Sulfur properties

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Sulfur Properties - Fun Chemistry Educational Game

0 views | 25 Nov. 2020

Fun educational video

Fun educational video where I try to identify the the atomic number, symbol, appearance, group, phase, electrons and crystal structure of the Sulfur chemical element properties, using a chemistry learning game, suitable for online lessons and interactive classes. Interactive Chemistry Video Lesson.


Sulfur properties

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Iron + Sulfur

36 428 views | 10 Nov. 2019

Iron and sulfur are mixed.

Iron and sulfur are mixed. When mixed the iron filings retain their magnetic properties.

Next part of that mixture is heated using a meker burner. The mixture becomes a fluid that eventually starts to glow a bright red color. After cooling the test tube is broken to obtain the black solid that was inside. The magnetic properties of the black solid have changed. What is the difference between the mixture of the Fe/S before and after heating at the particle level?

Sidharth RM

Nice experimnet but no gloves

ஔசதம் Owshadham

Excellent idea... Its basics of alchemy processes. If u repeat the process with low temp metal sulfate the iorn completely loss the magnetize...

Prasad Pawar

Nice video

dr 99games

Should wear gloves I am leaving a dislike for lack of safety

NEY Industries

Now drop it in HCl, and your house will smell like farts for the next 3 days. :)

Prajkta Patnaik

It is a nkce experiment ..... it helped me do my h.w as we can not go to lab and do it

Erum Mehfooz

all these smart ppl leaving comments... i was jus sent here from skl....

(Neo) WONG Cheuk De

from css=like

Derrick Deleon

The lack of gloves concerned me but I'm glad he turned out fine

rajesh murumurla


SYéd al-Maħdi

So this is alchemy?

spider man

Nice vedio first comment

Edward Science Innovations

Fe + S ----------> FeS
Iron + Sulfur = Iron sulfide

jharana behera

What is the type of reaction?

Jayshree Panigrahi

I am influnced by ur video... so much.... am i used for online classes...

Top Grandad

Hello children

Alicia TRAN [11Q2]

RIP boiling tube, press F to pay respect

SYéd al-Maħdi

What can u do with this?

Juganwa Comedy


Untitled Name

So whats the answer?

Suspended theone

Isn't sulphur (S) An anion and anion doesn't exist in free state? Fe + S how ions exist in solids ?

s r

there's no audio

Sara Huda

hi 7x2?

Manjunatha Rao

Iron+Fe= reaction after get a magnetless iron metal

Small Ahmed Gaming

very easy teacher i am ahmad

Ahms Show

Nice vid


Magnets lose magnetism at high heat

Sulfur properties

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Sulfur properties

4 views | 11 Dec. 2019

Iron/sulfur lab

Iron/sulfur lab