Sunscreen application

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8 852 views | 21 May. 2020

Hey guys, In today's video

Hey guys, In today's video I'm sharing my thoughts on everything you need ti know about sunscreen, as well as all the FAQs I get on sunscreen: How much sunscreen you need to apply, the three finger method, chemical vs physical sunscreens, how to reapply, etc.

Products used/mentioned:

Measuring Spoon: https://go.magik.ly/ml/x5dr/

Farmacy Very Cherry Bright Vitamin C Serum (USA): https://go.magik.ly/ml/qynf/

Paula's Choice Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid (USA): https://go.magik.ly/ml/qynk/

Paula's Choice Youth Extending Daily Hydrating Fluid (UK/Rest of World): https://bit.ly/2WOTgK0

Farmacy Very Cherry Bright Vitamin C Serum (UK & Rest Of World): https://go.magik.ly/ml/x5w8/

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Samia Rice

Also another question. So that 1/4 tsp i use the first time can cover my face , neck and ears I don’t have to constantly measure out 1/4 for each part?

Samia Rice

Wht if we’re at work and we can’t reapply every 2 hours will my skin be ok? I put the correct amount on my skin every morning before work but I’m unable to reapply throughout the day

Alvine Ichu

So is it wrong to rub it in your hands before applying to stop the white cast

Kay Stary

Every time I see someone use only a pea size I know they obviously don't know much about skincare. Great video!

Shade A.

Great informative video! I have enjoyed all your video's on SPF. I too, have been struggling to find a mineral sunscreen for my brown skin but I gave up... I'm also tired of brands saying there is "no white cast" so i'm happy you are sparking the conversation with your reviews! Thank you!
Have you tried Korean sunscreens? I am absolutely loving them! I recommend you try the "Dear Klairs - Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50" and the absolute best one in my opinion is "Purito Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF50+"

Vwarhe Ideh

I’m here for this video ?

Ricky Das

You are absolute beauty


Oh my goodness, I have been wearing sunscreen wrong all this time.

IB LeggJack

'The three-finger method.'

-Simply Ije, 2020




Tell them Ije! Very informative thank you

Halimah Yahaya

Omg ur intro and ur accent ... I love you already !!! New subbie xx


Tell THEM!!!

Onyinye Elochukwu

Very informative, thanks.

Ruth Anyasi

Sis, ignore the fools and keep doing what you're doing. God bless you for the tips.

Tatiana Annicchiarico

“Less is more” lol, MORE is MORE in sunsceeen. I agree with you, glad you made this video ?

Jackie Bedward

Wow! I am going try that Paula's choice SPF because it doesn't seem to burn your eyes like the one am using.

Blessing Marie

La Roche Posay doesn’t leave the white/purple cast x

Ashton Alexis

Beautiful lady

S. C

Thanks I was applying pea size before because of the white cast it left on my face I'm currently using spf 30 neutrogena clear face breakout free sunscreen are there any brands that don't leave a white cast

Amara Arinze

You're so pretty!


Great video ❤️

Victory Onotinamhe Otaru

How do you reapply every 2hour ?plus when it leaves a white cast ?i use an spf 90 ??please reply me pleaseee

Christine Stewart

I’m so here for this video. I work for a beauty retailer. Everyday people come in and ask why their dark spots from acne won’t go away... They tried this serum and that treatment. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, the reason is
nearly always because they aren’t wearing enough sunscreen.


omg yesss! more people need to watch this video because a lot of people really aren't applying nearly as much sunscreen as they should. thanks for sharing ????

Alvine Ichu

My face is always very oily after applying suncreen

Remy A

Great video you’re very smart

Ayah Malouhi

Love your videos you're very underrated

Stephanie Olesco

Do you have to reapply every two hours even in the winter or when indoors? Or is every four hours in that situation good enough as well?


Sunscreen is about creating a layer on the skin. Since everybody has a different facial surface area, you can't 100% recommend a quantity.
That said, a 1/4 teaspoon is about right for mineral sunscreen, provided you take the time to spread the SPF evenly on the skin. FP type V-VI don't need as much sunscreen quantity as they need quality. If you use an SPF50 and you use a 1/4 teaspoon, you are good to go.
As a general rule, if an SPF leaves a layer that is screaming "purple", then you either need to press it some more into the skin or just get a no-white cast brand.

Sunscreen application

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How I Apply Sunscreen | Mineral SPF for Acne Prone Skin | Ivan Lam

90 207 views | 10 Jul. 2017

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DISCLAIMER : Products bought with my own money.

Product Details

Paula's Choice spf 25 Cellular Defense Tinted version


Paula's Choice spf 25 Cellular Defense


Paula's Choice redness relief SPF 30


Etude house Mild Airy Sunprise SPF 50 PA +++


Alba Botanica Emollient Sunscreen


Dearklairs mid day lotion SPF 40 PA ++


Track: BVRNOUT - Take It Easy (feat. Mia Vaile) [NCS Release]

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Watch: https://youtu.be/i_q8_Kcjl3s

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ZEN Official

hi, any moisturizer that is good for combination skin??


notifications, why do they come half an hour later:(


Oh boy PC just discontinued that sunscreen and the replacement is an spf 50 chemical one ?

Alex Thai

I like the way you teaching, thanks for all the tips


Ohhh you kind of look like the guy from the TerryTV chanel!!

Awetewtewtew Awetwetw

Look into zin vs titanium. As far as I know titanium does not cover uvaas Well as zinc . I remebe alba botanical in a news article that mentioned how the sunscreen didn't provide the listed spf protection. I recommend blue lizard face sunscreen

Jacob Roege

Where do you get your empty cushion cases?

El Pato

Can I use a sunscreen that contains citric acid in the same skincare routine where I use niacinamide and the buffet serum? If not, got any recommendations for a mineral sunscreen that leaves little to no white-cast(for acne-prone skin)?
Side note: the sunscreen is Elta md UV physical tinted spf 41

Disanna 123

What is ur skin type ?

Colette Rose

Is SPF25 really enough?? A lot of people say you should use at least SPF30 - SPF 50..so I'm not sure. Great video though and your skin is so glowy and smooth even before makeup ??❤


7:20 i laughed

Gladies Pabustan

You're so good looking even with bare face ?

Cheryl L

Heyy, Ivan!! I've been really into watching your videos these day!!! I was wondering if you've done any skincare routine videos cause let's face it your skin is goalszssss!! HAHAHA I'm currently suffering from acne right now and I'm also taking antibiotics at the moment.. I've heard you mention a few times in your videos that you had pretty bad acne before? Yeah so I was just wondering how did you get past that phase 'cause it's frustrating for me sometimes )): Love ya!

Austin Mitchell

You can use the brand Ultrasun. They have mineral sunscreen that last all day and you dont need to use every 2 hours.

Jordy Marquez

bruh he looks like a K-pop idol with and without makeup ? I'm new to this channel and I think I've watched every video now lol

luiza naves

you literally the best part of my day s2

Emma Chang


Mazin Fatah

Your skin looks like a babies skin?✨ ~~loovveee Yaaaaaaa ❤


Thank you for always making videos for acne prone skin! <3

Sule N.

Skincare routine video pls!❤️

eric ccc

Your skin is amazing
And i also use diff sunscreen for my face and neck lol but i prefer phys+chem just to minimize the cast
Is the spf enough though? It's spf 25-30

worldwide handsome

hi im early

Brennan Leahy

You are so pretty and I'm obsessed with you!!!!!

Gabby Fernandez

I wish i had your skin lmao, I try using good products but its a lot to keep up with. I also have a lot of facial hair so my akin looks rugid, unless I shave.

Raed Radha

Should you apply sunscreen under eye?


who's tears is he using to glow like this?

Preeti Tamar

sir plzzz mujhe bhi btaye mere face pr bahut jayda open porse h Jo thik nhi ho rhe h meri skin oily h bahut plzzz mujhe btao minreal sunscreen loction kha milega plzz


한국분이신거 같은데 한국어 자막좀 달아주세요

Roseon Rai

which is best for normal people physical or camical

vampyr zireael

Thank youuu for your honesty☺️

Raven Jeremy

Omg he sounds so sexy every time he says the ingredients of a product. Preach! ?

Brian Nguyen

I LOVE u Ivan<3.

Hala Joe's bangtan sonyeondan

an Arabian fangirl is here lmao ..


Your face shines brighter than my future... I'm jealous

Courtney Q

Your skin is gorgeous ?

Ashiya Chua

I love watching your videos so much, a KiNG<3

angel wong

"I am CRAZY " says it in most calm way possible lol ???

Ainhoa C.C

OMG IS SO Cuteee~?

Marie M

Your skin is perfections?

Catie Le

You popped up on my recommended and I'm so glad I clicked on you!! You have such a great personality and you give great advice, I love your videos!! Also your skin is ??


that skin dude

Ellie Shanti

Skin care routine please! ?✨




I'm pretty new to your channel and I have been binge watching your videos lately. and I absolutely love it!!! ??


It's so cute how your ears move back and forth and go up and down hahaha. I've never noticed that before on myself, anyone I know or any Youtubers so I don't know if it's common but it's cute!

lαurєn я

IM EARLY FOR ONCE I love you Ivan

Memer The Lemur

I've never noticed a white cast in physical sunscreen. On me it just looks like skin blurring. I actually never even considered that the whiteness would look strange on darker skin tones??


This intros are killing me! So mesmerizing! (i'm BlueGirl/JisooPiggy) ^^

Nattan Pires

How do you do that pink look under your eye? Any tutorial on that makeup?

john Banana

what is your vitamin C serum ur using?

vampyr zireael

Thank youuu for your honesty


Can u please do an updated morning and evening skincare routine!??! Also what is the vitamin C serum and Mist you were using in the video??? +IVAN LAM



Spiritual Raed

What spf do you use

Jessica Hernandez

You need more subscribers? I really love ypur style

carat soup

I'm learning so much from you. I'm so thankful. I'm trying to protect my skin but nothing seems to work so this helps!


How do you reapply sunscreen if you’re not using any makeup? And what does it mean by Vit C oxidizing? I’ve been using it daily in the morning.


TBH u look kinda cute without eye makeup??

Dawn Blady


Tom Nook

I think you're the only person that can pull off putting red under ur eyes and nose


give me ur skinnnnnnnnn!!!???btw since u said tea is good for me i drink a lot of tea XD

Adan A

I apply mineral sunscreen to school, and all idiots are like: hey! u wearing makeup on ur skin, I see it

Robiah Mach

Ivan, have you tried the Klairs Mid-Day Sun Lotion? Is it compatible with acne prone skin? ?

Suhita Ray

I just woke up... I now have a reason to not get back to sleep.

Jiselle Arcio

The sunprise one that you mentioned in the bio is one of my personal favorites too!!

Zainab Saeed

Won’t the mist dilute your vitamin C

Quilo Sunflower

That misting face was amazing ??

Cake Pops

Lmao u remind me of this emoji ??‍♂️+ you should film a q&a :))

paul shin


Melody Thomas

your videos have helped my skin a lot thanks ivan <3 also can you do a workout routine please!! `

J nid

Don't the most neutralize or dilute the physical sunscreen?

Hani Azman


mathieu dorce

your skin is flawless lol
and you look so good every single time

Shivali Mohindru

Ivan should we re apply every 2 hours because i have heard it


Do you wait for the sunscreen to absorb to your Skin befor putting on make up?


? whatever you are perfect ?

ngoi hoang

are u korean?



Jacob Degenaro

Skin goals omg ✨

Aubrey Bondoc

Hi Ivan! Can you please make a review/recommendation video of your 2018 favorite sunscreens? I bought the sunprise mild airy finish a few months ago and I love it. I would like to try other physical sunscreens without alocohol so I hope you can sum up your 2018 sunscreens. Thank you so much!



Daniela Almeida

Always looking gorgeous ♡♡♡☆

Maryane Hernandez

does this sunscreen work well with foundation/base makeup?

Yoda oday

Skin goals

nour magdouli

boyfriend material

Faiz Rahmat

idk if this is too much to ask but can you do a video about your uni and what did you study?

Uma Kpopper Legal

* u * you're so cute!

Shivali Mohindru

i heard it just helps twice? Ivan

ThisSassy Babe

You are so cute?

Alex Thai

IVan Lam tips for facial hair removal please, thank you

lise boo

You should probably spread the sunscreen on your neck with an upward movement rather than pulling the skin to prevent any sagging?☺️

Amina Haris

I don't apply sunscreen
need to buy one ...


recently I started mixing my concealer which is too dark for me with a lil bit of sunscreen and since dat shit is basically white paint it lightens it to like exactly my skin tone, so I have a concealer that's actually my skin tone AND protection there u go protip


Omg thank you for this video!! I bought a $35 sunscreen for First Aid Beauty that I haven't been able to use because it pills no matter what I do! I'm going to try your application technique and hopefully it works lol ?


Is the Paula's Choice SPF moisturiser good for people with sensitive skin?

Black Panda


Melly Mellow

Are there other French subscribers ?

Tara Khadka

wowowow you are so cute

Helmi Caster

that glitch at 2:38 tho haha

Puppet Master

Is it noncomedogenic? Do you know what it is on the comedogenic scale by chance? I have extremely sensitive skin. Does it burn the eyes? Thanks

Sunscreen application

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6 920 views | 11 Jan. 2020

How much sunscreen is

How much sunscreen is enough sunscreen? Am I applying sunscreen correctly? Wtf is the "two finger" rule? Hopefully this video demonstration of how I personally apply my sunscreen will answer all these questions! I also include my favorite morning serum to pack an extra burst of hydration into my routine :) COMMENT DOWN BELOW WITH YOUR SKIN TYPE AND FAVORITE SUNSCREEN so that other people can find their perfect sunscreen!!!! Give this video a thumbs up if you want to see more skincare routines on my channel


Get Unready with Me Routine: https://youtu.be/VSGyxoq9_yI


Use code "KAYA20" for 20% off anything at www.visvivaskincare.com!

*Vis Viva Urea 5%+Niacinamide 5% Rose Water Serum MINI: http://bit.ly/minirosewater

*Vis Viva Urea 5%+Niacinamide 5% Rose Water Serum FULL SIZE: http://bit.ly/rosewaterserum

Krave Beauty The Beet Shield: https://kravebeauty.com/

La Roche Posay XL Anthelios sunscreen

Briogeo B. Well deodorant: https://amzn.to/2NfDZg7

Got a video request?? Leave it in the comments down below!

How to fade acne marks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wnDFJIVpgY&t

How to build a skincare routine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGcxn8duWM&list=

Get rid of blackheads forever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqWrrBZuKQo

My Amazon store: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-6f13274a/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_loc_lZ8XBb52BRH3Q

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*PR Gifted

Megan F C

I am confused. How is 1/4 not enough spf for the face? This is recommended by dermatologists? I think I use more thsn I should? I use that then maybe another layer. This is a good method! Are you sure this is more than 1/4? Xx

Ljubo Blajic

Avene for their sunscreens recommend to apply only one finger for face, ears both sides of the neck, not two.

C. Naz

I want to get a habit of wearing sunscreen but, I don't often leave my house 90% most of the time. Soo do I still need to wear sunscreen even if I don't leave outside?

Pat D

If I may, Kaya, I encourage you to put sunscreen on your ears and on the backs of your neck and hands. I have had precancerous cells on my ears because I used to forget to put sunscreen there. I wear LaRoche-Posay Anthelios Shaka Fluid 50 (I live in Europe) on my neck and face, and the normal Anthelios Body sunscreen on my body. My face skin is combined and my body skin is very dry and these products suit me fine.

James Gibbs

I’ve got oily-combo skin and while I love the Krave Beauty Beet the Shield, other HGs for me are Elta MD Clear and and Image Skincare Prevention + Daily Ulitmate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50! The last one is great in that you’ve got moisturizer and SPF in one ?

Melissa Jacob

Do you think this sunscreen is enough protection for India? I'm going in 2 weeks and I was planning on using my Josie Maran SPF but I'm curious about this one as well.

Ariza R

i definitely DONT apply enough sunscreen. I had a feeling it wasn't enough, but I also wasn't sure what was enough. I'll start trying this rule and see if it helps <3

Janice Dennis

Hi, I just found your channel recently and I've really been enjoying your scientific approach to skin care! I ordered The Beet Shield and I've tried it twice. Both times my eyes were really sore and irritated by the end of the day. I'm wondering if I might be allergic to something in it. Do you know if this has happened to others? Should I stop using it? I like it otherwise, so I'm hoping maybe I will get used to it!

Samantha Hing

Can you do a video about mineral sunscreens? I think I've gone through most of your vids and wasn't sure if you can talk about some that are coral reef safe and that there is research about whether our skin absorbs ingredients like avobenzone.

Cyprian Silverwin

This is very helpful - I need to use more sunscreen! Thanks ?

Mariana Dentsy

What?! Girl, I go FULL ON on my eyelid! ?

Daniella C.

i actually stopped using aluminum deodorant because it was staining all my shirts! but ive had so much trouble finding a deodorant that actually works. i might try the one you suggested


Could you review the solara suncare sunscreen(s)? I’m interested in seeing your opinion on the quality and ingredients! I’m so glad to have found this channel. Everything you post is so informative and helpful. Thank you!

Alison Young

I usually use a quarter coin size for my face and then another quarter coin size on my neck. I usually decide I have enough when I see my face and neck are white before the skin absorbs it. I massage it a little bit and then let it set. I think I will try the two finger trick, especially if I am in a hurry. Hell, I want to try it on my hands, an area I've been pretty neglectful about.


I'm a lifeguard in FL and while I've always been very adamant about and diligent with my sunscreen application (and never stingy), this definitely helps! Might splurge for the beet shield soon :)) Thank you!!

brix lagao

Hello, neuroscience and biochemistry graduate here. The claim that sunscreen should be applied to bare skin is completely false. However, if you want to think about it in a different way, many skincare products when you use them like AHA/BHA, retinols, acne medications like benzoyl peroxide can sensitize your skin making sunscreen even more crucial to apply. Also, it's always recommended that you do apply a moisturizer underneath since many sunscreens can actually be drying. Here's the thing, if your skin barrier's integrity is impaired then your skin's hydration and protection is also impaired. So making sure your skin is well hydrated and moisturized is important before putting on sunscreen to protect it. Also, you have to understand the concept of hydrophobic and hydrophilicity, or water hating and water loving. Many components of sunscreen tends to be hydrophobic which makes it hard to take off at the end of the day while many other forms of skincare like AHA/BHA, some foRms of retinol, HA, etc are mostly hydrophilic so they don't mix. So you're fine. In fact, there's many forms of research that combining vitamin c either on its own or with other antioxidants like reservatrol, ferrulic acid can actually help your SPF even more by basically being an anti-oxidant power house to scavenge and neutralize reactive oxidative species (ROS). If you do that while you're young say your teens or even in your early 20s, you'll thank yourself once you hit your 30s.


3:40 - two finger rule on sunscreen application


Your eyebrows are so great ??


I've found that the three finger rule works much better than the two finger rule for liquidy, milk-type sunscreens, which is what I prefer to use, but I agree that it can be too much for many more traditional Western cream-type sunscreens.

Sebastian Rojas

I actually measure out 1/4 teaspoon of sunscreen and apply that amount in two layers to my face! Would that be around the same as the two/three finger rule?

Sebastiano Zanda

The two thumbs rule is easy to apply if the sunscreen has a certain kind of texture. With mine from Uriage is impossible to do it because it's too runny :(


why did you switch to aluminium free when there isn't any evidence that its harmful?

Pranathi Vadlamani

Why is it a bad idea to apply sunscreen to your lids?

Catherine C.

People apply sunscreen before skin care? I understand the rationale re testing/effectiveness but whoa. ?

I’m definitely not using enough, thank you for the demo. ?? I’ve also been unsure about my eye area, helpful to see how you do it.

Ana Paula Rinaldi

Hi! The two finger rule is great, but I think you are not applying enough even following the rule. Why don't you try to squeeze a bit more the tube to get more product on your fingers?
I weight my sunscreen everyday and usually I put 1~1.2 grams just on my face. There is a very nice video from lab muffin where she measures her face and says that 0.76 ml is enought for the face. I recommend that video also.
Loved your video, this is such a important subject :)!

Natalia Gomez

I absolutely support this video!! Nothing in skincare will do as much as applying enough sunscreen. You’re absolutely right that the best sunscreen is the one you’ll use everyday. I’ve been loving Purito Centella Unscented for the past few months, great finish!


But everyone have different finger lenght ? Is that still 1/4 tsp ?


i guess i do the 2 finger rule without realizin it, i apply the sunscreen in 2 long strips on my face that are about the same length as my fingers LOL and then blend it in LOLOL

Tazeen Rashid

But if we wear makeup after sunscreen, wouldn't it be too much rubbing while blending the foundation? Would it affect the efficacy of applied sunscreen?

Cecily Tudor

My sunscreen is very watery that tip wouldn’t work