Make body wash from bar soap

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How to Make a Gallon of Liquid Handsoap From a Bar of Soap

218 119 views | 14 Feb. 2012

The Bronner's Soap I used:

The Bronner's Soap I used: http://amzn.to/11V4Pt6

I also get it in bulk here: https://www.azurestandard.com/?a_aid=p9oZYMWZ2Y

It seems that this recipe only works with certain bars of soap. I only use Bronner's soap that I've linked to above. Some of you have let me know that Dove does not work. I have been told that Ivory does. Perhaps it's the softer soaps that don't work but I haven't tested this theory.

Make body wash from bar soap

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How to make lightening and glowing body wash using bar soap and carrots body scrub

4 280 views | 6 Dec. 2020


#bodywashbarsoap #dovesoap #glowinskin #carrotbodyscrub

How to make lightening and glowing body wash and body scrub using carrots an dove soap hi everyone welcome back to my channel today video I will be making glowing lightening body wash I hope you enjoy the video please don’t forget to subscribe like comments an share thank you for watching ❤️❤️


This video was really useful! I definitely gonna try this

Sonali Das

Vary nice video ❤️

Hayath Hayath


life with busca Family

This really looks beautiful

life with busca Family

Wow this is so good look perfect I am going to try this this dear for sharing this

Mlar Consult

Omg. This is so cool. I can do it. I have the ingredients at home. I am going to try some now.

Smriti S

I never knew this would work...am gonna try this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

Philip Odogwu

Wow. This is amazing. Am definitely trying this out.

Mel bee

Lol I never knew this would work...am gonna try this....thanks love

Alvin Marcos

I never thought you could actually do this at home. I'm always scared of experimenting with diy soaps or diy candles but after watching you I think I'm gonna do it?

Annis AF

Thanks for sharing your recipe. I like the natural Ingredients.

Hawa Lewis

I’ve never thought to use carrot juice to create a wash although I know they have many benefits

mariya lawan

I tried it and I like it. This is my 3rd day using it , when I saw the bottle I used to store it looks like it was about to burst. So I’m kinda confused, does the soap ferment or what??

Chinwe Igwe

I love natural products. Welldone

Abdul sal

Wow? that is really amazing. I think I will be able to prepare this at home now. Very clear tutorial. Thanks for sharing ?

Doppel Ganger

I want to try this. Would it work with liquid soap too?

Ryesha Clayton

Homemade remedies are the best for your skin...this looks worth trying ?

Cody L

This is cool to watch the melted soap.


Interesting mix. Come to think of it, there's no carrot scented body wash in the market yet!

HHE Hassell

I didn’t know carrots had so many benefits ! I thought they were good for eyesight lol

Tina A

wow! this is amazing...I think am gonna give this a try...i like working on new things

Lattie Alecia

Interesting how we can use to things in our home to made homemade products . I love coming here .

Mechelle and the Boys

Never thought of using carrots for skincare
You have that good idea, I’ll keep this in mind

DIYs and more with The Fosters

Wow thanks for sharing this, will try


I need to try this. I have dark spots that seriously need to be corrected.

Listen to Story Canvas

Wow this should absolutely soothe my skin as carrot is one of the vegetables used in many skin care routines I am sure this is worth trying ? thanks a lot for sharing ?

Life of La'Emaj

I've been trying to only use all natural products as much as possible. Would have never thought of this mix! Thankks for sharing!

Positive Puja

Thanks for sharing. I will definitely try this ?

Creative Rasta

Your knife ?? so sharp☝️??

Maa Gla blogs

Oh so is easy to do soap at home wow I will try my own

Jennifer Luv

Oh wow this is very helpful I love watching your video because I learned new thing on your channel you begin wonderful video great one Nkem ❤️❤️

Mai ODonnell

I have never tried this before. Great idea. I would try and see how it works. Thanks.


This is a cool diy! I’ll have to try it now that I have time over the holidays


This is so great NKEM thank you for also sharing everything you no how to do

Chloe S

This is such a great idea. It doesn’t seem too hard either.

T Nicole

Wow, I need to try this. I have dark spots that need to be corrected. Thanks for sharing.


Would love to try this soap for glowing skin ?


I love natural remedies and this one was a very easy step-by-step tutorial.

Ogor m.j.t

This is amazing body wash

Vanessa Sefa

Can you use kojic bar soap instead of dove soap?

ynew views

Love this! i have plenty of old soaps to use. Soo much soap from hotels that ive collected. hehehe!

lina madison

Who new it was so easy this is awesome

Jerry Junior

Never knew carrots are also used in skin care


I love it my sister more videos about it keep it up


I love diy! Ive never done this before but I have all the ingredients. Will definitely try this!!

LakerGang Crew

I would have never thought to make something like this myself. Thanks for sharing.

Jacqueline Wu

Wow this is so inovative ! I'd love to try, but does it smells weird ?

iam Extra

Wow!! I would have never thought to use carrots in skincare. My oh my. I love this new knowledge.

Nene love Chukwu

Do you add preservative on it,can the body be use on the face

Princess Batch

I need to try this too and see if it will work

Arna Chauhan

This video is really helpful and now i could do the same.

Man Da

Very interesting. I have to give this DIY a try

Stasia J

I want to try this so bad!

Kasey Lane

I didn’t know you could do it this way. Learned something new


This is so interesting I'm definitely gonna try it out

Patience Odame

Very detailed information. Thnxx


This was very different I have never seen a product made like this and with such natural ingredients

Shakerah Dunkley

This is a great video thanks for sharing

Arwin Cimatu

Nice video gonna try this

Creative Rasta

Oh well??? looks interesting

nici andrews

Looks like some good stufff great video

Joyce Life

Wow I would never thought of making carrot body wash thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video I have learned new of using carrot on my body wash

Queen McKenzie

This is interesting. I certainly learnt something new from this. Thanks for sharing.

Style Ivy

You are really talented.

Stephanie Harris

I love me some diy videos! I'll def be trying this one!

Tori S

Great video...Very informative keep it up! ❤️

Fun and learn with Faria and Sanaz

I would live to try this ..thank you for sharing

Maw Poloba

Oh my gosh! I have all the ingredients. ? I am so curious about this soap. I'm definitely going to try it.


I want to try this looks promising

Uniquelyy bless Empress

I need to try this

Mercedes Sacramento

Omg wow this is so neat' I'd love to try this! So pretty & satisfying watching you mix in the orange ?♥️?

Kay G

Wow I never seen this method before, thanks for sharing

Tony Check

This is so interesting I'm definitely gonna try it out

Gabrielle Ishell

This is pretty cool! Never heard of a carrot scrub before!

Davide Happiness

Wow this is great I have never heard of this before but now that I've watch this video I'm going to try this thank you for sharing

Aries Mitchelle

I just realized ive missed so much of your content,,,,checking this and others out too???

Ira Kismet

Seen some body wash and soap demos before, the long process puts me off from trying. This method looks easy... might try making it. ??

Nyangi Monday

This soap can also help with removing hyperpigmentation.

TAGG World

I suggest you better patent this and get your trademark before some big companies steal your idea!

Make body wash from bar soap

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How To Make Shower Gel - DIY Liquid Soap From Bar Soap - Easy Zero Waste Body Wash

4 570 views | 15 Jul. 2020

In this video I will show

In this video I will show you a super simple zero waste DIY to make shower gel from bar soap. I hope you like this video

Lily Ampah

Thanks for sharing. Did u do it with just 1 bar soap?

Will Gyang-Wilson

Keep the good work up Mimi

Anthony Boateng

Well done??

Jandi Gray

Nice video beautiful. What kind of glycerin did you use? It's the vegetable kind?