Is box dye bad for your hair

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3 226 views | 7 Sep. 2018



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Thanks so much for watching and I hope you guys enjoyed :)

Desiree Saucedo

Hi your beautiful but I couldn't hear u with the voice-over can u make another video of this again because I use box dye because I can't afford to get my hair done at the salon

Leeana Slone

You are so good at explaining this I give you props girl thank you

Priscilla Nieto

Yes! Trusting the process is so important. People think they need to do multiple blonde sessions in order for the salon to obtain more money when they think it can be done in one session. In one session most times that will make the hair look stringy, dry and break so easily.

Is box dye bad for your hair

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WERE THE MANNEQUINS SWITCHED?? - Recreating Brad Mondo's Box Dye vs Professional Dye Video

502 605 views | 11 Feb. 2019

I saw a video from Brad

I saw a video from Brad Mondo recently where he tests out box dye vs professional dye and scores them. I recreated that video here!

See Brad Mondo's Original Here:

I PUT BOX DYE TO THE TEST (Is it really that bad) https://youtu.be/ApU6UGwNW5k

This video intends no disrespect to Brad Mondo, I was simply curious and wanted to test it out for myself.

PS INTERNET DO NOT COME FOR ME. I'm not a professional and this is just for fun.

Music Credit:

Artist: Cjbeards

Song: In My Heart

Download/Stream: https://audiograb.com/nOO736oD

Youtube Channel: CJBeards Official https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCarvKz1XSCON68oeSZ1mlkg


Song: If I had a chicken

Artist: Kevin MacLeod

Karen Cooper

I watched that, I didn't pick up on a specific purpose to the demonstration, just a test as far, and to rate the effectiveness as I could tell

Megan B

Box dye looks great right after doing it , it’s very shiny and color is strong, but it fades and looks like crap real quick . Which is why u should use professional. And yes the actual professional products are only sold to licensed hairdressers , I tried to buy some and I was not able to .


Everybody on youtube claiming that they are professionals but none of them has EVER shown their licenses LMAO.
Some box dyes are good and some are not.Yes the 'professional' ones that you get have more nutrients and oils and they dont damage your hair as much and you know what developer u gonna use,but on the box dyes at least it says with what result u gonna come up with based on 3 levels that are shown at the back.On top of that,ive been dying my hair with both box dyes and professional ones. Yes professionals have a bigger variety of colors but since u are not a professional,u are basically experiementing with them,UNLESS there is a hair dresser working at the store u get those from and she helps u. Every time i got one to help me,i had really nice results.I would advice you that if u gonna order them,give them a call at the shop and ask if u can send them a reference picture,the picture of ur current hair color,so that they can maybe help you a bit with the color choices.Might be a bit of an extra work but it still does work. Not all box dyes are bad and not all professional hair dyes are good either.

Kacey Weihing

As a professional hair stylist myself, the box dye may be more "vibrant" however, that is only because this color is more of a true red or red violet instead of the violet color that was supposed to come out. I think that was one of his points, you don't know how true to color the box dye will be. To me, as a professional colorist, if a client of mine asked for a purple based color and got this red color they would be upset.

Maggie Jiggins

so he did switch them?

Twiggy Stardust

The intro was pretty cringe ? ? cool concept doe


Do anything for #clout

Bella Burke

i like brad

Draya Does It

Thank you so much everyone for all the views, comments, and likes on this video. I never imagined I'd have such a positive response and that my subscribers would jump up from 9 to 472 and counting. I really appreciate all the kind words, feedback, and support. I hope you stick with me as I put out more content, learn about editing, and hopefully grow. :)


Hahahahasss. This is adorable!

Coldhands Cosplay

Brad is literally a fraud? he only has a basic cosmetology degree (in hair) so he’s technically a hairstylist but not a well trained or educated one


Ya know i used to think Brad knew best till now. Like not all drugstore hair stuff is bad. Now honestly idk about him.... But Hyram tho... hes a whole different story. So many people have had their skin change so much because of him and he actually works dor a skincare company. Hes changed my skin so so much for the better. Oh also hes not biased on a brand (well except St.Ives scrub) he actually looks at the ingredients and cares about the inviroment


Honestly I just personally don’t think brad mondo is a very good hair stylist??‍♀️

maimuna fairoze

OK just tell me this... Is box dye OK to use in my virgin hair._.?


This video cuts in and out., but girl you using Brad for views

Shankia Wilson

Just because the color is vibrant before you rinse it out doesn’t mean it’s gonna be better I mean duh.

Ca oh

Its too different colors!! Brado Mondo needs more training not just with hair but by theory (thats what our school called it.) the science, chemistry, bones, mircobactria.

ToxikElement 13

I love the guy, but I was doing a lot of face palming in his vid. Props to the fun home test but nothing was done properly to achieve a proper test result. Not to mention the mannequins. I thought it was just me lol
Great vid. Very much enjoyed!

Well wouldn’t You like to know

No only does the box dye look cheap it also made the hair super frizzy.

Laver constantine

I'm subscribing! love her personality not over the top crap and she talks about stuff I'm interested in


I started to wonder about Brad Mondo after noticing that almost every time he actually does hair, he screws it up or it just doesn’t look right, like trying to replicate braids or coloring. The way he holds tools like scissors looks awkward and he says he’s done hair for 14 years? How is that possible! Also found a discussion board where people were saying he’s not a certified stylist. I have been a subber of his from his start - always thought he was funny but now he seems different

Stupid Bird

So I'm convinced he switched the heads, I had suspected so in the beginning but this really confirmed it but I do have a question--
In his video Brad said box color was good for virgin hair but not good for already processed hair. I've dyed my hair for like 4 years now and I'm honestly over paying crazy salon prices for so little (I have a short pixie, buzzed in the back) so I'd honestly just rather start learning to do it myself. Is box dye really that bad for color treated hair? I started off doing unnatural colors (blue, lilac, lime, silver, etc) but now I'm getting more into natural colors. Right now my hairs kind of a "natural" ginger but a lot more vibrant. Am I able to use box dye and not look like a hot mess?

sofsof 18

This is a little irrelevant to the topic, but as someone who knows a thing or two about “seasonal colors”-color analysis, brad mondo’s tips are waaaay off sometimes. Like, i remember him saying that if you’re cool toned you should use warm colors to “warm up” your skin? Like no, if you do that you’ll just look pale.

Eryka Acemor

I did use that feria box dye an it is absolutely beautiful.

Well wouldn’t You like to know

Ok but box color is horrible for hair.


I am so GLAD I seen this I loved mondo til I seen this exact video you are recreating and after I watched it I felt he was not authentic and I couldn’t TRUST anything he said! I totally slacked off watching him! Literally only watched a couple of his videos since- so I am here two minutes into your video and cannot wait to hear the outcome

Lauren Oss

Also, I love your beauty mark under your eyebrow

Rachel R xoxoxo

Sally’s hair dye is garbage literally the same as box dye

Regina Fallangie

Is no one going to talk about Momma eatin KETCHUP ON POPCORN?? ?


You bought the professional dye in the most expensive way possible. Someone who plans to do it more than once will get a bigger(and therefore cheaper) bottle of developer, and they will only buy the bowl and brush once. You also got one of the most expensive brands of dye they sell. Some brands only cost $5-6. And, they often have sales on the color and developer like buy 2 get 1 or buy 1 get 1 half off so you can stock up, as well as deals like free developer with purchase of color.
I know the point was to follow brads experiment exactly, but if you're going to judge on price then you need to consider that using professional dye has higher starting costs but overall becomes cheaper the more you use it. Not to mention you're reducing plastic waste by not using disposable applicator bottles. ☺️

Julie M Davis

She doesn't talk much ... but probably happier than Brads clients ????

Chloe Roberts

Anyone else get stressed out with her application process? After doing my own hair for years, I’ve learned to always apply it on smaller sections at a time lmfao ??

Madison Melnik

YES they were switched. BRAD MONDO IS A FAKE. Thank you for proving this. #bradmondo


Brad’s M A J O R mistake was using a Fashion Red (FÉRIA Power Violet) And WELLA Color TANGO which are designed for Vibrant High Color Effects - NOT Long - Lasting color. I would have used a Standard Dye and shade like L’Oreal PEFERENCE Light Auburn and REDKEN Color Fusion or Color Gels which would have given a much more realistic test.

Cindy Coffee

I am super late to this party but I just want to point out a while back I used box dye color, almost the exact same color, and it lifted right out with the Ion color remover from Sallys. No trouble AT ALL. :) However, if you wait longer it is going to be harder to remove. I have used both professional and box dye and to be completely honest I have seen little to no difference. I know what everyone says, I DID graduate beauty school so you can save it, lol. I don't mind box dye if I am on a budget Soorrrry not sorry. Loved the video!!

sakura hoora

Great vedio

Karen Cooper

Conclusion, I think no swapping

Sam S

Not relevant but the greyish wall colour is a bad choice. Gives such a gloomy, sad and dull feeling to the house. Please change it and make it a more warm white if you like light coloured walls (Sorry can't help I m an architect so..)

Kaitlyn Montgomery

That mannequin has seen some shit

Joeanne Hattenbach

You just want clout

Bmx Boy

Everyone talking crap about Brad saying how awful he is.... he had over 1 million followers just on YOUTUBE and I’ve seen it be hair and the cuts and the colors he does and they are great!!! He didn’t get where he is being a awful hairdresser....

Kirstyn Matika

Hey! New subscriber, falling down the rabbit-hole of your hair video's and thank you for making this one. Got me to subscribe as this is truth right here, you seem kind and honest and enjoyable. Look forward to seeing more.

Nalynah Morales

In his video he said the professional one was more vibrant not the box dye ... So I’m confused to why people think he switched it and said the box dye was more vibrant when that’s not even the case.


I knew he switched them because on one of the mannequins I think the box dye, he stained the forehead with the dye and then miraculously the professional dye had the exact stain on its forehead

yvonne Sherwood

Im going to talk about two different times lol One time I used box dye and I got the most beautiful color ever I don't know how I did . (which I always use it ). but I'm saying everyone was always complimenting me like oh my god what color is that !? And I was like I actually don't know lol cause it didn't come out as the box said ? lol but it was the most beautiful color ever! And it didn't come out as the box said because I have something weird going on ?? so it doesn't matter what even professionals do it won't do anything even if they add stuff to tone it done afterwards . I went to cosmetology school in Augusta . and yeah when I was there learning about it I told them even about it they didn't believe me so they did my hair lol and yup nothing would work lol it always came oh different . I have been to many different ones no matter what you do . I even went to a convention in Atlanta and signed up to one of the shows for them to do my hair and nothing ! Lol I just know someone will say something lol ? . but its OK I have learned how to deal with it I don't care about it and now I can get the exact color on the box every time . I know some people always complain and hate It. . anywayssss the box dye has actually never like badly badly damaged my hair which of course its not like natural baby hair duh no ones is . and the salons and school said I have very very coarse hair . so idk if that's it . or what but it doesn't bother it at all. Unless its just the people in this town and in augusta that complained ? watch no one on this video thinks that lol ???

mischa zav

I recently dyed my hair with the L'Oreal V38 and I love it. I've been using L'Oreal hair box dye for years and never had a problem. Once, I went to a salon to dye my hair red professionally and it was a terrible experience. I had hot roots and I could barely notice the red dye on the rest of my hair.

Well wouldn’t You like to know



Love this video, but as a licensed hairdresser....is anyone else getting anxiety watching her apply the color ???

Shaila Gonzalez

I use to like brad mondo but when he did that video I literally didn’t libel him bc the results didn’t come out how he wanted and he was real salty about it.


i also want to point something else out, since nobody else seems to have done it...
BM mentions at the onset when he pulled out the mannequin heads that they were a "level 5-6"... NO FUCKING WAY. those mannequin heads were a straight level 3. literally a couple of steps over black. level 5-6 would be fucking ginger.

Sarah Johnson

I wonder if part of the problem with box dye is I thought you can't deposit color on color. Those trying to correct or change their hair lighter after box dye would have problems because they may have dyed it over and over, all of the hair. I might be confused on that but that's what I learned about dye when I started using Sally's instead of box. Box dye fades like nobody's business in my experience.

Tammy S

Brad is petty. I had a lot of respect for him up until literally today. He deleted my comments. All I did was ask him what the difference between box dye and salon dye was and that box dye works better on my hair and lasts longer. Idk... I feel differently about him now.

Jozzy Smith

Question for all of you people who use box dye.

I am getting my hair dyed but I’m going to use box dye. The color I want (as named by L’Oréal) is called Violet Soft Black

My question is, what brand of box dye do you guys think is
A) Better for virgin hair like mine
And B) Best in the color I’m looking for?

Thank you!


I mean, all he really does is reaction videos. He rarely every works on a real persons hair in his videos. So it makes sense that he probably isn’t as experienced as he claims. He also seems to have very basic knowledge of hair and coloring etc. when he’s “critiquing” other people and how they do hair. it’s all an act.


Hi Draya- stumbled on you- now a subber!!

Featherstone Jewelry & Healing

my main issue with this is you did NOT use the same color on the mannequin to begin with. i went back and froze it to see and yes he used a darker haired model while yours has a more copper color and is much lighter. i've used Feria and that shit SUCKED BALLS. it had no staying power at all. maybe other heads are different but i've always dyed my own hair and this brand/type is a no from me.


box color is super damaging,,,, i went through a box color phase and my hair was fucked, I switched to pro color that is easily bought at sally beauty supply. the developer you used was also not strong enough for the color at hand ( tho i cant remember the level he used). either way, if you want healthy hair you go with pro, if you want splotches, bleeding and vibrancy for the first week you go with box dye. The integrity if the hair is the difference. Switched or not, pro color is your best choice if used the correct way.

Faith Emily D

You turned this into a rating and reviewing lol shouldve just washed it and been like yep he did switch them


I'm still not over how bad Brad was at matching colors. How was he ever going to be able to compare two things that were never going to be comparable? As a former lab assistant and the daughter of a veteran research biologist: his experiment was flawed from step one and an absolute mockery of the scientific method. Good on you Draya for doing a decent peer review of the original experiment!

Katie Tuggle

If he accidentally switched the mannequin heads, the right thing for him to do was to address the problem and tell everyone that he made a mistake. But he never said anything about it when everyone was bashing him in the comments for switching the heads. So that's why I don't believe it was an accident

Missy Kurtz

I'm a regular user of Feria. It has never damaged my hair. The only issues I've had are due to user error (I didn't apply it evenly enough). My only complaint is that with all the additives, it's very runny and thus messier.

Whisper Mystic Tarot

How did I not know about this drama until your video came up as a suggestion? I watched that video and didn’t even notice!

Gee Bee

Brad mondo haters are out??


I have experience dying my hair and let me tell you that professional is better, if you are not used to using a brush then get used to because its the right way to do it that doesn't mean it doesn't worth, and if you think other things apart from hair color and peroxid won't be purchased more than once and on the long way you will save money

Cindy Chea

$17.54 not bad price thought i would cost more

Chad Spar91

Well... he used Wella, so it probably wasn’t very good. lol of all the professional dyes, he chose that one? It also would have worked better for him if it was a blonde manikin. Oh well, I’m just a cosmetologist, what do I know? Lol

Donna mcdermott

I've always used box dye and I go from black dye as in my picture to platinum blonde all the time all you have to do is remember that bleach 40 vol will only lift 4 shades. You're not going to get platinum in a day it's week of red brown then orange then yellow before you get white let your hair rest after each bleach session don't be tempted to do more than once at a time and treat your hair in-between sessions be prepared to wear a wooly hat for 3 week to 6 depending which brand use use of bleach I've always used John Frieda born blonde for dark brown to black hair works the best for me the bleach itself is purple colour so helps with the brassy tone a little


I also kinda did a test on black box dye too on my channel! I’m a hair stylist ? I miss you uploading a lot :(


Ok I don’t watch brad mondo but so far this is strike 2. I’m embarrassed that he even makes videos after I read what professional hairdressers have to say about it... yikes!!!

Winter Gutierrez

Ok you all have made some amazing comments on here!!! And i am licensed cosmetologist and if you are licensed and wanted to really test “professional” color he could have gone to the supply stores only licensed professionals can enter...... so the Sally’s color threw me off there. If you are a real hairstylist then you would easily be able to tell that the wella color was the gross darker color. Wella color is absolute crap to use and does come out worse than box dye!!!

Anonymous Creature

Can we have more videos of you doing stuff like that, like trying to reproduces an haire style? I would love it. You seem so lovely and nice and you have a lot of potential

Lips gloss and Creative

Hey can you subscribe to my YouTube video thank you so much

True Blue

Did she say the popcorn had ketchup on it? Woah

Rachel Hart

Now that I re watched that video , I see what your saying . I still think box dye was more vibrant

samantha skipper

Neither of these are professional colors. The difference between most box dye and professional color is that box dyes have metal in them


I stopped watching Brad Mondo's reaction videos because every time he says things like"she does it wrong, her hair will look bad, the color won't look nice and uniform"and in the end the person in the video looks exactly the opposite of what he was describing.I mean, I understand if it happens one time, hair is imprevisible, but he does that every time, I became so tired of it.He seems rather unprofessional...


can you test other box dyes ? :)

Lalii Perales

Look they are completely different colors. They shouldn't have been compared to begin with. I think they both worked nice depending on the color you are going for. I always do my research before picking out either or because as you can see the color will never come out how u see the picture of the woman of the box because it all depends on your hair color or type. Overall Brad shouldn't have switched the dolls he could of just said hey you know what seems like these colors are different but they both worked nice ?‍♀️ instead of trying to deliberately shame box dye since the moment he started the video. Either way he is still my freakennn idol I love him because he is just human but so bright spirited k!!

Neon Clover

I just watched his video and I was like he definitely switched it.
The dyes had 2 different colours and the stains on the head identified them. The mannequins also had a different eyebrows.


Can you put a link where you buy your mannequins


I actually like my box dye. It didnt damage my hair at all and it made it look SOOOO pretty (i have naturally light golden brown hair, had honey blonde when i was little and i turnt it into ash blonde) and guess what i didnt need to make it lighter? Bleach. I didnt use any bleach

Kristy Simmons

I went back and looked - the box dye mannequin had quite a decent stain on the forehead and when he first picks up the box dye mannequin to do the scoring you get a quick glimpse of the same stain. Anyone else try and spot it ? Box dye girl here all the way...except for the one off times I like to splurge and pamper myself at the salon ? Great video and much better way to compare accurately. ??

Kayley Meredith

I'd love to get a professional opinion about the results from the bespoke color sites like eSalon and Madison Reed. I'm going to try eSalon. They ask for your hair color past and your goals, and you can even include a picture of your hair, then you pick your color and they send you a custom formula to get that, along with all the supplies you need. I have mine, I just haven't used it yet!

Cristina Decoster

Has anyone looked up to see if Brad has a actual liscense. He looks like he has zero clue how to do hair. As a liscensed cosmetologist, I watch him do hair and he looks like a lost puppy. He has zero clue how to cut hair. Horrible technique. And 30v bleach on scalp, destroying hair... Ugh


To be fair, color bought at Sally's would necessarily be deemed "professional".

Llama Del Rey

I stopped liking Brad a long time ago, started watching him and that other woman.. forget her name now but she’s rude and entitled as fuck, if you know who she is that description will be very telling lol. She was rude to Caito Potato because she thought paying $70 for 2 braids was too much. And it is! She went on a rant about stylists being paid for their time... Lmfaoo 2 braids takes 3 minutes stop it sis. 3 mins of ur time isn’t worth $70 u ain’t shit.

He is so fake and mediocre. I even question if he’s actually a licensed professional hair dresser at all..

Edit: her names Brittney lol. Her video came up in the recommendation to this one :’)

Big Sprinter

this video will not play

Lauren Oss

It's funny, I came here from the Brad Mondo video and when I was watching it, I thought 'if I did this, I would forget which head was which, he should have just spilt it down the middle on one mannequin. That would be more cost effective.'

Natasha Mcdonald

ur a legend for doing this video


I've been reading through the comments and you are so positive and humble, I really love it. Keep being you, we like it.

Salty flour

He could've just not uploaded the video...

Can I see your licence please Mr Mondo?

Sara Alyssa

All this showed me was that BOTH can product beautiful shiney hair and both are pretty true to color.

_Black.Orchid_ 9714

Is anyone else permanently scarred bc of the fact that she puts ketchup on her popcorn?? Bc yeah... never heard of that shit before. ?? no shade, just scarred for life lmao


It’s just hair dye what’s the bid deal


If you used permanent maker to write that, I can help out. Use pure acetone nail polish remover. Put some on a cotton ball, wipe it quickly and dry up, if your quick about it, the letters will be gone, but the mannequin should be fine.

If you still have color dye on there, Wella makes a color dye remover.

Alex Henretty

Slightly random, but whenever he's judging someone's hair, saying it looks awful/terrible. I'm sitting here like, "it doesnt look that bad" And it's usually towards box dye reactions ?‍♂️

Adelina Mykh

Brad is not the best hairdresser and i don’t like this work most of the time ??‍♀️ He speaks so highly of his work and his prices are CRAZY and he does not do a good job. I believe he really did switch the heads so that he can “prove” to his subscribers that professional color is the only way to go, but he couldn’t even make it work ??‍♀️??‍♀️


I still watch his videos, but I am no longer subscribed since that whole debacle...like it’s not that hard to see a difference and know which was which, he really thought he could fool us and change opinions on box dye to try and get negative reactions to it.

Life as Megan

I use that box dye and they were definitely switched. He’s a clown


This video is surprisingly fun. Your tone and attitude are so sweet and gentle and you're very fair. I loved it, even though I know nothing about hair! Really nice :)

Is box dye bad for your hair

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Hairdresser Reacts To Box Dye Bleach Fails

4 593 019 views | 10 May. 2020

Hi Beautiful! Today we

Hi Beautiful! Today we watch a couple girls attempt to transform their hair from brown to blonde with box dye.

Shop XMONDO Hair: https://www.xmondohair.com/

Madi Cayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMTdweSfu54

Angela Boss: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd_UVw2Ni5o

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bradmondonyc/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bradmondonyc

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@bradmondonyc?utm_source=tt_10

XMONDO Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xmondohair/

Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa

Don't Forget To Live Your Extra Life.

Dasha Neith

Why don’t people just go to the salon ??

Alyssa Pellegrino

the girl that had the purple hair i kinda liked it


that last girl’s hair parting is killing my eyes. at first i was like “oh, bad hair day with a weird messy part, okay” and then i saw it was her actual daily parting um.. also who’s gonna tell her that partially covering her forehead like that is doing literally nothing. if she’s that insecure, she should totally get the bangs that brad mentioned

Katie V

Idk if it's the same for everyone in the UK but personally I've never seen the bleach and separate developer in stores? Only box bleach. Does anyone know which UK chains carry them, if any?


She probably spent $100 or more on all that box dye and toner...

Labhaoise Twomey

Idk why but I thought the girl in the thumbnail was Lele Pons

Lynette Hipwell

This is hilarious! You do need to laugh. It is better than crying.



Hey, I'mValarie

If you have zero education, wouldn't you do as much research as you can before you try to do a big process yourself? I'm so baffled why people don't, like, why? Gah. I think people watch talented colorists on YouTube and they make it look so easy so the masses get confidence and think they can do it. I don't get people. Lol.


Never really knew hair was so complex.


omg the second girls hair part was really confusing she should do a middle part with a side bang this parting makes her head look longer. and i say this as someone with a flat wide forehead. even a middle part alone would hide the receding sides

Nath Wijnen

My hair just wouldnt tone ?? so now I went smokey grey.


The second girl is hella annoying

leonna preston

I have recently done what the first girl did, but my ends are ashy silver not purple! So I feel the pain of blonde roots and silvery ends???

Sam McAuley

All i gotta say is that im so happy that youtube wasnt very popular when i was in middle/high school dying my hair cause i definitly would have made one of these videos exactly the same lol

Sarah Smile

The second girl needs a hug.

Ganum Azizova

Omg Brad Mondo I love you so much, you make me laugh so hard with your comments! You are amazing, thank you??

Sarah Ann

Brad mondo walking around saying idk over and over is a whole mood??

Rebecca Terranova

Anyone else notice when he brought up the friend in the first part, instead of the subtitles saying she's lying to you, it said "she's lime to you?"

Hayley Sahara

People forget that on other parts of the world we might not have easily accessible professional hair product stores, and even if there is Amazon and you can technically, possibly, buy them.... Many might not be aware, as all we/they ever see is just the box dyes and regular drugstores and no other accessible stores for such.


What cancels greenish on hair?

Julian Anton

Nothing In the second video made sense ?

Mimi Grabner

She has a 4 finger forhead. I got almost 6 finger. Dear God!!

Maxwell Kimotho

why do you look like damen from the vampire diaries

Official. FForina

* fresh out of shower n dressed, about to do makeup with wet hair ?? *

“When’s the last time you took a shower?”
... like 5 mins ago ?

Erica Play’s

Her covering her forehead is legit the most annoying thing on this planet

la chicana99

Oml its been 3 days since I've washer my hair Brad? I feel like such a rule breaker sich a oily Hot mess

Draw with Jordan

Brad: I’m so excited
Brad 2 minutes later: *crying*

Katie Lee

If that second girl has a big forehead then mine must be gigantic! And here I am rocking a slicked back high pony ??


I almost did exactly like what she did. lol

Jean From BeautyShopPH

The amount of box dyes the last woman used she probably couldve done her hair at a salon lol.

Ashlynn Jackson

The first girl had a sign in her closet that says “hoe” ?? I love it

katia alami

i love you but i need to study .. go away .. pls..thank youu

Deborah Anne

This is the best intro. Lol

Nina Gorl

With friends like the first girl, who needs enemies?

Chloe Cannon

It’s make bank heheh ??

Jasmine Shaw

‘how long has it been since you washed your hair?’

was that a personal attack Brad?

Kelly Voong

It doesn't look thattt bad

Ilumi Sandra

I'm learning that if you wouldn't trust a friend with your life, don't trust them with your hair. (._. )

Briar Rose

Me watching while touching my ratchet greasy hair

Shali Cruze

What a great job done by spy_uc on Instagram, am so happy for recovering my hacked Instag®@m Account?

Dorianne Kaboya

This is the funniest video I’ve seen in so long ????? the quotable are just ??

Erica Play’s

Ya I’m gonna have to disagree pretty sure just about anything you get done at a hair salon is gonna cost a lot of money that’s why I do it at home cause I can’t afford it period so why hate on people doing it at home

Hana Chan :P

i just walked out of the shower and you straight up accuse me of having unwashed hair :(

Thorn Roseee

I'm currently bleaching my hair...n I'm already orange LMAOOOOO but that funny thing is I don't even care ??


Never buy box bleach. Ugh. Get powder and developer.

Queen D55

How did brad know I haven’t washed my hair in some time (at the intro in the beginning) lol

Jolie Maples

As much money as that last girl spent on all those boxes, she could’ve gone to a professional.



Margaret Marti

I was getting mad watching this whole video ??

Robert Gwinn

I just don't get it. At some stores in the box aisle you can buy actual powder bleach and developer. Why buy it in a box?

Ashley maria Andrade

Love you brad mondo ❤️

Mia AG

Ever since I've started seen these videos I have felt like sooo uncomfortable by some people's hair like why are you walking around like that ? ? Is this a sign to go into cosmo school


Girl- “I think it’ll all be okay”

Brad- It won’t.

rika botha

thats from south africa box dye

KatieAllie GlamBoss

The washing hair intro fit my life so well..... lol


Homegirl spent $8,000 trying to go blonde instead of dropping $200 at the salon.

kimberly roberts

box bleach are the only thing i used to use then i tried to actually bleach & i’m never going back!

V-vetta Vetta

Oh god this was painful and I'm not cosmologist coughcoughIdroppedout but uggggghhhhhhhh
Lmfao oooohhhh it's so bad Dont use 40 developer on damaged hair uggggghhhhhh noooooo

Dg Noorfarta ag jair

The 2nd vid..she should just go to saloon with the amount of stuff she bought..thats a lot of box dyed..

Jess Rabbit

Why was the second girl holding her forehead the entire time like she had a migraine?

Cortney Walker

If I would have recorded my bleach fails a few years ago, brad would have died ??

annalisa pantoja

Its so agonizing hearing them all call box blonde "bleach"

Chloe Trotman

Me with a cuppa tea in my hand....

Brad: what's up beautiful
Me: I know I am thanks to u saying it Evey video. I have full confidence in my beauty thanks to him ❤️

Shali Cruze

What a great job done by spy_uc on Instagram, am so happy for recovering my hacked Instag®@m Account?


Don't do I at home when your hair is dark especially. I have jet black hair and it took stylists three hours to bleach the end of my hair when I went purple at 17.

Freddy Cantillo

She doing it wrong??

m d

l feel like he is the most beautiful person inside out!!!

evilcrazzyj g


Jæ Rich

The fiat girls putfif n hair looks like baby Sarah baska kinda lol

isabel barbeito

I love so so so much your reactions, the best of the videos .. hahah

Trucker's Wife

I love watching your videos. Learning from you a lot! You are my go-to whenever it's about coloring my hair... makes me more confident with what I should do hahaha. Love love love! Mmwaah!

Charlotte Thompson


Christina Stracquodaine

"That's enough for a toddler's head. A toddler." hahahaha why did that get me

Giselle Luna

There’s something oddly comforting when it comes to watching people fck up their hair lmao


I got so triggered from the first girl... cause she got lots of supplies and stuff but she did absolutely no research, didn’t think through the stuff she bought, didn’t even realize that she didn’t have enough product, and prob didn’t read directions from the looks of her friend putting the product on her hair ? you can’t tell me you weren’t triggered

Morgan Gibson

Her insecurity about her forehead is so sad to watch more than the bleach fail.

Julian Anton

“The dye goes on your head not in the box!” ????

Chiara Maria Inocencio

I notice her forehead more when she covers it ?

Paws & Thumbs

? i washed my hair yesterday brad


?That cash Tshirt. Yaaaaaaas

Amanda Sadat

I need to send you some wine to get through these

Divinitymauve Kevinlee

7:36 I can’t get over how long he kept moving his head ??

Meme May

Very bad calar

Erica Play’s

It’s funny cause y’all know this mans nightmares are not serial killers it’s serial killers kidnapping him and box dying his hair lol


“Bands make her dance” ???

Elizabeth Witt

Brad hears "T18" in his sleep ?

_erincleary 9

this outfit is so cute Brad

Yvonne R

I have dyed my hair quite a few times and every time I do I never section correctly, plz do a video on how to properly section yourself !!

Just Cuz Cousin's

Lol no one knows what sally's is or what to do they just go to Walmart brad. But you reacting to these videos makes me so nervous to bleach now. But I think you'd be proud. Next time I'll have to make you a video. ❤️?

Mimi Grabner

Manic Panic dries out your hair. It's not like a lot of semi permanent dye that give you a conditioning treatments

Amber Roberts

I have tried to get powder snd developer but even Sally's where I live says u have to have a license to buy anything other than makeup and nail polish.


0:02 I don't know, like 3 -ish days maybe?


" how long has it been since you washed your hair?"

First of all, Brad, mind ya business. Secondly, thank you.

Amber Roberts

Her theory made since the 1st dye was lighter then bleach to get a even even blonder color. Doesn't understand dye only makes darker not lighter. If I am thinking correct.

Shelby W

I think I could be in the worst mood ever and your videos would cheer me up regardless ??

Jill Penhorwood

I'm probably as tired of hearing Brad say "bleach doesn't lather" as he is of having to say it. I can feel his pain. I've perfected the bleaching your hair evenly by yourself process....I should make a video for people...

Cameron MorrisonTV

Box dye does not work back in the day when I was a teenager I would always box dye and my hair was always yellow now if I bleach my hair I’d use bleach

Sebastián Corral

Why would you ask your most ataxic friend for help?

Pink Commander

Sorry but I feel hopeless watching this bleaching saga...