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Fact Checking Makeup Throughout History | Fact Checking BuzzFeed

253 552 views | 11 Aug. 2019

I wanted to Fact check a

I wanted to Fact check a "100 years of Makeup" style video today! I'll be watching "Makeup Throughout History" From Buzzfeed, And giving you the actual historical facts! If you like this video and want to see more videos on the History of makeup, Let me know in the comments below!

BuzzFeed Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g08-_NExOX0&t=189s

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Music by Mr. Chase - Wild Cherry - https://thmatc.co/?l=4AF04A50

Lu Vergara

Can You, PLEASE, make videos about makeup and Beauty history? PLEAAAAAASE!!!!

Angie Barth

I think these are more like if you are doing a costume and you want to look kinda correct but still be pretty by today’s standards


Their "beauty" department took lovely exquisite eras and made them ugly.

Florence Ningthouja

I'm surprised he knows everything about make up history ?

jennifer schultz

i LOVE history of fashion and I am so excited for the history of makeup!

Birdie Bird

We had to watch this for school and I couldn't get over how wrong it was and how Buzzfeed is just spreading misinformation like that. Smh

terry lowel

would you mind putting some book recommendations in the description box?

Janae M

This was so educational! Kinda makes me want to learn more about beauty history.

Emi Sully

As a history lover and makeup enthusiast, thank you for this! I love how you mentioned that things like war and shifting economies has affected make up.

Christina Kersten

Mouse fur was used for eyebrows.

Ridhi Gandhi

Anyone who has ever read Memoirs of a Geisha (I'm a nerd, fight me) and done even the most basic research about Geisha makeup, they clearly describe how it has been done throughout history
It was so painful to watch ;-;


omg i loved this video so much! the reactions, the knowledge....so good! 2018-2020 make up would def be conturing heavy.


This was soooo fun, but seriously....what were they thinking???


Ok. Even as a fairly new Robert Minion, even I know how Robert usually "discreetly" throws up in his mouth when he sees something upsetting...This person who created the "Geisha" look has at least taken ROBERT to whole new levels and could be applauded for that. I will say, I don't know a lot of makeup history, but even I could tell this just wasn't it. However, to be kind I will say, perhaps the artists in this video were just trying to quickly show SOME basics and maybe it's not meant to be FULLY historically accurate? Of course, then I must ask, why show it? I don't intend to be mean here, I just would like to know what the people who created the video were trying to share.

Elle Chupacabra

Didn’t Eugene Lee Yang make this video, pre-Try Guys?

Susan Hepler

Does buzzfeed know that dynasties like Cleopatra's, where actually greek!?

Ethel Addams

That "geisha" makeup was the worst, I agree. From the thumbnail I already thought it was horrible. I'm so glad Robert pointed out all the wrongs. And I'm amazed by how knowledgeable Robert is about makeup of so many different cultures from different times.

Melenia Tsipirika

If you think this geisha is bad, you should see what they "taught" us at makeup institue stockholm :D


Seeing how you missed out India from the video, im guessing you couldn't find any facts to back up for that time


I'm binging your vids again. Your expressions are so funny

Haineko Mikemalcom

I'm sorry but that's the ugliest Geisha makeup I've ever seen. If there's anybody here interested in watching how it's actually done, please go watch an actual geisha do her makeup. There's plenty of videos available. It's actually so artistic and it has several meanings, as many things are related to the rank of the geisha and etcetera. Very interesting stuff.

Isidora Espinoza

I'm so surprised and glad that you actually read about beauty history. People usually don't know that beauty history and body history are actual areas historians study! I'm actually a history student and I want to specialize on (pop) cultural history, as in knowing what was ACTUALLY popular during history. That includes popular beauty and fashion. People usually remember the "iconic" looks like these, but they don't realize that other people also wore make up, just like most of us don't actually look like beauty gurus and Instagram models. That's why the Greek one was a bit more accurate, it's common make up.

Makenzie Wilson

The girl in the office that kind of does makeup: ?????

Kylie Bias

I would love to see more videos on the history of makeup!!!


They probably didn't want to accept the fact that Japanese royalty painted their teeth black as a symbol of power at some point.


I really want to know why they made the model for the Elizabethan era look like Frankenfurter

Dhriti Sarkar

You could have been harsher


I love your reverence for history! That was so fascinating. I'd love to hear more of your knowledge on the subject. Thanks for the great video.

Rosa Gonzalez

I love that you're so calm. Like most youtubers are TOO loud and I just can't watch them.

Hey Ax

If we did a video to represent 2016-onwards it would be block eyebrows, overdrawn lips or filler with matt lipstick , and heavy concealer. I think that would be accurate


I want Robert to remake this entire video. Buzzfeed steals content from everyone, so I'm sure they wouldn't mind. Especially since he'd do the makeup justice and it wouldn't be the same video at all! ?

Just Another Happy Humanist

So, everything you said is spot on.

Regarding the Ancient Egypt hair, they wouldn’t have worn braids - they would have shaved their heads and worn wigs, often with a clump of scented wax on top, that would melt over the wig throughout the day, in the hot Egyptian sun, thereby releasing the scent (fashion history geek here ?). So yeah, they definitely got that wrong.

I’ll edit this comment if I see more mistakes!

EDIT: Women ? did ? not ? wear wigs ? in ? 18th ? century ? France! And big powdered hairstyles went OUT of style during the Revolution! Furthermore, those high hairstyles had gone out of style long before the Revolution. By then, hairstyles were curlier and flatter.

Alina Negoescu

I feel that Geisha make up is hard to do, I've watched the movie Geisha memories and it took a lot to do the make up and usually they look dramatic and misterious.

Theoretically Cookie

That geisha one will haunt me in form of nightmare forever

Rye Toast

Have you seen the videos the English Heritage channel did last year? They did several time periods and recreated makeup techniques as they would’ve been done, sometimes having to use modern safer alternatives to some of the deadly cosmetics of the past. I thought they were very well done.

Also if you follow Vicky Tsai of Tatcha, she describes (modern, at least?) the white base of geisha makeup as white, but it’s almost translucent and you can still see skin through it, with a very slight shimmer that gives it an other-worldly ethereal quality. Sounds absolutely beautiful.

Laura Duckworth

You should recreate actual historically accurate looks!!


Let’s just say I thought your criticisms were more than reasonable lolol???????

Abcdefg X

I find it crazy that my people from my country thought unibrows where cute, I naturally have one because I’m Greek and it’s annoying having to wax it

Evelyn Choua

Can you please do your own version of this video when the lockdown is through? I'd love to see it done correctly! <3

Theoretically Cookie

Makeup aside, I think that "geisha" hairstyle was popular in modern time, around Meiji era. Actual geisha hair has very different shape to that, it's almost like a halo, that wig looks like a coiffure.

Charity Overman

The super nude lips and block brows for 2012-2016

Fani T.gr

Τhe greek one is totally lie..in ancient Greece the women used makeup and they dο hair removal with many ways they burned the hair they used hair removal cream with sugar the shave and many other ways..They must see what Lysistrata in Aristophanes comedy say about how the greek womans seduce the mans,what the womans do to be beautiful..in statue and art the womans are hairless unlike the men.the artists of the time did not show signs of pubic hair on statues portraying women because they dont like it..the one who makes this historical video dont know nothing about Greece


@Buzzfeed - maybe consider a collaboration with Robert? So you can be sure to get it right? ?

Melissa Evans

I agree 100%

Ava Maria

The Egyptians used crushed up ? as eyeliner

Looks & Feels with Holly The Riot

Love this history! More like this would be great!

Ashley McCarty

Their makeup artist needs to be fired

Caragh Young

You look like you're going to cry from 10:56 onwards ?

Debbie Collington

With their budget they could have spent more than a tenner on those horribly nasty fancy dress wigs! They just added insult to the make up injury.


Um Robert, we need to talk... You need to do a video like this ASAP where you actually do the looks on real people. I absolutely love history and makeup history. PLEASE!!!!! PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP?


I wish there was a good video in this style. You should do historical makeup looks!!!!!

Brittany W.

The geisha looked like a clown. I'm offended FOR the geishas. They're so beautiful! How dare they

Gina Colvin

Lisa Eldridge does wonderful historically accurate make up.


I am sooo totally into learning more about this subject now Robert! Thank you. The history of makeup/skincare. I am finding your explanations truly fascinating!

Travel Bug

You should do a remake of this video correctly!

Christina Kersten

Egyptians and Greeks shaved everything off. They where hairless. Lice and crabs had no where to go. They wore wigs.

Dallas Och

I really enjoyed this video! Love learning about makeup history & the reasons behind why they did what they did. Well done! I agree buzz feed could've done a MUCH BETTER job!

Lyndsy Carson

The makeup artist they used just sucked okay we all know it, i’m watching this because i’ve watched historic makeup and fashion documentaries and they fucked up so bad.

Yan Yan

11:19 LMAO I could feel the struggle

20:48 oh they “baking” ??

Annie Mary Graugaard

I would love to see your version of make up history! Maybe like a series where you get different models ❤️❤️

Ley-on Tyne Wesa

dear robert,

as a costume designer, I remember watching this and thinking it was overall good, but so much was WRONG. it's like they barely took the time to look at pictures, let alone research the make up. they also probably got a fashion make up designer, not a theatrical make up artist who would already have this in their tool belt because we study the history of what people looked like to recreate it ACURATELY on stage. I appreciate your every critique and horrified expression because I FELT MUCH THE SAME WAY. wrong products, terrible techniques, juust . . . abhorant. they really needed to book the person months in advance and give the artist time to study what they were doing. even as a theater professional, i have an excelent sense of this in my frame work but i ALWAYS redo the research to get the fine details because those don't stay fresh. the overall look, yes, but not the details. - also in my own personal life, i don't generally wear make up, but when i do it's ben nye, because that's what i have, and it's egyptian styled. that egypt .. . . o man. my colors are modern but that catty, emphasised liner, which works well on my naturally almond shaped eyes, was . . . bad and used the wrong products to get the effect. i THINK, TO BE ACCURATE ABOUT WHAT WAS DONE, THEY WERE RECREATING HISTORICAL LOOKS WITH WHAT YOU MIGHT HAVE ON HAND, AND I CAN SEE A USE FOR THAT, BUT ALSO DO BE UPSET IF YOU ARE DOING THIS FOR YOURSELF AT HOME AND DON'T GET A PERFECT RECREATION BECAUSE YOUR PRODUCTS DON'T MEET THE OPACITY, COLOR, ETC. REQUIREMENTS TO DO OLD STYLES. YOU CAN FIND PRODUCTS THAT WILL DO THAT, AND YOUR PERSONAL MAKEUP KIT FOR YOUR EERYDAY MAKE UP OR CHEAP COSTUME MAKE UP FROM THE DRUG STORE AIN'T GONNA DO THAT . . . i just realized my keyboard has been on caps, because it doesn't have alight to tell me, and i'm not retyping to fix it. too much time. thank you for critiquing for those not in the know.


Robert, this was BuzzFeed's Half-Ass Historical makeup. They let the interns slap it together and used the Spirit Store costume packaging for makeup inspiration. ?☠️?

Marguerite Otto

I would love to see videos from you on the history of make up....like the things you were talking about at the end of this video; what was popular, how it was influences by economics and politics, etc.

I would ADORE that!


Jesus did that makeup artist even try?? So embarrassing and disrespectful.

Lauren M

Could you possibly do a proper revised version of makeup from history? Even like a time period a video. I’ve learned so much from your commentary and I’d love to see how you would do it for accuracy

Sarah Riddle

Robert, looking rather disgusted: they looked at the way people looked when they had common diseases and replicated that in beauty

Also Robert, applying reddish purple under his eyes: “there’s something quite charming about an infected eye”


Indie 101

I have learned so much from your channel, despite not being into makeup all that much.

I really enjoy these historical pieces, and would really love to see you recreate these time periods more accurately. A series where you journey through time and explain the context around Beauty trends throughout the ages.

It would be great to see, and the beauty version of time team!


I don't know much about the makeup in other time periods but even I can see how ridiculous these attempts are


Do you have any book recommendations regarding the history of makeup? Thank you ?

Bree Strough

I would kill for more makeup history videos like this! So fascinating and educational, and you do such a good job of making these topics fun!


the 2010's imo: big outlined brows, huge lashes, contoured features, and overlined lips

Sharose h

I am the same way with reading numbers!


I usually watched you on FB, watching you on YouTube is so much better cuz there is more content and I just love it!!!!

Catt Morgan

Man I am addicted to your videos, you are my make up guru! You are amazing!

Purrfect Pout

You’re not being overly rude that was a horrible and completely offensive! Also, Egyptian started using kohl to block the sun(kind of like American footballers) thus it would angle down more as a natural way of shielding. The also wore wigs and under the wig a wax was placed and as it would melt it would cool the head. I just don’t think I can even get into the geisha disaster, it really was offensive af! Also, beauty marks where usually silk and placed over a blemish! WOW, I have to stop bc that was so horrible! So, in a hundred years 2018~2020 matte full coverage foundation and concealer”baked of course” bushy yet defined brows, liquid eyeliner winged up, muddy cheeks with highlighter lines on top of the muddy mess and a massive amount on the tip of the nose very unnatural (like Rudolph on crack), fake freckles, definitely cut crease with concealer and darker liner than the matte af liquid lips and huge false eyelashes that covers the beautiful art of their eye shadow,which will include the famous “transition” peachy shadow?oh and of course powder and loads of makeup “setting” spray! Yeah I’m a bit salty today,lol! Cheers love,x

rainy juini

Robert is an extremely underrated makeup artist. Not only is he highly skilled, he has a lot of knowledge of makeup history. Robert deserves fame !

Kelsey 23

I cant believe a unibrow used to be a trend in ancient Greece


Buzzfeed has turned into nothing more than a content farm which is why they don’t care about the quality of what they put out. Even as a cosmetologist we learn better basic beauty history than anything I saw in this video. Robert was correct to be offended!

Kathi Murray

My thin skin would have been fashionable back in the day...lol....

Alana Cole

All 71 dislikes came from the 71 people buzzfeed overpaid to make this inaccurate makeup video hahaha I love your video though!

The Makeup Mariachi

If you had a master class on the history of all makeup and makeup theory...I would take it.

эlลžý.вэllล Orr

Ik this is an old vid but I cldnt hlp myslf. Id love to see robert recreate these looks in the way he pictures them ?? Idk I jus think it'd b cool to c


It's so exiting to hear you talk about history of makeup. You should remake this the right way!

Nicole Henderson

I love that he went OFF about the Geisha bc so did I and I'm not even a MUA

Bobcat Young

For the look back to 2018. Massive brows, eyelash extensions, too much high light


you should totally do a series like this where you tell us the history of makeup as you're making up a model in that era with all the research and outfits etc. it would be extremely interesting to have a factually accurate representation.. alternatively you could also do looks you think future eras might find normal!

Joy-keeps you on your toes

Your so awesome so happy I found you

E for Ellie

Please recreate these makeup looks properly with accurate information

The history of makeup is so interesting when it's talked about with the passion and attention to detail that you could bring

Roxas Sora

I love geishas and that look is just oof

nosferatus bride

If you love the history behind beauty a must read for me is: Seeing through clothes by Anne Hollander! as well as: fashioning socialism by Judd Stitziel!

Dita von Peanut

I would love it if you could recreate some accurate looks. I love the 1930s and get most of my inspiration from vintage ads. Everyone else approaches things in a costumey way and think all vintage = cats eye. Going to get your hair cut or trying out makeup in stores makes me feel laughed at, and professionals can have so little understanding of the history of their craft and different aesthetic concepts. You are so knowledgeable and, most of all, respectful. And vintage girls need help too! How do I draw on thin eyebrows? How do I get the rosy cheek look? I’m so glad you did this video.

Laura Marcis

I don't know if Buzzfeed made another one, but I have the need for a part 2

Samantha Wood

Wow this is really interesting! I've never really thought about the history of makeup and how it changed and the different trends in different regions, but after watching this video I'm intrigued to learn more about its history! And I don't know much about this subject, but even I could see that geisha makeup was AWFUL??

aakriti kaila

I thought the Egyptian make up was horrid but the Geisha makeup yikessss. I'm offended on behalf of the Japanese.

Jalynn Countaway

Hey Robert - not sure if you check old video comments or already answered this, but do you have any book recommendations for more on this topic? I really enjoyed this video and would love to learn more! Thank you :)


Love you Rob. Hate buzzfeed. Time and time again they steal small content creators' ideas and videos and not only do they not credit them, they completely deny it.


Why don’t you do a makeup history series?

Ovelia Becker

i wish you would do these makeup looks on someone :o

Brittany Storey

Can someone re-do this video?? But accurate?

Mia Meow

Buzzfeed is cheap and low brow.

Time period makeup

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iiiCorgi ii

2:23 elton john is quaking jshdnxhhakwkjd


this video is amazing! <3

TMesteegirl M

This was such a fun video to watch!!

anna bell

I love how 1920s flapper girls went back to Egyptian looking makeup.

Hey Whatsup

What a perfectionnn????????????????

Jessica Carnley

god I love you!!

nana L

Lisa, this is great video.....

Kiki Newton

All were gorgeous in my opinion (despite poison and a unibrow)

My penis is microscopic but,

Venetian class women were the original e-girls

Michele Reingardt

❤️????? I can’t ❤️ this enough!

Maddy Joh

Can you do something similar but with makeup trends throughout Asian and Middle Eastern countries?


Can you show other makeups from other parts of the world? Asia, Africa, North and South America? I love your videos :) You're so articulate, smart and talented


*Makeup Moments in Western history. Great video otherwise. The Venetian look is something else - and reminds me of some of the more extreme Tang Dynasty makeup trends.


And to think some people are STILL trying to control someone else's makeup is absurd

Silvia Rafael

I’ve watched this so many times...i love it

Eeks Zima

I love how Venetian class and french polish are basically polar opposites, they look like the red and white queen from alice in wonderland <3

Lana Del Taco

Yay for today’s makeup rule that there are no rules!!

Molnar Bianka

I loved it so much! Thanks!


I keep coming back to this video, so entertaining and informative ❤️

Lara Martinez

Ancient women in my coulture (south america) didn't do makeup, they just tattooed their faces :p

Virgie Virg

Hello Lisa! Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos and your art. Just bought your book, Face Paint, today! ?? I’m so excited. Love from Montreal, Canada. ❤️❤️

prathyusha chilagani

Damn!... I love this knowledge! <3

Φαίη Γεροντοπούλου

Οι αρχαίες Ελληνίδες δεν άφηναν μονοφρυδο αυτά ειναι βλακειες.. Τους άρεσε να περιποιουνται.. Ήταν ωραία βαμμενες και λάτρευαν τα κοσμήματα και το μακιγιάζ.. Ειδικά στην Κρήτη οι γυναίκες ήταν έντονα βαμμενες με κόκκινο κραγιόν και βαμμένα έντονα ματιά.. Χωρίς μονοφρυδο

Melanie Adorno

Aloha Lisa,
❤elanie here, " wow was this ever fun, educational, and so refreshing....very much in sinl with why you are by far My # 1 top knotch very special well liked and respected MUA...
I ❤ed this video, much like my fun mixed collection of Hair I wear, i just don't have a favorite...I loved all the looks each fir their own unique beauty.. Thank you, as always I can't wait to see what you will do next
Much Safety & Love @ you

Star Cherry

I freaking love unibrows ?

Captain Millie

Imagine how many wipes she goes thru

Stephanie Shubert

awesome video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karalyn Swanson

This was fascinating! You look gorgeous in all eras!

marie antoinette

The venitan look, reminds me of Johnny deep as the mad hatter

Gardener Hands

This looks like part of a job interview that a red head with bobbed hair ended up getting. Goodness. You did such a nice job. Love you're theatre actress look

Melina Redzic

this must be the inspiring thing for culture of makeup love it,


This is beautiful. It must have been a lot of work for you. You could have been a silent screen actor, that looks is perfect and suits you so well. Thanks, I really enjoyed this. BTW, I’m here thanks to a shout out from Alexander Anele (I think that is the correct spelling). I’m so glad she mentioned that.

Melissa Thompson

This is a great rundown of many of the makeups and I love that you included the social explanations behind the trends. However, this is very Euro-centrist. I wish you had included African and Asian cultures as well.


I have a bad day, I watch this video. You are amazing ?

Shantele Lewellen

This was so fun and educational!


The Babylonians knew makeup before the Egyptians.

Jill Bowers

This was so fun and informative, loved it!

Absinthe Minded

Loving the vamp look


would love to see more ?

pink orchid

Egyptian the best one


Amazing! ?? I love your videos (all of them) but this is, by far, my favorite! ?

Erica Allbright

Awesome video, so cool and amazing makeup!! So fun ♥️??

Stephanie Y Anderson

Thank you ?

ʕ ́•ᴥ•`ʔ

i know this video was a while ago, but can we all appreciate how much work went to this videoo

Keren C

Hi Lisa! I would like to know what brand is that lipstick you're holding in @5:51. Thank you very much!


I want tutorials for some of these. Love it!

Szymon W.

Pompadour pink... looks yummy .)


A 100 years late I finally ordered the book and I'm so excited!

Hajar Lmortaji

sorry! i like your content, but did you use the expression ( in the world) ?? it doesn't include us i mean the Arab world, if we are part of it. u'd rather say the western world, your content would be more international if u showed the middle eastern oriental and maghrebin tendencies, especially Morocco. we had our special couture, make up and craft especially in the middle ages at the "covivencia" era between the Almoravites and Almohads dynasties that joined the Iberian peninsula to the Maghreb..so Venice ( the very beautiful and historical city) was not a fashion capital for us....
Thank you for your nice videos

Einsame M

Honestly, the Twiggy make up is so bomb.

Maria Jose Espinosa

Love it!??

Wilbur Eastern

since you completely ignored the rich asian tradition in make up, please call the video "Best and worst makeup moments in European, American and African history"

nolły H

I love the silent movie vamp look. This was such an educational video. Loveeee

Rocky Roxas


Gina Lawlor

Brilliant video loved it thanks Lisa- Gina


Can we just acknowledge the fact that you look good in any one of them? :D

kate L

love this video idea!!!!

Jo Crooms

My take away from this is that you are beautiful woman!!!


What about Asian makeup history?

aquamarine ancient soul

Ancient egypt was so cool (the fashion and art i mean, there were definitely bad things there too but still cool)

Keeper of the Dead *

I love my mauve lips and bright color eye palette. Hate mainstream, go glam in your way!

Amanda H

I wonder what makeup in other countries looked like not just western ones through the ages especially India

Helen Urwin

Thank you soooo much, my two favourite subjects -history/social history and makeup! Well done for another utterly fascinating video. This should be shown at all schools to enliven history lessons!!!

Sigielle Sims

hello! i just wanna say something about the victorian times. there is actually no place stating queen victoria thought makeup was vulgar and unladylike. she actually commented on people wearing rouge in her diaries and saying they looked good wearing it so she didn't dislike makeup as much as we like to think today rather, the dislike of makeup came from the previous decades like for example 1830s before her reign which very dramatic and over the top kind of like rococo so more somber earthy simplistic fashion came into style when victoria became queen this might have also made people not wear so much noticible makeup which was fround apon. but makeup has always been worn. there is a great video by engilsh heritage here on youtube showing you what queen victoria would have worn for her beauty routine i highly recomend checking it out. :) disclaimer: i am not saying that this video is wrong in everyway in fact i really enjoyed it and i understand the work that goes into it, but as a history lover who likes to study about queen victoria a little to much i just wanted to put this out here. thanks for reading and have a great day!

Barbara Fischer

So interesting!

Jillian Joy

Awesome video!! I learned so much and I really appreciate you creating each style and full look. Holding up pictures just wouldn't have the same effect as showing the makeup style on your face like you did here. I've been thinking about purchasing your book for a while now, after watching and loving this video I'm putting your book on my Christmas list!


Your silent film makeup is really keen!

Jose Penaranda

lovin' the 1960's!!!

Lemon & Lime

2:24 is jt just me or does she look like the queen of hearts there?

Hjordis Wolff

PLEASE make a tutorial for the flapper makeup! it's gorg

Briony Carter

Watching this again in 2020 ? I adore it


Wow wow wow, thank you so much and cheers.

Pilar Rivera

look so much like natalie portman


f*ck queen victoria!!! lol


This was brilliant! Well done!

Miss Blasé

5:53 Lisa we need this 60's mod tutorial! ???

Rebecca Elisabeth

This is still one of your best videos! :)

Lyndsay McFadzean

I think I might pass this on to my college lecturer. Fab wee video! And a good starter for researching for HNC. Well done!!

Maureen Takach

OMG, Lisa. I love this!!

Svetlana Beilschmit

I love your accent and your content other than this version do you make a 1940s tutorial and other timelines miss :)

Sharon Beautyfxbarrie

This was really interesting...totally enjoyed it thx :)

Kavya Shukla

Mam plzz hindi me bata sakti hai


Women wear makeup because they are natural liars ?

Miranda Mulkey

I love your videos so much! You provide so much information about history while making it all fun and interesting! Plus I love makeup too and you are excellent at it! Keep up the good work, you're amazing! <3

Nazeeda Kors

It always boggles my mind when people dislike a video...I think a lot of it has to do with personal agenda. I mean, what is to dislike in this video?! It’s historical fact accurately and beautifully portrayed!

Hector BROWN

Great video , I have learned so much


This should be one hour long!


Unpopular opinion: Unibrows are hella cool.

The Messenger

So historically informative and fun,brilliant ???excellently choreographed

ElleJay Rose

Excellent job Lisa !

Flogerta Driza

You're so lovely Lisa! Absolutely gorgeous!


Honestly who could “dislike” this tho.. like really?! It’s perfection

Aida_ Amorre

Finally, a make-up channel that I actually love to watch!!! Your content is amazing! ?

ava A

The 40's and 50's had some of the BEST makeup! I love the red lipstick and eyeliner! It was slightly more natural blush wise but it was still fun and very beautiful ❤️

Itty Bitty

I LOVE this!!

Anne Helene Groven

Great video Lisa ??????

sarah hassan

Loved it and subscribed

Teen Luke Skywalker

I would go back to the 80s.

bunny mom

Your historical looks are great!

Kimberly H.

I remember when Buzzfeed did a video about makeup looks throughout history. This is so much better, more comprehensive, and it's accurate.

Time period makeup

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Queen Victoria Makeup Tutorial | History Inspired | Feat. Amber Butchart and Rebecca Butterworth

1 464 118 views | 20 May. 2019

Fashion Historian Amber

Fashion Historian Amber Butchart and Makeup Artist Rebecca Butterworth are at Osborne - Queen Victoria’s holiday home on the Isle of Wight. This time, they’re creating a Queen Victoria-inspired makeup look on Actor Hollie Hales.

Find out what makeup reveals about Queen Victoria’s reign and learn how to create your own history-inspired look at home. Plus, discover more about how Osborne was enjoyed by the royal family in the 19th century with the Curator of Osborne, Michael Hunter.

Plan your trip to Osborne: http://bit.ly/2Hobdav

Products used for the Queen Victoria Makeup Tutorial:




Zinc Oxide powder


Tired Eyes Eyedrops


Castor oil


Benetint liquid cheek tint


Rose lip-salve made with red pigment by Sample Beauty, Vaseline and Rose Absolute oil


Fresh flowers from the gardens at Osborne


Images depicting poverty in Victorian London courtesy of Alamy Images.

Works from the Royal Collection: Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 2019.


FIND A PLACE TO VISIT: https://goo.gl/86w2F6

VISIT OUR BLOG: https://goo.gl/DumtLo

LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/Un5F2X

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: https://goo.gl/p1EoGh

FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/PFzmY5

T̶r̶o̶l̶l̶ O̶v̶e̶r̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶

The narrator be looking anime, weird every time she appears ?

sophia knight

My aesthetic:)


thank you for making this video, and the translation.

Félix Nicolas

They keep showing girls with such clear skin being ft. and...it’s making me feel so ugly ? ?

It’s just me and queen Elizabeth l chilling here.

Poor u, what ya looking for?

Oh! Ur looking for clear skin ay...

Stap. U know u ain’t getting it.


the model looks a lot like elizabeth olsen

The Evil Plague Doctor

Does anyone know the piano song that plays at the beginning? ?

Monika Singh 8th A

Hey I am from india anybody tell me that the girl in video was really queen victoria?

Silent Giver

I might marry the model...even without makeup. Damn, she is so gorgeous. ??

what i write after this is mainly shit

/ /

This Kinda sucks


Shrek Shrek

Model looks like Elizabeth Olsen!

Meenakshi Saku

Peacock, vinayakudu, poolu... Indian architecture... India lo chusi akkada copy chesara

Praewa Papuntai

I came here from AC Syndicate...

Queen Victoria

Can they stop touching my stuff!


That model has the prettiest eyes I've ever seen

Anita Hendricks

Crispy Cream

I looked up belladonna to see what it looked like and its affects... never doing that again.

Tajrin Oeshi

I am also jealous

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Captain Jotunheim

Rebecca and Amber look like anime protag's especially with Amber's mock seifuku(?)

Grace Froggatt

Lovely lovely lovely but dilating the eyes?? That’s really painful!!

Queen Victoria

Could someone get these people out of my house?

akila kris

"India became a part of the British Empire and queen victoria became empress of India." Uh NO . INDIA was FORCED to become a part of the Empire and was colonized is the correct term . Other than that, a beautiful video.

Une dame

Who is she without a corset? Not historically correct.


Ridiculous shape in the bodice. Where's the corset?

the werewolf girl

I appreciate how amber always wheres a block of colour.

Kroteca Zoltec

Fun fact I was born the same day as queen Victoria. May 24th

Dhea Putri Permatasari


Swathi Merla

Lord ganesha?

Kahlila Cassandra Tizon

Amber looks like a character from Fruits Basket (Momiji Sohma)


Step one: Have perfect skin

Acetaldehyde Moore

I find Rebecca Butterworth's work very satisfying.. the way she talks and applies the makeup is so satisfying.

Dannielle Reyes

yo i didnt even know queen victorias grandpa is king george lll

Skyprincess 1995

Seeing the vanity where queen Victoria put her make up on everyday was pretty amazing to me

Someone In This World

It's shameful, how the Britishers, under the leadership of Queen Victoria, literally robbed the hardworking Indian farmers to buy fancy cosmetics and showpieces for her palace.. seriously disgusting!!

Issaic Thesickboy

Its also a huge
pandemic when Trump ruled ??????

Maurizia Riservato

Nice idea however your both haircolour are terrifying


I’m confused, why can’t you use loosed powder in a historical building?

harris shob

i want to be as white as possible thank you for tips


I can neither confirm or deny this


ok, probably anorexia and chemical addiction could have something romantic for a 12-years old brain-washed slightly overweigh girl, but TUBERCULOSIS

Kruk kruk Inamers

Wow so cool


Intrigued by the room that is inspired by India. I wish they spoke more about it. While India has a colossal amount of British influence, I'd love to know how much of the 'Indian' influence was transferred and in what ways.

Rojaswati Madala

Family pedigree of Queen Victoria shows as she was a carrier of haemophilia disease

Kafaloto Feao

I wonder if that place has wifi


Pale skin = "I'm wealthy, so I can stay indoors instead of working in the fields."

Flushed cheeks and lips + dilated pupils are signs of sexual arousal.

Lila Berry

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Why I am finding queen comment ??


The makeup was so pretty

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karen yaritza benitez siabato


Pinecone[ sMileY

"Most importantly......It won't kill you''

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swarnaalagu6 Alagu


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The Elisabeth one came up and now I can’t stop watching

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This is fantastic ?

Shravani Dabholkar

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Rachael Jemmett

When you’ve got the same trinket box as queen Victoria ☺️❤️ osbourne is my dream home x.


I must say I am particularly proud of my skin

Bry L

I want an ASMR channel with historic makeup looks and skincare routines. This is so relaxing.


Hollie is one of the most beautiful case of central heterochromia

Brinda Bose

Victoria had become the empress of India in 1858 and not 1870s'.



nareswari permata

2020 anyone???


This model looks EXACTLY like Elizabeth Olsen

Yuri Cronk

Queen Victoria is probably my favorite ruler in the UK. She was so simple. She loved natural beauty and was overall sweet.

minnie mouse

Queen Victoria was one of the ugliest Queens tbh lol

Katie Clark

Me: dying of tuberculosis
Victorian women: omg u look so beautiful. Let me look like I'm dying too!


Why can’t u use loose powder in a historical building?

Vera Tkocz

In the Victorian era they had brown hair. nowadays, hair is bright red and blue ;)


It's lovely seeing Hollie all made up. She's a brilliant stage actress. I hope she gets more chances to do historical work.

J.valli J.valli

Hi sisters your makeup makeup very pretty videos very useful I am Tamil I don't know English but your markupvideo allowed with very much I am just house beautician please se Hi please

Queen Elizabeth II

Well at least it's not yellow.

Georgi Goff

My mum is a hair dresser she did it for me


I thought makeup was considered vulgar for “decent” women in Victorian era

Yøhann Jadhav

Only Indians here would recognise the Indian Palace designs used in Queen Victoria's Palace 10:51. That's exactly how interiors of palaces in India look like

A random penguin

can someone please tell me the piano piece played at the beginning-

Update:It's songs without words Op.38 No.2 C minor by Mendelssohn

Kesler Aquino

Im inspecting queen victoria to be here queen elizabeth the first was in her video hahahahahaha

Dakota Kl

You look incredible! The chamomile does feel good on the eyes, doesn't it?

Nikkie J.

The model looks a lot like Queen Victoria. ?

Karl Marx

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The model looks so much like Elizabeth Olson.

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Ms Pretty Kawaii

What is with loose powder?

Queen Victoria

Yes I look fabulous

Dream Girl

Whatever the cruelty victorian reign did with india is unforgettable ☹️ they almost robbed India


can we like talk about how stunning the model is?


Why am I seeing Indian architecture in her private estate?


The model looks so beautiful I swear I am obsessed with the 19th century. I also love how Queen Victoria seems like one of the calmest Queens I’ve heard of I love it.

Kiki Seoane

Okay but the model IT'S GORGEOUS


Petition to bring back Victorian fashion. I try and wear as close to Victorian fashion as I can with a modern twist. I love it so much

Beautiful Corpse

Woman- dying of TB

Societal woman- omg you're glowing! Those blood clots your coughing up would be the the perfect lip and cheek rouge! You should totally save them for later use. how lovely... ?

English Heritage

A few people have asked why we can’t use powder inside our historic properties. This is an excellent question. Powder particles are extremely small and travel considerable distances without being seen. They can bond to or abrade the surfaces of our collections and cause lasting damage. For the same reasons, we don’t permit hairspray or any aerosols at all to be used in our properties. As a conservation charity, we do everything in our power to prevent and manage the deterioration of our fantastic collections and delicate interiors.

Find out more about how we conserve and maintain the historic places in our care: http://bit.ly/2Wspsni

Gray Day

Please do a regency one!! You can feature ham house and cavaliers!

Dean Winchester

The model looks very similar to Elizabeth Olsen!