How to wash your back

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Stranded Podcast - Episode 179 - January Is Dead, Long Live February

9 932 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Hello!! Welcome back,

Hello!! Welcome back, thank you for stopping by!

You can find me on instagram and ravelry as amyflorence.

The ravelry group for the podcast is here: https://www.ravelry.com/groups/stranded-podcast

Stranded Dyeworks, my hand dyed yarn is available here: https://strandeddyeworks.co.uk/

My second youtube channel - Round At Amy’s is here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg_qLcO1NoiNZCyXm8G_EjQ

music by bensound.com

My Goodreads account - https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/78398961-amy

My Ko-Fi account is here: https://ko-fi.com/amyflorence

What I’m Wearing:

Litmus Cowl by Amy Edwards Green - https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/litmus-cowl

Canon Hand Dyes - https://canonhanddyes.com/


Up North by Jill Zielinski - https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/up-north


Hand woven towels

Wash Your Hands by Kelly Casanova - https://kellycasanovaweavinglessons.com/2020/04/wash-your-hands-towels-free-project.html

Knit Picks Dishie - https://www.knitpicks.com/yarn/dishie/c/5420207

What I’m watching / Reading:

All the books I’ve read can be found on my goodreads, here - https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/78398961-amy

I’m watching:

Drag Race UK - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episodes/p07kt8b4/rupauls-drag-race-uk

It’s A Sin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hnR5DxP2e2g&ab_channel=HBOMax

Ana Cecilia Balliache Liendo

My mom does the same thing. Every time she sends me something everything is covered in so much bubble wrap!

Wonky Warrior Knit & Crochet Crafts Scotland

well you jinxed the weather in fife lol. super deep here in Kirkcaldy. love the cowl your knitting .


I mean, you could dye your own mini skein sets in worst case scenarios

Andria DeFilippo

My mom made me a basic granny square blanket very much like your opal advent calendar blanket. It was crocheted out of remnant sock yarn balls (she knits A LOT of socks!) so it's real scrappy and I love it! Your blanket is beautiful and it made me think of my mom. ? Love your Litmus Cowl - I bought yarn today to make my own! I'm new to your channel and so happy I found you!

Lisa Long

I went looking for Canon Hand Dyed so I could see their mini sets...and it looks like they have kits for your litmus cowl! It's not called that...but it's what you said you used - and so many options of mini colors! https://canonhanddyes.com/collections/minis-sets

Katharina Jakešová

Thanks for the fun episode Amy! ? And thanks for the Goodreads link ❤️

Diane V Calhoun

I loved seeing you again! I am living through a blizzard currently but loving sitting here knitting. Love your colors for last week's update! And love the mini skeins.

Graham McNicol

Was thinking of making my second small shawl then you spoke of how they can fall off at inappropriate times just as mine fell off into the chopped veg I was preparing for our menemen brunch so maybe a cowl is now on my agenda. Can you sell your yarn British vat free if sending abroad so the recipient pays only the local taxes and charges? Love you and your podcasts always feel you are so brave and upbeat about facing all this crap by yourself. Hope you get the darn roof sorted take care Frances McNicol x

Barb McKinlay

I’ve read all the J D Robb murder books❤️. Your granny blanket is so pretty.

Katerina McHugh

“... and that would be HORRIBLE.” ?? Definitely made me laugh. As a side note, I’m dying to know which FanFictions you like best!

Ynk Art

"Tiny piggy eyes in my giant moon face" brought a much needed chuckle to my day!

Felicity Yarn Studio

I'm here for the fluffy romance escapism books right now. ?

renea lee

Love the Dallas books as well. I'm slightly behind but they are great! I also LOVED the Red, White and Royal Blue. It was cute fluffy romance. Fluffy escapism all the way!!

Mel W

What, uh... what kind of fanfiction, Amy? ;)

Shann Jess

I appreciate the captions it opens up your podcasts to a wider audience. My granddaughter is deaf and if this is a sign of the times podcasts are becoming so much more inclusive ?

Brenda Oberle

OH!! I love your Litmus cowl!! I have a few of them now and non of them are in the sock weight year!! lol

Mad about Ewe Podcast

Lovely episode Amy. I can totally relate to reading far too much fanfiction when I should be working!

Jayshree Shah

Amy I love your granny square blanket. Put it on your sofa.It is so cheerful.

Lisa Cox

Love my Litmus Cowl! It is the one I wear the most!

lois patrick

I agree, you can never have too many blankets...... just put the spare ones in a lovely trunk and rotate them. It's like coming home to old friends when you get one out of the trunk.

Savanah Jett

One family isnt enough for not my cat. ? It seems you have been adopted

Karen Stewart

I have such a fan fiction addiction! Mini eggs! We have 4 ginormous bags in the freezer to keep us happy through Easter...or possibly July if we're careful. Finishing up my 2nd Tin Can Knits Flax sweater. It's cold here in PA.

Jodie Banner


Heather Tucker

Amy I so agree with you about the tv programme “It’s a sin” it’s one of the best dramas on tv that I’ve seen in ages! It’s so real and so very sad and I have probably got piggy eyes after it too, as I watch most of it in floods of tears! Love your new shop colours and the skein I bought in the last shop update is absolutely lovely and I’m so pleased with it, take care x

Tambra Archibald

I can’t believe how great your hair looks from just growing out a buzz cut! Some salon cuts don’t look that good. ? Love your cowl WIP. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

caroline dubose

What does Jinx's family think of her you tube career??? Your colorwork cowl is absolutely beautiful!!

Linda Huson

Oh my! I love your blanket! I so wish I knew how to crochet...

Anne Hayward

Great to see you, love your colour work it looks amazing. Not my cat is sure making herself at home lol. Stay safe love and hugs xx

Linda C

I wish your mom would make me handtowels. ?

Margaret Gardner

Not My Cat is so sweet :)

Claire Nason

I think the crochet blanket would match your sofa. Love the cowl, color works is fun to keep the mind working.

Jo Sandie

Hi puss, I missed you ? hope to snag some Not my Cat this update ??

Jean Greenfield

Apparently Braemar in central Highlands (?) was the coldest place in the UK recently, at - 23 Celsius. Yikes ?!

wendy brookes

Another great podcast..thank you. I have had to watch this in segments between work appointments. I always love you Litmus cowl. The colours are relaxing and harmonious. The new one is wonderful in a totally different way. I have not done colourwork yet. Just doing socks. Will try to get some yarn on Fri this week..I’m usually working so miss it. Errrrr..ha ha. Your mum made wonderful towels. You’ll have to show us how they look one day. Have a great day....thanks for the weather updates too...we have snow and cold...but the sun is out....


I live in Arizona... Never get snow... Haven't even turned on the heat this year... only closed the windows once so far... My phone started alerting me to impending heavy snow... I laughed!

Georgina Bird

I think your hair is lovely I also think your hair looks a lot thinner , no more need to under cut it,I also love the colour it looks amazingly rich stay safe Amy xxxx

Kathleen Kastner

I love the yarn on the shelf story!!! I desperately needed the chuckle today. Beautiful cowl!

tineke joldersma

Oh, Amy, you made me laugh out loud. Love the frog saga of the shawl. Hilarious. You definitely need a lot of chocolate to recover. Oh yes, the traveling in the future. Will it ever be the same? We shall see. What is it with Ikea furniture it looks easy but turns out complicated? I made some fairly easy things and screwed it up the same as you. Put something inside out. All the time. Mom made gorgeous towels, the red Xmas towels were gorgeous but these are stunning. Was good to see you and NMC again. Hugs dear.

Deborah Pena

I am 52 percent Scott does that make me Scottish / mom was Irish,French and Spanish or am I a mutt

Sally Idso

Thanks Amy I love the color work cowl.

Deborah Pena

Crafty toads or toad hollow sell mini skeins on the jersey shore in a USA.

Kim Watts

Hi Amy,
Lovely to see you again?
Love the cowl you are wearing:) also love the colour work cowl, can’t wait to see it finished ?
More lovely tea towels from your mum? I have not tried weaving, something else on my to do list.
Take care

Flo Simonsen

Working on my first skeeted sweater with colourwork, yay me! Also using the flax pattern as a base for another child's stripped sweater! Trying to use up scraps in my stash!

Jane Ferguson

I need those one of a kind bfl colorways. Omg.

Marg Reffle

So good to see on my screen again, lovely lady! ???

Liz Foreman

Would your Mum think of selling them. I would love some.

Linda Huson

Well...I can make the sacrifice and take the blanket off your hands!?

Nicole Isaac

I am allergic to cats, but if Not My Cat came here, I would totally suck it up. She may be the best cat ever

Cat Montgomery

unnamed beauty is raving unicorn madness

Chatri Bulner

Collectively, this was the most beautiful collection of projects I have seen on your podcast! I love everything! Thank you for the inspiration.

Xus Blasco

Simply fantastic fun. Thanks, Amy for coming back! ??


Hello from Mounds Illinois. We are having an ice storm here.

Donna S

And FINALLY, Peabody and her squeeze get a great place to live with Mavis and company. Great to see you, as always! Hugs from Maine.

Carol Gresley

Love your blanket, happy you're keeping it for yourself, I reckon it would like nice on the grey lounge. Always happy to see #notmycat!??

Karen McCarthy

Love. So happy when I can catch you before I go to work!!!

Terry Wynn

I love your hair!

racehorse 1 n.c.

Hi Amy thanks for brightening this dreary winter day. Love your cowl.

Priegelaarster uit Leuven

Only 8£ admin costs????? That's almost free ?, Belgian post asks standard €24 for a package with a value of €22 - €150. That's worth a skein of yarn. Then they add VAT, how they calculate that ?‍♀️, no idea.
Lately, I paid on a package worth 22£ (cross stitch kit), €13,08. What percentage is that? ? Really? I ordered the kit in December, so I payed vat to the vendor....
I let it go because it was just at the start of the Brexshit. Next time, I would complain and ask an explanation on the vat.

Oh well, in the worst case I could maybe set up a smugglers route for UK crafting materials ?


Discovered a new show. Help, my house is falling down. Thought of you while watching. Lots of great advice on that show.

Maria Consuelo Crespo

Love your Wip. ??

Liliana Rose

Your supermarket comment is so relatable ? i always end up with more in my basket than on my list


Your comment about "Festival of Brexit" made me remember the joke, "fêtes worse than death." You crack me up!

Laura Taylor

What a lovely podcast. I must make something in Crayon. I was also so happy to see Not my cat, she really is gorgeous ???


First time to catch your podcast and boy am I inspired by your color choices and color combinations. You have "the eye" for color and now I want to recreate everything you've shown. Awesome! :D

Mary Nolan

I was just thinking of you and 'your weather' yesterday while out for a walk! glad to see your update

Jenni Vento

Aaaaaa, I loved Red, White and Royal Blue! Ridiculous, cute and reads like fanfiction (I feel like only fanfiction readers know what this means haha). I’m planning on watching It’s a Sin this weekend, and I can’t wait - though I expect to be completely emotionally drained by the end.

I love both your Litmus and the Up North cowls! Perhaps I should finally cast on a cowl... definitely needed for the Scottish winters! ?


Hello from Canada! It’s been -40 all week. If you are looking for cold weather and mild summers, we will gladly accept you here! We also get lots of sunshine here in Calgary.

Kate Reid

100% here for NotMyCat content haha

pamela mckenzie

love what you making love the lovely colours of wool fab video i from Hastings East Sussex

Megan Bassett

Another great podcast! I feel the covid grocery store mess!

The Knitted Bean

I am so glad to know I am not the only one who knits regularly and still manages to have to frog three times to get it right the fourth time! I did this with a hat recently and though I must be the only person in the world who has ever done this. The hat was worth it and so was your colorwork!! It's glorious!

Fran Burley

I love that blanket!!


Have you considered doing any of Mina Philip's cowls from her new book? Fan fiction rocks! I have 10 libraries on watpad.

How to wash your back

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Night Falls (From "Descendants 3")

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#Descendants3 #NightFalls

Music video by Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, Booboo Stewart, Cameron Boyce, Thomas Doherty, China Anne McClain, Dylan Playfair performing Night Falls (From "Descendants 3"). © 2019 Walt Disney Records


How to wash your back

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How to Clean Your Back

201 views | 13 Aug. 2019

Copyright "How to

Copyright "How to Channel", not reup and use in any form.