Laser hair removal for asian skin

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Laser Hair Removal for Asian Skin Types

5 840 views | 16 Nov. 2011

Myrna came to South Coast

Myrna came to South Coast Med Spa for Laser Hair Removal. She loves how quick and pain free the treatments on her lower legs, bikini, happy trail and upper lip.

She loves the benefits of not having to shave or wax- Mryna recommends her friends and family to South Coast MedSpa.

T Stark

I am of asian origin, and I have had a treatment using the SopranoICE laser hair removal system on my beard. The result has been pretty good so far and i am happy with my second treatment. The prices are pretty good, the local clinic here offers a 12 months unlimited hair removal offering, hopefully will reduce hair vastly, feeling more confident and very well groomed.

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Laser hair removal for asian skin

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LASER EXPERIENCE on South Asian Skin

49 330 views | 4 Mar. 2017

Hope this video helps

Hope this video helps those of you wondering whether or not to get laser!

The place me and my sister went to is called Centros Unico and we went to the Stratford Westfield branch


My friend Dina (who has had a good experience) went to Skin Health Spa in Marylebone


Any questions, leave them below, I will try and respond to everyone!

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Arij Barakat

You two are beautiful mashallah.. Annam, do you mind me asking where your pink open abaya(?)/top is from?

Saima Khalid

mashAllah u both r looking superb ...annam luv ur lens clr....nd lips clr also

Rohey Akhtar

I had 6 sessions on my upper lip, chin, under arms and bikini and mine worked really well. I had my treatment done by Saks at David Lloyd. Any odd hairs that appear I use my hand held luma which I purchased from boots for £300 .. I feel you need the initial treatments from a clinic then you can continue with a home machine. The latest machines like the saprano are a lot less painful and the pre freezing heads are great. It is hair reduction and not permanent hair removal .. like you said Anam if you had been explained that then you would feel less disappointed. Over all it reduces the irritation side of hair removal and in my case makes the skin brighter and smoother.
Can I ask did you have IPL OR LASER ???
Love this video and you girls are stunning!! MashAllah xxxxxx

Honey R

From my experience and from what I have heard, some clinics will deliberately use a low intensity laser even if a higher one is needed. Obviously low intensity is needed in some clients depending on skin tone/hair thickness.This low intensity reduces the chance of permanent hair reduction so keeps you going back for further top up sessions and increases sales. Another problem with low intensity laser is that it is linked with increased or thicker hair growth in nearby areas. Like if you get your chin done, you can get thicker hair on your neck ever though you haven't shaved there or had the laser done!!


Annam you are stunning MashAllah, one of my favourite YouTubers! I get so excited and drop everything to watch your videos. Also where did you buy your dress/abaya (name of shop)?


I honestly love it when you do vlogs with your sister. I love the banter. Your so sweet and down to earth. I feel I can relate to you. I always love watching your vlogs and how honest you are ?

Karan Smith

Laser does help and does work if treatments didn't work might be your hair was in different growth cycle when u had it done and with females pcos and hormonal imbalance is something to consider so that's something to work with internally like weight loss and dealing with stress and cortisol


is that a kurta your wearing annam! love the colour! x


To much powder

Sam Ali

Why don't u just buy a IPL machine? I got one and no lie nothing has come back Iv used it on my face only (coz I'm Asian lol that bit killed me ?) and I haven't re-done it for over a year totally worth the investment AND will save money in the long run that's why I didn't go to a salon best purchase Iv ever made ❤️❤️ xxx

Ne Ro

I paid loads and it was good while it lasted. I have PCOS so i thought I was the only one whose hair just came back. I had 11 sessions! I bought myself that Lumia machine from John Lewis and I just use that now! ?

Safeena Sm

Do you know what the new machine is called ?

One Blue Boi

2 things:
1) If you have thin hair try electrolysis. Any laser hair removal place that promises you results on thin hair like they did to these girls is dishonest and you should leave immediately. Laser hair removal mostly targets thicker hair.
2) Shaving your hair does NOT make hair thicker, these girls don't know what they are talking about here. and don't take everyones word online to heart do research for yourself

Karan Smith

Also some places rip you off and use low setting every time and don't put the settings higher on ur next treatments and then u end up having to have loads - esp the Asian back street salons and spa salons etc go to a professional place

Tilly Jayjay

Do I have to shave before hand? Will it not work if I dont??

Sara Sahonta

it depends on hormones if hair comes back i been using that at home ipl silky smooth i so recommend it....i done it on a part of my leg twice a year ago no hair has come back but it deffo reduces hair if u stick to it....x


Hi Annam, do a makeup tutorial on this look. It's nicely done and wearable.

hafsa urfan

Hi Annam I would definitely recommend Skin clinic. They are really good. I wanted to get my full face done but because I had really small hair that weren't visible the lady advised me not to get it done. I was told the laser has an opposite effect and would make my hair grow thicker. So it's not because of shaving ? and please do more videos with your sister. X


I loved how honest u were in this video!! Thank you Love u guys btw u both looked stunning mashallah❤️❤️❤️

Kanni Tutorials

Beautiful girls x


It's unfortunate because I've looked at the website you used, and NO WHERE does it even SAY what type of laser they use! It's disgraceful, but unfortunately, by law the laser hair removal industry isn't regulated so any Tom Dick and Harry can start a laser hair removal company whenever they want. Therefore you NEED to get laser done at medically approved centres where they ARE regulated, such as private NHS hospitals, otherwise you really are paying for a Tom Dick and Harry job.

Also the only method of permanent hair removal is electrolysis, so whichever company advertises laser as "permanent hair removal" then you know they are a con. They should advertise is as permanent hair reduction!

The B-List

You girls are both incredibly beautiful. Thank you for this video, so informative and honest! :)

alisha xxx

???I have been waiting for you to upload,so happy you have finally uploaded,B.T.W love ur makeup!☺️??

mehndi lover niXx

every hijabi is showing hair with hijab i dont undrstand its a nEw fasion so called hijabiZ on youtube

Sal el Kadaoui

I think you guys should've looked into it more before you got it done. I am lucky that i get it done at a clinic where they are extremely honest. When i went in there for the first time i told the lady what i wanted to get done, and i was talking about my body and face to her. She just straight up told me like 'I'm not going to do these areas on your face because the hair is too thin and it will only make it worse.' She also told me that the face needs more sessions than for example your legs or arms. And to be honest, if you just google it you will find all the info you need, for example that laser does not work on thin hair or blonde hair. So maybe next time look into it more and do your research on the place you want to go because it's a shame that you guys paid loads for nothing..


You both are desssi.. so you should do something interesting for them.....

Chosen One

Skin whitening

Eff Kai

Annam you're glowing in this video Ma sha ALLAH ?❤


what is Asmaa's hair color please ?

Nazia Bibi

such a helpful video thankyou so much boo x ???


Annam Ahmad where is your outfit from? thanx


I thought I was the only one!!!! I'm debating whether or not I should go and get more laser hair removals done... thank you for doing this video<3

Monika Bapna

this video helps SO SO much! I have been debating about this for such a long time!

Nishat Tabassum


Sarah H

Hey Annam is there updated video or story for laser hair removal?


I did different hair removal. I dont know right english word for that but its included needle and its painful but its guaranteed. I didnt get so many session but still lost a lot of hair on my face. I only did for my face, my sister did her underarm and upper leg,(over a year she went) now she is hairless. treatment is so painful but its worth it. this is her website www.nevinpolat.com.tr/ take a look. www.nevinpolat.com.tr/epilasyonun-onemi.htm
needle hair removal


Really like this video ! cannot wait for the tag video

Anam Rahimi

Please do a tutorial on this makeup look anam

Falak Bashir

❤️❤️❤️snapchat fam


Hi girls! I go to skin health spa in London too and I totally agree with you girls here with the results! Some areas it's really good, but some not so much!

A. R

Hey hun, got to say you both are beautiful Ma Sha Allah.
Also Centros Unico did they tell you if you get 10 session for your body. You get a year of session free so thats like extra 4 sessions? I go to the one in Leeds first they used the bigger machine and I didn't see much results and now they use the smaller one which does hurt lol so far seems okay!

Anika Ali

Try going to the nhs laser clinics they cost but it isn't bad pricing and way more professional in many ways and they explain it way better

Zouhra Mahmood

i think your getting IPL not actual laser, please check

Ayah Hussain

Every one gets different results. Most my facial hair has gone within just two sessions just little bit left on upper lip. Make sure the laser is nd yag

Saima Bokth

What lip colour is this?!

Khadijah Bibi

What's your sisters name? someone said I look like her :)

Bilal Ghani

Try diode laser Anam and you will see clear results after 2 to 3 treatments.

chasma khan

Hi i had it done like 20 sessions 9 yers ago! Ur hair doesnt go or vanish i still get hair but in patches and i still have to get threaded every 2 weeks! So i jus thread now cba i stopped afta 20 odd sessions

halht 58

The place you go to sounds unprofessional, everywhere you go they advise you NOT to shave before laser treatments because it grows back thicker and is not needed as laser attracts to the colour of the hair so you should not need to shave. Also IPL is a better option for Asian hair instead of laser


Both so beautiful MashaAllah...keep slaying ?

Noreen anw

I think you both should between urselfs buy the trio x4 home lazer! And do home top ups ! And keep us updated! Its around £300 in argos! Lazer not ipl ! I think that might be the answer to all asain hairies! I want to buy it! But iv not seen any review's on it from asain/pakistan girls so dont know if it works good for us asains! But uv heard all good about it

Fabiha Begum

Asian skin with dark hair is said to be the hardest to work with when it comes to laser treatment as only specific treatments will work. I recommend watching kaushal's video, very informative

Nafisa Ahmed

Love you ??

shawty humax

can u guys plz do the spicy remen challenge or any challenge ❤?? ? love watching u guys ?

zaira hathoon

your make up looks so nice Annum (:
what lipstick shade are your wearing xx

coca cola

what lenses are u wearing anam?

Fatima Ahmed

Thanks for this video. It was really informative. At the end of the day I think a persons results just depends on the persons body and their chemical make up/ hormones. Some people may release more testosterone (Yes women do also produce testosterone), which results in hair growth.

rabia akram

You should try electrolysis rather than the laser. Thats far more good

zainab malik

plz go fo electrolysis for face i am asian and i have done 12 seasions on my face and it result in stimulated hair growth....

Summaiya Robi

Im pisssed off too I wasted loadssss of money its a scandal your hair does not disappear they return!


I think Asmaa is so beautiful.... She is so amazingly perfect! Her smile is so warm and radiant!


this is so random, but where is that chair from? its so pretty!! lol




Like your guys honesty. ??

N Miah

Thanks for the information! I love your bond with your sister! Please do another video with her she's so cool and I really enjoy watching your videos especially your vlogs! ☺ may Allah bless you both and your loved ones with peace and happiness ameen ? keep up the amazing content ?

Kay Kay

I think and heard, laser does not work on thin/fine no hair area zone as the hair does get thicker!
don't think these treatments are perm!
Girl's your looking ma'sha'allah hot! ??

Miss A

I don't know why I don't like your sister.. I find her irritating , u seem good but lenses don't suit u please change it

Zahra ZN

Thanks for your honesty! My issue with it is due to the shaving, I tend to have more in-growns on my legs especially as they're so pale and the hair's so dark. I was told the hair follicles just fall out but they don't and it's all dotty! cries
Also you're so right about the fine hair getting worse

bristi rehman

i've had laser treatment done on my arms and after 1-2 years the hairs have grown back and that shouldn't be the case after paying so so much money! it's so expensive and isn't worth the money

Safia Hussain

buy a philips lumea precision plus!! its AMAZING and its so easy and convenient to use

Sara S

There is sooooo much wrong information you guys are giving in this video I don't even know where to start.

Clearly neither of you researched about laser hair removal before you went and you are now giving wrong (or not the full) information to your subscribers.

Majority of company's providing laser will clearly tell you that it may not work on fine hair, or if you are dark skinned. There are so many factors to consider and each person is different. I have had laser and my experience is completely different to yours.

Athika Bano

Thank you for being so honeat


What is up with girls showing their hair, and still tryna be 'modest' be proud of who you are also is it me who noticed but their foundation looks grey af and just doesn't suit them at all I swear that they're not that 'white' no hate I like Annam but this trend of hijabis tryna be better than others is disgusting, like hijabi sisters be wearing fish nets under jeans and shit like wtf is that in Islam I didn't know that we we're allowed to wear fish nets smh.

Lulu xo

The hair on the tops of your arms and legs don't get thicker because of shaving. They got thicker because the laser stimulated the follicles and encouraged hair growth in that area. This is a side effect of laser hair removal. Here's why:
Their are two types of hairs on your body, terminal and vellus. Terminal hair are thick, long and dark hairs which are found on your head, eyebrows, bottom legs etc. Vellus hair is sort of peach fuzz, which are the hairs found on the cheeks, upper arms and upper legs.
Laser hair removal works best on terminal hair which is why people with dark thick facial hair have great results. Your doctor should warn you that doing laser on Vellus hair will stimulate hair growth and cause the hairs to grow thicker and darker and turn into terminal hairs.
I still encourage and advise people to do laser hair removal but avoid the lighter/finer hair areas on your face and body. However if you already started treatment on those areas and saw an increase in hair growth, you should continue with the treatments because those hairs are now terminal and will be reduced with the laser.
ALSO, please make sure you get your treatments done at a certified clinic and not a salon. Clinics have newer and stronger machines and licensed doctors that specialize in laser hair removal and dermatology.
Best of luck on your laser hair removal journey x

zara ahmed

guys one word ELECTROLYSIS the only method that is FDA approved for permanent hair removal !!!! check out the website hairtell where many have resorted to electrolysis after experiencing laser hair stimulation!


Phillips lumea sc2006 is the machine I use and it's so good. It will reduce up to 80% of the (thicker hair) and can be used on the whole body. I use it everywhere ? It's supposed to be used every two weeks but I've used it every week ( except down there) because I know my skin isn't sensitive. This was the hair doesn't get a chance to get thicker because of the shaving.
And also, every laser is like that. The finer the hair the more treatments it requires. Same goes for the color. The darker the hair color is vs the skin color the better result it will give. My friend paid about £1500 for laser treatment on her face only and the clinic girl herself told her not to come anymore but rather buy this laser for home use. They have a newer model out now with more laser flashes in it, SC2007. And it's inexpensive compared to clinical laser treatments. About £300. Hope this helps!


Sk:n clinic is really good for laser hair removal

Rubina Vali

You soot your hair down

Miss Understood

Hmm. I think centros were not using a proper laser machine on you Annam. Any girls thinking of getting laser check the place has n:yag and alexandrite machines.

I got my face and neck done. My chin sideburn and tache hairs grow back slower and I don't HAVE to thread everyday as I would before alhamdulillah. However the fine hair on my neck increased. I would have loved to have got full body laser esp on my stomach and legs.

Annam, love the abaya or jacket you are wearing here! Maybe invest in a home laser kit from boots to top up the results? I know amenakin made a video about this last year or the year before x


Annam where are your lenses from ????

Halima Parveen

Thank you for the video. It's hard to get what you mean can't you show your arm for viewers to see. Xx


Where is your scarf from?


Wax everywhere. Maybe it'll become thinner and lighter after a while

Ayesha A

great video!!

Ne Ro

P.s. I love you both ?

humaira bagadia

What camera settings do you for the videos?

hamad nasir

Annam you are so adorable omg.


according to my personal experience laser worked very well under my arms,but I refused to do it on my face because of shaving.For my face i'm using veet wax,and i'm satisfied up to now

NADIA Mahmood

It is also the therapist who carries your treatment out as well.

Fariba Deljo

Annam you have to do a makeup tutorial on the look you have in this vid. You look sooo gooooood?


Thank you for being honest regardless of your free session. Glad to know there are still people who share their true opinion and are not blinded by freebies like the vast majority of internet beauty advocates! X

At Mas

its actually really irresponsible for you to promote and advocate something to 48,000 subscribers - something which you haven't fully tried + know now doesn't work. Think about the viewers who have now spent hundreds, and now are just going to be filled with guilt, disappointment + loss of money.

Sand Fish

No matter what it is, both of you look stunnnning in this video! This make-up look is so gorgeous!

Bee Zxxr

omg no pls do the spicy ramen challenge... its like crazy spicy

Maryam Choudhury

Can you do a follow up video if you finished the treatment?

tayaba asrar

same happened to me . i got 6 session on my face from harrow on the hill and after that alot of hairs coming and i am soooo worried about it .

Servant of الله

Should have tried electrolysis, so much more effective.

Sadia jabbar

Hi Annam I am experiencing the same thing. I already had six sessions of laser hair removal on my face and still getting back most of my facial hairs expect the super thicker ones. I am very disappointed. I live in sydney And I totally agree with you.


Can you maybe do a video update about your experience with laser hair removal? And if you've done more sessions, and if it's worth it. ?

Isma Rehman

My sister got it done years ago on her face she hasn't had one hair for years now. I think it depends

Laser hair removal for asian skin

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My Experience w/ Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin (Part 1) || Deepica Mutyala

226 308 views | 26 Aug. 2016

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Don't forget to subscribe to my channel here! http://bit.ly/1N5uawc & give this video a thumbs up if you know about the struggle of being hairy! For more on my experience growing up hairy AF, watch my video with my girl Michelle Khare on her channel: https://youtu.be/0dnSDuNIv8M

The struggle is real as a brown girl with facial hair and just generally hair..like everywhere!!! After trying out laser hair removal twice now, I am ready to give it one more shot! I'm excited to partner with pélo and document my entire laser hair removal experience. Here is part 1 where I share my first treatment. I will do a follow up video after my 6 treatments to let you know the final results!

Learn more about The Clear + Brilliant pélo™:

Website: http://prn.to/2bV3PCQ

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2cfDenA

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cb_pelo

More info on Sadick Dermotology & Dr. Bhanusali:






UPDATE VIDEO (PART 2): http://bit.ly/2vTgnFH

FTC: Made in partnership with Clear + Brilliant pélo™

Roshnai Bhowal

How much does it cost?? Or is insurance accepted? Hope it works for you cause I def need this in my life haha

Lazy Glow

PART 2, PART 2!!!

Candis SG

I really am here for the video but yo why is your doctor hella cute lol ?

Somia Shehzad

He was attractive.


You didn't update, but you said cray cray so I'm ok not coming back...

sia m.

are you from india..where can i too hv laser from this indian dr. and how much it cost..btw pls do add subtitles ..and how much it cost

Sandra Santhosh

is it really painfull?

my voice

Not being funny but what hair? I couldn't see anything.


He said it's permanent but is it actually FDA approved as permanent hair removal? As far as I know, only electrolysis is permanent.

California Dreamin'

he looks sleepy,lol

Akbar Saeef

yur face is so ugly

Zahra Naaz

The guy is not wearing gloves!!!!

Jasmine Girn

this is so helpful! i've been thinking of doing laser and I didn't know that darker skins were so susceptible to scarring and burning. Thanks for the info!
Is this pelo technology only in NY? Wb canada?

Briana M

wow your skin is dark? i wonder what my skin is then

monae sweety

is there a vid for the final results

Tavros Nitram

"It works for brown skin without hurting you aaanndd it doesn't hurt" -_-


That dermatologist is such a fucking cutie ?


How much does it cost?


Where's part 2??? :(

Shabhia A

I'm thinking about getting laser as well and have I Indian skin just like you. Please post an updated video on whether it worked at this location for u!

Ladylovespie 8

I DO NOT recommend laser hair removal. I had it done on my face, if has been a year since my last session, and I still have light spots on my chin and neck.... Please, think about it long and hard before you do this.

Jay Dhillon

? I procrastinate when it comes to studying. Love watching your videos ?❤


Hey! Are you going to do a follow up video soon? It's been about 2 months... do you feel like it's working? Or too soon to tell? ?

Penelope Rivas

Can you get laser hair removal in your bikini area? Getting a bikini wax every month is expensive and time consuming.

Lisa D.

Can you do a follow up is it working ?

Crazy Unicorn

I doubt its available in India? Anyways the doctor is so cute?

Parul Sharma

you are beautiful

Star Rama

Woah that’s Dr Bhanusali!!

Jacqueline R

So I'm assuming this didn't work because she hasn't posted part 2 and she posted this video in August -_-

Lily Peperson

Get married! He's a doctor!

Lulu Puff

Did this work for you ? Any update?

komal popli

what about grey hair

Mitali D

Hi Deepika, I recently came across your channel and I am very interested to know about "how the laser hair removal treatment went". Thanks, Mitali

Hailey Jackson

9:43 he winked??

Hailey Jackson

Yeah I feel ya. I get bullied for it to but I’m too young for lasers

Zarah Ithiel

You're both so funny

Mariane Collins

Cool! My Favorite is Karmin IPL Hair Removal ;)

Shawz Hassan

u were very young, when i got i done for the first time doctors told me that due to hormonal changes in the body as u grow the hair might come back, that is my dear might be your case as well.

Anne Abraham

I have had such a bad experience with laser in the past and my underarms were burnt as a result. This is going back 15 years and I've been too scared to try again. This looks promising tho :) btw if Dr. Dreamy hasn't asked you out yet. You should! Is he single?? ??

Paula D

What is the price range for just getting the face done? Very interested in this

kkjhony Nitro

Your voice is like a black man
You wanna see your duplicate just search rickshewali and you see your twin

sai vanapalli

Close to 1000 views

Bhavna Maharaj

Brown girls stand up ??‍♀️

jaya kasibhatla

what happened? no updates?

Sanmeet Sandhu

Plsss review your experience??

DIY with Manneken

Oh my god! I feel so identified with you! I've had hair facial hair problems my whole life! Why do we have hairy faces! Genes!!

Sonia Batra

Hey, because it was a dermatologist - did you have to pay copay every time you went? and even for your consultation?

jaskirat singh

thanks for your sharing your video i would like to know the full address of the laser clinic and contact and handphone tks

Akila Costa

how much do session cost?

talya Ahat

thank you!!
I am from israel (:


I liked it! Hope you do more... :) I will check out your next videos. You maybe check mine? You dont have to. To make that clear.

Dilpreet Singh Dilpreet Singh

are u happy with ur results ???

Saba Naz

Did this work ?


Omg im soo happy your doing this and vlogging it as this is so helpful! Thank you!


this is great and all but it seems like you have to be in LA and maybe NY to get this done...

Nallely Rivera

Did you try laser hair removal on your sideburns? That's a problem area for me.

Kaitlyn J Winters

Deepica I been there and I struggle with it every day. The new lasers have an effect but our major problem is not Laser, it's the Hair. Since Brown girls have dark hair it takes up more than 5-6 seatings for good result.


Try Electrolysis. I guarantee it works..the only hair removal method that is truly permanent. It works.

Auhida Chowdhury

are you allowed to shave between treatments?

Blue Flower

I need laser for my whole body.

Jas Gill

Amazing ? you’re beautiful & funny


your skin is dark tone so I guess its not so noticeable to be a pain I have fair skin and its so noticeable I am considering getting a tan to get over my hair laser is too expensive:P

kb be

no pain no gain!


So informative! Great video!

Alice Gale

Lol the dermatologist looks like he wants to jump off a cliff rarther than be in the video


I've honestly never seen a face with more hair than mine so for years I've been waxing that beastly hair which resulted in severe breakouts that pretty much looked like cystic acne. By the time the spots and bumps went my face was scarred and the hair was back so I was stuck in a lose lose situation. Finally I decided to just laser it off. I've had two sessions so far and that hair is gone. I obviously need more treatments but so far the results exceeded the laser tech's and my own expectations. Save some money, find a good laser clinic and laser that hurrrr!

Akila Costa

ohhh wait you have to shave before hand...hummmm thats risky

Max4u Gaming

Wooove kya start hay ji , supperb Laser Hair Removal for Dark Skin , thx for sharring ,

Francia Bergbauer

Omg!!! How handsome ??? i wanna try laser too

Ansuya Dhokia

What is the brand of the laser machine.

Nina Thomas

How much does this cost?

Sabha Qureshi

Have you made a part 2 to this video?

Sumer June

Up date please

S Luddhu

He is so cuteeee

Mammia Sela


Deidre Covington

How did this work out for you??

Erica Coach

i love him. his personality seems so chill


What do you mean previously fail?

Shaharun Nessa

I don't think laser hair removal is permanent....you have 6 treatments then go back every year for a touch up.Nothing is ever permanent..... I'm currently having laser hair removal done.

sharu Deshpande

Dr in dombevali east sonavdekar kasturiplaza and mukund shah in also in kasturiplaza and thane disha Hosp

Natasha Gupta

hey Deepica, did you have an update with this? Literally in the same exact position you are in with laser hair removal and i wanna know how it turned out for you!? Help!


the doctor mhmm ?


When will part 2 be up?

Valar Dohaeris

It was a good video. Thanks for making it. But please let HIM talk

Hannah Kib

This sounds amazing especially for Asian skin! I hope this available in the UK! Love you Deepica ❤️

Sanjana Malik

You’ve got a sexy laugh

Tanya Dasari

I'm thinking about getting laser as well ,I have also brown skin.Please post an update on whether it worked.meeku work ayithe nenu same location lo try chesta,please cheppandi.

Paris Rodriguez

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for doing this video girl!! I've been meaning to do laser hair removal on my face, but that was exactly what I was afraid of.. Scarring. ?? So I'm so glad I now know about this new system!! ??????

Karambit Korea

It's a load of crap. Laser hair removal does not work. I went to skinhealth Whitechapel rubbish


I have done over 15 sittings and I’m back to square 1 after 2-3 months .?


I have spent months researching hair removal quickly and discovered a great website at Dravin Remover Guide (google it if you're interested)

Sable Mc

Wanted to know how this is working for you! Have you gone back to get any more treatments and when should we expect an update? I've suffered from really terrible facial hair and ingrown hairs that I've had to pluck and pick at, which (of course) has caused bad scarring under my chin. Been looking into this and cool glide for melanin blessed/tanned/darker skinned girls.

Sharon Shaji

what is tha fees of this treatment

Jina Aktar

This video was super helpful considering the fact that I've been thinking about getting laser on my hairline and face as well. Hopefully it works for you!! And where in nyc is this located? I would love to call and get a quote on how much it would all cost! ?


Hey Deepica! Just wanted to check in and see if how your laser treatment is going? Haha