Recovering tattoos

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Torture By Tattoo: Recovering Teen Gets $10,000 In Donations

10 523 views | 26 Jun. 2017

Two men accused the

Two men accused the 17-year-old of stealing a bike and forcibly gave him a tattoo on his forehead. “I’m a thief and a loser,” it reads.

Cell phone video shows the men laughing as they brand the boy:

“This is going to be so good and it is going to hurt (laughs) it is going to hurt”

“What do you want it to say? Saying what? Tell us.Thief. What? Thief”

The men have since been arrested and charged with torture.

More than 750 people have donated over $10,000 to get the tattoo removed, but others say the teenager got what he deserved.

The teen maintains his innocence, but will bear the scars forever.

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How you know he stole a bike it aint show him stealing.

Milo Fuentes

He’s young we’ve all done stupid things


In older times, they would do the same and cut one's hands. Now they reward them with 10k of cash and they will never learn their lesson. I bet he will be back in the news raping or murdering someone.

ziggy morris

Anyone trying to justify this needs serious psychological help. This is barbaric, stealing a bike isn't

Jimmy JamesRaynor

He's lucky he got to keep his hands.

Just Handoko

Justice is justice, thief are thief. Nowadays, people more choose defending injustice to make to be a justice.
If this man think he's doing a crime and felt innocent and pretend to be a victim of his punishment, then others defended him again, he will doing a crime again.

Yessenia V

Who's laughing now oi

Mika Pi

Some of you are fucking barbaric and need to seek mental help. The boy is a teenager who did something stupid. Should his crime be met with restitution’s? Absolutely. But to live with something permanently written on your forehead .. for stealing a bike ... that is HARDLY deserved.


what bullshit fucking thief shut be executed

Recovering tattoos

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1 111 views | 7 May. 2020

Listen to Zach's story

Listen to Zach's story where he shares his journey in recovery after starting to use opioids in high school. Zach did all of his tattoos himself, and they all reflect the man he is in Christ today.

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, please call the American Addiction Center hotline at (888) 785-5541. Our team at Inked Ministry also recommends getting connected with the Most High Show podcast and ministry (https://mosthighmedia.org/lets-talk/) for recovery support.

Inked Ministry is a ministry where we share the stories and testimonies behind people's tattoos. Our mission is to connect people from all over the world and share Jesus with our art. We publish a new story every other Thursday!



Zack I am so sorry buddy. I never really realized how hard the shit was we were going through man back then. RIP



3 Honks




Dalton McMillan

RIP Zach ♥️

Recovering tattoos

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Laser Tattoo Removal - The Ugly Truth

674 923 views | 14 Nov. 2018

I share my laser tattoo

I share my laser tattoo removal experience after 10 treatments. I hold nothing back in the removal process in this video “The Ugly Truth”. You will see live video of me getting my tattoos removed. I will give laser removal tips, show the healing process (aftercare), and I’ll answer the top 3 questions I get in a helpful and entertaining Q&A like: Is laser tattoo removal painful? How many treatments does it take to completely remove a tattoo? And: Why did I choose to get my tattoos removed?

San Diego Laser Removal

(619) 269-0569

8901 Activity Rd San Diego, CA 92126


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? Video Playlist ?

Laser Tattoo Removal Videos: https://bit.ly/2tZi7yB

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?Try Vid IQ to boost your views and watch time: https://vidiq.com/#_l_33e

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There is no additional charge to you. Experiences may vary per person, day, and event. My videos are for informational and educational purposes only, you should consult with a professional before attempting anything seen or done in my videos.


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Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

Watch: https://youtu.be/rc5SMO5bvx0

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Goran Milicevic

Can you tell me what is the laser that you have used for remuving tattoos? Is it q switch or picoway/picosecond?

bit of everything

Prob would have just been easier to find another cynthia to love.

Cudberto Castro

Comments. There foo I typed comments now what do What's the next step?

gil gonzalez

Can you shower the tattoo removal areas?

mike stang

That's a lot of unnecessary pain to put em' on, and to take-off, forget about it......

Kenny Venegas

Why do you talk like that? Do you have brain damage?

Casey Aylward

Dude don't worry about that flinch I did way way worse. Laser tattoo removal for me personally is the gnarliest pain I've ever felt. For anyone reading this Don't be a tough guy use numbing cream that's why they make the stuff and it works

Nomsa Khalo

Hi if I may ask how much to removed face on leg round like size of a tennis ball and full eagle wings on chest .

Elias Victor

How much does it cost

chad Bergan

So how much did that cost?

Chase BC

Hey brother I feel your pain I'm going through them right now some spots hurt way more.

Beatrice Arie

Omg my tattoo that I want to remove is very thick and dark. It’ll take me at least 12-15 sessions. But damn I’m broke. Gotta save up.

Huw Robertson

looks like shit

saade h

Ushould really grow a full beard lol

Averie Rose

The aloe Vera could’ve messed up the fading process


You look like the type of guy who cuts people off in traffic then brake checks them when they honk at you..

quing plutoe starr

Good I'm not alone I had 4 treatments and I see slight change I was thinking why it's taking so long lol


You could of got a cover up that would of looked better and cost less lol also the smell is because the laser is cooking your skin lol

zv LEM

I love you


I've decided my tattoos aren't that bad afterall - ouch.

Richard Roddenberry

Good vid, I have a gdaughter that needs to think about tat removal

arwa Kh

What's name of the leaser?

Tom Nekuda

I bet the guy that got his dick tattooed like a barber pole really regrets it when he gets it upon removal........


Im currently watching this having got 3 tattoos 2 halfway up my arms and 1 on my leg, if i ever get bored of them which the artwork is very good i have a panther on my leg eagle on my arm and a wolf on my other arm there all very detailed but it makes me happy seeing this knowing there not fully permanent and can be removed.

However i have massive anxiety with things like this does it hurt alot or is it not as bad as you think? Nice video im from the uk :)

Benjamin D’Kadoch

When Adam Sandler be toying with tattoos and lasers ?

Massimiliano Ronchi

Probably was better to do a covering work of those tattoos

Takudzwa Mabuyana

just subscribed the cough got me haha

Zoe Ngwarai


Iam. Moyaofficial

The intro alone made me subscribe ??

monica webster

the ones on your chest were not nice looking. Im sure they were sentimental, but they werent a good place for them

Sky Keyz

The tattoo artist watching the video ???

Dan Nguyen

wait. arent you the guy that does cruise videos? and how much was it? did you have to pay several hundred for each session?


How much did it cost?

rostam koohi

foodie beauty

Will Diaz

Which area hurt more?, the one on your back or the one on your chest? I have a large chest tattoo and think its going to be excruciatingly painful. ..

Huasco Wero

Why did you boot ceaser?


How much was the package?


Man this is discouraging. I'm getting mine removed on my neck and literally seen no change so far. Kinda seems like a ripoff now.

Edgar OG

I found 1.5x speed more confrotable lmao 1.25x speed just sounded Slow Normal thanks tho ?⬇


If you would have had R20 removal. I had black shaded and line work removed in three sessions. Do your homework people. I am a tattoo artist so I do have some knowledge

Freya Smiths

Greetings from the UK .I'm going to be getting Pico laser .I have halve a sleeve I'm real scared of the pain .You can see he is in pain .I have black and green ink .Get in touch people to find out my results .But I'm saving so won't be til Nov 2020

Mag Med

Why get a tattoo if your going to remove it after a couple of years. To me that's just a waste of time and money.


My god. That intro is the best iv seen on the tube so far??

Dwayne Bester

I don't think it help

Julian Floyd

Don't feel bad bro removal hurts way more than getting a tattoo my first laser removal was a whole back piece, tool 36 mins top to bottom and I passed out twice... they are literally burning you lol

John Sisneros

Lmao retainers and the peck flex ?

Karl Casalta

Any updates?

Summan Ray

Does it hurt when you touch yr skin. After treatment ...? Did that hurt while applying aloevera...

Angela Ashley

How much did you pay for the package you purchased?

International Travel Consultant

My only thinking how would it feel if u touch it


?--That five second break...

miguel teixeira

in your defese, those were some of the douchiest tattoos you could have gotten.

Bora Corba

Cheers for the video content! Apologies for the intrusion, I am interested in your thoughts. Have you considered - Rozardner Body Design Reality (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one off product for learning how to remove an unwanted tattoo naturally without the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my GF after many years got great success with it.

Red Ciroc

I won't be going to San Diego laser removal ☺

trevor vanwormer

brie larson

Summan Ray

You were abt to burst out in tears if not on camera

Jaki Abraham

Why don't they put you under general anesthesia? Can you drink alcohol before the treatment or take some sort of heroin type of drug?

Tinas Linder

the police


Man I know how you feel having to explain to people that you dont want tattoos anymore constantly. I have been going through full removal, and hearing "just cover them up!" is much worse than the laser for me. And the laser HURTS.

Nessa Didi

Imaging the pain, you go through to have a tattoo and you regret it and have a removal which is very painful..???

Cheisea Barrios

I had my whole chest done today and I’m already bruised. ??


Just get a cover up lmao


Before you had a tatoo. Now it looks like you have a half-assed tatoo. Sorry bro...no!

Black Paladin

Man that’s a lot of sessions fam, the ones in the front were still crazy visible. Law suit brotha unless the fine print says otherwise


You are just a pussy, take pain like a man, it didn't hurt much for me I mean I did feel it but... Far from actuall pain

Tracy Dockray

Yup, it looked like it hurt ALOT, judging by the zapping sound and your facial expressions. AND you had to do that TEN TIMES?!.... Wow. I appreciate your posting this informative video and talking about this honestly. Question - Knowing all this now, would you get a tattoo?

Daren BAC


Centar Aura Poreč - Laser corrective cosmetology, therapy, educations and collaborations

People usually think that tattoo removing is almost same as doing a tattoo. But the truth is ,that is one of the longest procedure in terms of session numbers , and the final end point is unpredictable. This, due several facts like chemical composition of the used ink (presence of iron or other heavy metals), circulation (worst the circulation worst the result), position of the tattoo, age, depth of the ink layer, ecc. So, if we use the best of laser we have (and here we have one of the best machine in the market) it could take several sessions, and in almost all cases it will be always visible the "ghost" tattoo. So, it is possible to remove it completely in 4-5 sessions if you are a perfect case (ultra white skin, good circulation, perfect zone, no heavy metals in the ink, not to deep). There is a good case in the movie "Skin" from 2018. A former British skin head wanted to remove his tattoos. Well, it takes 20 sessions in 3 years to do it.

Ryo D

What lazer did u receive qplus? Apollo infinity?

Glory Hold

This is why I don’t get tats on impulse I give it three weeks if I still want it I’d get it but after waiting I have never got any thank god I feel bad for people like post Malone getting those face tats removed is gonna suck

Google Account User

10 sessions and it hasnt changed!?! Bro u got ripped off ?

Khoi Khoi

I have a very sensitive skin. Have to be careful with whatever I put on my skin. I came to know about your natural tattoo removal through one of my friend who visited you before. Well, finally I am getting rid of that ridiculous mickey mouse tattoo and absolutely NO skin irritation!!! [ Helping Guideline Here EasyTattooRemoval5.blogspot.com ] Friend. my heartfelt thanks to you for your wonderful product.


I’d like to learn to be a laser tech. It really interests me


that laser tech and laser are trash (as shown).
Find a provider that uses a Picosecond laser.

Pectus Carinatum

I hope you got it removed in the end and I hope there are no unwanted side effects of this.. Have you done much research into the possibility of this having negative effects on your health? You should keep us updated

james radski jr.

Does it leave any scaring?

Bryan Topete

Relationship with Cynthia done but he got a shorty rubbing Aloe Vera on him. He’s chilling lol

LopezFamilyWithBoxers yolo

I would have put another tat over Cynthia!

2 Claps and a Rick Flair

Cover ups are better

J ThiedeSmith

This dude is past 4.....when I originally enlisted in the Navy, I got hand tattoos. 4 treatments OVERALL and they completely disappeared. All for 800 at Gotattoo in PA where I flew to have them removed. They also gave me a military discount so I recommended you go to Gotattoo removal

Black Paladin

Damn, how many sessions for each one to fade out completely? Lol

zv LEM



How much did the complete package for the removal cost?

J. Rocket

Go to the right laser technician and the results can be rewarding.

Callsign Chaos

If you get a tattoo removed, can you get a tattoo over the same spot, at a later time? I have a chest tattoo from 10 years ago that turned out really poorly, but I really like it (the saying itself, and the meaning it has) so I want to get it removed and re-done.

tierry raphael

Looks like overall you wasted a shit ton of money

Annie Rivera

how much did this package cost? just to get an idea, I can imagine it’s super costly to get tattoos removed, but I was wondering since I have many, in particular one I’d like to get rid of.

John Gunartt

Thug life card part was funny?

Bob Bill

how much would a small tattoo "life goes on" on my wrist cost to remove? One place i called told me $1,400. And yes i know stupid tattoo!

Jeff Jason

Im havin 4 face tatoos and im trying to remove it but its too dark ..tough body tatoos are too dark ..so im trying to remove my face tatoos

Renegade Punk



I'm having mine done 3rd session. It feels like being splashed with hot oil. I don't use a numbing cream. Trick is to accept the pain and tell your mind its a sharp snapping massage. If you freak out and tell yourself its pure pain it will feel like it. It doesn't bother me now. I'm just in zap zap tell myself whoohaa this stings and laugh. You'll be able to take it then.


Yeah you were losing your ? cool

Charles Chamberlain

1 year later ?


Him laughing me ahhhhhhhhhhhh what was that later


Wtf is the point in "removing" the tattoo if it's still there...it isn't removed it's just a different color now

Chase BC

The numbing cream doesn't do much at all

perfectionist 7

Whats the ugly truth ??


Yeah, no, go to another place

Ely Arias

Cynthia is dead she’s dead (drops mic ) ?