How to make waist beads

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DIY African Waist Beads Tutorial | For Weight Loss Measurement

274 392 views | 3 Jul. 2019

Here is a quick and easy

Here is a quick and easy DIY tutorial showing how to make your very own African Waist Bead, to help to track your weight loss.

All You Need:

Beads https://rb.gy/5qwaii

Cord https://amzn.to/2HIlr8O


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? aye I was definitely bopping to the intro ???

Lynn Cherubin

Thank you!!!! But should the beads be 3mm?

Luv Chyld

Mood today, thanks??


Thank you for this tutorial. ???

Joyce White

Love this video! I’m so sorry but I’m not paying $25 for someone to make me some waist beads when I love doing diy!

Cia s


Tondra otisha

Question when measuring the waist do I stretch the elastic? Or do I just measure elastic without syretching?

Yozmine Wilkins

What is kind of camera do you use?

Zaria Lynita

?❤️love the intro

CeeCee B

For your permanent waist band what type/brand of string do you use?

Majeedah Muhammad

Thank you for this video.

Sarah Beee

I'm 4 weeks postpartum, going to make these to feel sexy again ?

Co Marie

Loved this video!!!! So helpful I’ll be making mine tomorrow!!

sherry tee

Lol....was trying to find out if I can get these shipped to uk for daughter and myself...though I think my waist might be too huge for the readymade stuff anyway..thanks so much for the inspiration...if I can buy this stuff during Lockdown...I will definitely be DIYing it?


Thank you so much for this video! I have completed my first set of beads.

Niecey locs

Love it I need to make me some


Simple and to the point! I love it thank you

Paris Gueye

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to Walmart right now honey ?

Bongiwe Xulu

Watching this with mine on ?❤️

Twisted Queen Talya

Do you workout in them?


I'm happy I came across the video! Now on the store to get supplies

Reanna Peters

im from Trinidad, there is no Walmart. cries

Noemi Fuentes

Is the clear elastic good to use?


Hey Queens! I recently started my own custom made Waistbeads and Beauty business. I created the platform to empower women and also to give tips on things we all go through. Follow me @EmperessBeadsnBeauty on Instagram. I have a promotion going on where you could win a free waistbead check my lage to learn more. Have a great day!

Shanna Byrd

Thank you for a postive video and quick tutorial.I'm going to make one soon.

Maria Diaz

i fell inlove with your voice ?????

Aaliyah Marie

Lovely Advertisement In The Beginning Jhanelle ??


Excellent video thank you!!

alysha gross-troutman

Are these 6mm beads?

Miya Janet

Girl thank u sooo much for making this short sweet simple and to the goddamn point!! NEW SUB ??‍♀️?❤️?

Carly Diaz

Is it for anyone to wear? Or would it be wrong if I made me some? I’m trying to lose weight and I love this idea!!

Ashley Jones

Does anyone have experience making their waist beads with cotton strings? I exercise a lot and typically break the elastic waist beads and the waist beads with little cotton string. I’m open to any tips or suggestions.


Is it okay for white women to wear these? I found some on etsy and I don't plan on showing them off or anything ❤️ thank you

p willz

I wish i found this before I ordered some online. Oh well now I’m gonna make more lol

Marcie White

Why would we use elastic if we are using them to lose weight? Won't the elastic just stretch?

Linda Moore

Heading to Walmart after work! Thank you!!!


I love your transparency and how everything can be found at Walmart.

Fiona Hartley

Is it rude for a white person to make them, I just would love to try it and I really appreciate it if I could, so I’m just asking for permission?

Ramona Kearns

Thanks for sharing your video was awesome.

Bianca Majanja

With it being made with elastics would it be hard to track weight bc ones I has made with elastic . The elastic started stretching out and getting loose

Ms. King

Ok! Let's GO!! Quarantine got me like!!! ?????

Daphne B

Thank you for this video. I was going to order some but now I'm going to make my own and save some money.


Thank you, this was so helpful and straight to the point.


I've never seen them made with elastic, I like this idea for a top bead wrap. Thanks!

Kyah Horton

Oh muh god FIRST OF ALL the beginning of this video had me hype lol do yo Shìt mama


Love the confidence, love the marks , love the energy!!! Thank you!! ?????

Taylair Gillespie

My elastic not staying when I tie the knot. What do you suggest?


Very pretty... thanks for sharing. I’m going to make some ☺️

Lynorra C

Can you use any type of beads or specific brand? P.S you made me feel better about my stretch marks lol

Jasmine Davis

What size beads did you use?

LaTeesha Morrison

You made this look like it was the easiest thing to do in the world. Well I'm sold. I'm going to try it. A friend asked did I know someone who did them and I told her I could. Thanks for this tutorial.

MsRhonnie D

Thank you for the tutorial

Imma Star Seed

Dude. U had a super camel toe. LMAO ???

LBC PartyofFive

Loved this video!! I’m gonna try and make my own. Thanks for sharing!! ❤️


Very informative! Thank you!!

For The Girls

Fat where because I don’t see no fat

CheyGotNuggets !

If you do this please don’t do it as a way to show off these are too secret and a way to show femininity


I spent $87 CAD to buy things I didn't need for this waist beads ?


Thank you! Making them!

Kwanzaa Grant

If its elastic it will stretch...??‍♀️ So you should use fish wire or rope. Elastic will stretch with your gut and when you over eat it won't tighten.

Kiarra Harris

REALLY great video! thank you love ❤️

Sekhmet Auset Het-Heru

The twerking intro is fucking adorable ??

Candice Love

Ty so much for this! I’ve been wanting some waist beads and didn’t think to make them myself! Ty again!

Vocalss by Jay

We have the same name ❤️


How do you keep them from pinching your skin

Tee Free

Fun crazy willy fact I'm wearing that exact puma top right now lol I'm in the right place



Maia Lees

hi is it ok for a white person to wear these? i think they’re so beautiful but i understand they have a lot of cultural significance and i don’t want to offend anyone/appropriate ?

cindy lou

Love how you show your tiger stripes! So powerful thank you!!!


That intro was lit?? ?

Asherah O'Meally

Thank you

Tash Coleman

I love this video. I’ll be making me some waist beads. ??

Whitty Xo.

Do you shower in them ? The ones I currently have are permanent on some type of string. It’s been a year and the string hasn’t failed me yet. I like the elastic ones though but I’d want to keep them on permanently too, specifically when showering

Tristen Lee

Just for respect... im a white woman. Would it be wrong for me to make my own and practice this as well?

Darnisha Monson

I hit the thumbs up because you twerked!! Get it LOL

Makyah Owens

How do I tie the elastic without it breaking

Nona Morton

Thank u for this. New subbie

Danielle Stocks

How do you add the clasp?

The Drop Mon Web series

Hi jhanelle i love these videos. You should do some belly dancing videos!

Alliyah Marshall

Do you know what size the beads are ? Lol I’m trying to order some on amazon now ?


Joannes or Walmart for best pricing ?


African waist beads are top secret we dont wear them and show them off. They are between husband and wife.

Siti Scarfs

what size of beads do you use


Is it normal for them to roll up as I sit down?

Mia H

What size beads did you use?

Tameicsha X

What type of sports bra is that?

Qubi Hz

Nice video ??


This video was informative. I have a true understanding of how to make waist beads.

Krystal Perry

GIRL!!! Thank you ?

Jazmyne Bradford

Great video!!! However the link you put for the elastic string is the same for the beads

ShaeMarie Ross

Hi there, where did you get the beads from, especially the glow ones?

Princess Whitaker

Will b making my own thank yu

Carla Izaguirre

Garnet, is this you?

Mind Yabusiness

????????????????!Well done young lady, Well done! The production, editing, and instructions, all on point!

Rüya Rüya

I want to make these with 6 mm citrine beads, and obsidian point cut beads (with removable clasp) ????

Jade Dior

Ok but where did you get your bra from ?✨✨

Calise Walston

what size are the beads ?

Marcie White

This is great. Thanks

Cynthia Mitchell

What size beads did u use?

Angela Onwuka

How does dis make u lose weight?
Ave had beads for a year now and it does track weight not burn my fat

How to make waist beads

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SOCH DIY Tutorial: Authentic Waistbead Design Pt5

25 540 views | 27 Sep. 2018

CultureCocoa ArtHouse,

CultureCocoa ArtHouse, Inc. presents the School of Hustle Online, teaching the business between art and business, produced by Artist Jocelyn "Extraordinarie1" Goode.

Part 5 of Authentic Waistbead Design answers the following questions:

1. How do you get the beads on the waistbead string?

2. How do you fit the waistbead string to custom sizes?

3. How can you start your own waistbead business?

4. FAQs

Order Limited Quantity Waistbead Starter Kits:


Become a School of Creative Hustle on Patreon member at https://www.patreon.com/schoolofcreativehustle

Learn more about CultureCocoa ArtHouse, Inc. at www.ccarthouse.org

Watch the entire series and subscribe to this channel!

Kimola Knight

What kind of string is that?

Deseray Perkins

Where can I get the string from?

natural beauty

Thanks so much for your love & help

michelle curtis

How do you make the loop for beads that releases when you try to tie? What string is best to use?

Lady ghana

please demonstrate against a white surface next time


I couldn't see the beginning. Can you do a video zooming in? Thnx for the info


What kind of string did you use?

Lom J

What type of white string is that? It looks like shoestring but it cant be.

Sertilya Campbell

Where do get the string

Carleita Taylor

Hello goddess! Loved the video..What type & brand of white string is used? I’ve been looking everywhere for this type of thread .. i have some of the thinner black thread.
Thank you for any information you have!?

Danna kelly

Love your tutorial ,what type of string is that ?

Chanel Simone

What’s the name of the string you use??


Thank you so much. This helped alot especially with the string. Thank you so much

Amanda Saviñon

You are so adorable ? I love it! Thanks for this vid

Rae Tae

This was a dope tutorial!!!! Thank you for sharing your talent and for all the info!!❤️

Tara Harris

Thanks for sharing. Where did you purchase your scale?

Lynn Owens

Hi how are you? Are their knots after the last bead on each end? I’m just confused how they stay on! Thank you

Tyionna Monay Talks with Ty

Thank you so much for your very informative videos I love your vibes ,your energy, your spirit everything ! you Just give me life! keep it up and thank you! Blessings

Vibrate High Holistic Care

Thank you so much you have made my life so much easier. Great series!!!

Tiff T.

Do you use more than one strand of string?

Tasha Arroyo

What kind of string is that ?

VJ Prince

Sis! You blessed me. Thank you for sharing.

Juggernaut M’Jae

Where have you been all my life ☺️☺️☺️☺️

Shaniqah Peterson

Hey What kind of thread do you use to bead?


I used the mercerized cotton to make waistbeads for my nieces and I and everyone’s strands ended up stretching about 1/3 of an inch. I tied them on without any gaps and measures twice but still the thread seemed to stretch a little bit. Is there a better thread or have you used wire maybe?

Nicole Beamon

Very informative, thanks for sharing!


What kind of string could I use for the beads a size smaller?

amanda Emenike

Can you also use glass seed beads

suzette Carroll

HI, how do you add a clasps

Amanda Cabbell

?THanK YOu FOr SharINg!!! God bless you and your business!!!!



Arielle Williamson

Hey there I went on Etsy to see about your waist bead kits and I didn’t see any. Are you still selling them? I’m really interested in the string please.

KeNay Wells

Thank you soooooooo much! The entire series was very beneficial...insanely so! Thank you so very much!

Sandra Clark

Thank you for this technique. I’m going to try it today. I just started doing them Saturday

Madelyn Batista

What string do you use ?

How to make waist beads

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How To: Make DIY Waist Beads *Super Easy!*

37 932 views | 18 Nov. 2019

Showing you guys how I

Showing you guys how I make these super easy waist beads. You can do them in any style or color you want!

Enjoy ?

Also, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS to stay up to date on my locs progress and more!



INSTAGRAM: @MargauxChanel

SNAPCHAT: @Margaux_Chanel

Heavyn Wegrzynowicz

thank you for the video, when you finished did you tie them around your waist or did you tie it and step into it lol. sorry for asking such a question.

Margo Green

Where do you get your beads?

Natasha Croff

And what type of beads are you using?


I loved your video! New subscriber... If I were making them for someone how many extra inches should I add to their waist size to allow them to step in to them once completed?

Priscilla Limon

Yes, recycling our packing bubble wrap, completely catches the beads from falling/rolling away from us.

Piercing Fan

Did you used to have your navel pierced? Threading those through a belly button ring would hold them up nicely!

Natasha Croff

What size beads are you using?

CreAna Grimes

Where did you get your threader ?


Thanks for the video! And yeah, everytime I visit Michael's, I want to buy so much!

Manifest by Destiny


The Bosley Affair

I use small bowls and I set everything on a tray to catch strays. Otherwise there will be more on the floor than on the cord.


Tfs. I'm having the same issue with sizing: just searched Stretch Magic and found out they recommend gently pre-stretching their stretchy jewelry cord.