Mulberry silk pillowcase

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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

1 186 views | 21 Aug. 2019

The best silk pillowcase

The best silk pillowcase is 100% Mulberry silk. At Calidad Home we only sell 22 momme 100% Mulberry silk. Sleep on the worlds most luxurious silk.

Mulberry silk pillowcase

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How to Wash Your Silk Pillow Case

2 706 views | 11 Jun. 2020

Silk lasts forever! But

Silk lasts forever! But you got to take care of it. In this video, I show you how to wash your silk pillowcase. It's a good idea to wash your pillowcase every 7-10 days, this will keep your skin fresh and clean! You can use this method to wash your bonnets, scrunchies, hair ties, and eye masks.

Zenaida Perez

Thanks for the video! & I LOVE my silk pillow case because it keeps my 3b curly hair frizz free. Happy Summer 2020!

Fatima Omar

Thank you. You look so pretty, I loved the video ❤️

Ryan Jule Cruz

thank you for this! I just followed your tutorial today, and am I glad I'd done it at first light. can't wait to use it tonight! you're awesome and beautiful

Sarah Castro

I love this song?


hi there! i was just wondering where you got that silk pillow case from the colour is soo pretty!

Lena Roberson

When you said conditioner did you mean a hair conditioner?

Mulberry silk pillowcase

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What Is Mulbery Silk?

2 243 views | 12 Oct. 2019

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Want to know more about commercial Silks?

Commercially speaking Silk can be classified into 2 categories

1. Mulbery silk

2. Non-mulbery silk

The bulk of the commercial silk produced in the world is mulberry silk. The figure is around around 85 % Mulberry silk comes from the silkworm, Bombyx mori L. which solely feeds on the leaves of mulberry plant. China is the largest mulbery sillk producer in the world followed at second place by India. In India, the major mulberry silk producing states are Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Jammu & Kashmir which together accounts for 92 % of country's total mulberry raw silk production.

Mulberry Silk provides the shine and fluidity that is desired in every fabric. Styled to perfection, this fabric has a certain edge over the others in terms of quality, making it commercially successful. The pupae of the worm are used to design the fabric in a textile so that no mineral is observed. The fine designs and the fantastic styling gives the fabric a whole new look. Right from evening wear to sarees, this fabric has given the world a vast taste of designs and apparels.

An interesting fact:

Silk becomes weak in water. Therefore, if silk is continuously kept in water it may erode and lose its shine and luster.

To know more about fabrics you may connect us at +91-99711 06200 or visit us at charu.org.in

Do remember to watch my next video in which I will describe different non-mulbery silks.

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Gunapriya Dussa

Do you sell mulberry silk

Sheetalsingh Rajput

Very nice fabric sir

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Hi...can u please explain and talk about chinnon fabric ...we keep hearing chinnon crepe...pure chinnon....but what it is no shopkeeper is able to explain

Neha Hundia

What is the price of fabric per meter