How to look younger at 40 female

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This is what 40 year old women use to look 10 years younger!

11 861 views | 19 Sep. 2019

This is what 40 year old

This is what 40 year old women use to look 10 years younger!

Yvonne Metsie

Thsnx i m going to try it

Manish Chauhan

What does an average 40 year old woman look like?, see here https://sheistough.com/what-does-an-average-40-year-old-woman-look-like/

How to look younger at 40 female

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7 Ways to Look Younger With Makeup NOW! | Over 40 Beauty

70 447 views | 29 Aug. 2018

Today I'm showing you 7

Today I'm showing you 7 ways to look younger with makeup instantly! If you want to know how to look younger than your age and how to look 10 years younger, this video is for you! Please click the Like button if you enjoyed this video! Thanks for watching! :)

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Lori Is Awesome

So glad you mentioned blush placement. I’ve been struggling where to put it, lol.

Alice Horoshev

Wonderful video! Great tips in one spot and also I enjoyed all the great comments underneath!

Geylekin Fraire

I've heard the 'Shimmer' thing. Yes i use the shimmer . Also black Eyeliner has actually helped me to look younger not older, you only use up to a third of the Waterline ,not the whole waterline

Allie Beth

LOVE to see a new brow tutorial!!

Laura Dean

Hey Stephanie! It's Christmas Day! I was looking at some things and came across this video. Midway through the video of when you were talking about foundation and stopped short of going underneath the eye, you said you would go back to that part. If I'm not mistaken you did not go back to that part. So I would love to know what the other portion of it was. Thank you and Merry Christmas

Sariah Lace

Value your tips.Thanks.

Lisa Humphreys

Great tips!

Joyce A

Women want your help make up.

Hedy Mills

I agree with everything except the lipstick color. I'm not talking about super dark lips, but going too nude is very aging in my opinion. Every time I experiment with lighter lip colors, my husband comes in and asks me why I'm wearing old lady lipstick! Not to sound rude..

Gilda McG

Pardon me for asking, but have you had a mid-facial lift or an eyelift? Something is different on your face, and it's in your eye area. Would love a video on this if you are open about it.

Tanita Hensley

I just found your channel and I am SO happy that I did. I am in my early 50's and your Hooded Eye video has changed my life!! I cant believe the difference! You are awesome!!

N. F.

Nice video, but way too long. I'd appreciate watching shorter videos. Thanks

Delilah Hart

I've recently started using Retin-A, and it has done wonders for my skin.

Sarah Allwardt

what colors do you use on your eyes

jackie reinstedler

I have been embracing the light, bright, sometimes dewy look. When in doubt, I use a slightly lighter foundation and concealer. I do use shimmer/ highlight in the mobile lid, on my cheeks ( like you showed) , corner of my eye.
I tight line with black pencil, so I feel does not look too harsh. I've been doing a shimmery, nude lip.
I'm 52, and feel like make up is so wonderful. No surgery needed!!?

Master Sensei Zach

Primers seem to break out my chin. What would be a good one for sensitive skin?

Holly Bronwyn

The whole "less is more" theory where makeup is concerned is best for all ages, imo. Past high school, I stopped wearing black eyeliner ... always preferred shadows or shades of liner in greens/blues/grays/browns. The one thing I won't do is curl my lashes. I generally only apply mascara towards the end of my lashes to accentuate the almond shape and make my eyes appear further apart. The bare necessities for me are lipstick/lip gloss ( NEVER liquid lipstick) and concealer. Good Info, I agree with all but the eye lash curling ... I have none to lose.

Mercedes Fernandez

Awesome tips! Will try them from now on, Love your channel ?

Amy E

53. Less is more. The 100 layers look by so many YouTubers is horrible imho. Btw, where and why did the heavy huge under eye triangle of concealer start?

Master Sensei Zach

I never realized that about blush! I still have been putting it on the apples of my cheeks

Angela Jane Lomax

Opps look at my pic , Liquid Black eyeliner lol xxx ???

Corey Robert

I was told by at a MAC counter that I should not wear shimmer shades at 40. I never wore eyeshadow after that. Now I wear eyeshadow and I’m over 55. I used to only wear black eyeliner, now I wear anything but black. I really like brown or purple because my eyes are green

Jennie F

Great tips for under the eye! I'm 32 and starting to see dryness under my eyes when I use foundation. I've been going crazy! I am going to try these tips today!

Amy Johnson

Ive heard many times to not use shimmer, but I do anyway, glad to hear its ok.

Philomena Kyle

I just turned 60 and I love a good shimmery shadow...everyday...and as for liners I use a deep shadow...

Inga Essakl

Yes, you are right - for a while I stayed away from shimmer on my lids (I am 47), because that is what I thought was "the rule". Well, I stopped following that rule and love shimmer on the lid and use it almost every day.

Kit Hale

Mix one pump of foundation with two pumps of radiant primer for a subtle glow and a non cakey finish then use creme blush

Jennifer Johnson

I have always had a crase in the mile of my eyelid for as I can remember it was there when I was a teen do you or anyone else watching have any tips to keep eyeshadow and other products from settled in that line I always hated it. And I also have hooded lids

Lanegra Santiaguera

Hola Marie!. I was lucky to find your channel today I really enjoy and apply 2 of your tips today while watching your video, 1 foundation application and concealer it works perfecto, and the lips exfoliation long time I didn't took care of my lips it does make a big difference, thank you for sharing with us those tips please keep doing videos with this topic

Samantha March

I am here for these tips lol

Gillian Wills

I'm 40 tomorrow but most people think I'm about 26. I'm one of those irritating women who haven't got hooded eyes (and I have large eyes) and have very pigmented lips. My main concerns are hereditary dark circles and acne... GxXx ???

Leanne Radoo

Im 43 but i feel like I have 30 realy

Carried Away

I use a shimmer on my lid every day. I’ve heard not to use them, but I’ve always liked the way it looks on my hooded eyes.? I also use bronzer, and sometimes blush, on my crease. I’m working on finding a brown that I like as a liner, but I’m still using my trusty black liquid eyeliner.??

Mama Dukes

I am 62 years young & recently retired. I am new to makeup & skincare. I I recently purchased products from Charlotte Tilbury , Drunk Elephant, Sunday Riley and many more. My next step is to have someone help me find a foundation that works for my dry skin and won’t settle into the fine lines, creases etc.and of course a colour match. I have no idea what the undertone colour of my skin is I had a tan in the summer that is now fading. I find the foundation part of the entire skin regime to be the most difficult for me. I am especially enjoying taking care of my face morning and night and watching tutorials on how to apply make up. The first YouTube videos I watched were people in their 20s or 30s and holy smokes do they ever wear bright colours LOL. I’m so glad to have found you Stephanie Marie! ????

Deborah Lindsay

Loved this video! Thank you.

Yvonne Haney

I'm so enjoying your videos Stephanie! I found your channel from watching Emily Noel. As an over 40 woman I really appreciate your tips and tricks! Keep up the good work!!!

anna novales

Awesome channel?

Shannon Carnes

Hey thanks for your videos! Also I want to ask a random question.. what powder foundation do you like the most between bare minerals matte or the make up forever ... what do u like and what DONT u like about the two ?? Ty

nattalie michael

What a great video I've watched it before; but I just barely subscribed. Didn't know how (lol). But anyway, despite the great make up tricks for hooded eyes that you provide via this video, I still want botox. Any suggestions? My husband swears it will permanently transform me for the worst. in retrospect, I see no other option FOR ME at this point...….? Where do I go for SAFE botox? Do you know?


Your videos are awesome. I’m 58 . You are so young and pretty. I still consider myself a young 58, your advice is so good. I’m thankful for your channel . I take your advice and I use it.

Jennifer Johnson

I'm going on 37 and use shimmer sometimes metallic colors just love them use to think I couldn't pull them off but now I'm willing to try new looks and colors thank you


I'm 27 but still loved these tips! You look fresh faced and so gorgeous in this video! :) I gave my mom a highlighter as part of her gift this past Mother's Day, and she'd never owned one before. She told me thought she was supposed to stick to matte products but now everytime I see her I notice she's wearing the highlighter!

gu goop

I'm 56 and wrinkles


Shimmers over 35... yes! It’s all in what and how. A pop of color can make all the difference in look. No one wants the clown look.

tiffanie west

Love my shimmers. I use them all the time.

Mirjana Đ.

Wow that's awesome ? beautiful can you please send looking for work thank you ??? have a great day


Good to know, I’ve heard that about shimmering eyeshadow and got rid of most of them because of that. You’ve changed that for me, thanks!!


Just found your channel through Emily Noel (and was using her Wants palette to get ready while listening to this)
Your tip about blush I tried this morning. Game changer! Thank you so much!

Robyn Evans

Agree ?. This is exactly what I do at 54 years old. I tried the all-matte-eyeshadow look & it wasn’t a good look at all. I agree the shimmer In the right places on your eyes works great. I’ve also been preaching the dark-lipsticks make you look old - yes even if your 30. Dark lipstick is a terrible look & nobody can really pull it off, unless they trying to look 15-20 years older - or dead ?


I am almost 65 and I have heard the can't use shimmer shadow. I don't listen.

l pittmon

Great video! I like to use a super small fluffy angle brush(I use a$1 elf brush) and wet n wild brûlée eyeshadow to brighten the outer corner of eyes and the inner corner of eyes and under my eye bags. It’s enough to lift but is subtle enough to not be obvious. It’s my favorite trick to look younger. I’m 49.

Megan Crocker

Hi..........this is a great video........very informative.........keep these coming.........I think we can all use tips!!......great job!!

Tallis In Wonderland

I wear a tiny bit of shimmer in the centre of the upper lash line just to create a bit of dimension. I wish I could be more adventurous but my mattes will have to be prized out of my cold, dead hands ?

selena rushton

I never wear shimmers. My eyes are so hooded I just stick with mattes.


Thank you.

Cassandra Ott

When I first got into makeup 4yrs ago the estee Lauder lady told me that I shouldn't wear anything including lips with a sheen and that's what I wanted. It upset me so much I didn't buy anything. A few weeks later I said heck with it. I'll try drugstore makeup to try 1st. Glad I did as i decided not to care what others think. I just started wearing highlighter over a year ago because I didnt think I could but I do anyway. I'm obsessed with glow and duochromes now. Lol


Turning 39 this year. I use a shimmer on my lid every single time I do my makeup. Guess I am a rule breaker. lol

Marvelous Mom Life

Great video!!!

Kathy Lozito

How about eye shimmer at 72? Will the makeup police arrest me if I do?

Lucie Walters

You are a beautiful woman. I have a suggestion for you. Your face has a longer oval shape and your hair is long. I think you would look even prettier if you pulled the sides of your hair back a bit thereby showing more of your face which is now hidden by hair. An example is at the end of your highlighter part where you pushed your hair back a bit. My hair has been long for many years and the older l get, the more I need to bring my hair back and now up. Also, when your hair was pulled back, the depth of your hair color was seen and looked so much more dramatic. I am 72 and your tips were great. The one about placing a lighter eye shadow shade at the bottom makes my eyelashes more visible and therefore lifts my eye. Adding a bit light glimmer is a great idea to make bottom of lid more noticeable. I have developed hooded eyes (Ugh!) over the years and placing false lashes on the underside has eliminated the need for eyeliner in a space that I need all the real estate I can get. All noted in kindness!


Yes," older woman shouldn't wear sparkly eyeshadows". Heck, that is when I started using sparkly eyeshadows! Emily says hi.

Stephanie Marie

Do you have little tips or tricks to share with us? I'd love to hear them! Be sure to leave them in the comments!

Jesus Saves

Stephany you have taught me whatever I know about make up, you explain it very easy and simple, thank you!

Shirley Timms

Do you apply color corrector first on your eyelids than primer followed by powder? And can you please advise me what your favorite products are for these applications? I am 62 and have not worn makeup for many years and I’m going to my daughter’s graduation from college this week, I know a little late, lol ? but I really respect your advice. A note: I have very dry skin and also I have to take medicine for chronic pain that causes my face to perspire really bad at times. So I try to find products that are waterproof. I love your channel your are gorgeous inside and out and what you do makes a difference in a lot of people’s lives, I know it does mine. Thank you for everything you do that takes you away from your family you are greatly appreciated. I will shut-up now ????

Samantha A

And fillers. And Botox.

Kristen Dawn

Little bit of highlighter or shimmer shadow right under the arch of the eyebrow is good for opening the eye. Just a small amount though right next to the brow. Middle of the lower lid is nice too, but not all over. Best eye "make-up" you can get is lash extensions Time saver, makes eyes look bigger, GREAT for hooded eyes. Just love them. DON'T put mascara on them.

Carrie Meadows

Stephanie, these are great tips! Thank you for being a supportive voice of reason for those of us long past our 20s ?. Anything that helps makeup look flattering while being fun is so appreciated. I came over to your channel from Emily's collab video. ?


I might be on the younger side here (37) but I already have run into base makeup issues due to skin texture changes. I know full coverage and matte is in but it is very aging. I threw out all my full coverage foundations except Dior Airflash which I use on special occasions for cushions and BB creams. I use a sticky firming primer (Guerlain or Sisley) on the perimeter of the face and Tarte pot primer on the t-zone. Going a step deeper than my skin is also more youthful than having a foundation too light. Being over 35 also means not doing your concealer like a young youtuber. I like Lancome's water proof concealer which I put on the dark areas only then pat out with a beauty blender. Being over 35 also means be careful with powder. It can be very aging. If the base is a skin finish, it is often better to powder just over areas you concealed, the sides of the nose, and center of the forehead.

Shirley Timms

I used to do makeup years ago and when I would place blush on the cheeks, dust across the forehead, down the nose and on the chin. I called it being
“Sun Kissed” bc it’s where the sun ☀️ naturally hits those areas of your face. Always using a very light touch!!!


I'm over 40 & have really bad hyperpigmentation. I have to wear heavy foundation to cover it. Any tips would be appreciated!

Beth Watson

Yes I use shimmery shadow.

Judi Pauli

I’ve always heard not to use shiny eyeshadow on older eyes.

Corinne Martinaud

My best trick to look younger? Smile (with your eyes and your mouth)

L Lane

Literally walked away from an eye palette at Ulta today that had shimmer but then bought Stila Kitten liquid shadow ?

Sarah B Johnson

I’m a new subscriber. I’m thoroughly enjoying your channel. I’m a long time YouTube beauty watcher, but I didn’t realize how watching someone my age and skin type, would mean so much. Thanks for being here! Add I use a shimmer shadow EVERYDAY I’m too oily for highlight, so I “highlight” my eyes????

Denise Lindahl

I have always worn the shinny more shimmering eyeshadows. And I always get compliment s on how my eyes look good and that I have beautiful big eyes. I am 57 yrs old. I have had to adjust my style of the way I wear my eye shadow as well as all of my make up. But always do what compliments you it is your face unique to you. Never be afraid to be you. Flats shades make my eyes disappear. Shimmer make my eyes pop and in a good way. Be you!

Skyelar Raine

Natural makeup and a naturalglow + supple lips always look young. Heavy makeup and super matte lips can make anyone look older.

Inna Brooks

I struggle so much with my face. The problem is I have pigmentation and not just couple dots but all over even on my lips. Please someone help me?
Any tips I do try. The problem is also I live pay check to paycheck and have children, sick mom that I care for after my job.
It’s a long story but wish I can afford a nice creams and honestly I do wish I can just get my self esteem back. Trying to save money for laser treatment cause I am tired of feeling like I shouldn’t be around in this world.
The reason I keep fighting is for my mama and children.
Thank you to you all beautiful people and any advice?

Shannon Reynolds

Yes ma’am I’ve heard more times than I can count not to use a shimmer on the lid I even was stopped in church once by a friend of my mother and she said darlin’ I’m afraid o tell

I’m that when we tech”a certain age we may need to consider skipping althatsjadow on the lid with non elf that sparkle on the lid. Now she was in her mid seventies btw. As Always Much Love toYou ???


Putting the blushes over the forehead or nose would look ridiculous especially on a very light skin. I'd look like a sun burnt Apache ? With a bronzer it's a different thing and a different result doing it like that .
I like to put a concealer it the corner of my eye and a bit on the nose part( inner corner )and just slightly down under my tear duck, I found it doesn't emphasize my fine lines that much. less eye pencil on the lower lash line ( or nothing at all) and less mascara gives me a younger looking effect .works for me. ?

Jocelyne Vautour

Great video!! Love the lips!!

Jodi J

I'm 54 and my eyes are slightly hooded. I've never used a matte shadow on my lids.

Mary's Corner

New subscriber here and I really enjoyed this video, I'm 54 and I am already doing some of these tips. Tfs xoxox

Hanf Lieu


Betty Percy

I love your makeup

Lee Ann Lineberry

Hi! I'm new to your channel. Love the natural look and great advice! ?

Amber Stanton

Do you use eye cream? What would you recommend for eye wrinkles

Leah Reeves

I totally agree...I am 42 and never ever wear black liner... never liquid either. I really enjoy browns and grey and even an olive or navy shade. And I love a good shimmer shadow on the lid

Sarah Allwardt

Ive heard not to use shimmer

Patriot Troll

Wear your sunscreen!


Heck, I am 60 and just found you because Emily Noelle mentioned you. So far I enjoy your presentations.

Linda Talledo

Great tips! I can't wait to try some of them!


1. Exfoliate 2. Prime 3. Light layers; Don’t take your foundation to the under eye area 4. Color correct around your eyes 5. Soften brows (color and shape) 6. Eye lift with makeup; open your eyes highlight; consider brown liner; curl the lashes 7. Place face colors strategically (contour, blush, highlight) 8. Natural (“my lips but better”) lipstick colors, lip liner to prevent feathering.


I just got a lash lift and tint, my lashes are long but grow “straight”. Curling works but oh. My. Goodness. The lash lift makes such a difference! And the tint especially on the owner lashes is so flattering.


I LOVE shimmery shadows on my eyes... It makes me happy and it looks so pretty!!

Beth Armstrong

What is your bedroom paint color?

G- Bgcg

Fabulous tips. Thank you! ❤️

Natalie N

I'm 21 and I find this very useful because I have extremely dry skin with lots of texture so my skin tends to looked aged with makeup on. Thank you for this video

Gena Phillips

41 yrs old here and I love shimmer and glitter on my eyes!! Love what you love and embrace it!


I've heard about, "don't use shimmer", but I love it

How to look younger at 40 female

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How to look younger over 40, 7 Things Women over 40 Do That Age Them

625 views | 23 Mar. 2018

Ladies do you want to

Ladies do you want to look younger. Well here are 7 ways you actually do to make yourself look older.

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My favorite tanner that gets you a youthful glow not old glow! https://amzn.to/2J54gKq

Favorite brow powder


Rose McCain

Where do you find the fake and bake sunless tanner