Korean skincare before and after

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I TRIED KOREAN SKINCARE FOR 28 DAYS - before and after | Alexis Aboagye

922 views | 19 May. 2019

Korean skin care has been

Korean skin care has been all the rage lately so I wanted to try it out and see if it really was that effective. In this video I show progress shots throughout the 28 days and how my skin responded to the change in skincare.

Here's the skincare set I purchased:


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My name is Alexis Aboagye

I am 22 years old

I am a Christian lifestyle YouTuber


Eating healthy and plant based that doesn't feel healthy

Finding natural remedies for every self-diagnosed ailment

Classy and timeless style

Living my life for Jesus


My ethnicity is Ghanaian

My nationality is Australian (born and raised)

I currently live in Dubai

I wasn't here

U are so beautiful ???

Lilo Ril

Thank u for the video
For hyperpigmentation i recomand you vitamin c product you can find on yesstyle.com
It works very great

Tamia georgia x


m v

Omg you are so pretty

Korean skincare before and after

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We Tried Natural Korean Skincare For 30 Days

27 446 views | 17 Oct. 2019

An 8-step skincare

An 8-step skincare routine? This better change our life tbh.

Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeed Oz! bit.ly/YTBuzzFeedOz







It's like BuzzFeed, but down under. We're a bit cooked, not afraid to get deep and sometimes we'll make you crack up. New videos every week!

Madi Lean

Who here in the comments is from Australia

Johanna Zamora

I love the Green Tea cleanser, it's pH balanced and so it doesn't irritate your eyes. I'm on my second tube of it.

Kanisha Mehta

omg so jealous of isha's brows, i thought she used to draw them in, but those are all natural!!

romy Kühlmann

sorry, in don't like ishas eyebrows.

evie delaney

Get this comment top liked and like it and I will like your comment too

sci fi vampire

you are suppose to wash your face after that oil removal.

Quartz Vereshchagin

Your skim takes around 3 weeks to show change when you start using a new product/skincare routine. Just a tip for anyone who’s unsourced about new product s

Bethy Efficaceous

You skipped the best Innisfree product! Green Gommage Barley Peel is so great for buildup of dead skin, once a week!

Simon 97

I was my face with soap

ʕ •o• ʔ

im staring intensely because they have product and sadly I don't

Devvyanni -_-

No hate but Isha’s eyebrows make me uncomfortable

evie delaney

I am from Australia

soriya hale

Their skin just looks a shade lighter

sci fi vampire

True Korean skin care - you tailor all the products for your particular skin, not just buy everything in a line. Would love to see this redone, with a korean skin care expert's help.

Juddyth Delrosario

Why do you make ur eyebrows so thick all you need to do is outline and fill in the eyebrows

Lham Gyelsthen


moon book

Kepler is so cute

Mrs J

I wish all skin care products had step 1 step 2 step 3 step 4. Love this video ?


I don't think SPF 15 is sufficient. SPF 50 please.

Ummz_ 97

Omg only if they knew how thorough other people's skincare routine is ... I think they will be shooketh with mine hahaha but koreans are, hands-down, the best when it comes to taking care of their skin

Simon 97


evie delaney

First View love the video please like comment buzzfeed oz

Macy Dellinger

are they twins

Korean skincare before and after

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53 058 views | 19 Mar. 2019

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What is your skin type? It will be helpful to know thanks! :) btw great content!


I'm so happy yesstyle sponsored you!! It's not Korean, but have you tried Muji's skincare before? I quite like it.

Aimee Ramirez

Nice video. I like how you show your bare face and acne:)

Sharalyn Chan

I almost screamed when you said you're trying to promote and find out more on Korean cruelty free skincare brands! It's so refreshing to hear that from someone who has an influence and a platform. I'm against animal testing and it has been a challenge. I recommend you to try brands like Klair's, I'm from, neogen and re:p. These are the brands that worked for me, price is really affordable and it works.


Ive tried so many things and I’m really trying to transform myself my freshman year of college (diet, exercise, self indulging) so I kinda wanna try the korean skin care regimen. I want smooth, glass skin


I have the red ones of the pimple patches and I think they're best for taking the pus out of the pimple, and then the black one gets rid of it completely?...

Ma lina

I love yesstyle

Skin Love

I've tried Korean skin care products from YESSTYLE and they are of great quality!
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TaeTae Ta

Can I ask u something? How many week we can see result of cosrx honey overnight mask?

Weiyi Song

thank you for doing skincare video!!! i will definitely try some products u mentioned, ♡

Phee S

Use my Yesstyle coupon code for 10% off:


Hot Viral

That is your bare skin? Omg. I wish mine is like yours. So pretty.


I'm korean i have natural glass skin but i look uglyyy

Naushina Shaikh

I have a question regarding skin care I have heard a lot about double cleansing so is it fine if we use a micillear water rather than oil based cleanser as I couldn't find an affordable oil based cleanser

lindsay m

a lot of acne can be caused by hormone imbalances and underlying medical conditions like PCOS. I had bad acne all thru my early 20s until I got diagnosed. once I started medicine to help my PCOS my skin cleared up a lot! now I use murad (c.f.!) and cetaphil and I only get the occasional breakout around my monthly cycle. high testosterone can cause acne even if it's still considered in the "normal" range, but there are medicines out there that can help.

I have noticed your skin looks nice in your recent videos! I'm happy to see you getting a sponsored video! you deserve it!

Megan N

Congrats on the sponsorship! I can’t wait to pick up some of these skin care products as I’m trying to expand my repertoire.

Dana C

Notif squad ?

Moon123 YS

Available for 2days for orders over 49€ ?


Lovely content!? Continue the good work. Should you get a sec you could flick over to my channel ??


4:03 if ur skin feels like its very tight then thats a bad thing, meaning its too stripping and therefore can damage ur skin barrier and make ur skin worse, i would definitely recommend liah yoo , she now also has her own skin care brand out and its wonderful for many reasons ((ps love the cruelty free product support))

Sara Sufian

I love cosrx! Love from malaysia

Hira Farooq

Skincare routine yaaaaassss

Yonnie Zheng

Omg same mario badescu don't work on me! I'm going to try the pimple patch!!!


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Krishna Sudhan

Innisfree Jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam
Benton Aloe bha toner/secret key starting treatment essence/purito centella green level calming toner/I'm from rice water
Benton snail bee essence/purito green level calming buffet serum
Lotus 50+ sunscreen (Indian)

Maryam Butt

I looove Korean skin care just discovered bodynseoul.com ❤?? a UK based site and I'm sooo happy ordered cosrx 96 power essence and innisfree green seed tea serum ❤


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l l



Honestly the pimple patches changed my life they are my favourite cosrx products too!! I’ve used both black and red and they’re both great! The edges of black patches are thinner and the middle part is thicker and less transparent so it hides the pimple better, I usually use this when I want to go out barefaced or if I want to apply makeup over it as it is thinner and less noticeable than the red ones. The red ones are overall a little thicker and it doesn’t have the thicker middle part so I usually use this overnight or if I know I’m not going out. I think you get more in the red packet as well so I try to use the black ones sparingly hehe ?

Maggie Ayekpam

COSRX overnight rice spa mask is my FAVOURITE ???

Shalini Joseph

Use the code ? 4CA34D ? to get a discount off your YesStyle order! Just put it in the friends rewards section !! :)

Joanne K

I just bought a bunch of makeup and skincare from koreanbeautynet, the prices are extremely affordable. You did this video just in time. I think Korean skincare has quality ingredients and it works if you're consistent. My skin is soft, clear, and hydrated.

Dilara Yuki

What do you think about ac collection calming liquid mild toner?

Maryam Butt

Love Korean skin care just bought a while skun care routine from bodynseoul ♥️♥️ Love cruelty free brands purito and benton ??

Wendy Paola GS

Update video ?

product junkie 101

Korean skin care is amazing

Shairi khare

What are u wearing on your lips? ?looks perfect!


A sponsored video, finally! I will definitely grab a few of these products

Christy Ho

I recently just adopted a cat for the first time -- knowing you're a cat person, pls consider making a video on caring for cats !! x

S. L.

❤️your skin DOES look much improved!! could you also share some diet tips for your fellow girls struggling with acnes >.<

A. Maddox

Yes your skin is totally clearer and more glowy and glass like!! Thank you for this video, I have been meaning to try the Cosrx low ph morning cleanser and pimple patches! Look up Gothamista here on YT if you want to learn more about skincare. She's the one who got me into Kbeauty and now I can't see myself without it!! Other brands you might want to try are Dear Klairs, I'm From, and By Wishtrend :-) ❤

Gala Gutiérrez

Yesss for skincare! I went through the same recently where my skin was acting up (which is rare considering I have clear skin usually) and changing my skin care routine was a game changer. If you have the chance try Drunk Elephant. Skip the cleanser and sunscreen (overpriced for what they are imo) but the oils and the night serum have changed my skin to the point I’m getting complements on it on no makeup days!

jenny carino

i love this video ! <3 my skin is sensitive and i have the morning cleanser - cosrx
do i also put the foaming cleanser after it, or do i only stick with the morning cleanser?


You should totally try the ToSoWoong pimple patches too i find them to work equally well and you get more patches

Maryam Butt

I looove Korean skin care just discovered bodynseoul.com ❤looove cosrx 96 power essence and innisfree green seed tea serum my holy grails?

Brittney A

Korean skincare saved my face ? been using k beauty for 2 years now.

Diana Garcia

I feel like a lot of kbeauty has fragrance though

Caitlin Hoffmann-Herbert

Probably the earliest I have been! Perfect way to relax after working at the hospital ^_^


YAY! I have been wanting to try Korean brands since they seem to be so popular lately, and I have been having a hard time finding CF ones for some reason. Thank goodness for you, Judy ?

Rosa Castillo Krewson

Definitely give us an update! I'm going to switch up my skincare and give K beauty a try. It's much more affordable than Tatcha (which didn't work for me).

Stephanie Meas

I'm using the same Purito Green Level Serum and it's been great for gently and gradually fading my acne scars! It took a little over one month of continuous use to show noticeable results but it's a holy grail for me now! I hope you see similar results (:


yes please for that skincare routine video! ? always looking for good cf products!!
also girl you had me FOOLED, your skin was so glowy i literally thought you were wearing foundation? ive tried stuff from cosrx but looks like ive gotta try purito next!

Diana Kraikittikun

YES SPONSORSHIP! You better get that coin!

Amanda Ashly

Recently been loving peach and lily, definitely on the higher end side, however usually in the mornings when I used American skin care, my face would still be dry, not moist by morning and still pretty flaky. I had done some extractions on blackheads on one side of my face, it was a bit swollen and red/ irritated from steam. When I woke up this morning, the swelling and redness went down, almost as if it was not there in the first place! I have hormonal acne on my jaw and mostly lots of clogged pores. They’re vegan and cruelty free, and don’t do animal testing. I mostly get blackheads and white heads, and I scar easily. Definitely recommend for those with very sensitive skin, it’s very hydrating and calming :)

cathy xo

I love cosrx and purito!! and pimple patches are my life LOL. also, your skin still looks good even when you're breaking out XD

Alex Green

Wow....this is a handy content.


yes i would love to see your skincare video ?