Oil of oregano internally for acne

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HERBS: Why I take Oil of Oregano (Natural Antibiotic & More!)

1 046 views | 26 Mar. 2019

Oil of Oregano is an

Oil of Oregano is an AMAZING herb with MANY wonderful benefits! In this video I will be explaining what it can do for the body! Thanks for Watching and don't forget to Subscribe! XoXo

Latavia Norris has been an Esthetician for 13 years and has been instructing for two and a half years and absolutely loves what she does! She became an Esthetician because of her own life struggle with acne. She wants to teach all of you and bring awareness to how important skin care is and how crucial it is to use the right ingredients on your skin. She is here, ready to help you in any way that she can! Leave a comment down below and she would love to hear your concerns. Don't forget to Subscribe and Like her videos so you can learn as much as possible from her!

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Oooo, I like oregano in my diffuser when we are sick.

Shannon K.

I've started taking oil of oregano for my acne and immune system and I've seen great results so far! Xx

Felicia Flower

Thank you for this video I started taking them but the recommendation for time to take them is 2-4 weeks is it safe to take it everyday continually

Eliana Borges

I am starting it today ??? thanks a lot for this lovely education!! By the way i am in love with the Thiphala the gut cleanser from your supplements video ,, ??????. Thanks a lot Latavia?

Latavia Norris

Thanks for Watching!! ?

Christina Rivera

Hi is this product still good because it has soy in it.

Oil of oregano internally for acne

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Oil of Oregano Review / Benefits for Colds, Acne, Candida, Sinus Infection, Toenail Fungus etc.

5 090 views | 25 Mar. 2019

Oregano Oil Review /

Oregano Oil Review / Benefits for Colds, Acne, Candida, Sinus Infection, Toenail Fungus etc. In this video, I talk about the benefits of Oil of Orgegano, and I review the Oreganol P73 Super Strength product from North American Herb and Spice. This is one of the best forms of oregano oil that you take, which has a host of different benefits.

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Carcavol found in oregano essential oil is so potent that it has been been the focus of over 800 studies referenced in PubMed, the world’s No. 1 database for scientific evidence-based literature. To give you a sense of how multi-functional and impressive carvacrol is, it has been shown in studies to help reverse or reduce some of these common health problems:

Bacterial infections

Fungal infections








Because it has antimicrobial properties, oregano is also used to preserve food quality during storage

In contrast, what does oil of oregano do for you that makes it so beneficial? Essentially, taking oregano oil is a “broad-spectrum approach” to protecting your health. Its active ingredients help fight multiple types of harmful pathogens, including bacteria, yeast and fungi.

2. Fights Infections & Bacterial Overgrowth

Here’s the good news regarding the use of less-than-ideal antibiotics: there’s evidence that oregano essential oil can help to fight at least several strains of bacteria that cause health problems that are commonly treated with antibiotics.

3. Helps Reduce Side Effects From Medications/Drugs

In recent years many studies have found that one of the most promising oregano oil benefits is helping to reduce side effects from medications/drugs. These studies give hope to people who want to find a way to manage the horrible suffering that accompanies drugs and medical interventions, such as chemotherapy or use of drugs for chronic conditions like arthritis.

4. Helps Treat Athlete’s Foot

One study found that a combination of heat, salt and use of essential oils (including oregano) had inhibitory effects against mycelia of T. rubrum and conidia of T. mentagrophytes, bacterial strains that commonly cause the fungal infection known as athlete’s foot. The researchers concluded that “Thermotherapy combined with essential oils and salt would be promising to treat tinea pedis in a foot bath.” After testing the fungicidal activity of 11 essential oils against the bacteria known to cause athlete’s foot, oregano oil was found to be the most powerful (followed by thyme, cinnamon bark, lemongrass and clove). (12)

5. Helps Treat Digestive Issues (Including SIBO & Heartburn)

Several of the active compounds found in Origanum vulgare can help to aid digestion by relaxing the muscles of the GI tract and also helping to balance the ratio of good-to-bad bacteria in the gut. Thymol, one of oregano’s active compounds, is a similar compound to menthol, which is found in peppermint oil. Like menthol, thymol may help relax the soft tissue of the throat

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Judith Raymond

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Jill Bailey

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U a bright young brother ...natural is best... wish we knew this info yrs ago

Perry Pelican

Sorry but I don't see your credentials. Are you a doctor or naturopath or what? If none then you might want to get some kind of credentials before recommending things. The thing is that some people might have problems taking stuff that helps you depending on their particular health issues. You should warn people very very clearly to talk to a professional before going on any regular program. I start good feelings does not mean good. Hard drugs makes you feel great and is definitely not good for you. Doctors do not make money on prescriptions. That is a very heavy thing to accuse them of. Be careful. Natural doesn't mean good for you. There are tons of natural poisons. What do you recommend someone to do if they have a severe allergic reaction from taking your advice and start to choke because their windpipe is closing? How can you recommend a product? Who tested it? I hope they are paying you to advertise their product.

thomas Shakespeare

How did you get 1k subs? Please

Nucking Futs

It burns, how did you put a few drops under your tongue?

Blythe Majors

How do you use it in your sinus/nose?


A cold is bacteria helping remove toxins from the body. Never take antibacterial for a cold.

Crissy Tina

Should one take oil of oregano if they have low iron?

angela shuela

Right after a year of seeking the superb solution for the nail fungus infecting one my sister’s toenails. She found this fungus treatment method. She noticed outcomes very fast! The black/purple area on her nail bed cleared up.. Google can help to find, it calls Kαmonuz Yda
Thanks for reading

William Shortreed

Since i have started taking p73 two decades ago I have not been sick and have not needed to see a Doctor. I am 49..and still haven't seen a Doctor. This oil has saved my life more then once.Very good review..btw carvacrol should exceed 70%.


You look like you’d be Connor murphys little brother

Lucille Femine

I've been having a horrble time with a yeast infection. Using all kinds of herbs and things. Started oregano 3 days ago and it's been miraculous. I feel 80% better. What a relief. Thanks.

Mr X

2 to 4 drops daily. when i say daily i mean religiously. to it everyday and get to know this miracle herb. this brand is the best and dr. cass ingrams knowledge on the subject is really beneficial.

ian brighton

Is that you Connor Murphy?

Sun flower

Thanks for the video very informative!

mr rahila

Can you use oil of oregano on your face for acne??


How long do you take it for for gut health fungus cleanse?


Thks for your kind information
Less side effects than conventional drugs !!!

Oil of oregano internally for acne

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Why you should be taking Oregano oil. (Review)

10 672 views | 24 Feb. 2019

Benefits of taking oregano

Benefits of taking oregano oil

Carmen Renee

?. That’s right! Oregano oil ? regulates...You said it comes in, and says, mucus...what you doing in here? You gotta get the hell up out of here ?And anybody that’s left is getting the business. ? Good video!?


Poor audio made it hard to listen to, but I appreciate the info.

Claudia Janzen

I have been taken oregano oil for over a year. I never get sick and I don’t get cold sores anymore. I buy a brand called Oreganol. It burns under the tongue, you get used to it. I might not take anything else, but I’ll never give up my oregano oil.

phire blu

U not supposed to take it undiluted it'll burn skin tissue!

Real Truth and Power

checking out your videos, can I interview you on my podcast


What is the best brand to buy?

Josh McCoy

The comments about the audio are annoying af that's why we need to start keeping health stuff secret. People don't appreciate it. People in other countries have alot worse audio get off your high fucking horses people. Appreciate the knowledge he's passing along.

george germann

I mix it with Olive oil and put a couple drops under my tongue.

Christi Smith

Where to purchase I bought from Amazon reading reviews I was gained when I got it I seen that it wasn’t for internal use

Scuffed Steve Aoki

I just discovered Oil of Oregano after I had terrible abdominal pains, bloating, and just overall fatigue. I paired this with some raw garlic, turmeric, and I'm gonna try out probiotics now. So happy that I learned the importance of good gut health and to "regulate." Good video, man.

Trent King

You have to mix oregano with a carrier oil (olive or coconut) otherwise it will burn

Judith Raymond

What worsen Genital Herpes Virus is the fact that you don't know if there is a cure yet, I got cured from my Genital Herpes after using Dr Alaho Olu herbs. You can get more information by contacting Dr Alaho Olu.

C. C.


Tiya G

Regulating like Warren G took me out! I love my people man.

Janelle Speaks

I take 4 drops in water


It's hard to understand you. Get rid of the echo room your end and speak more clearly.

Elizabeth Gary

I'm so excited. I finally got rid of my Herpes Simplex Virus within just two weeks. Thank you Dr Alaho Olu At last I'm free from this shit! disgusting herpes virus , visit him on email [email protected]gmail.com or WhatsApp +2347064370626 you will thank God later good luck..,


Great video I was laughing and learning at the same time ?

Journeys Wake

I found black seed oil a few years ago and it is great. I just started oregano oil today I can tell you it is hot.?

Toyin A.

Oregano oil come in and start regulating like Warren G.... you made me laugh so hard! I agree oil oregano oil is the truth!!!

Crissy Tina

My dr prescribed antibiotics for a sinus infection. I also just bought some oil of oregano. I wonder if I can the oil of oregano while taking the antibiotics ?

Briana M

Appreciate the video. ?? I started taking oil of oregano almost 1 week ago and I’am lovin this stuff.