How to get rid of layers in hair

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Disconnected Layers | Remove Bulk, Keep Length and Speed Up Blow Drying Time

246 221 views | 6 Apr. 2015

One problem area that many

One problem area that many of our guests with thick, coarse hair face is having too much bulk or weight at the back of the head. Too much hair in this area creates challenges when blow drying & styling hair, not to mention it feels like a village of hair is living back there!

So how to we go about removing the bulk while keeping the length? The answer is simple my friends. Through a simple under layering technique we are able to detach the haircut, remove bulk, create movement and reduce blow drying time! Watch the video and read below to learn how it's done.

Learn more about this technique on our blog:


Recommended Professional Tools For Success

Professional 7" Dry Cutting Shear - perfect since we'll be removing dense, coarse hair and this shear will get through the hair with ease.


Professional Dry Sectioning Clips - keeps the hair out of the way so you can concentract on your cutting techniques.


Professional Long Cutting Comb - great for creating the zig zag section that you'll use for this technique.




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Jeanette White


Deepika Kumari

hii i need ur new video


Great technique! How could you use this technique for the sides of the head, or would you? Specifically for thick hair with short cuts or men's hair who is thick on the sides, but bald on top.


Love this!  Idea for a video-how to help a male client go from a short clipper cut to long, shoulder length hair!  Have a male client trying to do this now and we are hitting some pretty awkward stages at the moment!

Felicity Kassis

What about long, bulky hair? How can i make this technique work?

k vooo

K. Voo
My hair dresser cut my thick bulk of hair just the way Sam did, felt thinner, so easy to manage?

sana m

Does this work on ppl with wavy curly hair ??

Fernie Andong

love those new thinning shears Sam !! gotta get me some

Cindy Snow

The zigzag thing is confusing me. But I think cutting the thickness out makes sense.

Sonia Holmbeck

love this! Super idea!

Theresa UzhcaP


Shen Says! ?

The client has such beautiful healthy hair ? Awesome video. ?❤️

Hanan Ra

What if we want to make our hair to be thicker!!! What is the method ?

Sophia Summer

Very great video! I wonder why some schools don’t teach this! Most stylist I go to don’t know how to do this. They love to use a razor and my thick hair doesn’t do well with that.

Sara khan

Awesome sir?

Nadine Eberts

Thank you Sam!! This was amazing to see- it'll definitely help!


Thank you so much Sam for everything you do to help us!! You are amazing!! Love that I have a free website to learn from!! You Rock!! :D

Dawn ??

Awesome tip!!!! I have several clients this will be perfect for! Thank you!!!!

Judy Ha

"Thank you Karen"

Joshua Young

That's great!!

Cecilia Reynoso

Can you cut my hair?


Omg! love this man!


God bless you❤️

bone red

looks like her hair is made out of silk. Never seen anything like it

Jellyy Bun

And im over here wanting to get my layers removed

Sara khan

thank you so much Sam sir ?

Ashley Wadlington

super helpful

Maria Pereira


Anngie Siruma

Hi and good day to you!
I have a concern on how to create a graduating hair cut at the lowest (the ends) length of the hair? It's like how chopping a lengthy hair flat and even... I would really would love to see you do it on semi-curly hair. Thank you very much for your time!

Zebulon Entertainment

I love this mature client series that you have been doing with this fabulous model.   This is an under represented clientele on youtube.


Would an under layer work on someone with long thick hair(hair thats a little longer than bra strap)


But how u do it with super long hair!

Passionate Brazilian Girl.

Thank you so much for this tip. can I use this trick to remove bulk in the crown of a curly full lace wig please?

Mustard Seed

Villa the greatest!

Dawn Bennett

I'm also a mature woman, going to have this done!




A group of salons owned in Australia and elsewhere, has an excellent cutting technique for removing weight from thick, frizzy/coarse hair. It is a game changer! I am offered an undercut, a keratin treatment or cutting shears when l ask for this process, that is, maintain length and remove weight from my thick hair .

Susan Amin

Very smart idea .

Mariela Aleiramh

I love this Man!

Misty Fontenot

Can this be done for sides to?.. I have very thick curly wavy hair..but dry and straighten it also

Mel Ventura

I got an A-line bob haircut and i have thick hair so the ends of my hair looked kinda "bubbled" (mainly around the area that is behind my ears and the back of my head.) I asked the hair dresser if she could soften it a little and take away some weight but all she did was point cut it... and its still looked blunt and round. Smh.

I figured I'll try fix it myself. And I'm so glad i came across this video! I tried this technique on myself and omg, it worked! My hair doesn't look as heavy and blunt. Now it had more of a softer look and falls very nicely.

Thank you Sam, for sharing your talent and knowledge with us. You saved my hair!

Alex Williams

My jaw dropped when he cut. Then voila!!! Amazing!!!

Lyona Mahshcenko

I want more bulk in the back!! On the bottom :( how do I get that I want to reverse of that haircut please please please help!!! Every hairdresser cuts my hair like this and it creates only more bulk in the middle of the face and I want my Bulk to be on the bottom below my cheekbones, They leave too much hair in the front of the face so I have this ugly layered boat in front of my face they leave too much hair in the front of the face so I have this ugly layer bulk in front of my face


This should be the video they show in hair dresser school. Tired of seeing my mom getting butchered.

Cat Bee

Does anyone know of a stylist in Southern California, who does Sam's technique for layering and reducing bulk in thick, coarse hair?

I have not worn my hair down for YEARS because I've been unable to find (another) stylist who knows how to work with my thick, coarse hair.
My previous stylist, who I was with for 15 years, was forced to retire after a near-fatal car accident:( He cuts were amazing because she knew how to work with my thick hair.
Ever since, I've been to many stylists, but they do not have the technique or ability to cut my type of hair.

For the past 10 years, I have just resorted to putting my hair up into a bun or pony tail. l and I'm SO sick of it.
I have great hair (stylists have always told me), but I have not been able to wear it down because it no longer has any shape, layers or movement to it.

If anyone has a recommendation for a stylist in So California who truly knows how to work with thick, coarse, shoulder length hair, I would be most grateful.
thank you!


wow you're amazing! I want you to cut my curly hair! <3

Lisa Ward

This is awesome. I use this technique with the triangular section on a lot of my male clients to debulk the area on the sides. Now I can use this also. Thank you.

Amber Smith

I love his videos and how he explains everything!

Mr &Mrs Reed


I'ma Vegemite

Hair dressers are hopeless too many people go into the field and have no idea, or they aren't trained properly, my god I so wish I could afford an expert like him, or find one to start with.

Herbs and Magick

Thank you so much! I have thick, curly hair and it’s very hard to find a good stylist. After I moved, it seemed no one knew how to handle this hair so I started just doing home cuts. It worked well enough, but I didn’t know how to do this bulk-removal that leaves the length alone. After watching this video, I did it and it worked exactly perfectly! Because I did it on myself, and possibly due to length, I had to also remove bulk from the sides. My hair is so, so much lighter now! It is summer and the summers here are so hot and humid that I often chop off length to manage. Now I don’t have to anymore!

Curlytash J

This was a great video thank you

Donny Indoiz


Lucky Bhatia


lord arpvc

wait her name is Karen. she should get a Karen haircut

Brian Lambert

Sam to me your videos are some of the best on the internet. Thank you for your guidance. I wish I could work with someone like you to become great. I have a license, but I do not practice cosmetology like I would like. Please keep showing us your magic.

Brooklyn D

I cut my bangs into a fringe and well kinda grab a piece that didn't belong in my bangs and I cut it short and now it sticks up any advice on how to fix it please help & reply.


You really think, you're the master of haircutting, don't you? What do you think about finishing a cut? Don't like the half thing you did there.

Bri San

She has beautiful hair

ThisGrl Here

OMG she DOES NOT have thick Hair!

Ushma Asher

I asked my stylist to do this but she just won't understand :( And I don't really trust other stylists with my hair. Man I wish I could book an appointment with you but I'm in India....:/

Ambers Lil Rose

What kind of wizardry IS this?!?!!

I'ma Vegemite

Hello Sam, I have wavy hair, fine hair but lots of it, I like it really layered and weight taken out, can you do a haircut on someone with hair above the shoulders and show me how to cut my own hair, cause her where I live in Australia, the hairdressers have no idea, I lose length every time I say to take weight out, whilst having it heavily layered.

How to get rid of layers in hair

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How to Grow Out Layered Hair

20 228 views | 21 May. 2015

How to Grow Out Layered

How to Grow Out Layered Hair. Part of the series: Haircut Tips. Growing out layered hair involves gradually trimming the longest layer until it is the same length as the shortest layer. Grow out your hairdo to one length with a demonstration from a hairstyling instructor in this free video on haircuts. Read more: http://www.ehow.com/video_6124935_grow-out-layered-hair.html

Sarah Stubbs-Mills

My mum keeps cutting my hair in layers and I hate it, so when my hair is in plaits there are bits and pieces sticking out all over the place because of the layers.

Oliver The ferret

I just got my hair cut today and the girl did it so long I shouldered her a photo and she did it way to short and she left layers my hair from the top I look like an 80s reject it’s so bad my hair is so poofy and horrible I need help


….really? Find a friend? Geeze, super helpful Robert!

sandra mane

great advice
need to grow out my top layers
going to trim my bottom ends to match

Oliver The ferret

But what if you don’t have a friend


I so agree with him! I am finally growing out a Bob that's gone through a lot of hair cut gone wrong for 4 years! Thanks to my amazing better half I am now growing it... someday I go like "OMG this layers are driving me nuts! " and he says "just hang in there baby you look beautiful! ". ❤

Malaki Damouni

I don’t have friends


I should’ve found this video earlier I just lost it and cut all my hair into a one length bob and it’s so fucking short ?


Hahaha great advice!


I don't have a friend Robert, help me i'm freaking out i can't take it anymore!

Kelly Anderson

Took me almost two years to grow my layers out i will never get layers again or let anyone touch my hair. .


Funny guy!

How to get rid of layers in hair

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Foundations of Layering Hair - 3 Different Elevations and How They Effect Weight Balance

110 840 views | 2 Apr. 2020

Discover the foundations

Discover the foundations of layering hair as Education Director Andrew Carruthers walks you through different levels of elevation and how those effect the weight balance vertically (top to bottom) in a layered haircut.

Stuck at home and need inspiration? Join us for our first ever FREE 2 Day Online Hair Show called "The Show Must Go On" with the entire Sam Villa ArTeam! See Sam, Andrew Carruthers, Anna Peter, and Jesse Linares Live 4/19/2020 and 4/20/2020 in an open forum where you can ask questions and interact with the team. Click for more details: https://www.samvilla.com/show-must-go-on

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John Roekoe

I love you explaining so relaxed and calm, talk with your natural voice. As if I am in the room with you. And I understand everything you teach, while I am being relaxed.

Heather G

Great instruction Andrew...Perfect visual comparison. Would you mind to do a similar but with one on layering somewhat shorter hair crown distribution in the 3 - 5 inch range that includes finger angles compared with parallel to headshape and what is achieved by that. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for the vids ?


This has to be the single most informative, constructive educational video on the various types of layering elevations and their resulting looks that I have ever seen. Andrew, you are so talented and appreciated. I cut my own hair but you make me want to go get an official license and do this for a living. Thank you to Andrew and to Sam Villa as an amazing educational organization and person as well.

Jennifer Chunn

Thank you so much for this video! You are such a great teacher! Finally I found a video that explains the “why” the hair falls in the direction (vertical etc) it does! You explained the reasons behind the elevation!! I look forward to watching all of your videos!!!!! Thank you!!!!!

Aine Eithne

Wow this really helps me to visualize the cut! You are amazing - thank you!! ?

Ariel Ryan

Do you do black peoples hair ?

Muffy Crosswire

Really great demonstrations


I learn so much from you and love your instructional methods. Thanks Andrew


Love love love this video, thank you!! ?

marijane telfer

Agree ing with Martina's comment below. Your explanation is perfectly paced and explained clearly. A pleasure to listen, watch and learn!!

Your Nanny

Excellent ??

Hien Lam

Best instructional video about foundation knowledge for layering hair! So thankful for Sam Villa to put these educational videos out there for the world! ❤️


Thank you so much for this video!Please do more videos about basic hair cutting,like a 101 series

Kimi Dietrich

It was either you or my mom r.i.p my hair #quarantine

Violet Delusions

This was so informative. I'm not a professional but learning about this really helped me understand why I often got cuts in salons that I didn't love

Julie Colleran

This was a GREAT video! I no longer do hair in a salon but I love to continue learning as I still work on friends and family. Thank you!

Grazi Ribeiro

amazing, thanks!

Haitham Ha

انتم مبدعين وكنت اتمنى لو هنالك ترجمه للغة العربية

Annjanette Rivera

Hi Andrew.
I’ve recently gotten a promotion to join the management team at my salon. I will have to regularly educate my stylists on different cutting techniques.
Do u have any advice on educating?

Thanks for the videos! Long time subscriber.


You are a natural born educator and teacher. So refreshing to see a true professional on YouTube ~ especially in this day and age where we see very little professionalism in our industry. Thank-you so much Andrew and Sam Villa!


Thank you!

Rhian Bolter

Brilliant Tutorial. Thanks so much for taking the time


I have recently had some very short layers put into the top of my hair against my wishes by a hair-stylist. So annoying in my fine hair as it takes ages to grow out. Now I have some very odd short, stringy uneven flumps that hang down around my ears :(

rick viera

Talvez a ideia tenha sido boa mas na prática ficou confuso, porque geralmente o cabelo finalizado mostra o resultado.


thank you ! helped me a lot, I am in school but we never even learned this in half a year. you’re a great teacher

Stacie Armstrong

Wow, you are amazing. This was the best "How to cut hair video" . Great job explaining each step. I am a subscriber now and let me say thank you for the help.

Bella Ramirez

Thank you so much ,i've learn a lot on this vedeio watching from phillippines

Inge P.K

Excellent video!

Linh Kaca

Rất hay và ý nghĩa ,cản ơn ađ

Trisha Szymanski

Hi Andrew, what elevation(s) would you say this haircut has used? Thanks so much! https://therighthairstyles.com/20-best-variations-of-a-medium-shag-haircut-for-your-distinctive-style/26/

Teela Tequila

This is the haircut that everyone learns at cosmetology school it is a basic haircut you can get so many different types of style out of this one haircut. Everyone should know this haircut and how to do it. I am shocked. Same haircut when you take your state board test it's just a long version of it


Amazing I know what to ask for now


*affect ????

Nassim Nassim

Show me how to cut Evelie Medium Length Hair with Volume Back l??In an easy and clear way?????

Kristy O'Connell

Excellent tutorial. Thank you!

kalima Tayyeba

The length of hair also plays a fundamental role in determining the layers kind, whether it is high medium or low. So they call layers names like long layers, medium layers and short layers. For example we can make short layers on long hair. The best area to be the guide is the crown area. Take a layer from the crown and measure its length according to the length of hair..
Thank you because you teach me another idea, how elevation also plays an important role in determining the kinds of layers.

Roro Roro

Thank you . Valuable information as usual including the way of demonstration.

Labella Labrutta

Sir, this oh so well presented educational content got you a new sub.
Extremely helpful and well explained: professionality and a greate use of concept DO matter.
Thank you!!!

Lea Nixon

I'm not a professional. Brilliant explanation and that's really going to help me. What video can you do to show 3 different ways to show long layers at the face? That would be brilliant. Thanks very much!

breann scott

Andrew you're a God send. I'm a student struggling with layers but this makes a lot more sense after watching this. Thank you!!


I’m confused. It sounds like your other recommendation for fine hair was the 90 degree to horizontal cut. Here, you recommended the 90 degree to vertical cut for fine hair. I’ll go by the other recommendation, since it was an entire tutorial on cutting fine hair. Nice instruction. Thank you.

Angela Monahan

Thank you, Andrew! ? You did an AWESOME job in breaking down the different layering angles; very helpful and useful info. You are, by far, my favorite Sam Villa instructor and your videos are ALWAYS such a pleasure to watch. ??


Andrew Carruthers is the Bob Ross of hair. I feel so soothed and in-awe, yet confident that I could definitely do what he's doing lol

Teretza Gaeta

The Best teacher! Thanks ?✔️


I really like vidéo

bozfz fsdoeltgz

Pas facile , quand on comprend pas l'anglais ....!.

Gina Villagracia

nice tutorial ?

Sunny Sovereign

Thanks so much! I'm going to practice on myself. Can't find a decent hairdresser who has the imagination or know-how or who listens and gives me what I want. (Fair enough, I suppose they don't teach the archetypal Bardot-esque-60's Ladybird-Book Princess-Come-Sewing-Pattern-For-Evening-Wear-Illustration Cut these days ;)...)

Jhion Nano

Kakean cocot


Not a hairdresser and I just watched this entire video. Very informative! I have triangle wavy hair, how do I explain to my hairdresser?

Jorgete Hudson

Thank you so much. You demonstrated this so well and have given me the confidence to try it.

Lana BStar

Super informative as usual. But, is Andrew ok? He seems a little off here, like he might be ill. Or depressed. Or maybe this pandemic just has me projecting ha


Thank you lots of my questions answered??

Adriana Rico

I'm very grateful for the explanation you did its exactly what i was looking for , know i can see the difference between each elevation. Love it.


The art of hair is that you can MODIFY all haircuts tailor it to each individual!

Sonali Hirulkar


Vaishu singh

Thank you so much, really helpful

Moon Rain

3rd section 6:40

Karl Mohring

One of the best and most informative videos all hairdressers should watch! Fantastic

Rosy Par

Thank you so much for this video! Extremely helpful! I am able to understand the outcome of the weight lines because of the elevation I'm using! Please make a video on connecting these haircuts to the front of the hair!

Candace Quintero

I don’t know why layers confuse me so much ?

Serin ْ

انه جميل جدا ??

Maheen Shaiq

This was so helpful! Need to watch again and again

Anna Ljuba

So helpful!

Marizel San Jose

This explanation is the best I’ve seen! Can’t wait to try the “follow the head shape” technique on my sister’s hair (she trusts me with her hair ☺️). I’m not a licensed hairdresser but this gives me confidence to go for it. I’ve been looking for a video as thorough as this on elevations. Thank you thank you thank you!

F r a n c i s

That is a very good video. In the last way of how to elevate the hair, so many people mistake and because you’re cutting parallel with the floor you gonna get so much weight within the hair


This was a GREAT, GREAT, GREAT video!!! So, so helpful! Thank you so much!


Definitivamente te amo. ?

Polar Bear

It should be *Affect not effect btw

Brittany Henry

I wish my layers looked like this. This is a great video. Thank you. I’m hoping I can Atleast somewhat fix this disaster on my head.


You’re an amazing teacher. So helpful! ? Thank you!

Sweet Sue

Great teacher.


I love this explanation. I’m a fine haired girl, and I understand why my stylist insists on the 90 degree straight up, but I do find that the top layers get a little too wispy. Maybe my hair hates layers. I’m still trying to figure it out. Thank you.

Katy M

Most stylists don't know how to do layers. I've spent the past 11 years trying to find a good one without success. I'm learning how to cut my own hair now which is why I'm watching this video ?

Barbara Ott

Got it. 90 degree vertical is the one I want.


I want to be an EMT, but with this Shelter in Place, I've been cutting everyone's hair... And this guy is such a great teacher! Idk... Maybe i should compete with my sister in law, the hair stylist.... Lol

m her

This was brilliant... Great example and explanation for different hair types. NICE!


Is this Richard Chamberlain holding our haircut class???!!! :)

Alda Tomasic

Thank you for this video. I wish you had been my instructor in Cosmetology school. I never learned the "low elevation" layering technique on it's own. We only learned 4 haircuts and spent very little time combining the techniques. Could you do each of the haircuts individually and show them completely styled, both straight and curled? I also would like to see what the cut looks like when you combine all the layers. Clearly, cutting was not my forte! Thanks again!


my hair cut is insane, I did the job myself and there is no redeeming it. beautiful n the front, terrible in the back.


Absolutely love your videos Villa team!!!

Lauren Swartz

Can't believe how hard it is for most instructors to explain this so simply, like you do! Thanks so much- this is very helpful!

Moon Rain

Thank you! If this were the first class in cosmetology school I would’ve not been confused. Plus we never talked about elevation and how it affects layering. This makes hair cutting much easier to grasp.


I have been doing hair for about a year and this is the first time I think I've fully understood the explanation of elevation with layering! I feel like a lot of stylists have a "go-to" method of cutting layers and they aren't taking elevation in consideration.. or hair texture/density.. and they layer everyone's hair the same way... Yes, thank you! Elevate with a purpose and know why! ??♥️ Saving this video to go back to.

tina cababat

Very well explained.. You're a great educator! I've learned a lot.. Thank you so much ??

Jyoti Saini

Excellent video. Thank you

Jaci Mckinney

This is great! Thank’s for sharing!

Teresa Anguiano

Ups jaja

Janine MJoi

SPECTACULAR explanation! Not a stylist, but have cut my hair a lot in my lifetime. Watched numerous vids to figure out how to layer my long hair. Needed it shorter. Cut off 5 inches. Learned to take much thinner sections. This vid taught me I did the middle one, heavier on top. My hair is very thick and wavy and whole it's choppy, no one knows. This is THE best vid I've seen on hair cutting.

Dos M

This sooo imp. Information, thank you

Ani's journey

I watch your video from india

susan gunn

CUT more.
Yap... Less.

Theme Changer

Sir ur hard to understand, please easy to understand layer and step cutting understand easy method for.long hairs

Kirtimalini Singh

Very useful

Ani's journey

U do great job

Beth Poler

It would be nice to see thick/heavy natural curly hair layered ?, since my best stylist retired,haven't been able to find a stylist to layer my hair the same?,left chunky? .......?

Sheree P

Such an excellent video. Thank you!!!

Abby Apacible

Thank u Sam, very helpful.. But what if the hair is really thick, i mean thick and long, up to the lower torso..What is the perfect elevation for that? Will appreciate your answer..

capri deck

more videos like this, please!!!!!!!!!!! this was awesome!