Ups over night

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Day of working as a package handler at UPS

109 998 views | 8 May. 2020

Today’s video is talking

Today’s video is talking about the basics and showing you around of what it is like to work as a package handler at UPS. Please subscribe to the channel and like this video?

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Football Highlights

I'm starting in 2 days if you don't mind me asking how much can I possibly make in a week???


Been at it for 2 months so far, it's super easy. They got me loading 2 bulk vans right now. I average 8 hours a day, Mon-Fri and then I come in on Saturdays plus my hub offers a $200/week bonus for showing up on time for your 5 scheduled days. Already asked to become a driver and will be once I turn 21.

Dark_clamp_god Xx

Do y’all deliver on Sunday’s yet or no?


Nice bro I wanna start working there I’m 18 I got the strength for it


I start tommorow im nervous


Lol I just started working there back in June in Minnesota.


Pray my tv comes good condition

Joseph A

If I was trying to be a driver for ups what’s a good position to start off in besides unloading the truck? And how long do you think it takes to become a driver?

A wonderful caricature of intimacy.

Im 18 and not used to heavy lifting but i really need the money right now so i hope it works out for me. They pay 17 an hour and im not going to find that anywhere else..

Kirito Kirigaya

Fuck UPS, worse job ever they treat their employees like shit with low ass pay for low hours and hard physical labor. Slaves work.


How is sunrise pre load ?? I wanted to unload but packet said I got hired pre load at 3:00am-9:00am. Details?

shane price

I started yesterday it was great and very exhausting

Games dmc

Invest your money, use the job as a stepping stone. I do seasonal for ups (pre-loaded) "i made the cut to stay permanently,but i just want the seasonal pay,then im out" back again this year but for a different shift/position, night shift seems 1million X's more lade back "judging from the tour"

Carter Noble

My first shift starts in 1 hour. Hype


FedEx package handlers starts at 3:30AM


I know some places alow for earbuds, what's their rules on having like airpods out. Or are they very strict on that?

Tom Hannah

They put me as a sorter.. absolutely hated it, this is the job I wanted.

Joseph Pineda

Hey brother, I'm from Mass and I start the 30th. I'm stoked for it! Do you have any recommendations for boots or even gloves to wear? I would appreciate any recommendations as it's my first job outside the restaurant business. Plus I'm a college student too. How's that tuition reimbursement work?

Chris Rich

Am excited to work for fedex as a package handler, am a bit nervous but at the same time i love lifting stuff since i can get a workout!

Brenda Garcia

I'm a 16 year old girl currently attending school, do you recommend this job or any other job similar to this one for part time?

Spngirl 67

I got free merch sometimes working at ups it was pretty cool

Pablo Perez

Is this job a good one?


Whats the pay they start you off with? this might be a good job for me since im trying to get some muscle and just work by myself

Dylan B

What benefits do you get as a part timer? Any PTO or anything? And would they let me work evenings and weekends only?

Dennis Pluto

I know you young guys need a job and are just trying to survive.I started in 1978 as a unloader and sorter but we made $16 hr.by1985 when min.wage was$3.35 hr.plus we had profit sharing 15 min.breaks and benefits in 3 months.if I didn't retire my Part time rate would be $40 hr.$60hr overtime after 5 hours while working beside you making $14 hr. Back then nobody quit even with college degrees.this all changed in contract in 1980 they cut pay scale for new hires to never catch up and create employee turnover.they don't want you to stay long term cause they know you will turn into a workers compensation case.I've had 2 knee replacements.screws bolts and rods holding my spine together and am totally disabled in terrible pain for the rest of my life.get a package car or feeder driver job as soon as you can qualify because since No one quit back then it used to take15 years to go driving and 18 years for a feeder driver.Google (ups osha fines)ups pays hundreds of millions out in safety violations.they have 3 to 4 times the injury rate of any shipping company.they pay off union officials and politicians to get what they want.just remember they don't care about you.

Just a little history lesson about the company you work for.

Kiera Me Pink

I start Monday omg. I haven't touched boxes since last December plus I'm trying to work at FedEx as well

The Hope Andro Show **Hope The Entertainer**

You ain't sweatin yet?! You got it GOOD!


How old do you have to be to work here?

Quentin Marks

Your warehouse is so much better then mine ours is so inefficient lol

Md Rana

I just did my fingerprints last week. What's is next steps. One of my acquaintances work for MHA. He told me that next steps orientation. Lets write 5 some general questions during orientation. Please tell me what kinds general questions. Thank you

King of Hearts

Today’s my first day. I appreciate your video to flake off the pressure. You seem like a chill, straightforward guy! ?

Aprendamos Juntos

I just started for tracking packages dpt, that's why I am looking about ups information so I can learn

Long Shlong

Can you get hired as a teen

Steven Buck

I've got my orientation in one week I'm excited

Miguel tvid

I've watched this video like 4 times its either this or the marine corps for me sigh anyways great video best one I've seen out of all UPS videos ?

Jaiden Cristobal

Hey I’m trying to apply online and my application says incomplete but it’s not letting me complete it can you help ?

Erika America

Didn’t show the working part


Use to work here i don’t Particularly like ware house but doing seasonal and being a driver helper is way better to me

Fernando Trolles

​ @CEIII The Entrepreneur Bro do they hire foreigner with working visa ? any height requirement ? cs im about 5.4 ?

Paul Arcaria

I dropped 40 lbs in 5 months doing this shit.


Does anyone know what part time package handlers are paid for starting out?

Omar Givens

So basically your an loader/ unloader for ups freight truck?

Rew Cloud

The supervisors piss me off working at UPS. They just sit around chilling on there phones walking around

Ghad Speed

if you gym alot and like to work, this should be cake. Hardest job ive had is injection molding, that shit was slave work. 8-12 hrs a day, 6-7 days a week.

Damien Albino

UPS Package Handle Guide: https://amzn.to/2s3IcZC

Jay Banks

how long does it take it get hired it been two weeks since i applyed today


How do I quit ups?

Simone Simonjr

I start tomorrow morning I'm really nervous I heard it was a good job and I want to keep it ?? any advice???

Cody W

Good video, but how many hours do they give you in a week??

꧁Jen Be Random꧂

My dad works for UPS so I was curious on what he does all night ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

Elizabeth Garrett

Are girls allowed to do this job?

Trill Ali

I got an interview on Monday and I hope all goes well ??


do you think its weird for girls to do this job? i’m not very strong but that $19/hr on the website looks nice

Darrian Tokes

This video helps a lot , it’s my 4th day today , gotta head in in about an hour , I’m a loader though which I feel like I’d rather be an unloader , but does anyone know how switching to a different shift would go ? I’m up early no matter what , but with my girlfriend in school , I’d rather be working the 4-10 shift , but I’m shy to ask haha. I personally am not worried about the labor and how to do it , I mainly get nervous on things like , what to do when you walk in , wear to go , how to set up / start , all that , any tips on any of that would be much appreciated! ✊?

Big Bossman

Does this company force vaccinations? I'm quitting my current job because of their policy


This brings back my PTSD from being a morning shift package handler for four years.

Russell Douglas

I'll be 43 in November. Is it worth it to work there and start over? I currently work at an assisted living facility. I live near the Lawnside, NJ terminal.

Jonathan Requena

? go work the real job at FedEx ? (just messing around not too different just wanted to see how our competition was handling their business


Yo should I apply I work at the mall too put in trying get a little more money ? but I move boxes and stuff too so?

Mario Segura

I’m a 17 year old high school senior would they hire me or until I’m 18?

deez nutzz

Hey bro, I have option of 4am-9am or 10pm-3am here in Orlando. What shift you reccomend? Which shift kicks your ass more? Pros and cons of each? I can do either shift so let me know which one is better and for what reason. Thx

Meme Dude69

Is this better than working fast food?? Fucken hate working fast food I want to get a warehouse job but I am a college student so I’m afraid of the hours they’ll give me lol


What do you wear for the interview?


fuck a mask.

Will Thomas

I'm currently a " package handler " with my associates degree I plan on doing something else less physical. I can possibly work longer & better quality of work.

Camm Renwic

Agree with this video. Being a loader is harder than unloader. People with seniority at UPS act like children just an fyi. And they kiss a** a lot. Find a good group of people on the belt with you and the days fly because even though it’s physically demanding you can have some sort of “fun” at times.

youtube channel

After you clock in, do you just head towards a loading or unloading station and start working? Because after my training days end, after I clock in, I don’t even know what I’m supposed to do lol.

Unknown 1x

I have orientation tomorrow as a package handler any advice ?

Lilian Rivera

For me it not cause I always be happy working enjoy it like I am at the gym

Darkness Bro

Honestly fuck this job I quit after 3 date it was really hard Itfucking shitty job to do they make you carry heavy shit and they fucking lied to me when they interviewed me they said that I was going to give a 45lb on my first day I was carrying 300 pounds by myself and you have to be fit to walk you if they fucking few you tired for having one minute break they will yell at you I quit on my so a day and the purpose do this to you they don't have any AC in the back room I was taking 800 ibuprofen because of my back was killing me and when they see you resting the managers will tell you to hurry up hurry up or what you motherfucker do you people understand that working for UPS your are sining death wish


Working for ups sucks


If I can’t lift more than 65 pounds, should I tell that in my interview?

Nick J

Going in tomorrow for a tour then if I’m interested still I get an interview

T. N.

Wat kind of positions are available? Im a skinny dude, im not sure if I can keep unloading 50 lbs. stuff for 5 hours a day.

David McReynolds

Well I can’t use your phone or even bring it past security doors as a Fedex Package handler... ur lucky to work for UPS ?

Anthony Monterosso

bro how did you even get a job with them??? The put out that they have positions open and when you try to apply, it just says "The location you have selected does not have any available appointment times for the work shift you indicated as your preference. This does not mean this location is not hiring and additional appointment times may become available soon." And it never changes. Why do they put that they have an opening if they won't let you fill out an application?

space man

i start tmm 10am-3pm

Jesus Perez

would they hire a 17 year old? my birthday is a few months away so like idk

Will Thomas

Ask me if I ate today.


Bro I’m tryna work as package handler and I even did driver helper last year and u know what’s crazy... 3 of my friends got the job before me and they applied after I did. Like wtf are they not looking at my application or something??


Are they flexible? I already work a full time job from 2-10p and the 11p-4a M-F looks nice but I’m afraid because it’s peak season they’ll expect me to work much longer but idk if that’s possible lol.


How did you interview?

Vize Joe

Do they drug test

Spiritual Zae

No matter how good they make this shit look it’s hard work

NEA 12317

I can lift around 50lbs maybe more. Think that's enough to apply? On average how many times do you get a package 70lbs or over?

KnighT MurDA

What about hazard pay?? Your putting yourself on the front line least they can do is pay you for it!! Didn’t they make like a billion dollas since this pandemic?? #hazard pay

Carson Turner

good stuff man, i’m a package handler at a much smaller hub compared to yours. i sort and unload, whatever boss tells me to do lol. it’s hard work and exhausting but after my first week i felt much more confident going forward

King George

Literally the perfect job for a college student

G - TV The one man army

You still work there because I use to work at ups for 4 months and again for 5 months and where u from cause the ups I work at is in philly

Ayeitz Lucas

Can you start as a handler like this or is there certain positions you have to start at or?

laris andrew

No wonder you look familiar! I have seen you at there at the richmond facility. I hated being a loader there

Ocreyna 18

What’s the pay range?


Ive been at ups for 3 years as a pre loader , very hard work but its a great company .

Damien Albino

UPS Package Car Driver Guide: http://amzn.to/2pAxpCA

Furious Trucking

I use to work as a package handler. Loading up em box trucks and also unloading trailers. Kinda sucks. Move as fast as u Fukin can. Cold in winter time, hots asf during summer. Best time of year to work part time for this company is peak season IMO(October-December) anything over 25 hours is payed at time and a half. At least that was the experience for me at the hub in Plainfield IN. Those belts were pretty cool tho very helpful a few buttons to move the belt in and out the trailer pretty cool technology tbh.

Sean Pule

I'm 17. Just started working at Burger King. Thinking about switching over because the pay is better when I'm 18. Think the job's for anyone?

gaming with david

Can u pick what job u want or they choose for u

Alan Pacheco

Should I apply

Jimmy Hurtado

do you get breaks or anything?


I worked at the UPS in Secaucus, NJ back during the strike in 1997. PD10 back wall is where I loaded. I've met some cool people there. We all was drenched in sweat but loved every bit of it. The best job ever!

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Subbed & Liked!

Ups over night

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Funny UPS Overnight Delivery Story (Troyquan vs UPS)

13 222 views | 11 Oct. 2017

Troyquan from the Jim &

Troyquan from the Jim & Sam Show orders an overnight delivery, doesn't get it days later, UPS puts him on the pay no mind list and ignores his requests to just leave the package so he can pick it up.


- CPU: Intel Core i7-4790k @ 4ghz http://amzn.to/2yBXQg7

- Video Card: AMD R9 290 4GB http://amzn.to/2ihLvYc

- Memory: 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro @ 2400mhz http://amzn.to/2ihM6ZW

- Video Editing: Adobe Premiere https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/premiere

- Image Editing: Adobe Photoshop https://creative.adobe.com/products/download/photoshop

- Animation: Toon Boom Harmony https://www.toonboom.com


- Chip Breaking Character playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBR3wHUOM605jYDtBN3IVsMeDRIFqwz1d

- Jim & Sam One-Liners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozu9TYKYd8I

- Chip Armey vs Nick Di Paolo https://youtu.be/9Pa0aNh3nhs

- Troyquan's funny UPS story https://youtu.be/iB1LKxKdWBk

- Jim & Sam hate birds https://youtu.be/DTwS1DXLGUk

- Woke Millennial Quincy https://youtu.be/wAoexUZ40Mw


- Justin Roiland vs Joel Osteen’s Mega Church https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_NLVAhLdlY

- Chip Dog https://youtu.be/XE8q2xbwjj0

- Chip Pranks https://youtu.be/nQSyD7OZEOY

- 1920s Chip https://youtu.be/UYQFwry1SZg

- Chip Robotson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxFXpLV4LOA

- First Men on the Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JR1RYx4-o_4

- Chip Blade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7t2RHicxc0


Eric Cook

They got people like Bobo working there what the hell do you expect from them?


It's drugs right?

Fritz Mcgillacuddy

I thought they was giving the man UPS.

Toby McGroby

Sam, please shut the fuck up! I'm trying to listen to the phone call.


They lost his package, that's what all this means. They don't know where it is.

Ram Soberstsss

Daniel you are no Tefft my friend- but thanks for the upload ya peesa g

Richard Rico

Troy's looking aged.

Mike Hink

Yimmy looks like a young Don Rickles in that pic.

DREDD nought

Extension for a call center? Maybe a insurance or credit union.


I loved this! I wanted to hear UPS as well but then again I don't want to be greedy, I'm better than that.


Useless piece'a shit

Dusty Rhodes

This is why I hate the when people treat all customers as Karens. Customer service gives people the runaround all the time. The customer has a right to be upset.


After that many days 'on the truck' it's going to look like it was under the truck when he finally gets it.

Don Mooney

It would be funny if these guys worked for UPS for half of one shift. Not only can some random employee not know where a package is. But chances are they aren't allowed to do what he wants them to do.

Yeah they are scum bags....it's all malicious.

They want you to be unhappy. Talk about a group of guys who have never had a real job.

Troy doesn't really get humor does he? Sam asks like 8 dumb questions to be funny and he doesn't get them.

Richard Rico

Other way around for me...NEVER had an issue with UPS, had issues with FedEx.


At Christmas I witnessed UPS driving slowly down my street one dude driving another dude actually throwing packages out of side door onto driveways and front lawns no attempts to knock on doors. I called into UPS no fucks given. My neighbor took video to local terminal and terminal manager just laughed

New Russia

I fucking hate UPS. USPS is good, but Amazon is even better, which is why they are taking over. That'll come with a price in due time.


I'm not sure what's wrong with me, i'm actually enjoying listening to Sam in this clip.

Andrew Griffith

FedEx really is better. Ups ground I have never gotten a package earlier than 5 or so days last two fedex ground I have bought a package on Friday afternoon and they have gotten here on Tuesday. So 3-4 days usually on my packages

Alberto Gómez

Is not it the reporter who appears in the official video of "Don't Stop" of Innerpartysystem?

Richard Rico

Sam's cackle is the worst.


Doesn't Bobo work for UPS. That may be an explanation

Wiggysan Wiggysan

This is the only time I have enjoyed Troy on the radio. EVERY other time he has been a sack of wank.

Rob C


N7 Torp

"I'm online via the web site"

Andy Knowles

He should take UPS for a hiking trip, if you know what I mean.

Ups over night

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How UPS Works

324 127 views | 9 Mar. 2007

In 2005, UPS delivered

In 2005, UPS delivered 3.75 billion packages and letters. That's more than one package for every two people in the entire world.


2019 -Waiting for my new galaxy watch

josh lam

1:55 your ipad you ordered

Jared Johnson

So that big ass warehouse is probably where all my missing packages end up...

Riding With Ralph

am I the only one amazed by this


Fuck UPS...


UPS. The Brown Losers who will lose your package.

Jaime Uh

I'm always misloading packages. The drivers truly hate him.




Takes for ever to get to my house once shipped!!!!!!! So annoying

Ejike Onwunabonze

Fucking liars! The worst courier company,

Kevin Vera

lol the only reason why im watching this video is because im waiting for ma TR jean jacket too ship to ma house , they better be careful with maa shit !

Tony Stark

Do they sleep or they work 24hr a day?

Daniel Eum



LoL, look at them just throwing giant amounts of packages around like that. Nice to know what my PS4 has been through


thanks for telling me how a package gets from point A to point worldport to point my house

Christopher Schaefer

Amen.. PreLoader. Franklin Hub TN.


How about Ground service?

b brady

Oh my god I hope newegg Packed my 500 dollars of computer hardware real nice! We will see tomorrow haha


Man I've been checking my tracking number every 10min ??

The Proud Sun Bro.

People are too busy thinking about what the future will look like, when we don't realize that we ARE the future.

Phillip GoJags

This is the voice of why doesn’t god heal amputees

1102 Cuber

Great to know how "well cared" my new $2,300 computer was.

AyeItsIsabella __

Wow... it’s nice to know how thrown around my brand new iPhone XR is getting.

For Bros

Mine still says order processed: ready for ups


You skipped a whole lot of stuff in that video.

Merdoc Avila

Mann my package could have beem broken

Egy Gee

I’m only watching this because I ordered something and it never came and I’m wondering what their doing to my package

Joshie Josh

That looks easy enough just put package label face up
And put them on a belt
Easy enough


oh wrong place....i thought Computer UPS !!

Justin Bro

This is v similar to amazon


I live just 90 (freeway) miles southeast of Louisville. I see tons of both UPS and FedEx planes going over my house in central KY. At that point, they have their landing lights on and in the middle of the night, they look like space ships coming in for a landing. I see 6 or 7 in a row when I look up at night. It's pretty cool.


Vote NO!

Boris Kendev

UPS... I sent my passport with UPS 45 miles away for a visa and they lost it.... Their customer service is virtually useless I will never use them again and I recommend FedEx...

Dr. D4nk memes

When i was little, i thought that those planes airdropped your package to your house lmao

slo non

they send it to USPS the end.. saved you a load o BS and almost 4 minutes of your life.

Gamefan PS3

Bull shit

Let's Drive Somewhere

This video is to see how UPS works, not to complain about your damaged packages. Packages go through hell and back to get to you. Pack it right and it won't get damaged.

Dylan Koury

Anyone here in 2019?

jonathan quintanilla

i ordered a swich and its been like 4 months WTF

apdroid geek

Why the hell is ups is slow.... usps is much faster this is the first time my package will take 6 days a whole week to arrive

Endy Rodriguez

is anybody else watching this so they can do the human mail challenge?

Savage Squad

Can't wait for my package

Let's Drive Somewhere

File a claim, they made the mistake.

Uriel San Juan C.

k perro

Emerson de leon

can a kid sign the thing 2?

Valerie Mckellar

I paid $44.00 Saturday for overnight delivery, only to find out today my package will not be delivered until tomorrow after 7 pm. Then they had the nerve to tell me my package was picked up today, when I was still standing in the UPS Store when UPS came to pick-up deliveries. I have never been so disappointe. It was after Christmas so what is the problem. Anybody know a good lawyer, I need a good lawyer asap. This so called overnight delivery cost my daughter a good job. I was expre


It's incredible how much of a complex delivery empire UPS and Amazon have created. Seriously,WorldPort looks like a real life Wily Castle.

xavier daniels

That is crazy??


Aloha, If a customer packs his own package then by and large they are responsible for how it arrives..... all the will receive under the declared value coverage is what the can prove the item is worth. The get no shipping charges....


The UPS Store is NOT UPS. They're franchised independently as a subsidiary of the old Mail Boxes Etc. Misinformation like this leads to UPS Store employees getting bogus calls about UPS packages that are not their problem to track/investigate, most likely about some online order that was delayed. No store employee knows why, and none give a damn. Call the 1-800 number.

Armyan Alam

I ordered twice off ups, once i didnt ever get the package???, the other time i had to pay 120 pounds for shipping


That should call there self's UPS damage inc, I have shipped so many items that got damaged. I will never use UPS again. FedEx gets 5 stars for Delivering item's undamaged.

Scott Sweeney

I love UPS


Jesus Christ 1:55

Jasmyn Khawaja

META Rapheal Can you make sur my copy of J K cowans New Art is here tommorroqw? META Queen Rapheal zachariah @kingsofcowan

Let's Drive Somewhere

Not, if they don't pack it right. (And my original post was meant as a joke!) I work at my family's UPS Store!

XmaN OfficaL

My kiesle 8 string vader is in there ?welp theres $1,000+ down the drain..

Wayland Coffman

Talk about getting it done.


They forgot to mention the 5 foot drops packages go through.

Forget how loaders throw the packages, those drops are insane. The conveyor belts show no mercy to the damage it can really do to a package.

P.S This massive drop is only applicable to UPS Ground and any other non-air service.


admit it. you ordered something

Hanliang Liu

I’m so done with ups


I’m delivering a defected airsoft gun and I need to get it back after they inspect it it’s from the company not ups


you mom is gay

UrBrain Wash

They need a snail or turtle for their logo , they are straight out of order i suggest never use these idiots again, ultimately pretty slow should be their name cause that's what they do best

kayla m

Anyone 2019 :
Ugh only me.?

Victor Asack

Oh my god guys....patience....your order will come by end of day

Gang Zhang

Great video for amazing technology driving logistic.

Jasmyn Khawaja

I love lucky yes i do I love Lucky how about you JK cowans New ARt and TAROT Appear

Tenley Lines

Then why does it take at least seven days for the package to arrive? Cause one Time, mine too a whole week to arrive and it's being brought by ups


waiting on my Golf Le Fleurs and i never been more anxious LMAO

sarah 21

does ups stop updating tracking info when close to the destination cause i ordered matching sweatshirts for me and my best friend and ups hasn't updated since june 21st after getting a departure scan and i ordered them june 17th was my package stolen or lost?

Samuel Murugi

nice work down here

Let's Drive Somewhere

Why spend $3.50 extra when the customer can throw it in a box they found from the dumpster, then complain to you when it gets broken? That makes so much more sense!!!


how ups work, dont give the package, just throw it


Wow :)


lets just say, pack it right it will get there right, pack it shit, might aswell skip it


My Audio Technica M50 is there . OMFG.


3:38 The only known footage of UPS successfully delivering a package.


God bless what you said. All packages need to be packed in a good sturdy box with address labels on both the outside and inside of the package. Pack your items well, use good tape and your package should get to its destination fine. P.S. I work for UPS too. Love the company.


or Unfair


I just pay extra and have ups box it for me

azone fmg

The funny thing is. I just ordered something that is coming from UPS and can I say.... they fucking suck

Busta Nut

They supposedly left my $900 dollar package of computer parts in the front door. I live in front of an avenue. Needless to say, gotta file a claim now.


not in the uk,now they are called yodel, struggling here nevermind usa


Aloha, I work for The UPS Store... and this is why we pack sooooo well. 200LB crush weight boxes, lots of bubble wrap and peanuts. Cheap and lousy packing = broken items. Quality packing = unbroken items...

Ryu Takeru

Kinda Dumb Question can i send someone a juicy hotdog fresh off the grill with all the dressings on it via ups or fedex, i've always wanted to and i don't know why.


Unrealistic Production Standards


so this is why my laptop isn't here.... instead of seven thousand converter belts it should be eighteen thousand converter belts like really I've order my package on jan 27th and its supposed to be here on 7th like really?? the bad part is i order a package out of country and it got here faster ??

Crista Young

hoping my PS3 wont be damaged this week ?


Just waiting on my xbox.

Kami Sama

Where the hell is my package? Theres a phone inside it!! Hope it wont get damage


Watching this to soothe my tracking OCD.....ugh

Wheelie Biker49

Thanks for telling me how this works

Mike Smith

You left out or severely diminished a few steps .a package may go through that process at several different smaller hubs .plus their system is flawed the package is recycled until a human loader can catch up with the automated sort. They might get it worked out one day..shippers you need to use more than one piece of tape to secure enclosure of your package da most damages could be avoided thank you


Yo i ordered an 18 inch dildo online but some black man showed up wtf

Steffers 71914

Forgot to add the clip where they chunk all the packages into the back of the truck, no matter the fragility.

Steven Rubio

1:54 ups at its finest ...


you forgot to put in the part where they break your shit

Daniel R

Interesting. I’m glad I don’t work for UPS. It looks hectic


Typical UPS experience: UPS brings the package. You leave a note, "don't leave at door, please drop off at UPS store". Driver does. Ahole at store sends it back to driver next day. Leave another note. Driver brings it to store again. Store ahole *sends it back to shipper*. This is why UPS are known as "the Brown Losers". #upsbrownlosers

4 457 views | days ago
81 391 views | days ago