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Vevo MD UHF 48 - Skin surface with gel as a standoff

524 views | 16 Nov. 2016


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Sub Surface Skin Tutorial

1 317 449 views | 9 Jul. 2013

Create an illuminated skin

Create an illuminated skin effect inspired by Iron Man 3!

No 3rd party plug-ins required.


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Reb's Animates

Whenever I copy and paste the tracking data to illumination map, the entire vein network disappears. can someone please help me out

Ganesh Prem

Hi andrew! i love your videos, i'm a beginner in after effects and i've learned a lot from your videos, but i'm nowhere close to good..
i've made a short animation of iron man mark 42, do check it out :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcQJozznXA0

Detetive Clips FF

top de +++




old video, but why both eyes red


kabaneri of iron fortress

Summit Film Studios

I thought iron man 3 used this!


where is mocha ALIGGN SURFACE ?

Avalanche G

how would you do this in a AE version that doesn't have mocha?


I DID ITTT !!!! <3

The Solid

The AE is so dam# hard. I just neeeeed a PATIENT which I don't even have =((

Sướng TV

Skill level:
2_The Beginner
6_Hard Profissional
7_Super Professional
8_Mega Profissional
10_Andrew Kramer


Where is BRAINSTORM in AE CC 2019? I just cant find it

Scott Combs

I'm getting an error saying that the mov file isn't supported? Does mocha not support mov's anymore or is the file corrupted?

Sara Shields

Love this tutorial! Could you do this technique in After Effects? I can never get Mocha to work correctly for me.

Albert Aguirre

Tried it. Maybe 100 times now. Never ever works this way. I past corner pin data and the solid moves randomly and doesnt match the face at all. Days of wasted time and still no success

cameraman hicham

you son of bitch you lost my time for nothing ...explain more assholle

Suchit Gangishetty

where are the jpegs to be found (the veins)

w 246

I cant wait to try this

Arif rezaei

Hi sir
My After effect has expired
Do you know how to solve it without buying it?


it says 'original source deleted'. I don't know what that means. Someone help

Taylor Gilbert

Can you do a Star Lord Helmet Effect? I saw the video where you were showing everyone at a convention what you guys do here. I saw the helmet effect you did. I want to see your take with the helmet that you created. I want to see if you can recreate his helmet and do the animation to where it seems like it is being put on. Thank you so much for the years of learning!

Leo Benjamin

For some reason I can't Load up the video I wanted to track?


اين ملفات العمل كيف راح نطبق العمل معك


Where is your institute??

Lite Leak


saydullo hirmonov


ali ghadiri



very good

Daniel Azevedo

I don't get it, at 9:09 when I set it to Luma matte, I get transparent veins over the fractal noise


I hate comments that just quote what the youtuber said in the video. It seems so pointless

Dennis Paulo

Amazing, thanks :)

Lady Bee

By Boss

namaZ v8

anybody please help. I cant download and use mocha crack version/



Nathan Prescott

the freaking project file is not available

Odin Lee

I don't have the Brainstorm button....


What’s the editing software for this?

ArEy Asistores

What Version of After effects you used? in this Video :) thanks

namaZ v8


Abdul Ghani khan

can this be done with simple track option in ae 2020?

Sahil Shah

Is this after affects?

Junko Enoshima mooniruma

hey! i might be 7 years too late, but im stuck. i work with AE 2020 and if i try to copy the exported data my solid become very little. does anyone know how to fix this?

Iliya Valaee

You saved a man life with this video.
I made this video by your tutorial and pass my motion graphic course in university.
After that I'm just loving After Effect


good boos

BLaČk CŌDe Récord's

الا من له مصلحة و من يقوم بهده الالاعيب فالجزائر يستطيع صنع احسن من هدا و لمدة طويلة

Vanessa Liang

For those who have issues when adding the tracking data to 'Illumination', this is the solution:
1. Export Tracking Data > After Effects Transform Data [position, scale, and rotation]
2. Create a Null Object and paste it there.
3. Depending on which frame your effect is aligned to, parent the 'Illumination' layer to the Null Object.

This is because by exporting it as a Corner Pin from Mocha, the corner pins are actually on the edge of the mask itself. Since our 'Illumination' composition setting is 1920x1080, it gets shrunk to match the mask's corner pins when copied over.

Level 48 Visuals

does anyone know why when I copy and paste the tracking data to my noise it shrinks the size of it down? I've literally tried EVERYTHING!!!


Can you remake this in newer version? I'm confused

frempong films production F. F. P.

I like your tutorials the way you take your time to teach, but one thing I will like to comment about is " any of your videos try to start from scratch by opening a new composition because you are already my teacher. Am some how editor through your tutorials. Thanks.

Reu Reign

Best Tutorial On youtube. Keep Uploading my friend

Dana Collins

Read the warnings before you buy.Just saying Intel hd graphics are not supported. For element 3d for some reason

Ramsy Gsenger

i learned so much new in after effects because of your tutorials - thank you.

Big Savage Daddy

Any suggestions on how to do this now that Mocha is totally different and doesn't work? I've literally tried for 2 hours to get a simple mask tracking applied and no luck. Dog shit software.


i have AE CS6 but I don't found Track in Mocha AE, where can I find this.


is mocha track automatically in after effects?


Mocha isn't working at all on my laptop ... I select the video from files and it doesn't accepts it !!!!!

Aamira Mulla

Hi quick question, where can I fine this Track in mocha AE? 1:23?

Bertus Dokter

Nice! Also used in Lucifer ?

Mike Smithson

When i get to 11:16 on the second tracking... I does not follow the face. It scales it really small and i cant find a way to fix it. any help would be great.

Odin Lee

Im LOSING my mind !!!!!! I can't find the align surface bar anywhere ! tried clicking everything! Not under my layer controls !!!

Nasir Edits

watching it in 2020

Maria Beatriz

sub surface skin tutorial is an exelent material of disney

Äbđûļĺä Śhëêvåń


Vinicius Sanctus

Greatest guy, awesome humor, priceless tutorial.

About With Nemo

Mocha looks cool...




i can't use my track data into illuminate pre-compose, how to fix it?

Technical Karan

Ples in hindi sub title

Random Dude

damn the nostalgia here is so poignant.

Kostya Loktev

Hi from 2018


nice tutorial

Vinicius Sanctus

Awesome stuff! Thx <3


Help, after i paste the pins on illumination, it starts to shrink. help pls


add some 3d max vfx tutorials plz...

Yonatan Aditya

Why the track is too big??

Director Ryan Ransom

still coming back to this in 2020 your the G.O.A.T. Andrew!

Alex Luis Esteban Martinez Garcia

I have a problem, when I try to do the luma matte the veins do not darken, they are only put as a negative photo, the color is inverted, please help me, is urgent!

Rf Shadow


Bakhtiyor Karimov

still useful, thank Mr.Kramer you are the king of AE users

Maria Beatriz

sub survace tutorial is an excelent material of disney

kusal weeramanthri

Please upload this from after effcts cc 2019 too

Abdure Graphics &Design

so where isthe link of sample video

Jaydn_is_me _

14:03 #1 DAD OF THE YEAR. lmaoo


Great tutorial, spot on and gets straight to the point

James Shaw

Everything works perfectly for me up until when I paste my tracking data into the illumination layer, has anyone else had the same problem?

ActuallyArmani LLC

That was incredibly dope. Thank you so much.

Edward Videos

well is not MOCHA Ae plugin in my After Effects, download link?



Mommy Jane

i came here for neji byakugan

cameraman hicham

fuuuuck off i spend 2 hour in front of my pc no result shiiiiiiiiit

Maria Beatriz

sub surface skin tutorial is an excelent material of disney

Lars Lion


Amitabh Bachan

I just realized Captain Disillusion enacted him.

Snappes Analitycs

your final move shifting veins in maincomp a bit ruined and messed overall of presentation

zéro Gugu

How do you export with after effect 2020 ? ?

Lucia Honda

al recortar la mascara se me queda cuadrada


Hi! this video is probably too old to get a response :(( But I had a question, I was trying to do this effect with Ae 2019 and I can't figure out how to apply the tracking to a solid layer. They took the export button out of Mocha and I'm very lost. If anyone see's this and wants to help I greatly appreciate it.

cuneyt topal

vein images?

Antonio Mormone

Where may I find this project's file?

Pavan Pujari

Wer can I get dis footage


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What is on the Surface + Under the Skin | Nashville Aesthetician

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The latest cosmetic

The latest cosmetic technology allows for the analysis of all layers of the skin. Licensed Aesthetician, Heather, explains the process of the 7th Generation VISIA® Complexion Analysis System. This advanced technology allows us to completely assess your skin from the surface and down several layers deep. This information is crucial in developing the most personalized treatment plan specifically for your skin. It even has the capability to provide you with a "true skin age" based on the health of your skin in comparison to those in your same demographic across the US.

Through the snapshots provided by the system, we are able to gauge:

-visible spots on the surface of the skin

-wrinkles within a targeted area

-number + size of pores on the skin

-UV damage right underneath the surface of the skin

-deep, complex brown spots

-redness of the skin (broken vessels or capillaries, pink cheeks, etc.)

-amount of bad bacteria trapped in pores

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