Stubborn beauty

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35 477 views | 23 Aug. 2017

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STRENGTH OF THE HEART TRAILER - https://youtu.be/nxSJwY6koCk

TWISTED MINDS TRAILER - https://youtu.be/Tw8GAmsfKCY

TWISTED MINDS - https://youtu.be/oyjGn3cqISo

MAKING OF DESPERATE MATES - https://youtu.be/KYMPsc7y_zU

SHADOWS OF LOVE THRILLER - https://youtu.be/DSOBsjysQZs

SHADOWS OF LOVE - https://youtu.be/JMFyXOS4h5U

SHADOWS OF LOVE 2 - https://youtu.be/bZr7gxLCOMg

SHADOWS OF LOVE 3 - https://youtu.be/CIKQ7OeKJbM

Nelly Drizzy

Am still waiting ?

Osas Sunny

The movie is not out yet pls upload

Frimpomah Janny

Pls am still waiting for pt3

Silvia Murphy

am still waiting oo

Rosebb James

Pt 2 please nice job

Mellindah Tshuma

wow can't wait fo da movie

Catherine Ikzon

??? can't wait

Jane Chinaza

wow, i can't wait oooooo

subah kanneh

Chinny baby!!!! I can't wait any longer auntie unchy biko

Lover K

Part 2 pls

Blessed Ayo

Please upload it

Golden Brown

Upload soon please love you all

Flora Sekubu J and A

Please upload am waiting for the full movie

mercy Blaze

Wow, please I can't wait

iyobosa okuonghae

The movie pls

Marcia Plummer

Where is the rest of the movie?

bettey ankapong

make all this movies available please Mama Uche

Osas Sunny

Am waiting

Iily Vikka

Upload please!!

Somto Abaniwu

pls upload the part 3

Nelly Drizzy

Am still waiting ?

Nakato Betty

Upload please

Favour Sunshine

can't wait

jesus son

upload please

Brand Orhomes

Please when the full movie is out notify me

Nakato Betty

Wow... Waiting

Taiwo Austin

Pls upload

Babylove Baby

upload please


please oooo hurry and post this

Esther Chukwu

Waoh dis gud,nenye in action, I can't wait 4 d full movie

Abooki Barbie

wowoowow Pliz when are you uploading ful movie

Danicafhgffjkf Afadzi

Part 2

vida ansah

Pls am waiting

thezz ewurabena

Part 2 plssssss

Shamim Mbabazi


Peace Nonny

Is it the same nenye I know that's in action or another person because I can't believe it myself..Nwa, ride on, God gat your azu

Princess Karma

I can't wait

Oluchukwu Onyekosor Oluchukwu Onyekosor

still waiting

Osas Sunny

Am waiting

YFS Gambia

Nice one

Jennifer John

Please please the full movie

Princess Noorah

Can't wait for the full movie

Victo Namuyiga

Am waiting for the full movie

gifty dzifa fiagbedzi

Am waiting

Usman Zainab

Am waiting ooo

emmanuel nnamchi

I thought u said u would upload the remaining clip yesterday, what happened?

Nabakooza Justine

Invader not yet finished including this plus still waiting neighbours

Stubborn beauty

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340 427 views | 7 Sep. 2017

This Channel brings you

This Channel brings you Latest Interesting Nollywood Movies, The best of Nigerian Movies right here on Youtube, Uche Nancy is #1 youtube channel where You watch Nigerian movies FREE.


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STUBBORN BEAUTY 1 - https://youtu.be/SeCW3M3yaAk

STUBBORN BEAUTY 2 - https://youtu.be/vvZPTbNVh64

STUBBORN BEAUTY 3 - https://youtu.be/_UQkq4mIL_w

STUBBORN BEAUTY 4 - https://youtu.be/daI_TQ5JGpo

STUBBORN BEAUTY 5 - https://youtu.be/i7OqulGHEsM

Ehis Osas

Wow wow wow. What a lesson, hmmm I really enjoyed it. Thanks

Ehis Benard

Can the person cutting onion stop please cause my eyes are full of tears

Oba frank

I stay all night to just washed the drama

Sandra Simasiku

Awesome movie and the end is so good too unlike other movies with poor finishing

Blessing Esegine

what GOD has joined together let not man put asunder ...my best movie

Maria Ukungi

Inapendeza tu.

Evlyn Promise

Nice movie

Ama Sagoe

wonderful movie with a great lesson

Pdarling 68

Wow, wow what a fantastic movie, thanks for sharing your beautiful talents with us????

Konlan Nanleeb

What a beautiful movie❤️❤️❤️ have finally seen the end

Mary Ellis

Wow..... I really enjoyed myself with this movie,the only thing that is constant in life is change,nd am glad dat she learnt her lesson.thanx to Nollywood

faith bright

i enjoyed every bit of this movie

cedric mignon

Wow!! Made my day

Faith Enagbare

Wow awesome movie


Wow nice movie

priscilla abban

Very nice movie

Janet Amihere

Very interesting movie

Nenye Harriet

The best filmbibhave ever watched this year this Chinenye nnebe is gradually taking her space into the industry? good job guys

Joy Waithera

Wow life is so crazy

Osaretin Eric

I don't no the right word to express, how i feel about this movie, i feel it never end, the cast did a grate job, the best movie ever i have ever watch so far.
Uche Nancy you are the best.

raslah jaffer B

Best movie ever

Blessing Esegine

This is the best movie I ever watched ....oh my GOD , I cant keep calm ...kudos to the producers and all the actors in this movie ... am so inlove with this movie chai..............oh just wished the movie never ends...........

joy Sebacwa

Waaaooh it's a great movie with alot of lessons.kisses for you aunt Nancy.

vurungu patashika

Good lesson thanku all actress ad actors mmmwah

90s Oman

I really love this movie..????


Kids are genious when it comes to choosing a good person from evil person!

obaapa Empress

what a awesome movie


Enjoying this from the USA. I actually saw this part before watching the previous parts. Loved this.

patrick bangura

The film is great, thanks a lot

kelly etienne

Good moovie realy nice .i envoyés it

Damaris Mumbua

Wow what a nice movie today i have believed that what goes up must surely come down

Christabel Joy

uche Nancy is a great producer.

Ataisi Elleh

Nice movie very good lesson.

Bella Gift Nicky

so do sweet

Annie Way

Wow! Good lesson in life. But what if she had die in the process?

Adama Munu

Wow! Like they said opportunity comes at once

miracle Nalumansi

She is not my maid she is my X wife ???I loved dat

Mr sixtus okoro

Waw I knew it ..... Nice movie kudos to Uche nicy and her actors

Best Jerry



Please I want the title of the song played at background.

Misodi Njayo

more grace to the director of this movie. It ends very well

Blessing Chigaekwu

wow, woww, wowwww. words can't explain how much I love this movie's, is lovely interesting, fantastic, educating, above all is a food for thought. big tumps up for our general mama Nancy . trust me is a great work u have being doing keep it up lots of love from me to u

Maxwell Alloy Eze

@the beginning especially when she bath her Mother in-law I got mad about her behavior, but during the body I now understand and even begin dey pity her self! Am not a Nollywood type but I really enjoyed watching this!! Nice Movie keep it up!!!

money scripture

This should serve as a warning to the ladies out there who thinks they have gotten everything in life,overtaken is allowed!!!

Francine Watt

Very interesting, roles well played. It's a pity she had to learn to be humble the hard way but it worked in the end and that was what mattered. Really enjoyed it.

Hubert Cooper

Hi there . LOL

Godjwin Chidinma

finally watched the last part of the movie, can I get some likes today is my mum's birthday

Brown Sugar k

Great movie great message

senegambia tv

Very nice and interesting movie i do enjoyed it

Ronette Lewis


Blessing Peter

What is might to be must be.. awesome movie

Beatrice Wanga

wow what alovely movie.pple should be very careful on how they treat others coz they might end up eating their words!well done to all actors

Smith K


Caisha Ali

I really cry becouse of mirabel Coz she changes

Richard Nunoo


Kimoya Spence


tchoffo robby


Savage Bae

Wow nice movie

Nadesh Sasha

Wow just awsome very educative. Uche Nancy ur d best n Chineye ur a vry gd actress I loved it, d end brought tears to my eyes. Big thumbs up

Paul Ehis

Wa ooo what a beautiful movie

Caisha Ali

Nice movie

Drizzy Baybe

wow this movie is very interesting,

Miss Mary

nice movie

Modou Njie

It's very touching

Ivan Montez

Minute 42-43... i literally cried. true love never dies

baramu Anyijukyire

Oh my God, stuborn beauty is a movie to remember. Thanks to the entire actors and actresses plus the organisers. I like it very much. Thanks for sure God will bless u for all the lessons in it.100% .

Anita's Beauty

I love that girl acting, she desorve alot likes much love to her

Aliciah JayZ

Wow! Am Watching from Kenya

Love Johnson

Wahoo dis movie is very powerful. Thanks u Uche Nancy

Blessed Bright

Wow this movie is something else.i love the end

Gordon Boakye

Niiiiiiice movie

noha ahmad

Nice movie guys

Janet Amihere

I like Mirabel so much

Christian Nwala

Nice one

Ous K Production

Very interested movie

Fogam Nalova

thanks for this lovely movie uche nancy

N'ludi Dorcas

Ohhh God the movie is wonderful

Comfort 1

?didn’t see this coming Mama Uche , u have done it again my brain go vex on ingenuity ?Would be an honour to part of your production ... I am routing for this ? ?????? u go Mama ?

Anuide Amaka

so interesting, I really love this movie

kathryn Turner

Beautiful movie. beautiful ending. wondered why C. P R. was not done on first wife. Just a thought ?

Alagie Drammeh

Nice movie

Blessing Esegine

I love the part ...are you living me for a mere house help ? and then the man replied ...she is not a mere house help , she is my ex wife ... and guess what I screamed and shouted ...that's the real man.............wow ... this movie blessed my soul

Matee T excellent movie I luv very much Neor

Nice movie

Nana Abokomah

Nice movie

Ntambo Jeanne Tseh

Woow this movie is so beautiful I which the producer can just act season 6 .I didn't want it to end

Richard Nunoo


raslah jaffer B

Its u ma like seriously ma

Hahahaha this one killed me

Binitu Tima

Nice one

Priscilla Ezinwa John Louis

This movie actually made me shed a tear... Brilliant movie ?

smith okenwa

nice one

Heedayat Abd lateef

Nice one

Kono Hadija

guys great job

Nelson Chukwu

wow a very nice and wonderful movie

Doris Doe

very interesting nice movie i love it please next part

Bella Gift Nicky

i can't hold my tears

Blessing Okpara channel

Fear God and help me cry for Uche Nancy biko??nice one Uche



Loveth Iyore

I love this movie. What a sensible movie

Cali Love

Omg I really loved the end
Well produced movie.
Thank u for sharing

Fogam Nalova

thanks for this lovely movie uche nancy

Stubborn beauty

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INSOLENT BEAUTY 2 - 2017 Nigerian Movies | 2018 Latest Nigerian Movies

59 734 views | 9 Mar. 2018

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Law Favour

One love


What a movie so interesting

Ngoza Daka

it a nice movie

Udochi Peace

Nice movie

Emma Dope

I love this movie

Law Favour

Such an interesting movie

Aziegbemhin Gloria

Very interesting movie

Kasasa Charles

This is the best movie guys and thank u for the work u do we appreciate

Guépheline Victor

Great movie
I love it ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Samuel Akiwumi

Good Movie Oga


Of all the movies I've watched of chuks and chinny s this is the best I swear ❤❤❤❤i so love this so touching teaching n amazing

Evelyne Niyonzima

Nice movie

michael agyekum

From Ghana this movie is the best movie I have ever watched and I have leant a lot from it

Bridget Bataringaya

Thumbs up.so touching

Tabitha Mwihaki

Wow lovely movie

Elvis Abass

Nice story

Cosmas Alexis

Mirabel problems is silverspoon

Purey Potter

learnt alot,have to work on my att

Ashetu Seidu

nice story thanks for uploading i learn a lot from in

Kwadwo Derick


Mary Mayor

I love the girl power in this movie!

Nanayaa Sarfoa

Waaaooo awesome movie ????

Abdallah Abdul Mumin

Amazing movie I really love this movie❤️❤️❤️

Okia David

It's one movie I have watched twice without skipping a second.... It's worth watching more than ten times.

Kimberly Geli


Sazzy Willy


Chidinma Glory

Nature was the best teacher to Mirabelle, and also did best planner. D end of the story was pathetic, I couldn't hold my tears. Kudos to the writer.

Law Favour

Thanks guys

Emnatjie Pieter

If there's woman's in our society like Richard's wife,may they pls live longer!! She s very strong at heart...

Veronica Kaseluka

I like this lesson, from city girl to village girl,wow

Seth Ankoma

Very nice move

andy joseph

they should of name that movie full circle

Melane Alex

Love dis story????


I love mirabel change being

amadin Riches

Nice movie

Sharifa abdallah

Nice nice movie Eva great parents

Abdul-Mumin Mohammed

What a movie with so much lesson to learn from.

Yaagin 423

Nice one... I love this ♥️♥️

Salomey Boafour

Wow nice movie a very gud story

marshal wify

See tears ooo

mourine odieny

most people watch these movies but they dont learn

Akosua bhimba

Is very emotional and a great lesson, not all that glitters are gold .
There's a saying that the people meet climbing is the same people u will meet when descending

Sheikh Rock

Nice movie

Joseph Blessing

Nice movie, very interesting

Francis Mintah

Mirable u are too much

Lucky Monday

God is great

Kobe TVghana

Crying whiles watchin dis movie to the end ..nice movie

Rohan Bennett

I enjoyed this movie, how my word

Eunice Muloki

Wauh beautiful.

Fadeke Adedoyin



Great movie! ?

Marian Ofei

beautiful story

Grace Eteng

Nice movie

chinasa Joseph

Incradeble my love for all the key played on this movies just love it's more than just a movie.

Steve Morgan

aww...tears, i love mirrabel, she is so real


If you are here for Amara say hi

Munyanziza Damacene

Part 2 is more interesting thanks guys for the good movie

Amadou Sow

is the best movie known

Pdarling 68

Nice movie ??????

Mustapha Amera

A very nice movie to watch ,I Can't hold my tears hmmm

Rudy 88 By

I love mirabelle she Play her part so good ! she is so beautiful Black beauty ?☺️????!

amadin Riches

Beautiful one

Andrea Powell

great movie, a must watch by all

Kemi Solomon

Junining waker

Mj Folakemi Ajokeade

Very Nice! Kudos!

Stiano Okans

Great movie

Musa battalior

Nice movie

Ntubeloe Chris

This movie is highly educative. The plot and subject matter well knitted... kuddos to all the actors n actresses!!!

Cindy Nga

Wonderful movie

Sule Sanni

Beautiful movie❤

Sheikh Rock

Lovely lovely lovely lovely lovely