Trendy tattoos to avoid

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What are the most popular tattoo trends?

1 429 views | 6 Feb. 2019

These are the most popular

These are the most popular tattoo trends customers are rolling up their sleeves for.

Trendy tattoos to avoid

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4 014 views | 2 May. 2020

Hi crystal babies!

Hi crystal babies!

Here's another very requested video for you guys. I know I've been MIA on Youtube again, but I'm not going to lie, this lockdown thing has been really affecting my mental health. It's not cute. I'm going to do my best to provide content for you guys because TBH I HELLA MISS YOU ALL. I hope you guys enjoyed this video!!

Comment down below if you know the English / Tagalog equivalent of "Tuga-tuga" cause until now.... wa gihapon ko kabalo HAHAHAHA.

Love and kisses,

Queen C.

Tattoo Tag Questions: https://www.youtubesociety.com/tattoo-tag-questions/

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**Comment with ?? IF YOU’RE AN OG CRYSTAL!!


What do you use to film your videos?

- iPhone XS Max

Editing software/program?


Where are you from?

- Davao! ♡

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Macy Esguerra

omg my question got included kilig hahahhaha you're literally one of my fav dito sa youtube!! like legit i was here nung pinaka una mong video & im like "may bagong upload ba?" lmao but anw thanks!! <3

Beanca Valdez

You are getting fit!! Drop the secret sis love you keep safe❣

Khatelyn Lim Gonzales

More vids during quarantine uwu


Been really thinking of quitting my job next year so i can focus on my business & ofc, I can get a tatt. It sucks that here in ph, having tattoo means you’re not gonna get qualified for a lot of jobs. Stereotyping shit.

Ashanti Reem




Mary Zusie

NOTIF SQUAD!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Darlyn Louise

please make a room tour ❤

Nicole Justine


Ashley Nicole

I missed you! Pero remember that you’re not obliged to give us a content or post vlogs since we’re experiencing shit right now. You don’t need to be productive everyday. Just take care of yourself! ♡

And I respect your decision for not telling us the meanings behind some of your tattoos, so don’t feel bad about it. It’s okay, hehe. ♡

I love you. I appreciate you. ?

Ariza Ballon

Omg!! Thank you for answering my questions!! I hope you will do polygel tutorial/ how you did your nails next timeee ????

Ericka Fabila


Odeth Decena

Samee!! Got my first tattoo when i was 18???

Reese Oguis

do a plant tour ?

Your Channel

staysafeee queeen

Merry Lore Bacsal

"no walay syay labot, and dapat wala silay labot" PERIOOOOODTTT ??‍♀️?

Kylah Charis

Could you do a day in Quarantine w me? Definitely would watccch

Sach Mae


bibyenn -



I missed uu mamshh!! Ilyy❤❤

ayesha nathalie


Andie Andrada

love your arm tattoos! where did you get the angel done!

denise sigua

Tattoos are addicting!! My mom has a lot of tatts,, but we okay wid it❤️ love youuu

Lora Lorenzo

she noticed my question??

Ish Aguado

it is definitely addicting! now i have a long queue of future tattoos ?

Princess Maria Gerona


Glydel Tsunashima


Kc Miclat


Izzan A

I was against tattoos too. Siguro dala na rin ng stereotyping ng iba since I was a kid. But now I completely understand and open on getting a tats

Mosie Tambong

I missed you so much ??? good thing I always watched your tiktok vids hehe love you?


I might need a new home huhu

Queen Claire

Hi loves!
Just noticed medyo malakas yung background music huhu bobo moment!!! But I hope you guys can still understand what I’m saying and I hope you guys liked it ? I missed you all so much. Quarantine has not been good to my mental health at all and this is a little reminder to take a small break if you feel overwhelmed with everything.

I hope you are all doing well during all of this. Take care of your physical and mental health. Love you guys!! ❤️

Graciella Alacarsada

Pretty as always ? ????

Janella Rose Academia


courtney arpa



Queeeen can you please share para sa mga taga Davao kung asa ka na place or shop nagpa tat and kinsa specific artist nimo? Becoz it's hard to find a really good artist kay some of my tattoos palpak jud girl I hope u can help us out kay na inspire mi na magpa tat tungod saimo?



Malingin Chysca Joy


Kasydren Punzalan

a lot of people that I know that have tattoos admitted that it's (referring to the pain) very addictive. I guess, same with the piercings? Missed you queen <3 :(

Samantha Y. Aquino

Haluu!! Just a random question lang, saw on your ig story a long time ago, did @anak_bobby on ig fo all of your tattoos? Bc just wondering if we have the same artist☺️ if not who was the artist who did all of your fine line small tattoos sis?

Jameica Nicole Lumampao

4:43 I think the word is impulsive! HAHAHA

Khatelyn Lim Gonzales


Mary Zusie


Trendy tattoos to avoid

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Tattoo Trends - Tattoo Shop Talk

6 113 views | 23 Nov. 2017

Tattoo Shop Talk on tattoo

Tattoo Shop Talk on tattoo trends.

Tattoo trends that we are dealing with at the moment, trends we have been around in past and we have heard about in times before us and what our future guesses and hope are.






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Cameron Mack

It's 2019 and I live in Southern California. Also, I work with musicians every day. Trends...
- Dr. Woo style geometric combined with a realistic animal in black and grey.
- Watercolor Space
- Hippie Mandalas
- Pineapples? (okay, I only saw a few, but the more I paid attention, the more I saw. crazy.)
- Sacred Geometry
- Hipster tats like compasses, arrows,
- California Grizzly Bears

Daniel Woods

I know this video is old but over here in Rhode Island, USA the trend is these young girls getting small one word sayings on their bicep muscle in the front just over the elbow ditch. Shit like "growth " or "unity" or shit like that just fine line cursive writing. Thank God the trend is to go small...lol. I won't even do them anymore. I give those requests to a shop down the street. That guy sends work he won't do to us. It works out pretty good.

knukles 702

I love this show, I watch it stoned af lol

Daniel Woods

The first big trend I encountered was tramp stamps in the eighties. Now in my area the big thing is no stencil tattoos. Sharpy custom stuff. Me personally I love doing flash. My last shop had over 2000 sheets all hand painted and signed from everyone from Zeke Owens, Ed Hardy, Don Nolan. Everyone. The owner literally had 100s of thousands of dollars invested in all that flash. Julie Moon, Kari Barba. I mean all hand painted originals. No prints. He had all the line drawings traced and filed away. Funnest shop I ever worked in. Use to love doing JD Crowe flash. Peace.

Marius Hidro

nice talk guys ;)

erion cuka

one of my friend say something funny about this trend tattoos
bro i tell you something but dont say this to costumers ? imagine when costumers coming with that fancy trend ideas
and u say to costumers
how much u pay for this shit

Majda Pasalic

What's popular? Def the ultra "feminine" pinterest inspired minimalistic tattoos. I think that the sticker tattoos one used to get in a bag of chips are way better than those presented on pinterest. Also, watercolor tattoos. They give me the creeps, especially when there is a clock and a rose, of course always put together, involved in the watercolor style tattoo. Sorry, but not sorry. I always look forward to watching your videos! xoxo


Semicolon tattoo

L’ optimiste

I love your talks as fuck !

Joanna Hernandez Herrick

Well, so much for my dream tattoo of little black birdies shitn out a barb wire armband!! Lol ??

Snake Eyes

Jonboy tata


The turkey flying out of the feather was fucking hilarious.

Chelsea Forrester

A lot of what im seeing in my area in Scotland is the dot work under boob tattoos, theyre very popular!

Daniel Woods

Just so you know, I don't know how you guys look at it, but I'm a tattooer. Not a tattoo artist , not a tattooist...lol.. . I am an artist but when it comes to the "TRADE" of tattooing I am a tattooer. I'm sure you guys would agree. To me tattooing is a craft that had nothing to do with art. Meaning that a tattoo artist is just that. A tattooer knows how to apply the art to the flesh. Both go hand and hand but I apprenticed this kid who isn't that good an artist but she can tattoo like a natural. Hopefully your both but some people lay that ink in like nothing. Anyway, I know you know what I mean. Sorry for hitting an old post.

Atelier Kunstkreis

In Switzerland I think trends are: Mandalas, Blackwork and Scripts are very popular too.Roses, Infinity Signs, Dotwork, Arrows, Trees, under Boob Tattoos, one-line Tattoos, Hourglasses every one has the same tattoos!! I'm into sketch style Tattoos :-) Best wishes from Switzerland!

Snake Eyes

Pocket watches and roses

Joanna Hernandez Herrick

Here in the states tribal is still pretty popular

Sean Sherburne

What beer is that?

Aedrian van

Here in Romania in Baia Mare , EVERYBODY GETS FUCKIN LION TATTOOS :/ ... i usually do 1-2 lion pieces a week :/ ...and its annoying really ..

Semone Robinson

Inner lip tattoos have been making a comeback in the states. But ones without deep meaning. Youtubers started doing it recently when they would loose dares or bets.

erion cuka

maori of the rock is one to 2 persons who have a tattoos ????

Daniel Woods

I know I posting again on an old posts guys but here I go " Into the flame zone"... Lol. Trash Polka is still super trendy here in New England. I'm sure you know what it is But for people who don't its a black or black n grey style with red ink running over it or around it or on it. Usually tight with the black and messy with the red. Looks a lot like graphic art and by rule its ALWAYS just black with red. https://images.app.goo.gl/MiaJ2Mk7xGETDjta7

Daniel montoro

U R so fuckin' funny ,U R ''diferent'', i mean NORMAL guys who speak about tattoo stuff, youtube its full of ''tuttorials'' and opinions that are very ridiculous so... thanks for be normal tattooers! well, normal people !

Barbara Crane

This is a popular, good bad tattoo shop/artist https://www.instagram.com/bitchinkworldwide/


Face tattoos here in the U.S. I would like to hear your thoughts about that.love the way you guys do the talks.

Snake Eyes

Day of dead shit

Marina Walker

Carlos, you mentioned "house" tattoos or like "shitty" tattoos being popular, in the states it seems like the #1 trend among the youth right now. Every time I go to a house/garage show everyone wants me to see the new terrible tattoo they got, it's almost worse because they are terrible on purpose, and they paid high dollar haha. I guess I'd rather get a bad tattoo on purpose in a sterile environment than a bad tattoo on someones couch.


I’ve seen a lot of abstract kind of line work, with vivid colors. Also saw some traditional, simple tattoos or sleeves.

Joanna Hernandez Herrick

Haha I still love the dream catchers, but not plain shit. Gota change it up with some cool shit. N I love the mandala designs.


Really enjoyed this video, I remember when I first started tattooing, Kanji was the craze, That was how I learned to do cover-ups, many people didn't realize they were walking around with a tattoo that meant IDIOT and not THE WARRIOR. Now it seems like minimalist and stick figures are the new trend, In the future, the new craze may be creative ways to cover-up the bad tattoos people are getting today. Thanks again for your videos, cool stuff.

Sterling Joseph

it's funny you say that because stars on my wife was the first tatoo I ever did and they came out REAL GOOD but my hand was shaking like a leaf the whole time lol .. for some reason ever since then I seemed to get lucky with getting the ink in the skin and for somehow I allways had good luck with them healing up ..now of course it's not luck anymore but just to think back on that I'm like whoa! Lol

Paramvinder Sidhu

This owl screams at night ?????? hahahaha put a cross on that face ???? carlosss u are hilarious brother ❤️❤️❤️??

Rocky H

Face tattoos I guess these kids are listening to mumble rappers and getting their first tattoo on their face or neck

Joanna Hernandez Herrick

The 3rd tattoo I did was a star, need say no more!! Lol but I got to dazz it up later on after it healed with some more details... darker details lol

Atelier Kunstkreis

By the way: I think roman numerals are stupid, why do I have to calculate to get the date of a birthday, wedding day or else?!

Marion Lusseau

In the 90's in France/Germany Dolphin on the shoulder and or a sun on the ankle were very popular... :)

Joe buckley

mountains are super trendy in the uk at the moment!

Tattoo Shop Talk

What's trendy in your area and what is the craziest trends?

trifan alexandra