Radio frequency skin tightening

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Radio-Frequency Skin Tightening vs Body Taping Skin Tightening | Trying BBL Pillow | 6 Week Update

10 593 views | 9 Sep. 2020

Wassup Family!!! Hope yall

Wassup Family!!! Hope yall enjoyed the video:) AS ALWAYS LIKE COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!!!

BBL Surgery FAQs:

Height: 5"0

Weight: 178

BMI: 34

Doctor: Dr. Charepoo Mia Aesthetics

Location: Austin, TX

Follow My Socials:

IG: @TheeRavenSimone

Twitter: @TheeRavenSimone

Pinterest: @TheeRavenSimone

Facebook: Unique Simone

Citytroop Ent.

U look great I’m gonna do thid

TeTe Jones


Juicy Gyal

Yass you look tf good and the tape method is working when that swelling goes down and the skin snaps back more ?

Mershell Vanhook

You got a new subscriber❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ love your personality!!!! You look beautiful!!!! F### them hating ass Hoes!!!

mz Kaye

Dru brush works for the itching

Winter Beautii

Congratulations boo on 1k and the body. Your beautiful I just subscribe, can’t wait for my journey living through you ???


You look soooo good booo?????


It’s the fact beat for me?

Makiya T

Girl I love you, you’re hilarious ??

Candy Mcgee

Congratulations ??? You look amazing ?❤️? Thanks for the update?


Lmaooooo Royale remembered her name????
*Rachel has left the chat*

CallM3Ry3 !

You look good ?!!!! Congratulations to 1k !?


Love how you read the haters; fuck em!

Ay O

Yesss to 1K!!!??????❤️

K&K Strikes Again

Wow, thank you for being so transparent.

Kinshasa Perry

Girl don’t listen to all of that you look good still OK you look good before and now you just improved


“i thought a bitch with no ass said something” ?? period

Jay Lou

See if your surgeon or PCP will prescribe you a steroid cream for the itching. If not, get some hydrocortisone cream or anti-itch cream girl! Really helped with my breast reduction and they have the last 2 creams everywhere ??

Caryn Williams

baby I'm 2 seconds in and this face is BEAT!!!!

Angie Hall-Witherspoon


Danielle Porter

?Just Dead That!

Mixing it with the Masons

Congratulations on 1K && keep grinding. Just remember if they are hating, then you are doing something right sis ??‍♀️.

asia barnes

Girl u bomb & definitely looking good!!! They gone hate anyway bc that’s what haters do!!!

Tierra Hamm



You look good boo

Empress of Da Trinidae

Girl you should see me driving ??? .

Angie Hall-Witherspoon

I love you Sis! Fuck those rude people! You are my BFF !!! Body dope! HOUR GLASS SHAPE BISH! <3 Maad LOVE !!!

Brenda Lee

U look good. Did u tell her to go to hell?????

Poptart Art

Thank you for posting again congratulations

Kimmy B

You look great hun your healing is coming along well looking ? good

Renee Bates

You look amazing Queen


???? omg this video was so funny ??? girl u look good, they just mad

Mee Mee

Body look fyrrrrr??


You look amazing...congratulations on your bawdy and your 1000k.....keep up the awesome content......your true followers love you...????

Monique B

Your beautiful inside and out so ?? the naysayers. As long as your happy that's all that counts. Congrats on 1k???.

learning2loveme plus-size


Myeisha Faith

Not trying to be mean or body shame you but would you go back and get a round 2 and I don’t understand why you can’t wear the faja have you heard of curvy gyals fajas or tributomujer fajas those are some really good brands .

Pattie Henry

They are so silly . U will be swollen first days so things will look uneven. I was one that said get a stage two faja and that was a genuine suggestion. You look good though, good luck

Free Dallas

I swear you are so pretty!!! ? & you look great!! Remember you can't please everyone so don't worry about trying. Just have fun telling YOUR journey! Mommy loves you. Keep up the great work.

Awura Ama

forget the haters dont even address them. I love how raw and transparent you are in your videos ,you show every emotion and the reality of this procedure. Thank you for sharing your experience with us

Santishqua Moss

Where you got your hair

Sherita Harris

?I thought a bitch with no ass said something ?

Ana Shaunice

For fluid put a board on your back so it’ll push the fluid forward and out when you use the bathroom and not towards your whole in the back


I'm happy the incision on your butt isnt infected, I was really worried about that. Your results are amazing! New subbie here ?

Khaela Devonne

Body banging !!!


You were celebrating 1K but sis in a matter of a week you at 4.6K!!! Blessed, and I think you look great.

Xo Kelly

I was getting worried bout you not uploading. Missed you. You look good sis.


Ignore the negative ppl you look tf good ! You might not even need to tighten up your skin the compression should help with that

Kesha Williams

Where did you get the tape from

mahogany sparks

Did the cavitation massage hurt.....n f them haters girl u cute!

Antoinette Turner

Sis thats the job for the young Little poeple to think so small so at the end of the day you look nice dont let the ugly people take your shine

Danielle Porter

?Talk to shit QUEen!!

S linton

You look bomb ????????????????

Arnella Flowers

You remind me of throwback lil kim????

Britney Carter

Your stomach has went down tremendously, you have really great results! Go girl.


Fuck the haters you look great ?

Micki sorr

Wen u said "I thought a bitch with no ass said something" I was like that's me? that's me, I'm the bitch with no ass but ain said nun tho... U look good babe?


Where did you get your bra??

beatrix british

girl people gone hate in thats just that you look good! F they opinion

Citytroop Ent.

Rubbing alcohol &. Coconut oil


You don’t even need to lose nothing but it’s up to you and I support ❤️❤️❤️periods you still look amazing

Pretty Natural Tresses

I just subscribed because your rant was way too funny!!LOL...You look absolutely beautiful Sis...Don't worry about the haters. Matter fact they're helping your channel grow, so keep'em! ?

Belinda Phillip

Can you make a video of how you use the body tape and where to buy the body tape?

Lashae Brown

I don’t want a bbl but you popped up in my recommendation and it’s the personality for me honey! Hey new frenn!

Rozia Grand

What’s your Instagram


Don’t worry about the idiots. Everyone wishes they had the courage to do what you are doing. I can’t wait until my turn. Go girl!!!


Does that waist trainer stay down in the back or flip up over the butt ?

Mykia Bee

You look good girl! ?

Deaitra Jones

Yesss Girlll... sometimes you just have to give the people what that want... Looking Fabulous. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE 1K ...BOO...Keep Pushing❣❣❣?

albertina gathings

You do look amazing fuck them hater! What was your BMI and weight at surgery day? I’m plus size and want bbl

Brenda Lee

BBL chair is a L ?

Chelsea Yvette

You look good girl ?

Marcus Kendall

You look very beautiful and I am honored to watch you on your journey. Fuck what the haters say and keep living your best life. Great content. Great video. I see a future star and beauty mogul in the making ❤️

Destiny_Nasir ?

Not “coming out of a Turtle shell” ? I’m hollering

china Dolldr

I did lipo 360, bbl, and lipo my arm and baby that was a big mistake! I could not do ?! I’m glad I did it but had I had of known what the aftermath was gon be I would of just straight got a bbl! After you fully heal you can go back and get it done and it won’t be as bad on you!


You look good!!!!!! What waist !!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

Lupus Sux

You look amazing.... Love how you dealt with the hate. Congratulations!!! New Sub ?

Mellanee The Riot

You look GOODT!! Congrats on 1k

Erin Cagler

Looking great per usual! Forget the haters they wish they had ass like that!!!! Love you :)

Ms Alescia

Who taped you, or Did you do it yourself?

Angie Hall-Witherspoon


Tahirah Short

When You said to that woman go to hell I diedddd ?????

Lisa Govan

Girl u look good! If u hot at the trolls at 1000 subs they gonna drive you crazy by 5000??. Slow down don’t let these ghost bother u??


When should we start taping?

Shaquana Mone’t

❤️❤️❤️ I love ya energy lol!! BODY LOOKS THE FUCK GOOD!! Congratulations on the 1K ?

Iman Newby

You look great and your confidence and personality is Everything!!! So happy for you ?✨


You look good I do think you could look better i see you found an alternative that’s gonna make you better.. just compress compress compress they say lol & I don’t think you’ll need a round 2❤️

Cortnee Luxx

Ooouuu bawdyyyyyy is banging kandice!!? babygirl u snapped on they asses literally!! ? Lmaoo i been ready for u to get in they ass bout tlkn crap!

Ashley BeYoutifulLiving

One time for the slayage in this video. You look great girl you got me so excited for mine!


yes hair and face!

Queen Libra

Where u get ur wig ? I like it

Falyn Taylor

Girl boom we off them in the comments being miserable!

Danielle Porter

It's the "For the lady that said I got a wide back and big arms, go to hell" for me ??‍♀️ ??

Angie Hall-Witherspoon

My Mom is a Nurse too !!! Do yo thing! She got a big booty so I call her Big Booty  lol in my 2 Chainz voice!

The Twinsetters

It’s the hair, the makeup and the bawdyyyyyyy for meeee!!!???

Sherry Parrish

I tnink you look beautiful

foxxyldy fr ca

You look good girl. Thanks for reading the haters...loved it. You motivate me soooo much! Anyway I was really hoping that women were past hating on each other...smh. Don't pay those haters NO MIND, keep doing you and doing it well!


New subbie here. You look damn good. Body on point ❤❤

Sasha Short

Anyone who is body shaming get a life! It's bad enough we criticize our own bodies we don't need other people doing it for us! I'm getting a BBL September 29 two days after I get back from the beach I'm excited probably do a video on it too! So just go somewhere else. I watch these videos to learn and see what I'm going to have to go through.

I Am Yvette Jackson

Congrats ????? you go girl ?

Radio frequency skin tightening

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New Viora Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Explained

19 922 views | 16 Jun. 2016

Face & Body Contouring -

Face & Body Contouring - suitable for fine lines and wrinkles, sagging jowls, tired eyes, saggy neck, mild to moderate skin laxity, creepy & wrinkled skin.

The all in one solution for facial and body contouring, skin tightening and cellulite reduction

Define the contours of your face, neck and body with Viola Radio Frequency Frequency Skin Tightening.


Relaxing Treatment

No down-time

Alternative to surgery

Helps improves fine lines and wrinkles... tightening skin and stimulating collagen.

Suitable for both "young" and "older" skin types.

Call 01 662 9908 to book FREE Assessment

Ainura Zhumaeva

How much this machine?

Radio frequency skin tightening

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How NeckTITE, FaceTITE & BodyTITE Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Works

33 539 views | 3 Oct. 2017


http://AMAskincare.com How does radio frequency skin tightening work such as Facetite, Necktite and Bodytite? Here we are looking at an animation of your skin. The skin is above and now we are beneath the skin in the fat area. You can see the many arteries and veins and the septi that hold the entire tissue structure together.

The special RF skin tightening device has a probe that slides along the surface of the skin above and a probe beneath the skin. The RF energy passes between the two ends. The RF energy liquifies the fat underneath and it tightens the collagen causing contraction above.

Here we see an artery beneath the skin in the fat area. The artery is being cauterized which minimizes any possibility of bruising. You can also see the fat which is being liquified which can be easily removed from the skin which is particularly important if you have some extra fat in you neck or chin area.

Now of course we see the skin tightening above. About 35 percent immediately. The contraction of the collagen goes on for about 6 months giving you progressive tightening of your skin. That is how the Facetite, Necktite and Bodytite radio frequency skin tightening procedure works.

Using RF radio frequency technology, Necktite is the most advanced skin tightening procedure for the neck and jaw area. Often referred to as “turkey-neck”, the skin of the neck loses it’s elasticity due to such factors as aging and weight gain. Radio frequency skin tightening is a non surgical procedure to tighten and firm this area. The NeckTITE procedure removes excess fat while at the same time contours and tightens the skin.

#Facetite #Bodytite #SkinTightening

AMA Regenerative Medicine & Skincare

Alice Pien, MD

Asher Milgrom, PhD

Irvine / Newport Beach


2302 Martin St. Suite 400

Irvine, CA 92612

Beverly Hills / Los Angeles


6310 San Vicente Blvd. Suite 285

Los Angeles, CA 90048






Facebook http://www.facebook.com/AMASkincare/

Instagram http://www.instagram.com/amaskincare/

Greg Hoffman

thanks for this video


Does this work on scar tissue?


how many sessions for this resault? thx


What if you don't want fat removed but only tightening of skin??

Mariah Zalera

if this liquifies fat.. what will it do to my cheeks? Will it make them shrink?