How to regrow aloe

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How to Grow Aloe Vera From Leaf | Grow indoors

397 755 views | 7 Apr. 2019

Grow aloe vera from a

Grow aloe vera from a single leaf , Grow aloe vera at home

Tips and Steps to Grow aloe vera from a single leaf

first of all take a healthy cutting of aloe vera which is appox 12 to 15 cm in length , leave the aloe in warm palace for 1 day to form a film over a cut , take a pot with drainage holes at bottom , fill the pot with cactus soil or sand and garden soil , plant the aloe vera leaf in it , for first 3 to 4 weeks keep the soil moist , after 4 weeks water it only when pot soil becomes dry , dont worry if aloe vera leaf starts shrinks it is due to developing roots , put the pot in sunlight

Note wait one week to water it again after 4 weeks

Ken Brown

I tried to subscribe , but , got an error code network problem [503] !!!!

Sixxa Jung

Dapat po bang dried and root bago itanim?



Vijaya lakshmi

Please change the text colour . Its not visible enough to read

Kenan Habana

Is Aloe Vera is Sun lover?What time it takes to water it?


It is not believable plz show it's aftr view

Joel Nalindhom

Will it still grow if you plant it right away after cutting the leaf?

Yadu Jattana


Lindomar Rosa lopes

Não vi o resultado não gostei

Syeda Muntaha

Is k leaves Bharat gy.Plz ans

Alishba Sheikh

Is fine powdered sand with soil???

kumar Pratyush.


Star Shine

Ast ap ny buhat achy se btaya hy

spitfireyellow spitfireyellow


saroj kumari drawing classes

Nice video friends I like it please subscribe my channel also

marcus simmons

This dude had clay soil ... ain’t no way those things grew if the soil allows water to sit on top like that lol... why didn’t he pull this video down


The chance of that growing is exactly 0


Wow!dear~I like your video very much,can I use and edit it~Look forward to your reply!

Vinh Tran

Reallyyyy...Don’t believe the way this video showed! These leaves will die! The soil doesn’t look right, either.

Karla Planet

Can I use a leaf from the super market, the ones by the produce fridges?


Can the leaf grow without the white part (base) ?

Nidha Jadhav

Hey there YouTuber I loved ur video very much... But pls tell me How many days do I have to dry my alovera leaves... Or can I just plant them without drying??? Pls Pls Answer ? ?

Melford Nunley

What do you mean "don't worry if it dies?" That's what I'm trying to prevent.

Immortalityresearch11 11

Great video!



allison Reed

It doesn't grow that way as mine died

Peral White

Did alovera grow in winter season ?reply

Jeff T

These are not aloe vera


Thank you for this!! This was all I asked for!!

Harinder kaur Auluck

Hi please help me what to do my aloe Vera leaves have no get in it. What shud I do? God bless you always!

Jagvinder Jattana



They won't grow

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David Martinez

How long does it take for it to start growing new leaves?

Malkah Naomiyah Yisrael

Does this process work for jumbo leaves as well

Alishba Sheikh

What if my aloe Vera leaf doesn't have White portion???
Will it grow or not???
Plzzzzz reply

Tasmeen Khan

This is cheating


Yeah they rotted


The aloe Vera only root by its root... Not the leaf ...it must have the root to give more pups...

Amazing World With SARA

Where is result?
and how much time is required for grow? the information and video is not complete.

Yordanos Zewdu

The aloe I just planted has it's tip cut off. Does that mean it won't grow?

Jani Pong

If you pluck the leaf can you plant it directley in the pot??

spitfireyellow spitfireyellow


Kent Pirate

It seems too much to do and I would be terrified of that music playing as soon as I started.! No, I think it’s best to dig one up from the desert and transport it in the back of a military jeep to my garden destination.

Mwanjat Mugambe

I planted but it did not grow ??


They don't grow please show us the leaf/leaves with roots or sprouts.

Donald Jones

Fake video. You can't grow aloe from a leaf.

Em Emz

Is a young aloevera leaves won't grow if planted that way?

Gurjit Pb29


Jot Saini

It will not grow

Dgh Asd

Alovera leave se nahi alovera plant ban sakta i am always failed

Shammi Khan

Where is updated

Sarjina Begum

Meny ah tyre kia tha lekin koie risult nehi mila

Em Emz

Is a young aloevera leaves won't grow if planted that way?

Hemlata Chandra

This is notreal correct offson

Cody Koh

What is dead may never die.



rick mack

Will regular potting soil work

How to regrow aloe

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How to Regrow a Broken Aloe Leaf

12 113 views | 15 Feb. 2018

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How to Regrow a Broken Aloe Leaf. Besides possessing healing properties, aloe vera plants are known to propagate easily with a little know-how. There are over 300 varieties of the aloe plant; some varieties grow short stubby leaves while others can grow over 15 feet tall. Either way, if a leaf breaks, it may be possible to utilize these steps and...

Table of contents How to Regrow a Broken Aloe Leaf

Things You'll Need 00:45

Step 1 01:02

Step 2 01:24

Step 3 01:56


How to regrow aloe

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How To Propagate Aloe Vera Cuttings In Water

13 466 views | 1 Sep. 2020

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Vernisse Creative Ideas

Rooting aloe in water? That's amazing! Thanks for that brilliant idea

Mercy Cagara

I did not know that aloe can thrive in water, thanks for sharing i’ll do this with my aloe too. Stay safe and in touch.


beautiful plants . I enjoyed watching my friend .

Gul Creation

Nice ? subscribe kr dia hy ap b subscribe kr dain plz visit my Chanel


So this is the way for making the aloe Vera plant root to come out. After the root come out ... should I plant it in the soil even it doesn't have that much root came out or should I give some more time to root more ? I also like to know how many times does a same single aloe Vera plant can be cut for propagate...

miscellaneous michelle

Wow very informative video


Khit s tubig lng pla pde un, d tlga sila maselan

Anese Harone

What about changing of Walter شكرا thank you

rowie anne talavera

After repotting in soil or placing in a water. Where it should be placed? In direct sunlight or bright shaded area only?

Khani Khani

What in your opinion is the best way for fast rooting of same plant (from cutting)? Either in soil directly or water?

V T Gopakumar


Shivi Sharma

Please give me suggestions to grow alovera with a single leaf as all my aloevera plants had rotted and now only one is left so I want it to be safe and also to grow others using it's leaves..
Kindly please let me know...

Kusina Espesyal

Rooting Aloe Vera Cuttings In Water
liked five my friend

RJanette TV

Wow good idea.. Thanks for sharing

zeina raad

How often should I change water?

Thelma Melanes

Amazing, new friend giving back my full support. Stay safe and connected, God bless you


What is your soil mix in your aloe Vera's
Mine just dies. ?


Good job....

Janez TV

Wow.......hi new friend here sending my full support hope to see you my? stay safe ..stay con

6 Anita Paidi

Ok thanks

thea thea

this is great!

Rashdah’s Kitchen

Hi friend 4 like ????

Ellie Rios

Hi any recommendation for aloe grower please

Arya skyes

Can I keep my aloe Vera in the water permanently?? Does it have to go back to dirt? Also I have a full plant not propagations

Leng in Japan

25 days...?

The aloe is alive‼️


Good luck, Hope you are doing well Stay safe and healthy New friend with sub.

John Livanios

it's so weird that there is so much dirt in the water even though you left them there for 25 days huh? Almost like you put them in soil and then transferred them in water for the ending of the video ... no way you'd have done that though