Men fingernail

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How To Give Yourself a Manicure/Nail Care Tips For Men!

7 487 views | 14 Jan. 2020

Manicure Kit:

Manicure Kit: https://peteandpedro.com/collections/tools/products/manicure-kit

Nail Set: https://peteandpedro.com/collections/tools/products/nail-clippers-set

Manicure Tips For Home Post: https://peteandpedro.com/blogs/the-pedro-post/how-to-give-yourself-an-at-home-nailcare-mens-manicure

It all starts with the hands gentleman. Poorly groomed hands, means no chance with the spicy senoritas, and while you might not be brave enough to get a manicure at a salon, you can easily do one in the confines of your humble home. Here’s some tips:

1. Grab a manicure kit which should have all or most of the key tools necessary to take care of your hands and more.

2. Always clip your nails when they are soft via water like after a shower, or keep them under a sink for a minute. That will prevent breakage of the nail.

3. The first thing is to use the nail clipper going around the nail. Then, take the nail file and smooth out the rough edges after the clipping going around the contours of the nail.

4. Use the nail cleaner to get the remainder dead skin and dirt from under your nails.

5. Use the cuticle nippers and pushers to protect and clean up the cuticle. Be careful here as the cuticle is very gentle but really important as it protects the nail from getting infected.

6. Voila, you should be all set. The other products in the manicure kit are tweezers for plucking away and an ear wax removal tool – don’t go too far in that ear!


You are a basic salesman with a moderately presentable presence. Your nails are a mess and you are telling others how to keep their nails... a joke.

In 2014 you made a video called :

How To Give Yourself A MANicure | 5 Simple Steps For Handsome Hands | Easy Home Manicure Tips

You were pushing a manicure set then, as you are now, and your nails were the same mess then as you have them now. I guess in 6 years you have learned nothing of what you are teaching.

P.S.: I was doing a Youtube search for How to take care of your hands and nails for man, thus me coming upon both your videos.

Oscar M

Been having this tool kit for a few months now and I really recommend it. Had to upgrade from a nail clippers I got from Walmart a while back lol
The tweezers are really good and the logo is pretty nice??

Nirav Ramdarie

Hey alpha. When is Pete and Pedro going to release an anti persperent?.

bud lightyear

dude. Your nails are terrible..


Alpha is there a way to fluff out the loofa because when I get it, it’s always compacted

Mohit Mishra

Why so empty down here

Men fingernail

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Men's Manicure For The Wedding Day 2019! Nail Care Should Be For Men or Women only?

233 885 views | 3 May. 2019

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Men's Manicure for the wedding day 2019! Is Manicure for Men or Women?

Maxwell Duke-Hendrix Graves McFarland

Everyone should be able to get manicures without getting made fun of for it. The amount of men I see here in the states with overgrown cuticles and chewed up nails because they think even just basic grooming outside of shaving and showering isn't manly is ridiculous.

Bradley Miller

Why is the cuticle cut?

Biswa !

Be ready for 2million??

TEAM_ATP Official



Complete artist !!!?

Anas Guger

Must watch this video

Diamond Soul

I need a manicure with Makki. His nails after look like a million bucks.

Mohit Agarwal

Dude i am 14 so can i do hair Keratin treatment

ravi shrivastava


Ahmed Khamis

i was thinking to do but after i watch this video i wont do it


Great nail treatment.....looks so much better.

eduardo silva

What's your thought about pedicure for men? Is that also a service you provide?

Jamy Sue

Yes! Love it

Taurus Chang


Shining Stars

Littile girlish nails

Yacine Boukhalfa

Wtf he is man or women

Faisal Ansari


Himanshu Tyagig

jason sir my 1 dream is i want just 1 haircut from u

Mátyás Attila


Ravi Kamana

You nailed it.

God God

2:55 this pose gives me cringe and make me laugh

Shelly Spivak

Music ??

Hi Its me

Awesome!! Looks so full.

Tami Weber

?Manicures and Pedicures are so soothing. Relax and sit back for the pampering ? I’m getting my ? and pedicure today ??‍♀️


Ammmmazing job, lot of confidence in the field, it's obvious anndd I was wondering if I could know the first song. The lyrics are absolutely fantstic

Arturo Velazquez Jr.

@jasonmakki hey man great job, where is your barbershop located at? I’d like to go check it out!:)

Remi Qarra

Hi Jason, what is the liquid/ polish you did apply on the nails at last @02:19

Farhan Eby

I also want to come to your saloon for keratin treatment

Nicola Hillier

Results? Absolutely fantastic!

Ser Ka

Nice ??

Janvi Sonkusare

Does it hurt??

Jyotirmoy Saikia

Very nice


Perfekt !!! ???

Candiipress Pressons

amazing! please let me know the products used.. especially the wipe at the end. what gives the perfect end shine?

mukesh sankar


gürkan Toka

Ahahahaah bu bizim kahveye gelse bu ellerle aman allahim

Roberta Paolino

Good job but I'd have seen less pink on that nails

Ordilei Rodrigues

Beautiful hands

Jade Love

Aweome work alwayss..Thumbssss up jason ??????❤❤❤

Батталов А.Р


ar k

Looking at it hurts my eyes

MR Hemanth

Niceee bro

Amal Hajji

Guys with clean nails and taken care of makes them attractive. Just saying ??



Karl B

Great result. Many men thinks doing mails is only for women, but no. See how good it looks on men too.

Drew Blanche

I thought you weren’t supposed to file back and forth?

Vagner Bonatto

what kind of enamel and this is very easy to paint

Gautam Sharma

Who else was focusing on ROLEX

Md Hasmuddin

Most satisfying when you see ROLEX

أم سيمي

I am a woman, but my nails look bad on him. He is even more beautiful (nails) ??? bravo ??


Sir please, Give some solution for dry damaged hair ....


What song for first?

Ehsanullah Khalidmahmood

Hi Sir. This video is very helpful my work because I am a barber. So plz can you make more video manicure step by step. Sir I am very insipired your work. And your work is very helpful for me. When I am your watching your videos. I am work also in UAE. 7 years here. Thanks. Sir I am waiting your reply and your video

Raj Raj

Videos on pedicure as well fr foot care

Rafael Odillon


Hassan Bukhari

Song name ? Plz


where is your salon plzz tell..?


Men with nice hands are really sexy I think....horrible nails are a total turn off

Sohel Rana

I wish I can get u for my wedding

jean parker

wow looks beautiful. you did a great job. btw miss your haircutting videos. hope to see more. have a great day and thank you for sharing.


where r u from?

_fernweh_ soul_


dharam shah

I have the same rolex that he has yacht master ll

Donnie Lindon

I wish he can do my nails.

Prabh Singh

My hairs wavy, I want to get them straight. How should I know that when are my hairs ready for straightening?

Raiyan Hossain Udoy

Please make more this types of video

abdou you

nails are like hair ... taking care of your self is not for women its for your health

thebest strong

I love you Jason I like your video? stay approve your self

Moses augustin

Woow . I can't belive .

Joseph T.

Outstanding video, Jason!


Everything was okay but damn those hair on hands he really needed waxing .....

Karen Rodriguez


Fitness On Peak

How much cost?


Where is your shop????


I thought you are not supposed to cut the cuticles?

Nagesh Gabel

Trim ur hair dude

Candiipress Pressons

wow.. hi!!! what was used to create the end shine? thanks in advance!

AW ais

How i can treet my nails plzz tell me adres im abu dhabii...

parth chauhan

excellent work buddy

Randi Jenell

What were the products you used in the end ??

Ruth Mahmoudian

Nee rosa Nagellack aber nicht,sorry?

kartik vaish

Part 2??????

Roshan Bishi

Hey what is that first background music ? If anybody know please help I really like it? ..

Rehan Rishu

Where are live i am Indian

Carol Lima

Cara tu é foda! Parabéns! Minha mãe é manicure e pedicure há trinta anos, ela te admira demais! Nós assistimos você aqui do Brasil :D Parabéns!

Vener Velasquez


Prabir Tikadar

His wrist watchh tell everything

Farhat Sajad

What is the last thing you polish on his nails the transparent gel type something?

Farhan Eby

Awesome mannnnnnn ?????????????????

jack sparrow

From India

Jibran rao Jibran

Last main nail pr kiya Apply kiya hai plz tell me

parth chauhan

how to find according face type hair cut for men ?

Sufyan Ejaz


Jeremiah-Victor Ernest

Great Manicure Done , This Is Good.......

Lcm M

What woman doesn't love a well groomed man?!!


What amounts you cost for a haircut

Bmw M///

Its gay

Lovepreet Saini

Do you visit other countries for marriage orders ?


This breaks a lot of manicuring rules! Sawing back and forth with the emory board Will cause nail layers to split. Never supposed to cut cuticle. Now man has pink nails? Really ????

Marian Price

This Jason is bad!!! ???????? he is just gifted with his hands. I went to nail school, he makes me want to go back to doing nails.

Men fingernail

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Men's Nail Care ft. Banicured || FONZIE.LYFSTYL

28 576 views | 18 Oct. 2016

Keeping your nails clean

Keeping your nails clean is an essential part of your hygiene and grooming routine, so Bana is going to show us how to do that!

Special thanks to Bana



Instagram: Banicured_


+ Metal Nail File

+ Nail Buffer

+ Metal Cuticle Pusher

+ Base Coat

+ Cuticle Oil










Hall of Fame

Good video thanks!!!


It would be so nice if you got to the point!!!! 4:13 before you start talking about caring for nails. Too much blather and useless talking.

slayy point


gofedile Fairdeal

Yall talk a lot

Neeraj Dahiya

What about lipstick next ...?

Adnan Pasha

u r great make more.videos


She’s the top and he’s the bottom


Man-nicure! lol?