Red with blue undertones

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Basics of Life: Reborning Tutorial part 1; Blue Undertones

17 118 views | 22 Feb. 2018

Learn to Reborn with this

Learn to Reborn with this step by step process. Step one will show you how to add depth to the vinyl kit by adding blue undertones. You will need a clean, unpainted vinyl doll kit, vein blue genesis heat set paints, thinning liquid, and a few paintbrushes and a blending sponge for this step.

lucretia gambill

Oh my thankyou I'm new to reborning I've watched a lot of videos not one has did this thankyou so much I can see this step is so important I'll be watching from now on thankyou

Davi Japinha

Please, I'm new to the art and I live in Brazil, you do not apply the flesh to skin tone? I really need to know, thank you and your work is beautiful.

Sue Bauhof

I just want to thank you for these videos. I just found you channel and I am in live with it. I am getting ready to do Tink by Bobbie Brown. I will be following g your tutorial.

Laura Pula

What color blue are you using?

Julie Collins

? Thank you for sharing your experience ???

Ana Luz Valentin

My kit looks pinkish,so I was going to give it a green wash...should I do this step first?

Jacquelinebabydolls Daycare

hello I just subscribed to your channel I just found you or I would have been watching sooner thank you so much for sharing I also do reborning on video.I'm looking forward to learning tips from you and I hope you find some tips from me

Antonella Pastorelli

Hy! Can you terll mer please what kind of colours you use? Water colour, acrilic colour, oli colour? Thanks if tou answer! <3

Toccoah10 10

These videos are soooooo sooooothing!!!!


Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, it's helping me achieve the look that I want. I do have one question (so far), which layers are you baking after? Are there any layers that can be done without baking between the layers? Thanks!

Darlene Irvin

You manage to show in around 10 minutes a video what everybody else takes and hour and a half to show. Following you I feel I can finally get started. Thanks so much. I’ve watched so many videos and never felt like I could start!

Людмила Шпак

Good day! Looked at all of your lessons from Fundamentals of Life: A Rebirth Tutorial. Is it possible to know how to fix paints with a special varnish, how to apply and bake it?Thank you!

Gracie Voshell


Finding Nic

Thank you! Im 16 and been wanting to paint my own reborn since i was around 10, and i'm finally getting to it. Your videos are really simple but educational and help me with my short attention span.

Aleina Peterson

I loooooove your tutorials!♥️♥️♥️

Людмила Шпак

It's great !!!


Do you neutralize your kits before this step? Or you just skipped that step because this kit was no as peachy??

Mary Graydon

Absolutely great and so very helpful thank you

Red with blue undertones

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How to Find Your BEST Red Lipstick

3 206 views | 8 Oct. 2019

Red lipstick for dark

Red lipstick for dark skin---how to find your BEST red lipstick so you can stunt and shut everything down, darling! Tips on how your undertones (warm undertones, cool undertones, neutral undertones) can determine if you look best in blue-based reds or orange-based reds.

Hair: Big Chop Hair Blown Straight 28" u-part

Lashes: Blinx Minx Lashes in Cash Out


Blog: http://www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com

Subscribe to my blog: http://www.thestyleandbeautydoctor.com/subscribe/

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/stylenbeautydoc

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/stylenbeautydoc

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thestyleandbeautydoctor

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/stylenbeautydoc

Yeama Neal

Great choices! One of my faves red is Vengeance by Estee Lauder. I have been looking for a blued-based red. Thanks!

Sylvia Gonzalez

I love the orange red lipsticks. I NEED TO KNOW what is your navy blue ( I think it is navy blue ) nail polish you have on during your Paris trip? Thanks!

Yea Rite

Yesss NARS Inappropriate Red is EVERYTHING, definitely a WOC must-have for red lovers #tfs ?

Carmy Vasquez

I love cherry blossom but now I’m buying Mac dance with ?thank you sis?


Hi Danielle! My favorite reds are MAC's Ruby Woo, MUFE's #41 (discontinued), Sephora Collection's Cream Lipstain Liquid Lipstick #01 Always Red, Wet-n-Wild's Cherry Picking, Revlon's Cherries In The Snow, and Fenty's Stunna Lip Paint in Uncensored. NYC used to have the a red lipstick named Retro Red which was great.

geek bliss

Looking good out there, girl... what's the name of the lipstick you're wearing?

Terri B.


Camille Murphy

I see the difference. I love red lipsticks. I sometimes ombre my reds. I use a blue base as a liner and orange base in the middle of my lip. Its looks so pretty. You should try it. My favorite reds are Underage Red by Kate Von D, Cherry Blossom from coloured Raine, Ruby Woo Mac, Russian Red by Mac and Sephora Red.

Tywan Brown

?Hey Danielle, So I typically like deeper reds like burgundy-ish wine-ish type reds (if that makes sense) idk if that’s has anything to do with my complexion/undertone OR if it’s just a preference. I guess you can call those types of reds “blue based”. I really don’t consider myself having a cool undertone I always felt I had more of a warm/neutral undertone (I’m probably wrong ??)


I love blue based reds but I usually have to mix them to get the color I want.

R Jolie

I too am neutral tone I use both blue and orange base red

LaToya R. Mitchell

I gravitate towards blue-based reds and purples but MUAs are always telling me my skin is golden/yellow. So, I'm gonna try that MAC Fashion Legacy. Great video as always! :)


Girl, you look good in all the reds you showed! I love blue based reds! My ABSOLUTE HOLY GRAIL is Coloured Raine’s Cherry Blossom! I put my Ruby Woo down after discovering her (still a favorite tho lol). But other favorites of mine are: Milani Matte Confident, NARS Cruella, Too Faced Lady Balls and Fenty Uncensored. ?


Colorpop Avenue and Stilla Fiery red are great to stash in your red collection!!

Beauti By Tennille

Oooh you look great in Red! I prefer blue based reds even though I am warm toned ☺️

Shar’s Beautyverse

I like all reds, but my favorite is All Fired Up by MAC. It’s a orange based red. I have to keep back ups in case MAC wants to act foolish and discontinue it????? I have it on in my thumbnail.

S. Owens

I love Nars Cruella & Palais Royal (slightly vampy)

Jennifer Eldridge

I haven't worn a red in a long while. There used to be a beautiful red I liked I think from loreal but I don't recall the name.
Got me wanting to buy one... I'm neutral but I like a blue based red myself

Krista W

The lip bar Bawse lady is the best red that's I've tried.

Sweet Ney

Thank you for sharing it was so helpful

kathie johnson

Try Urban Decay Bad Blood. It's especially great for the fall.


I love all reds. Some of my favorites are Coloured Raine Cherry blossom, Juvia’s place Lulu and Fenty Beauty stunna lip paint in uncensored

Nicole Johnson

I just want to say thank you. The past couple months I’ve been watching your videos. Especially about skin care. Your radiant melanin was an inspiration. I have lupus , so I’m very fearful of my skin. It’s mostly affected by the sun. YES I WEAR SUNSCREEN THANKS TO YOU!!!! - I even yelled at my girlfriends at Church because they don’t. Lol anyways I’ve created a great system, and I use glycolic acid, and the regenerist whip and night cream. After a few weeks, today my front desk staff told me my face looks radiant, I don’t look tired or dull. Girl I wear no make up and just some mascara. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. I’m 37 with systemic lupus and your skin vlogs are a true blessing. God bless you .

PS... I’m a hygienist in DC and your smile is beautiful. If you ever in DC your cleaning is on me girl.

Lakersha Olivarez

I can’t decide. I have to go and try some on. You look beautiful in all of red lipsticks. I love your videos. Thank you so much for the best videos

Julie Frank

Great recommendations for red lip pies, but tell us about your amazing eyebrows.???❤️❤️

Mrs. Mills

I love red lipstick, it gives you that pop even when you don’t wear makeup.
I prefer blue based reds
Crawfish By The Crayon Case and Nyma Tang’s Collab with Mac are my two favorites
I don’t care for the Ruby Woo lipstick (because of the dryness) but the Ruby Woo lippencil is amazing

Shauna Rowland

I love that we have similar undertone and skin tone; if it looks great on you, then it’ll likely work for me. Just picked up MAC Dance w/Me and it’s fabulous! Bye ELF! Thanks for being my guinea pig! ?

LV7095 LV

Decades ago I was told that red lipstick would not look good on me because I am dark skin. I proved them wrong. Mac lip pencils in currant & vino with Mac desire & The Lip Bar Bawse Lady are pretty shades on my rich Mocha skin. This tutorial was excellent??

Diana M

Hi - I love all reds but I love The Lip Bar’s Bawse Lady and Hot Mama. I also like Mac’s ruby woo

Irene F

I 100% prefer blue-based reds. Coloured Raine's Cherry Blossom is the only red I wear

Re Fi

You are so pretty lady . I could stare at you all day long! I have a lot of those reds you tried on they are beautiful!


I love Sephora 01, Mac's ruby woo or lady danger, and any of the Nars matte lip pencils especially consuming red. I think I like a blue based red more but if its too much I just use nightmoth lip pencil to tone it down.

Stephanie Gordon

I love both lol. I wore ruby woo this wknd.

Nneena A

What foundation are you wearing ?


THANK YOU for this video, so helpful :D

Catrinia Smith

Apple red by Miliana


ohhhh that Nars Inappropriate Red....I might have to get that one. You always have the best makeup advice and tips.

Virginia Bell

Red, oh yes! I wear a red lipstick almost every day. I have at least 10 different ones. But, my fav is drug store brand, Revlon Certainly Red!

Dani O

This is interesting. I have a warm undertone but I lean towards blue-based reds and true reds.

Blank Canvas Makeup

Blue based reds I love: Maybelline Ink in Voyager, MAC's Ruby Woo. Might just wear a red lipstick on my date tonight!

Allezmoy Bourque

I still can’t figure out a red lip that would work on me. I’m still on the hunt for one that would just say kapow ?


My all time favorite isn't made anymore. It's a neutral red lip liner from Beauticontrol, and I haven't found a similar color yet. My other favorites are cool pink-reds. I like Kiss from Milani and Cherry Blossom from Revlon.

The Black Beauty Edit

I love all my reds! I have drifted to the orange reds this year usually it’s been a blue red. I love my MAC viva glam collaboration with Sia and bite beauty new lip stain that’s a borderline orange.

Side note... what do you have on your eyes please? ? you’re the tight line queen honey!!

Shauna Rowland

Love this. Be sure to pick up ELF's lipstick in Cherry...appears to be a blue-red dupe for the color you're wearing throughout this video. Thanks!

all things delightful

I haven't worn red lipstick in awhile. I will do mostly blue based like RiRi woo. I don't care for orange based reds. I think they look garish on my skin tone.


This one is for me, I really needed help with that..good looking out ?❤️ so what’s are good lip liners for red lipstick or is it better without?

Kat H

?? just LIVE for your videos!!!!! I have the hardest time with red because I’m so beige-y with freckles. I feel like my face fades away and I’m all lips in some reds, which is probably why I have always
defaulted to brown/nudes. But, I’ve been playing outside the box a lot with your help. When I do wear an occasional red I gravitate towards a more Merlot/burgundy so I think the blue-reds are my zone. For one they seem to make my teeth look brighter and it’s seems less startling like my cocoa browns. I’m definitely going to try “Dance with Me” it’s such a great look. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

LucyLoves Skincare

Girl you had me at ‘red’! Gimme all of them!! Lol ? neutral blue true red! Love them all!! I’m either in a nude lippy or a red! Btw have you done a nude for brown skin vid? Thanks for this! You’re a stunner as per usual❤️?

Byte Size Budget

Another great one! I love blue based reds and tomato reds.


That was so informative. Wishing you much success with your channel.

Lady Starr

Mented Cosmetics have the BEST Red Lipsticks!! ?They have three colors based on the undertone descriptions. I just received Red Rover and I am loving this shade. ♥️?♥️


You are so PRETTY, like a Barbie doll!!

My favorite red, that universally looks good on everyone is Fenty Uncensored.

Mattie Van Arsdale

Thanks for this. I've been looking for a nice red. I like the blue base better.

Janelle B

Why are you tempting my with the red lippies?! ?. I’ve been on a no buy since January! Guess I’ll have to continue shopping my stash! My fav is Mac red x

Neptune’s Rain

Blue based red! It make your teeth look whiter

Nevleitta Smith

Hey, what about drugstore brand reds??


My fave red is Nars Cruella, CR Cherry Blossom. I am still not sure about my undertone because I look good in silver and gold! Since you say that means neutral, I will try a orange red!

Kay Rivera

Hi! My name is Kay from Teddy Blake New York. I just sent you an email as we would love to sponsor a video on your amazing channel. Visit us at www.teddyblake.com and discover a wide range of designer handbags - Made in Italy. We cater luxury quality without the luxury cost! Hope to hear back from you!

Sapodilla Brown

THE BEST invention is the selfie. No makeup. Lipstick on. Snap. You'll figure out real quick what works on you.

Ruby Kisses Hearbeat is such an easy deep red but I LOVE LOVE LOVVVE NARS Cruella. It's the perfect rich red.

Lidia Saysso

I love love red lipsticks . My faves are Cherry Blossom from Colourdraine , Devotion by Milani cosmetics , Nars powermatte lip pigment Don’t Stop, Pat McGrath Elson

Red with blue undertones

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TOP 10 RED LIQUID LIPSTICKS! Perfect Reds & Long-lasting Formulas

150 492 views | 14 Dec. 2017

My top red liquid

My top red liquid lipstick shades & formulas! If you're new, join the #baerrito family and Subscribe! I upload MWF 6 pm PT xx

Watch more

→ Top Drugstore Nude lipsticks https://youtu.be/mVIFzUobhfY

→ Last Raves & Rejects https://youtu.be/jjvw6Cg0YzI



◇ Smashbox Always on liquid lipstick in Bang Bang and Bawse http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a5h/

Video wearing Bang Bang: https://youtu.be/-MFi5-lVYuM

◇ Ardell Matte Whipped Liquid lipstick in Smokin' Haute http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a5l/

◇ Stila Stay all Day in Fiery http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a5y/

◇ Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Lost http://bit.ly/2iUkF8y

◇ Bhue True Red and Poppy Red ➜ Code "TAYLOR15" for discount http://bit.ly/29hniAb

1548 video mentioned https://youtu.be/JjhitHAdOOo

◇ Sephora cream lip stain in 01 Always Red http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a61/

◇ LA Splash Smitten Lip Tint Mousse in Inflamed http://amzn.to/2yk5f2y

◇ OFRA "THATAYLAA30" for discount Milan http://bit.ly/2Azqy6A


★ SHOP BAERRITO MERCH http://bit.ly/thataylaamerch

Teespring sizing guide: http://bit.ly/2B5n4Ez

◇ Makeup details:

Contour/bronzer: elf Bronzer Palette http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a68/

Highlight: Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Palette http://go.magik.ly/ml/71bw/

Blush: H&M Cantalope http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a65/

Eyeshadow: Huda Beauty Desert Dusk http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a66/

Lipstick: mentioned

Lashes: Catrice Glam & Doll mascara http://rstyle.me/n/cj5tbh6ukw with Too Faced Better Than Sex http://go.magik.ly/ml/1kcb/

Bottom lashes: Wet n Wild megalength mascara http://amzn.to/2lW6Kmb

◇ Nail Polish: OPI Shellac in Skyfall

◇ Gold Rings: http://rstyle.me/n/ctvykh6ukw & http://rstyle.me/n/ctvyme6ukw & http://rstyle.me/n/ctvyna6ukw

◇ Top: Express a while ago, similar: http://go.magik.ly/ml/8a5v/

◇ Scarf: http://amzn.to/2APEXbu

◇ Earrings: http://amzn.to/2C780r7

FTC | This video is not sponsored. Links listed are affiliate links, any product can be linked through different affiliate platforms, it has no bearing on products I mention. Affiliate links provide a small commission off of each purchase, which enables me to invest back into my channel and purchase more products to review. If you don't want to click on affiliate links and help support my channel, feel free to Google the products instead. Here is my full disclosure and thoughts on Sponsorships, affiliate links, etc.: http://bit.ly/2l2VZd5

All thoughts and opinions are my own....Girl, you know I'll tell you what's up.



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What's your job? I work in digital marketing and also do Youtube

Business Inquiries only please- contact [email protected]


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Miss Laura

BTW Colourpops collaboration with I love Sarahi Arriba is a gorgeous holiday red! ???

Scarlette Cáceres

The Sephora one is my personal fav! I would love to try some of your others! Could tell me how you achieved the ombré red you are wearing in the video? I’ve always wanted to try that!

Andrea C

What lipstick are u wearing???

Iris •

What lipstick are u wearing?

Pang Kou Xiong

Kvd liquid lipstick in nosferatu is my perfect red ?

Larkin Keithley

I just recently got a free sample lipstick from Sephora by NARS in the color Starwoman. It's a Liquid lipstick and it's super comfortable.
To me it's like a classic bright blue red. Its not a super deep red but deep enough to were it looks rich. Love it!!

Diane Welzel

You always look so darn good with red lips. I feel self-conscious. I guess I just have to wear it more frequently so that I feel better in it. I like the Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink in 20 Pioneer but it's weird. It will work perfectly one day and the next it'll be all over my teeth.

Jenn B

Just researching LL for the holidays and your video popped up! Yay bc I haven't watched this one yet! Can I just say this is probably my favorite background with all the lights!! Your backgrounds are always gorgeous, but this is so cozy and I love it.

Jessica Ison

You should check out the Maybelline Super Stay 24Hr Lip Color in "Keep it Red" and "Everlasting Wine," two beautiful and nearly indestructible lip colors in the red family. I can eat with these on, and it looks nearly perfect, even as a messy eater.


do you recommend any that don’t transfer alot? i always get so messy when i drink/chew gum/talk when i wear dark lipsticks :/

Marci Brabb

I love Fly Girl by Lipsense. It's gorgeous!


Oh, lol. I was looking at the swatches on your arm and I was thinking about one of them "whoa, that one is too bright for me" and then it's the one shade you have that I own already. And I love that one! So I will have to keep that in mind about my first impressions on the other swatches you have. :D

Lisa Edwards

I was thinking about your 15 days of foundation and thought it would be good if you done 15 days of cruelty free/vegan make up, with so many products being cruelty free now and so many followers it makes a good pairing. ?

Despoina K

I have the sephora red lip stain in the shade 17 and I love it ♡♡ lots of love from greece♡

Isabel AB

I usually use regular lipstick but these are worth a try

natalie tolomei

Can you do a video about the new makeup line from Sally beauty?? It's called collab. I would like to know your opinion about it. ??


Love the idea of this video! Wish you would have included pics or clips with you actually wearing them rather than arm swatches.

Joy Harris

i'm looking for tips and tricks to applying, wearing, re-applying liquid lipsticks. i feel like they always crack, transfer, dry, fade, emphasize texture, etc. on me and then get kind of chunky/gross if i try to reapply.

Karly Crawford

That Sephora one is my favorite lipstick I own, but I only like that shade? I feel like the other shades aren’t as good.

Dscjm C

Anyone knows a dupe for Sephora 01 always red liquid lipstick? Would pioneer by maybelline be a dupe ?

Geek Out of Water

I'm super late but DANG your skin is looking great!!!!!!!!

Blair Iskander

Thank you for this ! Could you do a video on dark purple / black lipsticks ? Thanks again !

Katelyn Smith

I've been using 1548 alot recently having lost it during my move to Michigan and forgot just how much of a PERFECT red it is. Wish I would've gotten more than one because I'm almost out of it.?

Meagan Cecily

She had an eye look awhile ago on Snapchat and it was a dark green Smokey eye. I really wanted her to do a video on that. Did she ever do it? Or just mention she might? I scrolled through the videos but didn’t see her with the look in any of them.

Georg Aruaas

Hi do you want me a lip with 10 different lipsticks

Daisy Alba

My favorite red lip is Ladg balls from too faced. Have you tried it??

sandra adefila

Ugh wish you tried them all on ??‍♀️

Emma Hoover

Hello Taylor! I would love to see you try out some Besame products. It's a small California brand with beautiful handmade products. The owner and founder is inspired by vintage makeup so all her products are beautifully packaged and have that classic look. Thank you, I love your videos!

Noelle Kingsbauer

Please try the Meet Matte Hughes liquid lipsticks by The Balm! They are my favorite. So soft on the lips, long lasting, and they smell like Thin Mints!

Linda Isabel Vasquez

which one is she wearing?

Jules Aho

girl... ya SKIN ???

Theo xthardus

I love me a red liquid lipstick. I'm currently liking the loreal infallible pro matte red liquid lipstick.

Eve Bowman

I didn't even know that Wardell made lip products! Holy moly. And this video is a blessing. I have such a hard time finding a good red liquid lip that doesn't bleed into my foundation. I wrote some of these down to check out later :)

Darrell Henry

I love Stila too. I have Beso.

Katie Stall

I wish your lipstick was back I really wanted it

Julianna Huertas

Hey just wondering if the Nars natural radiant longwear foundation is on your list of to reviews?

Jillian Waring

I love the wet n wild catsuit formula! They have a fantastic red for me!


I looove red lipstick! I have way to many but I can’t stop buying them ?


I love smashbox liquid lipstick in bawse. The applicator is amazing for small lips. I have bang bang in bullet because I didn't know they also had it in liquid. Good to know!

sourav routh

What is your lipstick colour?

Emely Herrera


Zoe Ivanov

Have you tried the new Fenty Beauty red liquid lipstick yet?

C. C

Which one are you wearing? It says it’s mentioned but I didnt see or hear

Rebekkah Hotze

Hey love! I was hoping you could do a top list video on the lightest color of BB creams/tinted moisturizers ❤️

Alison H

This video just got a Tati shoutout! Way to kill it Taylor!!!

Ashley Nicole

I really don’t feel comfortable in red lips. I feel like they always look best on people with super white teeth and really plump lips, and I am just normal... Plus bold shades are always super annoying when eating and I’m not about being slowed down to make sure my lipstick isn’t on my face or teeth ???

Toni M

The Kat Von D everlasting lip is really really good. I don’t remember the name of the red shade I have but they sent it to me for free on national lipstick day

Phebe Hoeflinger

Has anyone found out what foundation she has on in this video

Dannielle Lane

Can anyone please help me out and just tell me the outer shade of red on her lips? I’m confused. She says I’m wearing this “next color” and then next says “this color is not on the list” is it that color or not? Video description says ‘mentioned’ ?‍♀️

Mandy MK

I’m really in to Dose of Colors “Los Anjealous” right now! The formula is super comfortable, fast drying but doesn’t feel dry! It’s not quite a true red, but still really pretty!

AJ Turner

Do you like any of the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Liquid lipsticks, or the L’Oreal Infallible liquid lipsticks? As far as form and function goes, for me, a red liquid lipstick’s formula/wear/comfortably is more important than its specific shade. Anyone else agree? I just recently got the Maybelline Superstay Matte Ink Crayon in Own Your Empire. It’s a really lovely true red. I haven’t had a chance to wear it for any length of time yet though. One of my favorite bullet lipsticks in red is the Lisa Eldridge one in Velvet Morning. It’s a beautiful bright red. ?


You should try the Jeffree Star liquid lips. I have two of them and they’re amazing


Great video! Always intimated by reds!

Lynn Mae

No reds l wouldn't ever wear that colour u would feel sick from assholes that r not family friendly

Isa Ramos

Thataylaa have you heard of the Frankie rose foundation??? I just heard about it yesterday and I was wondering if it was worth it or not , you should try it out on one of your foundation Friday videos ☺️❤️

Rhonda Jones

I love Jeffree Star’s Rich Blood, Wifey, and Poinsettia. Red rum is more that brighter Christmasy red, but I like the deeper reds. I’m dyeing my hair dark plum in February. I’m a pale princess, with green eyes. This is my crazy gift to myself when I turn 50, what are some good colors of lipstick to wear?

M a r i a

My favorite cruelty free options are Bésame Red Velvet, and NYX Alabama! ??

Trista Elizabeth Smith

I love your "top/favs/go-to" videos. Would you consider doing a video on your favorite bronzers for pale skin and texture? You already do so much but I think it'd be a cool video ?☕

Nicole Bye

THANK YOU!!! I’ve been looking for the perfect red lipstick and I’m super fair with jet black hair lol. Game changer video for me.! I’m not a huge lipstick girl but been needing this for the holidays!! Thank you hun! Happy holidays

Priscilla Mia

So glad you added the Sephora Always Red! It's been my go to for years. Such a wonderful color and their liquid lips are my Fav! Definitely trying some of these other reds. ?

Sweet Insanity

As much as I love reds, I never thought they looked good on me so I always reluctantly stayed away from them. I feel I look better in nudes or berry/wine colors. But I got a Nars liquid lipstick in "Starwoman" in a deluxe sample recently and it's become one of my favorites. I found out that the darker, blue based reds are the way to go for me personally, which I surprisingly have a hard time finding...usually it's the warmer orange ones. Anyway, I had never tried the Nars liquid lipsticks before and I found I actually love the formula. The full sizes are a bit pricey, but I think it's worth it. That Starwoman shade really is gorgeous! I also really like Kat Von D's liquid lipstick in Nahz Fur Atoo, another nice deep red.

Yely 1978

Jeez wheez your skin looks awesome! Another red that I love ❤️ is “lady balls” by too faced its a true red that flatters almost all skintones.

Luna the Siamese

Your skin looks flawless ???

Ashley Porton

My favorite is ColourPop MAMA, it's supposed to be a burnt orange, but on my skintone (super pale) it looks like the perfect neutral red. <3


Oh I love this video. I'll be trying your recs. Btw, my favorite holiday red is vermilion red by Laura Mercier. ?

AJ Turner

? Get well soon Taylor!!! ?

Megan Michelle

Pale skin and red lips is one of my favorite looks; it reminds me of porcelain dolls.

i_bleed_ makeup

I have the ColourPop ultra satin lip in Lost and I don't like it because when it starts to wear off it gets lighter and kind of has a bright neon look to it. It doesn't stay looking deep and dark when it's been on the lips for a significant amount of time.


There’s no video you make I don’t like. You’re like the only YouTuber I don’t get tired of. Love you! ❤️

Ally Rands

What do you think of Colourpopxiluvsarahii Arriba?

Denisse Molina

That stila one is calling my name ? I desperately needed a good red lip! Thanks for the suggestion❤️❤️

Sara Goldfarb

Gold blooded ( Red with a peaized god unedtonedthat is gorgeous) and Malice ( An orange poppy red that I adore ) by KVD

Shelby Lovelady-Nasir

The only one I have out of the ones you mentioned is the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in 01.

Kittie Peters

Nosferatu by Kat Von D always gets me compliments, along with unicorn blood by JS. I know they can be dramatic people but the products are great!

Carmen Rodriguez

I think they discontinued Bang bang! Do you have a dupe suggestion? It’s my favorite and I’m so upset I can’t get it anymore :(

Sikha Routh

Mam,your lipstick colour?

Natalie Gisselle

You should try lipsense! Blue red and fly girl are super pretty red lips and last 4-18 hr


I actually like the wet and wild catsuit liquid lipstick in missy and fierce, its a really pretty red, i ate a bacon king burger and i was shook that I still had my lipstick on also I think its the best one formula wise between the other shades.

A Oh

Taylor I would love to see you review the new Kylie Cosmetics concealer! You are the only beauty guru I trust!

⋆ ??????? ⋆

Hi Tay! You should also try Nars’ Powermatte lip pigment Don’t Stop & Starwoman! You will love them too for sure. Highly recommend!??

Tilly Nicole

Girl, I wear red all year round!My favorite color for my lips.Thats so much for uploading a variety.I have been looking for more to add to my collection.

Mary Hawkins

I don’t know if you mentioned it but what color do you have on in the video.

Miss Laura

Your skin is looking ? bomb! ♡

Misty Krutz

Will you review the too faced chocolate bar gold palette!!!

Nikki Ledford

Can you do an updated one? I'm sure amazing formulas have come out and even brighter reds!

Lauren McGuire

I love the color lady balls by too faced, but after using it for a few times I think the formula changed. It flaked off and cracked only after a few hours wear. Disappointing

nä tack

Wait, which one is she wearing? It's absolutely gorgeous ?

Bianca Helberg

Can you please tell me which formula is better? Ofra or Stila? I have tons of Ofra so I know the formula but I am keen to try Stila but the reviews are so mixed!


Favorite Red Liquid Lip is Matador by L'Oreal, Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lip. This formula is AMAZING!!! YOU NEED TO TRY IT! It is very comfortable and VERY long lasting. ??????

Rose Osbourne

the only red lipstick i have and worn is russian red . yes i know its not a liquid but i really like it . I always liked red lipstick but wouldnt dare wear one because i had really bad skin due to acne but its gotten better. Now i want to try more colors and get liquids too.

Eleni vozza

What be good drugstore redlipstick?

Nelly Altamirano

Colourpop Arriba blew me away this year! The formula isn't as drying as other ultra matte lip colors too. I also love Urban Decay comfort matte in Bad Blood with the matching lip liner. And the Sephora color you mentioned is also one of my top reds!

Shelly Healy

I am in DIRE search of a red liquid lipstick with blue undertones (whiten teeth, universal tone etc), but with little to NO transfer. I thought I found it in Fenty but nope...way bad transfer. Any advice pelase?


Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in "Bad Blood" and Kat Von D Studded Lipstick in "Countess" are my absolute favorite red lipsticks ??

Dura S

Your video is amazing but i really hope u could include the actual swatches on your lips in your clips

Nicole Bye

PS your skin is looking amazing!! I really hope your not too to dry because that drove me nuts

Tracey Parry

Great video

Mariana Pérez-Lozano

i didn't even know i needed a holiday red until this video....despite already owning the sephora lippie in always red, i just placed my order on colourpop to get my hands on lost--what a gorgeous color!! thank you for always providing such great content, taylor! also, a random sidenote: PLEASE tell your dad one of your subscribers from texas says hi!!! and that he's my fave. if he started a channel, i would ABSOLUTELY subscribe. ok thanks for being a great human bean that is all!!!! :)

Sassie Miss Kassie

I was just googling, “The best red Liquid Lipstick” ? Thank you Thank you ??


Omg I should have not clicked on this video! But Tayla and red lipsticks in one video? Love it! I’m a red lipstick junky cuz it works so well with my skin tone and I feel so comfortable in a classic red since it’s not to bold but it’s noticeable and flattering. I’m going to end up buying all the liquid lipsticks in the video ?? I can’t help it. I need EVERY shade cuz they’re all different but beautiful!