Rash on trunk of body

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Episode 4 - Rashes in Covid-19 Dr V Narayanan

407 views | 11 May. 2020

Dr Viji Narayanan

Dr Viji Narayanan discusses various dermatological presentations seen in SARS-Cov2 infection. Although unusual, dermatological presentations are equally important as any other systemic presentation for diagnosis of SARS-Cov 2 disease.

Rash on trunk of body

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BAD RASH: Hives, EM, or SJS? | Dr. Paul

31 033 views | 16 Mar. 2017



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Rash on trunk of body

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My Skin Story - How I got rid of Pityriasis Rosea || TheAdeTomi

44 141 views | 17 Nov. 2018

How I got rid/cured of

How I got rid/cured of Pityriasis Rosea - My Skin Story

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Jessica A

Thanks for this video. I have this right now and they had to put me on prednisone because mine was getting severe and lots of prickly feelings. Im on a prescribed cream. This thing is so annoying and I wish they had a cure. I thought it was possibly heat rash or psoriasis. Im so glad I saw my doctor instead of waiting weeks for the derm

Hulda Kabongo

I was just diagnosed with this last week and i've been so sad! I bless God for bringing me to this video, I have faith it'll go away soon!

JJ OneFam

Am in tears i have the for 3 years now its all over my body my selfesteem is so low thanks for your help

Mimi Eno

Thanks Adetomi ??

Leanie Fils

Thank you so much for making this video!!

What kitchen To paint my color

I aswell was just diagnosed however I never had a harold's patch one morning my skin was fine I left home , came back and noticed small flat spots all over my arm stomach back and look were thigh it itches like hell I even believe it reached my vagina are which is even worse I work Monday through Friday I can't go to work itch it's driving me crazy it itches all day ??????

ελληνικά 010

It started at my torso, but now ik have it on my cheeks too.

KB Brown

Thank you so much for sharing! Very helpful

Mark Hereford

I hope this helps everyone, I was misdiagnosed with this and had it for six months on arms, chest, and back. It was itchy and looked exactly like it. Please try Selsun Blue medicated for two weeks. The dandruff shampoo with selium sulfide. Rub on areas and keep on for 30mins then shower and dry. It worked great!! Selsun Blue medicated with the selium sulfide in it... My skin looks great now. My new doctor told me about the Selsun Blue medicated. I had the round circles everywhere, itchy back etc... I think it was from sweating at the gym and not taking shower immediately afterwards.... Trust me, use the Selsun Blue as a paste and let me know if that works.

Maria R

Great video. To anyone that has this, please don't get discouraged...the spots do fade. I get this every 4 or 5 years and my skin clears up every single time.

Rylie K

Sunbathing helped me a lot ( based on my experience )

Isabel Higueros

Omg I'm SO DONE with this pityriasis on my trunk and legs!! I've had it for months and I'm feeling pretty self conscious about it...I'm looking for all the remedies I can find ? Praying it'll go away soon ??


Wasnt that the amino acid the dinos on jurrasic park couldnt produce? Anyway thanks

Mijo Dak

Do you always get a herald patch

chrissy hammerbeck

I have this right now and my skin is so itchy. I went to the Dr to get a cream. I just want it to go away. I may give this a try. Thanks!

Latesha Renee

Had this last year. It felt like it took for ever to go away. Like everytime I checked my body, new spots popped up. So depressing. But it faded away. Doctors thought it was a fungal infection when I first went (when I had like 3 spots). I actually self diagnosed myself. But the spots are faded now, never had it again. It does go away and your skin will be beautiful again. Vitamin E oil, vitamin C body wash and exfoliating helps ?

Sheena Roberson

Hi there guys, I'm part of the PR team as well. I'm a 38 year old black Registered Nurse who was diagnosed 1wk ago. I to noticed what I thought was a ringworm on my arm at least 10days prior to the real breakouts. Just like you all it kind of freaked me out seeing this all over my back, chest, butt, thighs, and even in the palms of my hands & arms. Initially prior to the M.D. raising up my clothes he immediately focused on the small spots in the palms of my hands then had the audacity to fix his mouth & tell me "I'm going to test you for syphilis". It pissed me off & I told him the Devil is a lie I do not have syphilis & you will NOT be testing me for it. Didn't bother to even ask me if I was sexually involved with anyone or hand any unprotected sex so yes I had to read my doctor before we got to the true diagnosis which was Pityriasis Rosea. He knew right away when he looked at my back and saw the Christmas Tree pattern. He did tell me there was not real treatment or explanation for how it's contracted but did mention it could be stress related. Also that it is in the herpes family. Herpes 6 & 7 to be exact which is not the STD form of herpes. I left his urgent care with only a prescription for hydrocortisone 0.1% . I read up on it then contacted my Dermatologist for a prescription of acyclovir which is an antiviral medication that is used to treat herpes & shingles but whatever I dont focus on that only on whatever might be necessary to clear this up. I have been using oatmeal body washes & you can find that at Walgreens, Wal-Mart, ect. I also use vitamin E moisturizer that I bought from Sam's club. Thankful mines has not itched to much. I worry because you really don't know how long this rash will last. Im told 1-3 months which OMG is forever. Of course just like you all I'm self conscious because no one wants to see this over there entire body. But I am an RN so maybe that plays a part in me handling mines so well but yes it really sucks. All we can do (especially since we don't really have any real answers as to how this starts or even what it really is ) is just stay positive and continue to post to help the next person that maybe is not handling it as well as I am.

Alondra Ember

I find life in doing the right thing especially the decision of using Dr Madida medication in reversing my Parkinson disease that has keep me indoor for many years from the real world ??.

anneve Bryan

i have this, its depressing, affects my self esteem. i will get the Aveeno

Danielle Clayton

Was anyone prescribed prednisone for PR? If so, what was the dosage and length of use. How did you react to it. Thank you.

Vanessia Johnson

Hi! I'm so glad I found this! My 18 year old daughter was just diagnosed with this TODAY! I too thought it was ringworm b/c it was spreading. I immediately started googling and could only find Caucasian examples until I added on African american skin and that's when I found your video!! I'm so glad that you've now offered hope to this! All the doctor told us was that it was a "typical rash that shows up this time of year sometimes" I wasn't taking that for an answer so I'm glad to know there's more to it! I'll be purchasing these items and WILL give an update to help others that may be looking as well! Be blessed :-)

Sean Reacts

Great job and thank you

Kiara Monae

Any natural home remedies y’all would prefer using? I refuse to take the pills cause it’s only for if the areas are itching and it puts you to sleep. So someone please help me out on some remedies of getting rid of a little faster


thank you so much ♡

Pat Thetic

I have this and my summer is ruined :(

genesis Nicolas

L lysine works

Desstoni H.

I was just diagnosed with this! It’s so crazy and random. Glad you made this video, I don’t feel alone ? it’s been four days and it NEEDS TO GO

Update: I first noticed the itchy rash on my arms Aug 13th. it’s now Sept 2nd and I’m starting to heal! Finally! The dermatologist visually diagnosed me as well but I insisted on a biopsy just to make sure, and it was indeed PR. I was prescribed steroids but chose not to use them. What I did for mine:
I took Neem capsules/supplements (2 a day) and also 3 500mg L-lysine tablets a day.
For showers, I used Kirks Castile Coconut Oil & Aloe Vera body wash and also drizzled pure Neem oil on my loofa sponge before use.
If I got super itchy, I’d take Zyrtec but nothing stronger than that.
3 weeks in, it seems like it’s fading in the same order it came. I noticed it on my arms first, then back, then chest/stomach, then upper thighs. Now my arms are 90% clear, back is 75% clear and I see the marks fading on my chest. I can wear low cut tops again! So happy.
Just coming back to share my story to let others know it does end ? I wish you could share pictures on YouTube comments but if you’d like to see my progress photos, just drop your IG name or something I’ll definitely share with you. You’ll get through this!

OluwaFifunmi Adesuyi

I just got this in the last 2 months and it’s really bothering me. I’m gonna look into everything you said and try it out. Thank you for the video!

Erin Robinson

Omg I am so glad I found this video. I was just diagnosed with this and could only find pictures on white skin until I came across your video. I’m going to try your solutions—especially prayer! So thankful that the scars do fade because I was worried about hyperpigmentation.

Nasser uting radzid radzid

I suggest you to stop eating chicken or just minimize it. Then everytime you see a new one even it’s small just automatically apply an antifungal ointment.


This is better than most videos on the subject. Have had it for years. Dr gave me creams- all of them useless. I've heard there are a number of oils including pure virgin coconut oil that are good to apply on the skin.

Spliff TM

Can you hold it still or close to the camera

Kiara Chism

This is my second time with it :(


Losing my fucking mind. No joke this is not a laughing matter. I’m a grown man and I want to cry bc how much it’s ruining my life. Can’t sleep because you itch so much at night. I’m sleep deprived and I’m also a nursing student so I need my sleep. This is all over my body I feel like a freaking freak with marks all over my body. This is a nightmare.

Black Macgyver

Thank you so much. I just got a diagnosis of this. I to thought it was a ring worm but it never went away. Went to a dermatologist for it. I'm going to try the lysine , Thank you and I'm glad it cleared up for you.

Alaa Hadhoud

is it normal that it doesn't go away for more than 5 months lol

I gotta fart an barf

I'm 15 an got it and I'm just scared this video helps
Update: it's been gone for a little more then a week now and hasn't returned me happy

Kimberly J. White

Thank you for your video. I had it when I was 23 now have it again a month before my 50th birthday. It gets worse when I go in the sun. And I think I got it from stress both times. Allegra helping with itching. I will try the Lysine, thankyou and God Bless.

Litisha Robinson

I have this 3 weeks now I been going crazy trying to figure out what it was

MaryjaneAmando Donato

Hello what cream yo put on your skin,


I went to the Dr. with this a few years ago. I too thought it was ringworm until the herald patch on my neck grew bigger and gave way to splotches of itchy lesions covering my body.

I did all the wrong things...Hot baths (the only thing that temporarily soothed the itching as long as I was in the water, though it makes it worse once your out of the bath and dry), Anti-fungal powder on me and in my washed daily sheets.

I think mine was triggered when I used the new (at the time) Purex 3-in-1 laundry sheets while visiting my parents and doing laundry. I think it caused an immune system reaction. (The Dr. had asked me if I had been in contact with anything I could be allergic to) I liked those laundry sheets sooo much, that when I got home, I bought some for myself and continued to launder all of my clothes and bedding in it not knowing that I was allergic...hence the continued explosion of new lesions. I believe the onset of this (for me) was caused by my immune system reacting to whatever chemical irritants were in those laundry sheets.

After about a week of no improvement and slathered in coconut oil with cracking skin from the lesions, I went to the Dr.

The Dr. prescribed a 1 week course of oral steroids...BUT...

The thing that they recommended I buy for the lesions was Aveeno Eczema Therapy lotion.

Within 1 day of using the lotion, the lesions began to go away and they faded and faded with each passing day of use.

I wish this on no one!

Reyann W.

I’ve had it going on seven years now... I'm going to try tanning, l lysine, neem capsules, colloidal oatmeal baths, bentonite clay baths, and the candida diet.

Mikay Mikay

My pityriasis came back after 9 months☹️

M Sha

Thank you!!

Humphery Walker

My lungs disease really scared me a lot but with the help of Dr Madida IPF herbal medicine which I used cured me and my lungs was functioning well again, my symptoms and pains was all gone.

Roynisha Moore

Ive been dealing with this for a year now

Tori Davis

Thank you so much for sharing your story!!! So great to see a woman of color talk about this. Quick question, how long did it take the hyperpigmentation to go away???

Chris Richard

For any body that's coming here for solutions. Please try Nizoral anti- dandruff shampoo, it will do what head and shoulders does but faster. My rash is now peeling / scabbing after a week.
I put the shampoo on the affected places for at least 5-7 mins and then jumped in the shower. This shampoo also helped with my back and facial acne. WEIRD ?

It's the beginning of my second week since this started and my concern is just the spots that might stay behind after. It covered my under arms, arms,thighs, stomach and chest in what felt like hours.. ( it spreads fast)

Sidenote: After you shower, you can lather on any thick lotion. I used palmers cocoa butter ( says heals and softens skin on the bottle)

Whatever you do , don't scratch. That's what spreads it honestly. I took Benadryl to stop the itch but the humidity didn't help much.

Good luck. You can get through this.

Update: it did leave scaring kinda like acne does.. and I use a physical exfoliant and it's fading them.

Nia Harry

Yes my daughter has this all over her body and I all I could find was pictures of fair skin people with it which looked different because it turns darker on dark skin. Anyway thank you

Ladetra Brown

I've had this fir 2-3 weeks now

Courtney Mitchell

I think its caused by stress.

Me Myself & Melanin

I have it all over my face and body right now ?

Kimberli Peel

I have been dealing with this for almost 4 months now??... I have visit two doctors and they could not explain to me what it is. I have been referred to dermatologist but due to covid -19, I haven’t seen them yet. I thank you so much for this video... A sense of relief.. Mann I had so many insecurities since the Herald Path on my left chest and now the patches on my arms and legs only smh (it comes and goes and leave nasty scars but slowly fade away)... I will come back and tell you my results ❤️

Iron Mike

Vitamin E Oil!!!! I had this same terrible rash all over my body, but rubbing vitamin E oil AFTER a shower, and natural non-scented soaps helped ALOT. It's just about clearing up, and my spirit is higher

Baby Penguin

I had PR 9months ago too I would say it was the worst day of my life my skin looks so aweful and it’s the itchy that is killing me I went to the doctor they just said it was a rashes maybe I change laundry detergents I can’t deal with it anymore specially I had a baby then I’m breastfeeding at first I was so stressed that it might be contagious to my lil one but thank God it didn’t then gladly my husband call the pharmacy and really ask if they can recommend something for me so they ask what I feel and stuff then they recommend me something that literally works right away after two hours I see it’s fading after 3days of using it my whole body fully back to normal it help with the itch too but I need to find the tube of the ointment so I can help you guys who suffer on it too I just forgot the name but I know I put the tube somewhere ?

Jenelle Simon

I was advised to do a liver and blood cleanse for this .


Dealing with mine rn. I cannot wait for it to go away.


Thank you sooo much, for sharing. I will try the L lysine. God bless.?

Teara E

I have it soooo bad , its not even spots anymore my whole back is just a big dark spot & its spreading to the front. Its soooo ugly ,? had it for years and i ignored it cause I was told it'll go away it run in the family , this shit gotta go! Asap calling the doctor in the morning


Ughhhh this is what I’m going through right now, I just got diagnosed with it days ago and I’m so scared. I feel the exact same way, like I’m going to be self conscious about my body now ?

Ashley’s WLS Diaries

Thank you - I am freaked out because my son got it . And it’s amazing alll the medicine in the world they can’t figure it out ???❤️

0ffical myaa

ive had this condition for almost a year now and when i went to the doctor and they said it wasnt anything serious but wasnt sure what it was . so it covered about half of my stomach and people would think that its a lot of birthmarks or ask what it is ? . i even got one on my breast and it would get irritated from my bra and would hurt soooo bad ! now i have them on my stomach, thighs, upper back , shoulders , arms , and breast . it wont go away no matter what i put on it ??‍♀️ glad to see im not going thru this alone

Camille Voyage

I noticed a larger spot with smaller spots a few weeks ago and when I saw the doc she said this is what I had and she said it would spread and I’d see herald patches surrounded by smaller dots and indeed I’m spotted ALL over my torso and she said it would go away on its own but I feel so ugly...


I have this and I was like wtf did I do wrong ? It itches sooo bad

just another account

Your protein explanation was so wrong but well let it slide

La Belle De Jour

I have this ??? at first I thought I had bed bugs, which was crazy because my house is extremely clean (plus my husband didn’t have anything on his body). So I went to the doctor, they got a swab from my body to see if it was fungus and it out negative. They sent me to a dermatologist and they concluded it is Pityriasis Rosea. I’m so upset, sometimes they itch a lot. I want this to go away ????

Chayla Robinson

I have it right now and I hate it. My self esteem has completely dropped from it

Ambria Ingram

Thank you so much for talking about this! I have PR and I’ve been dealing with it for the past week. I will try some of your tips and God bless you.

Gods Klanof

All bleachers are mentally sick people, they need psychiatric help as soon as possible.

shontae Roberts

I have it atm but I’m using certain natural soaps and Shea butter from Fitrahsoaps on Instagram and it is helping the dryness and discoloration

Mikay Mikay

Yo I have this like a week now. It’s all over my body even on my face! They are so big like 1 inches per spot and If I count them all they are like 200+ spots!!! I trust In God.

Fatima Koroma

What type of cream did you use when you got out the shower ?

Very fine people on both Sides Blake

Happens When I'm very Stressed.!

Shannon Police

Im going on 6 weeks with this... wanna tear my skin off.

Markia Wilkinson

Thank you for sharing your story. I was diagnosed with this skin condition in 2016. It was awful. I had the same reaction as you. I thought it was a little rash, I googled, I cried and I prayed. Interestingly, my coworker had the same condition two months later. I wondered if the building we worked in had something to do with the our outbreak. Four years later, I still get random patches on my body. ??‍♀️ But thank God it’s nothing too serious.


Omg ?

Azeb Cyrus

I'm a girl of color who's had this condition for over three years now, obviously I don't know why because there is almost no information about it. But for the past year, its just been a new patch every few months. My whole body is scarred but my torso is the worst. The back is also bad but not as bad as my sides, and my arms and thighs are not too noticeable. Overall, my scars have been fading pretty well and just know scratching does actually have an effect on the scarring. At some point I had a one on my face but it looked a but different and didn't scar black, but actually lighter than my skin color and little part of my face looked a but off for a while. The ones I hate the most are the ones on my neck and torso but I'm learning to accept it, though not yet embracing it because I'm still extremely insecure. I hope you guys get better soon and know there are others out there with you! :)


I've had this for over a month ??‍♂️?

Very fine people on both Sides Blake

Thank you. Buying the stuff today.

Cassie Koutras

Thanks so much for this information! I was just diagnosed an hour ago and I am beside myself. I have spots all over my chest and back ?
Girl I’m PRAYING ? and I’ll go get everything you shared and use them xxxx
Thanks for sharing God Bless


Pretty sure this is happening to me now. Had it before last year but it seems more severe this time. I want to go to the doctor but it’s hard to make that decision with all this covid 19 stuff going around


Omg I have this right now too & I’ve been seeing a lot of people commenting the same thing recently. I wonder if stress or this pandemic triggered it for us!

Usean Bailey

Thanks for this video. It really kinda gives me some hope that I won't have to lock myself in my room forever. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and experienced the same thing with thinking it was ringed worm. But.. I'm gonna try the stuff you mentioned and hopefully it gets better ??

Stephanie White

I thought mine was candida of the skin so I made antifungal creams and took a yeast probiotic, even tried cutting down on carbs. After I got my diagnosis, I was on an antiviral and applied a corticosteroid for a week. It cleared up for just 10 days! I had adverse reactions, like skin thinning, hyperpigmentation, red bumps, etc. Once it came back, I went resorted to natural remedies again. I've been using zinc soap, shea butter oil, Egyptian magic, Dr. Bronner's magic balm, hemp salve, and other topicals. It can get expensive to treat this, I recommend sunbathing and moisturizing with virgin coconut oil. My best remedy yet has been swimming in a sulfur spring. It dried up my patches and relieved the itch. Definitely ask God for mercy and do your part to eat better. Take anti-inflammatory supplements, like curcumin, eat garlic, lower sugar, etc. I'm going all the way by doing the Autoimmune Protocol.


L-lysine also is what they put in the medicine for cold sores so it makes sense if they say it’s a form of herpes .
Does anybody who had it also take really hot showers I’m trying to see if there ANY common factors


Does Almond oil help?

pramod kumar

After one month suffering from pityriasis risea my skin from whole body is peeling.what does it mean?

Katiesha Sheppard

Omg thank you for this video ❤️❤️

Recruiting Ninja

I was told by my Dr. this could have been triggered from the Flu vaccine I recently got. It’s a virus I started taking vitamins that help boost my immune system and it seems to be working. No new spots and it’s clearing up

Z o ë L e i g h E n g l i s h

i am 13 years old and I got this ...it is EXTREMELY itchy and u get lots of scars from the pimples when it's gone...but mine lasted about 2 weeks...glad it's gone but it's been 5months and I still have the pimples scars but used calamine lotion for itching and doctors give u cream for the herald patches and stay still so that ur blood doesn't rush and is itchy

Linda Lam

I have the bumps all over my chest, abdomen, and back. So freaken itchy! I'm currently using hydrocortisone and zyrtec. Not sure if it will help.:/

Ronni j

I have been diagnosed with pityriasis rosea and i have been SUFFERING FOR 2 months now and it seems to be getting worse....im trying lysine now and cerve moisturizer lotion....this is a STRAIGHT up NIGHTMARE....IM DOING A LOT OF PRAYING


i had one on my neck, my family joked with me cuz it looked like a hickey

Chamille Palconit

I have it right now, i don't know what to do ?


I started getting bumps under my breast area, and it spread like wildfire to the rest of my torso and underarms. My doctor diagnosed it as this... and recommended cortisone and the aveeno soothing cream. It helped with the itching but didn't solve the problem. I took an oatmeal bath probably a week in and literally within 2 days, the bumps started to fade. They're still a few bumps scattered in the torso area, but it's practically gone. I ran a hot bath and added a cup of regular Quaker oatmeal in the tub. Highly recommend a scoop or something when draining the bath or it can cause a clog lol... worth it though. Hope this helps you :)

Madison Whitaker

I'm so glad I found this video, I was so worried scarring lol

Kianna H

I just got it and it looks so cool ?? but I don’t like it but I’m not hurt

Jenny Kristen

The herbal remedy i ordered from Dr. kwaloe on you tube was indeed helpful, i finally got rid of the genital herpes virus that nearly ruined my marriage after so much outbreaks... Thanks once again Dr. kwaloe


Did anyone get any on the face? I got white patches left


Genital warts is not caused by the herpes virus