Mens hairstyles with line

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404 341 views | 15 Nov. 2019

Thank you very much for

Thank you very much for watching the video. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video. This channel will be posting amazing barber compilations daily.

Credits to the barbers in the video.

Who won the battle in this episode?

1. https://www.instagram.com/wester_barber/

2. https://www.instagram.com/abelthebarber/

3. https://www.instagram.com/christiannthebarber/

4. https://www.instagram.com/_southbaychris/



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cleanfade/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/clean.fade/


















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Hey Captains, what is that hairstyle on the right in the thumbnail called?

Afriel m

ini baru tempat gunting rambut sayangnya di jakarta takkan dapat tempat seperti ini hanya ada di kota ambon .


what is the name of first hairstyle?

Mohamed Me

What is the name of the first and second hairdo

Kaks Nanadaime

when is the opening of the « Clean Fade Barber » ?

HM Gaming

That 1st guy looks like J. Cole ?

Ligededya Maru


dennis de guzman

even you are the greatest barbers in the world u cannot give the greatest cut on a baldness man..

Adriyel John

The first guy looks like Javale McGee

Atila The Barber

That's a dope cut g check out my YouTube page for more tutorials???

Lars Aniscal

Is that javale mcgee? Osht! NBA fans out there.

Gamaliel Lopez

Is Tadeo an Acapulco shore? Xd

zlatan ibrahimovic

Who's here is a UFC fans?

Dipto Editing BD

Nice video bro

Alexis Campozano

A los barberos hablennos de alguna solución para la caspa

đập đá hưng vlg


Moch Kamal

Good, where are you from bro?

Ligededya Maru


Waris Industria

We are manufacturer of hair cutting scissors. If any body would like to purchase our site here.. www.warisgroupof industries.com

Barberia Buzzcut


Glenson Ibana

title of the 2nd song please..clean fade

Barberia Buzzcut


Black - Punk

Background music of the first one


It’s like those girl’s instagram eyebrows... for men.

Hack ios


Hot and Cold

The hair styles are cool, but its just dumb how most of them are skin fades as if thats the only thing men wear.

John Paul Perez

Such a satisfying video??

Rohit Sohta


Mark Javellana

What song 5:30

Clean Fade

Thanks for watching everyone! Much love! Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it! Show some love to the barbers in the video! Their links are in the description! Peace!!

Jozhua Linda

that pic on the vid caught my attention but i can't find it when i play ?


some the hair cuts and styles where shitty.... they simply were not suiting the persons and also, the styles per say were also pathetic.

Fransiskus Lagaguru Kaha



The Haircut name is Undercut..? If I'm wrong Correct me

Smail Erdjan


White Bandana Productions


nord kristal


Quin Role

Song please


Expensive but,worthit

Nykos Antonio

The 1st guys look like Javale Mcgee! Like if u ar agree


Is it in Bangalore.?

K Jatt Life

Which number use for upper

Maxi Flex

That square forehead remembers me somehow to the iphone notch.

Mens hairstyles with line

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Drop Fade Tutorial | Side Part | Beard Line up!

815 012 views | 5 Apr. 2018

Topic hair fiber

Topic hair fiber http://amzn.to/2ILsObc

Wahl cordless magic clip http://amzn.to/2GcPLFH

Andis gtx. http://amzn.to/2FTkd8H

wahl shaver http://amzn.to/2GcQfvv

Andis shaver http://amzn.to/2FTxuhl

Oster fast feed http://amzn.to/2HVGWNA

oster ceramic blade http://amzn.to/2HVH8fM

Ring light http://amzn.to/2DLyPB0

wahl cordless detailer http://amzn.to/2u5qWGM

camera Sony a7r http://amzn.to/2GQIyJb

camera lens http://amzn.to/2GfNIka

oster octane http://amzn.to/2IKMNXC

wahl premium guards http://amzn.to/2FUs067

andis magnetic guards http://amzn.to/2FSw1b8

wahl retro t cut http://amzn.to/2Gggm4S

wahl hero. https://amzn.to/2Gk3OKn

Johnny b gel https://amzn.to/2IfhG5g

spray bottle https://amzn.to/2pORI1U

carbon flattop comb https://www.birthofbeauty.com/bw-boyd-299-carbon-flat-top-comb.html

modified gtx blade. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Andis-T-Outliner-Trimmers-GTX-Custom-MODIFIED-Deep-tooth-Blade-Set-04850/401497716544?epid=18011613680&hash=item5d7b20f740:g:4wkAAOSwjVVVy6cY

مراد عطيه


Pu Pu

Comb utsumi ?????? Please rep comment !!!


Love ur technique !!

Edward Elric

No guideline just cutting whatever with scissors

André Chimenez


pho truong

Thanks you

Yorch Gallegos



Pretty nice fade, missed a bit towards the back of the ear, but still looking dope.

ප්‍රියන්ත රාජපක්ෂ

Super cutting ...

Kian Mistry

Loving the arsenal top bro


Nice haircut What’s wrong with the dude looks like he’s having a exorcism ??

Joey Giannone

At 4:41 is that a one closed ?

عبدالله المشرف

Vare vare good tha saw Jorge zepeda

Anthony Maravillas

2 years ago but still watcjing??

Denilson Marinho da Silva

Você é um eccelente profissional Jorge Zepeda. Sigo o seu trabalho. Aprendo vários cortes assistindo seus vídeos. Que Deus continue abençoando-o. Grande abraço.

Jash Andertown

Why not start with the 2 guard and eliminate the first 6 minutes of this tutorial- probably 15 mins. minimum off haircut/chair time? Just a thought. Good results tho!

Abel Espinosa

Bad ass???


do you flickout when your your blending bottom line with lever half way and closed ?

Roberto Camarillo

Para cuando en español??

Betty Bryant


Billy Manning

Jorge you have some of the very best blends among all the youtube barbers but this one is lacking a little. The blend from the C to over the ear before the drop is slightly uneven. That really caught my eye on the thumbnail. It really shocked me that it was your video because your cuts are usually 105% fire.

Glicerio Lima

it looks like a pain

Isaac _

Clean cut bro thanks for the tutorial !

Terrance Lytle

drop fade tripod side Beard trim

Nur Hayati

Kliper nya merek apa



سنايبر المعلومات

This not esay god job

أحمد حسن A


Jami Mojib

ایول به خدا عجب کاری کردی با این هم وطن ما من یکی از کارت خیلی خوشم آمد دست مریزا

Phuc Nguyen

Thanks you are excellent barber

Mando Ceja

I wish it was that simple ?

Surbhi Parkhi

U r too awesome dude...!! Grt finish

Barber Flave G

Hey nice cut but next time can you do a video on trimming and lining up eyebrows I’d appreciate it.

Sinan Sahinbay

What is that for a clipper in 11:00 ??


Quick question. What if i dont have a 1.5 guard ??

The Buoyant Man

Good job



sultan issa

Best top ever. Arsenal for life


what's the model of the the razor from 10:35 ?

Apdalah Ahmaad

ماشاء الله فنان حلاقة اللهم لاحسد

boy wirawan

like its oke

Lucas e Breno

Very good

BigSceneOne Chavez

Ace Ventura haircut

Too Apples

Great video. I find it funny though when yt barbers demarcate their guidelines as "half an inch" when their so big that it's probably a whole inch in size

B e B Au

You are the best Barber in the world ?☜??

Lalrema Rema

Wow nice hair cutting

Ma Habi

Very nice

Lanny Bastos

Hau lindo corte.Parabéns!


Man, I have watched so many videos, and by far you are one of the TOP videos, helped me to fade better, good instructions, great content , Thank you

Kuldeep Sing

My job selon

Abdul Rehman



I like to watch Jorge’s videos but I have noticed one thing
He don’t take the time to answer some of the people that ask a question and he always says to ask him on the comment section but he never answers lol god cuts tho I been cutting my kids hair and have learn a lot from your videos


that's pretty good fade like the detailed work with beard and hairline

quang tran

Nice job.

Denise Vasconcelos

Parabéns mano


Hey what´s up man, you are a master barber, thanks for share your knowledges!!!

Meli Soto

Hermosos tus cortes eres un gran maestro felicitaciones

Terrance Lytle

drip fade tutorial Beard line up


Pleas rus subtitles.. like


de nivel el corte, pero fuese genial si lo tradujieses al español

Fouuad Lagraoui

Very good ❤️??????????

Jose S

Hey where did u get that gtx blade and was it already modified I would like mine to hit as good as urs, thanks

Ahmed Javed

whats the name of that Black T outliner with the green cord? gonna have to cop one and im more than happy to use ur affiliate link bro

Abdullah Oğuz

Thanks for the your videos.

Maci Just

Jorge live the work. Question, did you modify you magic cli in terms of the blade or you left it factory setting

Adam _.

Is that Messi?

Chalo Gonzales Guerra

Amigo Me gustaría información acerca del drop fade yo lo veo como los cortes llamado mid fade alguna diferencia

Rene Alexandre

Please subscribe on my channel now.

Rose Bowman

It s so ?

Mark Humble

You are a true master.

hadawi Zahwni



Where you get your blades from

besham shew

Ur fades r always ??

Oriana Abreu

nice but iwant see how do you do has te peinado

Eli Cano

Idk why people be giving this video a thumbs down they really be some hating ass bitches for real like wtf is wrong with this cut? Other than it being perfection people so fucking envious af they get on my damn nerve...good cut btw

Denise Vasconcelos

Rio de janeiro ✌️ Jorge é sinistro no corte


What trimer you use

sebastian vasquez

Bro my cordless magic clips dig into the scalp. It's strange. What do you suggest I can do to better the situation?

Md Hussain

Nice hair thangku


Very Nice ?✊?? ✊?

Diego Gonzalez

I LIKE it so much..!!

Ian Morison

Hey bro are the cordless detailers good to make the first guidlines?

Percy Quena

Muy técnico... Y muy bueno

Asmaul Rojab

I love gunner

Qué Chimba

sea serio y haga videos en español.

alaa rumman

Thank you body your great in presentation

Amri jos

The best man

Rico Stuntz

You've help me with the cleanest blends! You are truly gifted and Blessed bro!Thanks bro and keep up the good work.

Anthoni Estrella

Ere jeniar

Stephen B. Smith

Only barber that explains what he’s doing

Shokin Malik


Cristiano Marafigo


Yazan Arabi

Legend ✔️

Gidevaldo Jesus

Mt bom


Se o risco fosse curvado ia sair mais topi ainda

Arwin Cal

that haircut is not too good not too bad it need more razor with the design

Mens hairstyles with line

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Basic Comb Over / Hard Part Simple To Follow Steps Haircut Tutorial (HD)

125 217 views | 14 Apr. 2019

This video is about as

This video is about as basic as it get's but is still a very high demand cut in a barbershop or barber school . If you got any value out of it smash that like button , drop a comment and SHARE SHARE SHARE with omeone who will gain value from this channel . Shout out to Tito beats for this fire in your ear and to Steel Tooth Combs for this amazing comb !!!



Fades by Morales

I knew u was raza ?? homeboy ... man i can really use the andis shaver por fa homie I think it can take my cutz to the next level..that clipper over comb technique is dope pero no me sale like how urs comes out Do you ever do designs?

Juan Cordova

What's your favorite clipper now


Romeo congrats!

Steve Whitehorn

Awesome cut

king_E-LAWZ z

Awesome tutorial bro!!!. Love what you're doing man. Helping all of us better our craft

Gustavo Vargas

Dope video bro kinda hurt but it’s str8 ?

Notor1ous Savag3

Damn I'm still shocked...7k?? We on the road to a milli. Baby steps tho. Stay humble folks. My mans, ATB, got this shit in the mf bag!! He gettin the bag w the cuts but that's not the point. My man dropping golden nuggets with each drop! Proud to rep the ATB team!!


Thanks for the video my dude. Hyped for the shaver giveaway!

noman gz

Cool tutorials and congrats to the winner of the detailers? hopefully I can win the white clippers or the Andis shavers ?

JJ Perez

Nice simple cut ?✂️? would be a blessing to win the andis shaver? keep up the good work my guy

The Hobby Fanatic

Where you from my man? Where you cut out of?

Mauricio Blendz Blendz

Once again giving knowledge to us young barbers out here ??

Drizzy Mob

This is clean


Fire cut ?


Fire as always ?

Chevy SS

Keep up the good work bro whats the lenght of the hair on top.


You didn’t even show how to do the hard part side and you only did one, the side with the bulk, the top of the bulk side and then put Suavecito and said the haircut was done. You literally only showed how to the halfway do this haircut

Arsenal Army S.A

Another banger


Come over. :)

Alfred Laurian

Would it be easier just to clip the top with a desired guard then using a scissors. Just asking if that is easier.

L. Johnson

Smh I came just to see the hard part

Gary Talamone

? Ant I looked at your new video today I liked it was interesting what that fabulous to that you had in your hand that I don’t like that dick is a piece of shit that Quitman the reason why I don’t like the clipper if you have a full couple of months couple of months they start getting real loud even the shaver the same thing it’s heavy it’s awkward and they sound real nicePlay very loud after a few months you need to go back to your magic clip to go once all the seniors I think they cleared to hear him very nice very nice they’re both one of the best clippers on the market and I mean you get a good fade out of both of them the only thing that I like about the fabulous clippers only one and that’s the trimmers the rose gold and the gold but that’s my opinion and I just want to give you some feedback on a fabulous clip is that you using now on your YouTube video all right ? ant have a nice evening I hope to see more of your videos by now you know who this is Big G that they call OG 1 love to you see see you

Barry Marshall

Whole reason I watched this tutorial was to see how you do the hard part. ??

TJ Blends

Thanks again Ant!

KK Lum

Love your video production. Very high quality. I can see every stubble with this kind of close up and this is important. Every other YouTubers have their client camera a bit far, have poor focusing and doing it too fast. Your step by step guide is very clear and concise. Every step is very easy to understand. Keep up the good work.


struggling with shear and clipper over comb right now , good little tips ?

Ace OfFades

You the real MVP Ant!!!!
Big ups to the winner of the Detailers, I hope you can get some good use out of them, our Boy Ant puts his heart and soul into the videos and the giveaways, it’s easy to catch on to that

Cutz n' Fadez

Luv your videos. It's awesome how you explain everything plus the captions of what you're using are super helpful.
I like how you constantly brush away as you're working the clips.
Is there a certain brush you use? It looks like a boar bristle brush but I imagine it something much softer ?
Keep up the dope vidz

Dennis Beck

David Alfonso need's to watch your video's☺

Juelz Barber

Value your customers and their time nothing more to say. The way we make our clients feel that way they gonna make us feel back. Kill it my G as always dope work hermano. PD congratz to Romeo ?

Richard Pone

I think this haircut is the stupidest haircut ever. Stop putting lines in your hair. Natural parts are the way to go.

John R

Dang man! That's a dope cut!!! Wish I didn't live 16 hours drive away you would definitely be my barber!!! Hahaha!

Cesar Cruz

Put some gloves on bro don’t want to see you getting them hair splinters?


What’s the length on the top of the hair ?

ايمن احمد أيمن احمد

Good very good

A1 Barber

Got down with the clipper over comb! Super clean cut?? thanks for the content?? i could put the andis shaver to good use?


LOL this is my cut! Simple y padre.

Junny _ Clips

Can't say it enough bro ?????

Hussan Yaghi


Ashley Schoenfeld

The reason I watched this video was bcus it said hard part in the description...nice haircut but was looking for the part tutorial.

PingPongBall Z

I use to have that kinda hair, but none of the barbers can get the upper back spot right! It's always sticking out and none of em can blend it in.

Manfred Martinez Dominguez Otero

I need those steeltooth combs ?

Ashley Whitehorn

A other dope cut from the greatest!! ????

Bryan Cornejo

GonnA try the shear method ?

Manuel Orellana

Cut my first hair today man. Thank you for the tutorial. I’m not pursuing a career as a barber but your tutorial are so good, that even I can do it. Keep it up and be a blessing ??

Chad Volkers

Good stuff my friend.


You rock man..!

Enrique Cano Gonzalez

I knew you were Mexican , sound like from Cali . Haha idk man ??, wouldn’t mind have another andis shaver ???


When dude's laughing at the end I hear Eddie Murphy's laugh lol


The detailer would be fire

Kevin Fong

Classic simple clean hair cut! Really enjoy the videos you put out. Anids profoil shavers would be a blessing to win

Dennis Cruz

Dope como siempre!


I just hit that thumbs up before i even watch ! Fucks wit my boy Ant The Barber yo !!

Tatyanna Talley

As another fellow Mexican curiously browsing YouTube for good beginner tutorials on how to cut my fiancees hair, I loved this video and your vibe. I definitely subscribed thank you for the video!!

Luis Antonio


Crystal Monique


Gurdev Singh

What’s the difference between an open and closed lever


The andis shaver would help me a lot brother I’m trying to make my customers happier and happier every time they come for a cut! I don’t have a shaver and those shavers would come in great hands I would put them to work??thank you for all the uploads improving my work more and more from these tutorials

arturo garibay


DaBandiT TveE

Yo that cut is sick!

rich da barber

Money all the time??

The HomieMemo

Around the hard part area did you fade into a 1 1/2 on top?

TyShaun Bland

Even if I don't have the extra time, I remove ear and nose hair.

Brandon Harting

Anty fuggen anttt need ya to come trim up deez raunchy puby pubes baby boiiiiaaa

jacob solis

You should do a video on how to cut curls

Alicia Valladares

Dope cut! congratulations Romeo on winning the clippers.

Carlie Beau

I'm Itaian and proud. Lol. Nice work

Tanasak Muanchan

Rotate around

Anonymous 1776

I’m digging the sick ass tune you got playing in the background! What’s the name of the song/audio? Please.

eL Jay

Ant! Love your videos man. They’ve helped me a shit ton. I’m having issues with my equipment and getting the bald line out. I’m in barber school right now and have very little guidance other than videos and you’ve been the most helpful. In my area we only have beauty schools for barbering. Should I zero gap either my magic clips or my seniors to help me get the bald line out????


Another doper cut straight bangers ??

Tanasak Muanchan

Rotate around


That Andis shaver would come in clutch ???

The Hobby Fanatic

Skillz bro!

Ne 520

That taper on the back takes the haircut a notch up from just being a basic haircut..??????❤️❤️??

AllsWell L


Miguel P

Top rght side needed more blend

Javi G

My dad always asks for this cut and I always felt hesitant about the clipper over comb,this was really helpful , thanks?

Santiago Soriano


Omar chavez

Every time i go to the barber i asked them that i dont want a hard part comb over but they give it to me anyways, how do i ask them to change the style where i have all my hair the same length on top

Donebynone Barber

every video makes you more famous man just beacause of your teaching skills


amazing--- i joined already--pls, join mine too--thank you

Esgar Casimiro

That shaver would come in ?D!

gloria chacon

Wow he looks like a total different guy ..you got a good hand n great skills

Luis Ramirez

Ima try this on my son ??

Tim Brown

My man Ant - what's up bro! Super content as usual. God's blessings to you and your family.

TyShaun Bland

I dont Appreciate not being 1st

Malcolm Martin

I just found you channel its good subbed and notifications on keep them coming ?

Lil Bishop

congrats to the winner

Bruno fersik


Wan Huar

I live far away from your home but i still feel connected with your business and the craftmanship. Watching you as my guide, as my teacher helps me a lot in learning and practising batbering, getting to know about the little details connected to customer service. As you say, its a must to respect the man WHO is sitting next to you and WHO rely on You. I cant imagine being a barber without any good Word to my client, without giving him smile. According to that i wish i got them andis shaver. I got wahl legend, i got wahl trimmer but for me having the shaver will be the new level. The level of fresh cutz, the level of developing me as a growing barber. Peace

Jordan Cottingham

Your dope bro! You accepting new clients? Tryna get blessed by the best. Let me know

David Leonard

What does the Hard Part mean ?

romeo mwinx

??? Fam I appreciate you. I definitely got to step my game up with these fades, blends and crispy edges now. Feels like I just won the lotto with this blessing lol but real talk truly appreciate you and even before this your honesty and real ness is unmeasured. Keep doing what you do fam these gems ? will be treasure ????? and I’m honestly fading cleaner with these tips even it’s just for the fam it’s like I’m excited to put something new I learned into the next chop “Stay a blessing” Fam.


Good stuff ant

محمد 07724037875

عاشت ايدك شغل حلو

Crx Jojo

Looks dope bro



Arul Kakap

U r the best teacher for me...
Thanks at your science brother...

Walter Rivillas A.

Super dope cut
?? Andis foil shaver or detailer ????