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DeBarge - Rhythm Of The Night (Official Music Video)

52 354 722 views | 17 Jun. 2009



Music video by DeBarge performing Rhythm Of The Night. (C) 1985 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

#DeBarge #RhythmOfTheNight #Remastered



Lola-Marie Wolf

The views of this song: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ (after rpdr s12): ????

SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

Parts of the video it's like whoa whoa oh I just did a line of cocaine it's like whoa whoa slow down like whoa is too much!!!

Falcon 84

I don’t care for the crystal meth comments because I don’t know what that’s about. I came here to reminisce the good times.

Rain To sunshine

Gorilla glue girl like this lol

Betti Lau


Jon Weiss

DeBarge - “Legendary!” Jonny Weiss “Back to Phoenix.” ?

*8 *6*67

Rolling polo stranger MARJOREE JOHAN mj short streets


I don't know who this man is, all is know is Crystal Methyd

John King

great job !

Denzell Brown

Is... Is no one else here because of The Last Dragon...?

*8 *6*67

Thanks rythym

SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

I don't like watching this video I like listening to it

Terry Hill


Evan Adams

Send Me Tix To His Show

Blubberface 23

When your show choir is singing this so you’re here to research but you’re also enjoying it...




I’d be dancing in the streets too if gas was $1.18 a gallon and smokes were 89 cents.

Shakila Elvitigala

This is song is from the movie 'The Last Dragon' (1985), starring Taimak.

Renata Ventura

Now I ask myself, does Crystal Methyd likes to be compared with this guy?

upali kandawala

Mr. Walter White: wanna meth?


I always thought that a chick sang this LOL

Golden Flower

People dancing in the street, in front of cars, inside groceries or gas station, on a parking lot, in common everyday places like we used to see in 1980s videos, that's what's missing today ?

The same with songs that only talk about the simple pleasures of enjoying the music, and dancing


He is the weeknd

Evan Adams

send me 2 tix

Programer Now

Good morning beautiful day and night and I

Nicholas Padilla

Everytime I hear his voice in radio I thought He is MJ

Fatima C. Middleton



wow crystal methyd looks amazing with that stash ??

Noveleo Dacua

that's how sturdy cars were before 2:05

Cool Kitty

90% of us is here because of crystal methyd


Anyone else here from CNCO pretend

Vortex Sam95

Im just here cuz i remember this song and how good it is

Cindy Mohn

2021 here and strong


The guy In white reminds me of the weeknd he dance the Same lol ? ?

Musica Sin Copyright - Music for your videos

It's a very good song

Jaden Burt

who’s here because of the last dragon??

fracisco atiquipa

a la mela q buena música recordando mi niñes

SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

I think this guy is some sort of female trapped in a man's body

Janet Cardulla


Joe Gallegos

Ummm... This song came on randomly after watching drag race season 12 this week... Stop listening to my life, Big Tech!




2021 anyone?

yannely cari dueñas

CNCO ♥️.

Steve Bayt

Hallmark appeal part 2

Parmadale’s Resurrection will be like what happened at Parmadale but with pets providing the love, care and compassion that pet therapy can only equaled by Parmadale nuns. Instead of seeing 1984 Emmy Winner and multi nominated Tom Selleck beating up the bad guy. Hallmark viewers would see pets healing the suffering of people with AIDS, providing ptsd comfort for rape and domestic violence victims, the homeless who would have nowhere to go but Parmadale cottages, Autistic and Down’s Syndrome and Autistic children or the Shriners Love to The Rescue like kids Perhaps provide a covid scenic park like place to quarantine instead of a lonely apartment. Along with a world of human suffering that pets heal like no other force of nature can.

What could be a better way to feel better on a low T-Cell count day, then taking a rescue dog who was near death for a walk around the place where 45,000 orphans lives were saved, feeding deer and rabbits and squirrels whose lives were saved by my efforts, then going back to a cottage rebuilt just like the originals and have some cat sit on your lap while taking your AIDS Cocktails.

Or watching a homeless person who nearly died of hypothermia with all the shelters converted to covid testing centers and his cat who spent most of his life emaciated with the two fighting for their lives daily in some Slavic Village abandoned home (reference in loving esoteric memory of 6822) saved and cuddled up in a rebuilt cottage like the one that saved Congressman and U.S Presidential Candidates and siblings Dennis Kucinich.

Or some kid with no legs who has to be discharged from Shriners or St. Jude’s when a front line worker tests positive for covid have a trained therapy dog getting their medicines or paraplegic legs, or something as simple as fetching the remote control.

Or a domestic abuse survivor who had nowhere to go with her assailant still not caught needing a safe place to live having the security of a dog to walk around the site where 35,000 humanitarians came from throughout the world on September 27, 1925 to spread the word of this place where the healing of human suffering would replace electro shock therapy, ice water submersion, lobotomies with love, care and compassion that would lead to hundreds of millions of lives saved. Perhaps seeing the plaque where popes blessed the place while taking a break to sit with a community cat that strolled onto the village to take back to her cottage or the school converted to a shelter.

Or the autistic or downe’s syndrome kid whose parents died and needed a special place to live where they wouldn’t have to interact with people until getting all the proper training and heard that a large part of local Parma Senior High had been converted to a Autistic Downes Syndrome school with the advertising profits of this wonderful show in Parmadale. Where dogs and cats provided the only love they needed.
Or the Alzheimer’s patient like was played on General Hospital’s Mike (Max Gail) who has long since forgotten his son and caregiver Sonny and his wife Carly and grand kids Micheal, and Cortney and who needs to stay in a safe place where he won’t wonder and instead of a big cold institution stays at a nice forest like environment with trees, deer, cats, birds and has no recognition of love , except for his visits to the Parmadale school(Seton Hal) to visit the cats or the church to visit the dogs.

Larissa Wohl constantly has features about their healing power and Hallmark has the American Hero Rescue Dog Awards, The Kitty Bowl. Hallmark is network about dogs and cats making people feel better, and it would be far more appropriate for their viewers to learn and be emotionally uplifted all morning long with wonderful, wholesome family pet therapy shows whose advertising profits directly heal human suffering, just like the many storylines on General Hospital. Then a 1980’s action drama.

What could be better to go along with their Adoption Ever After and a network that has some type of reference to rescue cats and dogs in virtually every movie too long to list in its entirety then a real life hybrid soap opera reality show where 90% of advertising profits are donated to humanitarian lifesaving to end world suffering. And what better of anthem and theme song for all the Parmadale Resurrection shows then to have soap opera’s most inspirational, original wrote song ever, symbolize what Parmadale and Parmadale’s Resurrection is all about.

As for me, even though Parmadale’s Resurrection is my raison de’tre (reason for living) it’s the for 45,000 orphans and millions who were effected by Parmadale it was their reason they lived. And even though PR saved my soul. Parmadale saved their lives. And with the Hallmark Network the place who is responsible for the most lives saved in history could add another hundred million or show a stupid action drama all morning.

For both at Parmadale and Parmadale’s Resurrection…. Those that suffer are not alone anymore.



*8 *6*67

Leo moloo

Vale Jimenez

I'm here because of a video that I saw that said that "PRETEND" by CNCO was inspired by this song ... and yes, I see that if
I am Mexican using translator :'D

of this the part starts at 0:51
at CNCO is at 0:56
No problem

Crispin De Jesus Melendez Rivera

I'm here only because some nights I look for music from the 80s, cuz I love to feel that I live those years.
I was born in 1993 but I wish I had lived through the 80s.
I decided to search for it until I was fed up; But the more I search, the more I love it.
I feel the rhythm in my blood !! wooh yeeah?? ?


This wasn't the song I was looking for, but I'm glad I found it :D

L Rabelli



The good times. I remember our high school jazz band played “ Who’s Johnny” People didn’t expect that tune being played by a Stage band.

Debarge Rocked!

SECRET AMERICA !!! YouTube Channel with L.D. BRITE

I know that the 80s were weird but

Victor Colon

Anyone heard of the other "Rythym of the Night" by Corona? It's a Freestyle song that is also in the GTA V soundtrack.

Nereida Rivera

Who else got this song from the last dragon?


Peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in April 1985

Samuel Lewis

The Last Dragon

My time Is now

Some please tell me they're here other than crystal methyd ?‍♂️because I am

Ryan Silver

Some real music right here. NICE

RoTary PoWer - RX7

The gas ⛽️ prices ?

Anna Lisa Campo

Grazie ?

Monique Johnson

We miss you Bobby debarge

Demetrius Banks

The Last Dragon is one of my all time favorite movies.

Will Fomes

This song uses the Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer.

shine versage


jon jon Brasileiro

this is like Bruce Leroy on the Streets of Fire...

Terry Hill


Lili Amaral

Thank you Ru

Philip Martini

Back when black women wore there own hair and not a wig, extensions & weaves. Just sayin.

*8 *6*67

Releasev8nti separate half of 11:11. Listen, adjust, unusual extra testasteral

Richard Rodriguez

This guy literally just got popped again for driving around without his headlights on and having meth and heroin on him. Some people just can't escape it!


I really wish black musicians would have stuff to music like this instead of wholeheartedly embracing gangsta rap culture the world would be a better place as a whole

Ricardo Augusto da Cruz Troche

mano brown mando um salve

Keith Joshua Dumpit

Am I the only one who listens to this and remembers that scene in Moulin Rouge! (2001) where the female midget was dancing to this? ?

DeKrampus 11111

I'd go back to 1985....End of my junior year, dating a pretty blonde named Heidi, biggest portion of my life ahead of me, few responsibilities. SEND ME BACK!


This song just makes me happy


Caramba fiesta forever

Guy Williams

Facts of Life??

Steve Bayt

There is a Cleveland, Ohio suburb called Parma, which had an orphanage(children’s village) called appropriately Parmadale. It was a place that from September 27, 1925 until May 6, 2017 until Parma’s Mayor Degeeter and West Creek Conservancy’s Derek Shaefer threw out those whose human suffering were being healed , to demolish for a $14,000,000 tax payer paid grants for a park to kill deer, cats, rabbits, birds, squirrels etc.there were no black orphans or white orphans, just orphans who got nothing but love, care and compassion to overcome their tragic loss while simultaneously getting the tough love depicted in this posts link from a TV show fictitiously set in downstate, WKRP in Cincinnati that I hope every black person who might be inspired to join blm riots will watch and learn that when one learns one doesn’t have to fight.

Parmadale was the materialization of Martin Luther King’s dream decades before he was even born. Yet, just like the removal of Lincoln’s and Grant’s statue who spent their entire adult lives ending slavery. BLM graffitied their anarchy slogans all over a now mostly demolished, seemingly existentially praying for its own resurrection Parmadale (or perhaps, Parmadale’s Resurrection).

A place where MLK Jr. frequently visited and referred to as his vision for the type of place all children everywhere should grow up. Parmadale was a place that when race riots were taking place in Selma, Watts, Detroit, Philadephia and as recently as Ferguson, Missouri where at person shot at a police officer and things got out of hand, forming a Marxist group called Black Lives Matter, black and white orphans marched in a band around town and had Christmas concerts with a local official dressed up like Santa Claus, and the odd numbered cottage residents played co-ed softball, baseball, football and all sorts of sports, wondering what all the fuss is about with the white orphans and black orphans just wanting to play and be friends.

For 88 years, 500 or so nuns and priests saved the lives and souls of 45,000 orphans both by death and abandonment. Parmadale was also the first place ever to incarnate love, care and compassion in the healing of psychological traumas and physical suffering with replaced the standard use of lobotomies, electro shock therapy, ice water submersion, etc. On Parmadale’s incarnation 35,000 religious and humanitarians came from throughout the world to hear of this new type of healing of human suffering whose transformation saved millions of lives of people who otherwise would have died.
Whether or not they were black or white.
Racism was not tolerated.
If a white orphan heard a racial or sexist word about black people, perhaps when going down State Road hill to the city below awaiting to show its love, and told it to a black orphan, he or she would get sent to their cottage without food or TV or before TV radio or even books until there was a sincere apology. When the toddlers grew up to be young lads who would soon have to leave the place that saved their lives, it was made very clear, that if they didn’t learn their reading, writing and arithmetic they’d end up in the black ghettos they heard about where they were born and parents died or walked out, while they lived their childhood instead of dodging bullets and fights, Parmadale black orphans had to worry about dodging deer and cats running out of the 60 acres of woods.

There was also no sexism. From the incarnation of girls around WWII, girls were taught, not just cooking and cleaning but auto repair, balancing books, home repair, filling out job applications, showing up on time for work, etc. Just like boys were taught not just sports and going to work, but changing diapers, cooking dinner, cleaning house and consoling kids until their Mom gets home from work. Not just a half century before Mary Richards and the obvious white utopian fiction world of Minneapolis’ Mary Tyler Moore, But decades before TV even existed.
Had Parmadale, the most important place on earth for the healing of human suffering not been barbarically torn down by a West Creek Conservancy and Tim Degeeter and instead given to me for my raison d’etere of broadcasting pet therapy shows, called Parmadale’s Resurrection where 100% of advertising profits (12 shows from each of the 12 cottages each with a different reason for suffering) from being shown on Hallmark all morning instead of Magnum
. The world would have a nationally televised artistic representation that would bring us together and strength that would help us survive and thrive in these covid 19, George Floyd times. If both white and black people want to do something great for the world. So 2021 can be the year of the best humanitarian effort ever, after the worst year in American and maybe world history… They should contact the Crown Media executives at the next link’s network contact. Not only would people learn all day long about pet therapy, following along their Adoption Ever After, but actually raise money for animal welfare all morning long and have on the best network ever for wholesome spiritual entertainment, have the best shows which will have the best influence on the world. Saving the lives of millions of people weekly and ending world suffering instead of showing the same reruns over and over until the next Christmas two month marathon.


It is a national tragedy that the place that saved the world, isn’t there to save us now.. Parmadale nuns could be on air talking about how the world of horror for blacks was a fantasy for Parmadale blacks. And one could argue that if Pamadale nuns were Governors and Mayors instead of being in nursing home with covid 19 death sentences without even a funeral legal. They wouldn’t even need President Trump to send in the national guard or military. For their tough love and insistence on racial and gender equality would have had all the rioters in jails the first night, until they apologized, saving millions of lives from being destroyed, hundreds of thousands of innocent bystanders and police from death and hospitalizations.

The country might not have Parmadale nuns. But we do have the influence of television and in particular a show and an episode from 4 decades ago which spoke out to blacks back then when they were oppressed that can be used now. And I hope that whoever owns the copyright will allow the clip of Gordon Simms (aka Venus Flytrap) trying to get another black to do what blacks should be doing now, instead of rioting and preaching for the disbanding of police, closing prisons, imprisoning whites and all the other self proclaimed Marxist Black Lives Matter demands. That is, go to school and learn and make something of oneself. And if the now 75 year old Tim Reid is reading this on some facebook page in Norfolk, Virginia. Thank you for the courageous role you played and the episode that I am sure you had no idea could help save the world.

Olivier Flachet

They even had a cameo in Miami Vice

Emma Ingram

So.. (Stan) Crystal Methyd is a man? A drag queen?


1:08 reminds me of the ghostbusters theme and i dont know why but i love it!

*8 *6*67

While supply last...still looking brad dam m

Darren T

I wonder if Janet Jackson still likes this song /video !

Charles Johnson


Albert Jayme


n g

Hey awesome 80's era kindred spirit: Let's go to heaven together! Acts 2:38. His return really draws near.

Susanne Bemis

a nice tune and well done

Anna Sh

Here for the Crystal Methyd comments

Yohanes Valencia

Saludos cordiales ??? excelente

Black Noble

All this time I thought this vocal belong to a woman.

Steve Bayt

Hallmark appeal part 1
I have decided that, since General Hospital use of storylines to directly affect the real world starting with the Nurses Ball which has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for AIDS since it began with Kimberly McCullogh as a way to pay tribute to Stone. Then expanded when Natalia Livingston( who played TV’s most beloved orphan) was diagnosed with breast cancer lobbied successfully to have her alter ego and trademark role “Emily Quartermaine” have breast cancer which led to her real life involvement which was similar to her characters involvement with breast cancer that saved millions of lives That unless ABC, General Hospital or Teresa Castillo claim copyright infringement versus defense of Fair Use Doctrine, the song “You’re Not Alone Anymore” is my official promotional song both in tribute to the real life Parmadale and the TV’s shows in tribute that I want on Hallmark instead of Magnum P.I. called Parmadale’s Resurrection.

For just like how Teresa Castillo(who played Sabrina Santiogo) took the role of Patrick’s(Jason Thompson) soul savior after Robin apparently died ,wanted to resurrect the AIDS Nurses Ball and lobbied for “Sabrina” to encourage Port Charles to resurrect it, like Rachael Boston resurrected Christmas in Angel Falls, or Maggie Lawson saved a theater in Christmas Encore, or Autum Reeser saved her Horse Rescue while falling back in love with her childhood sweet heart turned Country Star.

Hallmark is about a wonderful Christmas fantasy town in Evergreen, not a macho beach front in Hawaii. It’s about a nursing student needing a Christmas miracle of a live liver transplant, not helicopters flying over a crime scene shooting away. It’s about a free-lance interior decorator rescuing a dog and needing the shelter’s hunky volunteer for help house training then falling in love. It’s about a single father and single mother having a kid wanting the same rescue dog and having to share it, so their son and daughter won’t be upset. It’s about a sex phd student with a cat called Mozart and a photographer with a dog accidentally renting out the same house. It’s not about a bunch of nearly naked women lying on a beach.

I am trying to publicly lobby Crown Media Services to rebuild a now mostly demolished Parmadale and broadcast my pet therapy TV shows all morning, called Parmadale’s Resurrection where 5% of advertising profits would go to the City of Parma, 5% would go to our schools and 90% would go to humanitarian life saving to end world suffering….Instead of a show that despite winning or being nominated for many awards in its 1980 to 1988, then reboot has way too much violence, way too many beautiful women wearing not much of anything which if Lori Loughlin is too inappropriate, despite no chance to redeem herself and thus cancellation of her many movies, then Tom Selleck, Larry Minetti, and Roger Mosley going around bare chested shooting guns while having sex with anyone certainly is inappropriate for a network that prides itself on wholesomeness.

Magnum PI would be much more suited for the Heroes and Icons network along with Nash Bridges, Macgyver, Hawaii Five O (the new ones) and all the testosterone action shows, not on a station where the most beautiful women on TV, other than soaps play the most heroic characters and have never had a scene not fully clothed, except for possibly a Jesse Schram scene in Harvest Moon when she is in shorts out testing the Derek’s Farm water pipes for leaks, that of course Hutch didn’t inform her had an alarm system,and didn’t want to get any good clothes wet.

Hallmark is about a young lad who watches Miss Christmas and writes to her about the perfect Christmas Tree that his widow father proposed to his wife. It’s about Ellen Hollman loving the Christmas store or Maggie Lawson a book store one got from her parents and saving it from a developer. It’s about a hopeful architect having to go back to her hometown and convince her childhood elder to sell her land to a shopping mall developer yet at the last moment is inspired to have the same retailers with less of an ecological footprint and maintaining the beauty and aesthetics. And although, Gourmet Detective and Mystery 101 and the third Darrow and Darrow deals with death, they never actually show the gun fire.

What would be wholesome would be pet therapy TV shows at a rebuilt children’s village (orphanage) called Parmadale which I have previously posted on, whose history is on my facebook timeline and Julie Nolke pandemic past self and We Are The World videos, having shows that capture the emotion of Castillo’s self-wrote song. Where orphans who had to live and survive anywhere they could after their parents died, had a priest from St. Anthony or St. Vitus who found this wonderful place in this wonderful Cleveland suburb, called Parmadale and its residents who love and support me, just like nuns loved and supported their orphans.

For when an orphan theoretically had a nightmare of the day, their parents just went to see a much hyped confrontation of Fritz Peterson and Cecil Upshaw and Chris Chambliss, as part of the 1974’s big trade,waiting to hear how it was having only Joe Tait’s commentary on WIXY before cable TV, instead were met with police officers telling the kids Emily, Sabrina, Robin and Nicholas that their parents died in a dui getting off the dangerous I77 exit ramp off of Rockside nearly getting home. A nun would sing a song like Castillo’s and just like the video all the other Parmadaleans would gather around to sing along until they stopped crying and felt better. With a picture in every cottage room of their parents to remind them that there not alone and just like Sabrina tells Emma, their parents are looking down watching out for them.

Amidamarobby Rodriguez

is it true,?they say back in a day,if you dance in a disco and if that lady impressed by you,you got the love of a lifetime?

Evan Adams


clássicos dos bailes DJ Jardel

Isso tocou muito aqui no brasil

Rukoroc soto

I came here for the song , cause I like, but , ¿ who is Crystal ?

Camila Amador

Wooooo DeBarge q tiempos de estudiante

david miller

is that marilyn mccoo? lol. peace & aquarius. masks!

G Meke Music

The Good 'Ole days when life was simple. Not now.. Take me back!!

Evan Adams

Tell me where DeBarge Is Performing


El Debarge reminds me of a Salsa king artist Eddie Santiago.


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Night Shift - A Horror Game Where You Work A Boring Job, Created By Puppet Combo

68 134 views | 10 Feb. 2021

Night Shift is a prequel

Night Shift is a prequel of sorts to upcoming Puppet Combo horror game Stay Out Of The House where you work at a convenience store doing normal things and trying to pass time.

Game Info: https://store.steampowered.com/app/896520/Stay_Out_of_the_House/

"More like stay at the home."

ヽ(・ω・`)----Crummy Personal Links Below This Line----(´・ω・)ノ

My Masculine Patreon: https://goo.gl/e8XfHN

My Cool Twitch: https://goo.gl/neioFL

My Manly Twitter: http://goo.gl/wStB6o

My Chill Instagram: https://goo.gl/8nPFzi

My Weeaboo Manly Steam Group: http://goo.gl/v50fAa

#nightshift #puppetcombo

Knux Dapalls

This is the most 240 video in 1080 I ever seen


I’m really surprised he hasn’t played this before.

That 1RedMage

The slasher made me jump so badly xD


$10 on Pump 5 but he gave you $1 ?

Edit: Only one's exist here.

Little Horn

i wish you could hire manlybadasshero to accompany you in scary or terrifying situations . like its 10pm, dark and you have to switch the laundry but its scary down there and for just 20$ manlybaddass hero will walk with you down stairs and examine all the scary spots as you switch your laundry.

Monica Cabezuelo

i was drinking water when the killer showed up, I almost drown

Lizzzard Breath

I would like for it to be legally wrong for any business to not have at minimum two persons at night. It's bananas.

Jasmine Dozier

Chips, Beer, Motor Oil, ah the essentials of life.


Kinda pooed myself when the killer popped out

Aeggonline YT

plot twist:amber was the killer

Ashley Naranjo

As someone who's worked the gas station graveyard shift, I can say that 'Are you here alone?' is actually a super common question you get. It weirded me out the first time I was ever asked it, but like it never failed that I would hear it about 5 times a night.

Knight Owl

Even though I seen other people play this and I know what to expect...I still jump at that jump scare

Jessie Collins

I had so many warnings, so many warnings for that jumpscare and it still got me

Motivated Vergil

Goddammit Manly that jump got me too

Water Ninja15

I remembe JSE played this alnongside lots of other puppet combo games, first time i'd heard of puppet combo but they're really good

Luna Tuna

The car creeping around the lot was the scariest part because its the most realistic


great video, fyi Puppet combo games have filter options in the settings i think phx clears it up for youtube.


youre great. game bad.


I liked that his name was on the arcade machine at 1:45 , what a touch.

Andrew May

I suppose this game was a clean sweep.


Haven't you played this already

Michelle McCloy

What IS up with the white van circling the place? I thought that too, Manly!


Usually jumpscares don’t get me too bad... this one nearly made me throw my phone

Alexandra Szymulska

manly, you're my absolute comfort channel. i really love your videos and I always have them in background while i'm drawing or working on something, i could watch them for hours religiously, they're just so good,, ty for doing these


Gotta sweep sweep sweep


I thought Night Shift was already out like a couple years ago??

Dark Star

16:09 got me ?


Welcome to the A video about the graveyard shift uploaded during the graveyard shift hours? Club, how A video about the graveyard shift uploaded during the graveyard shift hours? are ya?


Bro when the jumpscare came I jumped and I hit the bottom of my table and it made a very loud sound and I scared the hell out everyone and myself. everything on my table jumped once.

bysTaXx Gaming

I work overnights at a gas station... can confirm, this is accurate.

:DD bullshat

I saw puppet combo and instantly knew this was gonna be horribly great

Holly Manley

"Sweep, sweep, sweep"
Gets immediate flashbacks

The runaway ??

Hey manly ! When are you gonna play little nightmares 2 ? The game just came out today and i cant wait to see my favourite horror youtuber play my favourite horror game


So, are we just going to ignore the fact that ManlyBadassHero is on the list of players at 1:45?


A Jone Doe simulator. There really isn't any story here.

Senpai Mikuo

so imma be real here! i am a gas station worker and besides the whole killer thing that is how a night shift as a gas station is sadly

Che Che

I'm mad at how bad that fucking jump scare got me


i love pupprt combo

Fox Fallsinc

Video 3 of spamming Mr manly on getting him to play wolf quest again with his friends again still won't stop till I get a hard no from him or a slightly vague answer in if he if he won't

Sleepy Gary

These graphics remind me of the playstation game driver

Cee mcneil

lol why u playing this old ass game?

Shawn Heatherly

The scare at the end was nice and I agree with Manly that it's basically how that would play out realistically for the random unfortunate employee, but I also feel like this demo could have been half as long. I appreciate the job simulator building towards horror, but I really don't think you needed the sweeping to be that long. Regardless, Puppet Combo does good stuff so I'm excited for the full game.


Why is this dev making the same game over and over again making it only look worse over time lol

Agent Zero The Koraa Hunter

Holycrap i think manly had a horror stroke right there lol it scared me as well tbh...

Janell Ranslam

Dear lord I haven't jumped like that in a long time from a scary game ?

Martina Smimmo

hey manly!! remember purrfect apawcalypse? a second game came out!! i’d love to watch you play it ???


16:08 I think thats the first time I've heard ManlyBadassHero actually get caught by a jumpscare

Pensive Scarlet

All build-up and completely worth it.

StrawberryJam Skye

That jumpscare was bullshit, go ahead and make a scream or something but really? Earrape bass boosted blowing directly into the microphone bullshit? Come on be more creative

Shade's Insane Chamber

Puppet Combo is AWESOME~

Miss Eve Ville

Watching this play through
while working the night shift at a convenience store....ahhh the irony

eat hot chip and lie

Love this channel. It's like Markiplier without the obnoxious screaming. Nothing against Mark, just can't watch more than 2 videos of his at a time without getting a headache.

plp. plup

Why would a convenient store sell porn ?

Mario Trujillo

I'm glad I found your channel. You're so entertaining it always lightens up my mood. Yesterday morning (it's 12:30 am rn) it was snowing bad and -1 degrees outside where I live. My dad is homeless and lives in his car. He hadn't messaged me in a few days and the weather has been rough lately. Ive been so worried something bad happened and I've just been crying and worrying so much. Then I decide to come watch this video and it helped me calm down a lot. He massaged me back a few minutes ago saying he's ok and now im just beaming with happiness. You are the Best ?

Henry Mars

Jesus christ i havent jumped like that in a while

Âēsthētīç Mīlk

I already knew where the peeps came from
Remember the van?
Thats where they came from.
To people who dont know


Could've sworn I watched Manly play this a year ago. Must have been someone else.

Sirswitz Gaming

That jumpscare was so unexpected ngl, I was so bored I expected nothing then got scared shitless by that one scene


What happend if you tell the guys that you're alone ?

Series of Characters

With a van like that, at a time like that, best choice is too call the police. Dude could he scouting it for robbery, or it could go the way of this game

Chaos Creator

Petition for Manly to play Power drill massacre


Holy shit

Wolf Blood

Manly!! Will you play Blasphemous?! Pleaseee!!

Bruna Nora

The game being so slow got me REALLY HARD when the murderer appeared, I actually jumped

jamto 123

This game is awesome

Asra -

The real horror is the unreadable 140p text. Youtube you are soooo great with such games.

Symbol Games

I would've been like this to Amber for the too far to walk response, "Thanks Amber, you're a bitch."


I've seen like 5 other people play this game, but every time that jumpscare with the killer reveal happens, I jump. The music really just punches you in the face.

Jelly Blobe

the jumpscare sounded like that one fart effect but a lot louder

Simon Ghoul

This is the first time I had seen this ending


another great upload as usual!! manly, your videos get me through my boring schooldays. thank you so much for continuing the spooky content :)

Pizza Faythe Yo

13:04 No matter what happens, no matter the truth, never tell ANYBODY that you're in your store alone.

Jessica Marrs

this looks so dang cool


Having worked retail before and getting that question, I have to wonder, why the hell would you EVER ask the cashier “are you working alone?” unless you intended something bad? Now, I fielded the question from the occasional guy in a weird attempt to flirt, but like, the question always made me massively uncomfortable, regardless of who asked me. Like, you really don’t need to know, customer. Ever. And as a woman, having a strange guy ask, even flirtily, still raises massive red flags.

Vicente isaac Lopez valdez

First time I actually got jumpscared in a while, felt weird.


You know, I've seen a few play through of this and you're the first to go out the front door. Most people check the backdoor after hearing something open. This usually results in them getting jumped as they exit the men's bathroom.

Speaking of Puppet Combo games...have you tried Ski Freak? Talk about taking bare bones graphics and making it scary.


First jumpscare that really kinda got me. Still haven’t ever screamed at one though. Just a bigger flinch this time because jeez that was something

Xenos Arcadius

Scared the shit out of me

Cereal Killer

I repeatedly watch this and repeatedly scream even though I know what's in there (。-_-。)

horny fucker

The van just making a slow U turn around the pumps just surveying you is pretty creepy

Nightmarefuel fan Ita



3:00 the face of the worker is from Phucat 103, who is another fellow video game YouTuber. He played this (and quite a few other Puppet Combo games) when they first came out.


Second time Manly's played a video game set in a convenience store and spends most of it complaining about someone's driving skills. xD

French Faguette

jumpscare almost made me drop my ceramic bowl off my desk wooboy


Probably the first game that jump scared the f-k outta me...good one Puppet Combo...good one

Brothers_of _Nod

That actually scared me


I imagine the co-worker at the counter is getting pissed with you playing a game. Is he waiting for you to clock in so he can gtfo!

SilverSonic 23

That jumpscare at the end actually scared me.


16:09 aye I'm not even gonna lie that startled me abit


"A Horror Game Where You Work A Boring Job"
...No twist required, I'm already shivering.

Ed Rose

God! When the jumpscare happened I damn near threw my phone.


Finally I founded my perfect youtuber

Bradly Clarke

Best wishes


My name is Amber
Never thought I'd see the day when manly would say my name in such disappointment LOL

Jason Young

Wasn't this a 2D Game demo at one point? Or am i thinking of a similar game?




That startled me so bad, that I got a cramp in my brain.

William Allen

And suddenly how shitty the door physics were make perfect absolute sense. Clever. And also fuck you Puppet Combo, I literally read a comment warning me about a jumpscare and you STILL got me!


1:44 I wonder if the title is a reference to slumber party massacre since the killer uses a power drill as his weapon.

Mary Animations

I was holding a cup...and after watching this part 16:10
I'm holding a broken cup now


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Friday Night Funkin God

936 090 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This is the greatest

This is the greatest funkin of All Time

Watch live everyday: https://www.twitch.tv/moistcr1tikal

Lucas Camargo

been a baller streak
"this games is for babies"

Tomek Gąsienica-Mitana

woah what a god i cant even play that good like him ;(

rinnegan sr

what game is this?

Leroy Jenkins

I’m surprised that barley anyone is mentioning zonetan on the combo demon song

Schrodingers boner


Krystian Barbusiński

It still reminds me of a sans battle.


when he dies his testicles light up? wtf is this game

Umbra Dread

Hey Charlie can you play Gitaroo man?


30fps gaemplay

Gali The bean



Is he using a PS2 controller


"Hittin a full combo"
*incredibly obvious cut*

That One Guy

Wait until he gets into the B-Side remixes

bryce thoreson

Charlie, these kids probably dont know DDR. Atlest DDR doesn't gve you arthritis

Me Too.

why is the music so good

Steel Phoenix

such a weird feeling just seeing all these different mascots/characters i recognize together in one package

GalaxyOfReeses KIng

why do his testicles glow in the dark when he dies?

Depressed Engineer

Man you suck at this lol


This game is for baby’s

proceeds to die


bet you cant do the bsides

Sour 999

"this game is for fuckin' babys" looks at screen "thats kinda fast sounding" worried expression

WD Hamilton

Reminds me of inputs dropping in super crazy guitar maniac deluxe 3

Browser rhythm games man

Goro Akechi

charlie press r at the last note of m.i.l.f on hard for insane difficulty


I can't beat that rapid "down, up, right" combo in the last song of week 4.


"Jesus Crust repeatedly dies in a rythm game"


This is a game for babies
Prob the hardest song to beat in the game: time to shine

Yoda Reeves

You can only play this on a flash game page?

Sean McKimmey

oh i’m stupid

Lonely Tortellini

This really makes CoryXkenshin seem like some fast finger god

funny man

“This games for baby’s” famous last words

Brady Nealon

Anybody notice Zone Tan in the background of week 5??? No just me?? Okay....

Alex Hernandez

Ya think Charlie’d be good at Clone Hero?

Bryant luna

Lemon demon is a great band

DM Wanderer

Charlie while continuously missing notes: This game is EASY.

Karma Is Toxic

Isn't flippy the god of Friday night funkin?


Anyone else noticed Zone Tan in the background ?

Anthony Petrella

I would un ironically have sex with all the female characters

a veggie

i know i can do every song on hard but i suck in comparison to charlie

Chrissley The Memer

Charlie: Ahhh, this is an easy game, this game is for babies

99% of the comments who saw M.I.L.F on Screen: Press x to doubt

ya boi meowth

his mood went from confident to “what the fuck” when M.I.L.F started


I just came to see how he would do on M.I.L.F.

A Specimen

Charlie would be fucking abolished if he played the b sides mod


" That's kind of fat sounds, but I think I got this"

*dies within 3 seconds*


What is this game >.> ??????? it's not even in the description of the video >.<


bet those youtubers cut out their fails, yeah sure you got first try on hardmode

Regi Flex

If anybody wants to know this game can be found on NewGrounds I played this game months ago when I first discovered it


I want you to play Project Diva Future Tone :)

Dr. Own

Awesome to see Sr. Pelo's characters.


when you google "Friday Night Funkin" Charlie's video is the FIRST result.


I'll be honest, this is better than any other FNF gameplay i've seen.


Charlie: sounds like a disney song over a walkie talkie
The song: talking about murdering the boyfriend and girlfriend and serving them


5:58 I've never lost so hard at something that I had to clear my throat lmao


critikal's pc be like: 40 fps on the flash game

Sam Moore

I haven’t played it, but this game looks like it oozes charm. Everything from the gameplay, to the music, to the art style looks like It blends together perfectly.

Ninjen S N


Jerry Aguilar

What live steam was this one

egg man

"Ooh this song is stinky"
Charles White 2021

deplizz 78

charlie is the best funky man of All time


This game is easy
Proceeds to become the first person to lose at week 1

Cayden Kelley

its sad how I love week 4 but im bad at clicking keys fast and at the game

Magic Goat fly

ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ ඞ

Fraser Oliver

That last song legit slapped btw


You should try playing on a 144hz monitor. Makes a huge difference


What game is he even playing

Ahmed malaki

Oh my god

Chunibyo Rimey

This game seems obnoxious.


Full vod anywhere?

Hudson Sanderson

I got a bullshit peta ad before this video

GeRick El gatipex



oh god, the americans have discovered tek music, quick free partiers, RUN!

ss j

its to hard for a white person he didnt channel his inner black (this is a joke???)

Holly Roy

Nice! Charlie beat the game!

Now do B-Sides.




“Friday Night Funkin God”
Flippy and b sides mod: not so fast


everyone one just gonna ignore that voice @3:31

Ninja Kiwi

Uh why does it become spooky month

The Ultimate Jack

5:46 Instant regret - definition


Aww no week 6


This game is actually awesome I kinda wanna buy it. I do wish it was a Steam release though as it deserves to be seen by more people.

The Awesome Eevee

“This is a game for babies”

Immediately dies


penguinz0: this game is for KIDS
1 minute later: failing like 15 time

Gyro Zeppeli


syryn salty

I can already see the speed hackers on this game ?

Jinx The Kitty

~nya nya ❤️
* Blushes at you brightly and smiles broadly, her warm loving gaze resting upon yours. Wrapping you within the fluffy confines of her loving arms, she kept you held tightly and presses her body closely against yours. Letting loose blissful purrs, she parts her maw and laps her moist tongue against your cheek. * ♥

~mrrow, if you're reading this. pwease have a purrfect day. I love you ❤️




"I have to go faster.."

fucking dies

Yoko Moon

I could do this IF the keys I had to hit were not in a straight line. I am used to Project Diva games, have been there since the first game. I am used to the buttons being all over the place or in square, circle, or the way arrow keys are on a keyboard orientation. The straight line just has them all blend together and I can't rely on colors like I usually do. I'm also just not used to PC and having to take turns. I am trying M.I.L.F anyway.

Night Emperor

Now here 7:23 is where Charlie became a man.


Why is he playing on 30fps?

Jeffrey Smith

just wait until he plays the b side remixes


How the hell did cory complete M.I.L.F and Charlie struggled on it? Cory prolly just built different.

Jayden Ledbetter

Why do his testes pulse when he loses?

Chunibyo Rimey



40 fps

Fret N


Michael Gabriel

skip and pump are in this? damn better hop on this immediately

sp00ky d4Ddy

why tf does the dudes balls light up when he fails?

Sean McKimmey

what game bruh

Wyvern Slayer

Its spooky day