Skin cosmetic surgery

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Vitiligo: Cosmetic Surgery for White Patches Leucoderma: Melanocyte Transplant & Skin Grafting

22 021 views | 20 Dec. 2018

#Vitiligo or #Leucoderma

#Vitiligo or #Leucoderma or #WhitePatches is a condition where white patches develop on the skin due to loss of pigment from the #skin. There are usually no other symptoms. In some cases the pigment can be restored with medical treatment & phototherapy without #surgery or can be covered by skin camouflage creams & colors.

If the vitiligo is noticeable by other people, embarrassment can lead to self-esteem problems, and in some cases depression. Thus it is considered as a social stigma. These girls & boys with white skin patches, especially demand correction if they are in marriage age group. Some elderly parents also wants vitiligo correction to avoid rejection of their son or daughter for marriage, as vitiligo is known to run in some families.

Please send your photos & other details on what’s app no. 8805013088 for advise about vitiligo surgery & treatment.

Plastic Surgery Treatment for Vitiligo:Surgery is very much helpful in stable vitiligo patches. Especially in marriage age group patients, if there is very slow or no response to medical treatment, then #plasticsurgery is a better and quicker option.Surgery is contraindicated in children & in active unstable vitiligo patches. Outcome varies with the body areas involved such as lips, genitals, eyelids, bony prominences, etc.

• Autologous skin grafts

• Skin grafts using blisters

• Micro pigmentation (tattooing)

• Autologous melanocyte transplants.

Autologous Skin Grafting:

This is the commonest surgical method. Plastic Surgeon harvest skin grafts from the normal, pigmented skin (donor sites) and places them on the dermabraded surface of depigmented areas (recipient sites). It should be performed in adults only if , no new white patches have appeared or become worse in at least a year. Such skin grafts are used as sheets of graft or as small stamp grafts with #Meek Micro-grafting technique. Sheets of split #skingrafts produce uniform pigmentations with no cobblestoning.

Skin grafts using blisters:

In this procedure, the Plastic Surgeon creates blisters on the patient’s pigmented skin by using heat, suction, or freezing cold. The tops of the blisters are then cut out and transplanted to a depigmented skin area. This technique of #BlisterGrafts are very much time consuming and hence not commonly used.

Cultured Autologous #MelanocyteTransplants:

In this procedure, plastic surgeon takes a sample of the patient’s normal pigmented skin and send it to a laboratory for special cell culture to grow melanocytes. When the #melanocytes in the culture solution have multiplied, surgeon transplants them to the patient’s depigmented skin patches. This technique allows larger areas to be treated in a single session using relatively smaller donor site. Also color matching of treated areas is excellent. This sophisticated technique needs a special laboratory for culture.

Non-cultured Autologous Melanocyte Transfer:

It consists of separation of epidermal cells obtained from donor site & spreading these cells as a suspension on the depigmented & dermabraded recipient area. This technique of #NonCulturedMelanocyteTransfer allows larger areas to be treated in a single session using relatively smaller donor site. Also color matching of treated areas is excellent.


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You can get more details on Helpline of Bembde Hospital :


Email: [email protected]

For more details visit us at : www.cosmeticsurgeryaurangabad.com

back 2 life

Where's the place


I`m surprised at the efficiency and power that this vitiligo treatment method “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it) got. The vitiligo mark is not visible on my face. Those people who are suffering from vitiligo and also have abnormal skin pigments could attempt this wonderful product that I actually recommend..

Nikita Shaw

I have strech mark on my boobs can it be removed?

Narcos Pinkman

What wud be the cost?i hve stable vitiligo on face near lips 30 or 40 sq cm patch fr the last 5 years im planning to gor for surgery.cost pata chalega th i wil go further.can u tell me the cost if i attach a pic on whats app?

ali ahsan

I had to spend years in locating treatment for vitiligo. I never thought it will be tough. Thankfully, I learnt and tried the vitiligo therapy treatment “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it). My vitiligo is almost completely solved! It`s astounding to enjoy the development. Learning about the perfect solution has made me so happy..

Biswajit Chouhan

Hello sir neck pe skin grafting ho sakta kya aur grafting ke bat skin barabar maching hogayega please reply sir

Vikas Kumar

Kon si jagah hai sir

souvik sadhu

Sir vitiligo hua hai kya karoo


Sir my down lips 2 side white patch can surgery and what is the cost

Sarsha Sar

Sir I have penile vitiligo .I once consulted a doctor he prescribed me momatasone furoate cream, psoralen tablets(after 2 hr I done sun exposure), .I used this for 2 months , there is no result .plz help me doctor

jass benipal

Sir Mera face pe birth make hay os ko great Kar sakta ho

রিপন বিন জয়920

sir bangladesh a teatmennt hoy

Amit Kumar AN

I want also treatment of my face, two small white spot in my face, so plz suggest me anything of treatment


It’s been a year when I was first clinically determined to have vitiligo. I had been told no medicine is accessible for vitiligo along with some 5% steroid. I discovered the vitiligo therapy “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it), employed two times every day for the first 2 weeks and gradually lowered the dosage as I was nearing full healing. It gave a fantastic end result..


It’s been a year when I was first diagnosed with vitiligo. I had been informed to go home with some 5% Steriod and basically was told there was no solution. My vitiligo is almost completely healed after I learned and used the vitiligo remedy “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it) twice a day for the first two weeks and lowered the dosage gradually. The end result is remarkable!.

Yemkhong Somba

I have this on my arms and legs I think this is the only solution for me I have tried taking medicine but no result I really need help ?

Tofa Hossain

I have vitiligo in my leg. Is it possible to get rid of my body by this treatment. If possible let me know.

Adnan Siddique

Sir I need your cell number

Dr. Ramakant Bembde Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Please call & send your photos & other details on Bembde Hospital what’s app no. +918805013088/8805013087 www.cosmeticsurgeryaurangabad.com

Sumit jagtap

Can skin graft done for acne scars ??

Bangla chanel

ভাই এই চেম্বার কোথায় একটু বলতে পারবেন

arjun singh

Sir aapka adress? Plzz

back 2 life

How much will it cost

ali ahsan

Highly recommend this vitiligo treatment “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it)! Commences working amazing things the very first time you use it I have extreme vitiligo condition and allergy symptoms. I felt ashamed with my skin, so I never got out nor took photos. This product lives up to its promise regardless of my skin’s condition..


Sir mere chehre par cut mark hai Varansi gaya tha Dr.Subodh Singh ke yahan unhone operation karke cut mark nikal diya phir v jyada dikh raha hai kya screen grafting se parfect ho jayega pzl sir jarur bataiyega???


I have been hunting for a solution for my vitiligo. The fast outcomes of vitiligo treatment method “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it) which has I made use of once a week has made me happy. There`s no question in me when I say I would recommend it to those who are also experiencing the same issue. It got my Nine days of applying the process on my facial skin and it completely vanished..

lovely king Rajesh udhaya

Pls location

Salgu Kumar


toxic Gamer girl

Skin whitenig krna hai

sports Sports

Can surgery be done on unstable vitiligo on face near eyes?

Laki Idampitiya

Sir please help me. I am sri lanka.

Dr. Ramakant Bembde Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Please call & send your photos & other details on Bembde Hospital what’s app no. +918805013088/8805013087 www.cosmeticsurgeryaurangabad.com


This is a fast and useful study. I`m recommending this Vitiligo guide 4VitiligoCure. Com to my friend who will start their Vitiligo remedies to achieve a clearer skin. Very much liked this and appreciated the insight into how my inside issues can affect my skin.

Shahbaz khan

Sir your number.please

Abhijeet Gaikwad

Doctor i dont have a white spot on my nose. But because of some mistake i have some black marks on my top area of nose so can we hide that with help of skin grafting? Will it be look similar like other area after surgery? Or it look different than other skin tone? Pls reply so i can come to visit ur hospital soon.

Dr. Ramakant Bembde Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Cost varies from 10,000/₹ to 60,000/₹
Please send your photos & other details on what’s app no. 8805013088

juwalpa devi

Sir Mere chere me White peches ho rhe ha pls help me

anshu pandey

Sir please ?? bahut dard hota hai kya

Rakib Mehajabin

Sir i need Your help.i have a vitiligo

᪥ ɢ.ɴᴏᴢᴇ.xᴏ ᪥


Skin cosmetic surgery

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8 West Clinic Video Compilation | Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Skin Clinic in Vancouver BC

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See what we are up to at

See what we are up to at 8 West Clinic, Vancouver's premier Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa Clinic. Learn more about our team of facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, registered nurses, medical aestheticians, registered nutritionists and client care managers. Dr. Buonassisi specializes in rhinoplasty, facelift, eyelid lift, double eyelid surgery. Dr. White specializes in breast implants, tummy tuck, liposuction, Brazilian Butt Lift, labiaplasty. Our non surgical services include botox, dermal fillers, IPL, laser hair removal, Halo Hybrid Fractionated skin resurfacing, Coolsculpting and more.


→ Considering Surgery? Start here: Start here: https://www.8west.ca/aboutus/why-choose-8-west-clinic/

Skin cosmetic surgery

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Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant & Skin Care at TAMIRA Chennai

23 564 views | 6 Feb. 2017

Tamira, spearheaded by

Tamira, spearheaded by Dr. Jayanthy Ravindran, specialises in all forms of aesthetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical.

We offer a wide array of cosmetic surgeries like hair transplantation, gynecomastia, abdominoplasty and rhinoplasty to name a few while also offering state of the art non-surgical procedures like coolsculpting, teeth whitening, hydra facial and so on.

When you choose Tamira, you choose over 25 years of combined Cosmetic Surgery experience with exceptional skill and results

Book your personalised consultation with a board certified doctor at Tamira. Get in touch with us today.

Toll Free ►1800-3000-1613 ► +91-44-28115000

WhatsApp ► 7397257129

Website ► https://www.tamiralife.com/


At Tamira our highest priority is the health & safety of our patients, staff and community.

Hence, we are a COVID 19 protected facility and we follow highest standards of patient safety measures as detailed below

1.Patient disclosure form is collected from patients before they visit Tamira

2.At the entrance, temperature of all visitors are checked, a face mask provided, hand and mobile dis-infections is carried out

3.At the waiting lounge, seats are covered with disposable sheets which are changed frequently and not more than 3 people are allowed at any time

4.In the procedure room, disposable sheets are used for every procedure. On completion of procedure, all disposable units are replaced.

5.During checkout, contact less system of invoice handover and payment collection is followed.

6.Virtual consultations for all preliminary investigations are offered and in-clinic appointments are encouraged only for the procedure

Our contact lines are open 24/7. We are also offering tele-consultations from 9AM - 6PM on all days.

———————————— Our Clinic Locations ————————————

Tamira Plastic Surgery

No. 27, 1st St Gopalapuram,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600086

Phone: +91-98407 34254


Follow Us On Social!


Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/TamiraLife

Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/tamiralife/

Twitter ► https://twitter.com/tamiralife

LinkedIn ► https://www.linkedin.com/company/tamiralife




Tamira is born with a belief that healthcare and aesthetics from inside and outside is the fundamental right of every human being and Tamira takes its form with an aim is to provide the highest standards of care and service with the best in technology and expertise not only to the rich and the elite but to everyone, at par with international standards.

Sanjit Longjam

Do u have beard hair growth treatment

Nellaimanikandan 9490

I have black Nose bridge scar some ppl.said it is melasma(my skin is fair)more than years its not fade away fully ,is any treatment available for this problem Madam?

Goku KN

could u pls tell me the price for per graft in FUE hair transplant treatment..?

Smart Sridhar

How much for gyno surgery? i have grade 1


Prp facial cost plz i need this facial

sneha premkumar

Can u make my face into my body colour bcoz my face is dark and my body is fair .... I want even colour of my body ? For that any treatment is available

Debendra Das

How much cost per graft

Manu Francis

madam..get me the latest hospitl whatsapp contact no.??

Saravanan A

Mam im 14 affected with acne my face fully now with dark spots and acne . Is that u have treatment with soon recovery for 14 year old girl?

Kunal Roy

There is a burn mark on my nose it is about of one square cm and I want to know how much money I need to remove this burn mark

Suresh Ramanandhan

Hello madam past 6 years I am having eye below dark circle problem. Please give me your treatment for cure it . Than how can contact. Please send watts app no

Harsh Ranjan

Gynecomastia surgery ka kitna lagega??

Kavita Ramanagoudra

I need this hospital number

sneha premkumar

In cosmetic surgery there is skin whitening treatment is available?mam plz replay me

Stalin DuraiSingh

I have met with a accident with major injury on ankle and gone skin grafting on my left ankle but it looks more ugly can u make any treatment to smoothen the skin or any scar revision process ??

gopala kannan

Hair transplant how much sir

Moumita Biswas

Could you please tell me price of full boy brightening