Wash hair with only water

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4 402 views | 19 Oct. 2020

♥Hey everyone! Perhaps

♥Hey everyone! Perhaps you tried dry shampoo before and just felt it did not work, perhaps your hair still felt dirty. Well in today's video I show you how to do a scalp only wash! As some of you are very active, a lot of you ask me what to do when your scalp is all sweaty but you do not feel like washing fully and/or you do not want to use dry shampoo. This is the answer! :) You can have a clean scalp and keep your ends dry. This saves on drying time and also keeps your ends from drying out and being over washed. Additionally, I love doing this method in the winter when I do not want to wait hours and hours for all my hair to dry. This method is great for those with combination hair; oily scalp and dry ends.

Let me know if you try this out! :)

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Bill M

Great work Antonia. This is talked about a lot but rarely demonstrated. Thank you. ♥

A Joyful Sound

I will have to try that! My hair takes forever to wash and dry! Thanks for sharing this idea!

Abbie Wheatley

Wow really good idea looks gorgeous as always antonia ?

Puja Singh

I was also thinking about doing the same.... Now i am gonna definitely try it?

Lesley Elder

Can't wait to try this, it will be perfect for my hair as my roots get greasy really quickly and my hair is getting longer so it will definitely save me time ☺
Thanks for another great video.
Take care ? ❤

Elizabeth Yates

Wow!!! Never seen this method.i love it!!


I use to do this when my hair was longer. Now it’s just a few inches past bsl ? a lot of my hair fell out a year go because of medical conditions. It grew back but it looks like I have a ton of breakage and I hate it. I’m considering long layers when it grows out more but... I don’t like layers at all but better than damage looking hair. As always thank you for listening to my complaints.

Halima Hashi

Omg this is amazing especially for combo hair type. Definitely gonna try this


Last year I was diagnosed with seb dermatitis and since then doing my scalp washes every alternate day. I dont secure it as much as you do, I used to just use shower cap and scrunchie to secure...will surely try your extra secure method..can you please do a video on seb dermatitis if possible

Sara Leiva

I will do it Antonia ?you always fabulous ???

Sarah Pé

Nice video! I will try this when my hair gets a bit longer ❤️

Anthony Cox

I love your step by step videos!

Kathy Vettraino

I will have to try this! Your hair is so beautiful, a rich chestnut brown with auburn, so shiny and healthy!


I was waiting on you to upload this! Lol. Never heard of it really, and I so need to try it because I have oily scalp and sometimes my ends are fine, but my scalp is all bleh and I dont want to wash all of my hair and dry shampoo doesnt really work for me ?

Chris White

I needed this ? Thanks! ✌️

TJ Radway

I love your beautiful long hairstyle, it very pretty ?

Imma the chopsticks that Jin always carry

Thank you so much , I'm gonna do this.


Thanks Antonia! I love this idea! My scalp gets greasy so fast but I hate putting my length through frequent washings. <3


I work out regularly and have been wishing there was a way to save my ends from the stress of multiple washes every week. And here it is! Thank you!

Hija De La Metafísica

I get dandruff if I don’t wash it daily. Will this help that, any advice? Thank you & I adore your long hair!! So beautiful like you!


Oh thank goodness - an actual doable tutorial on this! This takes the guesswork out of so much!

Honey Bread

My hair is the same lenght as yours and i had the same problem, it became such a hassle i even considered cutting it all but now it's so easy, i wash my scalp once a week and once a month i wash it from root to ends, so happy more girls are doing it ?

Ana Leticia Gallardo

I do this too! it is a great time saver. Blow dries take forever otherwise.

P**** R*****

Hi Antonia,
Can you please recommend a good heat protectant spray for blowdying. Thank you!

Ken Za

Your hair is amazing ♡

Wash hair with only water

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Why I Stopped Water Only Hair Washing!

51 399 views | 28 Sep. 2015


Instagram: snarfcat

Twitter: twitter.com/Snarfcat_

Sherrill CuCu

Your hair is so thick and gorgeous!

Altonette Schmidt

You were supposed to add oil to your hair afterwards, not just letting it dry without adding anything. I have been washing my hair with water for more than five years. I use a very good hair conditioner then I apply coconut oil to hair, especially the ends. It is growing and it always has a nice shine to it.


Where do you come from? You have an amazing accent!


I shampoo once every 2 weeks. It has its benefits, but a problem with chemicals will exist if you use it too much.

Georgina Bain

I Did the water only method for about three years and I had a fungal infection on my head and those scabby bits you were talking about which was where I used to scratch my head was so inflamed and itchy it Drive me crazy i’m
now using shampoo again.


That’s seborhic keratosis not dandruff, you should go to the dr for a prescription to help

nicole lewis

Exactly same happened to me!! Don't understand how people do this no poo method

Commander Fadds

Your tap water quality is garbage, tough luck.


use some tea tree oil comditioner to help the dandruff


Try leaving in sea salted water

Herkko Koskinen

I think what happened was that your scalp slowed down with producing the "natural oils" as you only water washed, instead of regularly washing em away with shampoo.... and then when you shampoo'd, it washed all the oils away, and then as it had already started to slow down, it resulted in a too dry scalp? Just a guess though

A. Kms

It's maybe because the tap water in the place you live is hard. You should then watch for a water filter it's about 70-80€. I live in Paris and i had the same scalp problem since the water is soooo hard here .


You will have to give it more time dear. At lest 4 weeks

Melanie Martin

Do you color your hair? You seem to have a lot of breakage... sorry if there is a backstory this is my first visit to your channel.


You're so pretty, love your hair. Thanks for the video, I wash my hair about once a week and water wash the rest of the time and it's helped my hair grow. But just water washing did not work for me either. ?

Watermelon Felon


Aquarius green

Yr hair look like a wig

Camila Meireles

OMG your accent...


Recently I went into an organic food shop and found some natural shampoos. The brand is called "faith in nature" and I got the coconut shampoo and conditioner. I swear my hair has never been better. The products are even better than the Lush hair products I've tried. If you come across this brand, definitely have a try :)

Amanda w

When you said you had small scabs that bleed if you scratch them, That made me think of my daughter. She has Mild Psoriasis of the scalp.  Which sounds like what you may have. It's different then dandruff but looks similar.  Try a clinical shampoo with tar in it, if  it gets bad.

Nathaniel Jones

God your hair is amazing ..i love it and your accent ...

Arindam Ghosh

She looks like romanian singer Otillia


What a hair. WOW!

Ga el tigree

Oh wow she's gorgeous I'm gonna draw her!!


Why don't you just shave your head bald? You have such a cute face, you'd be a real cute baldy.

Kat James

I switched to Marc Anthony sulfate-free coconut shampoo and conditioner. It's working really well, and once a week I use raw, organic coconut oil on my hair. My hair is thick and coarse, but feels the softest ever.


You definitely have one of the nicest hair I've seen around youtube .