How to get rid of cutting scars

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How to get rid of self harm scars FAST!

295 352 views | 4 May. 2015

I am a secret account. You

I am a secret account. You guys can call me Hailey. I suffered from self harm and I thought it'd show you guys how to get rid of these nasty scars we gave ourselves. Enjoy. Please comment if it worked for you or not after a week or so of using it.

Mau S

Can I use vitamin e capsule and baking soda ? please reply

Annabelle Perales

17 hours clean?? i almost broke 3 ours ago but i’m okay??


does anyone know if this works on scab like scars?

Meatball Spicey

It stings.. never again imma cut


I selfharm and i have reallllyyyy red scars like bloody and its very visable im a boy and i just coudnt atand it anymore dont selfharm u will realise how awfull it is too see it doesnt hurt but it is realy bad to see and i hate what i did to myself dont do it just stop

Alivia Joanne

I was 9 months clean, until I relapsed :(


Me before: how to make edits
Me now: how to get rid of self-harm scars

Self harming is not cool. Please dont slef harm.


I might also try using this on my face ? hides scars and makes skin softer? I’m down-

Ivy Herr

thank you so much for this i jush stared and i already regret dong it

Lil B

i’ve cut myself before without thinking about it out of pure anger that i couldn’t help any of my friends i felt guilty, i’m a type of person who puts others before themselves and gets used sometimes i stopped for a couple of months but it happened again recently.. my friend was talking about it on the phone with me about people who cut themselfs and i stayed silent since i done it .. he then said on monday if he seen any scares on me that are recent he would stop talking to me .. if i lose him i know i’ll do it again because i won’t be able to handle it everything but i do want to stop , it’s just i do it without seeing and when i do it’s already done .. no ones knows except for my ex best friend and i feel terrible hitting my mother with this type of news

Dana Banana

I’m 5 days clean because I have a doctors appointment coming up lol

Mau S

Kya kya use kiya hai koi batayega please ?I need it

I think I'm sick again

I'm glad my mom saw my cuts so that stopped me early kinda I did cut on my left hand the scares are white and I really want them to fade and my hand to feel soft I regret it but i can never heal


It stings prob

gatcha weirdo

My arms hurts when i touch it to hard i tryed this it worked but it did hurt.

Ronisha Wilkes

What if u don’t have that stuff is there another way to take them off??


I know you clicked on this video because you self harmed yourself and doesnt want anyone to know. I know buddy I have been there too, its okay to be sad but just rememeber everything will be okay. It just takes time. Life isnt how you want it to be, life is unfair and cruel. Stop cutting yourself..its no use. Thank you for your time. ?

zayumiko 0


Esraa Salah

Does it work for old scars

Briitt WS

To anyone here right now, stay strong ?
To anyone who has never started, please don't ?
To everyone here trying to heal, you got this ?

I am healing scars from years ago, and as of the last year, i have new... worse to heal.
The words on my leg seem to be the hardest to hide and now they're bright white and more noticeable, Tips?

Jonny 2greedy

I been working at Walmart at a unloaded and my first week the amount of cardboard boxes that have gave me small scraps is crazy I got like 3 on my left wrist

millie hehehe

friend saw my cuts today for the first time- told her they were cat scratches but im scared she’ll get curious so i gotta get rid of them

Ashley Perez

Can someone please tell me if this really works, I have a doctor appointment in 1 week and I dont want the doctors to see my scars

big gay sad shdhhdjshsj

a good sub for the vitamin E oil is olive oil

Rejina Bogati

I scary part of it all was that I didn't feel any pain when i used to cut my wrists and i felt relieved like my pain was flowing as blood through my wound. But now i don't wanna live with this ugly scars anymore and wear full sleeve clothes in a scroching sun like a weirdo...i want them gone but the scars are so huge and so many.


[Yesterday was history]

[Tomorrow is a mystery]

[Today is always a gift]

[Thats why they call it the present]

So always be excited for the next gift


I told myself to not do it but what did I do ?

jasmine marie

I honestly regret cutting myself, and I hate myself for it. Whenever I have lacrosse games, we always have to wear our uniforms, but their shortsleeved, so everyone sees them. Even my best friend sees them, and at first she was shocked because I had never told her. But please-If you haven’t already started, do not begin. I’m begging you. It’s not something that you want to do to yourself. I know that things can get hard, but please- don’t start

carlk kayla

will this work for black people ;-;


I really really regret cutting myself... Not only am I scared that my parents will find out but I'm also scared that I'll get an Infection or my sisters will find out or maybe my therapist.. Im never ever gonna cut myself again..


once you start it's hard to stop. i relapsed after like a year and i was super disappointed in myself, but im glad it wasn't as bad as it was. it was hard, especially with my parents. whoo child it was so terrible

Averie Pizza5

I’ve never cut myself but I’ve thought of it and I didn’t but when I tried it I didn’t bleed but if I went a little harder I would have cut myself and I didn’t want to have my parents see so I put coconut oil on it and it’s almost gone


Thx tho i have to see my doctor tomorrow and that rlly helps!


Thank you for the advice :3

Princy Yadav

Pls tell what ingredients it is... .. I dnt understand.

Jfhfh Fbfng

Just put the vitamin on ur skin


I have like really light scars on my arm , there’s only 4 visible ones but they’re aligned and it’s pretty clear what they are. I just want them gone hopefully this gets rid of them. I want to wear short sleeved shirts as the summer is neae

Natural World


MeMe Mitchell

I have to do this my parents would kill me if they saw this

Sofia Zerboni

Sending love to everyone here because you all deserve it :)) I’m 17 and I haven’t hurt myself in any way for three ish years. My mum knows about it, but has never seen them and never judged me for it for which I’m very lucky. But mine are all on my stomach and there’s over a hundred I think I lost count. They are white and raised and nothing I do is making them go away. Normally I don’t care but when it gets to summer I just want to wear a bikini or a tank top because it’s hot and I’m proud of my body but not that bit. I want them to fade even just slightly. I feel like if I get a boyfriend I will always have to lie or he will leave me. I just want them gone. I dealt with, and I am still dealing with, emotional and psychological abuse from my dad and when I was 12 I just couldn’t cope. I wrecked my body and now I’m paying the price. I wish they would go away or I wish I could be braver to not care and own them. I’m tired of being ruled by them

Kimberly Lee

Does this work? Did anyone tried it?


I hate them..my mom saw and I’ve never had this much regret in my life


I’m 1 month clean:)


my mom caught me cutting my hand but she didt see my arm so thats wy i am watching this video

Tatiana Ramones

Jesus loves you guys... so much. God doesn’t want to see you suffer like this. Please consider giving your lives to Christ and I hope you all find peace — the true peace that only Jesus can give.

Jacob Chavarria



If someone sees this please respond with some tips.. I need to heal mine, FAST. Please help..
I googled it and it said to eat healthy stuff and to keep it moisturized but if there is any other effective things please tell me...

a Depressing ending

Please children, don't do this. You're putting baking soda into an opened wound, that's not healthy nor safe and you could get an infection and make it worse. If you're self harming don't hide it and tell someone, this could lead to other things

Tiny duck

I really regret cutting myself, I would cut myself because I would think I was useless and believe what people would tell me, I also hated that I was adopted, hearing the story of being abounded by my own parents. I would body shame myself a lot, starve myself for days. I have scars all over my arm and when I see them it makes me think how stupid I was, knowing I had family, freinds to help me out.

Just a human

reached 22 days??❤️❤️

Olivia Pfannebecker

I really regret cutting myself.


i just did it like 2 days before going on holidays i wanna die more than ever

Music Man The Vision

Mine are so huge to the point I feel as if they'll never go away.
I'd have to go to the dermatologist and have the cut them out, and then use oils and creams.
Then get tattooos

Nani Pena

I have cut scars because I cut myself and I’m trying to get red of it but idk how to and I wear a sweater to cover my arms. Cuz I get embarrassed and I don’t want nobody to ask me what happen.


Quick tip! Depending on what kind of scars you have, you could use tattoo concealer to hide them until fades. If yours are flat, it'll work great well as a quick fix

Lostangel 95

Did it once...scars went away on their own..never again


When you don’t have all the ingredients ?✌️ heart been broke so many times

Gãcha_panic XXX

Okay but the only ones that work for me are the bread knifes they’re more jagged also I’m not promoting cutting

Zaibu Nisa

Looking for a solution of self harmed scars ☹️

Christina Marie

I'm happy and 2 months clean I'm so proud of my self

person ya

i get mad at myself for self harming and because i’m mad at myself i self harm again and it’s just a cycle

uwu gacha

Tbh I regret cutting my self and now I'm going to the hospital for an doctor appointment I legit have a y cut onto my arm

izzy U

Why do mine have colour and your don’t?

Charlie Gogarty

Why would you make this because this is bad people don't do this


Honestly, I am posses at myself for doing it..


welp, time to delete my search history.

Angel valdez

I have been cut by a shaving razor 2 times


Ive had mine for years and ive had enough of always hiding them even though there not that bad. Im hoping thisll work to fully get rid of the white scaring so i can feel better about wearing a shirt around people

Lacey Lacey 0.2

I wish I didn’t commit to self mark :( I was very pretty in my opinion but now I’m ugly. I scratched the top of my lips and picked scabes so I ? bleed. IM SO UGLY :( ???????????

Aleyda Rivas

I just cut my arms rn for the first time heh


1 day cleannn.. just had a relapse but im still making progress right?

F1zb0ttl3 Kand1

when you cant go down stairs and get a hold of anything cause your mom will question it : well f**k


I'm here cause there's surprised body spot check in my school and I don't wanna get caught. But, I don't have any of those and I can't go out this weekend cause it's boys turn to go out


I never hurt my self before in that type of way I think god is preparing me for me if i ever end up doing this

Kricket Foster

Lil tip if you don't have vitamin e oil olive oil works well also x

Autumn Blixt

kid you are like 10 stop doing this for attention it’s really not worth it

Niina Draws

How often should I use it?
How do I hide this shit from my parents? :,)

Yumeko Jabami

I relapsed but now I regret it


Let's say you have to go swimming and you need to hide it the whole time, will it wash off in the water


I didn't know at least a trillion people harm there self (。ŏ_ŏ)

* G r a c e *

Does anyone know any oil that can be put in place of the victim an e oil?

Olive Mae

In the fourth grade I started cutting and I told my friends it wad really hard for me and they didnt care whatsoever I stopped for a while then I started doing it again then one night my best friend called me to tell me she was about to do it and I started balling then I told her I cut and she didnt care again so now I'm left with some scars and I know my friends wont care yet I can't get new friends I already pretty lonely I dont know how to cover them does anyone have any tips yo keep them hidden underwater

old show

It looks like I cut myself but my cat keeps scratching me

pretty little flower

Does this work for small cuts


What idiot leave it on overnight?


I here after a fight and also please wish me luck my parents check my arms and legs

Møchá Jordan

Well... Lemme give this a shot :1

Fooee Life

For Anyone who is still doing “It”.
suicide hotline - 1-800-273-8255

• KEI •

I dont have that stuff. I just wanted to heal my selfharm scars fast :(

can anyone give me any tip please? Ty


will this help for white scars???

Anthony Clark

I’m sorry I’m taking myself from this world it hates me to much


Tysm for this

Tahir Choudhury

My self harm scars are around 5 years old how much time will it take to remove it ?
And does this process really work?

Green YT

My stomach would be itchy and I would keep scratching it now I have a bunch of dark dots on my stomach and my cat keeps killing me

Oliver Fowell

Cutting yourself is not right do not let pain grow over you what leads to self harm

Aly Ali

How about old scars ? it's brownish

Mia Satos

The reason I stopped my 10+ years addiction of cutting (yes, it’s categorized as a serious addiction), was not because I felt it was wrong (I still think it’s your body, you have the right) or I thought of my loved ones, it’s because I learned it permanently damages my body, even a small cut can get infected or accidentally get poisoned, or any other number of things. Fear of permanence is what stops my impulses, and it gets easier everyday I don’t do anything to myself. Kinda like how it’s easier to not cry when you don’t cry for a while, or easier to not puke if you haven’t for a while...etc.
Out of a 100 other things people told me, this is what sticked. Hope it works with others too!

Mist Hunter

I'm the hated child um.... I get screamed at.....my mom watches every thing I do.....I like to hide the cuts bye puting marker over the cuts first the cuts are designed that's why I draw all over it to make it look like I was just drawing on myself but really........ You guys know I've been called so many things in my life I have trust issues I don't have any friends on purpose because I'm scared I'm going to get beat again by them cuz my friends turned into bullies and I physically beating me you haven't told my parents and I'm not going to I don't trust them they blame me for everything when they don't even know that I did it well that's from me it's ok if you don't believe me most people don't people call me a liar all the time so especially my parents so it's a normal for anyting so if you like go ahead and call me a liar I don't care

Saif Uddean

I don't self harm, my cat just bite the shit out of my hand lol


As I cut myself a lot, for everyone that's going through anything that may harm u mentally, u don't have to hurt urself physically, skin is not paper and it's not meant to be cut, much love and positivity to everyone seeing this, i hope everyone is doing good?

How to get rid of cutting scars

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Treatment Options for Self Harm Scars

6 618 views | 11 Jul. 2019

Did you know that there

Did you know that there are several treatment options for self harm scars? In this video, we are using a ICON Fractional 1540nm for scar texture improvement. To read more about this treatment, see www.SelfHarmRx.com.

Moumita Naskar

Ar cost kamon please bolun

Manisha Palve

How many settings required for csars

Sarah Gonzalez

How many treatments needed for this patient

Amandeep Kaur

How much did this cost?

Moumita Naskar

Please amake help korun ami ai surgery korte chai

Roo 1244

At what age can you start this I’m 13

Moumita Naskar

Ami bangali please kothai ai surgery hoche bolun amake please

Moumita Naskar

I am lived in south 24 pgs

Anjiis Covert

I have scars from this, mostly on my left arm. I watch this now and it seems terrible, I am glad I’m out of that. ❤️? love and peace of mind to everyone who is suffering, you may not think so, but your valuable!

Raya C

does this method work and larger, more raised scars? i have a few that are more than two centimeters in width

How to get rid of cutting scars

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How to get rid of scars on face? - Dr. Aruna Prasad

21 331 views | 3 May. 2016

Now the scars, there are

Now the scars, there are two types of scars one is caused by pimples we call them is acne scars in the other one caused by a knee injury or any surgical procedure. Now in the process of any pimple causing scar we prefer to tell them that no other topical medication will help should go for the laser treatment or something called as a dermabrasion that means a layer of the skin is abraded, same applies to any surgical scar also depends on the scar if the scar is elevated about the skin level then there is a different treatment, if it is below the skin level that is atrophic skin scaring then it’s a different treatment. Depending on the type of the scar we guide the patient accordingly.

simple and healthy

Pls tell me treatment for hypotrophic scar

Muneeswaran M 4068

Medam Hospital kku vantha treatment yatukkalama Number plz

Shahbas Shoukathali

doctor do u reply to my problem


at least this doctor is realistic and honest - not putting forth crazy views like others - thanks

Pushpa Kori

How to get rid of stiches from chin plzz help doc

Hashi khushi

I have accident scars on my lip,suggested me how to remove at home,it lookes soo,bad.

manoj kumar

Hello mam here is a scar's on my nose due to injury...how costly is lasers treatment for such type of cases... please mam reply

manoj kumar

Please reply mam