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Effy's Escape - Skins

689 289 views | 16 Apr. 2012

The first time we see

The first time we see Effy's true party nature when she sneaks out of the Stonem household one night to party.

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the british equivalent of trailer park trash

danielle sve

I remember feeling so bad for her friend when I was a kid lol


Am I the only one that really wants a friend like Effy's friend?

lemon li

she was so little back then

Will Gisby

Never have and never will like Effie.

Lee W

The way she likes to play with fire on the bus sort of hints at her mental illness in season 4. She's a cool character in season 1 but there are things about her which ought to set off alarm bells...


the fact that kaya scodelario was only 14 and smoking for skins..

Kayleigh Severino

WhT season is this


Sometimes I’m Effy... Sometimes I’m her friend... lmao

Mariana Martinez

I love what Effy is wearing but when I try to do it, I look like I got dressed in the dark


i love spencer.

Trebor Vainilla

We all want to be as cool as Effy but we are more like Effy's friend.

sum yellow

C quelle saison please ??


Effy's friend is pretty much every girl in Britain tbf.

Newt Lockstone

Effy was cool back in the day but she's so cringey now. Just another "I'm not like other girls" trope.

el vlog


ᕒᕀᓬᐋᐣ ᐹᐣᓀᕒᒪᐣ


Lourdes Silva

I'm unbelievably glad that I didn't try to act like Effy like most people say they did


My best mates last name is Davey, I must have said 1:07 to him about a hundred times.

alesja c

I wouldn’t wanna be Effys friend fuck that. She put her friend in that situation and then leaves her Alone. Careless friend


I wish we got to see Julie more, I couldn't stop laughing when she spoke. She was funny ??

Orion Rae


Polina Smile

Ээй бля! Русскиее? Куку манда??

meg reyes

spencer is harry styles and lucky blue smith combined... and a dash of that guy from it aka pennywise

Mariah Telfair

what did they inject effy later that night?

Hannah G.

Are we not talking about that Spencer is Jesus from the walking dead like wtf?

Jasmine c

Thats jesus from the walking dead

Emma Dewhurst

“Break, take, steal.”
All they did was ride around on carts lmao


Everyone’s saying how Effy’s friend is annoying for talking too much but I found Effy to be more annoying in this scene for not talking even when people were talking directly to her...

Michelle Mostovlanski

Wha... what is this? Am I hallucinating?...


all these comments r cringe lol

Anna Xarissa James

It’s funny how they tried to make this “event” seem badass and edgy by throwing some guitar riffs over it lmao

Iván Jara

Effy is hot

Olivia xXx

Honestly effys mate is a mood

Jessi Marie

Does effy talk or is she a mute

Treston Malone

Julie is so fucking irritating. I’m glad she was a one off character!


This reminds me of Leah and Phil in DNA

Angelgirlwho Smail

If i was effy I would literally slap her and tell her to shut the fuck up


this might be the only time I've heard the bristolian accent in a piece of media lmao

anasta cia

Mexican masks, cool ????????


I always hated people like Effy's friend omg


Y´all saying you are like Effy, if you are like her you wouldn't need to comment it would you lol


i always come back to this clip to hear Effy’s friend say “I don’t think many orgies happen in Luton..”

Yvonne Waweru

The guy was cute but it's so hard to believe that that's how people dressed in the early/mid 2000's.


what episode is this? Is this from the first seasons?

Abi García

1:04 dOo yoOuuU

megalenzby xx

Why does the boy effy’s with look like Harry styles

Sorbet Ice

so unfair how all the minor or joke characters in this show have Bristol accents, but none of the important characters do haha


Effy’s friend sounds like peppa pig

Bluegore 9


hannah banana

why are these my two personalities

Anna S

Years ago, while being a teenager I really liked her and wanted to copy her manners. Watching it again now, i can only find her extremely annoying and immature...yep, I grew up, without noticing.

Jane Doe

ahah Jesus from the walking dead


Why am I effys friend lol ?..x x x


Bus is moving and then not moving in the background XP

ashley graboli

ughh i just love the vibe she gives off SO MUCH. like i wanna be mysterious and gorgeous like her so badly. im quiet but people dont adore me like her ?

The World's New Order

This is on my recommended 7 years after


Effys outfit is so crazy and tacky but somehow she pulls it off. How ?

lara ferreyra

funfact: Spencer is Jesus "Paul Rovia" from The Walking Dead.


I used to look like that when i was 14 then second year of high school fucked me up


This is how I speak thoooo???? #Bristol

Justinas Balsys

i love effy but can you imagine being friends with someone who doesn't talk, like that would be so frustrating

Shahani Braga

Lmao this was before Effy found Panda. This was her friend before Panda ? she has a friend type doesn't she.


Kaya scodelario has never looked better than in this episode ❤️


Julie is literally a teenage version of Jaqueline from Benidorm

hi I'm E.G.

me: damn this Effy's friend is so annoying
also me: acts exactly like her


waaaait a second is that the dude who played jesus in the walking dead??

Kati e

Her friend is just me whenever I have to be the designated driver


She got payed so much for just staying silent. ?


Never liked Effy, I thought she was selfish and annoying. Love Kaya tho.

Sibeles Acosta

Effy’s friend= Pandora beta version ???


I wish i was like this at 14 or at least i wish i was like this now at 18 lol

Violet luna

I came here to listen to Effy's voice for the first time, but...

meena mj jawahar

She looks like Avril lavinge

talking rabbit

Have no idea why it's in my youtube recommendation. I don't even watch skins, but damn effy is beautiful. Might watch it soon

4st 7lb

tasting sick in your mouth like you’ve got ‘iccups!

Juancho Tagrosa

Estaba mejor cuando no hablaba xd

a 14


Joshua Stilinski

How did I forget how annoying dat bitch is like wtf

Ivy Stonem Grey

Shall I get on too?” My bigger sister said this as I got onto something like this and she got left behind. Legit..so lived an effy moment. >.<

no no

the place looks so cool. is it a location in real life? (the warehouse)

Maarten K

Where did her friend go? It's like she has been replaced by pandora

Unión Confederal Hispánica

this is so fucked up. She is only 14.

noose neryn

I just finished the last volume yesterday and I already miss this show so much.


she's 14 here and had her kissing a 24 year old guy ?

Keven Abstract

Makes me wonder what cook and the others were doing at 14 years old

Vera Marcia Soares

Did you realise tha she's 14


I love Effy but some of the stuff she did was so frustrating at times, throughout the full season


2019 bitches


i literally have the same exact friend

mystic fawn

Why didn’t she talk? How the hell did she make friends without talking? Lmao

Salma Gutierrez

I honestly don’t see how ppl think effy is mysterious and interesting, like she’s obnoxiously depressed and she’s so annoying as a character

Orla Rittschof

Shalllll I get on tuuuu? We’re haireeee tuugeverrrr


So this is it. Really?

Özge Özge

What kind of English is that? ?

Leslye Garcia

No mames se ve bien pendeja esa serie jajajajaja

Vincent Gurus

Am i the only one who recognizes Spencer as Jesus in TWD??

Ani Mindeli

i just wanna punch her friend in the face...never shut ups

Lovemanga!! 1

Does her friend have autism or something she acts so babyish and looks older than me

Henrys Adventures

"Do people call you Spence?" "No!"

Skins josh

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the boys become furries

4 353 679 views | 15 Aug. 2020

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JUICY - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqW1fD8sVPnOXipfuoehCxQ

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Lonely_wolfgirl Wolf

Lmao "SMASHING what are you doing in the furry convention"

geo star

Scp-3312 have infected everyone just take class b amnesics if you're on stage 3

Roan Couperus

I want more furries of eddie


Ok the tennis balls got me... LMAO!

Benjamin Gray

I’m actually a furry and this is offensive

animator blueberry sans

there is far too much fanart that could be made from this video

Dreams Sister

Day 1 as a furry assassin ?

Luke Shaffer

I mean eddis

dan sharrock

I don’t know if I’m gonna like this or not

Star Gazer

Hello I am the star gazer I speak for the furries & I’d just like to say

Some of this is accurate ?????


i am a furry but this is kinda funny

•Wolfie Bean•

This was a little offensive considering I'm a Furry. . .
But I can't stay mad because this is too hilarious ? ?


Me being a furry not knowing how to react to this. ?✌️

mr animator

tennis ba- SLAP*

cream the cabbit

Im a furry :c

Blue Lad CKS


Furries looking at this kinda scared

Adyson Wilson

Bullies lol jk

AnJ ManJ

The part that made almost laugh was when it showed the weirdest character model for patrick ever?????????????.

Michelle Jackson


Ricardo Weber

The tiny kitten thing with the cute voice still cracks me up

Roxanne Afton

Am I the only one looking for Juicy’s avatar-

blackwolf 44

id like to know were to find the white dog avatar its so cute cx

Super STV

And that’s why I’m

Sum guy Guy some


Umbry UwU

I can’t tell if this was all a meme or bot

Ricardo Avila

o man i nid to bring mi ak-47


As a level 2 furry myself this is still quite odd
I don't know makes me uncomfortable I used to just looking at art


What’s so bad about furry’s?

Kat Cat wolf

Me: enjoying this for the 3rd time

Me a bit later: is... is this hate? confused pikachu face

Me also: no it can't be.. lol


The real Fredbear

When your a furry and actually feel offended of actually"feel" at all.

Ur hairline

joshdub i love this intro

Rockin Robin

They enjoyed that a bit too much


What happed about the vegetable one

Duncan Nelson

I only have one word, YES.


It’s weird hearing Narrator’s voice not being so deep

Laura Mobey


Silly Bunny Studios

1st of all have you seen my picture second I love Ferries why do you hate them? ??

Elizabeth Ajayi

The gay tension in this video is overrated ?

Human Haker9

Hello skedadudlers

Aidan McKendrick

your not gonna kill furries with FP around. (me).

aiden scrafton

Why do you hate furries so much

Box Impostor

Furries watching this: Furry sad noises
Vegans watching this: Sad vegan noises
Was this video meant to offend these people?


I want juicy's avatar ngl XD

Fr tho, and Mully's

Judah Waahkah

Ummmmmm the intro doe ???????????????????????????????????????

S t a r t

Me, a furry but still watching them try to destroy the fandom: ??? it is what it is.

Mindless Explosions

I am a free iZ z zn c rea l lif e z.

amber woods

Alternate title: Josh pimping on juicy for 14 minutes and 23 seconds

april lewis

8:00 ......LOL

Chomp The fuzzy Dragon

Cough Cough ummmm COUGH

One_piece Pixels

Narrator is the CEO

Gacha Black RØsary

I do disagree on what you think about furries but everyone has their opinion

Gage Langley

Oh no u coming after my Roblox character!

Benjamin Gray

Also I love your videos but please dont

Sylvester Redhead

Give us a god damn part 2!!!


Josh was the last sane person who came out of that building the rest were all furries

Ephraim Peterson

if you wanna be a animal then you will hunted like one

John Wooley

As a furry I FRICKIN love this great vid

Mindless Explosions

a shit it messed up my comment

Giuliana Alvarez

Do you guys actually haye furries cause I’m a furry and like watching you guys.

savanah yoda

I love juicy furry outfit it's cute ??

Paxon Matthews

wait i was born on august 15th and thats when this was uploaded does that mean AHHHH IM A FURRY FUDGE CAKES


Im glad I got an advert from raid shadow legends

Karon Nottingham


Yeah Boiii

The 3,1k that disliked are probably furries lmao

Youtube Doge


Blood Wolf 1

Why do so many people have an offense towards furries tho? That’s what I want to know

Lisette Picchiarello

Josh nuked mully with that slap

Kaegan Thornhill

Every now and again -- Mully sounds a bit like Eddie.

ADamDovah 3094



Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.


why you bully furries!??!!


I still dont quite understand furries

Velrok Notsovok

As a furry supporter, i loved this. Funny as hell! ?

Just remember, furries are people too and some people actually want to murder those with this hobby. So a reminder is always good.

Super Finch

Furrys are pretty misunderstood in a way but furry stuff is basically
Have a good time
Get creative with suits
Make a character of your choice

Angel Dust

The vid that played on the TV I have seen also they all looked so cute! OK that's it we need to make the boys become furrys they mully already has the right spirit....... XD so fucking cute!

Yamila Rodiguez

I'm a hafe furry


I like how I still find this funny even tho I'm a furry

Lucia Berrios


Paul Peak

Im a fucking furry

jack the protogen


blep the fox

im a furry owo

Lisette Picchiarello

The boys fan fiction

michel roubos

Wen patrik keem in i dijd??????

alex crisp

This beter be a fucking joke because this is vary offensive


I luv your video ?and you are my fravut yoshoob I

Furlover _

What’s wrong with being a furry

l don't know life

i feel bad i eat a banana wild watching this vid

Mr Galaxy



Amazing ?

Bethany St. Lawrence

Si your cute as furry s but I,m not a fan girl ;-;

#Mallika !

Little cat:u sound like joshdub
Joshdub:hes dreesed up?

Izuku Midoriya

Is it just me or does juicy always get the cute skins XD

adreanah halatsis

Dude i found a furrie in roblox in chill club and i told them get out of here before i call the cops on her so she said to me how i told her i would tell her friends that ur a furrie and she said :c so i did :3

AdvisoryPluto37 Of the pluto

I want to be the mullys character

Isaac McAllister

That elevator scene had me DYING.

The amazing Tattletale

Well guess what I love furrys ?

Natali.Thevloger Chanel

Imagine furries all offended by this video lmao wanna act like animal you can go in the slaughter house with real animals


Mully dum lol jk

Keira campbell

Excuse me I'm a furry rude!...

Luke Shaffer

No way eidde

Skins josh

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Skins - Abigail's house party

21 321 views | 23 Mar. 2012

Abigail throws a house

Abigail throws a house party.

For classic Skins moments and exclusive YouTube content make sure you subscribe to our Official YouTube Channel - http://bit.ly/OhaqqS

Follow Skins on Twitter: https://twitter.com/skins

and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/skins


Abigail and her posho friends still crack me up.

Prince Prasad

who is danuta?


The classic first party!

Hannah Widz

okay but i kinda dont understand how danuta is polish and she can speak italian and french but she cant speak english. if so, she should be able to speak german or russian instead of italian and french. im polish so i know

nancy boy

danuta is my favorite



bobby henshall

Cringe, its impossible to try and be cool when your a posho. Well the DJ anyway ??

Molly Davies

Tony and his frands


Isn't that something?

Minerva Ceron Gomez

Berto Gay Tony

Thomas Davidge

So lets shizzle on this dizzle, and party down.


Who in THE HELL plays Danuta at 1:20? she's not in the credits even though she had lines. Her Tits are magnificent