Making chapstick

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10 DIY Lip Balm, Scrub And Lip Gloss Recipes

1 696 573 views | 10 Jun. 2018

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Today we've prepared 10 new, unique recipes of lip glosses, balms and scrub! With that natural cosmetic your lips will always be in perfect condition. Besides, DIY organic balms and lip glosses will be an excellent gift for mom, sister, or best friends!

Supplies and tools:

• Baby Lips gloss

• Pink acrylic paint

• Sponge

• Air dry clay

• Nail polish

• Toothpick

• Brush

• Hot glue gun


• Food colorings

• Utility knife

• Cocoa butter

• Vaseline

• Beeswax

• Rose oil

• Rose petals

• Pearl eye shadow

• Heart shaped sequin

• Decorative wings

• Jump ring

• Piece of fabric

• Cord with a clasp

• Kiwi fruit

• Sugar

• Almond oil

• Castor oil

• Empty glitter containers

• Foundation stick

• Makeup brush

• Bronzer

• Black eye liner

• Clear lip gloss

• Caramel candies

• Cherry juice

• A tube of clear lip gloss

• M&M’s

• Pin

• Coconut oil

• Bottle without a brush

• Glycerin

• Dropper


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It's RoseMeeah P.

Troom Troom is really the BEST! Of all diys!
Who loves troom troom? ?

Pankaj Gaur

All are amazing

Ella Fraser

you need more than just vasiline for lip balm

Priya S

Glittery glitter is telling lie when in sarabeautycorner she told troom troom is the waste one I told to Sara she is a funny girl but in

Yogita Raina

I tried it with oil and it worked

Neeraj Rohilla

Kiwi wala

Wioletta Szymanowska

These people are Russian, look at 7:10 at the juice bottle writing

Alisha Johnson

i have a pink lama lip balm just like that

Adan Cabrera


Shalom Yuel

Good ? unicorn

Wasifa Wasifa

Is only one problem that I I can't melt it with double boiler

obama gaming


sofia imran

Eye shadow will damage our lips

Jenny Nguyen

Doesn't eyeshadow harm you? Eyeshadow is not good for you. Troom troom over here trying to harm us

justin maxwell

I made lip scrub and shared it with my friends now they just eat it and they nicknamed it nibble-nibble

Liz Latido

I like the winter lip balm

Arsemawit ethio

How can i now if the eyeshasldow is bad

Klea Bubulea

i have a question.
does anybody know how to make clear lip balm? like, the one that dries into a balm, not gloss. comment if you know, i would really very much appreciate it if you could. i tried looking it up online, but all they gave me was gloss. thank you!

Sirisha maheswar

are you a mad


just when you think that this video isn’t going to be them trying to be trendy ?

charli anker

Poor eye shadow. It was made for eyes, not for lips!

laura Smith


Lin Lin


Bhupendar singh

who love troom troom like me give like?


I love chu troom troom

I'm not gonna get any likes???

Adan Cabrera


Queen D

2020 anyone

jamie hargie

Good gob Troom Troom

Manjot Saini

2nd one is superb I will make that one

megan smallwood

Petroleum jelly and Vaseline are actually very bad for your lips stop using it??

Just a Randøm YouTuber :P

Troom troom: and have a lipgloss that always smells like roses!
Logic: roses do NOT smell


Do a fox eos and fox ears and tail stuff plzzzzzzzz

ayusha Baishya

Faltu but i do

jennifer pitts


Melanie Yates

You guys copied the bunny lip balm design from the Korean brand tony moly ?

Tobias best

Ruby leigh Phillipson

Gacha Potato

You can feel like a flower with a face hair and clothes lol ??

Megan Jade

3:47 “cut a kiwi fruit, scoop out the flesh”

Laxman Lamichhane

Miss these girls

im a bird

ThE rEdhEAd GiRL

taehyungs girlfriend

I cant believe i clicked on this video with this stupid thumbnail

fen gabrielle

I l
I lo
I lov
I love

love from heaven

Love lip balm ( lip gloss)

TEJASWINI special show

Cherry juice can not be a lip gloss

Cooka Du

When EOS was popular...............

Tobias best

poppy Phillipson

Sami Jones

I love the leaf one its amazing

Manisha Karale

This is the last video in which curlysue is there


You guys r amazing

shaista khan

I am making the fairy lipgloss


5:51 “mix it thoroughly”
proceeds to show unmixed ingredients

Snigdha RS

I love your vids too!

Ye Qian

I want to try the chocolate one

Sywen’s world

Ilove troom troom ??

Mia Callum

so we using random chapsticks we find on the ground?


Good ?


Wow I'm in srilanka

Gaming Girl

i love the kiwi 1

Priyanka Kumari


Zakir Hossain

If eyeshadow could be used as lipstick no one would buy lipstick anymore

Aneti Tuntabu

This should help my dry Crusty lips feel more rich

Mr Theory

You might want to use food colouring instead of eye shadow, it’s much safer for your lips
Love you Troom troom

जीवन पथ way of life

How meny days its store

rainbow touch


Kahli Fontaine

I’m pretty sure it’s a snitch from Harry Potter

Matt Staras


Shipu Miah

Can u do another video in 2019 cause I'm watching this vid in 2019


but im allergic to kiwi...

Βίβιαν Κάβουρα

Do more videos like that

Jeanne Towns

Probably 1 of eos?

malak kareem

Actually I love lip balm and chapstick and I collect them too

Tara Alwahami

Fcggbg I have

obama gaming

That “llama” looks a lot like the tonymoly bunny gloss bar..

B.V.M public school

Troom Troom is best

Angela Southard


Drawing Demon


Deanna Proskurnya

3:25 Evergreen? EVERGREEN?! Apparently these people have never seen an evergreen.

Alisha Johnson

is the magic kiwi?

Samus Kerrigan

you must be insane, you just put eye shadows into something that goes in your mouth and can easily be digested, eye shadows contain chemical pigments like ferricyanides which are highly toxic and poisonous if digested, just use old lipsticks which have pigments that are actually meant to be put on the lips. I was told this channel was bs, and I guess he was right lol

Aljawharah Alqahtani

i love you troom troom

indumathi ranjith

I love the kiwi one super

Janu Vellu



I like this voice better

Lena Monkolska

Qpspspnenposnsqpnnnn wojsko PPP sosoąpaoaoałaá???????????????????????????????????????

Atasi Biswas

This channel is my favourite channel...❤❤

Prion Punom

Make more

Alisha Johnson

it said curly sue my mom calls me curly sue when the back of my hair is curly?

Cesar Pinatas


Tobias best

Scarlett Phillipson

Izzy Rose

Tbh, I only watch their lip gloss videos because they're somewhat useful.

Ruben Garcia

Lama lipstick is better

Ashlynn Lucas

I have clear gloss who does to

Nawal laeeq Khan

?❣️?Love troom troom?❤️?

Rose Quartz Presents

The second i finish the video i look at the description and how many things did you need for one video!! :O

Rekha Vats



0:59 we used diffrent colors of blue

uses purple

Ella Fraser

wtf curly sue

Lucky Ducky

Who puts eyeshadow on there lips

Shamal Abeyrathne

Natural Organic Coconut Lip Balm - https://www.ebay.com/itm/383780213241

Gacha Potato

You said better in your vid but these hacks are terrible

Making chapstick

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Simple DIY Lip Balm with Essential Oils

33 148 views | 28 Sep. 2018

This DIY lip balm is all

This DIY lip balm is all natural, simple to make, and extremely cost efficient.

Grab my free essential oil class to see how we use essential oils in our home: https://shopoils.com/laura-ascher/

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Purchase your set of 100 essential oil roller bottle recipes and labels here ONLY $9.95: https://www.ouroilyhouse.com/100-essential-oil-roller-bottle-recipes/

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Lip Balm tubes: https://amzn.to/2OzKx85

Beeswax: https://amzn.to/2pj5GIr

Cocoa Butter: https://amzn.to/2vR8bYZ

Coconut Oil:https://amzn.to/2xvLp6l

Essential Oils: https://shopoils.com/laura-ascher/

Join my Facebook group “Natural Solutions using Essential Oils” https://www.facebook.com/groups/210690766073775/?ref=bookmarks


Essential Oil Storage Box: https://amzn.to/2KJVseb

Roller Bottles: https://amzn.to/2y8CPLy

Fractionated Coconut Oil: https://amzn.to/2ztTutW

Diffuser: https://amzn.to/2TCiU4H

Veggie Capsules: https://amzn.to/2u5RWmH

Essential Oils: https://shopoils.com/laura-ascher/

Cast iron skillet: https://amzn.to/2PUaJM9

Kids Stainless Steel Cups: https://amzn.to/2YJgYFM

Pink Himalayan salt: https://amzn.to/2X2aT6w

Foaming Hand Soap Dispensers: https://amzn.to/2LDAu3T

Wooden Measuring Spoons: https://amzn.to/2LTmGT5

Get access to my online resource library for all my free printable labels and ebooks: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/member-resource-library


All-natural skin care recipes: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/natural-skin-care

Quick essential oil guide: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/84c69e4fb4

How to use essential oils safely on children: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/486cfb4f3e

The top 10 essential oils to get started with: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/top-10-essential-oils

DIY all-natural products: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/natural-home-products-ebook

Cooking with essential oils and my favorite healthy recipes: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/cookingwithessentialoils

Tips for buying organic foods on a budget: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/organic-on-a-budget

Whole30 ebook with one week of meal ideas and grocery list: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/71978dbf0b

Looking for more natural cleaning swaps? Take my 3-day FREE email course for more recipes and tips! Subscribe here: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/d044fe1be2

Revamp your daily routine with this FREE 3-day email course! Natural solutions, tips, and recipes straight to your inbox! Subscribe here: https://ouroilyhouse.ck.page/revampyourdailyroutine

My video equipment:

Camera- https://amzn.to/2RnKqSk

Lens- https://amzn.to/2RNS1t3

Lights- https://amzn.to/2RkdSZn

Microphone- https://amzn.to/2LHVsiR

Tripod- http://amzn.to/2C1KFpJ

For more information on this video head over to the blog: ouroilyhouse.com

Follow along with our oily house:

BLOG: ouroilyhouse.com

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/our_oily_house/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ouroilyhouseLA/

PINTEREST: https://www.pinterest.com/ouroilyhouse/pins/

Thank you for watching!

Tracey Celestin-Radix

Do you have any tips for making coloured lip balms and lipsticks?

Little Faqihi

Can I use shea butter instead of cocoa butter?

jane market

What is the best alternative instead of using cocoa butter? Thanks ?

Alecia Bent

What % dilution did you use for the essential oil?

wendy dulaney

This lip balm is amazing.


great. can you put this in small lip balm pots?

Emily Capozzi

What can you use instead of coconut butter?

Carol Mahler

Hi, do you put anything in the recipe to persevere the ingredients?


Can we add color?

Edith Salvador

These lip balms stay firm in warm climates?

Sadae Sashington

Can you use this on your face and body as well? Not just your lips?

zuriel kim

Just subscribed i love all your videos !thank you u and ur videos are amazing i never knew all the chemicals they pu tin skincare these days and even tho they say its free of stuff u cant always trust them!1wil be subscribign to EVERYTHING
Thank you once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow I love this recipe, I put it in the fridge and it hardens super fast?

Sara Nuccio

What could I substitute for coconut oil since my daughter is allergic

Kyle Sinadjan

idk but i tried your recipe but its so waxy.

Sadae Sashington

Did you add both lavender and peppermint oils together??

Leesa M

I really like your shirt! Super cute! Take care!

Ruth Canubida

Can i put some honey and olive oil instead of cocoa butter...thanx

J Ram

I just made these and they smell amazing but, unfortunately after 4 hours have not become solid. I put them in the refrigerator and I’m hoping that might help.

Susan Moyle

Thank you so much for all of your helpful and informative advice. I am looking forward to making these soon

Maria Jessop

How can you add zinc oxide to this recipe for sun protection? And how much would you add? Thank you

elaine anderson

Hi by putting 20-25 drops of EO in, can you smell it as i made beeswax candles and there was no smell from them unfortunately


Essential oils arents safe to ingest, so how is it safe to put on lips cos I mean I definitely will taste them and ingest

Whitney K

Thank you for another great video. ✨

Francis Laaper - de Kroon

Is it possible to use shea butter instead of coconut oil, as we are allergic to coconut oil?


How long will it take until it expires???

Linda Abd


Craft Loving Mommy

Does your lip balms stay solid or are they soft?

Adriana Ariza-Jones

Thank you so much ! I subscribed !!

Prajakta K

Wow, all natural lip balm ☺☺


Just made these. Exactly right on the 12 tubes. I'm so excited, thank you! They work wonderfully.

Princess Ebony

Thank you for this video ?

Christine Noblejas

How long does it last? Or what is the shelf life of these lipbalms?

Barbara Chaitman

Thank you, thank you, thank you.?

Just tried it and I'm so in love with these lip balms, the first Ive ever made too.

Never used cocoa butter before. But the smell of the warming cocoa butter and coconut oil was amazng from the start.

I used Vanilla, Ginger and Lime essential oils. And also some English Toffee Sweetleaf Stevia drops. To add extra scent and a touch of sweetness.

So far I love balms. Thank you again for the recipe. And so quick and easy too. Definitely don't pkan to buy store bought again.

Deborah Carr

Your video was so clear and very informative especially with the citrus EO.
Thank you. I'll have to try it with peppermint. ?

Sara Blundell

I made it twice already! it s so easy! love it, Thanks!

Nancy Dee

Im making chapstick soon too! I have some calendula oil But I am
Making first tho.. gonna use that. .

Timeless Piano Music

Thank you for your tips....Love it....Will try....

Timeless Piano Music

Thank you I liked your website and all your recipes..I subsribe to your website....Lots to learn.I love doTerra EO.

Tatiana Wetli

How do you clean your bowl and funnel after beeswas has cold? I‘ve washed it but it is still sticky ?

Heather Orr

Would citrus oil be okay outdoors in a colder climate?

Jennie Cochran

Great tutorial ?

Marta Hoffmann

I finally got all of the ingredients so I'm planning to make them this weekend.
I only have to questions:
1. Can I add vit E oil too?
2. Instead of/Additionally to chopsticks, do you think I can put it into little aluminium jars (like vaselines are)?


Hi! I really love this video. The lip balms look super easy to make and Im thinking about making some. Do the balms have a sticky-like texture to the lips?


This is an awesome video. I’m getting into making my own products. Thanks so much.

cassey brown

Wow I love all your classes am gonna do it

Molly Elliot

Can you use the liquid version of coconut oil?

Sha C

Your instructions are always so clear and easy. Thanks for another great video once again.

gay for wooyoung

How long can you use this?

Andrea Cliff

Thanks for this recipe! It's super simple. I made a batch last week for my son's GF. She had very dry chapped and cracked lips. (After over a month, & multiple $$ on commercial products) I really like peppermint so I used a little more, and less lavender, I also popped 2 drops of frankincense. It was AMAZING! She saw a difference overnight and her lips were back to normal within 3 days. I also gave some to a friend (who's addicted to a popular brand). I think she's converted.

One question Laura, because it has no preservatives, how long will these lip balms last?


Only question I have is since we always recommend we don't mix plastic and oils together.. and it's possible for this to enter our mouth? Are the tubes you've recommend rated for use with essential oils?


I couldn't find the link for the labels


Can I use fractions coconut oil in this?

wendy dulaney

Do you reuse your lip balm tubes?


Would it be shea butter instead of coconut oil?

Making chapstick

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#DIY Chapstick Holder | Tutorial

74 786 views | 11 Nov. 2018

Chapstick Holder

Chapstick Holder DIY

This video i'll share you how i make a chapstick holder. Template is inside this video.

Are you tired of looking for your chapstick at the bottom of your bag?

This chapstick holder will help to keep it right at your fingertips.

The deluxe hardware easily clips to purses, keychains, wallets, gym bags, and backpacks.

It works great for lip gloss, chapstick, and/or lipstick.

It make a perfect gifts.

I hope you guys enjoy the content. If you do like my channel, please subscribe, comment, share the videos. Thank you for your support!

View my channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5k0QhAP8mwqjIYHVLwBEZg?view_as=subscriber


Are you seeing 1/4 inch?

Tracey Seymour

whoops another question, can you use any type of interfacing? does it have to be the sheer one you use?


I made it! This was my very first sewing project today with my brand new sewing machine! I'm so happy! It's on my keys now. :) Thanks for the wonderful video!

Janete Santos

??? parabéns

Madeline’s Creations

one of the best and neatest ones I've seen. love it thank you for the tutorial


What a great Idea
thanks for this tutorial

Tina M

Well that looks painless! ??

Jeanne Luddeni

Oh great for my lipstick good idea

Tracey Seymour

Brilliant as always, can I ask where bouts are you?

Kashies baby

Lovely tutorial ?very explanatory


I really want to make some of these but for some reason every time I attempt to watch the video it freezes up at the 37 second mark. I have attempted to view it on my phone, my tablet and my computer and it freezes up at the same spot on all three devices. Is there something wrong with the video? ?

kim slack

Great idea for a small gift to my sunday school peeps. Ty

Kassperlyn Woods-Mott

Do I have to use interfacing? Or can I use something else instead?

Tammy Collins

What are the measurements

Patricia Silva

Boa tarde, quais seriam as medidas?

og jenny

You need these? What are they?

meghan hadden

Where do you get the clip hardware?

Shemin Bardai kaba

Excellent! Thank you very much


Thanks that is so easy. I'm making some for Christmas gifts.