Oil properties in soap

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infused oil for soaps/salves/lotions Tutorial

13 233 views | 2 Mar. 2018

Homemade "infused" oils,

Homemade "infused" oils, not to be confused with Essential oils. From your garden to your soap bars, a very simple method to create your own infused oils


Please watch: "Soapy Oaks Farm Lavender Sea Salts With Full Recipe included in video"



LKR Soap and Such

Just happened upon this. I love infused oils! I never thought of infusing roses. Great video Patrick ?

Ginny Bullock

Thanks for showing us how to do this. Can't wait to try it.

Jeannie patterson

Do you have to dry the flowers first. Or can you use fresh picked flowers?

alfredo martinez

can you gring the dried roses to use in making infused oil...thamks..

Only In Ur Mind Creative Soaps

I have been watching a ton of your videos in search for your infused oil ones and all your videos have been good from your personal ones to soap videos. Thank you for sharing and being such a generous person. I hope all is well and I look forward in trying some of your wonderful tips on infusing oils. ?

Zehavah Allen

Could I use infused oils in my body butters, lotion bars, body oil sprays and whipped soaps?

Renee Cormalis- Soaps For Love

Question, do you know if warming the castor oil would help it fill the jars faster? I love infusing herbs into oil and never thought to do it this way. I wish I knew why it's taken me so long to get to these videos. Big LATE hug Patrick.

Victoria Goodwin

Why don’t you grind up your dried flowers when infusing with them? I would think it would promote greater infusion.


I live in a cold climate with very little sun (as opposed to where I am from and where I could have access to tons of herbs and roses to dry!), and I don't own a dehydrater, would you reccomend drying herbs and orange peel in a very low oven? I was also wondering whether it is ok to use the peth with the peel since bitterness is not much of a consideration here?

Destiny Miller

Other than the scent being lost during the soap making process (I'm not super concerned with scent loss) would you say that the actual skin benefit of the herb infused oil is still pretty strong? I'm focusing mainly on the benefits of the herb rather than the scent.

Jean Hills

finally fould a yogurt maker at the thrift store for 20 w 10 jars. finally can try this. thanks for sharing.

faris sa

Just wondering from where you buy the dry flowers

Jean Hills

Soooo happy to have found u. enjoyed presentation and all the great information.

Pankaj Chakravarty

Sir, Life of Castor Oil and after infused can say. Machine name please. Shown your face also sir. Regards
Pankaj Chakravarty
India. Calcutta.

Oslyn Cummings

I just found your video and I’m so grateful. I’m new to infusing oils and this is amazing!

L Chai

What oil do you use, Sir? Thank you

doris ouellet

Very nice. How do you use them in co soap.thank you

Happy & Healthy Living

Yogurt maker - what a great idea. I do a lot of infusions

nia nia

Would you recommend using grape seed oil for infusions?

Lisa P

Thanks. Very good idea.

Goat's Apothecary

At what degree ?


What do you do with the flowers and herbs after the infusion is done and strained?

Robin Stevenson

Can you use magnolia flower infused oils? Would you dry the petals and spread them? What is the typical shelf life for infused oils?

Samera Fleek

can i use these oils for candles? and if so, can i do cedar and pine with this method??

Sessy A.

Can I use herbs in powder form?

Steadfast Trail Farm

This was soooo helpful!! Thank you!!! I have been searching on natural and cost effective ways to add to my soaps! With my garden being planted soon by May I should have so many flowers and herbs to infuse! Thank you!! Blessings! ~jc

Oslyn Cummings

Hello Again...I can’t kind kava kava root leaf anywhere. Can I use kava kava powder? If so, any guidance on how to infuse the oil with the powder? Thanks

Insight Video

Do your soaps hold their fragrance better by using the infused oils? I understand that the infused oils are more subtle, but I’m talking about holding the scent better with infused oils as opposed to losing the scent more easily with essential oils? Maybe combining some essential oil and infused oil? In soaps?

Iris Santiago

Thank you for uploading your video. Very informative.

Cyanoxic Rose

I have a question...
When you put the lids on the jar and the inside of the jar gets warm, doesn't it create moisture within the jars?

Soapy Oaks Farm-Patrick

Hi, I bury them in compost, thanks so much


Been wanting to learn how to do my own infusion oils. Now I know how and your video was very helpful on how to. Thank You for sharing.

Tab and Ken

I'm told in Facebook soap making groups that infused oils don't work. That the scent cooks out even with cold process soaps. What do you say to that?

Happy & Healthy Living

Lol, I dry my lemon, orange, lemongrass etc

Feroza Wali

Your videos are the BEST!!!
Thank you

Glory Eve

Hi, can I use olive oil? Its for face, is it ok?


Thank you for a very insightful video. Getting ready to try infusing. I appreciate your time putting this video together for us.


Patrick I make my own cultured milk do u think that's okay??

Oil properties in soap

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How does Soap Work?

120 701 views | 28 May. 2017

In this video, we explore

In this video, we explore the science of soap. How does it work? Where does it come from?

Link to video on main channel: https://youtu.be/4Wl-6NbjCaY?t=188

Nile talks about lab safety: https://youtu.be/ftACSEJ6DZA


Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nilered

Merch store (NileRed Pin & Keychain): https://store.dftba.com/collections/nilered

NileRed website (Glassware & Beaker Mugs): https://nile.red


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nile.red

Twitter: https://twitter.com/NileRed2

Discord: https://discord.gg/3BT6UHf

Elad Peleg

Finally a good detailed explanation! All other videos I've seen just don't go into enough detail. You go out with the sense that you, kinda understand, but not really....




"This video is private"? Link in description needs updating

Simon Van Keer

will you date me :p


Can you do an explanation as to why certain salts are insoluble in water; particularly basic copper carbonate Cu(OH)2CO3 being insoluble as opposed to copper sulfate and or copper acetate

Tito Choirul Huda

Thanks for the video. Very descriptive & helpful.

Caden Froseth

Thank you for the information for my class project. :)


So this channel completely dead, or what?


Anyone here from Mr. Borish

Jasper Skallow

Good stuff

The Gayest Person on YouTube

Gonna show this video to the people at the music festival I go to every year. Not sure if they'll get the hint.

Dustin Reay

I always wondered how the cool modern warfare man worked.

Suchega Uber

Disappointed the linked video is private. Will have to watch somebody else now.


i was gonna say, why reupload the video haha. also, can you tell us what your college degree is?


is this channel dead


Reuploaded because I made an error. I said sodium hydroxide was in ashes, but it is mostly POTASSIUM CARBONATE. The potassium carbonate can work somewhat on its own, but it is usually converted to potassium hydroxide using calcium hydroxide or calcium oxide.

Ricinine Partypillz

Meth soap

Rhiannn :3

Weird how these videos ppp up exactly when im leaening about the saponification process in chem, but im not complaining :)

Keaton P gaming!

Soap works by being soapy which means more soap for soap

Say that five times over

Dan Calvano

Fuck Nile, you are nothing short of a YouTube godsend. Keep up the great content!


Why isn't this channel verified?

Mimi Zizi

Thanks for your help

Kowboy USA

Somehow I missed this second channel. I'm subbed to both now and have some entertaining catching up to do.

Synapse Harvest

ok what if eat soap?

David Rodriguez

I would like to see soap molecules breaking bacteria under electron microscope


link broken

Keith Allera

There are some things I've never known I'd like to be explained. Thanks Nile!


OK.. Is it just me, am I crazy or does he actually sound identical to the minute physics guy???!?







Jourei Mahtavankätyri

Link in the description leads to a private video. :(

Ramo Researchers

is this and red nile are your channels ?
basecly the ash is different regarding to material wich made from in my country it is contain sodium carbonate. .

Boring Old White Guy

Great video. What I learned here is that these commercials I see selling women "miceller water" are just another scam for the gullible and they are only buying soapy water. Science strikes again. :)


OK, that explains how soap holds grease but how does soap kill bacteria and viruses? A currently topical piece of information.
I always thought it destroyed the cell walls.


Thank you


The link to the main channel vid doesn't work.


Thank you very much sir, it was very helpful

Warren 蛙人

Jordan Schlansky brought me here.


Could you cover in more details fluorescein fluorescence ? I mean not the general fluorescence topic, just this molecule working
I've been looking for literature about this but didn't found anything concluding.
Also, I already asked you this question quite a long time ago but I'm retrying inasmuch as it's the principle of this second channel
Have a nice day

Nunya Business

Can you make a video on car soap?


I am a Lipophilic because I love thick women :)


oddly everyone is learning this fact right now because of the virus.




Maybe its just me but, you sound like the guy from tic tok that shares the properties of different chemicals. Your voice sounds the same.


nilered sent me here eeXXDDee

Mr Meval

Video in description is no longer available. Volume is not normalized to other videos IT IS SCREAMING. Seems to be here https://youtu.be/uMBeXHnWhsE?t=185

hans.preis hans.preis

Both propertys? You mean the Mycells have bipolar disorder? Dont you want to Litium them? ??

Addie Wylie

Thank you so much for these videos, I love them so much!!! I work at a "holistic health spa" where one of the services offered is the "Ionic detox foot bath". I'm 110% certain that it's a scam and worthwhile topic of another pseudo science bust.


This aged well

Abady M G

0:59 who woulda thought oil would clean oil


The link says the video is unavailable :(

Rushawn Mason

which is best soaps or detergents and which is best for removing grease from greasy clothes?

EchoZ TV

Greetings! Good morning!

I am Erico Paderes, a Senior High School student in Metropolitan Medical Center- College of Arts, Science, and Technology who wants to deeply take your permission to please allow me to use as a based your piece, "How does soap works" for our project in Physical Science. I want to inform you that this will be posted to youtube too, but trust me after the grading, I will assure you that this will be deleted too. I hope you understand, thank you for your kindness, time, and effort. To God be the glory! ?


More interesting now than ever.




Anybody here for science class.......



610 Hobbies

The 10 ppl who disliked this are Smash Bros. players.


The soaps looks delicious though :p


"Fun" fact about soap: When Shepphard patented liquid soap, the Minnetonka Corporation introducted the first pump dispensed soap and cornered the market by buying up the entire supply of plastic pumps available. Later they would make Calvin Klein until they were sold for over $370M in 1989 over 100 years later

The One With 460 subs

Can someone explain this concept like I'm dumb?

Tai Bannister

My chem teacher linked us this vid to help us with saponification

Luc Skyscraper

If you know you know.

Bailey McCoy

Tip: palmolive vs ajax
Palmolive: more gentle on the skin available in more scents
Ajax: more cleaning and degreasing power easier to rinse
Conclusion: if you're looking for one that's more powerful and easier to rinse ajax is your best friend palmolive is better for sensitive skin and is available in more scents but is harder to rinse

Oil properties in soap

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Masterbatching for Soapmaking {the oils} S2W40

45 764 views | 15 Dec. 2013

Season 2 Week 40 of

Season 2 Week 40 of Soaping101 and we are reviewing the process of masterbatching oil blends for soapmaking.

Weldless Valve/Spigot:



Stainless Steel Kettle with Valve & Thermometer:






Bastile soap recipe:



Like Soaping101 on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/soaping101

Royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod.

Kayorcee Creations

Perfect!!!! Thanks! It always bewilders me when someone thumbs down your video. Crazy!


I don't know if it's cool to answer questions directed at Teach but the mixed fat/oils can be stored in a plastic container with any type of lid and they can be stored on the shelf the same as the fat/oils were originally. 

Jeannie patterson

I am new to Soapmaking and don’t understand “super fat” can you explain this for me.
Thank you for your help and reply!


Anybody who has a dirty mind read the title of this video wrong

Lisa O

Since we're not mixing the lye in this pot, anyone would work here, really - aluminum or ss.

Melissa Turner

Hmm. I don't understand why anyone would downvote a video that contains useful information.

jerry lucero

help i need to buy a kit to start making  soap everything from cutter to bowels what ever else where to buy complete kit please help ty ty


if i was to use tallow would i need to refrigerate the entire batch

Wing Walker

Does the oils harden up when they sit for a little while? Maybe 2 to 3 weeks. I was just wondering what kind of container I would need to store the oils in.

ambrosia marie

I have a soap recipe that has Shortening, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter in it with a total weight of 16 lbs. My ? is, can I melt it all together and use 1 lb at a time or will it separate as it becomes solid again? I only make a 1 lb loaf a few times a month or so and thought it would be great if I could per mix the 3 solids. Also would I be able to add the stearic acid that the recipe calls for to the master batch or should I leave it out of the master batch and just add it when I make a one pound loaf.


Way way way easy then I thought. Looking forward to the next video...purple is my favorite color.

Jamie Teachey-Pyle

Thank you SO much for sharing. Gonna ask Santa for a huge stock pot and spigot. :D


I love this!!! I  found this on pinterest n I jus had to
Comment because I appreciate to explaination of math . Ive had the 
Love of soapmaking since I was 9, however was always trying to get a hold of math .I thank u for this n please make more so I can cont. To better myself at this art & science thanks

Xplosive CosmetiX

Great video!  I have been deciding on what type of container to buy to do this.  It sure would save a lot of time!

Sherrie Plowman

Awesome video Cathy I have purchased my pot today locally, and I ordered the valve on Amazon! I am looking forward to being able to make soap in a short period of time!! Thanks for all you do to inspire and help us out. 

gwen p

Thanks for making this easy to understand and follow.


Hi again. I was doing some research and I found out that not all spigots are stainless steel. You can get a weldless spigot that's all stainless. I was reading the comments from the beer makers and that's what led me to look into it.  I guess this would matter if you want to use this to pot and add lye to it.         



I love your videos they are very informative, I have learned a lot with you. I would love to see some videos about color and essential / fragrance oils, I never know the amount I have to add to my recipe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Jewish Royalty

Now in know why soaps can be so drying , because of all that lye and coconut oil. Coconut oil can be drying if its more then 10% of the recipe

Jane McGinnis

Thanks so much for this concise and all encompassing tutorial.


I can't wait for the colorant video. I really stink at colorants. It really is laughable if you've seen my results. Even with your instructions, I know it will be messed up.  It's like Charlie Brown and the kite eating tree.


Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

SpockMcoy Issmart

I've seen several soap videos and I couldn't understand how they were measuring items such as 3.7 oz of lye..........til I saw the digital scale used.  So I'll go out on a limb here and say all soap ingredients are measured by weight and not volume?



Angel Zie

I masterbatch my hard oils and add in the soft oils.

Lux & Lather Soaps, Candles, Bath & Body Products

Thank you SO MUCH, Cathy!!!

Penny LeForge

K, how would you store this masterbatch? What would the shelf life be?


I have always had a complete understanding of your videos, but this one has me completely confused. 1) Why is a stainless steel pot necessary when all you're storing are oils? 2) I am confused by adding the additional butters to the recipe. If the recipe calls for 40oz., wouldn't you use 30oz of the masterbatch and then the 5% shea & 5% coconut oils, allowing for the 'difference'? If anyone can answer these questions I'd appreciate it.

Marvell Jemmett

Omg I love this thanks alot its save me alot of time . I'm a new soap maker cant thank u enough. I weight all my oils now for different recipes label them so when im ready to use just take out what I need .love it love it lol.


You sound just like Beverly D'Angelo

Sara Decker

Awesome video! This will be great when I come up with my fav recipe. Thanks so much!


Hi Cathy, I know this is an older video but would like to ask a question. How long can you leave your master batch in the stainless steel pot? Can you refrigerate it? If I'm using long shelf life oils would they last a while in the pot? Just take it out of the fridge and put on low heat to liquify....just needing to know how long it can last in the pot?....any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you so much. I've always wondered how this was done and you made it sound so easy. 

Lucky Seven Soaps

yay hooray!  :D  Thanks Cathy. :D 

Allison Fields

Thank u


Second time I've read the first word in the title embarrassingly wrong...


can you use extra virgin olive oil in soapmaking or does it need to be plain olive oil?

Sela Sybil

THANK YOU Always !


Brilliant Cath!!, looking forward to the purple and under the table comments!! LOL j/k.... also like Kayorcee said, it bewilders me how anyone would thumbs you down, I feel sorry for them :(   , <3 but we love you Teach  <3 !!!  Merry Christmas!!!

Little Rojo Candle Co.,LLC

Thanks Teach you even make the math easy!


Love the video.


Thanks for sharing your knowledge! This is truly helpful and most importantly saves valuable time. I think you're an amazing teacher and watch your videos all the time :)

Shanice Brown

I keep seeing masterbating ! O_o

BUbuz Bubuz

Silly question maybe but..... the coconut oil is going to stay liquid? 


Thanks a lot , It gives me a lot of Idea.

lelei souza

Me encantei com este canal. Pena que só falo e compreendo a língua portuguesa. Parabéns pelo conteúdo!


Great vid! 

Taíno PR

Got my answer here ???