Trimming out

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Homes.com DIY Experts Share How-to Frame a "Builder Grade" Mirror

719 032 views | 1 Apr. 2013

DIY experts Katie and Jon

DIY experts Katie and Jon Jasiewicz from SewWoodsy.com show how to frame a "builder grade" mirror as part of their series of DIY tutorials for Homes.com.

In this DIY tutorial Jon provides step-by-step instructions to dress up the standard bathroom mirror many builders install by defualt. With some paint, some glue, a saw and miter box, he demonsrates how easy it is to bring a touch of elegance to a plain old wall hanging. Be sure to visit frequently for inspiration tips on how complete your next project!

Jared Waterman

How did you compensate for the 3/8 in thickness of the mirror on the side edge piece opposite the wall? Do you have a gap between the frame and wall? Imagine one could router or dado blade out the depth to make a step and have side piece contact wall and mirror.

Loren Brent

MDF bubbles with moisture. bad choice!

dashardon investments

Cute idea but not with that cheap ass bar light above it

Mp Newhart

I have a question, I hope you can help plan to do this this weekend. My wall is about 3 inches to the wall would you do the 45 cuts or just go all the way to the wall?


This is gorgeous, but instead of concentrating on the gluing in place around the mirror (which is the no brainer part) I wish you had shown is the cutting and assembly process on the trim! As a beginner who has never worked with trim, I realize it's not terribly complicated, but that is the part I need to see!

Now I want this look, and am still a bit in the dark about how to achieve it. I guess trial and error will have to suffice.


Guy, you need to work on your delivery so you don't stumble and mumble thru it. Talk less and just give the details. and stop repeating yourself. I guess you didn't consider how much light is now blocked by that enormous headpiece.

Jairo Martinez

Great tutorial

Victor S

Next time use a ladder, you look very unprofessional


Looks great but now you notice how awful the lighting is

Lisa Dawson

Wow amazing




The light bulbs are obscured by the top cornice. One doesn't have light on the face when looking in the mirror, up close. FAIL !

Mary Tramp

seriously glue with nothing but a few finishing nails as a after thought? This MIGHT work somewhere dry like AZ but still highly doubtful bc you're still in one of the most humid rooms of the house!!! wood glue or not, eventually it will give out! lazy man's way of doing something. Nothing is made to last.

Ferguson Tamrot

Try the best carpenters and woodworkers plans. Woodglut.

Rios Moodie

You can make it yourself, just loook and learn from WoodPrix.

Janet J.

This looks awesome. I don't have pesky mirror clips, just a big ole mirror stuck to the wall.

Charlene Leber

I have a mirror in my guest bathroom that needs this done. Also my other bathroom is getting a new vanity, so I am using the same mirror because I can't get the old one down. I wish I could hire you to fix both of them.


Thanks for sharing

Donna McGhee


Marlen Vassallo

If you enjoy woodworking plans, you will love wood prix. Get inspired by all the endless possibilities of furniture plans and other wood projects to build, for both indoors and outdoors.


What glue did you use? Also my frame project may be heavier because it has glass tile in between the frames. Can you recommend a glue?

LuAnn Bondanza

Love this frame. We just used plain pine; stained and polyurethaned them. But I like all the trim pieces. Great job!! Now you just need to change out that horrible light fixture!


Very nice thank you.


what is the exact glue/adhesive? IT looks like Loc-tite super grab?

Chaudhry Alligood

if you want to know how to make it yourself, just go to woodprix website.

Mark Vidales

so that glue will hold against glass like that ? how long and reliable is it ?


Every video looks like everyone is using the same Loctite Power Grab adhesive, but it says right on the tube; Does not work on mirrors! ....????

Liu Liheng

Not a safe idea to load so many on the mirror clips.



John Helton

Try to do it with Woodglut plans :)


Hope you changed out the light bar!

Wendy Williams

Great job, and inspiration for framing my own ugly builder-grade mirrors. Thank you!


it appears toooooooooooo heavy for glass.....

Tracey Katie

Wish I would’ve watched this before buying a $150 mirror and ripping the drywall off trying to remove my old mirror. ??‍♀️ great video!!

Manny Singh

How do you fill the left side of the mirror, gap between the MDF piece and the wall?

Antonetta Kowalewski

i made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on that website :)))

Conner Monier

I will make it myself this week I think. Just got instructions from woodprix website and I'm ready for do it :D

Corns Ronald

Great to see that... I made it too. Using woodprix handbooks :)

Sherryl Keith

You can use woodprix plans. The best handbooks and very detailed instructions. You can learn much from them and make it yourself.

Santana 805

Awesome awesome awesome!!!


looks like the cameraman had one too many, kept moving the damn camera...so distracting.


i enjoyed the video. thank you for sharing. i was wondering if i could use the silicone sealant as my adhesive. do you think it will hold up well? thanks.

LaJoy Epperson

this was so helpful!


What glue did you use?

Richard Goldrich

You need to know how to cut crown molding to do the 90 degree return if you have an open wall on one side or both sides. It's different than just cutting a 45 degree corner. You tube it. also, It'sprobably difficult to do by hand with a miter box. You may need a Miter saw.

Starr Stewart

Nice movie. However you should take instructions from woodprix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

Lisa Bevill

I'm also wanting to do this in our bathroom.. but what do you do about the gap behind your left side where your left board is only glued to the mirror and not the back wall.. do you have a piece of trim to hide that gap???

Yura Kovalec

Hi. I think you need to take some time and take a quick tour of Woodglut website to find out how to do this.

Sherryl Keith

I check a lot of woodworking handbooks. These one from woodprix are the best.

Hopes Heavenly Creations

I ENJOY learning these things as ive always been the fixer upper! Tyfs and god bless?

Ilham Chacha


Zane Blane

would've loved to have seen the whole process

Viki T

If you need to take offf the miror one day, How would you do it, since the clips are behind the molding?

Dennis Alvarez

Looks really high end. You done a good job on it while making it simple.?

Steve Clair

There is molding for everything.

Ata Nasir

Hi I tried this, side trim will not glue with mirror it will come out after 3 min. I even tried to hold for 20 min. It will not stick. Please help

Cadena Ek

On WoodPrix you can find excellent plans for woodworking.

Bruce Crosby

Seems like a lot of weight to glue on some glass

Ramona Mattioni

Nice, nice, very nice. However, you can make it better. Just google Woodglut and learn how to do it easily.

Brigitte Ha

Please tell me how to take the wood trim off my mirror. I glued to close to the edge and I can see the glue!


Good video. Just remember that if your bathroom lights are above or 'behind' your crown molding, they'll cast a shadow which you definitely don't want. When choosing a new light fixture consider the way the fixture is going to sit relative to the molding. If in doubt, use a smaller molding. Here, for example, the fixture is now obstructed by the molding. It's not a big problem with that old-school (and ugly) fixture, but you wouldn't want to do that with something newly installed.

Kyle L

How do you remove the mirror in the future if needed?

Jay dubayou

Looks cool but maybe a bit over sized for the space imo


Wow he's HANDSOME! He could be a Model! He kinda looks like Ronaldo the Soccer Player.

Marsha Forbes

I like the idea of framing the mirror. I'm wondering, how would you remove the mirror if the anchors and screws keeping the mirror to the wall get covered up in the process? I want to do this and this is my only concern.

Christopher Rotondo

They sell a lightweight decorative foam molding that can be glued as well. Wood in the bathroom is no good. Unless it's a manufactured plastic specific for moisture-prone areas.

Frame My Mirror

You could also skip the power tools and save time and money by getting your frame from Frame My Mirror!

Lambert J.

I think it looks tacky. Won't be happening in my house...

Angelica Pelayo

Christiano Ronaldo after loosing with Portugal!

Christopher Pham

Awesome job!  Now to replace the $2 circus lights above the frame ;-)

Pierluigi Colotto

Good and very accurate designs are on the Woodglut website.

Abhilash Babu

Thanks for the time to do this buddy, great work, I tried it so simple, and looks elegant, thanks !


Sure wish I had one of him at home. I know he said it was easy, maybe it is for most people; however, I can't do the cutting that he referenced. My loss, I'll have to keep dreaming! Looks terrific, and just like what I would love in my hall bathroom.

Tamara Carthen

Great JOB!! I Love the crown molding you selected.

Ralph DiCecca

Great job, quick question on the left side of the mirror, the side where you wrapped the moulding around the mirror don’t you have a space between the wall and your moulding or did you caulk

Romelia Polly

I made it myself thanks to woodprix website


Is John Malaney doing home improvement now?

Jai Nel

Absolutely love it! Now you need a new light. I wish you could have shown us how you made your molding so beautiful.

Eric Stephen

Great tutorial. Buddy, you are nothing but a hanger for that shirt. It's too big! Try a medium. :-0

Elaine C

Very pretty, great job, thorough instructions and demonstration. Thank you! Happy 2019 and healthy!

Allan Docater

Hi. I think you need to take some time and take a quick tour of Stodoys website to find out how to do this.

Rashed Hoque

love this video. Where I can get all the side and top pieces?

tong to

verry good,easy do it. thank you.

Russ Melton

Great video! I followed your plan with a few modifications (the customer wanted it slightly smaller). She was very happy!


Doesnt work. 3 hours later and boards are still falling off. Wasted $20 on materials, several hours of my time, and now I have to scrape liquid nails off the mirror or throw the whole thing out.


The Orange shirt makes him look like an inmate -

Tamara Tamrot

I used Woodglut instructions for this and I already did it :)

Frank Gonzalez

thanks for the video I'm doing this tomorrow ...


This guy is the best. Oddly reminds me of Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.

Courtney Cunningham

Looks great!..  can't wait to start working on our mirrors.  Thanks for the video

devin shafar

Any problem with the little brackets that hold up the mirror? Arent they a bit bulgy?

Mary Tramp

while that may look nice from the front to some, not me (gawdy was the word I was thinking of), it would look like shit from the side with that big gap in between the wall and the MDF board, which of course will warp and look like shit with in a year at best. come on your supposed to be a HOME show with home experts!!! I'm only a novice and know that!!! come on guys details details. if you're going to do a job, do it well and do it right the first time.

Suzie Cruz

Looks great, now get rid of that out-dated "hollywood" light fixture.....

Larry Wells


aka aly houston

Is it that "the wall here is not completely flat" ? Or that the board is not cut straight?

Jayden Brumous

I heard very good opinions about the Stodoys plans.


Naff with that OTHER mirror (or cupboard) sitting right next to the posh mirror.

Traveling the USA 50

No special tools? Well except a router to round off the MDF.

Philip Warring

If this is a bathroom, I would suggest vinyl trim. Never put mdf in bathroom where you have moisture.

LiveLaugh MakeLove

I'm impressed.

Trimming out

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How to Install Interior Window Trim | Ask This Old House

888 404 views | 14 Dec. 2015

This Old House general

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva installs interior window trim using hand tools. (See below for a shopping list, tools, and steps.)

SUBSCRIBE to This Old House: http://bit.ly/SubscribeThisOldHouse

Shopping List for Installing Interior Window Trim:

- 1x4 primed pine, used to make window trim

- 120-grit sandpaper, for smoothing the window stool

- 2-inch (6d) and 2 1/2-inch (8d) finishing nails

- Carpenter's glue

- Damp cloth, used to wipe away excess glue and sanding dust

- Wood putty, for filling nail holes

- Interior-grade paint

Tools List for Installing Interior Window Trim:

- Layout square, used to mark square cutlines

- Handsaw, for cutting the wood trim

- Block plane, for rounding over and smoothing the window stool

- Hammer

- Scriber, used to mark the stool notches

- Nailset, for setting nailheads

- Putty knife, used to apply wood putty

- Sash brush, for painting the trim


[BOLD "Steps for Installing Interior Window Trim:

1. Mark the location of each side casing on the wall.[BR]

2. Measure and crosscut the window stool to length from 1x4 primed pine.[BR]

3. Rip the window stool to width using a handsaw.[BR]

4. Use a pencil scriber to mark a notch on each end of the stool.[BR]

5. Saw the notches from the stool so it fits snugly around the window stops.[BR]

6. Round over the sharp edges and ends of the window stool using the block plane and 120-grit sandpaper.[BR]

7. Fasten the stool to the window with 2[FRACTION 12]-inch finishing nails.[BR]

8. Tap the nailheads below the surface using a hammer and nailset.[BR]

9. Saw the side casings to length, then glue and nail them in place with 2-inch and 2[FRACTION 12]-inch finishing nails.[BR]

10. Nail up through the underside of the window stool and into the bottom end of the side casings.[BR]

11. Mark and crosscut the head casing to length.[BR]

12. Glue and nail the head casing across the top of the window.[BR]

13. Mark and cut the apron to length.[BR]

14. Apply glue along the top edge of the apron, then nail it to the wall directly below the window stool.[BR]

15. Wipe away any excess glue with a damp cloth.[BR]

16. Fill all nail holes with wood putty. Once the putty dries, sand the surface smooth.[BR]

17. Wipe away sanding dust with a damp cloth, then paint the trim.

About Ask This Old House TV:

Homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions for us on smaller projects, and we're ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by our viewers—and we make house calls! Ask This Old House features some familiar faces from This Old House, including Kevin O'Connor, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, and landscape contractor Roger Cook.

Follow This Old House and Ask This Old House:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseFB

Twitter: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseTwitter


Pinterest: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHousePinterest

Instagram: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseIG


Tumblr: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseTumblr

For more on This Old House and Ask This Old House, visit us at: http://bit.ly/ThisOldHouseWebsite

How to Install Interior Window Trim | Ask This Old House



to make it real authentic a 1 X 4 should be 1'' X 4" not this 3/4 x 3 1/2 crap they have now they call a 1 X 4


Imagine going through all that work to fabricate the stool and the nail splits it apart. Also tom was showing off big time with the pencil skills


Yesssss! ? I was watching while taking a break from our new old house and Jamb liners is they key word ive been needing !!! Thank you ! I knew they were wood single hung windows but they previous owners painted the jamb liners so we cant open most of the windows and I couldn't find what this part was called ! Ive been watching since i was a kid ( esp sundays before noon mass) and knew id figure it out eventually lol


if it was me you'll see 16 power tools around and unfinished job ! ?

Mix Pick

I love this guy but when he free hands a straight line I wanna' throw the TV out the window! Because I've seen Tommy do it a million times, I keep trying but just can't! Lol

Strawberry Shortcake

I wonder if she always says the person's name in every sentence...

Optimus Prime

Anne wanted to see Silva's tools.

Bastion Only

Women love him and Men want to be him.


He's using a hand saw to rip. That only warrants a thumbs up.

Edgar Morales


Alex Bokovitz

And that's how Tommy "no table saw" Silva got his name

David Hinson

The only man I know that can drive a trim nail with Paul Bunyan’s hammer!

Bill Murphy

Glue? Since when? Not a chance. Journeyman Carpenter 40 plus years.


My dad taught me with a manual saw. He hated electric tools. I will always remember soaping up the saw blade with bar soap before we started.


if i keep my shoulder in too Fah the sah will tilt dis way... :D


Ha! even she was wondering why no power tools were used.

j and s Dominguez

Alot of effort no thank you l will get my makkitta saw and nail gun get it done easy

Plug - Dübel - Chevilles - Taco - Upa

https://youtu.be/Mf4p7OBj9jA https://youtu.be/8NtXOj8duX8
For regions and/or states: we release the “know-how” to market an innovative professional fixing system (it is applied without drilling). https://youtu.be/8NtXOj8duX8

Für Regionen und / oder Staaten: wir gewähren das “Know-how“, um ein innovatives professionelles Befestigungssystem zu vermarkten (es wird ohne Bohren angewendet). https://youtu.be/8NtXOj8duX8

Pour les régions et / ou états: nous accordons le «know-how» pour commercialiser un système de fixation professionnel innovant (il est appliqué sans perçage).
https://youtu.be/8NtXOj8duX8 https://youtu.be/Mf4p7OBj9jA

SpockMcoy Issmart

Some people like to decorate their windows around the Holidays, and that narrow window stool isn't good for much.


Surprised he didn't shim the outside edges of the casings so they sat flat with the header.

Kenneth Belle

Omg the comments on here are priceless. Lmao. Im reading these and dying. You people are great..


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incredible work.



Taemonkie 1

Impressing the ladies with good hard working skills is worth more than all the money in the world.

Liberty AboveAllElse

NO reveal on the casing Tommy?

Michael Davila

Yeah, she's lost.



Liberty AboveAllElse

Richard one-ups Tommy by unclogging a toilet with his bare hands...next up on this old house.

Teddy Peters

I wish I had a mentor like Tommy. What a great dude.


How do you do this if you're using casing that isn't just a flat board


Shouldn't be wearing open toe shoes while doing this type of work.

Chanjai Park

super precise cuts by handsaw. respect.

Alain Mehani

Tommy hates her

James Hough

Hand saws....show off.

MarVill TX

Tommy I’m really impressed.

Tommy doesn’t care

Jeff Whiteside

A hand saw really??

Mighty Me

How did you cheat the joint between the header and the casings? On first install they are not aligned then later it looks like the joins got sanded, how did you fix it?

Joe Medley

I’d like to know more about why he’s using all that glue. I’ve taken apart casings of various ages and they had held up fine without glue after many decades.

Riyad Kalla

This should be straight forw... (6 mins in after 30 nuanced measurements)... I should go back to kindergarten.


@ 10:44 Needs to be sanded on the ends, looks rough as guts.

John Gaspar

Tom's got Portuguese blood coursing through his veins and a straight back to do his work. 6:06


OMG what happen to the power tools I think i fell asleep for two minutes

Joshua Olivier

Chuck Norris is Tom Silva in disguise

Ferguson Tamrot

I think you can learn more about this on Woodglut.

Lenovo Algeria

i enjoyed every second of his work ..wow


No, HE has to "cut out those little notches."


She is a BABE.

Daniel Fossett

Tom gets paid by the hour I think.


always thought you would add a reveal between the casing and the side of window frame, guess not?

Hold Short Runway 27

And once again, "Tommy the Master Craftsman" makes it look easy, "Old School Style" using hand tools only !

Bryan Rodgers

Stream Humantler music


Couldn't you just put the trim around the windows without notching it what's the purpose of notching it.
Is it just for looks.


Math is hard.

Dave C.

Grasshoppers have more personality and better conversation then this homeowner.


A little shaky with the hammer haha. All those dents. Pine is a soft wood so you probably shouldn't pound those nails flush hahaa.

Myron Smith

Header would have looked better with a 1 inch overhang on both sides


Tommy I’m pretty impressed with all that . Tommy says nothing


It's amazing how clear this footage is from the 1930s.

Kevin Naderi

Tom rocks


was this filmed before they invented a table saw or chop saw?


“I’m glad you did that math, Tommy.” ??


That lady be lookin thirsty

Anthony Flores

: "Tommy I'm pretty impressed with all that"

Coming up next on This Old House " How to frame your headboard "


Tom on a first date.

Nate Mullikin

Imagine the zone time you get by ripping everything by hand...

Royal T

I was lost after the first couple cuts lol


I worked with a master carpenter back in the 70’s and that’s how he did it, no power tools.

Jay Fizzle

That glue though...and the underbottom nails whoever has to take it down is in for a surprise


She's like, "This is bullshit Tommy! Where's the Festool?!"

Daniel Tadros

She looks like a woman of good character. Someone who cares about people.


The old "sa has". Love it

John Uremovich

Doing trim with an f-ing gorilla framing hammer. Yeah, makes sense.


For once he does a job with less than $100 worth of tools

Bill Shultz

nicely done sir, I truly appreciate someone who still knows how to use hand tools. I make my window stools a bit deeper though and then anchor the stool into the framing with 2-1/2" screws drilled at a very steep angle. The apron usually hides these screw holes and you can put a lot of weight on the stools. Again very nice video showcasing your skills.


She’s a CUTIE!!!!

Michael B

Would have been easier with a table saw

Anton Shkabara

It's that simple, just go to the Woodglut website and enter the world of woodworkers.


We're all impressed with Tommy, lady.

Howard Lovecraft

The lady probably feels like she's in a high school shop class.

Sharky's Machine

"Okay all you need to do is putty up the holes, primer and paint!"
Homeowner: What's putty?

Wes Rogozinski


Tim Barry

Happily surprised to see him using a hand saw. Awesome

Ramona Mattioni

Nice, nice, very nice. However, you can make it better. Just google Woodglut and learn how to do it easily.

no name

that trim looks way too wide

Jack Tellerson

I want to see him do the same thing w/ oak.

Scott Huddas

Tommy Silva is an absolute unit


Tommy comes from a time before caulk.

Emily Chadbourn

If i were planning on installing a beefier stool and keeping the stock whole would you pre drill the nail holes to prevent splitting?

Jason C.

It’s weird watching Tommy use simple hand tools. ?

Samsng Device

I googled "How to board up your brick & mortar before Minneapolis protesters arive

Nate Mullikin

Showing up at a jobsite with a carpenters box...


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Tommy is the contractor equivalent of Mike from Better Call Saul.

Russell Bantin

7:52 is that a cut in the saw horse?

A Keene

I promised to install a window, jam, and trim. I promised the homeowner this knowing I dont know the first thing when it comes to trim. I have watched this three times, and now i'm confident I can do this project tomorrow! wish me luck

Mindyourown Business

Personally I would have dreamed all the way around mitreing the corners but that's just how we do it in the UK or at least have mitred the top two corners


Women love a man that knows what he is doing. Hahaha

Michel Adams

Impressive.. that's what we call a master carpentar.

Alex Ricketson

That wood glue seems excessive... If you ever decide to replace the trim it would damage the wood casing around the window.

Trimming out

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Do you ever get single strand knots? If so, what do you do to minimize them?

Da'Ja Smith

Dang gurl yo hair has grown so much. U should do another video of your hair growth journey from then to 2020.

Liberty did what?

How often do you straighten your hair?


Hey Mia❤

Areona Blair

I can’t wait til my hair gets this long ?

Forever Shar’

Looks great! Girl your hair has gotten so long! Omg!

Stacey Valdez

Your hair is so beautiful ?


Was waiting for this!!! You did a great job!

Katy Arnold

Lovely and thick healthy hair.


You an your hair is beautiful...!

Myrna J


Love Amberella,

Princess Mia ?❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤?


I like blown out hair more that straightened hair. Am I the only one?

A Woman

Can we get another wave former video, would like to see how it comes out now that your hair is longer

It’s Nay

Your hair is absolutely beautiful love from the uk ??

Bambi Love

I’m curious, have you ever done an aloe/avocado hair mask ?

Jasmine Edwards

Your hair looks so soft !!


Please do an updated blowout video!

Da'Ja Smith

What's poppin'?

Tools and metal

your hair is nice would you have your hair in a ponytail?


You kind of resemble Draya to me. Hair looks amazing!

J Powell

The one dislike must be a person who accidentally unliked this video

Michelle Rodgers

This is how i cut mine lol...i mean I’m sure a hairstylist would say it’s bad but my hair is growing.

Renessa Austin

I've been watching you from your first youtube video. I won your first give away where you sent me your fav products at the time. I'm so proud of how far you have come.

Jerika P

Love it !!❤️

LeShea White

Love your hair blown out

Angelique Parker

No hair stylist needed! Great job!


Yesss Mia the length tho!!!!! ???????

Kimora M

Yesss? what did you use to blow dry your hair?

Remika Williams

Your hair is beautiful ? You had me laughing out loud when you said it was nappy towards the ends ? Flawless results after straightening ?? Thx Mia

Tracye C

I just love your hair! ? So gorgeous & full! ?


Looks fabulous!!!!

n h

Can we please have a visual hair journey ?? With pictures included?

Shantil Wallace

Gang gang

Kendra Bell


Areona Blair