Ideal image laser hair removal price

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Sis.... I got laser Hair Removal

729 views | 28 Sep. 2020

In today's video, I will

In today's video, I will be talking about my Laser hair removal experience at Ideal Image. They are a laser hair and aesthetics clinic with a large number of clinics dispersed all throughout the nation. I have always hated the hair on my face so this year I WAS GOING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! I hope this video gives you all the courage to make that change that has always bothered you and be more confident in your own skin. This was lowkey embarrassing to share but I had to do it for yall! CUZ I MF LOVE YALL!

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You are Igbo but you were speaking that nonsense at the beginning. mommy why?


The editing is insane ?

Jojo Uwa

An Igbo girl problem that I know we can all relate to whew ?

Bianca Iwunze

Lmaooooooo 0:20 ?


This was funny but informative at the same time?Had you ever shaved before getting laser?



Ebony Ohen

thank you for sharing your experience!! i’m definitely going to look into this for my leg hairs because i’m over it & SN: i personally think your sideburns are fine sis but hey, do whatchu gotta do to feel like the queen you areeee ?

Maria A

Editing on point!!

shy T

I got full face , full Brazilian, plus peri anal . I won’t say hurt but it was uncomfortable. My package was supposed to include underarms so was pissed when they couldn’t provide it when it was time to pay but I got all three for 3900 not bad


Babe you’ve just changed my life! I’m definitely gonna look into it lol

Ideal image laser hair removal price

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DID IDEAL IMAGE SCAR ME? LASER HAIR REMOVAL UPDATE | Ideal Image Knoxville | Dark Skin Friendly

609 views | 25 Nov. 2020


#laserhairremovalburns #laserscars #idealimageknoxville #facialhairremoval #laserfordarkskin

Hey y'all! I started my laser hair removal journey and wanted to share my experience. I have had 5 sessions and 4 more to go. This definitely is an investment and not for the lighthearted. Please enjoy and let me know if you have questions!

P.S. I paid $2,424 for my treatment

Love y’all and hope you enjoy!


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Email: [email protected]

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Camera: iPhone 11

shy T

Hahaha I love you and your personality I totally subscribed ?


Great journey. How much costs a session?

gigi gigi

You inspired me to do my laser hair journey. I paid the same amount too. I did my first session last week and it went well. My next session is January 1st. Your skin looks so much better and I don’t see any scarring.

Courtney lOvee

Did it go away completely?

Tiffany Cruz

You have inspired me to give this a try....I will be going for my second Treatment December 28th with Ideal image ?

Porsha Lewis

thanks for sharing ?? I’m goin for my first session today! It’s nice to see someone with my skin color go through this process.

Ideal image laser hair removal price

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Summer Body Care 2020 | Bye Bye Hair Removal | Laser Hair Removal Tips and Tricks

501 views | 19 Jun. 2019

Summer is here...and so

Summer is here...and so is Summer body care 2020! It's time to say bye bye hair removal and learn a few laser hair removal tips and tricks! If you're debating and searching through Ideal Ideal reviews, then you want to know how to get rid of hair on face, how to get rid of hair down there, how to get rid of hair bumps and how to get rid of hair permanently. Am I right? I have the solution: Ideal Image permanent hair removal. With results that are better than Brazilian wax before and after. If you're like me then you probably have a ton of questions like should I get laser hair removal and does laser hair removal hurt? Eeek! Let’s answer all of your questions in this laser hair removal treatment video! Come along with me to see my laser hair removal face before and after the treatment session. It's a bye bye hair removal treatment in this week’s vlog of our incredible city of brotherly love, Philadelphia!

Schedule your consultation at Ideal Image and be sure to ask for Heather! https://www.idealimage.com/philadelphia/philadelphia-pa.php

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Giamoni Cooper

Lord don’t I wish It was covered under my insurance. I NEED IT. Badly.

Yolanda's Blossoming & Skkyla D.

Great info!! I've never considered laser surgery.


I have never done laser hair removal and it was so interesting to watch? I loved how friendly and kind you are, but I felt your pain when you flipped over ?

Living for the City

Ladies!! What are your thoughts on laser hair removal? Have you thought about getting it...have you done it already? Let me know in the comments below. Also, if you have any questions about my laser hair removal journey just ask!

A Millennial Girls Diary

I explored laser removal a few years ago but kept hearing stories about how it doesnt work for dark skinned women. Since you got this done last year Im curious to know what your experience has been over the past couple of months, has it grown back a little etc? And your facial reaction when she was doing down there was cute hahah!


I did seven treatments and I stopped. How much times do you do touch ups every year?

hey! it's georgia

lovely video?


I just managed to get with Waxing ??I did say I would try it for this summer but it seems summer is gonna be at home ?

stephanie sevier

First of all.. your skin looks FLAWLESS!
I looked into ideal image but when I heard about their prices I was like “okaaaaayyy see you in 20 years”.
“I just shared a story with her.... I’m not going to share it with you guys” I was like NOOOOO DONT DO ME LIKE THAT

Flavor and Taste

I am scare to try it but it worth to try some day

Maverick's World

I’ve always wanted to get this done but didn’t know that it hurt. Do you eventually stop having to go back??

Brea&Nee Beauty

Omg I’ve wanted this for so long! You make it look so easy lol! New subbie

Rhonda Samia

I have always wanted to do laser hair removal! I definitely need to look into this! Cus LAWD I hate shaving... Thanks for sharing!!


I just love your personality when I watch your videos. I e been think about laser removal but finding a good place is what I'm looking for. Not gonna lie I am scared lol. But you did really good


Thank you for sharing! When you initially did the laser hair removal how many sessions did you do? I'm planning to get it done and thanks to your review ima go to ideal image and ask for Heather :-)

Ebony Edwards


Sarah B

Hiiii how did your treatments turn out? Are you still happy with the results?

Shante D

Yesss lady! I feel so great after I get my waxed. I hate when the hair is there bothering me. But laser is something I may need to look into further.

Being Beautifully Honest

Great video! Thanks for sharing.

Conquering Relationships LLC

I literally just started waxing. Not really used to that all the way but I heard laser removal is way better. I have to build my strength up for that lol

Daily Dose Of Kailah

You are so brave I could never get that done. I am to shy to be having people look at my private parts lol also thanks for the information I had no clue about people of color can get burnt if they don’t use the right equipment.

Kellie Nicole

When you flipped over, GIRL I FELT THAT ? you’re brave, I would be too scared to try this!

lisa subscription box addict

This didn't look that painful looked tender in places but def not as painful as the wax strip things I have just filmed ? Great video thanks for taking us along


So I didn't know about the different type of lasers! WOW that's really a trip so much to say about that, but I will just skip it! Glad I see vids like this so now I'm in the know!!!

Riana Anaïs

Wheeewww chile you laying there SO COOL AND CALM! Just the zapping sound alone is scaring me ?? thanks for being a soldier on camera.

Tressey Adams-Fitness Journey After 40

You are a blast. Glad to know there are options for us brown skinned people. How you just laying there, saying it hurts a bit, chatting, smiling and recording. You good

Riana Anaïs

The lady was really sweet. I love the way she's explaining everything as she goes

Cayla & Co

I have always wanted to get laser hair removal!! There's an ideal image close to my house and I always hear the commercials on the radio and sales they have and consider doing it lol. You were so chill during it, the sound itself scares me haha. Definitely considering doing it for the future

Marissa Jonasson

I did this too It was expensive but i'm so glad I never have to shave again lol


I haven't but I really want to try it very soon

The Start Up CEO Lifestyle TV

Skin type. Ok! She was very thorough in teaching what she was going to do as well as while doing it. Oh no.. I felt that pain a few days later when I had my legs done. You took it like a champ my friend. Underarms.. I will have to do that. That sounds like a stapler ? Yes.. don't share all your secrets or goodies. Heck.. that staple sound again ? Ooohhh.. You are a champ. 10 weeks. Cool. Thanks for the journey.

Ebony Edwards

I was just thinking i should do.