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Best Oakley Sunglasses of 2020 | SportRx

55 351 views | 16 Jul. 2020

Looking for nothing but

Looking for nothing but the very best? Check out our top picks for Oakley sunglasses in 2020 and see why these frames made the cut.


Rx capabilities: 0:30

PRIZM Lens Technology: 0:40

Unobtainium: 1:04

O Matter: 1:30

Featured Frames:

Shop Oakley Portal X: (2:30)

Shop Oakley Holbrook XL: (3:30)

Shop Oakley Split Shot: (4:38)

Shop Oakley Sylas: (5:45)

Shop Oakley Flak 2.0 XL: (6:27)

Shop Oakley Mainlink XL: (8:04)

Shop Oakley Sutro: (9:12)

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Do they make split shot in lg or xl ?


Jeeeeeezzzz to many options

raziel raziel

I LIKED split shot but its too large 64 mm wtf

Adam Osborn

What color of frames are the flak 2.0 in this video?


Don’t waste your money on Oakley’s. They’re cheap material, WAY overpriced, and they aligned themselves with a company (Luxottica) that’s in the business of putting the little guy out of business, and part of a MAJOR monopoly scheme. If you want quality, buy from manufacture that actually has the customer’s best interest in mind, and they’re a lot cheaper in terms of price. In addition to that, they AND you support small business. Beyond that, don’t waste your money on a company that’s aligned itself with company that’s been part of shady business for the past 2-3 decades.


I want the Hoolbrook XL, with the splingshot cord, and the inside sports features of the portal X.



What's your favorite Oakley of the year? Did we miss one? Let us know in the comments below!


Really appreciate the video, thought I might try the Sylas, but they look odd, gonna stick with the Holbrooks ?

Ijtsuri Anayantzin Viveros

Can I have the RX capability with prizm technology if I have 6 on prescription?

Richard Krivik

I collecting Oakley’s since 1995 and mostly the pre luxottica ones, couse those was STILL made in USA ?? and the real deals in my opinion..Only the a ‘X metal Squared” was cool after the Italian giant take over....The rest is Only designed” in the US..?

Pedrito Agcanas

Sir how can order about half jackets 2.0 Oakley CA glasses

mediocreDAD - walKthrough

Hello Sportrx, is the mainlink xl comes with extra nose pads(asian fit)?

John Conway

The Holbrook XL are my favorite. I also have a pair of Holbrook Metal and Double Edge. I enjoy wearing all of them

Stephanie Kimberling

One thing I know for sure is the SportRx crew is here for you...O Matter what!


Call it RayBan,sure looks like 1 ugly remake.gone are the days of unique design and are all made in China.


Unobtainium is $#!t. Glasses slide down the moment I start sweating.

Aaron Burela

Bro so unsure, but I need some mtb sunglasses thinking the flack 2.0 with torch prizm. ?

Jeff U.

How many of these are "Made in the USA", or should I say "USA Made"? I used to be a big Oakley supporter back in the day but refuse to pay a premium price for the lower quality product they make now. There are some aftermarket lenses available that have similar quality with more features, like a scratch-resistant coating and AR coating at a much better price point. Just saying.

Pedro Casadio

haven't seen any video about the lugplate... you could bring them !


Hi there thanks for sharing this video. My husband is having trouble driving due to the sun glare, what’s your take on the sunglasses for blocking these strong sun rays.. I wanted to gift him on his birthday can you please lmk ASAP thank you

Hunter Bull

I like the split shots because they aren’t ugly like a lot of fishing sunglasses!

Dixie Normous

These frames cost around $6 US to manufacture. Oakley is screwing consumers. Any polycarbonate lens provides full UV protection, even $20 sunwear.


Waiting for your list of best Oakley prescriptions... :)

sean poquette

Opinions on flak 2.0 prism

jaime gonzaga

I'm looking for sunglasses which is best Oakley sunglasses for hiking and the same time lifestyle.

Destroyer Up.gaming

Oakley : USA assembled, USA MADE = Made In China, thailand, Brasil & Italy = trash, garbage, basura...?

Teagan S

Will the Portal or Portal X get replacement lenses at some point couldn't find them on the website

Brian Czachowski

Great video!! How do you get one of the SportsRx hats?

Martin Pastor

the products were better when manufactured in 1 Icon, Foothill Ranch, CA, MADE IN U.S.A.
Currently products manufactured in China,thailand, Italy, Brazil, etc. They are of very poor quality. It's like buying a fake.
If you loved Oakley before Luxottica you'll hate it now.


Caitlyn Jenner is a hero


Still use my Pro M Frames from 2002. Wish theyd sell parts for that old model. Best sport shades EVER.

Tony Gareth

My lady has small face I don’t know if I should get youth, half jacket, quarter jacket!!!

The Festival of Atonement

Which hard case will fit the Oakley Portal? I've emailed their customer support, but a week later and still waiting…

The Second Coming

if you play golf and baseball but can only get one type of lenses, which would fit each sport better? i assume that the golf and field lenses are very similar but i'm not sure.

Enrique Melquiades

Oakley is dead , fuck luxottica, lets go to other brand...willeyx for example

Sushobhon Samuel Morrison

Radar EV & Flak 2.0 XL...my personal favourites.


Oakley is the best regards from Berlin Germany

Colm Malone

Great video thanks for helping me decide ?

ed cstl



when are customs gonna go on sale again? not paying $263 for a pair

Oakley whisker

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OAKLEY Wisker 2020 Ver. Hamaya movie

735 views | 11 Dec. 2020


OAKLEY 2020 年の新作コレクション Whisker 2020 Ver. を動画にてご紹介いたします。


Oakley whisker

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Review: Oakley Whisker Wire

4 823 views | 13 Dec. 2010

Oakley Whisker Wire with

Oakley Whisker Wire with Metal Wire Vault. Please comment if this review helped.


Thanks for the feedback. In some of my later videos, I try harder with the lighting.


C'MON! Put 'em ON!¡!