The hijaab

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The Hijab: A Way of Life | Mariha Junaid | [email protected]

20 850 views | 11 Jan. 2017

Why do women wear the

Why do women wear the hijab? Are you wearing one right now? In this magical talk, Mariha Junaid addresses the stigmas of wearing the hijab for Muslim women and girls.

Mariha Junaid is a senior at Midlothian High School in Chesterfield County, Virginia, and a proud hijabi.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx


i would like to add our actions or result or outside appearance doesn't matter to Allah. our purpose is to please Allah (the only one and god worthy of praise). muslims should be modest for Allah (translation: one & only god in arabic) not because it will make people happy. the quran is easy to understand for everyone not just men. Allah made clear nobody no matter what is superior to another or is accountable for anyone else. it's not jst about covering it's avoiding isolating the vulnerable. and sadly women r isolated today. they are marginalized not just muslims community but every community.

surah 2 aya 177: It is not Al-Birr (piety, righteousness, and each and every act of obedience to Allah, etc.) that you turn your faces towards east and (or) west (in prayers); but Al-Birr is (the quality of) the one who believes in Allah, the Last Day, the Angels, the Book, the Prophets and gives his wealth, in spite of love for it, to the kinsfolk, to the orphans, and to Al-Masakin (the poor), and to the wayfarer, and to those who ask, and to set slaves free, performs As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat), and gives the Zakat, and who fulfill their covenant when they make it, and who are As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.) in extreme poverty and ailment (disease) and at the time of fighting (during the battles). Such are the people of the truth and they are Al-Muttaqun (pious - see V. 2:2).

to me i think the community has been hijacked and hijab is the comfort illusion for the community to think we are on straight path. those who are obsessed who's wear hijab or not are toxic muslims. May Allah guide us all

john smith

Great talk, but she flat out lied about no woman being forced to dress modestly... ask Saudi Arabia where the religious police beat women in the street for not covering up.

Great Sage

First of all Things to be different in the west and around the rest of the world where Muslim attire is forced either by orthodox religious priest by convincing the subject how it is good to ware the hijab. it can go upto brainwashing, They try to show that they are different. And mostly if you are showing you are a Muslim, people will not interfere in what you do even sometimes if it is wrong.

Victoria Henderson

Great Job Mariha! I am so proud of you! You were very eloquent!

Mar Mar

Yeeeeeeeah, no one can make women do anything. Maybe it works in the USA but definitely not in any Muslim countries where women are abused everyday.

Gus Hutchinson

How well she has been taught to support her oppression.....get ye to a nudist beach ... you are being disapeared by a rape culture your men created you foolish woman....sorry but why do so many women burn their hijabs in the streets when freed from areas where sharia is law?
Also women are literally half the value as men in Islam....specifically half !



Ken Hayden

Ok this woman is entitled to her opinion , but when she states that , the Quran says that a woman is equal to a man , she is clearly lying , Qu , 2:228 , 4:3 , 4:11 , 53:27 , are just some of the verses from the Quran that say women are inferior to men .
Of course we won't mention Sharia , as that is clearly not the Quran , but it is how the laws were interpreted , and is what mainly muslim countries base their laws on

Mark Hidden

Thanks for sharing you seem like a very nice person. How do you feel about Sharia law? How do you feel about Homosexuality, how do you feel about people that choose to turn their back on Islam. How do you feel about Kaffir laws? How do you feel about liberal principles. The Hijab is nothing, it is just cloth too me. What it means to you is what matters, how you treat people is what matters.I believe everyone should be treated as an individual.

There are 3.3 million Muslims in the United States the vast majority are not assaulted. Go to Turkey go to Egypt do you think you will be treated better there? There is a greater chance that you will die in a car crash then experience a criminal assault because your a Muslim in the united states, even if it were 5x worse than it is today. That is how safe you are. They don’t have statistics in Egypt or Turkey, so I can’t tell you statistically how safe you would be there. However, what is interesting is, 56 % of girls are married before the age of 18 and there is no law against Marital rape. My math. [555 / 3.3million] [35,000/300million.] Keep it in perspective.

Rob Productions

The hijab is for the woman who practice the (mut‘ah) Nikah mut‘ah https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikah_mut%E2%80%98ah and Most Muslims who wear the covering call it a hijab (حجاب), an Arabic word meaning “cover.” However, there are various forms of hijab that are referred to by bad hair day after sex with the lover

Ghulam Abbas

You are full covered either because you should also cover your full arms up to wrists.


And yet another apologist, with the ever same lame non-arguments.
The hijab IST NOT the key to a womans success.

Clovis de Cruz

The hijab gives the woman who wears it and the beholder the illusion of moral superiority.

Mic garn

Oh shut up promoting your shit

Mic garn

Did she read her Koran oh yeah Islam is not a race plus oh the poor victims there the killer's of everything normal no I won't be open to the hhhhhheeejab biggest load of bolox does anyone know what the under current of this Muslim PR is wake up

Ashika Raut

blind faith.

Isabel Adkins

Awesome job Mariha! So proud of you!!!! ❤️

Salma Syed

wow she is so eloquent! I love this Ted talk!

Boogy Boogy

Islam in Arabic does not mean live in peace but to surrender to Islamic rituals and Shariah law and oblige nonmoslim to pay Elgiaza tax, any country does not follow Islam is Considered a Land of War until it surrenders

Andree B

you did an amazing job! this is really good


Thank you for your beautiful speech

AD Queen

She looks so cute in that outfit she wore in Disney land!

Shivam Kumar

Jihad, Hijab sounds same to me. Jihad is nothing but shit. I'm sorry for my word, but I'm still on it. I know I shouldn't hurt someone's ritual, someone's belief, but It's okay to stand against someone's ritual, believe or so-called Jihad If it has already taken so many lives with brutality, with no-sense of having feeling for others lives. Yeah, you are right, i'm talking about terrorism. Terrorism is totally based on Jihad and terrorists are consequences.

Παύλος Νάστος

I can't stand this topic!

Geez Louise

At least you don't have to wash your hair

Shafonda Sheppard

Love the hijab

Monu Zack's

Good job mariha .


wow. so many people from all around the world have something to show or say and that arab lady had a story about her hijab and...thats it. Im impressed...


When i see hijab i think terrorism

Jonathan Kent

In my opinion; It's an part of Arabic culture imposed on all Muslim women around the world. Another religious nonsense!

Rohit Goswami

Welcome this is enough... Rohit Goswami

Jamal Hasan

Some in Turkey feel less free now that women are free to wear headscarves  http://www.pri.org/stories/2014-02-19/some-turkey-feel-less-free-now-women-are-free-wear-headscarves

Gus Hutchinson

For every one women ,mostly in the west, who chooses to mask up how many millions of women are forced on pain of death ?


Loved it hmu @yarcules

Shanghai knight

Well there are many oprressed in the Middle East . Pakistan , Afghanistan.

Mao Danz

Would you marry a christian guy would your family be ok with it ?

The hijaab

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34 349 views | 23 Jun. 2018

Hey my loves! I tried

Hey my loves! I tried answering as many questions as I could and even though I missed SO many, I hope this helps you anyway! ?

|| It’s a good day, I hope you’re feeling it ||

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- Instagram: @SamanthaJBoyle

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- Facebook: @SamanthaJBoyle

Business Email: [email protected]

Hana H.

You helped me so much with your video❤️Thank you

Sandhu Hasham

Salam my muslim brothers and sisters


I'm not judging anyone who wears the hijab, but for me, the thought of wearing the hijab makes me physically sick. I don't know why, but I feel like having a mental breakdown at the idea of it. My hair for me is a symbol of power and femininity, which I don't think I need to cover. My imaan is extremely strong, but the hijab - idk if it's something I'd ever consider wearing.

Eman Sayed

im in grade 6 and i just started wearing hijab

Debbie Cakes

I am Jewish but my fiance is muslim and he told me that after we marry, he wants me to start wearing a hijab. I am very hot headed, I sweat alot during the summer and spring or whenever I walk long distance and usually it gets to the point where my hair gets soaked in sweat so I always keep my hair very short. I'm scared that if I wear a hijab, I might start sweating like crazy and maybe the my sweating will go through the fabric and wet stains will show. How do women manage to not sweat while wearing a hijab in the middle of the hottest months??


This is inspiring thank you so much, I have been thinking about putting hijab on since freshman/sophomore year of high school and I am in my first semester of college now and I just want to put it on however I am not perfect in my character. I am not the most amazing daughter or sister. I have a lot to learn and don’t know too much. I am also worried about how my school mates who knew me in high school will think of me. How my neighbors and local people view me. But this helped me out so thank you a lot.

Hasin Ibra

May Allah swt bless you!

Bunna ' s life

Assalamualiqum sister I can't stop watching your videos I'm falling in love with every word you say you are an inspiration by the way I live in Australia too just started wearing hijab a year ago born and brought up Muslim people ask random questions about hijab like ah don't you feel hot in this all the time

Nusrah Uddin

I want to wear one to school because i learned today u need to wear hijab after somethings happen and im scared cause somepll will pull the hijab and make fun of me


I’m gonna wear a hijab tomorrow, I’m sooo nervous. Inshallah it will go as plan:).

Helves Geyik

I used to wear hijab for 11 years. In the last 3 , 4 years it begun to gave me headaches. After I wore the hijab for 2 or 3 hours, after that my headache begun and did not stop while I had the hijab on. I have thought at this last 2 years and, for the last 2 months, I took it off. But I do not feel comfortable as I thought. It did not gave me the comfort I thought it would be. I must mention that I live in a muslim country, so hijab is not a problem here. But my parents live in a non muslim country, and even they are muslims, they did not like the idea that I wore hijab. Obviously, they were very happy when I told them that I took it off. I wish I have not told them until I was totally decided. So, I took the hijab before I was ready for this, and now I regret. 11 years hijab, 2 months without, now again with hijab, Unfortunatelly I am thinking that people will say what is happening to me. I am lucky because my husband says is my decision, he does not want to influence me, because he wants me to decide what is better for me. What advice can you give me. Thank you.

Inzamo Perto

Fallen in love with your videos


Alhamdullilah. Thank you so much for this video and all your videos. Jazakumullah Khairan. May Allah reward you and your family and give you a high rank in Jannah for your continuous good deeds for so many. Ameen.


Im afraid to wear it cz I have a social anxiety I fear reactions of others and Im too shy that I may cry
Have u some advice?

Jannah Hadi

May allah reward you

Sabinanin Mutfagi

I was afraid to wear Hijab...but now I am just going to do it...for a month straight I’ve been seeing dreams of wearing hijab, laughing and enjoying and I am not religious but since those dreams I started praying...and my heart just yearned for hijab...♥️ inshallah I am gonna wear it.

Edit; Alhemdurallah I've been wear for hijab for 4 months now!?

Kami Ba

Idk why, but I'm crying

Lulia Oubari

exactly what m searching for

Kazi Atifa Ahmed

You explain everything very nicely.. and Ty for that but would you mind adding subtitles... It's just because sometimesour eng accent is different.. So it's difficult to follow

April Showers

May Allah bless you sis ♥️ very inspiring video.. I’m wearing hijab now for the month of Ramadan. Inshallah I will continue after as well. Keep me in your prayers ♥️

faiqa fatima

In a world that glorifies bareness and flaunting your beauty, there is going to be doubt and fear accompanying you everyday. However, the thing is that you are doing what you are doing for Allah . Bigger the struggle, bigger is the reward


I have a question for you please when u talked about not wearing clothes like the non believers is it not okay to weat those large pants that look like skirts ? And thanks for ur amazing videos ❤

Melissa Lang

I'm not Muslim, but I think women who wear hijab look SO beautiful. It takes courage to strip away all the artifice - hair, makeup, showy clothing - and to FACE the world, literally.

Kikwang K

I feel so much prettier without it and everytime I have a slight intention to wear it, I see people on social media/public places that look so cuutee with beautiful hair and short dresses etc.? I’m so worried and its so hard to fight shaiton’s whispers

Vivienne Ebner

I'm 16, a new revert, and this channel really helps! I want to wear hijab the correct way but my mom will only let me wear it without it pinned so I still have hair exposed. Alhumdillilah, she's letting me wear it even if it's baby steps. I haven't told my family of my reversion so inshallah they'll take it well. Btw, you're so beautiful without makeup and going natural! ?

Commissar Corbynov

Feminist march in Tehran. 100,000 Iranian marching against not having to wear it... how times change.

Inzamo Perto

Fallen in love with your videos

Anime weeb

The first time I wore the hijab outside my mum and my younger sister went into the shop and I sat outside on a bench and a lady walked passed me and said OMG a scarf ? and she walked away whilst staring at me and for some reason I felt embarrassed

Marlies Baker

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXWPmJVdbl0 can you explain this video please thanks
Salam Alikum

Maream Aziz

I’m 10 years old and I have had my period. I heard the it becomes obligatory to wear hijab when we have our mens. I want to start wearing it, but my aunts who are like my best friends whatsoever, I am sure they will judge me because they are not very practicing. I’m scared to wear it. My mom says casually to wear it because I’m older, but she never forces me. Any advice?

Md Mahasin

Ashlamu alaikum Samantha.. your talk always nice..

Atta Jan

Sister, May Allah( sawt) reward you for guideing muslim women. You are doing a great job .Jazak Allah khairan.

Ayman Brown

The most beautiful thing in the world to me is a Sister in a Hijab.

Anniie Arif

i love you <3 just came accross your page! love love love it!!! i want to wear hijab and i think if i keep watching you i will inshallah soon start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turk Kiz

I´m scared to wear the hijab so badly, but I know that it´s worth it! I'm living in a non-muslim country where they´ve burned the Quran (Astagfirullah) many times in front of everyone. I'm 14 and soon 15 years old but I´m ready to do it, I don´t care about anyone's opinions. Inshallah I'm starting this Ramadan or next month!:)

imen hadid

thanks oukhty,baraka allahu feyki <3

Sam's Cam

Subanhallah Sam!! You’ve really inspired me to get closer to Allah swt. Since watching your videos I’ve felt an immense turn around in my life and I’ve started practicing more. I was born Muslim alhumdulillah and have never felt closer to Allah swt as I do now. Thank you.

syafiqah syazana r

I'm going to wear hijab starting June 2020 or 1st July 2020. It is a nerve breaking decision but I feel like I need it as a reminder for myself apart from other main reasons.
I do feel insecure because my job might be at the stake for that but InshaAllah, there will be another door/offer opens if one door/offer closes.
After all, in this world, the tests are higher especially when you are trying to follow the light. However, InshaAllah, Allah will make it easier and help me through out my journey.

ann khelifa

Assalamalaykum Thank you sister for this video im a revert and wearing hijab on and off inshallah i can wear hijab properly thank you for telling us that advices jazallah kheer

Nerdy Niqabi

I'm a brand new revert, like 3 weeks ago. And I am still worried about wearing hijab. I have bought a couple and wear them when praying but I want to take the next step and wear it full time. Please make Dua that I will have the strength. Insha Allah

Neemat M

I wanna wear it but I've been getting such mixed opinions from everyone around me and I think I'm mostly determined to wear it, but I wanna ask do I just go out and buy one or are there any steps first?
the interesting thing I haven't got dreams or signs or anything from Allah SWT that compel me to wear it but I just feel like it's the next step somehow. I'm 27 so definitely older to do it....

_s _

no one:

my hijab: struggling to stay on

also I felt the need to tell you all my emotional hijab story that no one asked for

One morning I woke up at 4 am and decided to do it and it has been a week since then


I converted a lil over a year ago and I finally told my mum about a week ago. It’s sad to say my iman has been really low for a while. I had fallen in love with niqaab and being covered when I first converted, but since I had yet to tell anyone I never put it on. In fact I have hid my faith and it’s had horrible effects on my iman. But I have been wanting to get married and start a life with someone, and I want to do that with someone who shares my faith. But I also want them to be good. And I remember reading somewhere Allah swt will only give a good Muslim partner to someone who is also a good Muslim. And to me that means wearing hijab and maintaining the prayers as best I can. Inshallah, Allah swt will place someone suitable for me in my life. After telling my mum, I went and bought a good selection of scarves and have been trying to figure out how to wear them in a way that I’d feel comfortable leaving the house in. And it’s so hard. For so long I hid my faith until it became so little there was almost nothing to hide. And I’m trying to build it up again. One of the reasons why we are to wear the hijab is to be recognized as Muslim women, of someone of faith. So I’ve had this real disconnect lately with my iman being so low. And suddenly having to show the world that yes I’m Muslim. It’s honestly kind of scary. I already feel so alone, what will happen when I put it on? I know my concerns are connected to the dunya and I should worry about the afterlife not the opinions of everyone. Thank you for this encouraging video. It’s lessened my burden some. Jazaakallahukhair.

Naziba Parvez

One of the main reasons I’m scared of starting to wear a hijab is that I don’t imagine myself with a hijab in the future is that weird? I’m scared that I’ll end up stop wearing a hijab

Baraa Damaj

Can we please be friends :/ like please I need someone like you around ughh

Anime Time

Strong & independent woman, This help alot. Mashallah your eyes are rlly on point. And your cheeks have a great bone structure. Mashallah again?I'm a muslim woman & I'm proud to be. We arent suppose to listen to what people think about, we arent doing this for the people, were doing this for Allah. Thank you for this great advice❤

debate tingz

Mashallah you're such an amazing inspiration sis!! I really want to start wearing hijab but I'm nervous ahh. Nonnetheless, Inshallah when school starts so will I ???


I’m lit scared of what people in school will say because in school I used to get called names not due to my religion as it’s a very diverse school but due to people hating me and my self esteem is already low I don’t know what to do I’m scared of leaving my hair open let alone wearing a hijab. Plz guys I don’t have any confidence idk what to do but I rlly want to but I just can’t

Heba Ali

Thankyou so much sister for this great piece of motivation, Jazak Allah❤️

Laura Didic

Esselamu alejkum ? I watched this video two days ago and today I have decided to put my hijab on. It was a huge push for me. May Allah swt reward you for this video. I'm now a part of hijabii squaad ???

harshitha J K

I don't think Allah (SAW) who is most merciful and beneficiary is so cruel to say that women should cover herself in burkha and hijab only then her prayers are considered....stop spreading this typical bloody Aryan sanatani culture.

Ngoni Griffith

I just ordered a hijab and burka. I am a Christian and felt called by God to do this. Thank you for this video!

Hala Yahia

God bless you❤️


No one let anyone think or u yourself that u look uglier with hijab cz u don't u look as beautiful as a sister look beautiful to a brother ....

U r best sister I am praying for u may Allah keep you or right path so plz remember me in your prays too

Maryam Merali

جَزَاكَ ٱللَّٰهُ خَيْرًا أختي♥️

Anastasia Zeynep Yarmamat

Is it okay if i wear hijab but take it off whenever i go to work?

Anna Mazher

You have a way with words and give it like its is. Thanks so much for talking about this.❤

anousha playz

Wait if I have videos of me without hijab and I start wearing t , would those old video need to be removed?

Ayesha PD

I converted to Islam 2 years ago my family is non Muslim... I am struggling to put hijab on I have decided now that I’ll put it InshAllah but scared of telling my family about converting... please suggest

Howell 123

My family is atheist and although my friends know, they don't know I have converted to Islam. Im depserate to wear hijab because its what I feel is the right level of modest to me. I'm still in school and nobody else wears a hijab. I don't know what to do. I feel I'm compromising on what I'm meant to do because of what others think

stacia mitchell

I. Try. Hijab. And. Everyone. Thank. I. Am. A. Muslim

Chezkka Caina

Im always afraid to wear hijab because my parents is non-muslim and they have a little bit islamophobia in their selves. everytime im wearing hijab they can't look me in my eyes and they can't talk to me comfortably i can really feel it that's why I always have a second thought about wearing hijab ??


But doing it in school is more scary

eman amy

thank you so much for this video i’m 13 and i want to wear the hijab so bad but i’m so nervous. i want to wait until i feel like i’m ready to wear it because i don’t want to take it off. inshallah soon i wear it soon for allah and not for people

Kalbi Sır

The First Word

Bismillah, “In the Name of God,”

is the start of all things good.

We too shall start with it.

Know, O my soul!

Just as this blessed phrase is a mark of Islam,

so too it is constantly recited by all beings

through their tongues of disposition.

If you want to know

what an inexhaustible strength,

what an unending source of bounty is Bismillah,

listen to the following story

which is in the form of a comparison.

It goes like this:

Someone who makes a journey

through the deserts of Arabia

has to travel

in the name of a tribal chief

and enter under his protection,

for in this way he may be saved from

the assaults of bandits

and secure his needs.


On his own he will perish

in the face of innumerable enemies and needs.

And so, two men went on such a journey

and entered the desert.

One of them was modest and humble,

the other proud and conceited.

The humble man

assumed the name of a tribal chief,

while the proud man did not.

The first travelled safely wherever he went.

If he encountered bandits, he said:

“I am travelling in the name of such-and-such tribal leader,” and they did not molest him.

If he enters a tent,

he was treated respectfully due to the name.

But the proud man

suffered indescribable calamities

throughout his journey.

He both trembled before everything

and begged from everything.

He was abased and became an object of scorn.

My proud soul! You are the traveller,

and this world is a desert.


Your impotence and poverty have no limit,

and your enemies and needs are endless.

Since it is thus,

take the name of the Pre-Eternal Ruler

and Post-Eternal Lord of the desert

and be saved from

begging before the whole universe

and trembling before every event.

Yes, this phrase is a treasury so blessed that

your infinite impotence and poverty

bind you to an infinite power and mercy;

it makes your impotence and poverty

a most acceptable intercessor at the Court of

One All-Powerful and Compassionate.

The person who acts saying,

“In the Name of God,”

resembles someone who enrolls in the army.

He acts in the name of the government;

he has fear of no one;

he speaks, performs every matter,

and withstands everything in the name of the law

and the name of the government.

At the beginning we said that all beings say

“In the Name of God”

through the tongue of disposition.


Is that so? Indeed, it is so.

If you were to see that

a single person had come

and had driven all the inhabitants of a town

to a place by force and compelled them to work,

you would be certain that

he had not acted in his own name

and through his own power,

but was a soldier,

acting in the name of the government

and relying on the power of the king.

In the same way,

all things act in the name of Almighty God,

for minute things like seeds and grains

bear huge trees on their heads;

they raise loads like mountains.

That means all trees say:

“In the Name of God,”

fill their hands from the treasury of mercy,

and offer them to us.

All gardens say: “In the Name of God,”

and become cauldrons from

the kitchens of Divine power in which

are cooked numerous varieties of different foods.


All blessed animals like cows, camels,

sheep, and goats, say:

“In the Name of God,”

and produce springs of milk

from the abundance of mercy,

offering us a most delicate and pure food

like the water of life in the name of the Provider.

The roots and rootlets, soft as silk,

of plants, trees, and grasses say:

“In the Name of God,”

and pierce and pass through hard rock and earth.

Mentioning the name of God,

the name of the Most Merciful,

everything becomes subjected to them.

The roots spreading

through hard rock and earth

and producing fruits

as easily as the branches spread

through the air and produce fruits,

and the delicate green leaves

retaining their moisture for months

in the face of extreme heat,

deal a slap in the mouths of Naturalists

and jab a finger in their blind eyes,



“Even heat and hardness,

in which you most trust,

are under a command.

For like the Staff of Moses,

each of those silken rootlets

conform to the command of,

And We said, O Moses, strike the rock with your staff,

and split the rock.

1 Qur’an, 2:60

And the delicate leaves

fine as cigarette paper

recite the verse,

O fire be coolness and peace

against the heat of the fire,

each like the members of Abraham (UWP).

2 Qur’an, 21:69

Since all things say:

“In the Name of God,”

and bearing God’s bounties in God’s name,

give them to us,

we too should say:

“In the Name of God.”

We should give in the name of God,

and take in the name of God.


And we should not take from heedless people

who neglect to give in God’s name.

Question: We give a price to people,

who are like tray-bearers.

So what price does God want,

Who is the true owner?

The Answer:

Yes, the price the True Bestower of Bounties

wants in return for

those valuable bounties

and goods is three things:

one is remembrance,

another is thanks,

and the other is reflection.

Saying, “In the Name of God”

at the start is remembrance,

and, “All praise be to God” at the end is thanks.

And perceiving and thinking of those bounties,

which are priceless wonders of art,

being miracles of power of the Unique

and Eternally Besought One

and gifts of His mercy, is reflection.


However foolish it is

to kiss the foot of a lowly man

who conveys to you the precious gift of a king

and not to recognize the gift’s owner,

it is a thousand times more foolish

to praise and love

the apparent bestower of bounty

and forget the True Bestower of Bounties.

O my soul!

If you do not wish to be foolish in that way,

give in God’s name, take in God’s name,

begin in God’s name, and act in God’s name.

And that’s the matter in a nutshell

Brian D

With all due respect, Can't help but comment on the hijab, I just wonder about the modesty.
Where I come from we'd call it body shame that you don't want anybody to see you.
I'm sure there's some kind of religious component to it. That this is some kind of sacrament to God that you are keeping yourself covered because women are so special and shouldn't be just displayed out to everybody.
I think about bikinis, swimming pools and the beach.
I think of equal rights that if men get a run around without their shirt on why can't women.
Where I come from men don't lose their mind if they see a woman topless or wearing a bikini.
Maybe separating women and men is a good thing. Where women are so special that they need to be hidden away from the eyes of sex craved men were thinking all those disgusting thoughts.
I would say the more you hide as if you are some hidden delight the more men would be crazy when they see a woman.
As for me I prefer women to be equal to men, where they're not the special princesses and they can stand up to a man who's being disgusting without being a cry- bully.
I think of old crusty East Texas ranching women who have no problem and smacking down any man on the spot who gives them any disrespect.
I think a flower power women who aren't afraid to speak their mind and say what they think.
I think of women in politics who are straight up and have seen it all.
Disneyland is doing a huge disservice to women with this little fairy princess stuff. Perpetuates the idea that women are so poisonous, delicate and special that they can't speak up because they're so offended as a fairy princess.
I pity straight guys that are always seeking the affection and approval of women. Hopefully they'll realize how most women are angry victims before she takes his kids and money.
I called this the praying mantis effect. Cut off his head once you've got his seed. There are about eight species that do this including a lot of women.
I have been calling for equal rights for a long time. In California there are 10 men in state prison for every one female. When can that number be 50/50.
When can we have as many men getting custody of the children equally to women?
When can men take time off from their careers and expect to get pay as if they never left?
What we have now is many young boys seeing the constant man shaming in the news knowing that they are disposable and women are angry offended victims.
When are we going to shame women equally in the news? Women are committing crimes and we need judges to feel emboldened to put women in state prison in equal numbers to men, no matter how much she and the children cry. Women need to be just as disposable as men when it comes to prison.
Just some rambling thoughts of why I avoid most women because it seems like a big bag of offended worms and most men are charming princes to appease her every upset.


You are a great person and I am so thankful for you.

H I J A - B E L L E

I hate when people tell me to take my HIJAB off, ?No i'm not taking my CROWN off ?

harshitha J K

Wearing hijab is not a problem, but making it as an identity of Muslim women and generalising their faith and character by their dressing is what the biggest problem in Muslim community

Dot Dot

'There is Nothing more beautiful than obeying ALLAH' ❤

Xiomara TG

i made up my mind about 2 hrs ago that , today was the day to wear the hijab.. And i come across this video and i am in tears because your story and your advice hits home.. thank you for sharing ..

stacia mitchell

I. Well. ? to. Be. Your. Friend.

Inzamo Perto

Fallen in love with your videos

at the rich

It’s just I want to change within my self so I can put a good look on myself with the hijab does that make sense? Like ik people who where the hijab but don’t do anything else or eat pork or do other sins that’s a bad look I want to make sure I am fully educated on my choices so when people look at me they’re inspired

jana taha

I am scared about what my teachers will say when I where hijab which will be at August what do you think I should do. Plz answer me

Besa Hotova

1 day before I will wear the hijab I am getting stressed and exited at the same time .I am so happy

Maryam E.D.A

I'm a new revert and the closest I got to wearing a hijab in public is this profile picture, I am excited of wearing one everyday especially at college, and I'm so nervous but I know that my friends' and classmates' reactions will last for a few days or weeks but they'll get used to it and over it after a while. The first day will be the toughest.
But the people who actually love me will accept my decision. If my hijab will push people away, maybe they're not exactly the right type of people to have around me.
Thank you for the motivation sister ❤️


In the heat, wear a full bonnet and then a loose chiffon hijab on top :) avoid jersey and cotton

Jess Ry

A year later.. I live in Europe, I’m from America and practice Islam now! but I feel insecure to be a example of the Ummah if I mess up or my weight makes people tell me muslim need to be “healthy” not over weight so I don’t want feel like I disappoint
my religion.. I love and wish to wear hijab so much but I don’t feel good enough!

Michele Jasmin

I love you sister❤️❤️❤️❤️ may allah bless you whereever you are. Amin❤️?

roro . rori

I'm planning on wearing hijab but I'm still a bit concerned. But I will inshaAllah weare it before school starts (summer holiday)
May Allah make it easy for me and for every hijabi and every girl who is planning on wearing it.
I really want to do this. Pray for me :)

منار فاتك

I really want to wear hijab but I have a lot of bad memories with it and it all happened to me when i was wear it at a young age so now when I try to wear it I just Panik and my parents want me to wear it now, anything to help me?

nowsin mmr

As Sala MuAlaikum well said sister. You just inspired me <3 Thank you

miyuki chan

God bless you

F. P.

subhan Allah <3 Great Video <3

Mehnaz Parveen

Mashallah .. you just gave me the exact confidence i needed before putting hijab on? thanks a lot for this video


I am scared that i am young and that i might take it off when i am older

Nihal Sahraoui

I love you i'm 13 AND I'M GOING TO WEAR ITTT

Areeha Anwar

im 16 i was just forced to wear a hijab by my parents and im trying to get used to everything with it, i dont want to disrespect it by taking it off but at the same time alot of people have been looking at me differently and havent been able to make many friends. I want to stay towards my deen.

Queen Aminah

is it just me or does she seriously look like Khloe kardashian and sound like cleo from h2o she is very beautiful

Sana Mukhtar

Dear Muslims Sisters, please stop thinking what other people will say, if you really want to be modest for your creator than just do it. Think about the rewards of paradise, how beautiful you will be in paradise, you’ll get luxurious garments and accessories to wear. Think about this eternal beautiful life you’ll get!?

Dareen Jenny

I’m honestly want to wear hijab and become a lawyer but my older sister told me that some lawyers aren’t permitted to wear hijabs and I keep hearing and seeing videos of hijabis being forced to take off their hijabs in public at airport security. Inshallah I overcome those fears and learn how to be brave to wear the hijab by listening to your tips ya rab ?


I feel more comfortable in a hijab, but maybe it’s just me.

basuony Mostafa

Jazakaa Allah khayrna
جزاكى الله خيرا

Underneath Your Blanket

You are truly an inspiration. Thank you

OSTA Car repair

Hey guys I am 12 years old turning 13 after 4 month inshallah but I have one question...I am really thinking about hijab is it a right design or not

fanco 9901

My aunt and my grandma is FORCING ME to wear it. I do want to start wearing it but I don't know if I'm ready yet. My mother doesn't wear it but I'm nervous to tell her.

bakan imad

I really wanna do it but I just can’t I’m not confident idk how to get confident


I have been wearing hijab behind my dads back as i was worried he was against it, based on previous comments. I told him i have been wearing it and he thinks i jumped into it too fast. How can i get over the guilt i feel for upsetting him so much and the urge and temptation to take hijab off as to not upset him


Thank you so so much may Allah bless you for this video. I was born into a family as Muslims but my family is not so religious. I have decided to begin my hijab journey Alhamdulillah . I used to work without hijab and have been out of work for a year one thing I thought about when thinking about becoming fully hijab I was will I have issues finding work but you helped to defeat that nagging thought in my mind and as you said so beautifully that workplace is not worthy if they don’t accept me as a practicing Muslim. Alhamdulillah and MashAllah to you sister. So happy for you. Allahhummabarik.

The hijaab

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The Origin of the Hijab - Allah Takes Orders From a Man

298 238 views | 14 Dec. 2018

Let's look at the origin

Let's look at the origin of the hijab, where Allah takes orders from a human, Umar, friend and advisor of Mohammed. This brings us very close to the realization that Islam is a hoax in its entirety.

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Intro & Outro Visual + Intro Music, made by Egyptian Atheist (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpy7iVGpbhNQ2wKH3g7aTVA)

Glatetst G

Creepy religion ????


the earth is a disk that sits on 4 elephants
elephants sit on a turtle
turtle swims through the universe
whoever says anything other than me commits a blasphemy

Harbinger Harbingar


Isaac Boy

Now I tell you about hijab in Christianity.
What does bible say about hijab.
1 Corinthians 11 (New Revised Standard)
5 but any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled disgraces her head—it is one and the same thing as having her head shaved. 6 For if a woman will not veil herself, then she should cut off her hair; but if it is disgraceful for a woman to have her hair cut off or to be shaved, she should wear a veil.

10 For this reason a woman ought to have a symbol of authority on her head, because of the angels
13 Judge for yourselves: is it proper for a woman to pray to God with her head unveiled?
This is what your bible saying about cover up women head .

You also forget to mention about Nons how they all covered up to head to toe I am guessing that Omar also had conviced jesus.

J Thomas

This clearly states that Mohammad and Umar has twisted quran for their betterment and unfortunately muslims are misleaded and fooled for generations....???

Asif Sattaur

This guy is no different then rest of the haters that truly don’t understand what religion is. And what it’s purpose is. And everyone here watches and agrees with him, like when those haters voted for Trump. No difference. And then you guys go and pay him to continue his ignorance. ???

Asif Sattaur

Dude if Muhammad made up the Quran, then Jesus made up the New Testament and Abraham also made up the Old Testament!

Abi Kerr


Srujan Rao

One of my schizophrenic friend too receives revelations from God. Is he the prophet in making

muslimah nisaa

May Allah subhanahu wa taala guide all of us to the straight path in Islam.ameen


Lol, is it not you christians that picture Jesus pbuh with a beard? We too then keep a beard. Is it not the mother of Jesus that was covered? We too then are covered.

nationalist and bad demons stay away from me

Lamentations 3:38
Satan is the author of bible.

Revelation 5:6
The sprit of lord is the sprit of 7 eyed devil that run from the earth
Samuel 16:14-16:23
The sprit of god is the sprit of satan
2 Corinthians 4:4
Satan is who is the god of this world. Jesus is Satan in flesh.
Bible god is pagan satan Lucifer ! Expose those Satan next time

Hijabi Girl


Watch this... Not any human can write these scientific facts 1400 years back! This is the Word of Allah and I am a proud Muslim girl

Jon TeeHee

Millions are now abandoning the silly faith of Islam.

Carry Minati

you are doing great job unfortunately you will be tagged as islamophobic and facist by same so called libreal and secularist in america .. we have experience in india .

Manasi Shenoy

People burp when they gave a good meal. Mohammad gets 'divine revelations' on a good meal.
That means the revelations is all Gas! ?
So rather than reveal to build tent toilets, God's grand plan to help out women from relieving themselves was to tent themselves up!!! ???

pranav r

So literally all religions are such.

Rhiannon Rhia

?????? the song :D u man, are a legend:D

paemon yes

There’s some errors in this... veiling is a common practice in the ancient world, in Persia such as the sassanid empire zoroastrian women would wear burqa as they were delicted in art meanwhile greek women were expected to veil themselves when married, even the goddess hestia is often shown wearing a veil. In mesopotamia there’s even a law decreeing women of upper status should wear a veil whilst slavewomen and prostitutes were forbidden from wearing such a sacred headpiece

Ian L

How come an ad calling for donations for a masjid popped up when I clicked this video? I think YT is just messing with you, AP. Not cool, YT, not cool.

BlowTheBattery - Official

You're goddamn right. When a women fully embraced hijab, she can't show her old photos. Sometimes when they show their old photos, they censored it. I just say WTF?

Nnn Aaa

This account is so sad and makes fake aspects of islam. I am a proud woman who is Muslim and all I can say is that our role model and inspiration for the hijab is Mary the mother of Jesus

Abhi Jani

God bless you ?

Common Sense

The entire Quran is Muhammad just wanting something and then saying Allah is cool with it.

Elif Pelin Yilmaz

If all of them was fake how did he manage to get lots of followers, were they all mad?


Leave this religion asap

Shaik Tahur Ahmed

Everyday this unemployed man comes up with something on Islam, some body give him job please.


A Muslims Response to This:


Surahs were revealed to the Prophet (peace be upon him) over 20 years and each under situations. For instance when the Prophet (peace be upon him) made a speech on the mountain and Abu Lahab said “Death you Muhammad, is this what you called us for?” And thats when Surah Lahab was revealed condemning Abu Lahab to the fire (which was a falsification test by the way, he had a good decade to convert to Islam but never did affirming his damnation, and most of Quraysh converted).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) told one his wives to keep something a secret. It was regarding eating honey in another wives house occupying time. And theres no indication that Umar said this before Allah did as Allah was the one who revealed their divulgence to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Umar, found out about this and one of the wives involved being his own daughter was an infuriating fact for him. But regardless even if Umar DID say it first it wouldn’t have changed the fact that these revelations were coming. Revelations were revealed in the situations calling for them as literally every single other Surah in the Quran was.

SS Canvass

How do people actually waste their time listening to this moron? I mean i just came here to drop a dislike. But hey, if you really wanna judge who is honest, just find me a muslim that spends their life making hatred filled channels about other religions. You wont find any. And if people really wanna know about islam that much then i dont see how this channel can help you. If you were sincere in your research then you would go to someone educated, someone qualified, not just any idiot who has made their life goal to mock other religions.

floating away

most moist lmao

Sergio Lantigua

Thanks for the information.... peace and blessings

Ek Shaiv

Islam is anti-women.

Lax J

You are super funny. ?

pradyumna ray

What if Muhammad had split personality disorder? ?

Violet Blue

I like your ? singing. Good voice!


Allah and Mohammad together say the earth is flat?

Money Kek

What do you think about other religions ?
It is all the same for me there is no difference how they tricked people also with christianity and judaism and more...

muslimah nisaa

Only Islam is the truth SubhanAllah and only Islam will be accepted the creator of the universe and in between it Alhamdulillah

Radha Krishnan Menon

If really God wanted to spread his message he would have chosen an educated and enlightened person, not an illiterate anbar gaward. The idiocy is futher illustrated that the entire revelation wad through Grabiel another character in the story.

Mr webcam

In simple term Umar become lust looking at Muhammad wife and Muhammad got revelation to cover up his wife!! OMG ?


From 1:55 lol

Redi Ider

Why did you tear the Koran? This is a crime you committed. You may be an atheist but you have to respect it.

Judah Christ

NEVER SLEEEPY BIDEN 2020...????????????
Biden have too much fear of TRUMP...TRUMP=STROOONG...[MAGA]...❤????


Umar = Allah no.2

Ashok Kumar

Dear brother research about thiruppuzhal written by saint arunagiri

Judah Christ


Hijabi Girl

Hijab is not FROM human but FOR human. What is written in the Hadith is absolutely correct. Umar (R.A.) saw Sauda (R.A.) when she went to answer the call of nature in the fields. It is not a creepy way, rather it is a way of calling and talking each other in Arab cultures and language. "Ya Sauda! I recognize you". The way this man in his video is saying this is different. The ways of speaking the same line affects the meaning a lot. I cannot mimic the line but please get my point.
For eg:- If you say "I want to know you" with humble and polite tone, it will sound sweet and friendly to you; but if you say the same line with a scary, creepy tone or aggressive and commanding tone; you might feel unsafe and think of the man as a terrorist. Try it yourself!
Allah is the best of planners. He has systematically planned each step a man would take and so He did not reveal the whole of the Qur'an at once but He revealed it as the related incidents happened amongst which is the Hijab incident with Sauda (R.A.) and Umar (R.A.). Each verse of the Holy Qur'an was destined to be revealed at that particular minute.


???? children wear a sunglases and the song is the best

Vehid Hadzic

This guy is total idiot


You are my Idol

Joe 4679

God can mlg no scope in phantom Forces

Judah Christ


Apostate Prophet

Here's the hadith proving that the Quran is a human product:


Children of Scarlet

“God is most merciful, most cool, most moist” Charlie confirmed to be god himself

Ek Shaiv

Islam is a fake religion. Religions are supposed to be good. But this is a blunder.

Aims theshels

Repent and trust in Jesus He is truth?

cannnamates hemp

thanks ....

Robert Thompson

Minute 1:18 LOL??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Lavendar Flowers

Lol! Your singing at the beginning is the worst??

Judah Christ

NEVER SLEEEPY BIDEN 2020...????????????


Being a ex. Christian I fully agreed with what you have said.
Thanks and keep up your good work.

Avalon Kingston

"Don't fall for seventh century desert magic." You got a laugh out of me on that one.


Hahahhahaha that turkish old man at 9:35.. hahaha ???????

Dumb Tom

Revealing bullshits?

சGत ரVचंதிरN

Tell me one thing.if a muslim man goes to heaven he will receive 72 virgins to enjoy...but what about muslim womens....are all muslim womens are lesbians...?

muslimah nisaa

Why people are entering Islam Alhamdulillah because it is the only truth SubhanAllah.

Robert Thompson

This is the most beautiful verse from Quran, it is a lost verse that is not in current editions.

Surah 115: 1-4
قل للأطفال المؤمنين بارتداء نظارات شمسية ، على الأقل في المدرسة. هذا أفضل لهم ويجعلهم يبدون رائعين حقًا. في الواقع ، يحب الله الأولاد ذوي المظهر الرائع. الله أرحم وأرح وأرطب.

Tell the believing children to wear sunglasses, at least at school. This is better for them and makes them appear really cool. Indeed, God favors cool-looking boys. God is most merciful, most cool, most moist.

dean asadi

Not you or not any Moslim understand Quran . At the moment it’s cover by Sonni
Quran is book of Adam and we are the generation which written for .that mean we are at end time.
Will be revile soon

avi rose

The Advertisement is them begging for money; that's a new one???? Mohammed the most humid and moist - good one. We dhimmis learn so much from you.


that "i see your eyes" in the beginning is highly creepy ngl

Andre Revez

Отличный разбор

naren dudhi

“You claim that the evidentiary miracle is present and available, namely, the Koran. You say: 'Whoever denies it, let him produce a similar one.' Indeed, we shall produce a thousand similar, from the works of rhetoricians, eloquent speakers and valiant poets, which are more appropriately phrased and state the issues more succinctly. They convey the meaning better and their rhymed prose is in better meter. … By God what you say astonishes us! You are talking about a work which recounts ancient myths, and which at the same time is full of contradictions and does not contain any useful information or explanation. Then you say: 'Produce something like it”
- Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi


When the angel spoke to Mohammad did he tell him that women have to wear them???


it's crazy how ex-muslims are more attached to Islam after they leave

Asif Sattaur

Verse 66:5 talks about trust between the prophet and his wife. His wife gets a realization of this thru this verse. Would she trust the prophet or rather him divorce her for the lack of trust for another wife. Come on bruh, bring the whole story. In all cultures of the passed women got suppressed. Don’t make it as if only in Islam it happened. Tell everyone about all the cultures! You might as well say everything you believe in is right and everyone else in the entire world is wrong!


I have always wondered how come men in the Arabian peninsula, wear white clothing due to the extreme heat and the women of their holy Land wear black covering, which is over and above the normal or designer clothing concealed.


Who knew that the internet will someday fulfill the prophecy of Jesus? Jesus said secrets will be revealed in due time.

For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. (Luke 12:2; Matt 10:26, KJV)

Angin Bayu

maybe Umar is a substitute Prophet for Muhammad ????

Judah Christ



Can I say something you really think we oppress muslims woman we don't they made universities please stop being dumb and islam was the only religion that gave rights to woman more than men, and Umar would spend the nights barrelly sleeping just checking if there are people who are in need, please get your information right.

Sanjith K memon

I am so glad I'm born a hindu. Nobody has the balls to tell me what to think. I think there is no god. They say, pls give him time, he is a slow learner.

Lovepreet Singh

I am dead at the “Most Moist “ part.???

Hijabi Girl

I love wearing Hijab. I feel like I am a princess whose beauty is so reserved that only my lovely future hubby will be able to see it. I feel like a pearl, covered in my shell (hijab), buried in the depth of the seas (with my blood-relatives as my bodyguards); not like a stone found anywhere.
Do you know the reason of Hijab??? Among other reasons, one is that Hijab is to reduce the rape rate. Let me explain, if you will keep your house's door open and when you are theft then you'll complain that the thief must be hanged. What's the use? I am not saying that the robber is innocent but the mistake is yours too to give him that chance. Your materialistic belongings might come back but your chastity is not the same. If you invite evil gazes of people to your beautiful body, then if they harass you, you cannot TOTALLY blame them to rob your chastity; you yourself must also be blamed to keep your doors open. The rapist must get the worst punishment but why to give him a chance. Understand this with a positive approach. InshaAllah, you'll reach to the truth!

Steve Paint

Your videos are amazingly clear about that ridiculous islamic mess. Right on!

Sara Rainey

Muhammad seemed to commit shirk regularly. Hijabs from Umar and verses from Abdullah Ibn Sa'd Ibn Abi Sarh. ?

Santoni Geek

Corinthians 11:5, says that   “Every woman who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonours her head, for that is one and the same as if her head were shaved.”

John Thimakis

1:21 Wow! I never knew about this surah.
All praise to Allah the most moist. ?

Robert Deberusss

So... You can be naked and wear bikinis with hijab?? That would make you girls... Naughty but piously cool? Right????

Ben Martinez

7th century desert magic is now my new favorite phrase


I’m dead? I like suurah SUNGLASSES ? .

a vision of loveliness


Iron Sight

It's Haram for woman to have sex without hijab, as per halal guide.

Servant of God

Mary (pbuh), the Mother of Jesus (pbuh) wore a veil.
Veil is NOT oppression, it is respect of Women.

AbdulRahman Jamaleddine

Dear @Apostate Prophet, I would like to know what education you had concerning Islamic studies, Arabic and the Qur'anic and Hadith sciences?

Borhanuddin Ayan

you are an hero