hi. Can i know what ingredient in lactid acid made it non vegan? Thks


When the Queen speaks, you best be listening. Thank you so much for all the info Renee


One thing i immediately notice is what a beautiful packaging. Thank you for introducing us this affordable but hopefully effective skincare brand. How does the collagen works to you? It sounds it’s perfect for post acid or retinol that i use alternatively everyday

Sapana Hinkle

Thank you from all skin products highly appreciate

chan lambiase

Wow so many amazing products!
I really wanna try some of the acids and the retinol !
Thank you for the introduction to this barnd and all the great information ❤️


Are the bottles plastic?

Qian Geng

Where can i get the inkey list Retinol A in Toronto?

Qian Geng

where the store that i can buy the inkey list in Toronto?

Lianna Kuchmak

Where is your nail bracelet from I'm obsessed!

Ezije Dim

How about the transexamic acid

Angela Petta

Amazing video as always?. Thank you for your full review of this brand. I love Inkey List. I have to admit that I am totally in love with Q10. It literally makes my skin feel alive. I so appreciate you?. Your such a beautiful woman with an amazing soul ❤️❣️ Please continue to educate us on how to properly care for our skin. Cheers ??


Thank you for this! I’d love to hear your thoughts on Beautylish’s newer brand Good Molecules its their take on The Ordinary

James Longmore

Hope Australia gets this skincare line

Julia Roy

I think I am most excited about the BHA but the insomniac in me is very interested in the caffeine eye cream

Stefanie Toftey

I know this is isn't a new video but I'm so struck by your beautiful lipstick - any chance you recall which one you're wearing? :-)

Inkey list

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Ranking The INKEY List Best Selling Products | The Best and Worst Skincare

3 206 views | 22 Jan. 2021

I've been loving all of

I've been loving all of the Tiermaker videos ranking the best and worst sincare products and brands. I thought it would be fun to do one dedicated ENTIRELY to The INKEY List best selling products. Are they worth the hype or are they worth a miss...

You know I always have a place for The INKEY List in my collection however with the product range comprising of 38 skincare products - I can't like all of them can I???

Thank You so much for watching and supporting and I hope you enjoy the video xxx

You can find the The INKEY List below:

UK SITE - https://uk.theinkeylist.com/

US SITE - https://www.theinkeylist.com/

EUROPE - https://eu.theinkeylist.com/

CANADA - https://ca.theinkeylist.com/

CULT BEAUTY - https://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/the-inkey-list

LOOK FANTASTIC - https://www.lookfantastic.com/brands/the-inkey-list.list?autocomplete=searchsuggestion

The Inkey Best Sellers Tiermaker I created - https://tiermaker.com/create/the-inkey-best-sellers-778628

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist nor an aesthetician, I am however incredibly passionate about skincare. I love to try out new products, brands, research ingredients and give you an honest opinion on the very best affordable and effective skincare you can get your hands on. With skincare, there is a lot of research out there that can be misleading or incorrect when published. Science and technology continue to thrive and with that, comes new and updated scientific backing and research to our most beloved skincare ingredients. So please take this into consideration as I try my very best to source accurate information at the time of filming.

Adam :) x

Brandy Taylor

I had the exact same experience with the oat cleansing balm. Definitely needs retooling.

anticipatorlauren otherwisedavies

Hey. This was so awesome. I've been trying to research for YouTube video like yours that really educates the ideas in this video. ?‍⚕️Your content for sure reminds me of the channel from Dr. Ethan. His tips are actually informative and I actually learned a lot for finals. He is the helpful Dr in Nottingham and he explains vaccines!

I recommend you see his YouTube out and give the doc a like! ➡️ #DrEthanVideos

pokho shamulailatpam

can the ordinary granactive retionol 2% be used as a starter retinol.

Kara Pluemer

I use the Ceramide Night Treatment with a moisturizer anyway?‍♀️ I use it just beforehand and let it soak in for a little and then layer my moisturizer on top since my skin is so dry. I’ve even mixed it into my moisturizer before too and it’s always worked great for me ( same with the Tranexamic Acid but just not on the same nights :)


Yay!! Thank you for this video Adam! Loved it❤️

Charlotte L Rose

Great video. I massage/mix the oat cleansing balm in the tube before dispensing to stop the oil separating.

Sohail Anjum

Also tell me i can use PHA toner in same routine with vitamin c or not?
And salisalic acid with rational?

Mignon Alverson

You definitely answered my question on the oat cleansing balm. I LOVE the flip top bottle. However, if it's inconsistent and runs out like an oil with certain batches it's pointless in a flip top bottle. A lot of people say it's inconsistent. I have not tried it. I expect other companies to make their version of the oat cleansing balm. Thanks Adam!❤?

Bri Islas

I am also more of a glycolic acid gal! I’ve recently been using more lactic and have been pleasantly surprised! ☺️

Carlos Ballesteros

Any recommendations on moisturizerd that can be used with Lactic acid (just read peptides and L.A. don't go well together)?


I watched the whole vid but did I miss bakuchiol or you really did not include it? What is your ranking for it? Thank you.

Tom Thibideau

You can’t just tease us with the new room! Of course we want a tour!


Glad to see I'm not the only one obsessed with these ranking skincare vids! Loved the video as usual ♥️

Heather Farncombe

All the inkey list products I have tried are amazing in my opinion (salicylic cleanser, oat cleansing balm, succinc acid, c50 treatment and mineral sunscreen) I want to try the alpha arbutin serum (when I finish the ordinary one) and the q10 serum next.