Retinol or vitamin c

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What Does Your Skin Need? | Vit C, Hyaluronic, Chemical Exfoliants, Collagen & Retinol | Shreya Jain

240 078 views | 11 May. 2020

Choosing an

Choosing an ingredient for your skincare can be quiet confusing and hence I'm going to break down 5 ingredients and what they do for your skin so that you can make an informed decision!


Chemical Exfoliation 101: https://youtu.be/O5UcR1yzWdE


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Mishaal Ghalib

Can u share the name of the retinol capsules

Shrabanti Das


Can we use retenoid at night and vitamin c during day

lahari kaki

Hey Shreya plzzz recommend few vitamin c serums

Priyadharshini Raju

Similar to Susan Yara's videos! Nice explanation though!

Aanchal Tyagi

Please review garnier vit c serum

gunja saa

I really like your video.it is very much informational that we want from youtube. It gives what we need

gunja saa

I saw a direction to use dot and key serum exfoliate. It's written there that we have to clean out skin after 10 minutes application. But as of now we know that serum are the product we use and forget for the day . Please guide

Yamini Sinha

Hi shreya this was very helpful. Can we use some oil (eg I use rosehip oil ) after using my dot and key hyluronic acid or u suggest something else


Dr dray made a review video of the vitamin c powder ..I think it will help u guys a lot ...and it's also really funny

Arpita Singh

PLEASE pleeease make a video with best AHA and BHA products avilable in India, something like what works out of those and what doesn't (including Dot & Key, Dr. Sheth's, Sugandha, Myoho, DermDoc, Re'equil, Plum, etc.)
PS.: These are brands I know sell AHA and BHA products, over pricing them so we can't literally try all of them but something that works would deserve the expense so it would be a great video also since there are no youtubers who have done this yet. ?❤️

Love your videos like always. ??

Gayathri Krishna

Why the volume is really low????

Priya Jessy

Can u recreate this makeup tutorial if possible ?


What's wrong with audio


Hey shreya please do review on body shop tea tree anti perfection serum.

Tanisha Bachhuka

organic ascorbic acid powder which brand?

Taslim Shaikh

Aap ke earpeen ke collection share karo plz...aur Kaha se BYU kiya

Sneha Das

1 week no new vedios... Awaiting new vedios... So watching old ones ?

Pragya Singh

If we are using vit c serum at night do we still need to top it up with a sunscreen?

Nikita Dhakad

Very informative ?

Anweshika Jaiswal

I just love your makeup here. Can you please make a tutorial on this!!!!! It's way too good ?

Rakshita Sharma

Can we use Vitamin C along with retinol ?

Shreya Jain

Guys, I am able to hear the sound perfectly, If you are facing some issue, please try both earphones or no earphones! Thanks my loves ❤️

Poojitha C

Tell us the best sun screens pleaseeee

Ashwini Nyayapati

Love your neck piece❤️

Kajal Srivastava

Pls suggest a face cream for oily skin..

aman kaur

Hey shreya..... i hope u r doing well... i have one ques in my mind..... can i use Retinol toner first nd then vit C serum?..... As i have pores on my face(forever on my skin) nd also have little dark circle nd little pigmentation going on( from past one month )


Hi, can you recommend any websites or Instagram pages from where I can buy The Ordinary?

Jeena Gunendran

Hi Shreya, can retinol toner and serum can be used on the same day

Priyanka Kamble

Very informative!

simi Paul Sharma

Hi Shreya. I always see ur vdos. But still I'm totally confused which products I should use. I've acne issues and Mera skin tone bhi uneven hai. Plz suggest me some reasonable products which suits my skin

Shikha Rashmi

from where to buy ordinary absorbic acid powder in india Shreya?

srishti srivastava

U can blindly trust this girl guysss... Whatever she suggests is the best?

imran śåw K

Actually I’m a supplier of Glutathoine ,filler, Botox skin whitening injections ?products and creams ? soap ?

Suryani Mandal

I am unable to find the pixi retinol tonic online. Could you plz let me know any online website from where I can buy this?

Nav Kaur Kapoor

so much info and so well explained. absolutely love your content babe ❤️

Vidhi Doshi

Please share the links of products

Tamalika Roy

Hey, I love your videos but can you show affordable alternatives of products as well

Shobha Reddy DK lifestyle&fashion

Great video ?

manisha Aswal

Hey, i really want to know how u can balance between all these products like how can we apply it on our skin like one over the other, one at a time, or on different days. They are too many things to apply at once..... Please answer really want to know more

neeru sharma

Can we use hyaluronic acid serum and retinoids serum together? And then apply moisturizer on the top?

Drishti Hirani

Beautifully explained

Kai Yamamoto

Can i use vaseline body lotion as a moisturizer on the top? I've used other cheap moisturizers such as ponds and Nivea(the white round packaging) but they're so drying for my skin since I've very very dry skin.. but the Vaseline body lotion does the work for me as it's kinda bit oily.. but I don't know the long term effect of it, does it hurt or is it bad or Good?
Pls let me know and give your experiences..

priyanka sharma

Thanks for the knowledge

sue gud

Hey find out your apt face wash for your skin type and keep support. https://hautecoutureista.blogspot.com/2020/08/find-your-apt-face-washcleansers-for.html

Sarno Karmakar

Wonderful topic?

Indrani Choudhury

How are you getting elizabeth arden capsules now? I could not stock it for last 1 yr.

Swaati Tanwar

Please write the product link please

the tummiefills

Iam 21 an iam having a doubt to start using vitamin C


Can we use glycolic acid tonic and retinol Tonic at the same time, say alternate days ?


Amazing, v honest ? useful information

nandini shikhar

Whr can i get that zara necklace !!!!???...please olx it to me !!!????


?Ghar par kasi kare Face wax Corona me /Face wax at home in Corona https://youtu.be/K00NHLJ3Mws

A. S

Please Make videos lyk this specialy chamical exfoliaters for pigmentation or dark circles in HINDI Plsssss ??

Khyati Bhola

Great video, loved it. Thanks for making it straight to the point because I hate listening to personal stuff of vloggers. Subscribed. ❤️❤️

Gulnaz Parveen

Awsome explanation nyc one i find

omi kakade-deshmukh

Nic video mam.. Bt i have one query.. Before use retinol serum...can i use salysalic or glycolic face wash.?.? plz rpy mam?

Kiranmayi Nedunuri

Hi shreya.. could you please suggest a good enriching moisturiser and also can u clarify the order in which these products can be layered..

Shayesta Ahmed

So helpful!
And thanks for actually speaking up the truth about collagen.

Shazia Asif

Thanks to Dr Dray! Because of her I know so much about the actives in our skin care.. ?


She is Hyram of India❤

Shikha Chopra

Not able to hear anything

Sanchari Soren

Thank you so much for to the point review.. it's so easy to understand for me..

cup cake

Can I use hyaluronic acid serum and then aloe vera gel (on top of it, as a moisturizer) at night? Or do I need to additionally use a moisturizer no matter what? ?

Weird Chokri

Why I can't hear anything??

Francisco Martin

I have tried PROBASE SPORTS NUTRITION COLLAGEN PEPTIDES POWDER for the first time two months ago and I have to say it beats most other collagen peptides powders I have tried. It is 100% Grass-Fed, UL third-party certified, has no taste, smell or sweeteners in it, and is 100% Collagen Peptides. I used to get some minor stomach pains with other brands, not with this one. If you are looking for a clean and extremely soluble collagen peptides powder, then I am highly recommending Probase Sports Nutrition Collagen. I bought mine on their website at PROBASENUTRITION DOT NET, although I believe you can also buy it online at WALMART AND EBAY. It dissolves easily too.

Ancy G

The intro is me entering into the skin care world.

Pragya Purang

The smartest, most intelligent, hard working and willing-to-learn makeup youtuber in India❤

Sangeeta Kumari

Hii Shreya, could be please share link to buy hyaluronic acid shown in video or name of that product


Which vitamin c serum she said..?

Mitali Saha

Can I use boroline after retinol serum !?

Ahana Sen

Hey, can I use hyaluronic acid along with chemical exfoliation?

Ilika Chitranshi

Please review- VAUNT brazil nut + rosehip face oil

Also, please tell me something about pre-bridal skincare

Deepa Gupta

I have learnt so many things from you... Thankyou lovee ❤️❤️

Reddy Sirisha

Ap hindi mein b btaya kro na plsss

Aarti Nair

Can you give the link of products


This lady does crazy research before making any video....your effort is absolutely commendable.
There is no beauty blogger like you ❤❤❤❤

Sadaf Latif

plz can u speak little slow. God bless u dear

Sneha L

Is vitamin c bad for oily skin? My pores opened a lot once I started applying it ?

Shilpi Raman

Hi shreya... thanks for a detailed video.. however i had a question. What is Q10? Have seen lot of skincare products with Q10.. please help me

nandini shikhar

I want that statement necklace!!!!!

Dhatri Agrawal

One of the most authentic influencer in terms of beauty products,as you give the scientific reasons as well rather than blindly suggesting any products for the skin.

Thanks for some genuine suggestions. Literally different from so many blindly sponsored product and videos.

Amruta Khavase

Please recommend what vitamin C serum to go for

Aqsa-31;IMBA 7th

So so so informative, that's what a YouTuber should do...a lot of research rather than random DIY

ankita prasad

Where can we buy these products?

Sayantani Ghosh Chowdhury

Plz tel the name of the retinol capsules

Abhijit Roy

shreya ..you havnt mentioned the highlighter or strobe cream..you are wearing.And pl mention the online shop for The ordinary vit c powder.. pixi retinolserum

Lima Biswas

suggest Some vitamin c products

735 Elaina Fernando

5% retinol is not a mild percentage...........?

Salwa Basalam

Shreya you speak so well❤️ love ur content?

aarushi chaudhary

Hi can you tell how to layer these product

Garima Guliani

Hey love, any feedback on klairs

natasha rathi

Can u plz tell by which age we should start using what product..??
Or we can use any one or all of them after 20s.?

Chandrani Ghosal

U dont have give any address of the products

Gurpreet Sodhi

This video is the skin care bible, have seen it 10 times now. It has everything anyone needs about skin care.

sanju nehra

Good explanatory video but how and which one to use ,can you make a video on that

Nandni Sharma

Vit C didn't suit me ? I tried two good brands bit my skin broke out. ??? Maybe it's not for me

imran śåw K

If you have any requirement about skin whitening products than plz contact me +917899971798 same WhatsApp number save it ☎️?


mam i cn nly gi for night skincare routyn i.e face wsh, toner, vitamin c serum dn olay night cream...i hv combination skin.
should i go for yo 2nd product hylauronic acid and should i chng my moisturizer?

Shwetta Makhija

Vit C dint work on my skin..?

Saumya Singh

My right ear thanks you :P