In grown hair follicle

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In grown Hair Follicles

637 967 views | 5 Feb. 2020

Ingrown Hair

Ingrown Hair

Sharon Beckerle

Great view of the follicles


토렌트 다운로드 링크 타고 오신분은 다운로더링크 안되니 참고하시기바랍니다.


running out of trich videos to watch, i suggest if your running out of plucking videos to watch vicky in vegas.

Em BananaSplit

That’s some hardcore pili multigemini.


Como se llama esa enfermedad?

Frances Ashley

Ok we see it

Benjamin Grimes

I have never seen anything more satisfying. ☺

Jose Villa

Will it grow back ?

angelina pariona

Esto me satisface ?

Tim Wing

Exactly what ive been looking for! Hairs plucked from the scalp. Back of head specifically or any inflamed areas or pimple/sore spot.

Vanessa Windsor

That’s just the growth bulb
This man has very thick hair so he has more than one growing out of it.if anything he may develope black heads

John RossStar

You might try 100% TCA - trichloroacetic acid. You can get it online easy enough. Tiny bottles. You dip a toothpick in it then carefully jab in the infected pore. It can sometimes help realign the pore so it doesn't block so easy. May or may not help with the hairs. It will cause to scab over but looks fine after healing. Just keep the bottle away from you in case of spillage...like don't hold it in your other hand. And wear gloves. Experiment with one spot then do more in a few weeks as you get comfy with it.


털이 어게 저렇디 했는데 머리털이었구나..

My opinion doesn’t matter H

Reminds me a little of a series of videos on Josefa Reina’s channel. You might be interested in those.

Kris Diel

I thought they looked more like acne scars. Reminds me of an old channel that removed scabs from something like this.

Frances Ashley

Are you really going to show us every one?

Rachel Elizabeth

2 things why would you get the fattest tweezers to use and don't fricking zoom in at the end of the video you twat

misael camargo

Me gustaría saber porqué le está quitando de raíz el pelo? Y también el porqué de los hoyos en el cuero cabelludo?

Carolyn Truluck

Wasted too much time showing you the hair follicle again when you could see it as she pulled it out.

Honeypie DiY

I feel dizzy

Marty Oakley

Glad I found you. I find these videos very interesting! Hope to see more.

Cheri Brown

I would have him plucked bald in one sitting ???


literally everytime i get up everything goes black and i feel like im gon pass out. and i keep seeing shadows lol

Tenabex Man

Why does their head have holes

Calvin Tai

Wax remove the whole beard

misael camargo

Eso qué hacen es retirar el cabello con su despectivo vaso capilar!

Livie Shalom

We will finish this in 2060 if you keep showing us each ingrown hair u pull out ????

Sandra Wightman

My God, where are YOUR gloves....


These are not ingrown, you are just taking hairs out of the follicle... smh

Jeanine L. Fardette

Alright we see it, carry on with the pulling


are the holes from a hair transplant?

Eleni Karkaletsis

Who else is disturbed that she pulls out and not down?


Wish the video would have been longer, those were perfect plucks!

Amanda Bell

Make more of these videos please

rasel islam


fifinette fifi

Mais c'est quoi ça ?


Just put some hot wax on it and place some strips. Wala all the hair removed with a couple of strokes.

Maria Lia

Normal .Vc puxa e sai o bubo capilar

Chris Flores

El cabello vuelve a salir despues de ser arrancado desde la raiz?

Madame Nox

Me: starts watching video
Also me: remembers I’m a trypophobe
? ? ?

Phoebe Barlow

it’s 3 in the morning why am i watching this

j renée 75

I love pulling these out!!

In grown hair follicle

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Ingrown Hair Follicles

68 718 views | 15 Oct. 2019

Hair Follicles

Hair Follicles Removal.....


What is the song playing?


your aim is terrible lol



Wizec Gaming

The hair will regrow? or this will leave empty spots on scalp?

Tryin to Live

Why videos that are so short when you can see infected patches everywhere that you could remove a hair or 2?

Amanda Bell

Make more of these videos please

R Dawg

Damn that first one was a winner

Paige Jalbert

Your nails are distracting from your video. You should be professional and wear gloves too.


Crazy closeup..

Virginia Jeffery

How can you see those ingrown & what might be in the small holes?

Dawn VanDyke

My son gets these except they are full of pus and extremely painful. Any tips on treating?


I get this done every week.. to keep it minimal.. it’s relaxing too lol.. sometimes I fall asleep..my barber is good (wife)


Would love to see you pull some the places where it looks like there are 5 or 6 hairs all packed in there together.


This gave me anxiety I wanted to rip the tweezers out of her hands and go to town myself ? Jesus christ

Traci Jones

Totally unrelated to the ingrowns...but those nails are LOVELY ?

Kristen Bupp

Those aren’t ingrown hairs, they are normal hair follicles?!?

In grown hair follicle

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Making Follicles - hair from the laboratory | Tomorrow Today

92 026 views | 15 Aug. 2011

Scientists in Berlin have

Scientists in Berlin have used human adult stem cells to develop hair follicles, from which hair then grows naturally. The treatment provides new hope for people suffering from hair loss.Only a few hair follicles would need to be taken from the"patient"and used to generate as much new hair as is needed, which can then be grafted. This breakthrough has also brought the scientists a big step closer to their original research goal, which was to use lab-generated hair follicles on a chip as a substitute for animal experiments in testing creams and cosmetics. Many substances in the creams we use actually enter the body through our hair follicles rather than our skin.


Too bad this project by Dr. Roland Fauster in Germany failed. I was hoping it would be successful.

Rosa Held

Can you please post some picture or a video of you two (scientists) I want to see the results.

sasa baba

2501 AD.. still waiting

a a

I wish they can invent something that can change the shape of your hair follicle a lot of people will love that

澤人志Hitoshi Sawa

so by implanting a different hair shape follicle it will eventually change the rest of the hairs to be it's shape ?

Brother John's

why arent working on there our hair??

Mary Hall




Varg Torheim

millions really :P


these two clowns will be the first to use it. good luck

paul bonomo

why are these doctors bald

Hillel Louahem

well if it was working the doctors wooldn't be bald

Manohar.n Manohar.n

Who ever read this let's all pray our yallam vallamai konda iraivan ( all mighty God ) to get this hair cloning mission success with in end of these 2020. And reach all over the person's on earth.Pray with me it surely will happen. Murugane.

Jose Migoya

it is an amazing video! i wish more people see this video so they learn how to cure hair loss once and for all.

Jose Migoya

Give yourself credit and a tap in the back! Great news. I hope this treatment makes it to the market.

abbasdwd 93

Please hurry and make it out for the public pleasee


A's a Balding man this bring some hope inp my life, that metode would have so mich Demand when it ready, hope it would be in 2012-2015 or soner

Burch Maine

Because both the biologists are bald.

Den Niero

The scientist himself is bald. He does not care. He cares more about money. Women love rich man.


I hope this will be commercially-available soon.

Yingrak Muansawad

Im 20 and suffered from hairloss for about 2 years...now it is a lot better than before however, my hair is now so thin and I lost my self confidence...it sucks...I can onlt tiny bit of new growth :/ German scientists, you are my only hope. It is hard facing this problem at such a young age...


at least 4-5 years away to proceed to human clinical....then officially release...

Kristina S

So.. 2018 now.. where are we with this?


Columbia University has succeeded where this German coma

Matt Hillborn

How much Please!


I wonder if they can use this to change peoples hair textures? Like you know for example: take a curly/straight hair persons hair follicles and make more then transplant it into someone who wants curly hair!!!Hmmm???


2016...still nothing.

konstantinos p

i believe unfortunately, that hairloss products industries always do something tricky and when the solution is clicks away, the projects are abandonded...(see chinise lab bankruptcy and adoren institute project withdrawal)  remember 2billion dollars profit per year for stupid spray products.... too bad...


For now the only method is to extract from the back of your head causing scars...


I read about NuhairRX being banned, does anyone know if it really works??


is this sth new? When will be out on market?


So what is the problem to create 30.000 hairs and implanting them?

Eduardo Cobian

Baldness curre just 20-50 years away.


I don't understand why men worry so much about a receding hairline. It's natural and doesn't look bad at all to me. :-(

LanSiLiT SiLiTManiac

they create follicles, but the scientists are bald

Gaurav Kunwar

any updates in this?


@nath909 I'm sure they'll use it, but given their educational backgrounds and field experience in cellular bioengineering I'd say "clowns" is pretty disingenuous description of these two personalities.

Subhasis Nandi

These Biotechnologists understands our pain. so dey hv gave there heart and soul in the research

Sunny Shukla

They are working for themselves...


Nice vid but the best thing that worked for me was nuhairrx


2019, so where are they?!

Johann tabone

This is many people hope . I wish it will be available soon .

Kimberly Taylor

I have to go to Berlin for this?

Jonald Blip

"generate as much new hair as needed." Fine. Please tell me the step-by-step process, on a microscopic level, by which "adult stem cells" would grow in to, or turn in to the building blocks of just one new hair follicle. Feel free to use as many charts, diagrams, etc. as needed. Thanks!

Jonathan Capichano

This was six years ago?


Wow, I know somebody who is very bothered about their hair loss. I'd love to know where to send them in Berlin to undergo this latest way of increasing hair, as they pass through Germany many times a year. Super.

i -ritical

the cure for baldness is stop using hair products that advertise on TV, their profits will drop and will be force to find a cure.


This is perfect. I'm not balding yet so if I do go bald in the future my hair can be cloned.

Meraj Dhir

Uhm its 2017 what happened to this???

Donny Deer

Well ! 2020 and not a single cure has been announced for baldness. A transplant or wig is the only way to have ahead of hair. These guys have to keep the investors who are ploughing their money into the research happy. They’re not going to turn round and say we’re getting nowhere. All hype and false promises for the last 30 years that I know of. If a cure is found, for sure it will be world news. Until then just accept how you look


We're going to be waiting for long time.


Nice to see real Bald guys working on this, if guys with hair worked on it they would have never felt motivated enough.