Human skin tones chart

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How to Mix Great Flesh Tones

392 949 views | 2 Aug. 2017

In this video I explain

In this video I explain how to mix flesh tones with oil paint.

For more free videos on painting in oil visit http://drawmixpaint.com

If you are interested in the paint that I use visit http://genevafineart.com

Nicky Homann

Hands down the best colour tutorial I've ever see- thank you!!!


I thought that was Neko Case in the thumbnail at first. Uncanny!

Bumblebee Amos

Thanks for your explanation on flesh tones. I initially thought there was a formula of specific colours to use, but you confirmed my instinct that they varied quite dramatically for each person. I really appreciate your thoughts and demonstration on the subject of flesh tones. Very helpful


Those caucasian flesh tones are named so wrong. Caucasians range from pale to olive skin tones.


Having painted portraits in Africa for 10 years I learned something from sculptor Dylan Lewis who sculpts incredible wildlife. Lewis studied anatomy for years and is head and shoulders above all animal sculptors because he doesn’t sculpt the skin he sculpts what is underneath it; the viscera. The viscera beneath skin in all humans is in shades of red and pink. This comes through black skin because skin is ultimately translucent. Paying attention to the visceral layer first and then what covers it is IMO essential.

Gary Hundsrucker

I learned to take my painting outside in the sunlight before I was done with my painting because I was working in my basement under fluorescent lighting and the whole color scheme would shift green/blue in an ugly way in natural sunlight.Using a fill in warm light bulb helped but only a little.I have seen those special bulbs that do it better than regular 60 watters.Its funny that my airbrushed artwork didn't have a drastic difference like oils

James McInnis

Summary of the first nine minutes: "there is no formula for flesh tone." You can skip to 9:10 for "How To Mix Great Flesh Tones."

Dylan Iolani Pu'u

Excellent! So grateful for this!

andrei kope

bla bla bla so much talk 1 % info

Brandon Dennis

Hi, could you please make a video on colour balancing photos to prepare for painting?

Andy Hay.

Small tip. Use a spatula to pick up paint for mixing and wipe clean each time. Less paint needlessly mixed ,wasted, its very expensive. Great tutorial thankyou !

Christian Paje

Photo realistic portraits can be printed from photos nowadays. Camera Obscura vis-à-vis Vermeer would've been better than photos for example.

Third Eye

This guy knows how to sell his merch

Ivan Vilches

there is any plugin for photoshopf for split the tones and values? Thanks

Miranda Sky

Where do you get the metal color checker tool!!!???? Thank you for the video.

Joshua Kramer

I just want to say thank you. Im broke, I watch your videos on a cracked cellphone screen, can't afford art school but the instruction and information i have gotten from your channel is changing the game for me. Thank you!

Ernie DeBlasi Artisan

I already bought the flesh tone.:(. I guess i will use it to mix for my landscapes. Great video!

ApotheCarey Arts

Thank you


VERY helpful! Thank you for your thorough explanation.

Jackson Taylor

This video is so helpful. Can’t wait to dig in to the rest. Thank you. ???

Emma Marion

This is really helpful thank you!

bee fern

Can this be used/applied for acrylics, too?

Ray Hudson

So happy that you took time out to share your knowledge, Thank you.


This video saved me 5 bucks. Almost bought a flesh tone paint.


Thank you i am from indonesian

Amitabha Kassap

very helpful. I'm sure to check out your other videos! ?

Kate Twohig

Thank you so much. Now back to the studio to clean off yesterday's attempt at flesh & start again.


your wife is so pretty. :] no disrespect intended

Elli In Korea

I can draw everything but I cannot for the life of me draw skin. It is super frustrating.

Claire online

such an invaluble video thank you so much I would have wasted money on more colours

Mark Bonham

Very well explained and I learned a lot, thanks!

Rachel Drab

This is a great video and I love your personality.

Misael Ortega

When I print my reference picture on my new printer it looks much lighter on paper that on my screen. How do you guys print reference pictures with good color accuracy

hayley hawkins

this video is INCREDIBLE. thank you

selai morin



Would it be easier to start painting with the lightest colour first in order to reference the other colours to it? I have a habit, when painting a person with white skin, to keep their skin as light as possible when in fact it can be alot darker like this video shows. Great video.

Aurora Pintore

Thank you. You are a great teacher!

David Fisher

Just got my Geneva paints today. Without skill or natural talent I've decided to jump right into portrait painting. This video should be enough instruction.


Even digital painters like me can apply these knowledge to improve, thank you ! I learnd how to match color ,how to alter color even though there is no paint to mix in digital

Katie Salvadore

This is amazingly educational.

peety 63

Emily is beautiful

Ji K

A great lesson; thank you.

Bestest Inventions

thank you big time, you make The Internet a much better place!! <3


Please see my painting site also fun continues!


"How to Mix Great Flesh Tones" - My favorite pickup line!

art akka

Good work

Patrick Welch

Fascinating. I’m up to about 400 skin tones.
I’ve wasted many years. Keep it simple.
You’d laugh at some of the portraits I’ve produced over the years.
The California Art Institute operated for years with Hollywood models. Painted maybe a 1000. All kinds of costumes and light. Some crazy stuff.
I am now a believer. You keep me focused.
I know I’m behind the 8 ball but that’s okay.
If I’d followed you fifteen years ago I think I could now be on your level.


Video starts at 1:23


I took up oil painting as an impromptu hobby to fill up some deficits in my life. I can recall attempting to copy Bob Ross' style and failing miserably, further discouraging any attempts for a few years. Upon finding this channel and the website my understanding of the art has exploded in just a week, and I'm making considerable progress between paintings. I'm talking clear improvements from piece to piece, I've been blowing myself away stroke by stroke. This truly is the method for beginners if you want to learn how to do it the right way.

Peter Williamson

love the simple starting colours as i feel its possible to paint well from there rather than be overwhelmed. thanks

Geoffrey Dawson

8:27 I now it seems normal to say Race, but in the academic world it is referred to as Ethnicity. No offence, just an observation. We all live in C.A.G.E.S = Class, Age, Gender, Ethnicity, Sexuality. A little academic sociology. We now also include mental health and wellbeing as Cages one might have to live within.

Mond Hansen

Hi Mark,
Just had to thank you endlessly much for this brilliant and helpful channel! Have a nice day Sir!

Fredrick Mendelsohn

Beautiful family by the way

Ivana Okereke

Do you clean your palette when your mixed colors dry (for me every other day) and if so how do you clean it after scraping the paint off if you don't use solvents?


This is really helpful advice!

aaron fuksa

This is iteresting, but won't get me there yet to mix in paint accurely in a can to use as as aerosol. I want to make colors & paint Anime or charactures.

Mahnoor Mustansar

Thanku so much sir

Soul's Solo journey

Great video and thabk you

Covid-19 InThisTogether

Did you use the eye dropper tool in Photoshop to get your colors for each of these photos (ie. the color swatches next to the photos)?

Edgar Gaxiola

Great stuff. thank you!


Beautiful lady and genius artist !

Gopica Manethe

Great useful video..

Paul Asadov

Thank you so much for these great videos! You make it very easy to understand and learn! Absolute pleasure to watch


Mixing color looks so eazy when you do it

Believe 3.0

This is so true! I want to paint my black cat who passed, and went to a website that you can match colors. It was very revealing when I saw many green shades in him. I thought the website was broken, then I realized I took the photo when he was lying on a dark green sheet.

Leonard James

" How to paint WHITE Flesh Tones" this needs to be specific. THERE ARE OTHER FLESH TONES IN THE WORLD

The Tug is the Drug Fishing

Great videos, these are the only teaching videos I trust. I'm a beginner with oils so I want to learn the right way.

Lisa Blake

Hi. Great video! I'd like to know if the same principals apply when using acrylic colours?

Deano 1978

Your wife is gorgeous

D T Chinacat

Actually, that particular Fleshtone color is mush better than most Flestones out there: usually they are much Pinker, but I would start with a darker hue of it!

Karim Jakobsen

I realize this is an old video, but i'm just wondering how your oilpaint is always looking so smooth and thin, and yet still have so much pigmentation and almost no transparency?
Great videos, thank you.



E Jay

Hey; Mark!
Have you tried to block a painting first? (with oil or acrylics)


She is beautiful?

Chi Funk

Very helpful and interesting, thanks.

Evelyn Williams

genuine question; does the fact that yellow red and blue arent the real primary colors affect this? would it be easier to use the real primary colors?

Johan Ebbenhorst

Thank you, this was very helpful

Bushmane Ent.

now im more confused than ever... lol


Beauty work

Ron Patton

I love painting my wife also.

sweaty palms

amazing, super awesome

The Art of Daniel

I’m colorblind and just wing every pairing I do.


You are awesome

Lahry Sibley

Very nice, and informative. I'm about to give this a try. So your insight is very useful.

Carolyn Poulter

This is so helpful! Thank you!


Beautiful family

Carolyn Lobkowicz

Thanks for a great demo.


Way caucasian still call they selvs white? when they are not they are pink ???.,¡flesh ton!??‍♂️?☀️?????

Emeka Amamasi

DUDE...is that an apple thunderbolt on your TABLE?!!

Goofy Girl

link to the video you kept mentioning???? : (

Dan Swanson

Should put those colors in the notes

V. D Vallejo

Burnt umber... raw umber... doesn´t it matter which? Thanks


I've been watching many oil painting vids, this one and others for about 1 month. Yesterday I took 5 hrs on corel painter to draw my first DIGITAL oil painting (1 layer, no special modifications or erasing)

I could not get the colors right for nothing, they were close but I know it was missing some pinks and greys. I gave myself a 5/10 and went to sleep. I woke up and looked at it again, it came out a bit better than I thought for my first painting (ok I know I never painted in my life but I also never digital painted in my life lol) I give it a 6/10.

I am happy to say that all of these skills/advice are transferable to digital painting. I am self taught btw. For my first digital painting, it looks alright but I want it to look more REAL!!! getting the color right. (I know its digital I could probably just use layers to do so but I want it to be as raw as possible. I am not painting to be professional, I am painting to see what solutions I make when I paint.)

corel has a color mixer although i still don't fully understand it lol.


She is beautiful

Rolling Stone

Probably the best, straightforward explanation I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much.

Philip Jones

I would just like to say thanks for this video on tones,its amazing. You have really pointed out to me the amount of tones there are. I sadly am getting on a wee bit and my observation is not what it was. I will try a bit harder.

Autumn Munden

Your wife is beautiful!

William schlenger

Your wife looks like a Vermeer.

wendy roddick

I'm trying to come up with fresh tones for a painting,where the portrait is a lightly colorized sepia photo .Based on the age of the subject( my Mother,age 24) I'm looking back on photos of her at this age.Needless to say ,it will be a challenge .She is 87 now.

Lac Asa

You rock, thank you for these vids.

Human skin tones chart

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Get Perfect Color and Skin Tones With This Chart!

196 697 views | 14 May. 2019

This little color chart

This little color chart can save your shot! Getting correct skin tones and white balance is a breeze if you know how to use this Color Checker card in post. X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video on Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/eWP5H

In today’s video I show you how I use the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport chart to correct the color in my videos. I use this tiny chart every time I film and I can’t overstate how invaluable this chart has been for me. Makes color correction and grading a breeze when I sit down to edit my videos.

X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video

Amazon (PAID LINK): https://geni.us/eWP5H

B&H: https://bhpho.to/2Q0asHk


Panasonic GH5s on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/gh5s

Viltrox Speedbooster on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/y2CORa

Sigma 18-35mm on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/sigma18

Benro Tripod on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/i2ZUCA


Aputure 120D on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/88Akm

Aputure Light Dome on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/aputurelightdome

Falcon Eyes 24TDX on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/OdOb

Rolling Stand on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/Jh97BK8


Deity Shotgun on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/aputuredeity

Sound Devices MixPre-3 on Amazon (PAID LINK): http://geni.us/vHsiYi6


We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

This video was not paid for by outside persons or manufacturers.

No gear was supplied to me for this video.

The content of this video and my opinions were not reviewed or paid for by any outside persons.

Micah Ross

Can I have yours? haha just kidding. Or am I? Idfk anymore.

Matt Hazlett

@dslrvideoshooter what happens if shooting a wedding where the subjects are moving and won’t be holding this in order to capture it? And would it have to be held somehow in every separate clip/shot?

Richard Black

I just ordered that exact model of colour chart this morning and now YouTube suggests me this video - anyone would think Google knows what I'm doing :-) Anyway, thought I might as well watch to see if I would learn anything new, and you've helped me crystallise my thoughts on how I will use the tool. Thanks!

Walter The Balter

this is awesome. Thanks man!


$100 for this shit? I can paint mine on the paper. lol


Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge, i do want to ask of what you did is also applicable to my eos 700D dslr camera? Or limited to RAW capable camera footage only?

Mike Angel

Thumbs up for the PM joke

Michael Turner

Good stuff. This video makes me mad because I used to own the video checker and lost it at a wedding shoot a little over a year ago. I never replaced it, but it is a cool little tool. I was hoping the venue would find it under a piece a furniture or something...probably not going to happen ?

Evan Nischan Photography

dude. this is the absolute best video/lesson i've ever seen for how to set white balance using vectorscopes. thank you!

Rob Poma

Thank you. Well explained. Going to watch this a few more times and experiment.


I wonder why have a color chart if we are already doing in camera custom white balancing with a card or collapsible? My guess is that different camera manufacturers set up their colors a bit differently and it varies across different camera models. The purpose of white balancing is making sure that one's neutral remain neutral (free of reds, greens and blues). Once this is secured, the colors themselves are subject to how each camera model handles them. Contrarily, color chart offers actual reference points for individual colors which would make for better color accuracy and reduce color difference across camera models.
Is my interpretation correct?


Thank you so much!

Michael Weller

wow, life can be that easy. THX Caleb

Cristi Gandulescu

Already bought mine and waiting delivery.


thats a bit too much for me. 140 dollars. I learned somewhere else that a piece of white paper would fix my custom white balance like magic. Its basically free alternatives and for a casual shooters, it works well enough I think.


This is great and all, seriously!

But 150 USD for this printout?! o_0

Brandon Pacheco

Thank you for the info, great way to explain it

Todd Barber

Excellent! Thank you for this.


This is too much work, what's the easy way to do, maybe AI script and then dial that in lol


I have struggled with basic color grading for years and so I bought a color checker passport video and watched this video over and over again (maybe 5-10 times over the last week). It didn't happen all at once, but little by little, I began to really understand what I'm doing. I'm far from being a professional at color grading but at least I have some semblance of control over the color in my own videos! Thank you--this tutorial has been tremendously helpful.

JJ Koester

So, what's the deal with Gerald at 1:18?


Caleb, Thank you! It took me a little while, 3 views, but I got it now! I have a grey card floppy, but I need that color checker with all the colors to get my colors just right. Any particular brand you recommend? You Rock brother

Johnny Parker

Should I still get one if I’m using single cam? Iv been getting mixed advice on this. Thanks.

Classic Cycling

I enjoyed the video. Very well explained.

Nate Reimer

Talk about a magic trick - looks like your finger's floating at 2:16.


Thank a lot!

Tylon Blas

Still learning the trade, but is there a way to white balance for livestreaming? I use an A6600 for streaming and am having issues with white balance. Is that even possible? Thank you!


Incredibly useful video. Thanks Caleb!


This was very helpful, THANK YOU!


What's the difference between a color checker photo and a color checker video?

Jeremy Toh

Thanks! I found this to be an absolutely wonderful tutorial. Totally loved it! ???
Can’t wait to get back to my laptop.


I’m colour blind and this video legitimately made me more confident to try colour correction. Thank you!

Shawn Kelley

Thank you for this!

Burt Blackarach

This was a great video thank you so much really helpful.


Does anyone have an idea if there's a plugin that introduces RGB OVERLAY Waveform into Premiere Pro?
Without this - the tutorial is useless for Adobe/ Premiere users


While this little chart is nice I don't think it's $100+ nice.


thumbs up for FCP user


Hey Caleb, great vid thanks! Do you expose before you dial in your WB?


Informative video. I am learning to capture video. I start with the White Balance side of the checker. I see you did not use it at all. Is the White Balance side not needed?

Jaime IA

Now I more confused ?


Thanks for this! Really helpful explanation! I'm looking to buy one of these 2nd hand & most ppl have the photo version. Cld I use the photo version for video? Thanks!

Ralph Markus

Thank you

Ankit Mehrotra

Awesome tutorial, thanks so much!

Eric Cosh

I always enjoy your tutorials. I got your first tutorial when I purchased my BMP4K camera. Without it, I would have been lost. Last month, I purchased the ATEM Mini Pro and am currently using my original (yes original, probably one of the first ones ever made) Black Magic Cinema Camera, both of my Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera and for the 4th camera, the Black Magic Pocket 4K. Will you be making a tutorial for the ATEM Mini Pro? Stay safe my friend. Warmly, Eric

Brandon Key

awesome video!

Anxiety Mentor

I use a Sony a6300. When I play back my video on my laptop my skin looks fine but when I play it on my desktop my skin looks bright red as if I have been severely sun burned. Any ideas?

Jared Pearson

What is the difference between the xrite passport photo and xrite passport video? Why is the video better for video? Why is it more expensive?

Lex Obbens

Can you explain how you corrected the exposure? I'm not sure on what value the grey should be.

Peter Cofrancesco

Seen these always wanted to learn how to use thx Caleb. Although I have two problems with it: it’s too expensive and if you have the time to hold this up you could have instead done a white balance and save yourself the color correction work.

George Santiago

DO I need to do the card stuff on every single clip when I am recording? Or can I just do it only in one clip and that is it?


I was thinking this was for watercolour, but no haha

Walter The Balter

Looks pretty amazing!!! ahaha. Learned so much. You're the Man. Thanks again brov.

Just KarthiK

Thanks , Caleb !! Just an amazing informative video right from the beginning to the end. !!!

Pixel Pearl Production

You’re the bestest best best... wish you had a film making course... your style of teaching is what makes me want to watch your videos and helps me learn more easily and efficiently...

DSLR Video Shooter

I shared how I use color charts, but would love to hear your tips as well! Always something to learn when it comes to color!
Also, some are saying this chart costs too much. To that I would say yeah its not cheap, but making tiny chips that are super accurate and have true blacks isn't easy to develop! Not to mention using this chart when you mess up will pay for itself very VERY quickly!

Alex Mercado

Is there a DIY-priced product that does this?

Jeremy Alameda

Hey man, THANK YOU sooooo much for creating this video!!

Christopher Wong

your video tutorials are crazy, ur explaination super straight to to point, so straight ive never knew how straight was spelt, you've got no idea how much im learning from ur video being a completely newbie! Thank you very much! Support from Malaysia!!

Jaxon Shaw

My color finale pro doesn't have the colour chart option?

Eddie - E11World

The color chart should cost $20
Good video though thanks

Nightscape Films

Excellent Video! Thanks for sharing.


very well explained tutorial. how can we use this method of color correcting and white balance adjustment for smartphone or dslr taked images ?

Marco Rossi

When I set the WB on my GH5s using the Custom mode and a white card, how do I know which is the actual Kelvin choosen and set by the camera?

Viola Watson

This video is fantastic! I wish I had this tool on my last shoot....and I think I will be buying one in the very near future.
What would you recommend to someone who doesn't have a chart yet? You gave me some ideas, just in this video alone, but do you have some color grading tips for when there is no color chart?


This is way too confusing for me.

ChrisBee Media

I bought this same color chart a few months back but had never used it until this last week. I have limited experience with editing and Color adjustments but, Wow, did this tool make things easy for me and must say I was pretty proud of my results. Trust your tools, scopes and waveforms even more than your screen, I would say. If you get it right with the tools, it is going to look good on any display, I believe. You make things very easy to understand, Thanks !


H,i I'm new to color grading. So this would work well if im in a picture profile like SLog or Cine4?

Brilliant Digital

Is there a difference between X-Rite colour checker and SpyderCheckr? Or.. does it even matter?


I've been doing this 30 years (maybe longer than Caleb has been alive) and I learn something every time. Darn it Caleb, you're killing my productivity - but - making me better. Worthwhile! I'm making the switch from Vegas to Resolve, did you ever do one of these for that tool?

David Kashner

I always use the focus chart

Punchline Filmes

Does that work with the passport photo too? On davinci resolve or premiere pro

Candramawa 99

Why my skin still looks reddish even already in the skin line?

Phillip Bridges

Still, watch this video all the time as a reference. Thanks Caleb.

Sejun Oh

thank you! got so much help!

jonathan suero

give your camerA


Why do you apply LUT before correction? It seems like you would want to correct first to the calibration, and then apply the LUT


why so expensive though

Abdul Samad

Will this work with 8 bit footage?

Crawling in Film

08:00 why raise the red via a point towards the top end rather than right at the top end itself?

Daniel Constant

old video btu did you ever make videos about the tools in the vector scope?

Lesley Hermsen

So does this mean you have to get this in the beginning of your shot everytime when light changes? Is there a way/whats the best way to correct a different clip from a clip with the checker in it?

Robert Fontaine

$140.... cough... cough... wtf.

Richardson Dackam

I watched a bunch of colorgrading videos and hand down you explained the full process the best. This video was very useful!

Ran Diego

thanks for the video. that clip that you use that's mounted on your tripod to hold the color checker. where do you buy that?

Carl Joyce

I’ve been struggling with colour for the past few years. I watched this and decided to order the colour checker and move over to resolve at the same time. I have to thank you for putting me in the right direction, my colours are completely spot on now! You’ve helped make a huge improvement to my videos, thanks a lot man!

John Rohde Jensen

Super useful video. Made color correcting fall into place for me. Big thumbs up.
The nice people from Xrite include a small booklet with the luma values for each square (the L* value). I recommend dialing in the exposure with the grayscale squares first using exposure curve. Next you can dial in luma for RGB and CMYK with 'HUE vs LUMA'. 
Now if only somebody had a trick for getting the saturation right ...

Nalie Music

Great video!



Your videos are so goddamn helpful, you explain things at a great pace, with easy to understand language and all your videos are amazingly color corrected with warm, rich audio, I've learned a ton from this channel.

Martin Vu

best production content on youtube. thank you!


Nice tutorial!

Ed Hannigan

When you actually buy one of these you really won't look back, yes you can still be the cool guy who does it by his magic eye but workflow wise this is a life saver, especially when matching multiple cameras from various brands. What Caleb doesn't mention here is that the colours are a representation of 50% saturation, so the lines on the vectorscope should be 50% of the way from the centre to their specific block on the outside edge which is adjusted using the next line down in his new hue adjustment layer HUE vs SAT where you click all the primary colours again using the eye dropper but this time you adjust the length of the line and saturation of that colour.

Dario Play On Fire

thanks for this video! I'm thinking to buy some kind of color checker but my camera doesn't shoot in Log, do you think it will be still useful with a standard color profile? Will it work with a standard color profile? Thanks again for your video!


Mr Caleb, would you also adjust saturation until each colour sits within its "box" in the vectorscope?

Fishy Business

Nice vid good explanation .

Charlie RedWood

Great tutorial!
But, I’m color blind..

Joseph Solomon

WOW!!! This is the best color correcting video i’ve ever watched. and just happens i use FCPX and Color Finale. thanks mate.

José The Rover

Shouldn’t you expose the chart correctly before you shoot?

Ser Khad

Thanks! wonderful video, plenty of good information!

Lilia Tarawa

Thanks Caleb! I was on my way to the video shop and watched this video and bought the X-rite Pantone colour checker passport immediately. You’re so Helpful. Thanks ? I

Media Buster

Why not use the temperature and tint controls?