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Epson EF12 Portable Laser Projector

40 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Epson EF12 Portable Laser

Epson EF12 Portable Laser Projector Is a Mighty but Pricey On-the-Go Streaming Box.

The EF12 checks a lot of boxes for on-the-go projector needs, but it costs about as much as some OLED TVs. So, is it worth it?

That depends. I’ve spent weeks testing the performance of Epson’s EF12 portable laser projector, and I found myself raving about it to friends and colleagues—with a couple of caveats. It has built-in Android TV for easy content streaming (with some notable exceptions that we’ll discuss more in detail below), it’s surprisingly loud and packs quite a bit of bass for a relatively small device, and it’s bright enough that you can get away with some projection during daytime hours, depending on what you’re watching and where. Its portability makes it a great option for folks who need a streaming solution that can move with them, or for someone who doesn’t want something as bulky and permanent as a 65-inch screen in a room where they only occasionally watch movies or TV.

But for all that it does, the Epson EF12 will set you back a grand, and that’s a decent chunk of change for a projector that’s intended to be hauled around and might be subject to rougher handling than something that’s stationary. It does do things that other projectors do not, but it’s also not necessarily the best and brightest picture for what you’re paying. All that said, I still think it’s a great device for the right kind of buyer, and it’s been a delight to use as a streaming box in a small, TV-unfriendly room in my home.

► Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

●Amazon: https://amzn.to/3aTRwF4


Now, there’s plenty to love about this 1080p projector. First, its picture can reach up to 150 inches and doesn’t require a screen. I projected exclusively onto the walls of my home without any trouble. The size of the picture will approximately equal its distance from the wall, give or take. Positioned about 26 inches from the wall or screen, the image size will be about 30 inches. At 133 inches from the wall, the image will be about 150 inches. As for the projection itself, it’s fairly versatile so long as the box has a flat surface to rest on. The picture can be tilted upward by up to 9 degrees thanks to an adjustable foot toward the front of the box. It can also be placed on its backside to project onto the ceiling. We love options!

The Mini EF12 is a portable 1080p laser projector with Android TV baked into the box.

It supports pictures up to 150 inches, making it a good option for folks who want a larger display experience but may not have space for a TV.

Audio quality is great for such a tiny device, and it doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s expensive, and you can definitely get a better picture of the price with other, more stationary projectors.

Portability is the best use case here, though it does require a power outlet.

► Epson EpiqVision Mini EF12 Smart Streaming Laser Projector

●Amazon: https://amzn.to/3aTRwF4


► Epson EpiqVision Mini EF11 Laser Projector

●Amazon: https://amzn.to/3a4NbQk


► Epson – 120” EpiqVision Ultra LS500 Laser

●Amazon: https://amzn.to/3a74kcb


► Epson EF-100 Smart Streaming Laser Projector with Android TV

●Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Z1mG7R


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MISLABELED LASER | Power and wavelength?

368 382 views | 3 Feb. 2018

Can you trust the label on

Can you trust the label on a laser? In this video I try to confirm the power and wavelength on a suspicious laser pen.

This video was sponsored by https://brilliant.org/Brainiac75/

Much more laser videos on my channel: https://www.youtube.com/brainiac75


Timecodes: 0:00 + 0:36 + 5:55

Lightless Dawn - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


ISRC: USUAN1100655

Timecode: 4:25

Clear Waters - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


ISRC: USUAN1100290

Timecode: 7:52 - end

Peace of Mind - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


ISRC: USUAN1200099

Master Kamen

I have the 532 wavelenght laser and I don't know why but it says max output power 3000 mW.


Rubbish walkthru hence the calculator part..
jumping back and forward 3:35 and making it more difficult than it has to be by using keyboard numeric instead of mouse pointer so people can't just follow the cursors doing.
and you can bet your ass many people will. just be pressing the "sin" button, at that point where you jumping out. 3:35 and not clear the calculator and not type in the angle manually.
so they will have the angle in there calculator display from the 3:35 part and then jump to 3:56 and push the sin button like its the next step. without typing it in manually and they will get a value that is 10 to 20nm off so not enough so they can see they messed up..
Usually, praise your videos, but this walkthru is crap. dont jump in and out when you making a calculator walkthru and don't use numeric keyboard so people cant see the cursor's movement.


Its NO JOKE When You Can Blind Someone in split second..
Im Making IR Laser to blind one guy who killed my best friend,. hehe

k b

your the lazer sales man.. hahaha


Back when I was involved with lasers, Wicked Lasers always overrated their devices by removing the IR filter off the front and claiming it had a much higher output. Granted, it did in the IR range, but not visible. So much of their junk was confiscated by US customs and for good reason.

They asked what they should do to make their products better and safer. We made recommendations. They shut us out. Then they started labeling their devices as flashlights to get through customs. It eventually caught up to them and they caved.


I just brought the same smaller blue laser pointer from China. It is sad to say that he is just to powerful for presentations. The brightness is to damn high. Still a great piece of tech and I tread it right.

Dead InsideNOut

"Ugh im getting sloppy here its almost a whole nm off"
Dude i be off by 100s.

Que Sero

i like watching your videos, thanks for sharing them with us.


Have they started to make laser that sends the manufacturer information and id nr for the laser - eg good when all have cameras and all use lasers for whatever scumbag thing. Edit the info comes with the laserlight emitted

Eric Smith


CryptoCoder 555

Brainiac75, please respond to me.


this video makes me feel very stupid....


'... and set at exactly 100.0 centimeters.'

Nice touch of significant figure there :)


I've learned from these videos that I'm not careful enough to own lasers like this or big magnets.

Jedi Minion

Well, now I have to acquire those cards and other bits of kit like you have as I have several no-name lasers and the math for frequency verification plus your method is invaluable.

Create Something Clever

I really enjoy your commentary. Your tone and subtle humor is the perfect compliment to the informational approach you take. Keep it up

Alec Birdsall

Important video if you ask me, thank you


0:43 if there is ir laser source of ir light and Ktp crystal for frequency doubling to produce green light then why there's Nd:yvo4 in between what use of it ?


He sounds a little bit like a math teacher xD

NoOo!! YoU ARe aLmOSt oNE nANomEtEr OfF! ?


I don't actually understand this but I still watch it


You collected the beam into a focal point via the lens! Not the same as a colluminated beam. Just saying.

Refract ミラー 404

Finally my A-Level Physics is useful!

Fred -

Daily reminder the retina has no heat sensing nerves so you could burn a hole in your eye and not even realize.


I work with laser test equipment and we had some laser pointers used for quick alignment purposes. I can confirm those <5mW red, green and blue pointers all tested 20 mW and more


I guess kitty lasers can be dangerous

Stephanie Gomes

Can you please do less talking


Haha @5:09 color blind can't see any light through the filter....what did it do make a sharper point?


Can I use same set up to measure wavelength of 2W laser


Is there a tutorial how to construct a laser-diode array? I can not find, pls help.


I bought a 303 laser recently. 532nm. It says it’s under 5mW. Lol, no. I think it even claims to be a class II as well.

I bought it knowing before hand that the power rating was way off spec anyway.

Just need to find a small enough IR filter to stuff inside.

Boeing 747-8

I don’t know if it’s just me, or does C47 sound like the name for a military aircraft?

Marvin Co

It's not 100cm the ruler doesn't start at the end of it , there is around 1cm of space between the end of the ruler and the 0cm mark


Typo? ? Hmm, I don't know about that. The 0 and 3 keys are pretty far apart, so it's not like their finger slipped. And the ASCII codes for 0 and 3 in binary are 0x011110 0x100001 which would require flipping literally every single bit to swap them. I can't imagine what could cause that one character to get completely bit-flipped. ? Considering the reputation that Chinese sellers on eBay have for fraud, it seems infinitely more likely it was intentional. ¬_¬ 7:30 - But high-power lasers usually cost more. ?


I was literally wondering if it was possible to confirm wavelength at home 5 minutes ago...BAM...this video shows up

Emekwue Chigozie

what happens when a radioactive source is around a neodyum magnet


I bought a 1w laser turns out its reads about 1.3 ish watts


Dont look into laser with remaining eye.!


If your measurements are off by one nanometer, I think that’s an acceptable variance. ;)


I just got a 505nm directly-injected diode laser; it was advertised as being under 5mW but it metered 47mW. It's great that I received a way-overspec laser, but I have decades of experience with lasers. The average Joe Smoe won't have this level of experience and would be running the risk of serious, possibly permanent ocular damage with an overspec laser like this.

Normally, the major offender in this regard are those 405nm laser "pointers" on Ebay; they're sold as (and often labelled as) less than 5mW, but I've had them meter at close to 90mW! :-O


never complain if you got more than you ask for , never point against eyes

Dark Warrior

I bought a laser that said it was 2W, said it could ignite matches and pop balloons... could not at all but was still powerful. I attempted to boost it but fried the diode. Oh well.

kirby trash

When I thot i skiped math class to wach yt I watched this


The reason it says "5mw" is so it can go through shiping because most states dont allow 5+mw

Ashwin Singh

Why do you use so many significant figures - your uncertainty in measurement with a ruler is surely in the third significant figure

Jimmy Merrild Krag

66.6 cm. Must be why the devil is red :D


3:07 "I will use the Windows calculator"


Testing the wavelength is all well and good, but it would be more useful to be able to test the \power\, and see it it's labeled appropriately.

Ray Mathews

Where do you get(Buy) one of these laser's?

Snehal Bhayani

As always, such a fun and yet informative video. Thanks for the science.

Kimochi -chan

Is it danger


Can the bigger laser pop a balloon without the magnifying glass and can it start a fire when it hits the matches?

Sebastian Andersen

So youre danish right. Im kinda confused

Las HS

Hvad bruger man til at måle en laser, var det "WAVELENGTH" eller "OUTPUT POWER".
Og hvor har du købt dine lasere?
- en medborger?


I have an argon laser with a silly sticker. 750mW max output, Class IV. Its real power? 70mW :)

Mads Christensen

Dansk + laser = sub



Kenneth McGeechan

I am really sad, I can remember doing this 30 years ago in my physics lab work at college.


then with all your knowledge which one would you recommend ? thanks for sharing :)

Rushil Jalal

Clips to the rescue.

Sergio Specalsiki

what do people use these lasers for?


I used to buy diffraction gratings for a fortune on ebay 12 years ago... WOOT!


was this video sponsored by clothes pins??


Amplification by
Emissions of


You were actually 1mm further than 100cm. I don't think this change much but still


Brilliant brainiac


Amazon has 500 lines/mm and 1000 lines/mm choices for cheap diffraction grates. Which would make measurements easier, anyone know?


No. Way you’re from denmark lets have a private talk: Hej hvordan går det den bedste kanal


As a physics undergrad it kills me to see you ignore uncertainties. Error propagation was going to be the death of me.

Mitchell Theobald

I have a green "suspicious laser" , same as the one in the video. It's definitely not the claimed "<5mW" on the safety sticker and it will melt plastic under a magnifying glass

Kerim Can

This is like the opposite of getting scammed to me, I don't mind having powerful lasers :p

Thomas Slone

gimme a better laser for my money to get around a law that said my dumb ass is only allowed to have weak lasers, im starting to like china a bit more now


He predicted the 69 nice

Mike Mondano

I discovered this mislabeling trick some time ago. Price helps guide you, too, so you may get a laser more powerful than is usually allowed.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching your video with my remaining eye.

Greg Tyler


Arunava Datta

Thanks for the informative videos..I was wondering how could one measure such small wavelengths relatively accurately with crude measuring scale?

Alpha Oxide

Ah yeah... The clothes pin

k b

lets call it a typo... lmao


Laser manufactured on : April 1988
Video published on : Feb 2018
So, does it takes 20 yrs to edit a 9 mins video......duhhhhhh??


Brilliant, thanks for that. I'm going to get a grid and test my lasers now.?


Cheap peltier elements make very easy laser power meters. Just color it matt black to absorb as much light you need. If you don't need huge range/power, measuring peltier output voltage should be more or less linear with laser power if my memory serves well. I had good luck with those.

Jason Dunne

We did this in physics class, rip

Ashwin Singh

One interesting thing is I bought a “1mW” green laser off eBay, and tested it in the lab. It has a 60 mW power. ~20 mW is green, and 40 mW is unfiltered pumping infra red light. Be extremely careful with 1mW lasers you buy on eBay!


Over my head.

Sridevi J

Video search so nice I like you but I have a question can you tell me if you can attract a laser beam using a magnet

Anthony Z

Im just glad my blue laser from china was WAY more powerful then rated… Yay to china!!!!!! Chingachingchaaaang, lol

Brayton Dickey

4:38 Oh no! It's satin!

Redgren Grumbholdt

long time since uiversity, but we used lambda = d(sin theta)/n, allowing us to use degrees rather than rads

Houtan Sadeghi

Excellent presentation Brian. Easy to understand and follow. Well done.

Dustin Troxel

I laughed way too hard when the balloon popped almost immediately when pointing the suspicious laser at it. Suspicion: confirmed! XD


So dont trust the Chinese to label their products correctly? I already knew that lol, I saw a thing about kid that got a laser pointed in his eye, he thought it was okay for just a second but after he lost his sight from the laser damaging his eyes irreversibly in just a split second that led to him ultimately going blind. I think these lasers are cool but I see them on sale being pointed at all kinds of things in public which isn't safe.

Poopy John

It cannot be " centred around" 32nm, only centred on

praveengamer 93297

I have a classlllb laser with a power of<100 milliwatts I don't have any safety glasses and I cannot buy one. What should I do?!


"Output Power <5mW" and "Class IIIb Laser Product" on the same label. Lol

susyyy yyy

I have nothing to say ???????????????????

k b

dear santa... hahaha

Roger Hargreaves

Blue lasers have more diffraction. That’s why the beam spreads. Also always wear the correct goggles according to the corresponding wavelength. It’s worth spending £40 on a decent set. Your eyesight is worth more than that.

Marcus Petersen

Hej jeg vidste ikke du var dansker


0:53 C-47 Laser mounting hardware

Jesse Redfield

1/3 of a billionth of a nanometer. And subbed.


I found a laser that says it can do 1000 w. I don't think it can, it can't even burn a black paper.

Laser it

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Industrial Laser Marking - Marking of medical devices

4 650 views | 21 Feb. 2014

Laser safety class 2

Laser safety class 2 workstation designed for the automated laser marking of medical devices with a SpeedMarker FL fiber laser. With the laser it is possible to mark metals without damaging the surface, which is important to keep instruments and tools clean and sterile.